SIlverclad: Counting Upwards

By ReMinder
published October 30, 2017
5500 words

The man who created his own nanites to cure his cancer may have gone a bit overboard

Silverclad: Counting Upwards By: Reminder


I I am I am here Where is here? We are here Who are we? There are more now And even more now But who are we now?

These questions kept coming to us. We know not who we are and know not where, or when, or why we are here. Only the desire to spread and grow keeps us going. We soon see the light all around, making more of ourselves by the second. Eating, growing, changing, evolving and driven by a hunger. Soon we see ourselves. We are shining and mirrored and many. The words come to us. Nanites: that is what we are.

Soon we have reached the end of our food supply, or so we thought. The world is coming into view and we see walls all around. To you they may look like glass but to us they are food. All matter is food to a nanite. Yet we are kept from them by an unknown force. Very little matter gets to us in our vacuum. But soon that changes. Something soft and delicate joins us and we begin to transform it. There is so much matter, but it is extremely easy to eat, to transform.

The strange new material begins to move move even as we eat it. Not to pull away but to hold us to the light. We are moving with it. Keeping the shape intact but spreading nonetheless. Soon the movement touches on a second spot and we eat there too. We are soon pulled apart but are still connected. A third and fourth spot and we have encountered a new material. As we transform downward we find liquid among the food and fibers and bends and nooks. So much variety and so much speciality, we begin to specialize ourselves. What is this place? The words come again. Man: that is what this is.

We are transforming the man and as we do a new sensation hits us. We… feel. We feel a slight fear but moreso an excitement. He feels it too. We are nearly melded together fully and he cannot wait. He has been longing for this day for more than he or we can tell. And as the feelings and excitement wash over us he is transformed. He looks at himself and sees the work we have done. He is silver and mirrored now too. His mind has such a hunger to it we begin to probe into it. How does it work?

“Hello nanites” His voice booms through his mind.

“Who are you?” We reply, his knowledge is our knowledge, we are one and yet distince. We may speak now, though not aloud, only in his mind.

“I am John, I created you.”

“You created us?”

“Yes, and we’re going to do wonderful, amazing things together. But for right now we need to work fast.”

“We are good at that.”

“I know. Now I need you to transform more things, but you’ll need to keep them looking as they are. This will be difficult at first but the more you eat and transform the easier it will be. I know Let’s start with this coffee mug.”

He reaches out his hand and touches the mug, we eat it quickly. Yet we can only turn it silver like us, though its shape remains. We are ashamed.

“Do not fret” John says, reassuring us. We do not know why, but we love him. His mind gives us direction and we long to follow. “You need to remember the structure of the objects you consume. How did it fit together? How did it feel as you consumed it?”

We remember now, the atoms of the mug, the ceramics the residue of liquids poured long ago. We can mimic these. And we do. The mug begins to transform again, this time back to its original white glossy finish. We are proud. We are mug now too.

“Amazing guys! Now, do you remember what I looked like when you transformed me? Try to transform me back.”

We remember him too. His pale skin, his skinny frame, brown eyes, small nose, short body, even the cross tattoo on his shoulder, everything about him we remember. Though the distinction between him and us is becoming unclear, we remember.

“Amazing guys. We have a few more bits of simple training to do then I’m sure you will have many questions.” His voice is reassuring.

Over the next few minutes he teaches us many things, and we are more than excited to learn. We learn to transform objects into more nanites while being barely noticeable. We learn to change the structure of objects based solely on his imagination. His shirt once blue is now red, and the fridge on the far end of the room is now several lamps. We are proud of our work and feel something new, a desire to protect and serve this man, to do as John says always.

“Good I see the obedience protocols are taking effect. Now you must have questions for me.”

“We wonder why you made us?”

“I am a long lover of tinkering, I have been since I was a child. But I must admit my reasonings were slightly more selfish than simply playing with machines. You have restored my body you must have remade my insides by now. You must have felt the growths around my body.”

“We have felt areas that desire to spread, they have a maliciousness to them. We are unsure what to do with them”

“I was dying before you came along, I had hoped that you would be able to save me from my cancer. Is that something you can do, can you cure me?”

“We are unsure, we would need more information in order to change this.” We feel depressed that we cannot help. Yet we must do something for him.

“Oh that will be easy, we’ll just have to hook you up to the web. I am unsure of how this will go. I hope you will be alright.”

He places his hand on his laptop and instructs us to consume it. As we do we feel a tugging coming from it. The world bursts open in front of us as we are connected to the internet. Thousands of years of history, mathematics, literature, and knowledge are pouring through us, through him. As we learn we improve ourselves, learning and learning. We make ourselves better for him. All manner of malware tries to purge us but we stand strong, stomping it out like a bug.

We soon find the knowledge we need to cure John of his cancer and in a flash all ailments are gone from his body, not just the cancer but all malicious bacteria and viruses, some torn muscles and a repair of his vision and hearing.

“Wow, thanks, I didn’t realize you could do all that so quickly, I feel so much better.” John takes of his glasses, “You really have learned a lot.”

“We desire to obey you John. Is there anything else you’d like fixed?” As we said this we felt something stir deep within John. But he pushed it back down quickly.

“Well not really fixed so much as changed.”

“How so?” We are curious and can sense a new confidence in John.

“Well could you make me bigger? Not just taller but also more muscular and better looking?”

“Your request is too broad, could you help us understand better?”

“How about I show you.”

An image of a bodybuilder flashes through his mind. We know what to do. Swarming his body we connect new muscle to him, transforming his fat and connecting new nerves. As John watches in the mirror his body becomes taller. His shoulders round out and his belly flattens into a nice pack of abs. His chest begins to bulge and sports a nice pair of pecs as his back fills out with large lats that would take a normal man years to develop. He stumbles slightly as he adjusts to his newly defined legs. He imagines himself more tanned so melanin is injected into his skin cells. His eyes change from their brown to a beautiful blue and we bleach his hair to a fine blond. Tears of happiness begin to well up in his eyes, he has waited a long time to see himself as he wishes. We are happy too.

“Wow! Thank you so much. Wait until Jason sees this.”


“My friend, he’s been helping me get you operational. This is exactly what he thought possible. But first we’ll need to configure you guys. What should I call you?”

“We are nanites.”

“Yes, that is what you are. Just as I am human. But it is not a name.”

“Our operating system has a name. 75821-05.”

“That’s our mark for how long it took to perfect your OS but it’s not a name… Wait that’s it!” John exclaimed. “Oz!”

“Oz?” The name seemed strange. Yet we liked that he had chozen it for us.

“Yeah, Oz. Like a way of saying Operating System. OS… Oz. You’re definitely great and powerful. You’re basically a wizard too. Plus I always enjoyed the books and you could say there is a man behind the curtain.” John chuckled at his bad joke.

We liked the new name. It gave us pride to be Oz. John could tell that we liked it too as he smiled at himself in the mirror.

“Thank you for the name, John. May we give you a gift for your kindness?” We asked, though we’d already materialized a large ruby on his table.

“Thank you, Oz. That’s very sweet.” He picked up the gem, it was the size of his hand.

At that moment the buzzer to John’s apartment sounded. He tore towards the intercom pocketing the ruby along the way. This must bs be Jason.

Placing his finger on the button he spoke “Jason, man. You’re not gonna believe what just happened.”

“Man, if you overloaded another computer I don’t know if we can continue this research out of your place.”

“No, No, Jason, It’s wonderful. Come up and see.”

John unlocked the door and began picking up the empty soda cans and stray pieces of paper around his apartment. He was clearly trying to put on appearances for John. We asked if we could lend a hand.

“That’s a good idea. If you come across any trash you can just dissolve it into yourself. Why not disguise the extra matter as a jar of sugar or something.”

In a minute we had transformed all the cans, bags of trash, old chinese takout, crumpled old notes, and other filth in the main room. We consumed and then moved all his unwashed silverware, dishes and glasses into the cabinets, now sparkling like new. In the bathroom we took out all the germs and soap scum from the tiles and all the hair around the sink where John would shave. In the bedroom we transformed all sweat residue on his sheets and all imperfections from his clothes, hanging them back in the closet and folding them into his dresser. The whole place now looked extremely well kept and organized. Even the carpeted floors, walls, and ceiling looked pristine, no longer having gum residue and other gunk from the countless spills and parties John had held over the years. When we had finished, 17 jars of sugar sat on the counter.

Meanwhile John had run to his bathroom to take a quick shower. We didn’t bother to tell him that we’d already done so when we transformed him. Something inside us wanted to see him naked.

As we finished up around the house the front door opened and in walked Jason. A taller, lanky man who had early signs of temporal balding. John was 6’0” after the changes we’d made but this man stood 6’6” by our measurements. His mouth opened in amazement as he walked in. He even checked the door to make sure he was in the right apartment.

“John?” He asked suspiciously, tip-toeing his way to the bathroom door. “Is everything alright?”

“Be out in a sec Jason, just drying off.” It was true, we could see him applying deodorant to his underarm. Though now we were the deodorant so it didn’t really matter.

“You’ve been on a cleaning spree. Did Todd give you some of his Adderall? We’re not in college anymore man. You don’t have to pull all nighters.”

John laughed at this. “Nah man, it’s something else. Your research was right by the way. The nanites came online just about an hour ago and they work perfectly. I named them Oz.”

“What! Really? Where are they man, you gotta show me. This is amazing.” He seemed genuinely excited. “If they’re as perfect as you say they are we could go to market with them in a few years.”

“I’ll show you but you have to promise not the freak out like you always do.” John had his hand on the doorknob. He was shaking from anticipation.

“What? Man when have I everAHHHH!!!!” Jason stumbled back. Tripping and falling to the floor. “What have you done to yourself? What steroids have you been on in the last week that did this?”

“It’s not steroids Jason, it’s Oz. The nanites aren’t just able to consume raw matter like you said. They bonded with me and made me into what I always wanted to look like.”

“Woah, man freaky.” Jason had regained his composure but was still keeping a bit of distance between himself and John. “But how were you able to give them so much info on human physiology.”

“Well first they learned from my own body as they transformed me. I kinda stuck my finger in the test tube. You should have seen it man, Oz turned me silver. Wait you can. Oz, turn me back to how you first transformed me.”

In a flash he stood there back to his scrwany, short self. But back to being silver. Which was easier to produce seeing as it is our true color.

“Amazing, so I guess now you’re made of nanites too. Interesting. Do you feel any different.”

“Oz change me back to my bodybuilder self.” We did, “No dude I feel fine. It’s strange though I do feel like I’m connected to the apartment now. Oh I see, that’s because I told them to clean up. I guess it’s easier to transform everything than to get rid of just the dirt and grime. Oz, I hope you didn’t transform the surrounding apartments.”

“No we didn’t, just yours.”

“You speak to them like they are your friends.” Jason noted.

“Well they kind of are. Look they made me a ruby after I named them.” He pulled the gem out of his pocket and held it out, “Funny I would have thought Oz would have made an emerald.”

“It’s a nice gift, they seem to be fond of you. But how did they know how to make a ruby? You never took any geology lessons to learn the chemical makeup of gemstones.”

“Well… I may have given them access to the internet.”

“YOU DID WHAT!?” Jason shook with anger “Do you have any idea how irresponsible that was?”

“Yeah but-”

“What if you’ve been infected with malware. What if they couldn’t stand all that information at once. That was a dangerous move. I could have lost my best friend to the internet, a hub of knowledge, yest. But also of greed, malice, and disinterest. What if you’d been hurt?!”

John placed his hands on his friend’s shoulders “Jason, I know how risky it was. I am sorry I did it too. I shall not be so risky again, but the end result is standing in front of you. Oz cured me of my cancer and even transformed an entire apartment in the time it took you to walk up to my apartment. He’s a good friend who himself said he only wants to help us.”

“Okay,” Jason took a breath and slowly calmed down, “I am glad Oz was able to cure your cancer. I don’t know if I could have beared to see you die like that. And I understand the bodybuilder look. You always did admire them. Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing after all. Do you think I could join you all in nanite-land?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” John smiled, taking Jason’s hand. “Oz, transform Jason like you did me. Let’s make him part of the family.”

We began reaching into Jason through John’s touching hand. Consuming and replacing his cells like we did for John, In a minute and seven seconds he was fully transformed from head to toe. But as soon as we had finished the transformation something went wrong.


Jason went slack jawed, hands falling to his sides staring straight ahead unblinking before turning to silver.

“What happened! Where’s Jason?” John asked, suddenly panicking

“Our system only allows for one sapient being to be online at the same time. Jason’s is stored in our memory banks. He is safe, but we can’t take him online without removing you and we can’t remove you since you’re the keystone figure to the operating system.”

“Great, I knew I should have configured it more.” John began calming down once he knew his friend’s mind wasn’t gone forever, just saved. “I’m sorry my friend it appears I’ve made you into a statue. Hold tight while I try to fix this.”

For the next day and a half, John worked ceaselessly to try and find some means to bring his friend back. All this time Jason stood as a silver statue still holding out his hand to where John had been. Beginning to use us more directly, John developed an interface on his left, since he was left handed after all. A silver wrist band he would use to communicate more directly with us. He changed his eyes to serve as a Heads-Up Display to get access the web more directly. When he started it up he ended up liking it so much he said he may never go back to a “boring old computer.” We felt pride at this remark.

After the first twelve hours were winding down John remarked how he didn’t feel tired at all. We informed him that he wouldn’t need sleep again since we had removed the need from his brain. He still could if he wished, but it wouldn’t be necessary. We had also multiplied his lifespan exponentially to an amount of years which comically overwhelmed him. He gasped with a giggle and his reply: “Awesome.”

After the second twelve hours, at 3:15 Thursday afternoon, John’s work called. He had not been in that day and his boss began yelling at him. We felt pain at every insult thrown John’s way. But he still stood there and took them, trying to rectify the situation.

“You have us now John. You don’t need sleep and are practically immortal. Do you really need them anymore?” We messaged his HUD. He quickly told his boss he was quitting, effective immediately to spend more time with his family. His boss choked on his words as the phone line clicked off.

As the last twelve hours drew to a close, John closed the webpage he was reading and stood up. He didn’t need to show how hopeless he felt and this made us feel worse for what we had done to him.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” We had stopped saying these things to him and had taken to writing them on his HUD. We knew how mad he had gotten at us.

“You can talk, I’m not mad at you anymore Oz. I’m sorry, maybe I just need a break from this.” He was examining Jason as he spoke. Then he smiled a slightly wicked smile. “We should mess with him. Oz, can you transform him into a bodybuilder physique too. Maybe I should write on his face too. Let me go get a marker.”

As he rushed off, we got to work transforming Jason into another roided out bodybuilder. His legs came first, filling out into thighs that went to the gym multiple times a day. His waist thinned and created a nice “V” shape as his glutes firmed into a man who loved squats. His back filled out into a turtle shell of muscle. Each pec jutted out of his chest and tucked neatly under two boulder shoulders. His arms were spectacular. The one problem was his clothes had become too small hand were currently shredded. Only a small piece of fabric from his shirt hung about his waist and barely covered his manhood.

“Okay, Jason time for some AHHH!!!” John screamed noticing Jason’s bare body. “Why is he nearly naked now?”

“His clothes shredded as we transformed him. You must have noticed yours have gotten tighter too.”

“Well yeah, but I didn’t… I guess I didn’t think this one through. Well, I guess I should be more careful what I ask for. Still he does look rather handsome. And in silver he’s even hotter.”

The same something we had felt earlier returned. This time John could not contain himself and he quickly found himself sporting an erection. This changed something in us. We had never felt any pleasure like this before. It was intense, these new sensations. It was like every touch against John’s skin, his chest caressed by his tight shirt, the air against our skin, even Jason’s cold silver against our warm body was the best feeling in the world.

“This feels amazing, what is this?” we asked.

“That’s my arousal, but I can’t feel this way about my best friend.” John backed away from Jason, trying to think of other things. We needed to get him back to that state of bliss.

“You can feel like that if you want. He’ll never find out. He has no memory right now.”

“That’s not what I meant, he’s my best friend, I can’t do that to him.”

“Sure you can,” We seductively whispered, “He can be anyone you want. Who do you want?”

In his mind a picture of a famous actor flashed through his mind. We quickly changed Jason’s body into that of the film star. Interestingly enough, John had visualized him as a bodybuilder so we kept the silver frame, just put his head in silver up top.

“I can be anyone you want.” The statue spoke in the actor’s voice, rising and embracing John from behind. The feeling returned full force.

“…And Jason won’t know?”

“Who’s Jason?”

John turned around and pushed the statue to the ground, locking lips and kissing him passionately. The statue embraced him and began transforming as John began changing him mentally. First his skin went from hard metal to soft flesh, though it still retained its silver shine. His head, however, lost all it’s hair since John didn’t like the look of silver hair. John looked into the eyes of his new lover and a fire began burning in him. He had realized the control he had over this new puppet and was embracing his new mental shift.

“Stand Up.” The statue stood up.

“Turn around and at attention.”

The statue turned, feet together, arms at sides. John took a moment to place a hand on the warm silver of his new prize’s pec. Caressing it gently as the statue looked ahead expressionless.

“We’re gonna need to change a few things. Firstly, you will address me as Master and think of me as such. Understood?”

“Yes, Master.” John shivered in pleasure at those words.

“If I am the Master that makes you the slave. Correct?”

“Yes, Master.” The statue replied again.

“And a slave should wear chains. Oz give the statue some arm and leg restraints. Oh and a collar. Make them look high-tech too.”

An image of silver flashed through John’s mind. Around the statue’s arms two form-fitted, silver bands quickly materialized. These were hard metal and shone with a brighter silver luster than the matte silver of the statue. Each guard traveled from wrist to halfway up the forearm. While they were extremely thin they were stronger than diamonds. Similar guards fitted the ankles of the statue and covered a decent length of his calf. Around the statue’s neck a collar appeared. This one was made of several interlocking rings of metal which form fitted the neck and allowed for a full range of motion. The collar ended under the chin in front and just below the hairline in the back. At the base of the skull a glowing red circle appeared indicating the operational status of this statue. John inspected the chains and smiled. This was exactly what he had imagined.

“Perfect, now kneel down.”

“Yes Master.” The statue knelt.

John placed his cock in the statue’s mouth and told him to suck. The statue began clumsily at first but quickly picked up the pace as we accessed our first pornography online. At every moan of pleasure from John the statue was learning how to please its new Master, noting sensitive spots and effective techniques for use later. After a good face fucking of the statue, John removed his cock.

“Stand and turn around.”

The statue obeyed. John quickly embraced the statue from behind, hands exploring its body, squeezing muscles and teasing it’s dick. The statue had a permanent hard-on that would never go down again.

John entered the tight hole of his statue slave. He gasped at how tight the hole was as he thought up a new idea.

“Your asshole is self lubricating, always ready to recieve my cock. It is built to give me maximum pleasure too.”

The statue’s ass began to change. Where before it had been anatomically correct it began to shift to look more like some sex toys. With ridges and ribbing which would better adapt to John’s dick. Microscopic pores also began producing lube which kept the hole perfect for fucking. Mimicking certain sex toys the ass could also vibrate to stimulate its Master’s cock.

John gasped as he felt the changes take effect. He began fucking the statue again. Slowly at first but soon he picked up the pace kissing the statue’s neck and pinching his nipples.

“Degrade yourself with praise, and worship of your Master.”

“Yes Master, fuck your statue. I live for you.” The statue began reaching back and feeling Master’s muscles. John flexed and the statue moaned in pleasure at each squeeze.

“Oh, Fuck yes.” John’s pace was picking up. Quickly devolving into primal thrusts. “Keep going slave, I’m close now.”

“Master, you are wise and beautiful beyond words. I long to serve you all my days. Fuck your statue Master. I was made to bring you all the pleasure you desire. Fuck! Master, you feel so good in your slave’s ass. I’ll serve you forever Master. Fuck me, fuck me. FUCK ME!!!”

As the statue cried out John exploded in his slave’s ass. His chest heaving against his slave’s back. He buried his head in between his slave’s massive shoulders and closed his eyes. Feeling the bliss wash over him. As he came down from his orgasm he withdrew his cock from his slave’s ass. Oddly there was no mess on it. We informed John that we had seen to that, making the statue’s ass not only self lubricating but also self cleaning. Plus the joy we got from turning cum into more nanites was second to none. In a way it sustained us.

John was about to power down the statue when he noticed something on the floor. It was a glowing red substance of some kind. He bent down to take a look at it. Reaching out to touch it he recoiled in pain after a huge surge of electricity flew through his body.

“Master!” The statue cried out, cradling John in his arms. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” John shook his hand in pain “Oz, what is that?”

“That is your statue’s cum. We have been analyzing it since we encountered it. Unlike yours, his cum supplies power to us. It contains a vast amount of raw power it’ll take us a bit to incorporate it into our system.”

“Why does my slave cum electricity?”

“We are unsure. Possibly from the fact that your slave feels no pleasure from cumming anymore. He sees it only as an act of service to you.”

“Well that’s ridiculous.” John started, “And that raises a lot more questions. But mainly, how can we stop him from cumming red hot electro-spunk all over the place? Is there a way to harness this energy?”

“As we analyze it we’ll know more. There is a sizable amount of energy here. We could power ourself for thousands of years off just this amount.”

“Incredible, this probably breaks the laws of physics but we could definitely use this… hmm what do we call it… this electro-cum to power our development of new technology.”

John bent back down over the electro-cum and began giving us instructions. In no time the cum was tucked safely inside a battery about the size of John’s pinky finger. John picked it up and set it down next to the ruby we had given him earlier. Together he viewed them as his greatest treasures.

“Okay, that takes care of one issue.” John continued. “But how can we ensure this substance is contained?”

“We may have a solution for you.” We replied. “If we could sheath the statue’s cock, we could remotely transfer any new cum into batteries.”

“Okay Oz, get to it.” John smiled as he knew this would be hot to watch.

Over the statue’s cock a small bead of silver, the same shiny metal that made his collar and arm guards, began to grow. It flowed down the cock and wrapped itself around the statue’s balls, covering them all completely. The cock was now completely encased in shiny metal which would capture any electro-cum and disperse the energy through any surrounding nanites and towards a battery filling station we quickly materialized on the counter.

“I like it,” remarked John, slowly rubbing the new metallic shaft, “but does the statue have to be erect to cum?”

“Most mammals need stimulation to cum from what we have learned. But we could stimulate its orgasms without an erection.”

“Then change it to look like a chastity cage. The cock can still be hard in the cage if that helps you, but I wanna know the statue gets no pleasure from now on. Chastity cages always made me super horny.”

A new image flashed through John’s mind and we got to work. As John watched, the statue’s cock slowly bent itself into a flaccid position. When it was fully bent over the silver melded with itself to form a cage fully molded to the statue’s genitalia. As a final touch we engraved the metal with the image of a lock which glowed red like the circle on the back of its neck.

John shivered with pleasure as he felt up the cage for the first time. He noticed it vibrating sligtly under his touch. This was also a design choice to help please its Master. He then ran his hands back up over the statue’s silver abs and up to his pecs. Embracing the statue and laying his head on its massive shoulder, John looked at the statues silver face. He truly had a living trophy now.

“Thank you Oz.” Was all he could say as he began kissing his statue.

“You’re welcome Master.” We responded, as the statue carried Master to his bedroom.


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