New management

By wavewizer
published August 25, 2017
2314 words

The new CEO of Slim Wear wishes to revolutionize the male underwear industry and his customers

(Author note) Hey guys, this is my first installment of the underwear factory series. Please let me know what you think. hope you enjoy reading :)

Slim Wear is a well-respected company. For over 50 years it has provided their loyal customers quality underwear of varied shapes, sizes and colors. The CEO, who lead once a small startup to a now global powerhouse had decided to retire. Being up in age, the backbreaking work of managing and foreseeing Slim Wear’s future has now taken a toll on his health. Stepping down seemed to be the only viable choice. Thankfully his right-hand man, Reg Allen, was more than fit for his position. This was due to his skills in managing the company’s financial endeavors (being the CFO of course) and knowing the place’s inner workings.

On May 22, the CEO announced his resignation to his employees. He explained his reasons for stepping down and added that he wished to spend his last years with his family. After concluding his farewell speech, he announced the new CEO who would replace him. Reg graciously walked to the podium and thanked the now former CEO for all he’s done throughout the years. With a crooked smile, he continued by saying that the company will be in good hands.

After a month in his new position, Reg had already made changes to the company. Thanks to his former boss cutting all ties with the company, he had complete control of Slim Wear. When he first came to power, he fired most of the staff from different sectors of the company and hired people who had total allegiance to him. Then he made the once transparent company close its doors to outsiders. His actions were solely to conceal his true intentions from the public. Reg became close to his former boss hoping he would make him his predecessor. He waited patiently over the years to make his dream come true. The only reason he wanted to work at Slim Wear was because he had an underwear fetish. He loved men who wore the tightest briefs, boxers and even jocks. He always fantasized that all his customers would come to appreciate men and underwear the way he did. And now that he governs the largest underwear factory known to man, there was no one that could stop him fulfilling his goal.

Reg made his way to the Science and Experiment (SE) facility. This was the place where all their products were made and tested for their tightness and durability. He had a meeting with the head scientists who were developing some new fabrics that Reg himself requested. This fabric was quite different from anything they had ever made. Infused with microscopic needles on the inner side, it would painlessly inject its wearer with special chemicals to alter their physical and psychological characteristics. The scientists sat around a large glass table with Reg pacing in circles, ready to be updated on the experiment’s progress. The scientists blurted out large words which he could not comprehend. What he grasped from the scientists babbling was that they made a functional prototype ready for testing. They pointed towards a metallic box in the center of the table. Upon opening, he glared at a pair of dark grey slim fit undies which had a smooth cloth like texture on the outside. He then delicately turned the underwear outwards and observed the intricate diamond patterns stitched within. With a crooked smile, the CEO knew that his plans were in motion and prepared for phase 2, testing on an oblivious soul.

Tod was thrilled. He managed to score himself some easy money with a two-day job involving him test wearing undergarments. He hesitantly applied a couple days ago, when he saw their advertisement on Craig’s List. He was pleased he met the criteria needed for the job.

Male over 21 (check) … he was 22.

Unemployed (check)

In great need of cash (check) … young dumb and broke.

Lives alone (check) … technically his pet dog was his company.

Won’t be missed by anyone (check) … except by his pet dog.

He recently moved to the city of Westhownes to get away from his past life. He was more than Happy to see a job opportunity available near where he now lived. After hearing he was accepted, he quickly prepared for his upcoming first day working at Slim Wear.

The sound of an alarm echoed throughout the walls of his apartment. Jumping to his feet, Tod rushed to freshen up for his first day. After a quick shower and putting on his usual blue hoodie and some old sweatpants, whilst going commando since he’d be provided underwear. After getting dressed, he looked at the bathroom mirror to ensure he looked presentable. What he saw was a tall broad shouldered figure covered with dark silky skin. Observing closer, he saw his full lips and light brown eyes which were the most prominent features on his hairless face. His attention was brought to his dick imprint pressed against the sweatpants fabric. With a smirk, he quickly pulled down his jacket to conceal his package. Finally leaving the apartment, he said his farewells to his beagle then closed the door.

Upon arriving to the front entrance of the companies large building, he told the lady at the front desk his purpose. She directed him to the Fitting room where he was greeted by tones of neatly folded underwear scattered throughout. She requested him to sit and fill out a NDA form until the CEO was ready for him. She walked out, shutting the door leaving Tod alone with just the underwear to keep him company.

Reg, who was in the SE facility was informed of Tod’s arrival and briskly checked if everything was ready. He looked at the scientist who was infusing chemical ‘B’ into to the grey undies. In means of refresh his memory, he naturally asked how the underwear prototype works. The scientist stated once the user puts on the underwear, the microscopic needles will inject 100ml of chemical ‘B’ into his bloodstream. This was a much higher dosage than they planned to distribute commercially, however it was essential for the wearer to have a complete transformation overnight. Reg knew that there were many variations of chemical ‘B’ and even chemical ‘T’ which were in the early stages of development. For this experiment, he had requested the scientist to use a random strain of chemical ‘B’. Having it be random, it would become more entertaining to see what transformation would occur.

20 minutes passed, Tod was in the middle of counting the underwear within the room when he was greeted by Reg. He stood to his feet, towering over the CEO. Hellos were exchanged and the latter handed him a metallic case. Tod unhinged the case from its latches. He lifted the lid exposing the underwear carefully tucked in the confines of it. His focus shifted to a girthy item neatly wrapped in close proxemics of said underwear. Unable to identify this peculiar object, he turned to question Reg. With a moment of silence, he finally opened his mouth.

“If you experience any discomfort in the night, this will put you at ease."

He then instructed him to put on the undies. Feeling self-conscious, Tod slowly removed his sweatpants revealing his average size cock to the man before him. Raising his head slightly, his eyes glimpsed a crooked smile.

The underwear clung tightly to his body. Ignoring a mild tingling sensation around the waist band, it was surprisingly more comfortable than he’d expected. He stepped towards a circular mirror framed on the wall to view his appearance. The underwear complimented his slim physique. Cut directly under his cheeks, it brought out his lower body’s features perfectly. He slowly spun around, observing all the details the smooth fabric outlined. After observing his appearance, he quickly pulled up his sweatpants, nodded at Reg and headed for home.

Tod opened his apartment door and was happily greeted by his pet. Beside his bed, he laid the metal case then took of his hoodie leaving just his sweats and undies. Jumping into his bed, he continued to read his favorite fantasy book “A conjuring of light”. He quickly grew tired. Soon after his consciousness faded away into a deep midday slumber.

Night fell and Tod slowly opened his eyes in discomfort. He felt rather strange. A tingling sensation was felt in the location of his underwear. It began radiate throughout his entire body. He temperature raised and all of his muscles constricted. While sweat glistened on his skin in the dimly lit room, his muscles grew and filled in his frame. Whenever his body tightened, the heat he experienced slowly converted to something more pleasurable. Overtime, the pleasure caused him to moan softly with each pulse. His mind clouded with each pulse his body made, slowly putting him in a state of ecstasy.

10 minutes passed and the waves of pleasure came to a gradual end. Before Tod could catch his breath, another sensation manifested without warning. Tod’s body instinctively turned on his belly with his back arched, exposing his much larger ass tightly held in by his sweats and undies. His ass was throbbing in his sweats. He stretched outward letting out a loud moan. Never in his life had he felt a sensation…a sensation of emptiness. His mind was searching for answers, any answer that could possibly help him sooth his discomfort. His much thicker body stretched his sweats, outlining the underwear that perfectly fit his new juicy ass. He couldn’t control his breathing, constantly letting out moan after moan. He whaled in frustration, soon after removing his sweats and exposing his underwear. The touch of the fabric on his ass was ever so tender, feeling orgasmic in contact with the surrounding air.Trembling hands caressed his fat cheeks and squeezed both sides in unison.

Time passed as he continuously slapped and groped his ass, completely ignoring his erection that strained on the moist fabric. His moans got loader, echoing though the apartment. Nothing could stop him from fulfilling his need to pleasure his aching ass. As he played with his cheeks, one of his fingers contacted his crack and noticed it was soaked. Tod moved his hand towards his face and smelled the strange liquid dripping off his index finger. One deep whiff almost put him over the edge. It smelt like roses and he couldn’t get enough of it. He took off his underwear and brought it directly to his face and inhaled heavily. Now wearing the underwear on his head, his mind entered complete limbo. The scent disappeared from his undies. He wanted more, no he needed more. He brought a hand to his ass to acquire more mystery liquid within his crack. Trailing his finger to find the source, his middle finger encountered his asshole. A surge of pleasure bubbled within him. He unconsciously stuck his finger deep within his hungry hole. Caught in the moment, all he could envision was his finger going deep within his shiny black ass. He then chuckled a bit, why would he think of such things…he shouldn’t think at all.

In and out his finger went till his arm grew tired and pulled it out with a slick pop. His ass still craved pleasure. His hole felt emptier than ever without his finger fucking it. “Discomfort” he thought, as it echoed within the confines of his mind. Then it hit him, the item Reg gave him. He rolled to the side of the bed, opened the metal box and ripped the wrapping off the item. His eyes were transfixed on the wondrous item. It was long, dark and had the thick mushroom tip. A dildo that belittled his own cock. Tod was mesmerized, he never knew how much he longed for cock until now. He knew it was destined to be deep inside him.

He positioned himself. The dildo was placed underneath him coated with his rosy ass lube. Soft moans escaped as he rubbed it against his asshole. He was ready to receive the beauty. His eyes rolled back as he lowered his body on the large dildo that pressed against his rosebud. The increase in pressure could be felt throughout his entire body. With an audible pop, he knew the monster entered him. With every inch, he moans increased until it was balls deep. With all 11 inches deep within him, he felt whole once more.

Tod bounced up and down, loving every moment the fake balls slapped against his shiny cheeks. He wished it was real. He imagined male’s arms wrapped around him, thrusting his thick cock deep within his tight hole. Tod increased his pace, more force with every thrust that shook his very core. With one final thrust, he went into an explosive orgasm. Cum blasted out in webs from his useless cock and covered his lap in an artistic manor. An exhausted body crashed onto the soaked matrass. Out of breath, he fell asleep with the dildo still lodged in his no longer virgin hole.

The next morning had arrived. His alarm once again screeched throughout his apartment halls. Feeling well rested, he jumped out of bed feeling the dildo parting his cheeks. With a gentle tug, he pulled it out leaving a gaping whole. He rushed to get ready for his second day at work. Cold water from a fresh shower cleaned his new muscular body as he repetitively lathered. Once dry, he got dressed. Underneath his old sweatpants was of coarse his tight grey undies. With confident steps he headed out the door smiling, excited to tell Slim Wear how good their new product was.

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