Michael's First Date

By Anonymous - hodsonsean@yahoo.com
published April 8, 2016
1492 words

Michael goes on a first date with Brian, but he gets more than he expected

“Hey, I’m here.”

Michael nervously got out of his car. He usually didn’t do stuff like this. He’d only met Brian on the dating app yesterday, and now he’s going over to his house to chill. It was crazy.

“K. Be right there ;)” Brian replied.

The 19 year old college boy rustled his hair. It was pretty long, normally he had it tied back in a messy ponytail but he wore it down for this. He stood on the porch of the townhouse. This was a great neighborhood, he had nothing to worry about.

Brian opened the door. Michael was taken aback at how gorgeous this man was. He was about 4 inches taller than Michael, had short/medium black hair curled up at the sides, had a pretty well-defined body with an average amount of body hair, and was sporting a face full of scruff.

“Well howdy! It’s nice to meet ya!” said Brian. He pulled in Michael for a hug. He smelled of sweat, old spice, and something else Michael couldn’t quite make out. Michael blushed, Brian was only wearing shorts and a baseball cap and they had only just met, how forward.

“Y-yeah, nice to meet you too,” said Michael. His nerves were starting to calm as he became more relaxed. This was going to be fine. He would only be here until 4:30.

“Was waitin’ fer ya! I can’t wait to get to know you better dude!” cried Brian. He led Michael into his home. It was pretty well-organized and clean. The only remarkable thing was how warm it was. Brian had only been there a minute and already he was sweating. Maybe this was why Brian smelled like sweat?

Brian handed Michael a drink. “Cheers!”

Michael drank it, it was red and had a sweet taste. It was delicious, he drank it all down in one helping.

Suddenly he started to feel lightheaded. “Damn,” he thought, “should’ve eaten before I left”. He was snapped back to reality when he felt a cold liquid pour on him.

“Aw shoot! I’m so sorry!” Brian was wiping the red drink off of Michael’s clothes. There was a big red stain on his new cardigan. “Here, lemme help you with those”.

Brian started to take off the cardigan. Michael wanted to object. “Don’t, it’s fine, really.”

“Nonsense! I can throw these in the wash and they’ll be good as new.” He started to unbuckle Michael’s pants and take off his undershirt.

“What’re you…” started Michael.

“Relax. I might as well wash all of yer clothes,” said Brian. It only makes sense. Brian felt this wasn’t quite right but didn’t say anything. At least he’d cool off a bit in the warm room. “I’ll be back in a sec,” said Brian as he took Michael’s clothes into the other room.

Michael sat there in his underwear. The room seemed to get hotter and hotter. He kept wiping his now sweaty hair out of his face. “Should’ve brought a hair tie,” he thought to himself. Maybe he should get a trim sometime. Maybe…

“Whatcha think in’ about Mikey?” asked Brian. Michael snapped back to reality.

“Wha…” said Michael, trying to regain himself. He realized he had zoned out. “Oh, uh I,” stammered Michael, “I was just thinking I might cut my hair soon”.

Brian’s face lighted up. “Well shoot! You should let me! I bet I’ll make ya look real good!” Michael wasn’t so sure he wanted to let an ameture work on his hair.

“No that’s okay I….don’t want to put you to any trouble,” said Michael. His voice sounded a bit deeper. ‘Or let you touch my hair.’ He wasn’t sure why he didn’t say that.

“Don’t worry! Id love to!” replied Brian. Before Michael could answer, Brian grabbed his arm and led him to the upstairs bathroom. “You’ll look great, Mikey!”

Odd. Michael had never been called that before. He didn’t like it very much, but didn’t say anything. If Brian wanted to call him that he could.

Brian led Mikey to a chair in front of a mirror. He took out a pair of scissors and started cutting away at his hair. He had already cut too much off but Mikey couldn’t bring himself to say anything. After a few minutes, Brian stopped.

“Well, whaddya think little dude?” Mikey was in shock. It was above his eyes and behind his ears. It was too short to tie back, the shortest it’s been since middle school. He tried to find the right words.

“…cut it…really….short?” Mikey said. You. You cut it really short. Why couldn’t he say that?

“Like a buzzcut? Shoot! You’ll look so hot with one!” Brian went to the cabinet and grabbed an electrical razor. He brought it over to Mikey and started buzzing off his hair.

“…n-no…not…not like…no buzz…” Mikey said, quietly. His voice was getting deeper. Brian apparently didn’t hear as he kept buzzing away until Mikey’s hair was cleanly cropped. Mikey couldn’t believe it. He wanted to yell and scream, but he was so dizzy it was incredibly hard to concentrate.

“Looks great buddy! Let’s go in the other room,” said Brian. He had to lead Mikey out into the bedroom because Mikey couldn’t comprehend what was going on. Brian sat next to him on the bed, arm around him. His musk filled Mikey’s head. His thoughts became even more scrambled. “So how’ve you been dude? It’s been forever!”

Mikey, having difficulty making out the words, was confused. Didn’t they just meet? “I’ve…been good..” said Mikey, slowly. He was having trouble remembering much past yesterday. He really needed to cool down.

“Oh! Let me go get your clothes!” Brian left to go downstairs. Mikey was confused. My clothes? Has it been that long? He tried to read the clock but was having trouble. It was either 2:30 or 5:30…or 5:80…no that didn’t make sense, did it? His head was pounding, his thoughts scrambled.

“Here you are!” exclaimed Brian as he came back in carrying a wife-beater, gym shorts, and a SnapBack. “Fresh from the wash!” Mikey looked at the clothes. Those weren’t his, were they?

“My…clothes?”’asked Mikey. His voice was becoming dry and hoarse, like he was getting sick. “Those…not…….mine?” He was having trouble thinking of the right words.

“Of course they are! Whose else would they be?” said Brian, helping Miket put on the clothes. Mikey knew something was off but he couldn’t concentrate enough to figure out what. “There, you look so cute Nick!”

Nick? Now he knew something was up. “I’m not…Nick” said Mikey.

Brian cocked his head to the side. “Of course you are Nick. What else would your name be?”

Mikey paused. His name was Mik…Mi…muh…it started with an M, right? Or was it an N? Those two letters always confused him. Ni…Nick…Nick. His name was Nick? That made sense. “My name is…Nick?”

Brian smiled, rubbing Nick’s freshly-buzzed head before putting the cap on. “Good boy. You’re not as dumb as you look. Well, you’re still pretty stupid”. Nick could barely understand what Brian was saying. Was he talking to him? Was he talking about his hair? His language comprehension skills were deteriorating by the second.

“Yknow, I didn’t think this would work,” said Brian, rubbing Nick’s cock. "The package said it would destroy your mind and voice, but I didn’t think it would do more than mildly subdue you. He reached in Nick’s shorts and started rubbing his cock. Nick tried to moan but barely any sound came out at all. He hardly had a voice left. “But I guess now you’re mine to do with as I please”. Nick couldn’t understand a word Brian was saying. He couldn’t really understand anything anymore. All he knew was that this felt good. He smiled dumbly. He was about to cum. Closer…closer…


Six months had passed. Nick was still living with Brian, not aware of what was going on around him. Brian kept his head cleanly buzzed but let his beard grow out a bit into patchy stubble. He was wearing the same clothes he got when he first came, he smelled horrendous. But Nick didn’t care. He didn’t even realize. All that he knew was that Brian made him feel good.

And that was all that mattered.

Thanks for reading! It’s my first attempt, it’s kinda rushed. Let me know what you thought!

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