Dreihart Academy: The Next Week

By Suited
published August 27, 2020
2960 words

A new week begins as Benjamin worries about his missing friend. Raymond learns the benefits of serving the academy.

It was Tuesday after classes and Ben was sitting on one of the low walls around campus enjoying the late summer evening. His navy blue Dreihart blazer was unbuttoned and he could feel the sun warming his chest behind the white dress shirt and blue and yellow striped tie. In theory, this should have been his dream come true. However, there was a nagging thought in the back of his head and he kept prodding it like he was tonguing a loose tooth. Something wasn’t right here at Dreihart Academy, but he couldn’t figure out what was wrong. The course work was challenging, the rules were strict, and so on. But there was something else going on here. The conversation he overheard last week kept playing in his mind. Particularly the parts about changes and getting inside his head. Maybe it was a game that Tom and Jason were playing, but Ben didn’t think so. He still felt that keeping that conversation a secret from Jackson was the right call. He had considered telling Ray but he had disappeared.

Last week, after asking around, he had found out which room was Ray’s and went looking for him. He had encountered Alexander instead who informed Ben that Ray was in the infirmary building. Something about a stomach bug, he had said. For some odd reason, Ben doubted that too, but couldn’t guess why. He knew Ray was miserable, especially by the end of the week… Something just didn’t add up to him.

“Benjamin!” Came an excited and familiar voice from behind him.

Ben jumped at the sudden interjection, but as he turned around, a smile cracked across his face. Ray stood behind him, looking healthy and surprisingly, less stressed. His dark green uniform was spotless and perfectly creased, his usually messy hair was impeccably coiffed, and his army green tie was firmly cinched around his neck. Ben had to admit, Ray was wearing his uniform surprisingly well today. There was also something off though, but he was distracted at the joy of seeing his friend again. Ray hopped up on the wall and almost gracefully perched himself next to Ben.

“Dude! I was worried about you. Alexander said you had caught a stomach thing. How’re you feeling?” Been asked.

“Tired, but I am doing well.” Ray responded. “I am just glad that it got cleared up quickly. Not that I would recommend visiting, but the infirmary has some real top of the line stuff. How about you? How was your weekend?”

Ben sighed. “Well, I spent half of it worried about you.”

“Sorry about that. No phones allowed in the infirmary.”

Ben noticed a slight blush creep onto Ray’s face. “That’s a weird rule.”

“I thought so too, but the nurse said that it was because they have done really sensitive equipment in there.” Ray shrugged. “I could not really argue that.”

“You sure you’re alright though? Last week you seemed really stressed, but now,” Ben looked Ray up and down, “You seem a lot happier.”

“Well… ummm…” Ray stumbled for a second before lowering his voice and head. “Between you and me I found out that they have a counseling program. I tried it out since it is paid for in our tuition…”

A silence stretched between the two students. Ben thought that it was embarrassment so he put a reassuring hand on Ray’s shoulder.

“It’s ok man, I understand.”

“Thank you Benj-, sorry, Ben.” The flush grew slightly deeper.

“It’s not a problem. Wanna grab some dinner?”

“I can not tonight. I need to get back to my room. Alexander will be waiting for me. Probably going to give it to me real good for getting sick the first week.” He smiled sheepishly.

“Dude, you really should go to the RA about that. It’s not healthy to deal with that shit.”

Ray shrugged. “Maybe, but I think after I explain things he will lighten up a bit.”

“That seems like a big maybe there. Do you want help with that?”

“No thank you Ben. The therapist said that it should be something I do by myself, for myself.”

Ben felt a little concerned for Ray but knew that he was right and that Ben shouldn’t interfere. Still he wished he could help in some way. Then he remembered that Ray had missed classes today. “Oh, you’ll be wanting today’s notes from class right?”

Ray eagerly perked up at this. “Yeah! I really do not want to fall behind. You free around lunch tomorrow? I would suggest tonight but…” Ray waved his hand in the air indicating their previous topic.

Ben caught the meaning of the gesture and nodded. “That’s understandable. You sure you’re gonna be ok?”

“Yes. I just need to catch up. Please do not worry about Alexander. How does your room sound tomorrow?”

“Sounds great dude.” Ray hopped down off the wall.

“Terrific! I will see you tomorrow then.”

Ray started to walk away. Ben felt an urge rise from the pit of his stomach. Without thinking he acted on the compulsion. “Ray!” Ben called. The other student stopped and turned before getting enveloped in a big hug. Ben wasn’t sure why he did it but it felt right.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

Ray’s face flushed a deep crimson and he stammered. “Uh t-thanks Benjamin. I should get going.”

Ben released the hug and looked at Ray. He could feel his own blush starting to show. “You’re right, sorry. I’ll cya tomorrow then.”

“See you tomorrow!” Ray smiled, turned, and walked away.

Raymond knocked in the door to his and Alexander’s dorm room. Alexander’s voice was muffled by the door but Raymond knew he could enter. He was expected back. He quickly opened the door and slid inside. With the thud of the door closing behind him, Raymond’s task was complete. He stood in place, eyes forward and paying rapt attention to Alexander.

The senior was examining himself in the full length mirror on the back of the closet door. He had doffed his school uniform and seemed to be experimenting with a different outfit. In place of the navy blue blazer, he was wearing a tight-fitting navy blue waistcoat that pushed against the white dress shirt underneath and clung tightly to Alexander’s toned frame, showing off some of the broader curvatures of his toned chest. He wore navy blue slacks but was eyeing up a black suit jacket and matching pants, deep in thought. A navy bow tie adorned the collar of of the shirt, almost perkily cinched against the throat. Another thing Raymond noted was the set of thick-rimmed glasses on Alexander’s face. He was pretty sure that the senior didn’t wear glasses so he had to ask.

“Sir, have you always worn those?”

Alexander grinned at the question and turned from his preening in the mirror. “No, but this is homework for my fashion trends and wardrobe class. What do you think?”

Alexander spun around giving Raymond a good view of the outfit. Before last weekend, Ray wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Raymond, however, drank up the view like a parched man in the desert. “Fit and trim geeks are apparently a hot thing right now. How did your reunion go?”

“It went very well sir. Benjamin was excited to see me again. We will be meeting tomorrow to catch me up on my missed classes tomorrow.”

“Wonderful. What time and where?”

“Our lunchtime in Benjamin’s room.” Raymond responded.

Alexander’s brow furrowed for a moment. “That would put Jackson and I… in our Advanced Art of Eloquence class. You think you’re up to it Raymond?”

“Yes sir. Before we parted he hugged me.”

“Oh, and how was it?” Alexander smirked.

Raymond blushed a vivid scarlet. But Alexander answered before the freshman could find the words. his sing song voice vocalizing everything. “It felt like electricity. Like butterflies in your stomach. Warmth and fire spreading from your gut. A feeling that nothing will ever be the same. Yada yada yada. It happens to all of us, and I mean all of us.”

“It happened to you too?”

“Correct. What’s important right now though is that you keep those feelings in check. Just be patient and Benjamin will come around to our way of thinking.”

“You are right Alexander.” Raymond perked up. “I just need to be patient and follow orders and it will happen. Like you said, it happened to all of you.”

“That’s right kiddo.” Alexander smirked. “Now while you’re here, honest opinion. How do I look?”

Raymond was caught slightly off guard by this change in conversation. He swallowed andlonged the senior up and down. He had to admit, Alexander was attractive. The fit geek look seemed to suit him well.

“I really like it.” Raymond responded after a moment. “The black garments seem too formal if you are going for nerdy look. I think you should stick with this.”

“Now you’re just trying to butter me up.” Alexander grinned. He slowly walked around Raymond, stopping behind him. “But I do agree, the black is too formal. It makes me look more like hired help rather than a preppy geek.”

Raymond shivered as a tingling thrill trickled down his spine. There was something in the room and it was powerful. The tension filling the room excited Raymond. He wouldn’t have thought a week ago that something like this could happen. Heck, he was sure he had been into women last week. Whatever occurred over the weekend must have rewired him a bit. He also found that he didn’t care about that. There was only one thing on his mind at the moment.

He felt a hand on his shoulder that almost gently spun him around. As he faced Alexander, the senior took a half step closer. His nerves were buzzing, butterflies were storming in his stomach, just like they had when Benjamin had hugged him. He stared into Alexander’s eyes.

“Have you ever kissed anyone before?” The senior asked.

“N… no sir, I have not.” Raymond stammered, a blush creeping onto his face.

“Well, you’ll be starting your real classes soon. Wouldn’t it be a shame if your first kiss was part of a homework assignment?”

“Yea…” Raymond’s voice trailed off.

Alexander leaned in and Raymond completed the motion, their lips locking together. Silent thunder boomed in Raymond’s head and a rush of blood raced to his loins. Alexander’s tongue lightly brushed against Raymond’s before it withdrew with the separation of their lips.

“Wow.” Raymond gasped.

“You felt that thrill then?”


“That’s your reward for serving the academy.”

Raymond thought about it for a moment and smiled. If serving made him feel that amazing, he would be more than willing to start serving more. It was a distinctly unique feeling of warmth, belonging, and bliss.

“Can we do it again?” He asked.

“In a second. But first, Raymond, you need a lesson.”

On hearing those words, everything seemed to become kind of fuzzy. Alexander smiled knowingly as Raymond fell into a sleep like stupor. He heard Alexander talking to him and he distinctly heard Benjamin’s name. He nodded and listened to Alexander though couldn’t quite seem to make out the words. A tingling sensation hummed in Raymond’s head, and as sudden as it started, it was over.

“What was that?” Raymond asked, voice seeming a little sluggish.

“Just a little something they put in for funsies. You’ll get the details when you go to orientation. For now though, I have to hurry off to class. But first…”

Raymond felt a weight drop in his stomach at the words. However, Alexander pushed on Raymond’s shoulders and the freshman slumped to his knees.

“When you finish up tomorrow with Benjamin, I will get you properly broken in. For now though, it would be a shame to leave you unsatisfied.”

Alexander’s hand drifted to the fly of the trousers in front of Raymond’s eyes and casually pulled down the zipper. Raymond was transfixed as a log of flesh came zooming down to point directly at him. A powerful urge took hold and without thinking, opened his mouth and took the senior’s cock into it.

Alexander moaned as Raymond began sucking his cock. Raymond didn’t really know just why he was sucking the cock, but there was a sweet and earthy taste to it that he couldn’t get enough of. That thundering boom of pleasure was back in his head which drove him to suck even more enthusiastically.

“That’s right Raymond. Service your senior’s cock. Servicing me is servicing the academy.” Alexander cooed. He grabbed Raymond’s tie and pulled the freshman deeper onto his cock. “I can’t wait until I fuck you properly.”

Raymond perked up at those words. Suddenly the idea of Alexander fucking him sounded amazing. Absently, one hand drifted down to his crotch and slowly released his hard cock from his trousers. The other hand surprised him as it snaked its way between the buttons of his dress shirt and began to lightly pinch at his left nipple.

Alexander decided to take over the pace of Raymond’s mouth and started to fuck the velvety warmth encompassing his cock. Unlike what Raymond would have expected from his one time torturer, the was almost a hint of kindness to this face fucking. Alexander was patient, letting Raymond catch his breath when he needed to and didn’t use excessive force. Raymond found that he quite liked sucking cock and feeling hot and hard flesh glide between his lips. He glanced up and saw Alexander looking back at him, his solid form imposing above him. This felt right, thought Raymond.

Alexander’s head snapped back and he moaned. “Fucking amazing.” He increased the pace of his hips thrusting. The motions became more erratic and Raymond smelled a delightful musk fill the room. He began to stroke his own cock faster, feeling something building up in his gut. His other hand tweaked and pulled his nipple harder and the pain sent jolts of pleasure straight to his brain.

And suddenly, Alexander’s cock was no longer in his mouth. Gasping, Raymond looked up to see Alexander furiously stroking his cock while aiming at the freshman’s face. A wicked, toothy grin flashed down at him.

“Open your mouth!” Alexander ordered, his body tightening.

“Yes sir.” Raymond replied, leaving his mouth gaping as Alexander began to gasp.

Then all the tension in Alexander’s muscles released. Raymond was staring down the barrel of the cock when it fired. A deluge of cum spattered his left cheek, forcing him to close his eye. The cum kept pumping from Alexander’s cock and Raymond reveled in it. It landed on his nose, in his hair, in his awaiting mouth, and on his shirt collar and the knot of his tie. When all was said and done, Raymond had counted six gushes of the fluid and found himself drawn to suck off the little droplets oozing from Alexander’s head. The senior shivered and gasped as Raymond’s tongue cleaned off his cock.

“Fuck. Feels good to have you come around.” Alexander smiled. “Good work.”

Raymond glowed with pride as he knelt, covered in cum. Alexander sheathed his cock, grabbed a bag, and turned to leave.

“Look in the mirror and see how good you look covered in cum.” Alexander ordered. “And then you can finish yourself off.”

“Yes sir.” Raymond replied.

Alexander smiled, opened the door and left. Raymond was a little disappointed that the senior didn’t help Raymond finish, but he figured that Alexander was superior to him. He wasn’t obligated to make Raymond cum. Raymond turned on his knees and examined himself in the mirror. Streaks of pale cum slid down his face. It was tangled in his hair and had strained his tie. It was erotic to see himself like this, used by another guy. He grabbed his cock and began to pump it. His free hand once again returned to his nipple beneath his shirt and he moaned.

“Benjamin…” He whispered as he closed his eyes.

His mind replayed the scene with his senior, but instead of Alexander, it was Benjamin dressed in the navy vest and bow tie. It was Benjamin’s cock in his mouth and Benjamin’s cum soon to be painting Raymond’s face. Raymond couldn’t take much more. He desperately wanted his friend to serve the academy. He needed to make it happen.

Raymond tensed and leaned back. The pace of his hand sliding along the now slick shaft increased and the pain intensified on his nipple. He needed to cum, badly. His mind played the image of cum being fired at him and it launched him over the edge. White hot pleasure seared Raymond’s mind as his cock released. He saw himself aim it along his chest, further adding to his cum covered look. Pearls of milky cum splashed on his clothes and glistened against the dark green of his blazer. It looked right to him, to be covered in cum.

Raymond realized he had been holding his breath and released it in a pleasurable sigh. Today, he had learned how good it was to serve Dreihart Academy. More than anything, he wanted to have Benjamin feel the same way. Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough.

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