Hammond's Pack

By Buster Red - pupphammond@gmail.com
published September 18, 2017
2372 words

A captive young man is converted into the Pup world.

“Truth is…” the man began, turning around with something in his hands. “…I’m really not such a dickbag.” He turned whatever it was over in his hands. It was too dark to make it out, but some metal on it caught the light. “But for this to work, I need you angry.”

Well he was succeeding. Some defiant part of me wanted to rebel and keep calm to spite him, but I was way beyond that. I’d been here for days, tied up naked. My wrists were raw where the ropes held me, and my throat had given up screaming hours ago.

He stepped into the light from the lamp above me, a leather mask in his hands, and turned it over so I could see the face. Deep red leather held with rivets and heavy stitches over the forehead made up a Doberman’s face. “I’ve made so many pussys out of boys like you, I almost forgot how fun it was to make an alpha.” He raised the mask up in the air and closed one eye imagining it on me. “You’re perfect.”

I wrestled against the bonds again. They felt loose enough to break free, but maybe that was the genius of it. Because after days of struggling, convincing myself they were slowly getting close to giving, they never did.

The ropes held my wrists behind my back, crossed my chest, and ended in a knot between my shoulder blades. From there they went straight up to the ceiling, with just enough slack to keep me from sitting or lying down. I could pace maybe 3 steps before the rope went taut.

The man took a step forward and I lunged at him with a headbutt. He sidestepped and with a shove I lost my legs and swung pathetically, my feet skidding to find themselves. I screamed against the ball gag in my mouth.

I felt the mask being moved over my face so I thrashed against him. His legs straddled the sides of my chest from behind me as he kept moving the mask onto my face. I was a screaming, furious, drooling mess, bucking to get him off. I knew he wanted the mask on me. I knew he’d win because I’d been here for god knows how fucking long and I was exhausted. But fuck this guy, and I’m going to make this as difficult and as frustrating as I possibly could. FUCK this motherfucker for all this bullshit. I barely noticed the ball gag fall out onto the floor, I was so focused on getting him off me.

The mask clicked into place and I felt the cool buckle against my skin at the back of my head. I kept thrashing, even after I felt him step away from me.

When I looked up a mirror had been wheeled in front of me. I saw myself, feet bloody from a toenail that had been snapped off in a past struggle, chest heaving, skin slick with sweat. My matty hair fell over the top of the mask, and I saw my eyes through the leather Doberman mask. It felt hot against my face.

I had been so exhausted from the days he kept me here.

He would coax me to fury, I would rage at him, and then it’d subside when I had nothing left in me. It went on like that for hours. But now that anger was hot inside me, and it wouldn’t cool. It felt foreign. I’m too tired to still be this angry.

“See? Not as bad as all that.” The mans voice said behind me.

I spun around to face him, and was surprised how close he had been. He snapped a thick meaty hand against my throat to keep me from trying anything, and a snarl rose out from my chest, hot and deep.

“Easy there, boy, easy.” He said, his forearm shaking with effort. He squeezed hard and I backed off slightly. “I told you I needed you angry. Now you feel it deep inside you, don’tcha boy?” he said. I growled at him again, and some small part of my mind realized how strange it was to react that way.

“…yea, you feel it white hot inside you. Daggers in your fucking eyes.” He said, chuckling at himself. “I really made myself a monster. You’d fucking kill me if you had half a chance.” He finally backed off, moving out of the light.

“Rage, I can use.” He said. “It’s raw, it doesn’t think, and most importantly… it’s dominant.” He stepped back into light, unbuckling his pants. “And dominant is exactly what I’m looking for, boy. That’s gonna be you.”

He pulled out his cock, and wiped a bead of precum off onto his thumb. With his other hand he snatched my throat to hold me steady, and wiped the bead onto the masks forehead.

“There we go.” He said, licking his thumb. My skin tingled where the mask touched me. He pulled up a stool and perched it as close as he could without me being able to reach him, then produced a cigarette, lighting it.

“This..” he said behind curls of smoke “…is my favourite part.”

I stared at him, that anger steady in my gut. I almost didn’t notice the smell of the mask getting stronger. Or was I just becoming more aware of it? My face was hot, and I felt sweat beginning to bead. I let out a big breath and was instantly relieved. I took a huge breath of cool air, more relief. But the heat in my face was still spreading. My entire body was still hot, so I kept panting.

I relished the cool air of the room but it was never enough. My tongue began to loll out.

“…Mmmmm that’s it.” He said, massaging himself through his pants.

That quiet part of my mind was telling me this was weird. He didn’t drug me. Why was I feeling so strange? So hot. Too hot, hot everywhere. My head fell forward and I saw sweat dripping to my feet. The leather was wet and the smell of it only got stronger.

I heard somewhere a door opening, and barely managed to look up. Light spilled into the room, and I made out a figure making their way in.

“Just in time, David.” The man said.

“Shit look what you did to this one.” David said, taking a cigarette from his accomplice.

“Mmmhmm. He’s a real fighter.”

“You sure you want to do it yourself?” An exhale of smoke.

The man pulled out his cock and wiped another bead of precum onto his thumb. “I already marked him. So it’s my ass on the line.”

“Christ, Jacob.” The man said laughing “You know I actually can’t remember the last time you made an alpha? Let alone mark one.”

“Made plenty. Never took a marked one myself.” Jacob said.

A whistle from David. He reached over to his friend and rubbed a finger over the precum, then made his way to me. I snarled at him, and the man actually flinched.

“When are you ever going to trust my knots?”

“Would you look at him, he’s huge, Jacob.”

David cautiously moved his hand to my face, and I smelled something.

It was like my head was filled with cotton, I felt dull. That smell. What the fuck was so… so fucking.. so FUCKING HOT about that smell..?! FUCK. I felt a frisson race down my spine, my back arching before my dick leapt to life. My vision began to go dark around the edges, but it didn’t matter I felt too good. Everything felt too good for it to matter.

The two were hooting when I came to, and I didn’t notice I had lost my feet again somehow. My eyes were wild and wide. What the fuck. What the fuck did they do to me?!

“No going back now.” David said. He stepped behind me. “You ready?”

Another drag before flicking his cigarette away. “Pull the yellow capped rope.”

I felt something yank from behind me, and then the ropes falling around my feet. I had been tied up for so long that pain exploded from my shoulder blades and I fell to me knees. I roared out in frustration, finding that familiar fire inside me, then rolled my arms feeling life make its way back into them. When I looked up I saw Jacob beside his stool, pants crumpled in a pile beside him.

I locked eyes with him, and saw the slightest hint of hesitation. A thrill rose up at the thought. This motherfucker is scared. Well, he should be fucking scared.

I charged at him. Jacob squared himself up against the impact and we crashed. A growl bellowed out from me before gritting my teeth and bearing down on him more. We were eye to eye, and I could smell the sweat on him.

We slipped against the sweat of our own bodies and grappled, struggling. Fuck this guy. There wasn’t any strategy or thought. I was a storm crashing over him, hot and angry. He took another step back and I grinned like a madman.

Another step. And somewhere in the struggle he lost his footing and I was on top of him, my hands pinning one wrist above his head. I saw my own wrists for the first time, raw and bloody from struggling against the ropes. Jesus look what he did to me. I threw a punch – another thrilling rush – as his head bounced off the floor.

Someone was behind me, grabbing my arms and I felt my rage pivoting behind me.

“–No David!” Jacob called out, lip bloodied. “don’t you fuck this up after everything I did don’t you fuck this up!”

His accomplice released me, and when I turned my attention back to my captor, his hand was coming up from his crotch and onto my mask. He smeared precum onto the mask and under it onto my face.

That dizzying feeling again.

“…that’s it boy.” He said, heaving breaths. He spat some blood out to the side. “That’s it, remember that feeling?”

The rage inside me shifted as I took in deep breaths. It smelt so good. I was so fucking hard… so fucking hot.. needed to.. I needed to…

I found his eyes and something shifted inside me again, my face tingling where the mask touched me.

“You wanna teach me a lesson don’t you boy?” he cooed before slapping me on the side of my face. Hard. With a growl I pinned him down, and without thinking found my cock against his asshole. I was so hot. So horny. FUCK was I ever hot. What’s happening to me?

He pushed his hole against my dick, and I moaned. I felt his asshole pucker against the head of my cock, and I was lost.

“FUCK!” Jacob cried out as I pushed inside him. He was tight, so fucking tight. Tight enough that it hurt. I snarled against him and slammed into him again and again. Jacob was letting out one long moan as I fucked him, his voice catching every time I buried my dick inside him. The smell of our sex rose up around me. I could smell his sweat, his drooling dick as I fucked him, even his friend off to the side. Everything became so intense. Sweat stung at my eyes as I mercilessly pounded into him.

I let go of his wrists to grab his shoulder and lower back when he grabbed me by the side of my face and we locked eyes again.

“That’s it boy…” he said between thrusts. “You’ll be a real fucking alpha pup.” He growled, smiling, blood still in his teeth.

Real alpha…The worlds swirled around in my brain as I felt myself getting closer. My eyes lost focus for a moment. A real alpha pup. I’m gonna be a real alpha…

I felt my climax churning inside me, rising up faster than I expected. With a roar I came inside him, and my mask burned like fire against my skin. I wanted to pull it off but my body was lost in the intensity of my orgasm. All I could think of was the smell of leather, sex, and those words.

At some point Jacob had disentangled himself from me because he was standing above me, wincing. My chest was heaving from the effort.

“I don’t know how those bottoms fucking do it.” He said, breathlessly. He lit a cigarette, began to sit on the stool, and practically leapt back out of it.

“Did you have to bottom?” David said, eyeing me. I was a panting heap on the floor, the mask forgotten. Jacob took a long drag. “I wanted a mean fucking alpha pup.” He replied, exhaling. “He had to be really fucking angry when I bonded him to that mask. No pup we’ve got can do that.” Jacob noticed the blood on his cigarette, and wiped his mouth.

“You’ve made a monster.” David said, grinning and shaking his head.

Jacob knelt near my head, and I took the smell of him in one deep breath when I felt him closer. “Yea, you’re a big fucking monster.” He said, slapping my biceps playfully. I took another sniff and could smell my sex running off of him.

“You remember your name, pup?” Jacob asked, grinning.

The truth was I didn’t. My mind raced and a panic started to build in my gut. I had a name, everyone had a name. Why couldn’t I remember it?

“Yeah, the mask will do that to ya, boy.” Jacob said. “But I’ll help you out. Your name is Hammond, and you’ll be keeping my pack in line. I can just tell they’re gonna fucking love you.”

I felt my tongue fall out of my mouth, and I smiled.

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