Redneck Stogies

By mcbaer -
published August 5, 2017
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Father and son notice that their next door neighbors are missing. Could these big, bearded, cigar smoking men that they’ve been seeing in the neighborhood recently have anything to do with it?

Here’s something based on an RP between me and gravick, originally posted here: click here

“Hey dad, do you know what’s going on with Ed? He hasn’t been there for any of our college classes this whole week and he hadn’t been answering his phone either.”

“Maybe he’s not feeling too well? I don’t know what else would keep him from attending his classes.” John says, trying to assure his son that his friend is alright.

“I thought that might have been it but yesterday I saw this older guy parking his truck in their driveway. The way he went about it almost looked like he lived there or something. They couldn’t have just moved out without telling anyone, right?”

John frowns, he didn’t think it was likely, surely Ed’s father, Hank, would have mentioned something about that beforehand. Besides John hadn’t seen any moving trucks at their place.

“Maybe he’s just some relative staying over with them?”

“Yeah, you’re probably right dad, it’s still so weird though… I’ve seen him smoking a cigar in front of Ed’s house when I was on my way home from class and the way he stared at me just gave me the goosebumps..”

John nodded, now that Will had mentioned it, he had noticed a few odd looking characters like that around the neighborhood over these past couple days. All of them large, older, cigar smoking men with grey beards on their faces, who stared straight at him whenever he passed them on the street.

“I think I know what you mean son, I saw someone like that yesterday. Guy was built like a truck and looked like he might have gotten lost on his way to some country fair with that whole cowboy getup. But the strangest thing was that when I took a look at his face, it almost seemed familiar in a way.”

John still couldn’t figure out why he thought that though, he would have definitely remembered seeing someone like that before. Even now he was having trouble getting rid of the mental image of the man’s enormous gut that spilled over his belt and his huge, hirsute, gorilla arms. He must have really enjoyed showing those off, why else would he be wearing nothing underneath that skimpy leather vest? But there was something about the man’s face, something in his eyes, maybe underneath all those wrinkles and that wild, greying beard he really did look like someone he knew? John didn’t dwell on that though, not thinking much of it at the time or even now.

“Exactly! Same with that guy I saw living in Ed’s place, he’s exactly what I would expect Ed to look like if he ever turned into some redneck once he got older. Maybe he really is just a relative of theirs. I dunno, I think I’m going to go and get ready for my classes, hopefully Ed will show up today.”

“Alright son, I’ll see you later.” John says, waving his son off as he leaves for class. John sits and thinks about the conversation they just had, wondering if he should go see if Hank and Ed are home. Standing up he looks through the window, there is an old, beat up truck parked in driveway, John doesn’t recall them ever owning one and figures that it must belong to Ed’s visiting uncle, that’s probably who that man is.

Suddenly he sees their front door opening as the very man he’d just been thinking about steps outside, wearing a blue flannel vest with nothing underneath and smoking a fat, long cigar.. As he sees the man making his way to his car John decides that this would be a perfect opportunity to chat him up and clear up everything. John hurries out, waving the older gentleman down before he can slide inside the car. “Hey there!” John calls out, jogging up to him. The older man just grunts a greeting. Being this close to him John can see that the man does look a lot like Hank, so maybe he was right about him being his brother. “I’m John, I live across the street from you guys.” he says while stretching out his hand. The older man wraps his meaty fingers around it and gives it a firm shake, still not saying anything. “I was wondering how Ed was doing. My son mentioned that it’s been a few days since he last showed up for any his college classes. Had he fallen ill or something?.”

“Mornin’ neighbor, Ed doin’ mighty fine the last I’ve seen ‘im” the man lets out a rambunctious chuckle, still holding John’s hand within his furry paw. If John didn’t know better he would have thought that the man was actually trying pull him closer against his massive, barrel chest. The air between them started filling with cigar smoke and John immediately noted how that must have been the same brand as the one that cowboy from earlier had been smoking. Suddenly he found himself so enamored by the smell that it didn’t even occur to him how strange it was that he still remembered it after getting just a faint whiff a couple days ago. John saw the man locking his lips around the stogie, sucking on it until its tip turned bright red and as he opened his mouth to let out all the smoke, John found himself opening his as well, except to suck in as much of it as he could. But only a few billows made it past his throat before a series of brutal, loud coughs took over his body.

Once they were over John shook his head and tried to subtly pull away, acting as if the last couple moments didn’t happen at all. “Um, right… if you see Hank could you ask him to give me a call please? And let Ed know that my son’s been feeling concerned about him if that’s okay?” John asks, finally getting his hand back from the larger older man. “Well, I reckon ya could ask ‘em yourself, Pops is right there in the backyard with his buddies.” the man says. “Oh that’s great, I’ll go do that then, thank you!” John hurries away, taking in deep breaths of fresh air to clear up his head as he gets further away from the cigar smoking bear. John makes his way around Hank’s house and sees a group of men lounging by the pool, they are all very large and extremely hairy. Either bearded or sprouting some other form of thick facial hair. Every last one of those strange, out of place looking fellows he’d talked about with his son appears to be there, smoking an obligatory cigar and staring straight at him. In fact, the only person he doesn’t see there is the man of the house himself, Hank. John doesn’t have much of a chance to inquire about that before a huge, hirsute guy who sat nearby took note of his presence and hollered out to everyone in thick Southern accent “Dang, look what the cat dragged in boys, it’s Johnny! We’ve been just talkin’ about ya bud!”

John hears the burly men letting out hoots and hollers as he walks further in. “I’m sorry but do I know you?” John asks once he gets closer to the old man that had called out his name. He doesn’t recall ever seeing him before, could he be another relative of Hank’s? And where was Hank anyway, John would never expect his neighbor to get chummy with men like this, especially with bad habits like all that smoking and drinking that’s going on here. “Course you know me bud!” the old man says, drawing John’s attention to him. The old man removes his sunglasses and as John takes a look at his eyes he can’t help but think that he knows them from somewhere, even despite the rest of the man’s wrinkled, round face appearing completely alien to him. The man grins and rolls the cigar to the corner of his mouth, looking very amused by John’s perplexed face, as does everyone gathered around them. “This isn’t funny, who the hell are you, where’s Hank?!” John fires off as his patience reaches its limit. The man’s grin grows even wider as he licks his lips and puts his furry hand over his crotch. “Ya sure about that bud, ya really wanna know?” he replies, prompting a number of surrounding men to snicker. John only faintly nods his head, slightly thrown off by the guy’s bizarre reaction. “All righty then, but remember… ya asked fer this yerself bud… Grab ‘im Junior!”

Before John can react to what this old man had said he’s grabbed by a pair of strong, furry arms from behind. “Let me go!” He shouts while struggling against the man’s grasp, much to the amusement of the others around him. “No can do.” the man chuckles and John immediately identifies him as the man he spoke to in the driveway. “What’s the meaning of this?! Let me go!”John yells out again. “Why Johnny? You’ve said it yerself, ya wanted tah know where yer friend Hank is, I’m only goin’ tah tell ya, I’m gonna show ya, bud” He says as he pulls the cigar out his mouth and blows a mouthful of smoke in John’s direction.

John begins to cough again, feeling the thick smoke invading his lungs. He sees the man slowly hefting himself up from his chair and moving in his direction, together with a number of others who had previously only watched from the distance. “What the hell are you doing? Are you crazy?!” John shouts, trying once again to free himself from the bearded man’s grasp. His struggles only seem to amuse him as the man’s burly arms hardly budge at all. He laughs, filling the air around them with plumes of cigar smoke. John starts to feel dizzy, finding himself subjected to even more smoke as the other bear walks up closer to him. “If ya didn’t miss our last poker night bud you’d know where Hank is.” the older hirsute bear says, prompting everyone around to laugh. “See, Marty brought over a box of these gars. At first nobody wanted to smoke anythin’ called ‘Redneck Stogies’, but after Marty fired one up it wasn’t long before the boys joined in, mahself included.” the man says. This has to be some kind of a joke, why is that old man talking about that poker night out of the sudden. “It wasn’t long before we’ve all started whipping out our fat, daddy dicks and turning into the hot, redneck bears you can see before ya bud.” he says letting out another raucous belly laugh. It may be because of his dizzy state but John almost believes him at first. As he looks around at the men around him, John can see that they all look eerily familiar to his poker friends and other various neighbors. He notices the big bellied cowboy he told his son about this morning, from the start he couldn’t get rid of the impression that he looked a lot like Jim, one of Hank’s coworkers.

Same with the guy that’s been talking to him, je does look so much like his next door neighbor. Only a bit older and so much bigger… hairier… ho- no… it must be that smoke messing with his head and making it so fuzzy he almost believed what the man had said. They must be trying to drug him somehow, that’s probably what they did to the real Hank too. “Shut up! Let me go and take me to my neighbor or I’ll call the cops!” John snaps but the men don’t seem to be taking his threats seriously at all. “Ya still don’ believe me? It’s fine, I didn’t want to either when I went downstairs for a couple minutes and returned to find Steve bending Jim over the card table and plowing his ass like no tomorrow. Don’ cha worry though… after the boys held me down and fed me some of the smoke it wasn’t long before I was aching to take Steve’s place, gonna be the same fer ya Johnny. Now I know why the guys at the shop were so generous with their ‘free samples’ once Tom told them he was looking for something for our poker night, we all just can’t get enough of these gars now.”

This was insane, surely this guy was crazy. Something like that just wasn’t possible… right? John found himself having some doubts now, unsure what to believe after breathing in so much of that smoke. He was starting to feel really strange, even his cock was growing harder and forming a small tent inside his pants after hearing that whole story. Fuck… giving Jim’s fat, furry ass a good plowing sure sounded hot… wait, what? “Looks like yer startin’ tah enjoy yerself Johnny!” Hank hollers, before taking a drag off his cigar and exhaling it straight into John’s face, covering it with a thick, grey mist. John tries his best to hold his breath but there is so much smoke everywhere that it’s just impossible to avoid breathing it in. Eventually he just can’t help it and gasps, taking in a mouthful of it inside his body which makes him feel even dizzier. “Nnngh, let me go…” John moans feeling an intense wave of arousal sweeping over him, barely finding any strength left to struggle against the man’s grasp. “No can do Mr Owens, not before I find out what a sexy daddy bear yer goin’ tah make.” Oh god… in that single moment John realized who this huge, bearded man behind him really was “Mr Owens”, that’s exactly what Ed always called him whenever he saw him on the street or came over to visit his son, no matter how many times he assured him that ‘John’ was enough. But surprisingly knowing that didn’t faze him as much as he thought it might. In fact thinking of these cigars turning Ed into such a big bear of man only made his arousal grow stronger.

John’s inner conflict clearly wasn’t missed by the surrounding men as they all started rubbing their crotches. “I see yer startin’ tah enjoy it bud, how about I show ya how good it feels to suck on one of these?” drawled Hank while extending his hand with a half smoked cigar towards John. “We’re running out so I was havin’ mah boy pick up a couple more boxes fer us before ya turned up, but I reckon I might be generous and share this one with ya bud.” John tried his best to pull away when he saw Hank moving right next to him while sucking on his cigar. But despite John’s best efforts his neighbor’s bearded lips were on top of his, hungrily kissing him and invading his mouth with his tongue, blowing tobacco smoke straight down his throat. A haze of pure lust instantly clouded John’s mind as he found himself between two furry, massive bodies. His cock growing painfully hard as he felt their prominent bulges grinding against him from the front and the back. His body began growing, heating up, John felt an unfamiliar itch spreading over his cheeks as thick, white stubble covered them completely. But as soon as it began, it was over once Hank pulled away. In that same moment John found himself involuntarily moaning as if to protest that he didn’t get more, before barely regaining his composure once he realized what he was doing. “Dang it, this is even more fun than when I’ve changed mah boy. In fact, why don’t ya tell ‘im how it went down Junior, I reckon it’s gonna make his cock leak even more!”

“I didn’t think much of it when I first smelled cigar smoke creeping inside my room, I’ve tried to focus on studying, but it wasn’t long before all I could think about was whipping out my hard cock and beating off. I was already starting to change when I the heard moans coming from across the hallway and decided to follow them. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found everyone turned into these hot, furry, redneck bears they are now right in the middle of fucking each other’s brains out. Something inside my head was screaming at me to get out of there, but my cock was rock hard and all I wanted was to join in on the fun, so I just stood there, unsure what to do, until one of these hot bears took notice of me. He told me to get my ass right in there between his legs and suck daddy off. As I watched him slowly jerking that huge, fat, daddy dick of his, looking so hot, I just couldn’t resist and simply had to do as I was told. Pa kept on showering me with the smoke from his gar and by the time he unloaded in my mouth, I was another horny, redneck daddy like the rest of the boys.” Ed says, his voice betraying a great deal of arousal at the memory.

He wasn’t the only one either as John found himself picturing every last detail of what Ed had described, growing so aroused he lost control completely. His body began changing again. the white stubble growing thicker and turning into a full beard, the hair on his head turning white and thinning out at the front, his face becoming withered as he slowly crept up in age. John’s in shape body was soon completely gone as it kept on packing on the pounds of excess fat, his stomach rounding out into a big, hefty gut with a thick dusting of white hair covering it. John couldn’t help but moan as the lust overwhelmed his mind, his cock began dripping with precum and staining the front of his jeans. John couldn’t help imagining doing something like this to his son as well. Having Will get on his knees and suck his old, daddy bear off before he handed him a cigar and watched him turn into a real man like the one he was becoming himself right now.

John let out a deep, low grunt and thrust his hips forward. He was so unimaginably horny, he looked down at his changing body, his big, round gut and the nearly fully grown, grey beard. The fit, almost hairless, clean-shaven forty year old from barely fifteen minutes ago was gone and in his place stood a nearly fully changed daddy bear. That was so fucking hot, and the thought of making others like him, especially his son was turning him on even more. “Let me fuckin’ go, need tah nut, need tah fuck yer hole!” John heard himself grunt with an accent just as thick as Hank’s, as he tried to pull away from Ed’s grasp. He seemed to be having much more trouble keeping him contained than when he first grabbed him and John could already tell that it won’t be long before he grows strong enough to overpower him and gets to bury his massive, daddy dick inside his furry ass, fuck yeah… no… this wasn’t right… this wasn’t his voice… he didn’t really want to do that… he had to remember that… he had to keep on fighting… “Ya really want us tah let ya go? I reckon we might as well let ya… but first yer gonna have tah smoke this gar down tah its cap bud!” growled Hank as he stuck the stub of the cigar he was smoking between John’s lips.

It smelled so delicious, he wanted so much to suck on it, fill his lungs with its smoke and have it change him even further, make him grow even bigger, hairier, hotter… his cock had to be massive already, it was practically ready to tear through the fabric of his pants by now. His whole body was… John could hear his clothes starting to tear at their seams and couldn’t wait for that to happen, he wanted so much to see his new daddy bear body in its full glory. No… he couldn’t give in… this cigar was barely an inch long, it was only a matter of a couple more minutes before it will be gone and he will be free, he could resist… wait it out… and then he could escape… get to his son and… and pump that cub full cum and gar smoke until he turns into a horny ol’ fuck like him! Oh god… no…

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