Thirst (translated from Spanish)

By Piko (translated by sanc)
published August 8, 2010
3995 words

Every fault needs a punishment

This is a translation from the story Sed by Piko.

You can find the original here.

I, in no way pretend to pass this as mi own work and have asked for the original author’s authorization to post his work in a translated version. I hope to expose this great writer’s talent to non Spanish speakers.

Without further delay, I present to you…. Thirst!


[With Sergio Canales as Sergio Gaez and Bojan Krkic as ‘Bo’ Carbonell]

Sergio Canales

Bojan Krkic -> Adoro este video.

This Story is purely fictional. Any resemblance with reality is coincidental (besides being completely paranormal and worthy of a documentary). My total respect to both people I used as reference to create my characters.

All of this being said, enjoy!

Being ten minutes late, he entered quickly into the classroom and tried to sit quietly in his place.

-Mr. Gaez, do you think that only because your teacher wears glasses, that makes you invisible? Please sit on your place already; later you and I will have a talk.


No, this hadn’t been a lucky morning for him. If he would have believed in astrology, he would have said the stars were all twisted against him. The alarm clock hadn’t started, he had stained his uniform, he had missed the bus, the umbrella had broken, and now he was late to the toughest professor in school. There are days in which it’s better not to wake up, he thought.

The class should have been shorter, but Sergio was so pissed off at the problem he got into that it seemed to last forever.

-You got in big trouble dude!

-I don’t find it even slightly funny, ‘Bo’.

But ‘Bo’ kept laughing. He was that kind of best friend, always making fun but giving his shoulder whenever needed.

Finally, the bell rang signaling the end of the class, and to Sergio it sounded like a death sentence.

-Alright, the class is over. Don’t forget to bring the outline of your project for next Tuesday. Mr. Gaez, I want to see you in my office in five minutes.

-Ok then.

‘Bo’ started humming the funeral march, and several classmates joined in. Definitely, this was the end.

knock knock

-Come in. Oh Mr. Gaez, I see you are not late this time. Come in and have a seat.

-Yes. Mr. Horroya.

The nervousness made him clear his throat. This always happened to him when he didn’t want to deal with something, some sort of defense mechanism he hadn’t been able to get rid of.

-Well, I see winter has also taken its toll on you, just like me. Coincidentally, I just prepared myself some lemonade with honey, would you like some? Here drink it, let’s begin.

-Thank you.

-Tell me Mr. Gaez, did you know this has been the 13th time you arrive late to my class?


-And always with the worst excuses, that your mother had a baby, that the dog escaped and you had to look for him, that a mysterious gust of wind blew all your notes on your way to school…. Mr. Gaez, surprise me, what will be today’s excuse? I assure you that for being the national soccer champion won’t allow you to rid yourself of me just like that. Others might look away, but I can tell you that won’t happen with me.

He knew that even if he told him the truth he wouldn’t believe him. He got nervous, cleared his throat again and decided to have a drink of the lemonade to get some extra time to find a more convincing excuse.

-Fuck! This lemonade is awesome Mr. Horroya! Can I have more? I think I just gulped it all down.

-Watch your language Mr. Gaez. And how does that answer my question? I’m happy you appreciate my culinary skills, but I clearly asked; what are your motifs to disrespect me and your classmates with your lack of discipline on your time to arrive to class. Answer me, and do it with complete honesty, Mr. Gaez.

-Oh, I’m sorry, it wasn’t my intention. See, it’s that…

You won’t believe me, sir.

-Give it a try; you can have more lemonade later.

-Really? Will you give me more if I tell the truth?

His eyes opened widely, and he thought that maybe he got slightly more excited that he should have just for some lemonade, but it was extremely good and his mouth was way more dry and thirsty that when he came into the office.

-Ok, I’ll tell you all that has happened. See, it’s really simple, but my alarm clock didn’t play, then in the rush for breakfast, I stained my uniform with coffee and had to change clothes. Besides, I missed the bus and had to come running under the rain because my umbrella broke.

He couldn’t believe it, was it him the one speaking so fast? His plan was to let out a little believable lie and be able to drink more lemonade, why then, had he said the whole truth from beginning to end without missing any detail?

-See how easy it has been? Now have some more, the long explanation must have dried you throat. That’s right, the whole glass. Very good.

That was strange, the professor sounded unusually kind. Not only had he not scolded him, but was rewarding him.

-Mr. Horroya, it must sound like I’m stalling, but this is the best lemonade I have ever tasted! What brand is it? I’ll ask my father to buy stacks of this!

-I’m afraid you can’t buy that, I make it myself. I’ve spent years to get this unique recipe, and I’m not willing to share it with any multinational company. But drink; drink more if you like it so much. Meanwhile, what do you think if we speak of your future? I’m interested to know you expectations. What would you like to do if you pass all your classes?

Sergio took the glass with a bit more strength than necessary, gulped the contents and thought what to answer. Since Mr. Horroya gave chemistry, he decided to say something related with the field, go into med school or some nonsense like that.

-Well what I really want is to live forever with Melisa Barrios.

And the smile with which he answered changed immediately. What? That’s not what he wanted to say! How on Earth had he ended up telling him something he had only told to his best friend ‘Bo’?

-Oh, sorry sir, that’s not the answer I had planned to give you…

-But it’s the correct answer, isn’t it? Don’t worry, it’s ok you have told the truth, and I appreciate that. That’s why, here take some more lemonade.

He started to feel full, but his body was burning in desire to have some more of that yellow liquid. Just the word ‘lemonade’ was giving him goose bumps.


But when the professor was about to give it to him, he turned his wrist right in front of him and all the contents poured over his shirt.

-What the fu…?

-Oh, how clumsy I am, look what I’ve done.

Sergio knew he was lying, that he had really done that on purpose. He was sure he had deliberately poured it on him. And to make it worse his condescending tone touched a nerve in him.

-What a waste, isn’t it? I’m sure you really fancied that delicious and fresh lemonade that I was about to give you. In fact, I could bet that only by hearing the word ‘lemonade’ your mouth waters, and your throat burns in desire to quench the thirst.

It was true. He hated being wet, but he hated even more that he wasn’t able to drink the lemonade, so sweet, so fresh. He couldn’t stop staring at his clothes and think that it was a pity that the liquid was there instead of being in a glass.

-Aren’t I right? Yes, I’m always right Mr. Gaez, despite you always trying to show the contrary. Oh, you don’t get it, do you? You don’t understand why you can’t stop looking at your shirt, or even why you are so eager to take it off right now just to be able to taste what’s left of the ‘lemonade’.

With that last word that Professor Horroya emphasized in that cheeky way, Sergio had a chill, this time bigger.

-You can’t even pronounce a word, eh Mr. Gaez? You have become engrossed, caught by the spell of my special ‘lemonade’. I bet that all the seams of that shirt feel tight on you, they contain you, and you are wishing you could take it off, don’t you? You want to squeeze even the last drop of the ‘lemonade’. But you know, you only need to ask me and then you can take off that heavy shirt.

-I don’t…..

-Come on Mr. Gaez, I know what you want, just ask and I’ll let you do it.

-Mmmm… C-can…. Can I take my shirt off Mr. Horroya?

What was wrong with him? Had he just asked his bigheaded professor permission to get half naked? Ah, but that shirt was just on the way. And he was so thirsty!

-See how easy that was? Go ahead, you can take it off.

With certain distrust and a face of disbelief for what he was about to do, Sergio undid the first two buttons on his shirt’s neck. He could feel the professor’s piercing stare, as if with each button the man delighted himself in pleasure. He blushed y looked the other way. He just wanted more lemonade, why so much fuss?

When he was half way done, he couldn’t wait any longer and forcibly removed his shirt over his head. His hair got slightly messed up, but that didn’t matter anymore, he finally had his treasure on his hands.

-Now, suck it, lick it, and drink what’s left Sergio.

He didn’t want to, at all, it was degrading, offensive, even the tone the professor was using, was making him feel dirty. But the desire to drink that sweet liquid, even if only a few drops, overcame any boundaries.

With red cheeks and trembling hand, he brought closer the shirt to his face. The smell of the nectar came into his nose with a slight tingle that seemed to numb his brain. His eyes closed; concentrated in the experience, his tongue a mere inch from the white fabric. The anticipation was enormous, but the electricity he felt when he first licked that nectar overwhelmed it, and he couldn’t help to emit a little gasp of pleasure.

-It’s good, isn’t it?


It was all he could say. The little licks became more savage; soon he started to squeeze the shirt and bite it, pressing the fabric between his teeth to get the most amount of juice available.

He didn’t notice a pair of hands touching his hair, or that they went down his neck, or that they caressed his arms. He was too concentrated on drinking, drinking more, getting more nectar.

-That’s it, keep on, feel how the ‘lemonade’ overtakes you, your will, Mr. Gaez. You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment.

The professor continued exploring the boy’s body. He loved the soft tan skin and how it contrasted with that golden hair. His abs were like a chocolate bar and his nipples two fantastic orbs, pointy and tender. He couldn’t help pinching them a couple of times.

He passed his mouth over the back of the boy’s neck, giving little wet kisses here and there, absorbing the teenage aroma, while he explored with his manhood the boy’s butt. Only the layers of fabric of each one’s pants separated him from penetration and he found that extremely arousing.

He took off his uniform’s pants and he felt Sergio’s package while undid the zipper.

After he lowered the pants he discovered some orange briefs with the team’s logo. Typical.

But that ass was nothing typical. Round, perky, each cheek in the right place, and followed by those muscular legs from kicking so many balls. He couldn’t resist the temptation to sink his face between both cheeks. It smelled of early masculinity. He had to be his. NOW!

Possessed by libido, he took off his vest and shirt. With the same speed he lowered his pants, his underwear a big tent that pointed to his student’s ass. He started to rub it by those firm mountains. But he thought of something better.

He went back to his desk and took out another bottle of lemonade. He opened it up, making sure Sergio saw it all he swigged it in front of his eyes.

-I bet that shirt is almost dry. Wouldn’t you want something more refreshing? Come, I have a bottle just for you.

The boy, still with his shirt on his mouth, walks closer like a sleep walker, his blue eyes enthralled on the bottle.

-…But if you want it, you’ll have to drink in on me.

After saying this, he poured the whole bottle over his body. The reaction was immediate. Sergio threw his body towards him, with so much might that the professor fell surprised on the fitted carpet. He hadn’t expected he’d be on the floor so soon, but realized everything was good when the teenager eagerly used his tongue to absorb all the liquid, gulping every drop that lay on that body.

The sight was amazing. That golden mop of hair going up and down, all over his body, and that pointy tongue going into the last of the nooks and crannies in it. The face on the boy was that of total pleasure, flushed, and with the eyes on ecstasy. The tickles were almost unbearable, but they were diminished whenever Sergio reached a sensitive spot.

Mr. Horroya took the boy’s ass with force, massaged his cheeks and gave all he had. It wasn’t exactly what he had expected, but it was much more that he had gotten the last 47 years of repression inside a closet he was never allowed to leave.

-Oh, yeah! Lick it all, don’t leave a drop.

He ripped with his hands the cheap briefs the boy had, and meanwhile he also took his off.

He knew it would be difficult, but he had to try. He smeared his finger with some of the juice over his body and made the kid lick it. His mouth took it all in and absorbed it all, leaving only saliva in it. That was a perfect image he hoped to see again in other circumstances.

He thought that saliva couldn’t go to waste, so he traced circled in the boy’s ass hole. Not an easy task, considering he wouldn’t hold still in his great effort to trace his tongue over all his body.

When he believed he had lubricated the boy good enough, he impaled him as he could, and no matter how zonked out he was, he couldn’t help releasing a loud scream that seemed to break the spell that had blocked his mind. The boy rose and started to scream his lungs out.

-Ah! What am I doing here? Professor!! Wha..!

The professor acted quickly. He had to shut him up, and knew how. He went fast to the closet just on the side and took from inside a rectangular fish tank that he laid on the floor. The boy stopped screaming immediately. His eyes remained glued to the contents of the fish tank: lemonade, fresh, sweet and tasty. Without controlling his thought right, his feet moved, his knees bent and he found himself on the floor on four drinking from the container, just like a barn animal.

It was humiliating, he knew he was naked and in front of a professor, but the desire for that flavor to reach his tongue and go down his throat was a thousand times bigger than any remorse.

-All these years behaving like an animal, and now look at you, on all fours.

Horroya moved closer from behind, he couldn’t help to have a grin on his face. He was finally in complete power.

He spread a little the boy’s cheeks to reveal his whole. It was so beautiful. Bright, red, not even a single hair in it. He would have willingly licked it but he had to contain himself. A single drop of that chemical substance and he would be as lost as Sergio.

He kneeled too, to be on the right height and slowly started to caress the area with his fingers. Sergio’s hole responded with some palpitations. As soon as he introduced one of his fingers he couldn’t help thinking that for being completely virgin, the finger slid inside with complete ease. Secondary effects of his concoction maybe.

Then he touched where he was supposed to touch and a moan filled the room. No matter how engrossed he was, absolute pleasure was hard to deny.

After a couple minutes, he was ready. He would finally be inside the boy that had made his existence miserable. He lubricated his cock a bit and immediately made his cock head and the kid’s ring touch. He went in, deeper and intense, warmer. His cock disappeared inside that pink cavity. The face of satisfaction on the man was indescribable.

-That’s it, good boy, relax and let your professor penetrate you. Like that.

He grabbed firmly the boy’s hips, and with each thrust he got closer to the teenagers body, going in and out with every pelvic movement.

-Ohh! Like that! Like that!

The ecstasy was driving him crazy. He didn’t even notice the container was empty and that Sergio was recovering some consciousness.

-I w-wanttt… Mmmmore juiccce!

-Oh yeah? Wank your cock while I fuck you and you’ll get more.

Sergio followed orders, not too sure about the connection between both, and started masturbating while he received the ramming from the guy who hours before taught him chemistry.

-Yes! Feel how this loser’s cock fills you completely! Ahg! You need that feeling of humiliation, Sergio, oh yes! You need men like me to fill that void you have always had!


The words of the man engraved in his brain, mixed with the chemical substance, the pleasure on his erogenous zones on his cock and prostate. To him, everything he heard was true, it didn’t even pass the filters of morals or reasoning.

-An every time you feel like this, and it will be very often, you will come to professor Horroya, won’t you?


-And from now on, you will behave in class like the submissive animal you are, agh! Wont you?

-Oh, yes! S-submissive, yess!

-Ah! I’m going to cum, and when I do, you will know this has been the most pleasurable experience of your short life, but you won’t be able to tell anyone! Ahg! And you will obey every-y thing that I command you.

-Obey…! Agh! Agh!

And in that instant, gushes of hot liquid came out of the professor’s cock, filling the insides of Sergio; which in turn, involuntarily synchronized, shot his entire load, filling the carpet with his own white liquid.

Like waking from a trance, he realized where he was and what he had done. The feeling of the hot liquid dripping on his legs, the cold sweat on his forehead, the deep breathing, and what was worse professor Horroya’s office. He went pale, then blushed, and was about to wish to be dead, when the fuses on his brain passed to the orders he had received in the last five minutes.

Yes, it was ridicule, humiliating, awful, he was supposed to feel like shit, but instead, he felt it was the most pleasurable experience of his life. Not even the time he had sex with that girl from his home town, the only one till then, had gotten him so horny.

He knew, even he never wanted to accept it, that all his life he had been looking for someone to degrade him and use him like this. Yes! It was all clear now. All that showing off in front of his classmates, all the mocking of the teachers, that was all a facade! Just signals to get the attention, so that someone would put him in place. He turned his head and saw professor Horroya and understood perfectly and immediately that he owed respect to the man who had opened his eyes in such a way. How lucky he felt!

-Gaez, why are you looking me with those eyes, wake up and clean all this mess.

-Yes sir.

-As soon as you finish, get dressed and go home. Your father must be worried; I wouldn’t be surprised with such a savage son.

-Yes sir, sorry sir.

The professor was pure joy. It seemed surreal that his mad scientist plan had worked. Didn’t Gaez even seem grateful? He had performed his plan even though he knew the chance of success were practically nonexistent. He even had some formol ready in case things didn’t go as planned. But the stars were clearly on his side. He has finally transformed Sergio into his loyal puppy and on his mind he played all the perversions he had been thinking of since.

-So many possibilities and so little time…

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