By Redsylph
published July 9, 2017
2395 words

Isaac finds more out about the stone

School had ended for Isaac, and he was waiting in the parking lot for his room mate to pick him up. The rest of the day was average, except Isaac couldn’t stop thinking about what happened in orchestra. He took out the stone from his pocket. It seemed to gleam in his hand, the power within it seemingly alive. Isaac put the stone back in his pocket and took out his phone.

“Blue clear crystal that stops time…”, Isaac googled. He almost laughed at himself. The idea of what happened and what he was holding felt so surreal. The search ended up being useless, leading to sites talking about quarts and crystals, none matching the appearances or abilities he looked up. He sighed. Of course, you can’t just Google an all powerful rock and strike gold on the first try. Plus most of these were all spiritual nonsense. Isaac was slightly worried. The rock had seemed to speak to him. A little whisper in his ear, and he learned what he felt a fraction of what the rock’s power has.

Marco pulled up in front of him in the parking lot. Isaac waved at him. “You know, you should get your license soon. It’s gonna be weird for a college junior to not have a license yet.” Marco remarked as he got into the car. He was wearing a yellow polo shirt with brown cargo pants, his hair neatly parted to the side. Marco could be mistaken as one of those rude preppy boys, until he opened his mouth. Then it was just video games and pointless trivia. That’s okay though. Isaac liked Marco that way, and felt that he could become a trustworthy friend someday.

“Yea, but I need to practice more. Still can’t get parallel parking right. My turns are sloppy too.” Isaac muttered. It’d be great to get his license, but he had other stuff to focus on. Marco dropped the topic, and he started to talk about what he did today. Isaac listened and talked to him, giving him advice or making jokes all the way home.

Isaac sat in his bed. He recalled what happened today. Him holding Elliot, the sloppy kisses, everyone in the room ‘watching’ them. It felt like a dream. A very, very good dream. He felt tension in his pants. He moved his hands down to his crotch, feeling his dick over his underwear. Isaac contemplated what he was about to do.

After a few minutes, he pulled his cock out, precum leaking from the tip. Isaac grabbed his shaft, his thumb sliding over the head, smearing the liquid to the rest of his dick, and started pumping, slowly. From his base to the tip, he rubbed, entire member covered in a slick coat of his lube.

He wanted Elliot.

He wanted him all to himself. His brown soft hair, bright blue eyes, and that mouth. It was so perfect. A funny, charismatic voice with a silver tongue, behind pearly white teeth. He wanted to fuck Elliot’s mouth. Cum in his throat. Make him swallow his load.

Isaac’s pumping escalated. He took his left hand and rubbed it over his chest. He was close. Isaac quietly groaned. His cock twitched, almost reaching climax.

“Ah, shit…” Isaac realised he hadn’t grabbed a towel or any tissue. He moaned, quiet enough to not be heard as he sprayed his load. His cock convulsed slightly as he let go. He closed his eyes in pleasure, and shortly felt a warm liquid on his stomach.

Isaac laid there for a minute. He felt a pang in his chest. He felt bad for using his friend like that. He wanted to have a real relationship. One that was made by his own hand and not from a magical stone.

But it wasn’t gonna happen.

It never will.

Isaac was given this incredible chance. He needed to take advantage of it. The bedside table on Isaac’ s left had the stone on it. It faintly shimmered under the light. Isaac stared at it, thinking to himself. He needed to know what it is, so he can properly utilise its powers. Isaac carefully got up, his cum still on his chest. He walked over to his desktop and took out two pieces of tissue and wiped his torso and stomach. The tissues were then promptly crumbled up and thrown in the trash. Isaac sat down in his chair, wearing nothing but his underwear. A pile of homework stared at him on the right of his desk. He decided he’ll do it later.

This is way more important first.

Isaac ended up researching into ungodly hours that night. As soon as the horizon showed signs of a giant ball of gas rising up, Isaac instantly regret what he had done. Multiple tabs were opened on his screen. Several were minerals, crystals, and rock sites, others were social media sites, and one was a YouTube playlist of video game soundtracks. The pile of homework was still there, untouched. He had gotten nowhere with this research, and he had school in 2 hours.

Isaac bitterly mumbled to himself and stood up, stretching his limbs. He set an alarm that will go off in about an hour on his phone, before throwing it somewhere in his bed. He got up from his chair and made his way over to his bed. Isaac leaned forward and fell right on it. It didn’t take long for sleep to come.

The alarm clock on his phone filled his room with a high pitched ringing. Isaac searched for the source of the sound somewhere underneath the covers. With one thumb, he swiped it towards the off symbol, before it finally shut off. He opened one eye and squinted at the screen.

6:12 AM

His first class starts at 7:15. This was not looking good. He practically got no sleep, and his research didn’t take him anywhere closer to finding out anything about that stupid rock his dad gave him.

His dad.

He’s gonna have some questions for him later. Isaac’s eyes could barely be kept open. He went in and out of sleep, trying hard to get up. “Want more sleep…” Isaac muttered before falling back asleep.

He awoke naturally, feeling refreshed. Isaac stretched happily on his bed, the gears in his brain starting to turn.

“…Oh no.” Isaac groaned. He fell asleep, meaning he missed his first class, meaning his professor is gonna lecture him in front of class again, meaning he’s gonna get extra work, meaning he’s not gonna be able to hang out with his friends and make better connections.

In a state of panic, Isaac jumped out of bed. He hurried over to his dressers and pulled out fresh clothing. It was mostly cargo shorts and plain t-shirts. Once dressed, he grabbed the pile of homework on his desk and stuffed it inside his backpack hanging on the wall. Isaac opened the door and took a few steps forward, before uttering a curse, doing a 180, and went back into his room. He forgot his phone. It should be somewhere on the bed.

Walking back into his room gave Isaac perspective. It was still dark. As in, the sun just barely got up dark. He glanced over to his desk and saw a faint gleam.

No way. Did it do it again?

Isaac walked to his bed to look for his phone. He found it slightly hidden underneath the pillow. He turned it on and received instant confirmation.

6:13 AM. Only a minute passed since he checked his phone an hour ago. That statement amused Isaac. He wasn’t as scared as the first time, as he knew how to stop it if he needed too. He got up from his bed and placed the phone in his pocket. He glanced over at his desk and carefully made his way over to the stone and picked it up. He walked towards the door. Isaac grinned as he left his room, excited to try and test the limit of this stone.

The commute to university was already pretty quick. Now that no one was moving, it was even faster. Isaac pulled up campus on his bike and left it there. No one can steal it anyway. Those who had classes at this time were making their way over to the main building. Isaac couldn’t see anyone in the crowd that he knew, until he walked a little further towards the door. A pale head, with a full hair of gold locks. It was Eddy, the one who sat next to Elliot in the violin section. He was sitting on a park bench, next to one of our cellist, Alicia. Eddy’s face had a grin on it, and Alicia was laughing.

‘Probably in the middle of a joke or something,’ Isaac thought. Eddy had a certain amiability about him. He was kind of like the comic relief of the orchestra, always in a good mood. Looking closely, Eddy wasn’t half bad. He wasn’t as well defined as some of the other guys, but had that boy next door quality to him.

Isaac walked up to the two. He felt bad as to what he was about to do. For science, Isaac thought.

Isaac grabbed Eddy by his shoulders and moved him a bit closer. Isaac leaned in and took Eddy by the mouth. The inside of his mouth was hot, and Isaac wanted to go in deeper, feeling everything with his tongue. Isaac pulled back and took some time to stabilize his breathing. He licked Eddy’s cheeks, up and down, and found his mouth again to go in for another deep kiss, his right hand gripping the back of Eddy’s head.

While doing so, Isaac took his other hand and rubbed Eddy’s crotch. After Isaac pulled back from the second kiss, there was no reaction under Eddy’s pants.

Hmm. Noted.

Isaac got up, and after a few minutes, made Eddy stand up by himself. He turned him around and took his pants off, along with a pair of blue striped underwear. Now Eddy was facing away from Isaac, completely naked and exposed.

Isaac leaned Eddy over and spread his cheeks apart. His ass was a bit hairy, with golden pubes, and it excited Isaac. Eddy’s hole was in plain view, and Isaac marveled at the sight. Eddy was spread apart on a bench outside of campus, his ass out.

Isaac looked behind him and saw Alicia’s frozen laughing face. That made him slightly uncomfortable so he positioned Alicia to face away from them, a little in the distance.


Isaac went back to Eddy. He took his own pants off, along with his underwear. Beads of precum was forming at the tip of his dick, slowly dripping down. There was enough to cover Isaac’s entire hand with a slick coat of ‘lube’. Isaac knelt down, and moved his face close to Eddy’s hole. His tongue penetrated the other boy, and Isaac enjoyed every moment of it. This would also help ease Isaac in later. Eddy was all wet and ready to go, and Isaac pushed his finger in Eddy, slowly. It went in with ease. Then his middle finger. Then his index finger.

Three fingers were inside Eddy, and Isaacs was more than ready to go. He took his fingers out and tasted them, before slowly pushing his cock into Eddy. After a few more inching in, the base of Isaac’s dick touched Eddy’s ass and it couldn’t go any further.

The inside of Eddy felt incredibly good. Not once in his life would he have thought he would do this with a cute guy. Isaac started doing small movements to get Eddy’s used to it, going into bigger motions. Soon Isaac was thrusting in and out of Eddy, fucking him against the bench. Feeling his sadistic nature swelling, Isaac stopped and picked Eddy up by his legs. He held apart Eddy’s legs, up in the air , exposing his flaccid and unmoving cock, still wearing the same expression from earlier. Isaac could walk around like this. He did just that. They walked over to Alicia. Eddy was bobbing up and down on Isaac’s cock, right in front of Alicia. It was cruel.

And Isaac loved every second of it.

Isaac was reaching climax, and he put Eddy on the grass, face down. He positioned his ass up, and Isaac grabbed Eddy by the hips, and started to thrust in and out as hard as he could. With one final thrust, Isaac released his seed into Eddy’s ass.


Isaac enjoyed a few moment of rest, before taking a while to position everything back into place. Almost everything.

Eddy was against the bench, only with his shirt on. Isaac fingered Eddy’s hole, trying to guide the cum out of his ass. A thin stream of cum was flowing out of Eddy, Isaac scooped some up. Not all of it was out, considering how deep Isaac came.

With his cum in his hand, Isaac put it in his mouth, turned Eddy around, and kissed him, transferring his cum into Eddy’s mouth. Down the hatch.

Isaac smiled triumphantly, wiped his mouth with his arm, and continued to dress Eddy.

Once far away enough, Isaac pulled out the stone. He commanded it to stop, and just like before, the students reanimated into life again. He looked at Eddy and Alicia sitting on the bench. Nothing was unusual, except for Eddy coughing and clearing his throat, puzzled by the sudden clogging.

Isaac was content with this.

**AN: Hey! Sorry if it’s a lot! I got really excited this chapter. These are mostly my kinks, so it may not be for your taste. probably shouldn’t have tried writing a series on the first go, but these are the types I like to read, so its what I instinctively wrote. This is basically chapter 2+3 here, so it might be a while till next update

Is this too much or am I on the right track here? Feedback is appreciated. :^)

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