True Believer

By Touchstone -
published October 19, 2017
5748 words

A straight man wakes up in bed with an older man, unable to recount how he got there…

Blake opened his eyes with a soft groan, the sunlight lancing past the curtains onto his face as the sun was starting to rise outside. The first thing he noticed was that his cheek was pressed against something firm, something warm. His head seemed to be slowly rising and falling with the slow deep breaths of someone else, brushing gently against his short brown hair. ‘Where am I?’ was his first thought, realising that the bedroom wasn’t his own. Despite being awake, his entire body still felt a bit sluggish, heavy. Some parts a little bit sore even, particularly his asshole, which he found particularly strange.

There was a strange, sweet, yet slightly bitter taste in his mouth, he realised, gently starting to move before he realised that his arms had been wrapped around something- or rather someone he had been lying half on top of, his left arm and leg trapped beneath that person’s weight as his right hand felt like it was resting against someone’s stomach.

‘Must’ve gotten lucky last night…’ he thought to himself with a half-smile, although the events of it still remained a blur. He found himself unable to even picture what her face would have looked like.

‘Rather firm stomach for a girl… almost like… abs… and is that…?’ His eyes widened slightly as he realised that he was following a treasure trail, feeling the coarse hairs beneath his fingertips as his hand slowly drifted downwards…

“Mmm…” he heard a warm, masculine voice in his ears, accompanied by a hand that was beginning to stroke his cheek. “Good morning, boy.”

“Gah!” Almost as though jolted by electricity, Blake almost jumped out of bed. “Wh… what the hell is going on?” he asked, even more horrified to realise that he had been in the nude, which suddenly put that sore feeling in his ass into context. “How did I end up here? Did you drug me?” he asked accusingly.

“Drug you?” The man he had been in bed with sat up, although the covers remained over his lower half which Blake was more than thankful for. Tall and broad shouldered, the man looked like he was in his late forties although it was readily apparent that he kept in good shape. He had salt and pepper hair and dark brown eyes, a well groomed beard defined by the shape of his handsome jaw, a light forest of chest hair overlying his chiseled pecs. “You approached me, remember? After you told me you weren’t interested, about an hour after I approached you.”

There was an almost genuine confusion on the other man’s face, enough that Blake’s accusing glare faltered slightly. “Wait… what? I don’t remember doing that. I don’t… I don’t remember much from last night at all. But I would… I would never… I mean, I’m straight.”

“So you said the first time. But when you came back you seemed more than keen on the idea of getting to know me better… you were practically in my lap begging me to take you home,” the man replied.

“Look, no offense. But there’s is no way that I would’ve… Oh god… what did we do?” Blake asked, looking genuinely afraid to hear the answer.

An almost cheeky smile broke onto the man’s face. "What didn’t we do? Trust me, boy, you looked like you were enjoying yourself the whole time. At one point you were literally pleading for me to-

-Okay I changed my mind. Don’t tell me. Yet. Ugh! I don’t know…" Blake threw his arms up exasperatedly, suddenly reminded of the fact that he was still completely naked. Looking round the floor for his clothes, he scooped up his underwear at least and slipped it on- a white, well-fitting jockstrap that seeemed to suit his lithe figure. “It’s all a blur… someone must have drugged me or something…”

"Look boy-

-Don’t call me boy. It’s Blake. God did you not even ask me my name?" Blake interrupted, looking annoyed. It did just occur to him at this point, that he wasn’t aware of the man’s name either.

“Okay, look, Blake. Just sit down. You’re obviously confused and scared. Let’s just both take a moment and try to figure out what happened last night,” the man replied, a firm tone in his voice.

Refusing to return to the bed, Blake pulled up a chair from a nearby study desk, still looking slightly distrustful of the older man despite having complied.

“What’s the last thing you remember? Focus…”

“Sorry. No offense, but I’m straight,” Blake said, a not-too-apologetic grin on his face. “And uh… you look old enough to be my dad.” He didn’t pay the man who had approached him much heed, his eyes still on one of the girls who had entered the bar surrounded by four other men his age, all of whom appeared more interested in each other than with her. He started walking away from the man who had approached him, just so he could get a closer look at her, while his reply questioning his logic about coming to a gay bar went ignored. It was closer to his apartment, to start with, and there was something to be said about how the girls here tended to not expect getting hit on. At least if he got rejected he could always just rationalize that it ‘must have been because they were lesbians’. Not that that happened often.

To be fair, he’d had a better ‘excuse’ named Reuben, his conveniently gay colleague from work. Too bad the guy decided staying wasn’t worth his time when Blake made it clear that he hadn’t brought him here because he was ‘interested’. The guy would probably give him a cold shoulder at work the next day, which didn’t really bother him much. It was getting late, however, and in the two hours he had already spent here, the alcohol was starting to get to his bladder. Deciding that it would be a better idea to hold off approaching the girl until after he had relieved himself, Blake made a slight detour towards the washroom, making a mental note of where she was sitting. Maybe if he was lucky her four gay friends would be dancing without her by the time he got back.

There was only one occupant at the far end of the washroom when he entered - a large, burly man wearing a red flannel shirt, jeans and leather boots, relieving himself at the furthermost urinal. The man seemed to give him a friendly smile as he noticed him, one that made Blake immediately look away, hoping that that would make things clear enough.

“Having a good time, tonight?” the man asked, his voice slightly gruff.

“Could go better,” Blake replied nonchalantly, unzipping his jeans.

“Oh? With a fine ass like yours I’m sure it’ll get better before the night is over,” the man replied. Still determined not to look at him, Blake did his business before heading over the sink, only to realize that the other man was there himself.

“That’s nice of you to say, but sorry. Not interested. Here for the ladies,” Blake clarified, still looking slightly disturbed by the man’s compliment.

“Well, sorry for complimenting you in a gay bar, son,” the man responded, sounding more than a little irked.

“Look, it’s a free country, and there isn’t a sign that says ‘no straight people allowed’, right?” Blake pointed out defensively. “And it’s not my fault that hot chicks come here, and I score every single time. The ones who come thinking they’re going to experiment but change their minds. The ones that ‘don’t want to think about being pursued’ so let their guards drop. The list goes on…”

Having washed his hands and dried them, Blake started to walk past the other man just before he felt a hand grasp him by the collar and stop him. Before he could respond, he was suddenly pushed against the wall, the man’s large, hairy forearm pressed tightly against his neck. "Hey! What the f-

Blake was abruptly cut off by the man’s other hand covering his mouth. ‘He was at the sink but didn’t wash his hands…’ he realised with dismay, noticing a pungent, musky odor wafting through his nostrils. The man’s stern face hovered dangerously close as he calmly shushed him.

“Shhh…. my turn to talk. I think you misunderstood. The problem isn’t that you’re ‘straight’, the problem is your attitude,” the man whispered harshly, deep blue eyes staring directly into his. “Towards the ladies… towards the other clients at this fine establishment… towards me, and we’ve only met all of two minutes… The owner Chuck asked me for a favour… seeing as your arrogant ass hasn’t gone unnoticed over the past month you’ve been coming here. So let’s fix that attitude of yours, why don’t we?”

Blake’s eyes narrowed with scorn, wanting to tell the stranger to ‘fuck off’ but having that hand clasp even tighter around his mouth. The man seemed completely unfazed by his attempts to break or push free. It was like being pinned by a brick wall. A hairy, sweaty brick wall that was now making him feel more and more unsettled with a slightly predatory grin. It didn’t occur to Blake to ask in that moment how the man was proposing to ‘fix the problem’.

“Shhhh… relax… I’m not going to hurt you…” the man promised, a strangely warm tone in his voice despite the fact that he was still holding Blake against the wall. “All you need to do is listen to my voice… and everything will fall into place… everything will be as it should be… Look into my eyes, son.”

Although every instinct was telling him not to listen, and to look away, there was something strangely captivating about the man’s eyes. Blake let out an audible gulp as he noticed how perfectly blue they were, a strange warmth behind them that almost made the man seem trustworthy despite his current position.

“That’s it… relax… breathe… everything is going to be alright. In a few minutes you’re going to get to walk out that door with a smile on your face, but for now it’s just you and me… just having a nice, quiet talk… You’ve said your part and now it’s my turn. It would only be fair for you to listen now… listen and relax…” the man intoned smoothly. Despite not quite wanting to, Blake found himself listening, his body starting to feel strangely heavy as his struggling seemed to weaken. Having tried to initially hold his breath to avoid smelling the man’s cock on his fingers, with his mouth held tightly shut he didn’t have much of a choice. His next breath in went deeper than the last, his chest expanding as the man’s raw scent flooded his nostrils.

“Good boy…” the man whispered as Blake continued to breathe, his eyelids just starting to droop. “Relax… nothing wrong with two men getting to know each other better, is there?”

‘But there is when one of them’s got the other pinned against the wall!’ Blake thought bitterly to himself, although as he took his next breath in, that thought itself seemed to become slightly clouded, almost forgotten altogether by the time he gently exhaled.

“Relax…” the man repeated. That one word seeming to echo inside Blake’s head, the younger man whimpering slightly as he felt his arms drop to his sides.

As that hand let go of his mouth to almost tenderly caress his cheek, Blake managed to stammer, “What… what are you… do-mpffff” Just before that hand came back into place, closing his mouth once more.

“Oh just teaching you some manners…” the man replied casually. “Stubborn boys like you just need to be reminded who’s in charge sometimes. I’m not a huge fan of punishment, so I much prefer helping them relax… open their minds so they can listen… just like what’s happening to you now.”

“H…hmph…?” Blake mustered back feebly.

“How?” the man repeated with an amused smile. “Well… let’s just say that doesn’t matter right now… all that matters is that you’re nice and relaxed… Keep breathing in… nice, long, deep breaths… I’m sure you’ve noticed that smell by now. You know what you’re breathing in so placidly, don’t you? What you’re smelling? Here… I’ll give you a clue…” With that, he took hold of Blake’s hand and guided it towards the bulge in his jeans, his larger hand soon enclosing over the younger man’s so he could feel what he was up against.

“Mmmmff…” Blake’s eyes widened with a sense of panic, his body jerking at the realization. It didn’t even make the stranger budge, the man chuckling as he forced Blake’s hand to rub against his crotch, up and down, up and down, the sense of touch alone starting to form a mental image in the boy’s head of just what lay underneath.

“Don’t be afraid…” the stranger cooed almost patronizingly. “My cock is going to make you a better person… or a better patron for this establishment at least… and the smell is only the first part. Bet you’ve never smelled anything so strong in your life, have you boy? I can see how it’s making your eyes water…” The older man’s hand left his to weakly dangle back by his side, instead coming forward to squeeze something else instead.

“Mmmmmmfffff!” Blake groaned out, only now just noticing how hard he had gotten underneath his own jeans.

“And making your dick hard… So much for being straight, huh boy? I wonder how many ‘straight’ boys get hard from smelling another man’s dick…” the man taunted, causing Blake’s cheeks to flush slightly.

“Well… you might not believe me, but the answer is ‘all of them’. Of course… whether you believe it or not…” his hand continued to rub against Blake’s crotch, which was treachorously continuing to swell and throb in response.

“Once I’m done… you’re going to become a true believer…”

“And that man… wasn’t me, right?”

“N… no,” Blake replied, feeling a bit more relaxed now with the blame having been shifted slightly off the man he had woken up with. “He was about your age… slightly chubbier… short brown hair… deep blue eyes… a combed beard…. He was wearing a red flannel shirt and jeans…”

“There were a lot of people there that night,” the other man replied. “Buuut… that sounds like Tony.”

“Tony?” Blake repeated, slightly suspicious about how the two men potentially knew each other.

The other man’s expression gave nothing away. “I’ll tell you more about him later… if that is who you were with. What did he do next?”

“Once I’m done… you’re going to become a true believer…”

‘Fat chance…’ the hazy, almost unrecognizable thought formed in Blake’s mind. His body still helplessly held up by the stranger’s grasp, there was little chance that he would be breaking free any time soon. And still his cock was continuing to throb, treachorously enjoying the other man’s attention, frustrating him slightly. ‘What… does he think smothering the smell of his dick all over my face is going to make me… make me want…’

“Mmm… everything is starting to grow dark, isn’t it, boy? Your eyelids so heavy… so desperate to peacefully drift shut… let it happen, son… let daddy’s voice follow you down… deeper… deeper… feeling so much better with each breath…” the man crooned in an almost singsong voice, confident fingers unbuckling Blake’s belt. The stranger’s perfect blue eyes were the last thing Blake saw before his eyes closed, the sound of his own zipper being pulled down almost ringing in his ears.

He shuddered slightly as he felt his boxers being tugged down, his cock springing free just before it was grasped firmly by a rough but appreciative hand. “Hmmm… that doesn’t look like a straight boy’s cock to me…” the man teased, making Blake give out another muffled whimper as he gave the younger man’s erection one good tug. “You’ve never been this hard in your life, have you boy?”

Unable to answer in his current state, Blake felt his cock throb from the sheer warmth of the stranger’s breath against his cheek, that honeyed voice dropping an octave further as it whispered, “You wanted to know what’s happening to you? It’s all in what you’ve been so pleasantly breathing in… it only makes sense… A Man’s will isn’t just an abstract concept… it’s physical… malleable… Every drop of sweat… evey taste of cum… it carries with it their essence… their strength. So when a weaker man tastes or smells the essence of another, stronger man… it enthralls them… captivates them. You could argue that it’s just envy… a desire to feel that power for themselves. But it makes no difference in the end… each time you breathe in from me… you exhale a little bit more of your own will out… taking you deeper and deeper… making you so relaxed that you’ll do anything I say…”

Just a few minutes ago, Blake would have found what the stranger was suggesting preposterous. There was no sign of that now, the younger man simply letting out another muffled groan into the man’s hand.

“My voice… your thoughts…” those words echoed in the boy’s increasingly empty head, the desire to escape now almost nonexistent as the pressure in his cock continued to build, the tip oozing clear pre onto the floor.

‘Your voice… my thoughts…’

“You love the smell of my dick…”

‘I love the smell of your dick…’

Sensing that Blake was no longer trying to resist, the man finally let go of his collar, allowing the younger man to slump forward into his arms. “There you go… you want to smell the real thing?” the man asked suggestively.

Not waiting for a response, the stranger gently guided Blake down onto his knees. The younger man’s face was pressed and rubbed teasingly against the bulge in the older man’s jeans at first, before they were tugged down and he was soon breathing against the more than prominent bulge in a tight, black jockstrap. “Smells even stronger… even better up close, doesn’t it boy?” he heard the voice ask. “Go on… take a deep breath…”

The dying part of Blake that was still trying to fight did his best to stop it to no avail. One, good, sniff, and that potent stench had him moaning wantonly, nearly cumming as his hips buckled. “Good boy… that’s it… memorize that smell for me… every now and again… when you’re playing with yourself… this is the smell that you’ll think of… the smell that almost made you cum…”

“Open your eyes boy… look up at me…” the man commanded, just as he pulled his jockstrap down.

As Blake opened his eyes, he gulped audibly, still looking confused, afraid although he was unable to decide where to look, torn as he was between looking at the man’s face and admiring every inch of that erect, thick cock pointed at him. “You want to cum… don’t you boy?” the man asked.

For all Blake tried to will himself into shaking his head, he found himself nodding quietly instead.

“Then open wide…”

“So… you’re saying he hypnotised you with his scent?” the man asked, looking more than a little skeptical.

“I… I don’t know if that was what he was doing…” Blake mumbled, an almost distant look in his eyes as the memories continued to return. “It felt more like… he was overwhelming me… marking me… making me his… I know it sounds weird but…”

“You don’t have to explain anything to me…” the man smiled reassuringly. “Just go on… what happened next?”

Blake nearly gagged as he felt the man’s thick cock fill his mouth, the taste of sweat and pre blossoming on his tongue as he struggled initially to accommodate its girth. “Relax, son… take it slow… remember how desperate you are to cum… mmm…” the man groaned slightly as his dick started to fill Blake’s throat, his hand holding Blake’s head in place as the boy was reduced to breathing directly from the man’s pubes. “Wrap those cute lips around my dick, son… that’s it… you know how to watch those teeth… and suck….” The way Blake helplessly obliged made the man hiss with pleasure, the way his cock throbbed against Blake’s throat feeling strangely, good. Slowly, the man began to move his hips, pistoning back and forth as he lazily began fucking Blake’s mouth.

“That’s it, son…. suck… suck like your life depends on it… suck like the hungry boy you’re becoming… it’s not just your own release you’re becoming desperate for… wanting to splatter your willpower all over the floor… No… more than that… more than anything you’ve ever wanted… is to taste my cum… greedily gulping it all down your throat… replacing your will with mine… Why… I bet you’d cum just from tasting mine… slipping perfectly into a nice… agreeable… trance…”

Blake groaned, his tongue helplessly caressing the underside of the stranger’s cock despite knowing what would happen to him if he kept going. More and more he felt the part of himself that didn’t want this beginning to fade into the background, each time that cock went in all the way to the base. It was almost as though the stranger was directly fucking the last of his resistance out of his head, those empty eyes slowly but surely beginning to glint with a mirrored lust.

The man chuckled as he noticed Blake starting to bob his head out of his own accord. “There we go… my hungry boy… hungry for daddy dick… hungry for his first taste of hot manseed…”

Blake’s groans became more and more impassioned, the boy heartily taking the stranger’s dick with more and more eagerness, so lost in his newfound desire that every throb in his mouth seemed to echo simultaneously in his own dick. It was almost like his very consciousness was being devoured by the taller, imposing man’s very being, his sense of self reducing to the point of being a receptacle for that delicious cock.

“Get ready boy… nggghh!!” the man groaned out his release, flooding Blake’s throat with cum, pulling back just so the boy would get to know the taste. Blake’s eyes widened, moaning wantonly as his own cock began firing ropes of cum onto the washroom floor. By the end of it, Blake was panting, leaning against the stranger’s thigh with a dazed, empty expression on his face.

He was dimly aware of being stood up, his eyelids feeling so heavy again that they naturally closed at the man’s gentle request. “From now on…” he heard him whisper, “Whenever anyone calls you a ‘hungry boy’… you will return to this state of relaxation… remembering how good it felt… is that clear?”

“Hungry… boy…” Blake droned monotonously.

“Yes boy… that’s you. From now on just seeing another man’s dick will make you imagine sucking on it… getting so hard… so horny from the thought…”

“Yes…” a ghost of a smile formed on Blake’s face as he accepted the man’s words unquestioningly.

“Good boy… now… when I leave, you’re going to hear the door close behind me. You’re going to count to twenty, then open your eyes… and go outside… remaining still deeply entranced but perfectly capable of pretending to be awake, is that clear?”


“Good… now… you won’t even remember being ‘Blake’, the ‘straight boy’. You won’t know or care that you don’t know much about yourself. All you need to know… is that you’re a hungry boy… and more than anything… you want a daddy. An older man to look after you… for you to worship… for you to obey…”

“To… obey…”

“Very good. You’ll somehow remember the gentleman who approached you outside just now. The one you walked away from… You’re going to make it up to him. You’re going to beg him to be your daddy… you’ll want to breathe deeply of his sweat… his will replacing yours just as mine has…”


“You won’t be able to help yourself from now on… each time another man cums inside you… on you… you’ll become helplessly obedient and submissive to their every whim… each time it happens the more permanent it will become… until you finally become the happy, cock worshipper you were always meant to be…”

“Always… meant… yes…”

“Good boy,” the stranger repeated for the last time. Blake was dimly aware of being kissed softly on the forehead before the warm feeling of the man’s presence departed, followed by the sound of the door closing.

‘One… two… three…’

“Well… that was a strange story.”

“I don’t… I don’t know what to tell you… that’s what I remember…” Blake sighed, feeling slightly frustrated that he didn’t remember much of the events that had transpired after.

“Not saying I don’t believe you, son,” the other man said. “I mean it certainly explains… well… You did come up to me. I was wondering why you were acting like a completely different person. You kept calling me ‘daddy’, didn’t even ask for my name and you were almost aggressively trying to kiss me.”

“N… no…” Blake blushed, feeling more than a bit humiliated now. “What else did I…”

“Well you insisted on going back to mine… kept talking about worshiping me… serving me. And boy, did you deliver.”

“Did you…”

“Did I cum in you?” the man smiled almost wickedly, letting the question hang for a few moments before he answered, “Three times. By my count… you sucked me off in an alley when you got too impatient. Then when we got home… well. You were practically clinging to me, sniffing at my armpits, begging for me to fuck you… Now I wasn’t sure if you really were straight, or just curious or whatever, but man… once I got inside your hole… given how tight you were? I knew I was fucking a virgin hole.”

The horrified expression on Blake’s face at this point didn’t make the man relent. He kept going. “You looked up at me with those pleading eyes of yours… mmm… as much as you wanted it, as much as you begged for it, I could tell you’d never been fucked before. I thought I was doing you a favor… opening you up nice and slow… Heh. You even squirmed when I started licking your hole, saying it felt weird, but never once did you ask me to stop…”

“That… that wasn’t me…” Blake tried to protest.

“Oh? You look like the same hungry boy to me.”

His heart nearly stopped beating when he heard those words, although the moment passed, and he still felt like himself. Perhaps the trigger hadn’t taken root? “Don’t…” he stammered, suddenly finding it hard to find the next word.

“Don’t call you a hungry boy? Okay… well… where was I? I did say three times, didn’t I? Well after I fucked you and pumped your hole full of my jizz, I thought you wouldn’t want to miss a drop. So I let you clean my cock with your tongue… you seemed so absorbed in it, I didn’t really have the heart to stop you. I did eventually fall asleep, after you did, I think, although you seemed to continue sucking on me like it was a pacifier… On and off throughout the night. I think it must’ve been 3am when I woke up and dumped another load down your throat…”

The man’s words were beginning to echo. Images that he was describing were starting to come back to Blake, who continued to stare open mouthed at the man. He could almost imagine the taste, recognizing it as what he noticed when he first woke up this morning. He remembered every single one of those events… licking his lips, getting up to his feet from having sucked the man off in the alley… clinging to him, nuzzling against that armpit, breathing in his scent… being kissed lovingly while his asshole was being fucked…

“Why do you look so worried, boy? Is it that thing about it becoming permanent if someone cums in you too many times?” the man asked.


“Well… you did jump out of bed this morning, so I guess it’s not permanent,” the man pointed out.

“Oh… right…” Blake smiled, a slight look of relief on his face. Thinking back, it felt strange that he had reacted that way. He’d felt so comfortable drifting off to sleep on that hairy, manly chest.

“Why don’t we fix that?”

The man had a lustful grin on his face as he pulled the sheets aside, exposing his naked lower half, his cock clearly already at full mast. Instantly, Blake found his eyes drawn to it, remembering seeing it from up close, how good and juicy it had looked in the dim light of the alley, how content he had felt sucking on it while he was half asleep later that night.

“No… don’t…”

“Don’t what, hungry boy? Show you my cock? You didn’t seem to mind giving it some well deserved affection last night. Why… you were almost purring while you were rubbing your face against my crotch in that alley…” the man teased, taking hold of his cock and gently wagging it from side to side.

“Please… stop…” Blake whispered weakly, suddenly noticing how hard he had gotten just from recounting the story. Or was it from what the man was doing now?

“Come to me… hungry boy… crawl to daddy…” the man beckoned with a confident grin, clear from Blake’s expression that the boy was going nowhere anytime soon. All the while, the boy’s eyes seemed to follow the man’s cock, going left to right, left to right. His mouth agape, Blake found himself melting out of the chair and onto the floor, crawling towards the object of his fascination.

“You know… I kept mentioning to you last night how good you would look in a jockstrap instead of those boxer briefs you were wearing. Funny how this morning when you got embarrassed the first thing you put on was my jockstrap. Don’t worry boy… I was right… it looks good on you. And you don’t even mind that I used it to wipe my cum off your chin do you?”

Closer and closer, Blake continued to crawl, realizing what was happening but utterly powerless to stop it. The more his cock throbbed in anticipation, the more the worried look on his face melted into a seemingly fascinated smile. He took a deep breath as he rose to his knees, breathing deeply of the man’s intoxicating musk, and that smile melted further into an almost dopey grin. “No… I don’t…” he admitted softly.

“Again… you never even asked me my name.”

“S… sorry…” he stammered, suddenly worried that the feigned disappointment in the man’s voice meant that he wouldn’t get to suck that cock after all.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. You called me ‘daddy’, and I have to admit I liked the sound of that…” he pressed his foot against Blake’s dick, noticing the way it throbbed at the word. “Mmm… and it’s clear that you like it too… don’t you, boy?”

“Yes daddy…” Blake sighed blissfully.

“Good boy. Now… we were going to try and make sure that awful straight boy doesn’t come back, weren’t we?”

“Yes daddy…” Blake found himself giggling.

“Well… you know the way boy… suck.”

“Yes daddy.”

And with that, Blake lowered his head, kissing the tip of the man’s flaring cock before engulfing it easily in one fluid motion. The Blake that had been was quieter than he ever was before up until this point, almost as though he had finally resigned himself to his fate.


Bobbing his head up and down on his daddy’s dick, Blake almost lost all sense of everything that was happening around him. So focused was he on every grunt of approval, every delicate throb that even the familiar voice that came from the doorway wasn’t enough to get him to look up.

“Enjoying your birthday present? I made pancakes for all of us.” The man leaning against the doorway was wearing nothing but an apron, a grin on his face as he admired his own handiwork from the night before.

“You did well, Tony,” daddy replied, gently stroking the back of Blake’s head as the boy continued to suck. “But I have a feeling our hungry boy here isn’t going to need pancakes. I think he’d rather have another go at your cock… maybe under the dinner table while we eat?”

“Sounds good. I’ll go get the coffee ready,” Tony replied before walking away altogether.

“Don’t you worry son… ngh… we’ll have you all trained up before the day is over,” daddy promised. “Then you can show both of your two new daddies how much you appreciate being ours…”

Continuing to bob his head up and down, there was nothing but pure excitement in Blake’s eyes. He could think of nothing better.

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