By The Yetti -
published April 9, 2016
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After helping someone out, Jack finds that reward helps him get the man he’s been lusting over.

I had never been very good at impulse control. Generally I took what I want. That had usually included the men in my life. Being a six foot five black haired behemoth usually helped me in that regard. Even the straight men I came across felt some curiosity about what it must be like to spend the night with me. A curiosity I usually talked them into exploring. But I had never plied my trade at work. There wasn’t much temptation but still I knew the line between business and pleasure. That was until they hired Louis.

Louis had come into the office to fill the spot of one of my less productive coworkers and I couldn’t have been happier. The employee before him had been an utter douchebag. But Louis could not have been more different. He wasn’t my usual type. I tend to go for tall men and Louis was on the shorter side, only 5’6”. But what he lacked in height he made up for in sheer confidence. I noticed it from the minute I shook his hand. And why not, Louis was a real good looking dude. Blonde hair brushed back into this 90’s esque wave, a full beard complete with a mustache that curled at the ends, making him look like some sort of renaissance faire circus performer. His eyes were also a shade of ice blue that I couldn’t help but love. Yeah I had a thing for him almost the instant I laid eyes on him.

The tough bit however, was that he seemed to not be interested in me one tiny bit. He had mentioned several times he had a wife and kids at home, which normally wouldn’t be quite such a deterrent but he seemed to bring it up more often whenever I made any sort of move. Smile a little too long, he’d hit me with a cute story about the wife. Give him a wink, hear awkwardly about how much he loved his kids. I was picking up the pure wave of cockblock energy this guy was putting down and it had thrown me off.

I had given up any hope of getting him in bed by week two, and our working relationship vastly improved. But I still would be lying if I said there wasn’t a bit of an ember of attraction burning. It only got worse over time. It turns out Louis played three different instruments, many of which he brought with him to practice on his breaks out by the smoking gazebo. Call me cliched but I do love musicians.

To make sure I didn’t get fired for sexual harassment, I kept my sexual advances damped down but I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t sorely tempted to redouble my efforts. Still that this little obsession set in and I had so much trouble shaking it. I ended up thinking about him more than was strictly necessary and I tried to distract myself with anything in the area. It was pointless to obsess over some straight guy who barely acknowledged your existence.

Memorial day came around the corner however and that resolve was tested sorely. Being a national holiday, no one was required to come in but they always asked for volunteers and hell it was time and half so I always volunteered. But this year I was going to have someone join me. Louis also put his name down, which meant it would be just him and me, alone in the office for 8 full hours. I felt my blood start to boil just at the thought of it. Then it all came to a sudden halt. Why would being alone mean he’d be any more susceptible to my charms than he was previously. I stopped myself from getting to excited and moved on.

That weekend however something changed. I was walking home down my block from work, when I noticed a little old woman struggling with her groceries. She had a wheeled cart but it looked like the wheel had broken and now the cart was dragging lopsided along. Most people just ignored the woman, charging forward on their busy schedules but I had nothing to do, why not help her. She seemed only too grateful to have someone remove that burden even for a short time.

I carried her groceries to her apartment, several blocks from the point I found her and she invited me in for tea. I couldn’t find it in my heart to refuse her and so I ended up having tea with her and putting her groceries away. She was a fascinating woman, she told me these long in depth stories about how she traveled here from the Ukraine and all the insane things that happened to her in her youth.

“You know,” She said. I could still hear her slight accent. “It’s not everyone who would stop and help an old woman.”

“It’s no problem, I didn’t have anything else going on.”

“No wife or children to get home to?”

“No I’m not really the wife and kids type.”

Her face lit up with a little bit of glee when I mentioned that, like I was confirming her suspicions.

“I had a brother like that, he was a good boy. Dabbled in some…things…” She said ominously as she stood and walked to a drawer.

“Things?” I asked.

“Magic.” She lifted a small purple jewel from out of the drawer and showed it to me. “I’ve been looking for someone to give this to since he passed away. Only a man can use it, and only on other men. Its a tricky enchantment he pulled off.”

“Oh Okay!” I said keeping my voice cheerful but noting that this woman was probably some form of senile. Especially if she thought magic was real.

“I can tell you don’t believe me. Not many would” She said with a good natured chuckle. “But take it. In any case it’s pretty and whether you use it or not, is all up to you. Consider it an old woman’s gratitude.”

Not wanting to offend the woman I took her necklace and looped it around my neck, smiling as I did so. It was a pretty thing when you got right down to it, and I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. She hadn’t told me what the thing was enchanted to do and in truth I didn’t ask. I didn’t want to run the risk of laughing in her face. In the end I finished my tea, bid her goodnight, and went on my way.

The following day I was over a weekend Memorial day party at my sister’s place. My brother in law, Lenny, and I were hiding from most of the family, buzzing about and gossiping. We were in the basement playing video games and just hiding out. Luckily my Brother in Law was a close friend of mine even before he married my sister, and we were able to lament to each other about things. And I went to town telling him about Louis.

“Ugh it’s crazy man, I have no idea why I’m so obsessed with this guy.” I scratched an itch on my chest. Scratching, I found the purple gem resting against the ebony hair on my chest. I had forgotten I was still wearing it. It looked good against the black of the t-shirt I was wearing so I slid it out to the front of my shirt.

“I’m Just amazed he managed to resist you,” Mocked Lenny. “After all, you are the most beautiful man in the world.”

His tone made it clear he was joking. He even took his eyes off the TV to make fake googly eyes at me. Then his expression changed, it became fixed and intense. It also traveled down to my chest presumably onto my amulet. I expected him to chew me out for a dumb new age necklace, but he said nothing.

“Yeah I’m the most beautiful man in the world and no one can resist me.” I mocked right back slightly disconcerted.

“Yeah, you’re the most beautiful man in the world and no one can resist you.” Lenny repeated, His attention shifted again. He latched only my face with a single minded intensity. His expression softened to one of, could it be lust? His cheeks also filled with a sudden flush. But at the time I only thought he was still mocking me.

“Oh suck my dick!” I shot angrily at him. To my very great surprise, Lenny complied. His blue eyes spiked with sudden lust and his thick muscled frame slid off the leather couch to kneel in between my legs. His hands immediately went to my belt and started undoing it. “Len what are you doing?!”

“You told me to suck your dick. I can’t resist you, Jack.” I thought about stopping him, I really did, he was my sister’s husband after all. But the blank lusty expression on his blond bearded face was so hot I found myself temporarily absent of morality. In two more heartbeats he had my pants open and my cock out. I was so hard it nearly smacked him in the face when he got it clear of my jeans. Lenny’s mouth descended on it like he’d been starving, and I couldn’t help but moan. Lenny was clearly an amateur at this stuff, but after a little coaching, he was sucking better than most of the guys I’d ever been with. I noticed something though. Whenever I gave him an instruction, his eyes would flick to the crystal on my chest, then he would mindlessly carry it out.

It clicked in my head as suddenly as this blowjob had happened. The old woman hadn’t been senile at all, the crystal was magic. That was the only explanation for Lenny’s sudden interest in sucking my cock like it was going out of style. He looked so cute too, moaning and whimpering as he bobbed up and down. My hands running through that straw colored hair. Taking me as deep down his throat as he could manage. He was full of enthusiasm as well. I’d never had a love give me a blow job with half the vigor Len did. I was close to cumming within moments. All I was really capable of doing was grabbing a handful of Len’s hair and pushing myself as far down his throat as I could. He choked and sputtered as I came, until I commanded him to swallow and then he all was done.

I zipped up as Len sat back down on the couch, confused and still a little horny, if the tent on the front of his jeans was any indication. I couldn’t let the poor boy linger with the inability to rationalize what had just happened.

“Hey Len, look at me.” I said. I lifted the crystal as his head turned catching his attention and holding it. “I’m going to snap my fingers in a moment and when I do you will completely forget everything that’s just happened in the past 15 minutes. You will think we’ve just been playing games the whole time. Understood?”

He was so zonked out he could barely nod. But he managed it just a bit. I clicked my fingers and life blinked back into lens eyes. He shook his head in confusion and turned back to the TV without a single other word. That was my first bit of experimentation I went through, and soon It wasn’t just Len who I’d shone the crystal too. Len had three very sexy very straight brothers who had also made it to the party. It had only taken a mild suggestion to get them alone. Then a single glance at the crystal and they listened to anything I told them. Most of the time I just gave them a quick trigger that would make them call me the next time their wives were out of town. But In the case of Joey, Len’s older recently divorced brother, I had him drive to my house after the party.

I spent two days with Joey. He was thoroughly convinced he was obsessed with me sexually. I had fun putting that boy through his paces and he left on Memorial day Monday, completely wiped of all memory and more sexually satisfied than he’d been in years. It all seemed to be coming up in my favor. But I was developing a hunger I didn’t realize I’d had. I hadn’t just made Joey be my willing sexual partner, there were times where I’d made him beg for me to fuck him, my cock poised at his hole with his legs up in the air. Just begging me to slide in my cock. It had turned a slight proclivity for domination in me, into a gnawing hunger.

So it was I entered work on Monday nearly forgetting all about Louis. Yet there he was a the coffee machine, looking a little tired, but otherwise he sent my newly found sexual appetites into overdrive. He has on a tight t-shirt, tucked into obligingly tight jeans. His whole body was just a few layers of cotton away and I wanted it. I hadn’t planned on this, hell how could I have? Joey had been distracting me most of the weekend. But it now struck me that me and Louis were alone, in an office that wouldn’t have janitorial staff poking their heads in for several hours.

“Hey man, how was your weekend?!” Louis called to me, giving his moustache another little twirl. I suppressed an animalistic growl in my throat.

“It was okay,” I said striding forward and putting down my things, making sure that the jewel was clearly visible on my chest. “My mom ended up giving me this lame necklace though.”

As if on cue Louis turned, eyes falling on the crystal. I could see it’s faint light reflected in its eyes. What had been faint interest turned to fixed intensity in a moment. He was looking into the crystal as if he couldn’t think of anything else in the world that he would want to look at.

“It’s very beautiful, don’t you think Louis?” I moved towards him, waving the crystal as I went. His eyes followed the crystal without fail, moving back and forward like a snake before a charmer.

“Yeah…” He breathed, it was almost like he had so much focus and concentration on the crystal that he none left to speak. “Beautiful….”

“You are going to do whatever I say from now on, aren’t you?”

“Yes…whatever you say.”

“You’re going to become whatever I want you to become, aren’t you?”


“Good boy,” I said licking my lips. My cock was hard against the denim of my jeans and I was so incredibly horny. “Now listen closely.

“You are now my slave, empty of all free will and completely beholden to me. Your only concern in this world is to please me, your master. You want nothing more than make me happy and to obey me. Being my slave means that you are always horny for me. Whenever you obey me you will get even hornier. No matter what you will see me as the most beautiful man in the whole world, more attractive than any woman and deserving of your lust and worship.”


“Now I’m going to snap my fingers and when I do you will wake, not remembering anything that just happened. However when you wake you will be completely unable to disobey me. The more you are forced to obey, the more you will realize how happy being a slave makes you, and you will beg to submit to me. Beg to serve me.”


“Good Boy.” I said. I took my seat at my desk. Louis standing there blank and ready. His cock was also straining against the fabric of his pants. I turned my chair away and pretended to be doing something on my computer. Then I snapped my fingers.

In my peripheral vision I saw him come back to himself. He shook his head as if ridding it of some fog and looked down at his stark erection. He took a moment to cover it with his hands before he realized I wasn’t looking. He moved quickly to sit back down and cough awkwardly. I wanted to wait. I really did, but I was so horny I could barely stop myself.

“Hey Lou, can you come here?”

“Sure.” Louis said too eagerly. I heard his chair slide away from his desk as he pushed back too quickly. He came around the small wall that separated his cubicle from mine. He had a wide smile on his face as if he was enjoying himself. Yet I could discern a small amount of confusion, as if he didn’t know why he was so happy.

“Could you take your shirt off for me?”

“What?!” He said immediately, blanching like I’d scalded him. Yet his arms were already moving, untucking the shirt from his waistband. “Listen I know I’ve been dancing around it but you have to cut this out man, I’m strai….”

He suddenly realized what his hands were doing as they lifted his shirt up over his head and letting the t-shirt crumple to the floor. I looked approvingly over him. His chest was nice, covered in golden hair which he didn’t do much to trim, making his chest a golden carpet of hair. His nipples were hard now that they were exposed. I felt myself smile appreciatively. Louis smiled emptily at me, a dull look in his eyes. His hands slid across his chest stopping on his nipples and giving them a small rub, before he realized what he was doing and shaking his head abruptly.

“What did you do to me?”

“I didn’t do anything to you. Didn’t it feel good to obey.”

“Yeah…” He said, mouth lolling open like a dumb empty slave before light leapt back into his mind. “No! No I meant no!”

“It didn’t?” I said pretending ignorance. “Well why don’t we try something else. Take those pants off for me?”

“No!” He said almost pitifully. But his hands were already at his belt. Undoing the button before long, he slid the pants down around his ankles. He was moaning now. “It feels so fucking good!”

He was wearing a pair of grey boxer briefs at this point. His cock strained at the cotton, showing off the long hard cock they contained. He was starting to precum now, a small wet patch growing from his covered cock head.

“What the fuck are you doing to me…” He whined looking at me with barely any intelligence left in his eyes.

“Doesn’t it feel good to obey, don’t you want me to give you another order?”

He looked for a moment like he didn’t want to say what was happening in his head, like he was doing all he could to keep it reigned in. But in the end it was too much for him.

“YES!” He screamed, Looking down at his feet. He was breathing heavy, muscels tight.

I stood up, walking slowly next to him. What had been heavy breathing due to stress changed slowly. It got deeper but quicker like the closer I got the more he wanted to smell me. I walked around him sliding my hand along his chest, feeling him shake as his desire warred with what was left of his straight mind. I whispered in his ear as I passed.

“Slip down your underwear for me.”

I walked back to his front in time to watch him slip his shorts down. His cock bounced free, a drop of precum dripping down.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” Louis said as I looked him up and down. His cock was nice! Nine inches, surrounded by a patch of golden hair. He was smiling too.

“Can’t…oh fuck…wife and kids….fuck me. Oh god.”

“You’re almost ready boy. Play with those nipples for me!”

I slid into a seat, watching as his hands flew to his nipples. He started rubbing, making broad circles on his chest. He moaned with every rub, his cock pulsing up and down. I slid my own cock out of my pants, slowly jerking it as my new slave rubbed.

“Oh god please! I’ll do whatever you want. It just…it feels so fucking good!”

“Are you ready to obey boy?”

“Oh god Yes! Master!” His rubbing increased.

“What’s your purpose boy.”

“To please you master. I don’t have any other purpose!” The light was gone from his eyes. He was just empty happy and horny now. Even the smile that had threatened to take over his face was firmly in place.

“Why don’t you prove that and kneel between my legs.” I commanded. Louis didn’t even hesitate. He lurched forward, pants around his ankles, and sunk to his knees between my thighs. Instinctively his mouth hung open, and I couldn’t help but smack my cock against his zonked out face. “Suck it slave.”

My cock disappeared bracketed by a curled mustache as Louis took it wordlessly into his mouth. He clearly had done this before despite all his protests. I didn’t need to advise him even once. And what was even better, he was keeping eye contact the whole time. I loved the subservient need to please in those eyes. Like he really couldn’t think of anything he’d like better to do with his time. He bounced up and down with an intensity, that I could never have matched. Drool leaked from around his lips as he was too busy sucking to notice. He moaned like a bitch in heat, hands still rubbing his nipples. It was such a hot sight that I could feel my cum churn in my balls. There was no way in hell I was cumming before I fucked this guys ass raw.

“Get up! And get those pants off all the way.” I stood stroking my cock still slick with his saliva. Louis kicked his clothes away, waiting for another order. I grabbed him and kissed him roughly, tongue invading his mouth with passion and dominance. He let me lead, whining and moaning, until I pushed him forcibly down on his back on my desk. “Hold your legs up, and beg for it like a little cock slut.”

“Please master!” He said holding his legs up, opening his hole for me. “Please fuck me. Make me your fucking slut!”

I was only too happy to oblige. Sliding my cock into his hole, lubed by his own spit. It had the desired effect. Louis cried out like he was getting the most intense pleasure he’d ever received and tried to impale himself deeper upon my cock. Instead of obliging this time, I began to fuck him deep and hard.

“Oh yes master!” He called between loud moans. “Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

“Yeah you like that you little slut?!”

“Yes master! I love it! Please don’t stop! I’ll do anything.”

“Do you remember trying to resist me boy?”

“No master! I’m your slave, I could never resist you. I need to obey you. I need to suck your cock, I need to be fucked by you. I need to obey you! OH GOD!”

Without another word or really without ever touching it, Louis’ cock errupted, cumn coating his chest hair. He screamed in pleasure and bucked like a stallion, and still begged me to keep fucking him all the while. It was that sight more than anything that put me over the edge. I slammed my cock deep in his ass and bellowed like a bull as I spent my load in his ass.

When we were done I had him get dressed and decided to break down the rules for how his enslavement would go down.

“You are always my slave but around other people you will act like just co workers. You will convince your wife that you were goaded into meeting up with your coworkers on the weekend for something, make something convincing up. You will then come over my house every Saturday.”

“Yes master.” He said smiling emptily at me.

I could feel myself getting hard again and had a wonderful thought about Louis down on his knees under my desk. I didn’t think we’d be getting any work done today at all.

I have to find that old Lady again and thank her. I certainly have been enjoying my rewards.

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