Dynamics: Chad I

By Jus10Kase
published November 14, 2010
4279 words

Charlie wants to teach some jocks a lesson, but can his best friend Chester keep him on track?

“You never leave high school.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Charlie asked his best friend quizzically.

He and Chester had been through it all since grade school. Each of them, the sons of local entrepreneurs, had often been mocked for their privileged upbringing. They weren’t completely sniveling and unpopular. Their small family fortunes enabled them to weave into various social circles. However, no amount of social grace could deter the occasional gaze of envy. A few jocks from lower income families took a liking to berating the two through mockery and public humiliation.

"You never heard the expression? Chester replied. “It means, you’re in college, ready to start fresh, and you’re wasting your time with pranks like this.”

Charlie and Chester weren’t completely unattractive. They were often confused for one another due to the similarity of their names, although they looked nothing alike. Nondescript would be a more fitting description of the two. Charlie decided to work on developing a few assets, form some sort of build on his 5’9" frame. He had always been on the leaner side, but he had the broad shoulders for the build. However, his goals took a detour after constantly finding his gym locker broken into and his possessions laying all across the floor.

“Tons of people work-out there all week long. You don’t even know if it was them!” Chester reasoned. He was referring to the group of guys who got into the same college on athletic scholarships.

“Look Chess, first of all, it’s not a prank. It’s more of… delivering the incentive to not mess with people.” Charlie replied. “Also, Amanda said she saw one of them walk out of the locker room carrying my pea coat. PEA COAT! How many jocks do you know wear a pea coat? More importantly, how many of them could afford one?”

“Now, that’s messed up.” Chester grimaced.

“I know! It wouldn’t fit any of them, anyway!” Charlie exclaimed. The sounds of his scream carried through the entire student center.

Chester punched his friend in the shoulder. “Not that, you moron. Look at you, you’re not yourself! I understand that you’re angry, but you want some twisted sort of revenge, and this! Don’t even get me started on that!” He pointed to the messenger bag his friend was wearing.

Charlie had an internship at Verdant Dynamics, a corporate firm that provided research and development for various military, medical, and federal purposes. Verdant Dynamic’s latest investment was in bio-engineering. Apparently, the military sought a way to enhance physical attributes- make their soldiers some sort of super-soldiers. So although he was interning as a sales analyst, he had made some friends down in the testing labs, and during a visit to the department, he lifted a few samples into his bag. Charlie figured a conglomerate such a Verdant wouldn’t miss a few vials.

“It’s stealing! And you don’t even know if it’s safe!” Chester was growing worried.

“The formula is basically complete, they’re just working on administering large dosages.” Charlie explained. “Chess, this is really important to me. I was hoping you’d be there for support.”

“Vengeance is important to you?” his best friend questioned.

“No. But standing up for myself is. Look, I’m going to do it with or without your approval. I just wanted you to know.” Charlie got up to leave.

“Charlie, wait.” If Charlie was going to do something this dangerous, Chester may as well try to keep him safe. "I don’t support whatever your doing. But I don’t want things to take a turn for the worse, either. "

Charlie smiled. “All you have to do is watch.”

“Hurry up! it’s cold in here!”

Back at the apartment, the two friends gathered in the bathroom. Chester had agreed to administer the dosage, seeing as he was the one trying to get into med school. Not that it mattered, but Chester figured it was like building experience. Charlie on the other hand, stood near naked in the bathroom, save for a pair of boxers. He didn’t want to experience the fabric burn when he bursted out of his clothes. How the Hulk or any other muscle growth victim managed, he’d never know.

“Do I really have to do it down there? That’s kind of gay” Chester asked warily.

“Dude. In the grand scheme, this whole story is pretty gay.” Charlie responded. He couldn’t believe Chester was hesitating to give an injection into a guy’s butt cheek. “You’re going to be a doctor, you’ll be doing this sort of thing every day!”

“Yeah, but you’re my best friend!”

“Which is exactly why it’s fine! The fu-” Charlie nearly jumped five feet in the air. His ass burned. It was like receiving Novocain in your gum.

“Just riling you up!” Chester laughed. He clapped his best friend on the back. “You’re pussy about these things sometimes. So I waited till you were distracted.”

Just then Charlie began to sway on his feet. He tried to grab the counter, but instead lumbered towards Chester who caught him. All of a sudden Charlie’s body began to shake and convulse.

“SHIT. I knew this was a bad idea. Charlie! Charlie, speak to me!” Chester was on the floor, holding the head of his shaking friend in his hands. He listened to Charlie’s groaning, trying to make out any tangible words. It was just below a whisper, but Chester tried to make it out.

“Puussyy-” Charlie whispered.

Chester’s face dropped. “Not funny, man.” He let go of Charlie who was now laughing fits of hysteria on the floor. “I thought something serious was happening.”

“I know you did!” Charlie pointed and laughed. “Charlie! Charlie! Are you alright?” he mocked. It was starting to hurt to laugh. In fact he was starting to get sore all over. “Actually, Chess, help me up. I’m starting not to feel so good.”

Chester rolled his eyes and left the bathroom. “Whatever. I’m not falling for it this time. I’ll be in the living room if you actually need me.”

“Ass.” Charlie groaned. He hoisted himself up from the toilet.

His body was starting to get sore all over. Like the morning after a workout, except paired with a very bad case of vertigo. It was as if his senses were adjusting into a body that wasn’t his. However, when he looked in the mirror, he looked the same. Exactly the same boyish face, messy black hair, round eyes, perhaps a few bags that weren’t there before, but that was from the all-nighters. His skin was pink and flushed, but that was to be expected. He was so fair, any sort of excitement turned him as pink as a pig’s behind.

“So much for samples.” Charlie mumbled to himself. Disappointed, he grabbed his robe and joined Chester on the sofa.

“Hey, Dr. Frankenstein. You’re going to be late for class.”

“The fuck do you mean? We were watching Van Helsing.” Charlie grumbled and woke to his friend standing over him, jacket and backpack ready to do. He sat up with surprising ease, rubbing his face. Any nausea that he had felt earlier was gone, as if his eyes and his brain had finally settled back into place.

“That was almost 10 hours ago, Charlie. You passed out as soon as you got on the couch!” Chester explained. “I guess you really were worse for wear. But you’re looking fine now. In fact, you’re looking really good.” Chester placed a hand on Charlie’s head and pulled back his eyelids with a thumb. For someone who had just declared his major, Chester had been playing doctor as if it were years.

“I feel really good.” Charlie swatted off Chester’s hand, gruffly.

“Whoa. Take it easy, geez. That’s good to hear, but if you start to feel bad again, I want you to call me.” Chester pleaded. He gave Charlie some space for what perceived to be an antipsychotic hangover and left.

Charlie stood up. He didn’t feel any heavier or stronger, but he did feel better. Not only had his senses settled, it was if they returned upgraded. He was seeing the world in 1080 HD, he was hearing things in Surround Sound, even breathing felt good. Charlie was riding some sort of exhilarating crest. However, first thing fist, what he needed most was a shower.

As he walked over back to the bathroom, he took a look in the mirror. Something was a bit different about his reflection, but he couldn’t put a finger on it. He looked the same, but undeniably better. Perhaps it was the effect of a full night’s sleep. Charlie flashed himself a smile in the mirror, and almost creamed himself. It wasn’t even a full smile, only one corner of his mouth rose. But in that second, he seemed like a different person. That half-smile expression, whatever it was, seemed to convey so much. He tried to do it again, but it wasn’t the same.

He had the feeling he was making the face in the shower, though. Charlie knew that his senses were heightened. But what he didn’t know was how pleasing thousands of water drops would feel, falling against his skin. It was so stimulating, and in a way, erotic. He jerked off as he soaped himself, feeling the lather and water slide against his cock. He chuckled, it was like he was bathing in ecstasy. Charlie hadn’t felt this great in a long time, and whatever wave he was riding, he wanted to make it last. Just thinking about it, Charlie couldn’t help but smile in that way, again. And that moment he came.

After class, Charlie was on his way back home for lunch when a tiny voice piped from the distance behind him. "Hey Charlie! “I like what you did with your hair.” she complimented. “It’s really ho- I mean, cool.”

Confused, Charlie looked at his reflection in a window and saw that he had grown layers of blonde highlights in his hair. Though he usually left his hair messy, it looked as if it was the kind of ‘do that people pend 10 minutes to mess up meticulously. What normally would have freaked him out made him feel very cool. It was bold, edgy, and daring. He liked it, and judging my Amanda’s face, she liked it too. He flashed that smile and stroked her shoulder.

“Hey Mandy, it’s alright if I call you Mandy, right? I was thinking maybe you’d like me to-” Before Charlie could finish that sentence he realized what he was doing. Why was he putting the moves on Amanda? He didn’t even like her in that way. And she was dating Chester! That’s right, he was doing it because he could. Cause it was hot when people were turned on by him. And that smile, that fucking smile, was his weapon.

“Um- actually Amanda, I’m sorry. I’m not feeling like myself. I have to go.” As arousing as all this was, somewhere deep inside, Charlie knew something was wrong. He wasn’t acting like himself, even considering the “medication”. On that note, he took off, running across campus on foot. Before he could make the situation worse, he left, leaving Amanda alone and confused.

Charlie arrived to find his apartment empty, which, considering the circumstances, was the best possible scenario. Running halfway across campus left him sweaty and rancid. Charlie kicked off his shoes and on his way to the bathroom, he discarded his clothes piece by piece. He was pretty pumped from the run back home. As he took off his pants he noticed the nice shape his legs were taking on. Perhaps it was the blood coursing, but he could make out the different parts of his quads and the diamond definition of his calves.

When he got to the mirror he saw that his shirt strain against his body, looking tight in all the right places. Charlie looked bigger, tougher. All those days at the gym were doing him good, he was just too busy with fucking school to realize. He watched as his muscles bulged in his forearm, and how his biceps stretched the hemming of his shirt. Soon, the shirt grew too tight to lift over his head. Which would also prove difficult because his arms hung at angles from his sides. He grabbed his shirt by the collar and tore straight down. “So that’s how they avoid the fabric burn.” he thought.

He let out a groan of pleasure, enjoying freedom of nakedness. He could see how much bigger his chest was, a cleft ran in between two sheets of muscle. Charlie’s muscle tits had some nice hang to them. His nipples, no longer pink and now the color of a dark caramel, pointed downwards. It was only because they were so big, that he was able to see the top parts at all.

A straight line of hair traveled between his abdominals, a light fuzzy expanse that was a testament to his masculinity. “Keep on forgetting to shave that shit.” he mumbled to himself. Looked at his reflection as he stroked his hairy six pack. Like Narcissus to his reflection, Charlie was entranced by his own image. He didn’t even notice how much his face had changed. He was now square-jawed and high cheek-boned, princely, yet rugged.

Charlie’s hair was now completely blond, the color of wheat in the sun. It grew out in tufts straight and spiky in all the right places. His hair line dropped closer to his now thick and busy eyebrows. Charlie’s eyes were always his best feature, always childlike a full of wonder. However, they had changed from a muddy hazel to pools of cyan, hidden under the ridge of his brow. The hoods of his eyes fell downwards, as if he was looking through a half-lidded gaze. Damn, he looked good.

He put his hands behind his head and smiled. No, it wasn’t a smile. This new Charlie didn’t smile, anymore. He wasn’t some fucking fairy. It was a motherfucking sneer. A cocky smirk. He knew he was hot shit, and he like it. He looked really good, and now he felt really good too. “Fuck…. studd… muscle…”

“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?” screamed Chester in the doorway.

Charlie titled his head to the side, and upon seeing Chester, he cocked an eyebrow. “Chess? Whattup, bro?” asked Charlie in a smoky timbre. Even his voice was sexy. Everything about him felt intoxicating.

“Shit. Charlie? What happened to you? Why are you just in your underwear? Why are your clothes all over the apartment? Are you hard?!” Chester was about to have a panic attack.

“Chill out, bro.” Charlie reassured him. He looked at his dick. No, it wasn’t a dick, it was a cock now. A big fucking cock. The best part about him. His happy trail pointed straight down to a ten inch sausage and a pair of oranges. Currently, his monster cock was so hard it was poking out of the garter of his underwear.

“I thought it was supposed to just make you stronger, not turn you into this!” Chester reasoned.

“Into what? A sexy fucker?” Charlie started subconsciously flexing. It was as if he was meant to be bigger than life. He walked up to Chester, leaving very little distance between the two. Charlie, now 6’1" also realized he was looking down at his buddy. “We need to talk.” he said. Chester gulped.

Charlie sauntered over to the couch. Fuck walking. Someone as bitchin as him had swag. Not bothering to put on anymore clothes, he leaned back, spread his arms and legs, his dock still point out. Chester took a seat as far as possible on the other side, not sure what to make of it all.

“Listen Chess, I know I look different. But I want you to know that inside, I’m still the same me. Aight, bro?” Charlie punched Chester on the shoulder.

“Ow- I mean, yeah, sure, Charlie… bro… Charlie?” replied his best friend meekly.

“Oh, and there’s another thing. Call me, Chad. Charlie is for pussies.” he gave that deep stupid laugh that all the jocks do.

“Chad is such a douchebag name.” Chester replied. Perhaps he shouldn’t have said that. Especially now that there was this 160 plus pound wrestler in the room. He looked over at Char- Chad, who did not look to happy. For the second time that night, Chester gulped.

“AHA! Just fuckin with ya, bro.” Chad gave Chester a noogie. “Naw, I know it’s stupid. But it’s easy to remember. I don’t know what it is, but I’m having trouble fuckin rememberin shit. And so many of the jocks are named Chad, they’ll never know what hit ‘em.” Chad really started to talk and sound like one of those meat heads. It was amazing. Chester could only wonder how much of Charlie was really in there.

Chester found it unusually difficult to release himself from Chad’s grip. He was strong, and smelled of musk. It was intoxicating and disorienting at the same time. “W-what do you mean never know what hit them?” he asked.

“I thought this shit would only pump me up, not turn me into this.” Chad released Chester and grabbed his own nut sack. “I was only gonna fuck ‘em up before, but now I got otha plans. Now I’m gonna join ‘em, become one of ‘em, and then fuck ‘em from the inside!” Chad hollered that ridiculous guffaw that all those frat douches emit. Chester was worried, there were three hundred things that could go wrong here, but he was only worried about one.

“Listen Charl-”


“Whatever! If you do this, there is a chance that you won’t turn back. I just know it. We have to work on making sure you do.”

Chad took a big arm and scratched his blond head. With a shoulder expanse like that, his head looked like small a square. “Turn back into what, exactly?” asked Chad.

“Turn back into Charlie!” Chester explained. He was afraid it was starting already.

“Who?” Oh shit. Not good.

“Turn back into your regular self!” Chester exclaimed.

“Bro, I’m still Charlie.” Well maybe he isn’t as far lost as he seems, Chester thought. That was a relief. The last thing Chester needed was to explain the disappearance of his friend. Most people run off to join the circus, no one runs off to become a jock. Well, not in reality anyway.

“Motherfucker… all this thinking gets Chad hot.” Chad groaned. He was hardcore rubbing himself through his pair of Calvins. He felt so horny, realizing he was still hard ever since getting out of the bathroom.

“Okaay…” Chester got up to leave. He had some midterms he’d rather be studying for, as compared to watching his best friend turned male-stripper jack off, anyway. However, when getting up to leave, his arm was suddenly yanked back so hard, he thought it got dislocated. Chester landed back on the couch with a plop.

“Where you goin’, fucker? Who said we were done?” Chad sneered. “I was thinking… when was the last time we jacked off together?”

“Um. I’ve got a girlfriend… bro.” Chester defended himself meekly. It was hard to fight against someone as jacked as Chad, especially when he was as close as he was. His musk was making him feel out of sorts.

“Dude, she don’t gotta know. And this python needs to come out.” Chad took the liberty of removing his underwear, literally unleashing the beast. Chad’s thick cock landed on his quads, precum oozing at the tip. Chad’s hands, which were already large, only almost grasped the girth of the monster. He started to stroke it up and down, feeling his nerves send thousands of pleasure signals to his brain. It was fun, it was exciting, Chad started to laugh heavily, “Fuckin… big… jock… cock… huge… jock fuck stick…” He gave Chester a big dumb smile, signaling he had never felt this much pleasure before.

Chester, paralyzed from the surreality of the situation and possibly pheromones, failed to see the amusement Chad was seeing. Instead he saw the former vestiges of his best friend slip away, and this sex-crazed, muscle-bound, frat-boy take his place. Suddenly, Chad’s big hand took Chester’s wrist. Three hands were stroking Chad’s cock then, much to his pleasure. “Mmm… fuckin stud cock.”, he mumbled.

It felt smooth, and thick at the same time, Chester thought. He could slip his hand away because Chad’s hand was over it. He was literally caught between a rock and a hard-place. Suddenly, Chad picked up the pace.

“FUCK YEAH!” screamed Chad. “You like that, ya faggot? That’s what real cock meat feels like like! Stroke it harder, Chess-bitch!” Something overcame Charlie. He knew that it was no way to talk to his best friend. But he was such a fucking stud now. A fucking cocky stud, a hot fucker. It’s okay to give in a little, he thought. Being a meat head feels too good. They’re best friends, Chess-bitch will get over it.

“FUCCCKKKKK!” And with that, Chad came. Chester gingerly removed his hand, unsure what to make of his experience. He looked over to see Chad covered in volleys and ropes of cum, a smile plastered on his face. “Aha, Aha, Aha….” laughed Chad, stupidly. The jock took two fingers, dipped them in his cum, and smeared it across his buddy’s cheeks and lips. “Fuckin awesome job, Chess-bitch.”

“AW. GROSS.” Chester was fuming, quite in vain. “And stop calling me that!” he yelled. For a second, Chester thought he saw a frown on Charlie’s face, but it was quickly replaced by a sniff and a sneer. “Chill the fuck out, man.” Chad said. “You know how many bitches want a piece of this shit?”

Chad got up still holding his balls with one hand, and stroking the hair on his abs with the other. Charlie, Chad, whoever he was, was always touching himself now. He was always feeling the golden little hairs of his body, flaunting his lats and biceps. In every essence he looked like a statue of Apollo- young, muscular, and golden.

“Hey, Char- Chad… bro?” What the hell do you call this guy?, Chester thought to himself. He’d get up and leave if it weren’t so intimidating. “Tell me one thing.”

“It’s Chad, bro. I won’t tell you a second time.” the jock warned. “And what’s up?” He turned to face his tiny buddy who was still sitting on the couch.

“What’s the difference between you and Charlie?”

“Who the fuck is Cha- oh, yeah. We fuckin went through this.” Chad crossed his arms and his traps flared. It was a frightening sight to behold.

“No, at what point did you become Chad? When did you get so big?”

“Bro, I need some of that shit you’re smokin’. You know me, I’m always working out!” Chad struck a pose. Even covered in cum, it was slightly glorious. “That’s why I get fuckin pissed when you call me Charmy or whatever, it’s such a wimpy name. Isn’t that right, Chess-bitch?”

Seems like it’s getting worse, Chester thought.

“Alright, I’m gonna go shower. And then I’m off to infa… fuckin… infal… fuck… infil…” Chad stumbled.

“Infiltrate?” Chester completed. Even as a complete douche bag, he could still finish his best friend’s thoughts.

“Yeah, that! That’s why I keep you around, bro! You may not be bitchin like me, but you got the brains!” Chad cheerfully complimented. “Aha, aha, aha, aha…”

Damn, that laugh was annoying. Chester would have to work fast.

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