The Doctor

By blufman1
published October 14, 2010
2168 words

A doctor looses his life to a leather clad patient

I had just passed my examinations and I was now a doctor of psychology. I felt some damn good about myself, I could now help people less fortunate in life, and with the money I earn, live the life I really wanted.

I was assigned to St James hospital in New York. The hospital was for patients with mental problems, normally related to too great a sex drive. I had studied this in university and couldn’t wait to get involved.

After a couple of months there, I had enough security to mortgage a high level apartment and buy the clothes I really wanted. I was up to my neck in debt but. I knew with my income it would be long before I was stable.

After familiarisation working with a senior doctor in the hospital, he felt it was time I had some patients of my own.

I was briefed about a guy named Chad, and taken to ward 12, cubicle 7. The occupant’s papers I had studied with immense interest. This guy claimed to have been a doctor and his body had been stolen, by a patient. The doctor concerned, committed him to this establishment after writing a damning report on his medical condition. I attempted to contact the doctor but he left his practice not long after, the patient started to fantasise about this, and no one has been able to contact him since.

Chad was a leather clad muscle man, intent on nothing more than exercise and sex. He was often found with the patients, and it was rumoured a number of guards.

He claimed his leathers controlled how he felt. If we tried to remove them he became violent, a number of guards had been hurt. He never took them off day or night so he was a little ripe. He was not violent and had a good record, so I decided to interview him alone.

As I walked in the room I saw the huge and handsome hunk. He looked perfect. I sat opposite him I could smell the leather and his male hormones mixing and filling the air. He stared into my eyes, not blinking, his shaved head perspiring; there were beads of sweat on his chest which was uncovered.

I said hello and explained who I was. He smiled at me which was a little disconcerting, as I actually fancied him.

AS we talked his leg moved towards me and rubbed mine under the table. It sent a shudder up my spine. I moved away and started to question him, all the time longing for him to get inside of me.

Eventually I stopped moving away and let his leather clad muscle bound leg rub mine. The sensation went straight to my dick.

My hand went under the table and moved over the leather on his leg. He moaned with delight.

I wasn’t stupid and knew it had to stop, so I stood up to walk out. He grabbed me and kissed me gently on the lips, I can’t I thought, then his leather clad hand started to rub my dick. I had to give in and so his tongue went deep into my mouth as he unbuttoned my shirt and unzipped my pants

‘You like this doctor’ he said; ‘yes I do’ I said ‘but no father Chad’ not now, Ill arrange a time and place. He sat down; I redressed and called in the guards. He was taken back to his cell.

When I got home that night I couldn’t forget him and wanked good and hard at the thought of him and me together.

The hospital had a huge enclosed garden area, old trees and huge bushes were all around. I decided to go for a walk, and as I did I saw him looking at me licking his lips. I decided to head for the bushes. As I got deep into a well covered area, in he came.

My heart was pounding as he looked at me got on his knees, unzipped my dick and went to work on my dick and balls. It was so damn erotic. His man sweat and leather filled my nostrils. As he licked sucked and manipulated the cum out of my dick. I came in floods and he swallowed every drop. In silence he stood up and walked away.

I met him a couple of times and every time he filled himself with my cum, what I longed for was for him to get deep inside me.

One evening I was on nights, the only doctor on call. Once the patients were in their rooms there was only one security guy on duty and me.

It was 3am, and the guard James was asleep. I can over to him with a coffee that I had drugged. ‘coffee James’ I said,’ please doc’ he said ‘you seem tired’ I said ‘I am was up late last night doc’ ‘get some kip’ I said and pointed to the doctors room which had a bed ‘are you sure’ ‘yep’ I said ‘enjoy, Ill call u if I need u’

He went to the room and the coffee took effect he was out cold.

Now it was my chance. I took the keys and headed for ward A. room 35, and unlocked the door. There he was on the top of the bed, dressed in his gear. I saw the huge boots on his feet, breeches and jacket all shining as the light from the door reflected on his form. I just stared at him, as my dick grew.

He slowly came out of his sleep and looked straight at me, smiled and stood up.

He started to kiss me putting his tongue deep into my mouth, I was in heaven. No one was here I could go all the way. He started to undress me first the shirt, the T, my trousers underpants and socks, every piece of clothing dropping to the floor.

He picked me up and lay me on his bed. I was where his body had been his smell so strong and the warmth of him on the sheets.

He said in silence he started to strip. His leather jacket harness waistcoat, falling to the ground revealing his huge chest, then his boots socks breeches and leather jock.

He then got on top of me on the bed and began to kiss me and rub his huge hands all over me; his dick was huge and hard and pressed against mine. After a few minutes, he pushed my legs apart so they were on each side of his and lifted them onto his shoulders. I was looking straight at him and he at me. ‘Time to take some of my cum Doc, lets exchange what we have’ I pushed my ass towards him till I felt his dick against me ‘Fuck me boi’ I said.

He started to push at the muscles of my ass until the head of his cock went in, after that I can remember nothing I was in heaven as he pumped me full of his man cum, he seemed to be so deep in me, and I didn’t want him to stop. He was sweating and panting as he pushed deeper and deeper and then the groans as he emptied himself in me. He fell on top of me and our sweat mingled.

‘Wow doc, you sure have a nice body, lets see what your like in leather’ he said. I was so turned on by the thought ‘yes Chad lets change places play each other’

He passed me his breeches. I put my nose to them and breathed in. His smell was electric. I put them on first the left foot, feeling the damp warm leather. The smell was so horny. He grabbed me and transferred his metal cock ring onto my balls, my whole body jumped. Then the right leg and he pulled them over my arse and dick, the were warm with his body heat, the smell was intoxicating.

AS I looked at him he was rippling with muscle, true sex on legs, Tats on his huge arms, pure white skin

I pulled the breeches up till they filled my crack and covered my dick, they were warm and soft. They fitted me to perfection, and almost started to shrink to fit me, my leg muscles just expanded and my but pulled in as my dick grew to double the thickness and size. What I felt inside was unbelievable. It was unreal; my body was shuddering with the effect.

He passed me his jacket and leather police shirt and then unstrapped his harness. He placed it over my head and strapped me in, as he did it I shuddered as my pecs seemed to get bigger, my arms wider and my stomach started to pull in. I was so shocked, I was changing but it felt so good. I let him dress me with no resistance, the shirt, over my back and chest, and this enhanced the experience, the arm bands and wrist gauntlets.

I was changing my body was huge muscled.

He took off his gloves, then his rings and placed them on my finger then the gloves on my hands.

It was unreal; he then put his jacket on me. I was in turmoil, not knowing what to do or say, his silver neck chain then was added, and he pulled from his chest his piercing and put them on my nips they were huge, on huge huge pecs. ‘Do you like this doc’, he said, I couldn’t answer or speak. He put the muir cap on my head, my face felt like putty changing. Then I was nearly dressed fully when he put his socks on my feet and his boots on my legs, I was in his gear. He picked up my clothes and I watched him dress as me. As he did his body began to change. I was in shock.

He smiled and closed the Door to the room and I heard the key turn in the lock. I must be dreaming

I started to feel myself, the new me, what had he done, I hammered on the door.

I was crying at the thought of being imprisoned in this body as a patient. I dropped to sleep. It was mid day when I woke.

I started to pound on the door and scream, the guards tried to calm me down, ‘he’s stolen my body’ then it happened he appeared in my body my clothes, smiling as he approached me.

I had to take control so I pushed past and got hold of him, ‘give me my life’, at this point three guards came in. You OK doc they said, ‘yes I said’, they looked at me then him, ‘you OK?‘, ‘yes’ he said in my voice, ‘you better put him back’.

They grabbed me by the arms and I struggled as they took me out, ‘Im the doctor’ I shouted, they laughed, ‘this is new for him, hasn’t been like this for a while’, ‘yes’ I said ‘very new I think he is in for a new experience’, and they pulled me away.

I was manhandled out of the room, ‘I am the doctor, not him’ I said, they laughed, I struggled and got free, I was strong, they pressed an alarm and guys came running from all over. I was forcefully subdued as I screamed out how he had robbed me of my identify, a leather straight jacket came out and they folded my arms into it and took me to a room, padded, and strapped me to a bed. The bed was tipped so I was upright, then he came in. ‘Leave us alone’, he said to the guards, ‘are you sure doc’, ‘yep he cant get out’.

When they had left he smiled and laughed, ‘woof you are one horny man. I like the leather, you must, fab muscles, ill have to build this body up now, bit naff, but im free, your in here. So im the doctor’. I started to shout at him, he laughed produced a gag, and put it in my mouth.

So Im a patient now at St James with no chance of ever getting out, the doctor always visits and I always fight.

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