Growing Apart II

By T.K.Summer
published July 19, 2017
5982 words

Hunter returns to school after a fun (if hazy) weekend with Tyler. Feeling something is off he is distracted chatting to soccer captain Josh.

Note: My first sequel, hope you guys enjoy!


I was fucking wrecked. Mondays are hard but today was something of a nightmare. I walked down the hall and found my ears bombarded by the loud noises of everyone chatting away and getting ready for class. My eyes were too heavy to care so I just focus on my path to my locker.

I click open my locker and take out what books I need for class. My business notepads, my spanish dictionary, I leave math where it is cause why bring a heavy book when I’ll just sleep through that crap?

“Yo, Hunt!” A voice I knew to be Chase calls out to me. I turn to see him with… some girl. Lisa, I think. Or maybe Mona? Shit, I’m suppose to be good with names. “You were suppose to come over to mine on Sat. What happened?”

“Oh yeah, sorry bro. I crashed hard.” I say grinning and scratching the back on my head. Really I spent the whole weekend chillin’ with Tyler but Chase can be a little pushy so I don’t tell him. “I’ll make it up to ya next time.”

“Hey, it’s not me you have to make it up with. Sarah was totally bummed you didn’t show.” Chase teases.

“Oh shit, really?” Can’t believe I blew my chances with Sarah that fast. I should have texted or something but I guess time just flew by with Tyler.

“I wouldn’t stress ’bout Sarah.” Mona adds. “She’d be a total fool to let you go.” Mona says with a smile, looking me up and down. She seems nice.

“Penny!” Chase buts in. I wasn’t even close to guessing Penny.

“What? I’m just sayin’.” Penny says laughing. “Relax Chase, you know I’ve only got eyes for you.” Penny says leaning in kissing Chase. Wait, I know Penny. She and Chase have been going out for ages, how could I forget? It’s too damn early.

I look away from the over the top public display and get the last of my books. I shut my locker.

“Hunt?” Someone else calls. What now? I turn to see Josh the captain of the soccer team approaching, carrying his gym bag just in case anyone forgot. Though he had reason to be proud as the first Latino senior captain for the school. He has that rich shiny brown skin that the girls always go crazy for. He definitely gets the most chick attention on the team after me.

…Ah, who am I kidding girls never pay me any attention. I ought to just return the favour.

“Sup, Josh.” I say back as we do the football teams signature handshake.

“You tell me, man. You messaged saying you wanted to talk about the trip?” He asks.

“I did?” I ask him.

“Unless it was a frape.” Josh quickly holds up a Facebook convo backing up what he just said. But I don’t remember that at all.

“Fuck man, I’m way too tired to remember. Can we talk at training?” I ask him struggling to collect my thoughts.

“Eh sure, look I gotta run and help the coach.” Josh says already moving. ’But if you’re dropping out you gotta tell me by Thursday or you’ll lose your deposit."

He rushes off like usual. I don’t know why I texted him but I’m not dropping out. I’m excited to go, except the drink stuff. Whatever, no point thinking about it now. I turn around to see Chase and Penny still at it.

“Ready for geography?” I interupt. They pull away from each other.

Chase laughs. “Woah, Hunter Scott eager for class. I’ll be damned. Or maybe it’s cause a certain Ms. Sarah will be there?”

“Can we just go?” I ask, in no mood for Chase’s jokes. He nods and says goodbye to Penny. We turn and head to class.

Inside I walk to my usual anime protagonist seat at the back near the window. I collapse into my chair and drop my bag. Chase sits in front of me. He turns and leans on my desk.

“So how was weekend at Tyler’s?” He asks.

“It was good.” I reply. “Yeah, it was good. Like old times.”

“See, I told there was no need to stress about it.” Chase says.

“Stress?” I repeat back to him.

“Yeah, you were worrying about getting tired hanging out with him.” He says waiting for a response I don’t have. “The whole growing apart shit. And I said if you were friends once you could be friend again?” What? I don’t remember any of that. “No, nuthin’? Well, just remember I was right once again.”

Chase turns back around to his seat. Is what he said true? I mean me and Tyler haven’t been able to hang out as much but that’s because…we just have different circles. And we had fun over the weekend. Yeah, what would Chase even know, Tyler is my bestfriend, nobody will ever come close.

And that’s when Sarah enters the room, and everyone notices when she does. She was destined to be prom Queen since her first day, and I will be her king. She almost moves in slow-mo wearing one of those hot sweaters where you can see the outline of her bra. CLICK. Gonna use that mental image later.

She glides to her seat next to mine. “Morning boys.” She smiles.

“Ah, here she is. The school werewolf.” Chase teases. “Angel by day and… what verbs would you use to describe you actions last Saturday?”

“You mean adjectives, genius.” She smiles at Chase then at me lingering. She looks a little too long and makes me uncomfortable.

“You look grumpy.” She says.

“It’s school.” I reply.

“Well screw me, I like geography.” Sarah says. “When I was younger and my dad was on deployment I would look at maps of the world and feel like the distance between us wasn’t that much.”

Chase turns back to me. “Hey Hunt, you got some pizza I could put all this cheese on?” Chase offers me a highfive. I meet it laughing with him.

“I expect that from Chase, but you’re usually nicer Hunter.” Sarah says only half serious.

I shrug my shoulders. “Meh, it’s a joke, get over it.”

The bell rings and Sarah turns forward in her seat as does Chase as the conversation dies. Mr. Derek enters and talking about platonic plates or some shit. My head’s already scattered enough without learning new crap.

Whatever, it’s just background noise now. I look around spacey, my eyes fall on Sarah next to me. The sunlight falls on her through the window catching her just right. She’s paying full attention to class and doesn’t even see me. I stare at her; her flowing hair, her soft skin, her big tits, the way her skirt shows just enough. She always looked so fucking hot.

I feel bad though when I look at her. Why is that again? Oh yeah, that time when I was 15 and I asked her to kiss and she told everybody about it. She said she’d never like a boy like me. God, why would she be so mean about it? I remember all those horrible feelings, everyone making fun of me, everyone but Tyler. I look at Sarah and I feel all those horrible feelings. It seems weird that we would be friends after all that. Whatever, it’s not like I wanted to even kiss her that much. I only did it cause my friends said I had to kiss a girl or I’d be a loser. Ugh, I can’t even stand to look at that barbie anymore.

Wandering more I see Josh in the far corner. He doesn’t seem to be paying attention either. He sits there half asleep. But even in that relaxed state your could tell he was an athlete. He’s got those constantly tense biceps and a tight lower jaw, he’s probably got the lowest body fat on the team lucky asshole. He works out a lot though too, he does cardio every single day. I love myself too much to do that. But he has the results. Maybe we should buddy up for the gym sometime, I bet he’s got some mad core routine. I spied his six pack once changing and it was so ripped.

That’s when I smell something nasty. It’s hot and boyish. Chase whispers “Sorry bro.” Giggling.

“Ugh, you’re nasty.” I reply scouching forward in my seat anyway.

Watching Joshua I see him lift his arm and scratching his pits. I see his hair peaking out of his pits. I touch my pits feeling the hairless skin. I’ll grow some one day. He’s so manly. I can tell why the chicks dig him. With that bronze skin and cropped dark hair. And that ass too, it’s hard not notice it even for me. Yeah, girls love a big fat ass. I bet he squats all the time. Maybe I should do more squats?

“Mr. Scott?” A voice calls out to me. I turn to see the whole class looking at me. My teacher rolls his eyes. “Good of you to join us Hunter. Could you tell us a variance in soil and climate based on a biome?” I can’t answer that, I wasn’t paying attention.

“No?” The teacher answers for me. “How about a human impact on the biome?” Teacher asks again, another tough one. I’m just left to sit awkardly. I can feel my cheeks redden. Everyone’s looking at me, I know it.

“Thank you Hunter, very helpful.” The teacher shrugs. Then asks “You have to contribute sometime. I don’t know how many states are there?” Some small giggles at that. Quiet again the teacher moves back to the whiteboard.

“Twelve?” I answer. Silence. Nothing but deafening silence. Then people laugh. Is it at me?

“Ha ha, alright for that see me after class.” The teacher says continuing class. Chase turns back to fist bump me. I just quickly fall back into my seat and let the class crawl by.

Man, today sucked. Mrs. Green gave out to me too for not having my homework done! It’s not my fault me and Tyler were having fun all weekend. I was supposed to see the suicide squad after school but screw them, I’m already late for soccer.

I rush to the lockerooms but everyone’s already changed and out. I quickly stick my kit on and rush out onto the field.

“Scott, you’re late.” The coach howls at me as I run out. I used to hate being called by my ‘first name’ last name when I was a kid. The coach kicked that out of me. “Sorry, coach.” I scurry passed him. We were still in warm-up, which means a short match of football because the team hates stretching and the coach thought stretching’s a waste of time.

I fill in the reds side that’s missing a player. I form up next to Josh. “Hunt, take centre. I’m quarterback.”

I’m move to the centre of the field and bend down with the ball. I feel Josh lined up against me but he’s a bit far away so I push back into him. As my backside touches him Joshua steps back. So I step back again to meet him.

“Dude, stop it.” Josh mutters at me.

“What?” I look at him.

“You’re way too close for comfort.” He replies.

The coach blows his whistle. “Riveria, stop chatting.” He shouts. Joshua concides. I push up against Joshua again, he doesn’t move or complain. I stick my bum comfortably at Joshua’s crotch as I stare down my opponent opposite me. I wait for our signal, the whole time I’m pushing back for support, and Joshua pushes back not wanting to lose position. It felt reassuring, like a safety that he was there.

Whistle. I throw the ball back run. The game goes in a blur of adrenaline, even in practice I’m competetive as shit. Things only slow down for scrums. Everyone collides. I’m looking for an entrance when I see the back of Joshua, his butt sticking out of the scrum. Without thinking I jump on him wiggling.

Joshua jumps up and freaks out again. “What the hell, Hunter!?”. He stares me.

The scrum finishes and the game plays on. “What, what’s wrong?” He seems so cross, I don’t know. I was just playing the game.

“You know what you did.” Joshua pushes me away with his hand. I just play quite, ascared he might get more angry.

Coach yells at us “Break it up. Take a walk you two.”

Joshua glares at me. “Fag.” He walks away. What does fag mean?

Coach blows his whistle and ends warm-up moving to real training. Training was okay but I’m still distracted by the long day. Still me distracted is better than most. I just wish I could go home and curl into a ball.

But just like that training was over and we flood into the lockerroom. It’s a storm of sweat and skin everyone rushes for the shower. Boots click clack against the tiles as we all chatter. Showers start gushing round the corner. I just stand there watching. Jacob Fletcher walks around with no shirt almost flaunting his sharp pecs. Rex Laroux used his towel to whiplash some of the other boys. A group of younger cute boys push each other around before Josh tells them to “cop on”.

All I can do is stand there watching in my sweaty gear. I feel powerless to stop the warm butterflies in my belly. And my willy. I’m too nervous to even move. That plus I’m worried my body won’t compare to their hot bodies. It’s weird I feel like I used to be ahead. Why do I feel so behind?

I remember that time last year Chase pointed and laughed at me in the showers once after PE. He said I was a little boy for having no hairs and made me hold his ‘dick’ to show me what a real man felt like. Then he laughed at me again when my willy got hard while I played with his. I went so red I nearly cried.

“Oh fuck.” I stumble barely catching myself. My head is spliting. It suddenly hurts so much. What’s wrong with me today? Maybe I’m sick.

I just wait as the room slowly empties. Making small talk when I have to. Eventually I’m alone. And I sigh in relief. I take my time, in no rush to get out of my sweaty clothes when something grabs my eye. A gym bag, on my bench. I don’t know why but I can’t look away. I know I should just change and head home but…

I look around, I’m alone, not a sound. I quickly click clack over in my studs and peer into the bag. As I pry it open there sits a bright pink pair of boxer briefs. I pick them up slowly and hold them warm in my hands. I can’t resist. I bring them to my face and take a big whiff of the stinky undies.

As I smell it I feel my willy stiffen in my shorts. It’s smells warm, almost pungent and fruity.

“Hey, Hunt.” I spin quickly hiding the undies behind my back. Joshua walks in placing some cones in the corner.

Joshua crosses over to me, looking at me a little nervous. “I just wanted to say sorry about, you know, about out there. Something I got from my el padre.” Joshua looks at me earnestly. “Like it wasn’t an insult, if you’re like that. Not that I think you are, just IF.”

There’s a pause. I’m lost. “Anyway, I should head. You showering dude? You reek.” Joshua says turning to the gym bag. His gym bag.

“You’re one to talk.” I reply. Stressing out as he takes out his uniform to change into. Crap, he’s looking for his underwear. What do I do?

“Hey Josh, wanna see something cool?” I say heading to me gym bag. With slight of hand I drop his undies inside and when I come back up presenting to him this vile.

“What’s that?” He asks. Wait, what actually is that?

“It’s somethin’ special. I was planning on bringing it to Spain. To liven things up.” I say, the words just spewing out. I don’t even know what I’m holding or where it came from. All I know is I want him to take it.

“Eh, I don’t know dude. I think I’ll just stick to drink.” Joshua says clearly uncomfortable. “I thought you were pulling out of Spain?”

“We can talk about that later. You have to try this first, just a little.” I push moving closer to him. I don’t know why my bodies doing this.

“At school, Hunt?” He says.

“Come on, Josh. Don’t be lame. Everyone’s doing it. Just a little. Otherwise you’ll be totally out of your league in Spain.” I say handing out the vile.

He looks around before taking it. “Its aromatic. You gotta smell it. That’s what makes it healthy too, no downsides.” I continue unable to stop myself.

Joshua swallows his nerves and puts some of the vile beneath his nose. And then looks at me almost like he expects it to be a prank.

“Now take a deep breath.” I instruct him. And he does.

“Hello boys.”

“Holy crap.” Josh quickly hides the vile in my bag before turning to see who it is.

It’s only Tye. Phew, that’s a relief. He walks in quietly.

“Hey, Tye.” I say happy to him.

“Sup, dude.” Josh says with a nod.

“Hey boys. How’s it going?” Tye asks all smiles, clearly in a good mood.

“We’re good. Just finished training.” I respond.

“Actually I was just about to shower. Don’t want to stay in this sweaty gear too long.” Josh adds backing away as politely as possible.

“Hey buddy, you’re in no rush. Why don’t you stay and talk a while?” Tye asks waving Josh forward.

Josh looks to me, maybe looking for an excuse out but I have no intention of contradicting Tye so I just smile.

“So what were you guys talking about?” Tyler asks.

“Eh, Spain.” Josh answers for us. “The Spain trip.”

“Oh yeah, such a shame Hunter isn’t going. Right buddy?” Tyler says warmly patting me on the back.

“Yeah, so why aren’t you going? What’s the deal?” Josh inquires.

“Well, it’s just all that drinking and stuff.” I say. “Makes me uncomfortable.”

“Really?” Josh asks. “Were the guys not respectful about you not drinking cause I could talk to them.”

“Wait what?” Tye interjects.

“You know, about his whole uncle thing. I told the guys to be cool about it.” Josh answer him truthfully.

“Wow, the soccer crew knew? Looks like one weekend wasn’t long enough.” Tyler says. I feel bad for some reason.

“You know we won’t force you to drink, Hunt.” Josh adds.

“It’s Hunter.” Tyler corrects him. I prefer my full name. It suits me better. “And you must get how ugly and disgusting drunk people are? Could you imagine spending a whole week with them? It would be awful for somebody as good as Hunter.” Josh listens to Tye and looks at me. “I don’t know maybe that’s what you’re into Joshua but it’s not our idea of fun.”

“Yeah that’s fair enough.” I reply. “I guess Hunter’s always been a bit more naive compared to the rest of us. It’s no biggie.”

“Thanks, Josh.” I says.

“Well that was easy.” Says Tye. “Right then, I think that’s enough time. Hunter, sit.”

Suddenly I lose my breath. I take a seat on the bench feeling winded and weak. Tyler walks up to Josh putting a hand over his shoulder. “Joshua, my good friend. Let’s have a private chat.” Tye says.

“Joshua? Nobody call me Joshua.” Josh says pausing a minute. “Except you of course, Tyler.” He says as plain as day.

Tye grins and pulls Joshua away a minute. I sit as I was told to. Just waiting swinging my legs off the bench.

After a minute Tye brings a smiling Joshua back with him as they giggle like two old friends.

“Now, I’m going to let you get back to talking to Hunter before but first.” Tyler whispers in my ear. I feel his warm breath in my ear. It’s lulls me.

And then he’s gone. I think? Was Tye ever here? I turn to see Joshua waiting for me.

“Ugh, dude I’m so tired.” Joshua says returning to his bag as normal as day. He remove his shirt and puts it in his bag.

I just follow his lead removing my shirt. “Yeah, I’m kinda sleepy too.”

We stand there oppsite each other shirtless. I stare at Joshua’s glistening tanned body. “Go on. Touch it.” He tells me.

I am so nervous I don’t no where to start. I move down to his tummy. I rub down his chissled abs until I reach his defined V. You can even see a vein or two. It’s so impressive. I once thought I had the best body on the team but clearly Joshua is my better.

“I was joking loser.” Joshua says pulling away from me. I go quite feeling bad.

Joshua lifts his arm. “Pew-yew, I’m so smelly.” He takes a sniff of his arm. “How ’bout you Hunter?”

I lift my arm and take a whiff of my arm. My nostrils are filled with the hot sweart mess of my built up stinky.

“I’m pretty stinky too.” I giggle.

“Yeah, but no prob. Boys will be boys.” He says. Looking at me with a meanacing grin.

“Hey Hunter, ya see my bicep?” Joshua says flexing his big arms to me.

“Yep, why?” I ask impressed by his muscles.

“No, look closer.” He says tensing more. I slowly lean closer mesmerized by his big arm when suddenly BAM! Joshua sticks my nose into his sweaty pits.

My nose is covered in his stinky hairs. I struggle to escape but Joshua is too big and strong for me. He just giggles as he holds me as I breathe him in. Getting more and more dazed.

Finally he lets me go. “Ha ha. You’re such a dewb.”

I pull away trying not to pout. I hate when Joshua is a meanie with me. I’ve always seen him like a big brother, but he can be a little tough.

“Aww, poor little hunter. I was only messing. Don’t be a loser. Look you can do it to me.” Joshua offers.

I don’t believe him but he looks genuine and I’m too excited not to do it. I quietly lift my arm.

“No way, you don’t any hairs!” Joshua says making me feel nervous. He sticks his finger under my arm. “I only started growing my hairs but I dunno, they’re kinda annoying. But Tye told me big boys grow them.”

Joshua takes his finger away covered in my stink and brings it to his nose. I just watch enthalled.

He smiles at me. Then looks down.

“You’re so gay.” Joshua says laughing pointing down at my willy poking in my shirts.

“I am not!” I retort, not even sure what the word means.

“Yeah, you are that’s why you were touching me at practice.” Joshua tease. “You love me.”

“I do not!” I shout back.

“Then prove it.” He says moving away gesturing me to follow.

He pulling me into the showers turning one on. “Pull don’t your shorts.” He says.

“No way.” I say. Only Tye does that with me.

“C’mon. We’re friends. Besides otherwise I’m telling everyone your gay.” He says.

Well I don’t want so I pull down my shorts and remove them over boots.

“Woah, you don’t got hairs here either.” He says. That doesn’t sound right but sure enough I look down and yep no hairs. Guess that’s how it’s always been. “Your willy’s really big.”

That makes me feel happy coming from Joshua. Joshua pulls down his shorts and his brown willy sticks out with a few hairs.

“Hey!” I say “Your’s hard too.” I point out.

“So?” He replies. “That’s what happens to big boys. My brother told me so.” Joshua steps closer holding his willy. “Swordfight!” He tells and swings it at mine.

Giggling I swing mine back. As I do my willy gets stiffer making it harder to swing. Soon we’re both super hard.

Joshua grabs a hold of my willy. I go red. “What are you doing?” I ask.

“Relax. My brother showed my how big boys make it normal again.” He says as he moves his hand up and down like Tye did.

It feels good to have his strong hand on my willy. I return the favour taking his willy. Joshua smiles.

“Quick, under the shower.” Joshua pulls me willy first into the water.

We both get covered in water as we continue stroking. Joshua rubs my body with his free hand. I rub his muscley body back too. Both our cheeks burn red.

“Want to see something else my brother showed me?” Joshua asks. I nod.

Joshua takes his hand and grabs my bum. Slowly he takes his finger and he pushes up into my bumhole. At first it’s tight and feels weird but as he pushes more it feels nicer.

“You gotta do me too.” Joshua says.

So I do, taking my finger teaching around his big bum and stick my finger into his bumhole. Joshua seems to really like it as he closes his eyes. We stick our fingers in each others bums as our stiff willys run against each other.

“I wanna do something weird I saw online. But you can’t tell the other guys.” Joshua suddenly says.

I nod but he shakes his head.

“You gotta pinky promise.” He says holding up his pinky and so I wrap mine around his in a promise.

Joshua nods and then turns around showing his bum to me. “In the video the boy with the bigger willy stuck it in the boy with the smaller willy’s bottom.”

I didn’t question Joshua this time. I aimed my willy with two hand scrunching my nose. Slowly my willy entered into Joshua’s bumhole. Joshua took charge moving his bottom in and out, in and out.

“Move like that.” He says and so I move my willy in and out. It feels really good too and the more I do it the more I feel like a big boy. Joshua is the bigger boy but he moans like a girl. But I guess he’s enjoying himself.

I focus on my job worried I’ll get distracted so I just keep pushing in and out. Its hard to keep my big willy in there but Joshua’s bottom is really big and I have a lot to grab onto to for support.

Soon I’m feeling really hot and have that special feeling in my weiner again. But I can’t hold it in and soon my willy is pulsing big boy juice into Joshua’s bumhole.

I see some leaking out and my bestfriend Tye’s always said not to let it to waste so I pull out my willy and got on my knees. I lick the goo out of Joshua’s bum. Once clean Joshua turns around and holds my head to his willy.

“Hunter, here comes my big boy juice.” Joshua moans and then he explodes his goo into my mouth. I swallow as much as I can. I laugh because it tastes different, more fruity because Joshua’s Latino.

I gobble up every last piece happily. Then I stand.

“We should play like this more Hunter. Maybe since we’re both not going to Spain with the smelly boys we could spend more time together.” Joshua says smiling.

“Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of playdates.” Says a voice. We turn to see Tye standing.

“Yay, playdates!” I shout happy.

If it was anyone else we’d be ascared but Tye’s our bff of course he can sees us naked. I wonder why he’s got a camera though? And how long has he been there? Oh well, I know better than to question Tye.

We stand there as Tye walks over to us. He grabs Joshua’s bum hard.

“You’ve got a bottom’s ass, you know that Joshua?” Tye says. “Born for dick.”

We just smile at him.

“Show it to me.” Tye says.

“Okay, Tye.” Joshua says bending over again.

Tye grins spitting on his bum. He then jams three fingers into Joshua’s bum and roughly pushes them in.

“Tye, that’s sore.” Joshua groans.

“That’s the point, bitch.” Tye says back. I guess he was in a cussing mood again. Tye looks at me. “Hey Hunter, I think Joshua likes things in his ass.”

As I look down at Joshua he smiles. “I think so too.”

Tye pouts. “Well that’s boring. Hunter, default but frozen.”

Woah. Shit. I feel like I just woke up. And.. “WHAT THE FUCK!?” Josh is bent down in front of me, his shorts at his ancles. And Tyler is sticking his finger is his ass!?

“WHAT are you doing?” I scream.

“Oh, hey Hunter. I was just helping out your buddy Josh here. Isn’t that right Joshua?” Tyler smiles at me.

“Yep, it feels good Hunter.” Says Josh.

I can’t believe my eyes. I feel sick. I try to move but I can’t. I just have to watch this shit.

And that’s when Tyler smiles and takes out his dick too!

“Dude, Tyler, what the fucking hell?” I shout.

“Relax, Hunter. Just watch.” Says Tyler. And for some reason I do relax a little but I’m still so uncomfortable. Two of my best friends and guys about to… oh god.

Tyler takes his dick and sticks it into Josh’s ass. And Josh moans like some basic bitch? Tyler is just fucking him here in the lockerroom showers in school!

“Hey Hunter.” Tyler says. “Why are you getting hard?” Tyler says like some sick joke.

But I look down and see my own dick slowly starting to rise. What the hell is going on?

“You some kinda perv that gets off on watching other people fuck?” Tyler says to me nothing like my old bestfriend.

But as he says I just can’t resist. I can’t disagree. I mean it’s gay and shit and they’re dudes and my friends but I don’t. Ugh. Just watching them go it– no it’s wrong. It’s weird. So why am I rock hard?

“Joshua.” Tyler starts. “Isn’t it weird that Hunters is getting off to watching us. Tell him to go away.”

Joshua turns on me overcoming his pleasure at being rammed by Tyler and says. “Yeah, Hunter. You’re kinda a loser just watching us, go away.”

They both look at me like they’re creeped out at me being here and this just makes me hotter. I start stroking my cock and I can’t help myself. It just makes me horny knowing I’m intruding on them. It’s my bestfriends and their just fucking their brains out. Maybe I’ll just watch for a little while.

“Wow, that didn’t take long.” Tyler comments. “Maybe the weekend of reprogramming made you more malleable?” He says but I’m not really listening. “Or maybe you weren’t that straight to begin with.” Tyler shrugs. "Both of you cum now. "

Like that I’m instantly more horny than ever and my cock explodes with cum. At the same time so does Josh. My breath is racing. Its like Tyler’s words are magic.

Tyler pulls his cock out of Josh’s ass. And points it at me. “Hunter, suck my cock.”

I don’t want to, I don’t want to listen, but my body betrays me and I’m on my knees. Up close like this Tyler looks so much bigger, all of Tyler does. I never sucked a dick before, not even thought of it. But my hand was alreasy wrapped around Tyler’s dick and my mouth open incoming.

I quickly find his dick in my mouth. It’s gross. It’s Tyler. It’s a dude’s dick in my mouth but I can’t stop. I’m sucking him like I’ve done this before swapping between gentle sucks, licks, tongue play, and swallowing it whole.

Tyler puts a controlling hand on my head like I’m some girl. What’s wrong with him? What’s wrong with me?

“Watch out little Hunter, here comes the big boy juice.” Tyler says. Big boy juice? What is– I don’t get to finish that thought. Tyler’s cock twitches and soon my mouth is filled with his cum. Its warm, it’s salty, and it’s everywhere. I want to gag but I still swallow it all.

Finally we were done and Tyler pulls away. I fall back panting. Tyler zips himself up. “Very good, little Hunter.” He looks down at me. I look away.

He turns to Josh. “Joshua, we’ll play more soon.” He says and then makes out deeply with Joshua. It’s all gross and wet and Tyler’s squeezes Joshua’s ass.

Tyler composes himself. “Well, I’ve got homework.” He walks to the door. “When I leave you will return to your new defaults with 10% regression.”

Tyler tries to walk away. But I stand, I’m not letting that bastard leave. “Tyler! Tyler!” I shout.

He doesn’t even turn as he opens the door so run and–

God, I’m wrecked after training. I stayed behind to help Joshua clean the pitch and now I stink.

“Hey.” Joshua calls to me showering. “You gonna shower? You’re stinking up the place.”

“You’re one to talk, Joshua.” I return moving to the shower next to him.

“Ugh, so glad I’m not going on the damn Spain trip” Joshua says. “Couldn’t go a week without a proper shower.”

“Yeah.” I nod along. “Hey, we should make plans since we’re both not going.” I suggest.

I turn to see Joshua glancing down at my body. He turns away embarassed. “Eh, yeah. Sounds good. Maybe a movie?” He replies.

That was weird. “Cool.” But I find myself taking glances at his body too. But in a straight-bro way, definitely.

“Oh, and we shoud invite Tye as well.” Joshua adds.

“Of course.” I add. “I never go anyway without my bestfriend.” I joke and we both laugh as we finish our showers.

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