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Re-Write: Sissified

Series: Re-Write
By MCBrain
published April 14, 2016
4695 words

This is the story of how Aaron disappeared, and Erin came about.

Aaron drove home, annoyed. This wasn’t unusual for Aaron, because there was always something bothering him. In his 24 years of life, Aaron had never had a day where something didn’t go wrong, according to him. But today especially had been a rather trying day.

His co-worker Darla filed a sexual harassment report with HR, and they had spoken with him today. He told them he hadn’t done anything, and it was true. He had only complimented her breasts when she came in with that new blouse. If she didn’t want people to stare, she shouldn’t have worn it, especially at work. It was her fault for choosing to dangle herself in front of ever red-blooded male in the building. Besides, Aaron knew for a fact that she was sleeping with everyone on the fifth floor. The guys all talked about her like that behind her back. He was the only one brave enough to do it to her face.

He tried to explain this all to HR, but they didn’t listen. Aaron figured that HR was run by a woman, or maybe Darla slept with the whole department. Yeah, that was like her. She probably slept with all of them.

Not that he blamed the guys. Who wouldn’t want to sleep with that piece of ass? It was all Darla’s fault. She was the one who filed the report. She was the one who rejected him. She probably thought she was better than him, fucking bitch. Yeah, he wasn’t muscled or string like all the other guys, but he had something none of the other guys had. Brains. And a fucking personality.

He needed to blow off some steam. He arrived home, and went straight to the computer. There, opened up his web browser, and went of Facebook.

He looked up his co-worker Darla. Yeah, there she was and- holy shit! Did HR not see this? She was in a fucking bikini on her profile pic! How unprofessional is that?

As Aaron scrolled through her pictures, he got madder and madder. Here he was, suspended without pay for a fucking compliment, while this bitch got away with wearing whatever she wanted on the internet? Fucking feminazi hypocrite! He’d make her pay…

The next few days, Aaron barely left his computer. He spent his days harassing Darla online, on every selfie, every status update. Picture of her duck-face - what a dog. Picture of her with her friends - bitches can’t even stand straight from all the dick they get. Status update saying she feels like ice cream - yeah, if ice cream means cock, slut.

He didn’t use his own page to do this - he made a new one. By now, Aaron was sure that bitch Darla was crying into her pillow every night, or actually, probably gone to get some dick to drown out her sorrows. Yeah. Bitch like her is probably sucking cock right now actually. Aaron’s dick started to rise at the thought of Darla’s mouth around his cock. Yeah.


Aaron snapped out of his fantasy, and looked at his phone. Facebook. Darla posted something. He checked it, and was surprised:

Checking out Cubed tonight. Should be fun!

‘Cubed?’ Aaron thought, ‘The fag club? Yeah, course that bitch would fit right in with those faggots. Did she think she could turn them by going to their club? For her? That bitch, so fucking full of herself.’

It made Aaron inexplicably angry that she was going to a gay club. He couldn’t understand it.

‘Why would she go, unless it was to try and turn one of those faggots?’ he thought angrily, but then, something occurred to him.

‘It would be kind of funny to see her get rejected again and again,’ Aaron smiled at the thought. ‘And maybe, if she gets rejected enough…’

He was getting hard again. As the cogs in his brain turned, he got harder and harder, more excited at the prospect, until he couldn’t bare it anymore.

‘Fuck it,’ he thought, ‘Let’s go to this club.’

Aaron walked into the club, expecting a whole bunch of gyrating men and their fag hags. He was right.

The place was loud and obnoxious, like most fags. He grumbled as he went to the bar, looking around for that dyke bitch. He saw her, sitting with a couple of her friends, in a booth. Aaron took immense pleasure in the fact that she looked like she wasn’t enjoying herself.

He ordered himself a drink, and kept his eyes on her. He watched as she just sat there, not even talking to anyone. Yeah, she was probably feeling low because of all the stuff he wrote to her the past few days. Bitch was getting what she deserved.

“Can I get you something?”

Aaron was snapped out of his staring by a large man. He was wearing a tank top and jeans, and was built like a tank. Real Alpha type. Aaron shuffled in his seat uncomfortably. This guy was probably some fag, interested in his ass or something.

“I’m good. Thanks,” said Aaron.

To Aaron’s annoyance, the man sat down next to him anyway.

“Beer,” he said to the bartender, “And another of whatever he’s having.”

Aaron said nothing, and kept looking at Darla. Bitch hadn’t moved.

“You come here often?” said the man.

Aaron snorted.

“Fucking faggot can’t even come up with a good pickup line,” he muttered. Then, he supposed that fags don’t usually need much to get picked up.

The man didn’t seem to hear him.

“You know,” said the man, leaning over his shoulder, “You’re the hottest guy in here.”

Aaron felt like he was going to vomit.

“Fuck off, faggot,” he said to the man, turning and looking him in the eyes, “I don’t want none of your gay shit.”

The man smiled, undeterred.

“How ’bout this,” he said, “I give you my number, and then I go away. Ball’s in your court, you get to decide whether we meet again or not.”

Aaron thought about it. On the one hand, he didn’t want anything to do with this fucking fairy. On the other, he really wanted him to go away, so he could watch Darla.

“Fine,” said Aaron, “Give me your number.”

The man took out a pen, and motioned towards Aaron’s hand. Aaron rolled his eyes, gave his hand, and went back to looking at Darla.

Bitch was talking to someone! A man. She was smiling, and touching his arm. Who the fuck was thi-

“Answer me one last question,” said the man, “Why are you here?”

Aaron sighed, intending to tell the man to fuck off.

“I’m here to make that bitch over there,” he pointed towards Darla, “Suck my dick. Fuck off.”

Weird. He hadn’t meant to tell him the first bit.


Aaron woke up slowly. His vision was blurry, but he could see someone looming over him.

He groaned, and moved to rub his face, but couldn’t. He moved his arm again - it was tied down.


Aaron jolted himself awake, starting to panic. His arms and legs were tied down to a - a bedframe? He looked around; his head wasn’t tied down. He was in some windowless room, as far as he could see. The only thing in the room aside from the bed an himself, was a large mirror on the ceiling, where he saw himself.

“Finally awake, hmm?”

Aaron turned his head to find the man from the bar. His last memory was of the man telling him to sleep. The man was flipping through an old notebook, the word “CHARACTERS” printed on the front.

“What the fuck did yo-”

“Be quiet.”

Aaron opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out. His eyes widened as he tried to speak, fear creeping into his spine.

“It’s the pen,” said the man, not looking up from his book, “The pen basically enslaves you to me. Usually I would take much more enjoyment in this, but I am in a bit of a hurry.”

The man stopped on a page, reading it a few times over. He nodded to himself, left it open on the bed.

Aaron read the passage in the book, confused and terrified. It looked like a profile, but with all the attributes in different colours:

SISSY SLUT #3 (purple):

  • FULL LIPS (blue)
  • LONG HAIR (blue)
  • EROGENOUS ASSHOLE x10 (blue)
  • OBEDIENT (red)

The man picked up a pen, and Aaron’s eyes went wide as he realised what was about to happen. He struggled against his restraints. The man laughed.

“Oh, don’t worry, you’ll still be in there,” said the man, tapping Aaron’s forehead.

He wrote on Aaron’s head, in purple:


Aaron’s mouth opened, trying to scream as his body changed, but no sound came out. It didn’t hurt, it just felt…weird. His brown hair grew until shoulder length, and he felt and saw his chest balloon out, like breasts. He felt his dick stir, hardening at the sight of naked breasts. His ass too, felt a bit weird, getting wetter. Aaron squirmed, horny, his lips becoming full and luscious. He licked his lips unconsciously, inadvertently sending a shock of pleasure from his lips to his cock and ass. He moaned, looking at himself in the mirror. If it weren’t for that hard cock, he would have found his new self sexy.

As it was, he was pretty horny. The man untied Aaron, and his hands immediately went to stroke his cock.

“Don’t touch yourself,” the man ordered.

Aaron’s body stopped itself, and that made Aaron happy. He did it! He followed orders. Now the man would be happ- No! That wasn’t him thinking, it was, it was-

“You still there, boy?” said the man.

Aaron nodded, mind in a haze of lust. He was so horny, he wanted to touch himself…

“Do you want to follow orders?” the man asked.

Aaron moaned, trying to come up with an answer.

“N-no…” he managed to say, Yes, he didn’t want to follow orders, he wasn’t going to be-

“Good boy.”

Aaron smiled immediately. He did it! He got the man’s approval! He was a good bo- No! No, this was a trick, some kind of-

“I see you struggling,” said the man, “Good.”

The man pulled out a chest from under the bed, and opened it. From inside, he pulled out a black miniskirt, pink bra, yellow tank top, and bright pink panties.

“Wear these, then wait. Don’t play with yourself.”

The man stayed, and waited. Aaron tried to disobey, but his body wore the clothes anyway. Once he had them all on, he felt a certain sense of…satisfaction. He did what the man said, which was good. Plus…he looked kind of hot.

The man inspected Aaron. Aaron tried not to pay attention to him, but a part of him did want to get his attention…No! That wasn’t him! That was the man, the man was making him think these things!

“Turn around and stay still.”

Aaron did what he was told, and waited. He felt the man writing something on his back.

“You can move again,” said the man, “Wait here.”

The man left.

Aaron lay down on the bed, and looked at himself in the mirror. He pushed his breasts together, legs rubbing against each other, posing. A pulse of horniness went from his breasts to his cock. Aaron immediately stopped. He wasn’t supposed to play with himself, stupid, stupid. He was so stupid. He shouldn’t have done that. He shouldn’t-

The door opened, and in walked the man, with a policeman. Aaron immediately sat up.

“This her?” said the policeman.

The man nodded, handed the policeman a red pen, and left.

The policeman walked over to Aaron slowly, looking at him. Aaron stared back.

“So,” said the policeman, “I hear you’ve been a naughty girl.”

“I’m not a girl,” snapped Aaron.

The policeman raised an eyebrow, then smiled.

“Stay still,” he said.

Aaron’s body froze. The policeman took out the red pen, and wrote on Aaron’s arm:


“You can move now,” he said, “Now, how about you admit that you have been a naughty girl?”

Aaron gasped, his ass and cock twitching. He felt the heat rise in his cheeks, embarrassed an disgusted with himself.

“I-I’m not,” he started, “N-not a-”

“No?” the man said, grabbing Aaron’s tits, “Not even with these?”

He began to play with them, kneading them, squeezing them, pushing them together. Aaron couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

“N-no,” he said, voice going slightly higher.

The man leaned in and kissed Aaron. The contact with his lips made him hornier, and he let the policeman inside his mouth. Aaron moaned into the cop’s mouth as they frenched, getting hornier and hornier.

“You hard, boy?” asked the cop.

Aaron couldn’t lie. He nodded meekly.

“Show me.”

Aaron lifted his miniskirt, showing the bulge in his panties.

“Is that all?” the cop laughed. Aaron blushed.

The cop pushed Aaron back onto the bed, and lifted his tank top. On his stomach, he wrote in red:


Aaron could feel his cock growing as he moaned.

“Get up, off the bed,” the cop ordered. Aaron complied.

“Good boy,” said the cop, making Aaron blush, “Now turn around, and take off those panties, boy. Sexily.”

Aaron really didn’t want to. Not for this cop. I mean, he was making him into a stripper! He wasn’t a stripper! But…if he did…the cop would be happy…and he wanted to make people happy…he wanted people to like him…

He turned around, and looking back and smiling coyly, he bent over, pulling down his panties, but not his mini-skirt. The cop grinned, and Aaron smiled wider. He did it! He made the cop happy!

“Good boy,” said the cop, “Now how about you do a little dance for me.”

Dance? Aaron had never been a good dancer. Yet…he also remembered that he was. But, did he really want to dance sexily for this man? Aaron was still straight, after all. And a guy. He was straight. But…he wanted the cop to like him.

Aaron stood up, his hardening cock visible under the tenting mini-skirt. He waved his hips sensually, groping his breasts and slowly, slowly pushing his hands down to his legs. He took a step forward with each wave of his hips, feeling more and more fulfilled as he saw the cop’s eyes stray between his hard cock and bouncing breasts.

Aaron, pulled off his tank top, dropping it on the floor as he reached the cop. He leaned over, giving the cop a good view of his goods, before suddenly turning around. Aaron began to twerk against the man’s ever-hardening cock.


“Oh!” Aaron gasped involuntarily as he felt the man slap his ass. It hurt so good. He looked back, and saw the cock undo his fly and take out his 9 inch cock. The cop pulled Aaron’s upper body back, groping his breasts as he rubbed his cock against Aaron’s asshole.

“You like that?” the cop whispered, “You want my cock inside you?”

“N-n-no…” Aaron managed to gasp, rubbing his ass against the thick, hard cock.

“No?” said the man, “But you’re enjoying yourself so much…”

It was true. Aaron was so horny, and the cock against his ass made him wonder what it would feel like inside him, filling him, rubbing him from the inside…

“N-no,” Aaron said, “I-I’m-s-s-st-straigh…straight.”

“Well of course you are,” said the man, “A straight girl.”


“Naughty, naughty,” said the cop, suddenly squeezing Aaron’s breasts, making him gasp, “Such a naughty girl pretending to be a boy.”

“I’m-I’m a…a…”

“It would make me so happy if you admitted you were a girl. Don’t you want to make me happy?”

Aaron bit his lip, sending another wave of pleasure to his already steel-hard dick. He did want to make the cop happy.

The cop undid Aaron’s bra, releasing his breasts. He started to play with his nipples, making Aaron moan again.

“Don’t you want to make me happy?” the cop repeated, “Don’t you want to cum?”

Aaron said nothing. He wanted to cum so bad. He wanted to make the cop happy.

The cop’s hand drifted down to Aaron’s cock, and started pumping it.


Aaron’s knees came together, as he brought a hand to his face, biting his fingers.

Suddenly, the cop shoved his cock up Aaron’s wet asshole.


Aaron’s eyes grew wide, his mouth the shape of a perfect ‘O.’ He felt the hard cock pressing up inside him, against him, filling him up. The cop started to fuck him lightly, small pushes into his wet, ready hole.

“You like that, huh?” said the cop, “Tell me the truth.”

“Yes! Yes!” said Aaron, “Like. It!”

The cop started to thrust harder.

“You’re getting off on being fucked, aren’t you?”


“Are you some kind of faggot?” the cop grunted, “Some faggot that likes to get fucked?”

“N-no!” Aaron groaned from pleasure.

“Then you must be a girl,” said the cop, “Only girls and faggots like getting fucked. You ain’t a faggot, so you must be a girl.”

Aaron’s mouth opened, but no words came out. His eyes crossed, as he moaned.

“Say it,” hissed the cop, “Say you’re a naughty, slutty girl that likes to get fucked by dirty men.”

“I-I,” Aaron wanted to make him happy. He wanted to cum so bad. His cock was throbbing on the edge of orgasm.

“I’m a naughty, slutty girl,” said Aaron, “That…that liked to get fucked…by…by dirty…dirty men.”

The man slapped Aaron’s ass, making her moan again. He then picked her up, and slammed her on the bed on her stomach, dick still inside her.

“Doggy style, bitch,” the man ordered. Aaron complied.

The man grabbed the miniskirt, and started to fuck Aaron in earnest, reading what was on her back:


“You’re a slut,” the cop spat.

Aaron moaned.

“Repeat what I say, bitch!” the man slapped her ass, and Aaron gasped again.

“I’m! A! Slut!”

“You love getting fucked in your bussy!”

“I! Love! Getting! Fucked! In! My! Bussy!”

“You may have a cock, but you’re a fucking girl!”

“I’m! A! Fucking! Girl!”

“You’re a fuckhole!”

“I’m! A! Fuckhole!”

“Your only purpose is to be fucked!”

“My! On! Ly! Pur! Pose! Is! To! Be! Fucked!”

Aaron was going crazy now. Her dick had been on edge for what felt like hours.

“Please! Let! Me! Cum!”

“Call me sir,” the cop grunted.

“Please! Sir!”

“Cum, bitch!”

Aaron’s cock exploded all over her breasts, arms, and chin. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, mind blank for blissful orgasm. Her body locked up for a moment, then she fell the mattress, gasping.

“Get up, bitch,” ordered the cop, slapping her again, “We still got work to do.”

“Where do you work?”


“Pretty smart, girl.”

“I…have…an IQ…of…186”

“How many times have you cum now?”


“How about you cum again?”


“So that’s why…he was…prosecuted”

“Pretty good, after cumming five times”

“Thank! You! Sir!”


“So…that’s how…um…that’s why…”

“Can’t remember?”

“I…I…I know…this…”

“How many times?”

“Umm…7. I know that! I..came…7…”

“Cum again.”

“Unh! Hunh!”

“Well, you didn’t answer!”

“You’re! Fucking! Me!”

“You could do it before.”


“How about we make it 14, and cum.”

“What’s 2 + 2?”


Aaron giggled as she bounced on the cock, breasts jiggling in the air, sweat shining on her body, cock hard and bouncing along with her.

“I dunno.” She giggled again.

“You’re just a dumb, horny girl, aren’t you?”

“Yep! I let smart men like Daddy do all the thinking!”

“That’s right, babygirl,” said the cop, slapping her ass, “Cum for me.”

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her cock exploded all over Daddy’s chest.

Senior Officer Denton looked at the photos. They were of a man, with his body covered with words, smiling blankly at the camera, fingering himself in the ass.

“Never seen anything like this before, eh John?”

Denton’s partner, John Malcolms, grunted.

“’Parently that’s Jason Mardseden,” said Malcolms, “Former Head of Public Relations at Devon and Sons.”

“The Law Firm?”

“Yep.” Malcolms took the photos back from Denton, then looked at the rest of the crowd.

They were in the police precinct for a meeting. Sixteen of the force’s best detectives and beat cops were in this room.

“Apparently, someone is abducting men and turning them into sex-crazed maniacs,” said Malcolms. There was ripple of muttering throughout the room. They had all heard the rumours, but…

“How?” said a voice from the back.

Denton turned around to see who it was.

Linda Edgecombe, rising star of the precinct. Denton smiled. He had been her mentor, at one time. It was nice to see her climbing the ranks.

“We don’t know yet,” confessed Malcolms, "We think it’s some kind of hypnotism, possibly tied to all the words written on all the victims.

“What I need all of you to do, is to find out what kind of people this…serial rapist is going after.”

Denton listened to Malcolm’s plans. They were methodical and logical, as expected of the current head of the force. After the meeting was dismissed, Denton went up to Malcolms.

“You don’t really think this guy is using hypnotism to seduce men, do you?” he asked his superior officer.

Malcolms sighed, rubbing his upper arm. Denton knew this meant he felt uncertain about something; he’d played enough Poker games with this man to learn that much.

“I know he’s making people do things they wouldn’t normally do,” he finally said, “I don’t know how, but it’s nothing like we’ve ever seen before.”

Denton sighed.

“Yeah…I guess I just can’t wrap my head around mind control,” he laughed. Malcolms smiled.

“It is a little out there,” he admitted.

There was a knock on the door, and a head poked through.

“Daddy? You in here?”

“Erin!” said Denton, “What are you doing here?”

“Sorry!” she said, coming into the office. Denton’s adopted daughter was a looker, Malcolms had to admit. Big breasts, long brown hair. gorgeous lips…

Malcolms grunted and looked away, embarrassed.

“I just wanted to drop off some dinner,” she started to ramble, “You know, since you were gonna work late tonight…”

“Just put it in my office,” said Denton, smiling. Erin smiled back, and left.

“She sure has grown older since the last time I saw her” said Malcolms, “She’s recovered well from the accident.”

“That’s my daughter,” said Denton, “She’s a fighter.”

Malcolms grunted, and there was no more said.

Denton walked into his office, to find the blinds drawn, a steaming pie on his desk, and a shirtless girl with a dick in his seat. She was playing with her breasts, her cock already hard under her pantyless skirt, in front of a laptop with the camera on. She looked over to the opened door.

“Fuck me Daddy.”

Denton smiled as he walked over to her.

“Get off the chair, and onto my dick.”

He had made a couple changes to Aaron since he fucked his brains out two weeks ago. His favourite one was on her back, just above the black cumming command, written in red:


No one would suspect that the 18 year old Erin - who had died with her mother in a car crash two weeks ago - was in fact the former 24 year old Aaron. Besides, it gave Denton a thrill to think about what people would say if they found out that he was fucking his adopted “teen” daughter. It turned him on so much, that was what he told was happening to his webcam watchers.

He sat down in his seat, undid his fly, and released his hard cock. Erin licked her lips, and began to lower herself on the dick.

“We’re at work,” Denton growled at the camera, “And my little girl wanted to surprise me.”

“I love making Daddy hard,” she cooed, “Especially when there are other people around, watching.”

Denton cast an eye towards the door. No one would interrupt. After all, he was a Senior Officer, staying late.

They fucked on cam for a few hours, Denton denying his “daughter” the pleasure of cumming. Suddenly, a knock on the door.

Erin scrambled to get under the desk, and Denton, made himself look presentable.

“Come in!”

Malcolms’ head popped in through the door. Denton’s heart started to beat fast.

Erin started to suck Denton’s cock under the desk.

“Just saying that I’m leaving,” said Malcolms.

“Oh?” said Denton. He lowered the screen of the laptop, as if to say he was paying more attention to Malcolms, but really to point the camera at Erin sucking his cock uder the desk.

“Yeah, I was wondering if you wanted to come out. Go for a drink, y’know.”

Erin sucked hard, swirling her sensitive tongue around the head. She held his long shaft with one hand, and rubbed her own thick cock with the other.

“Um…nah, I think I’ll…pass,” managed Denton, “Raincheck. Got a…lot of work.”

Malcolms nodded, then paused. Something seemed off.

“You okay, Denton?”

“Hmm? Yeah fine.”

Erin took all his nine inches down her throat, her own cock red with desire.

“You seem a little…flushed,” said Malcolms.

Denton put his arms up in the air, unable to answer with words.

Malcolms raised an eyebrow.

Erin started to play with Denton’s balls.

“Okay,” said Malcoms, “Maybe next time.”

With that, he left.

Denton sighed, as Erin got up from her hiding place.

“That was fun, Daddy,” she giggled.

“That was very naughty, Erin,” said Denton, and Erin blushed, biting her lip.

“Daddy needs to punish you now.”

With that, he picked her up by the hips, and plunged his cock into her wet asshole.


She moaned, cock twitching.

“You like that babygirl?”

“Yes, Daddy, I love your cock!” she exclaimed. The webcam views were skyrocketing from the walk-in incident.

“How about as punishment,” Denton growled in Erin’s ear, “Every time I smack your ass, you cum?”

Erin’s eyes grew wide as Denton began fucking her, and slapped her ass.

“FFFFFUUUUUUUUUCKKK!” Erin gasped, eyes rolling to the back of her head, “Da-a-a-ddiii-ii-iii!”

It was strange, before his wife an daughter died, Senior Officer Denton never even considered the thought of fucking his teenage daughter. However, ever since he met the man…

As Denton fucked the last vestiges of Aaron out of Erin, no one noticed the small writing in Black on Denton’s neck:


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