The Manipulation Of Jason - Monday

By relaxdreamfollow -
published August 25, 2017
4962 words

Jason falls prey to Cole’s pheromones and his training as a sex slave begins

Recap - Jason a college student uncovered secret research files on a man who was supposed to possess strong pheromones. Jason tracked down the address to a farm not farm from campus. His curiosity on a Sunday bike ride found him ensnared into Cole’s clutches.


I woke up a bit disoriented. It started to come back to me as I rolled around in bed, a place that should have seemed foreign but was somehow so warm and natural. What happened yesterday? As I pushed down the covers Cole was sitting in his chair reading. He was dressed like I first saw him, cowboy boots, hat and all.

“How you feelin’ today boy? You were looking pretty puny there yesterday. Heatstroke can be a dangerous thing.” Was it true, was I just sick. Did I dream all that happened? As I looked at this handsome, masculine man I began to wonder if it had been a hallucination.

I looked up at him. “I don’t know what to say. It all seems so strange. I’ll get up and going and won’t bother you anymore. I’m sorry.”

“You ain’t goin’ nowhere boy. It is going to be another scorcher today and I asked a doctor friend of mine to come by later and check on you. For now I brought you some juice and coffee to get you going. You need your liquids.”

I was thirsty and drank both down even though the coffee had a strange taste. I thought I was doing better but when I tried to get up to the bathroom I was still lightheaded. Cole helped me into the bathroom. I was embarrassed when he insisted he stay to make sure I was OK. He then helped me out by the barn to the outdoor shower. I still was shaky so he escorted me back into bed. In the daylight I got a chance to look around. The room was small and the large bed and side chair seemed to take up the whole room. The walls were a soothing blue and the sheets smelled of Cole. In fact, everything smelled of this man. Things were neat although he seemed to have trouble keeping up with his laundry. There was no shortage of dirty white socks in the hamper and throughout the room – even the bed!

We spent the morning talking. I was impressed how knowledgeable he was. He said he was self-taught but he knew all about the fields of psychology and biology. He even read about some of the research I was doing at college. We liked the same sports team, like the same food; we seemed to have a lot in common. Cole took off his shirt, he slipped into bed with me – still with his pants and boots on but by the end of the morning Cole was in bed with me, his arm around me treating me like one of his buddies he had know for a long time. I was glad I was under the cover because my dick has been erect the whole time but the weird part is, I was feeling almost comfortable about it.

Finally, I got up the nerve to bring up the reason I came by. Cole seemed at ease and started to tell me what he knew. That he was special. He did have a power over people but he said that he would be OK if I examined him so I could write a report or make my own notes to help my career. I told him that it was not necessary but he insisted. He slowly began to unzip his pants and I stared as he brought out his massive cock. The huge head of the uncut cock was peeking through his foreskin and the aroma started to hit my nostrils. I have a vague recollection of him using the remote and the soothing music he played yesterday came on again.

“Go ahead and examine it. See if you can tell anything special”. I told him that was OK, I did not need to touch it but he picked up my hand and placed it on his cock. It felt hot and pulsed. “Have you touched an uncut cock before”? I shook my head no. “Go ahead and pull the foreskin down” I did as I was told. “Now take a closer look and see if you can find something special. Maybe you’ll discover something.” I felt his big hand at the back of my skull as he pushed my head down and closer to his cock. I had never look closely at a hard cock before, at any cock other than my own. Here I was staring at this massive piece of meat. “Take a deep breath. Take in the aroma. What do you think? They were right about my pheromones weren’t they? Now take off my boot and pants and lets continue our lessons.”

Doing as I was told I pulled his boots off. The smell of his hot feet within his damp white socks was overpowering. My dick grew rock harder, aching for release. Soon we were both naked on his bed except for Cole’s socks. “You seem fascinated by my feet boy, look how hard you got when you took off my boots”.

“Cole, I’m so sorry. I don’t know why. I’ve never felt like this before.” Cole patted me on the head “Of course you haven’t, but tell me how I make you feel”. He pulled me up next to him and I felt his warm arms around me as he looked deep into my eyes.

“Excited, I feel all jittery, I did not know I could feel like this. It feels so good”.

“Would you like to take a good sniff of those socks again? Be careful, it will be very powerful, you might grow to like it”. I knew he was right, the sensation was powerful, my mind screamed don’t do it. “I’d better not”.

“That’s OK boy, didn’t I tell you I would not make you do anything you did not want to? I’m just afraid that you might always wonder what it would be like, what you missed. Maybe you should just try a little, just go down there and take a little whiff. Nothing too big. Then you’ll know for sure. How about it, will you do that for me?” He seemed so caring, his body so warm. I figured it could not hurt to take just a little smell.

I moved slowly down to the end of the bed. I felt Cole maneuver me so my knees rested on either side of his belly, my face down and my ass up in front of him. “Now go slow, tell me if you like the right or left better.” I took a sniff of the right, my heart bounded and my dick jumped. “Now go ahead and try the other, see if you can tell the difference”. I tried but I could not tell a difference. Cole’s calm voice said, “Keep trying until you can, you might have to take deeper breaths”. Cole knew full well what he was doing; I became more and more overwhelmed by the scent. I was on fire with lust and desire.

“Now place your head between each sox and just enjoy, float and relax, think only of how good they smell. How special you are to me and that I am sharing them with you.”

I had never done drugs but if this is what it was like I now understood how people could be addicted. It felt so overpoweringly good. I did not think it could get any more intense. He pulled his feet up closer to his body and I followed along not realizing as I moved it made my ass more accessible. I suddenly felt Cole’s tongue against my anus. Cole was rimming me. I had read about this but thought it a bizarre sex act only half believing people did it. Now I was experiencing it myself. Here was one of the most masculine hairy men I had ever met, using his tongue to slowly encircle my asshole. Running it along the folds. Softly at first but he continued teasing me and building up the pleasure, slowly getting more aggressive. Ecstasy was the only word I could find.

He rimmed me while I became more intoxicated by the smell of his socks. It kept building and building until all of a sudden I started shuttering. I was having an organism, so intense it was like nothing I ever experience but I did not cum. I must have passed out for a second.

When I came too I was back in Cole’s arms. “Good job, boy. You did great.” My look of confusion allowed him to explain. He patted my head and said “This is one of the most important lessons for today. I said I would teach you to orgasm without ejaculating. I also wanted to show you how things you thought were unspeakable can be intensely pleasurable.”

“What is the one word that describes how you feel now?” He looked at me and I hesitated but already knew he understood. “I’m horny, like I have never been before”. He explained that when you cum your brain resets, turns down your drive and your pleasure centers. “I can train you to have unbelievable sex, an explosive orgasm, and then want more. Look your dick is still hard. What you just did was have an orgasm under my influence. I told you this is a skill I would teach you. See you did not cum yet. That will come later.” I lay quiet trying to take it all in. Part of me said get up and get out but I felt that part slipping away.

“You came here to study me, right? Well, how are your studies going? Let’s start our lesson again. Now the sweat in my feet has a very concentrated amount of my pheromone. It not only stimulates your sex drive, it stimulates your pleasure centers – sex and drugs!” I was faintly aware of the electronic music that always seems to be on. “Unlike other pheromones that stimulate through smell, mine can also be absorbed. Just hugging you I’m providing a little dose. When you lick my feet you will get a real dose. You think what you just experienced is intense, you have not seen anything yet. Now the highest concentration is in my cum. Boys who swallow that are never the same, they bond with me forever but only a rare few get chosen for that.”

“There is one other lesson this morning and I’d like to pick up where we left off, studying my cock. I mean this is why you came, to study me so it’s not sexual. It’s science. Don’t worry, relax, now touch it, feel it, see how hard it is.” I looked at his cock; I felt the change in me. It was beautiful, it was masculine and I felt lucky that Cole let me touch it.

“Now last night you licked my balls, that wasn’t so bad was it? Today I want you to lick just lick the tip. It is a little thing.” My mind froze, what would this lead to. I tried to resist; I was not a cocksucker. Cole saw my hesitation and reached into the bed and pulled out a dirty sock and held it near my nose. “You don’t have to do it if you don’t want.” The scent of the sock sent shivers through my body but he took it away quickly. “Now lick that drop of precum off the tip and I’ll give you another whiff of my sock. Just lick and that’s it.”

I looked down at the tip of Cole’s hard cock. I saw a large drop of precum at the tip and I felt him gently press my head down closer and closer. My mouth opened and I took in. It tasted so good. Cole lifted my head and looked into my eye “You don’t want to stop do you?” I shook my head no and he eased my head back onto this cock and I became a cocksucker. He taught me how to move my tongue under the foreskin, how to peel it back and pleasure the tip with my tongue. I tried to get as much of it into my mouth and he was very patient. It seemed like I sucked for hours and Cole seemed very pleased.

“I have a special treat for you”. He moved me onto my back and gripped my hard dick. He slowly lowered his face to my crotch and gently grasped my hard cock with his large hand and took my dick in his warm mouth. The orgasm this time was even more intense, but again I did not cum. I shook with pleasure for what seemed like an eternity yet when it stopped I was still horny as when it started. I tried to talk but could not find the words.

“I think you’d better rest now. Listen to the music, relax. You are tired. I want you to sleep. Sleep and dream of how good I have made you feel. Relax.” I began to realize how tired I was, his voice was so soothing, I drifted off into a deep sleep.

While I was sleeping Cole called Doc Larson. The doc agreed but not without some hesitation. He knew Cole was up to something, he’d been under his influence before and was not proud of some of the things he was made to do.

“Doc this nice college student came cycling by, snooping around yesterday morning. I think he might have a little heat stroke. I think he should stay here again tonight and rest and thought you might help convince him”.

Doc knew this was trouble, he knew the effect Cole had on men. He experienced it himself. He had spent one night with Cole and he still could not get the experience out of his head. He swears he will not answer Cole’s calls, but every time Cole calls, he answers. Usually Cole calls for medical supplies or a prescription. Mostly to check the health status of the “invitees”; a group of men in Cole’s inner circle. Hot men that participate in group sex at the direction of Cole. Rich men who paid handsomely for the chance to participate in whatever sexual fantasy Cole might provide for them. Occasionally, Cole even allows the Doc to join in. The Doc routinely checks the men for STD’s and HIV.

Doc Larson pulled down the drive and Cole was sitting on the porch. Cole put his strong arm around the Doc’s shoulders and walked him slowly towards the bedroom. Doc had only been invited in there once. It was when it all started. As they headed to the room he heard the familiar music, that repetitive, monotonous beat. Doc’s cock went rock hard. “Listen, I want you to call your office and tell them you will not be able to return for today. Have you partner cover for you. Tell him you ate something bad and are too sick to return”.

Doc started to make excuses but his voice trailed off as Cole steered him into the bedroom. “Isn’t he a hot young guy?" Doc surveyed the room, the deep, large bed; he remembered how comfortable it was. How warm and secure Cole made him feel even as he inserted his hard cock into the Doc’s rectum. Doc, a former college quarterback and Rhodes scholar, head of his medical class was now addicted to mansex with Cole. It all came back. He picked up his phone and called the office. “Good boy” was all Cole said as he hung up. He was now free to follow Cole’s orders.

“He’s been here in bed about 24 hours. You were here for just 8 and you know what that type of exposure can do. Within 48 hours there will be a special bond, I have plans for this one and by the end of the week he will be devoted to me alone”.

Doc had an idea of what those plans were. He knew more about Cole than most. Cole developed a special group that he trained in male sex and then had them provided services to a network of rich men. The “boys” got their sexual needs met and Cole got paid handsomely.

“Jason, hear my voice. It is time to awaken. Come back from the deep sleep. Now open your eyes. There is someone here I’d like you to meet”.

I stirred and looked up to see Cole standing next to one of the most handsome men I had ever seen. He was a Norse god, with thick blond hair, beautiful smile, and broad shoulders. He looked like the ultimate college jock that in his 30’s had not lost any of his charisma. “Jason this is Doc Larson and he is here to check you out, to make sure you are OK”.

“Hi Jason, I am here to examine you. I heard you got a little overheated yesterday”. I blushed a little but even more so when the Doc pulled down the covers and my cock was almost fully erect. It seems like it had not gone down since I got there.

First Doc swabbed Jason’s mouth; he did not tell him it was a rapid HIV test. He then took out his stethoscope listed to the heart and chest, got out his light and looked carefully in the eyes, ears and mouth. He pressed on his belly and exam the reflexes. Next he began to examine Jason’s dick. It was full erect while he gently examined the balls and then the shaft. He noticed that as he examined the shaft Jason let out a low moan and he could see the young man was embarrassed. A timer went off and Doc checked the swab. He turned to Cole and nodded his head letting Cole know his new boy was HIV negative and had no signs of sexually transmitted diseases.


The Doc said, “Now it is time for your temperature. Because we are worried about heat stroke it is important that we take an internal reading so I will need to take a rectal temperature”.

I frozen, Cole climbed on the bed and reassured me this was necessary. He turned me over onto my belly then pulled my hips up so both men could look at my bottom. “I am going to put some lube on your bottom, it may be a little cold”. It was not too bad and I then felt the thermometer slowly being inserted into my hole. It seemed like he left it in a long time while Cole and the doctor were gently stroking my back and backside. Finally, he removed it and read the temperature.

“You still are a bit overheated. I think you should not go outside for at least another day.” I protested but Cole insisted “Jason I care about you so please won’t you listen to the doctor”. I tried to counter “But I have to leave today, I need to find a place to live by this weekend so I can move out of my summer sublet.”

Cole surprised me “I have a small house in town, you can live there rent free if you like. I just may need you to do some work for me once and a while but generally you will be free to study and get good grades”. I did not know what to say but Cole reassured me “We’ll go look at it tomorrow how’s that”. My mind was racing. What was happening? I am naked in bed with two men, my ass up in the air. The answer should be “no, let me leave please” but I looked up at Cole and could not seem to find the strength to argue.

Cole smiled brightly and said, “We are going to have a lot of fun tonight boys, now Doc finish your exam”. I could not see all that was happening but I heard the snap of a rubber glove and felt more lube being applied to my asshole. “I am going to do a prostate exam so you will feel some pressure”. At first it felt OK, as the Doc massaged my hole with his gloved finger. Not as good as when Cole licked it, but not bad, just weird. He then started to push the finger inside me. I clamped down. “Now don’t fight it or it will hurt – Cole he is really tight but then again I have huge hands”.

Cole and Doc distracted me, telling me how Doc was the star quarterback for his alma mater. It was hard to follow the story with this handsome doctor trying to insert his meaty finger into my rectum. It took a while but finally I got used to the sensation and started to relax. All of a sudden there was a pop and his finger was in.

Cole said “Now make sure you don’t hurt him during the exam, loosen him up more”. Doc would remove his finger than put it back in, each time it got a little easier until his finger was going in and out without resistance. It was a strange sensation but did not hurt until he tried to put two fingers in. He was persistent and after a while I could take two fingers as he pulled them in and out of my asshole. “OK, now I am going to evaluate your prostate”. Doc snaked his large middle finger inside me and I could feel him moving it around. Suddenly, he hit an area that made me jump. The sensation was indescribable. “If you haven’t guessed, that is your prostate”. Cole began stroking my cock while the doctor continued to play with my ass. Removing his finger, inserting another, brushing along my prostate then pushing on it, sending sensations throughout my body. This seemed to go on forever but finally Cole stopped stroking and Doc removed his finger. I then felt increasing pressure, something bigger was being pressed against my rectum. I could not see what was happening with my face down on the bed and my ass in the air. It was greased up and I could feel it going in a little bit more each time, but it seemed to stretch me more and more with each reentry. Cole was moving around the bed and he came closer holding one of his dirty socks. I could see it in his hand but he was watching the doctor, more specifically what the doctor was doing to my rear. “I think he is ready,” said the Doc after which Cole teasingly brought the sock closer and closer until he pressed it against my nose. “Deep breath” was all he said and as I inhaled Doc pushed harder and I felt something enter my ass and lodge in place. The sensations were too much, I began to shake and my mind blurred with ecstasy. I could faintly here the Doc ask “Orgasm without cumming?” Cole snickered, “Of course”.

At least I did not pass out this time but it took a long time for my breathing to get back to normal and my mind to focus. As I did, Cole and Doc just sat next to me on the bed calming me down. Cole asked how I was. “What did you do to my ass?” was my first words. Cole smiled “It’s called a butt plug and I want you to wear it for a little while, would you do that for me?” Without waiting for a reply he went into the kitchen and brought in some Gatorade and protein shakes. I realized I had not had a meal since yesterday lunch. The cool drink was so good and the shake seemed to bring back some strength.

Cole looked at me “You’ve been enjoying your stay with me haven’t you Jason?” If anyone had told me I’d be in this position, naked, half-hard, between two fully clothed older men I would have said they were insane. Yet, here I was. It was strange but I was also excited and I felt so close to Cole. He seemed so kind, so caring, and he made me feel so good. I wanted so hard to please him.

Cole took our glasses away and when he came back from the kitchen the Doc looked nervous and said it was time for him to get going. Cole stated, “I would like you to stay longer.” Doc seemed to want to leave but could not seem to make his exit. Cole looked up at him “Doc, close your eyes and I want you to listen to the music. I know it’s been working on you for the past hour or so. You do remember the time you shared my bed with me don’t you. You stood right there and what did I have you do.” The Doc looked glassy eyed, like he was having a dream. “You had me take your boots off.”

Cole looked at me and winked “That’s right. Jason got to do that last night.” Cole scooted up on the bed and rested his boot on Doc chest. “Keep your eyes closed and remember. Now take them off again just like you did before”. Doc Larson slowly reached up and took one boot off then the other. The odor filled the room again and my dick jumped to full attention. Cole stood up and slowly undressed the Doc until he was standing naked in front of me. He had a wide, muscular chest with just a little blond hair. His body was in incredible shape. His cock was cut, 9 inches, and already dripping precum. “Get up in bed with your ass in the air.”

Cole had the Doc put his head on a pillow, kneeling with his ass in the air. He brought me around and moved my face close to Doc’s asshole. “Boy, it is time for your next lesson. Some of your clients will want to be rimmed and you need to do a good job.”

I looked up “Clients?” Cole laughed “I meant friends, you know you enjoyed it and even if you never do it again I want you to know how to.” It was not something I wanted to do but Cole pushed my head closer. He let me just stay there for a while when finally he said, “It’s time to lick, just one little lick”. I stuck out my tongue and as soon as I touched the puckered hole Doc let out a deep moan and it seemed like his whole body shook. “See that wasn’t bad was it.” I guess it wasn’t. “And look how good it made the Doc feel. After he came here to help you. Do him a favor and lick again. Before I knew it I was deep into my lesson, and Doc’s ass. Cole taught me how to tease, how to be aggressive – to take Doc into a highly stimulated state then back him down again and again. Cole then said; “I want you to eat my ass too.” There I was on my knees, with two of the hottest men, moving from ass to ass pleasuring them. While the pleasure I gave Doc was hot, the smell of musk from Cole was driving me insane every time I moved close to his butt.

I don’t know how long this went on for but finally Cole stood up and said, “Jason, your next lesson is fucking and Doc is going to help you with your lesson”. Doc straightened up in protest but then Cole held a dirty sock over his nose. Cole looked at me and smiled “See you are not the only one who like these”. Before long Doc was face down again this time with a sock. Cole showed me how to apply lubricant to Doc’s ass and to my cock. He stripped too and we both took turns sticking our dicks into Doc’s rear. Cole taught me how to provide pleasure through a slow and steady fuck, how to angle to hit the prostate, and how to really ride an ass and plow it deep and rough. We had poor Doc in all sorts of position all over the bed. I had at least three orgasms without coming. Amazingly, even after the three organisms I was still hard and could keep going. After a while, Cole just sat back and gave direction while I fucked Doc. Before I knew it the afternoon had turned into evening. Finally, Cole said I had learned enough and we gave poor Doc a rest. After some more Gatorade and some sandwiches Cole put me under the covers and told me to rest. He then helped poor Doc outside and into the shower. After Doc recovered his strength he was sent on his way. Cole came in and wrapped me in his arms. This time I did not need his help, I fell fast asleep and slept soundly.

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