A Normal Day

By DBar
published April 13, 2020
1154 words
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Thomas has another normal day.

It was another normal day for Thomas Catt.

Wake up, shower and brush his teeth, lean over the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal while his roommate fucked him, get dressed for work, and head out for the subway station.

He stopped at the newstand on the corner and picked up his usual morning newspaper, made out with the seller for a few minutes, paid, and continued on his way.

The subway was late, again, so while they were waiting, the guys standing on either side of him unzipped and pulled out their hardening cocks, which Thomas absentmindedly jacked off. Both men came right as the train pulled up and put away themselves away as the doors opened. Thomas was lucky enough to grab a seat. He had to go all the way uptown, after all.

As the train filled up, a man sat next to Thomas, opened up Thomas’s pants and pulled them down his legs. Thomas lifted up his butt to help without really thinking about it; that new article about housing prices in the city was really interesting. The man’s wet mouth sucking his cock deep pulled a brief low moan from Thomas as he continued reading. A few minutes later he held the stranger’s head down into his lap as he grunted and unloaded down the tight throat. He folded up his paper, pulled up his pants and nodded absently at the man, who ignored him as he was engrossed in his own phone.

The rest of the trip to work was uneventful as always, only a quick blowjob for a lost tourist asking for directions, and Thomas was there. As he stepped off the elevator, he paused as he always did when he saw the frosted doors.

“Catt, Sucher, and Mehoff, Inc.” It had taken a while for him and his business partners to open their own joint, but it was worthwhile. He entered and waved at the receptionist, a chubby young man that he knew from experience had an equally thick cock. He passed through the open concept office until he reached his own enclosed office against the back wall. Inside he found his partners, Richard and James.

“Early morning meeting I didn’t know about?”

“No, just waiting for you to go over our earnings last quarter,” said James as he pulled down his pants and leaned over Thomas’s desk. Thomas obligingly squatted down to rim his business partner.

“Anything surprising I should be concerned about?” He asked before he dove into the meaty ass in front of him.

“Billings are down a little, but that’s not unexpected right after Christmas,” replied Richard as he took off his own pants and slapped his long, thin, hard cock against Thomas’s cheek. “Not unusual compared to last year.”

Thomas briefly pulled his face free from the wet and loose asshole he had been feasting on. “Any new projects on the horizon?” he asked before diving down onto Richard’s cock and leisurely sucking it deep, long strokes up and down.

Jack grabbed a folder from the desk he was still leaning over. “We’ve been approached by a few up-and-coming companies, but nothing firm yet.” He waggled his butt at Thomas, who stood up and slowly sank his own hard cock into the loose hole before him. A moment later, he felt Richard line up behind him and push into his own hole. Good thing he’d been loosened up already that morning.

Thomas led the 3-way fuck, sliding back and forth between the two other men as they continued their meeting. A productive half-hour later, all three were re-fastening their pants and Thomas waved at the others as he knelt to lick James’s cumshot off the side of his desk. Gotta keep things clean.

The day passed uneventfully, with Thomas reviewing several project proposals while the employee presenting it sucked him off under the desk, a long lunch with a prospective client whose long uncut cock Thomas rode at the restaurant’s table as they enjoyed their meal, and finally a long state-of-the-company meeting with most of the staff that went long when a few people took longer than expected to cum on Thomas’s face during the bukakke session. A little good-natured ribbing among the men and it was decided that the late-cummers would lick the boss’s face and chest clean before he got re-dressed.

The subway was even more crowded than usual, so Thomas decided to take the city bus instead. A little longer, but a guaranteed seat. He boarded, paid his fare, and opened his shirt so the driver could chew on his nipples for a bit. An impatient cough behind him had Thomas pull free and move back down the bus. All the seats were full except at the very back, where a bench seat across the rear held room for three. The man sitting in the center undid his pants and pushed them down to his ankles as Thomas approached. Thomas obligingly lowered his own pants enough to free his ass and sat down on the short, thick cock offered to him. The two of them let the vibrations of the bus as it rumbled over the potholes of the road stimulate them both and the other rider shouted as he came in Thomas’s ass just before Thomas had to get off. Perfect timing!

Once he got home that evening, he and his roommate decided to order in some Chinese from the place down the road. A few minutes later, a knock at the door interrupted Thomas as he pulled his face off his roommate’s short, perfectly-sized-for-sucking cock. Two bags of takeout, as ordered and delivered by a new guy. Thomas and his roommate spit-roasted the delivery guy until both came, then sucked his cock together before handing him a sizable tip. Always good to keep the delivery people happy.

A filling meal later, Thomas retired to his room for the night. His roommate followed him in as Thomas arranged himself, lying down on the bed with his head hung over the edge, mouth open. Thomas idly pondered whether he should go for dinner and a show that weekend as a break, while his roommate fucked his throat hard, choking Thomas every time as his roommate’s balls slapped into his face.

He really should learn his roommate’s name sometime, thought Thomas, as the man in question slammed deep and finally shot his load straight into Thomas’s hungry stomach. Finally satisfied, Thomas settled into his pillow as his roommate muttered something over him while making some odd hand gestures. Something about “object of all men’s desires” and “boundless sexual energy.” Same stuff he’d been doing for years. All in all…

Another normal day.

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