A New Account

By The Naked Ginger - thenakedginger@gmail.com
published October 14, 2021
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Fear of being caught, Kyle decides to try creating a new username

I had unlocked some secret ability within myself somehow but I still didn’t understand it, fully. I knew the first 6 rules but were there others? Were there limits?

By now I woke up to 20-40 notifications daily from people on TikTok who wanted me to make so-and-so do this or that. I didn’t have any videos on my page or even a profile image but I had friends that I sent things to. I didn’t need them figuring out anything about this so I had to find a way around that.

There’s a name change option but my friends would also see I changed my name and that would likely lead to questions. The only thing that made sense to me was to make a new account, but that had risks. Was my power actually linked to my username or my account? Was my power actually just a TikTok thing? Had China figured out mind control through their app or something?

I knew there would be a risk that I lose this power. But if I was going to continue with it at all, I needed anonymity.

I sighed as I signed out of my account on TikTok and went through the process of creating a new one. I thought for a while on what username to pick but opted for something inconspicuous. “NewEnglandDemocrat.” It was purposeful to make people believe I lived there. I didn’t want anyone to be able to find me.

I created a throwaway email with the same handle and completed my sign up. Now, it was time to test things.

Unfortunately it took me longer to find a mark this time around. I followed the same steps of adding a bunch of douche hashtags in my search to add users who were likely to be conservative and added them. Eventually, Randy_44th was live.

He was whittling something while talking. I looked through some of his videos and while he was indeed a country man (trucks, farms, hunting) his videos never seemed hateful. At least, not obviously apparent like the last guy, Russ.

I went back to his feed and listened for a bit. He had 16 people there so the chat was pretty dead. Randy was thinner than Russ by far. His loose flannel didn’t give me much intel but he had a handsome face. Boyish, if not for the stubble that coated his jaw.

“I dunno. I just wish they’d focus on their defense for a change. Roth’s not going to be able to carry the whole damn team.”

Sports, by the sound of it. Something I wasn’t versed in at all.

I needed to test out this account but I didn’t want to punish some dude just for being a country man. That wasn’t a sin in my eyes. I typed something easy.

[Wave to me]

He wasn’t looking at his phone often, so it took a minute before he saw my message. “Oh, hey there man. Welcome.” He waved cheerfully at me and then went back to work and started talking about the Patriots now for some reason.

Well, he did what I asked but that doesn’t necessarily answer anything.

I try something less obvious that may also help me punish him.

[Tell me what your views are on homosexuality]

“Huh? I wonder why you want to know that,” he began. “I was raised Catholic and so I believe marriage is a spiritual thing that should only be between a man and a woman.”


“That said, marriage shouldn’t be recognized by the government. That’s what unions are for, and anyone should be able to get that. Don’t matter if you love a woman, a man, or anything in between.”

Hmm. I wasn’t expecting that.

[So you’re fine with gay people?]

It hadn’t been a command, but he answered anyway.

“Neh. None of my business what someone does behind closed doors.”

Well, Randy seemed pretty progressive, at least comparatively. I thought perhaps I could try my power out for good, this time.

[Tell me something you’ve been too nervous to try]

I could have him go ask that girl out he’s been fond for, or try spicy food, or try a tiktok dance trend. Anything he was too nervous to do normally, I could give him the confidence he needed.

“Honestly, manscaping. I know I’m supposed to and shit but I’m too nervous. What if I knick the boys?” He shuddered at the thought. “Although some guys at the station said it makes your dick look bigger.”

Some other comments had started to come in now.

[What is this fag doing here?]

[Manscaping’s for women.] Ironic.

[You haven’t done it dude? It definitely makes you look bigger and my wife only gives me head when I’m clean shaven]

I was shocked though. I had such good intentions but… this was too tempting. I still didn’t really know if this had worked at all.

[Would you show me what your bush looks like?]

I purposefully phrased that as a question.

“What? Fuck no. This is getting pretty creepy dude. I’m gonna go guys.”

He had put down the piece of wood he was working with. I thought he was about to end his stream so I quickly typed out my next message. My next command.

[Follow me on TikTok]

“Sure dude,” he said in passing and then ended his stream.

I didn’t really have an answer on my powers working with this account. He overshared a bit but that could just be his personality. I may need to find another guy to test things out on. Then I got the notification that someone new followed me.

It had worked. Why else would he have followed a dude that asked to see his pubes? So my other account actually worked! This added a new rule:

  1. I can make commands from any TikTok account.

I had asked for him to follow me because you can only DM people that you mutually follow and I still wanted to help him, even if those desires were self-satisfying now.

I messaged him first.

[Hey man. Sorry about before. I’m a bit drunk and wasn’t thinking.]

A minute passed before he responded.

[Whatever. It was weird but I’m over it. Have a good one.]

Hmm. I wanted a way to watch his live again but I didn’t want anyone else watching what I planned to be pretty embarrassing. At least in hindsight.

I contemplated a platform move. I hadn’t even thought to try Instagram or FaceTime or anything. But would my voice work? Did it have to be text? Did it have to be TikTok?

Good things to test in the future, but I was angsty now. I typed out a long message to him.

[You will read everything that I send. You will create a new user now on TikTok now named “NewEnglandDemocrat2” and follow my account here. Then, go live and continue reading all of my comments. You can’t end your live until I tell you.]

I’m not sure if he read it or not, but he didn’t respond. After a couple minutes passed I wondered if he had put his phone down. Or maybe I had been wrong in my assumption on why he added me. Maybe he was just curious.

I wondered how I could get away with using my old account without getting caught. That is, until I got a new follower notification for NewEnglandDemocrat2. My fingers started to shake.

Had it actually worked?

I clicked his profile and added him back. Immediately I got notified that he was live and clicked the stream. It was just him and I, obviously, and he was panicking.

“What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck?! Dude please! What the fuck! How did you make me do this?!”

He was trembling, but not quite crying.

[Calm down]

It was reassurance but also a direct command. He obeyed, but his curiosity remained even if his body relaxed.

“Please. You’re the guy that made that dude get naked on stream a few days ago, right? I’m not like him, I swear. Please, let me go.”

His voice was monotone and dreamy. Very matter-of-fact in his delivery.

[I am indeed him, but don’t worry. That’s why I had you make a second account so no one will know or see what we do here}

“Are you going to hurt me?”

[No, not at all. I promise]

“Will you please let me go?”

[Soon, but I want to give you something first]

“Give me something? What is it?”

[The confidence and the guidance to manscape finally]

“I…” His eyebrows raised momentarily. Perhaps fear, but that was quickly absolved from my ‘calm down’ command. “I don’t want you to see…. To see me naked.”

[You don’t have any hang ups about me seeing you naked. You’re excited that someone with experience is willing to teach you.]

The change in emotion was instantaneous. “Oh, really? You don’t mind!? I’ve always been worried that I’d do something wrong or make it look fucked up. Thank you so much for being willing to help.”

That was nice. This felt far more palatable than having him feel taken advantage of, even if that IS sort of what I was doing. But he would definitely get something out of it.

“Can we start now?”

Before I could even type out the command I was thinking, Randy stood up and tentatively reached for the button on his jeans. It wasn’t even a command when I said, ‘yes,’ and his fingers began undoing his pants.

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