Just another start of a frat take over part 2

By TheWanderer - wanderingwolves97@gmail.com
published October 6, 2021
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After enslaving the frat president, it comes to his attention that there’s someone he need to enslave first as they have an ability that would ruin the plan

“So this is his room?” Zane asked while he pats James’ head. Both of them are naked on a bed. James the muscular frat president, who a day ago was still a stereotypical straight white male, have his head positions in between Zane’s thigh, happily nursing and playing with the cock in front of him.

“Yeah. Brett. A sophomore. Mean, cocky bastard, always looking down on everyone. I wanted to kick him out of the frat, that’s how bad he is.” James takes a moment to slick up Zane’s cock with his tongue. “Hmm. But every time I try to confront him about his behaviour, he always managed to talk his way out of it, he always does. It’s like every thing he says makes sense.”

“Is that why you said I shouldn’t subjugate him directly like I did you?” Zane asked while he trace his hand around the face that is sucking his cock. James leans his head into the hand like a dog asking for scratches.

“Hmm mmm. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good plan. I was confused and startled enough to give you time to enslave me. But if it were Brett, if he tells you to stop, you stop; if he tells you to get out, you get out. People can’t seem to disobey him somehow. Be thankful he wasn’t the frat president yet. Not that I don’t trust you kid, but better be safe than sorry.”


“Score!” Brett thinks, “Another easy target. No self-proclaimed lesbian can resist the charm of the Alpha Brett.” Brett opens the door to his room with said lesbian in tow. She’s a beautiful girl with a fit figure accompanied by a big bosom. There’s no way Brett would leave such a nice specimen untouched, lesbian or not.

As they enter the room, Brett notices that his room seems different. The room looks messy and smells of sex, which is normal, but it feels different anyway. It’s as if he walked into someone else’s room and feels that person’s musk all around him. All the musk seems to revolves around a briefs underwear in the middle of the bed. It even have a dark spot in the middle of it. But before he can think too much about it, he’s distracted by the brunette he brought with him. “-rett, I don’t think this is a good idea after all.”

She’s stubborn, I like her, Brett thinks. “Hey, it’s alright.” Brett speaks, his voice has a some sort of melodious tone to it. “You want this. I know you want to try straight sex at least once. I can see you’re already horny and wet for me.” Brett shuts the door to his room as he caresses the woman in front of him.

The brunette shudders at his voice. She couldn’t help but moan as she felt herself wetting herself with vagina juice. “B-brett, pl-please.” She groans.

“Please what?” Brett grins and asks, despite knowing the answer.

“Please fuck me!”


Brett lies on the bed in his afterglow. The brunette has her head lying on his thick arm, sleeping soundly, exhausted from the sex.

Brett is feeling unsatisfied. The sex was great, the temperature was just right, they became a sweaty mess at the end of it just from how hot it was. And yet, Brett is still unsatisfied. That musk, he can still smell it, feeling it at the edge of his skin. He leans over the bed, waking his one night stand roughly, though he pay her no mind. After a bit of fumbling around, he managed to find the foreign underwear that he threw to the ground earlier in the midst of hot sex. The back of his mind itches as he look at it. And before he knew it, the briefs was right in front of his nose as he breathes it in, moaning and getting hard again. Getting second wind, he gave his one night stand another fuck that she won’t forget. Although this time, he have the brief in his hand at all times, smelling it every now and again.


It’s been a couple days, and Brett is starting to get frustrated. The mysterious briefs that showed up in his room is starting to lose its musk. He’s gotten so addicted to it that it’s driving Brett insane. It didn’t take him long to find out it’s definitely not his own. As much as it pains him to say it, but that musk was more…manly, more Alpha than his. He tried getting rid of his frustration by fucking around the campus, but it just never hits the spot. He needs more of that musks, he’d even do anything to smell that again. Even if he had to offer his ass to some faggot. Brett shakes his head, he’s clearly not thinking straight. Maybe a cold shower will help, Brett thinks as he walks out to his room shirtless with a towel around his waist.

On his way to the shower room, he encounters the frat president with someone following him. “Is that…an Asian kid? He thought he convinced the president that he shouldn’t allow any of those weaklings into the frat…” Brett mutters as he pass by, “Seems like a fucking faggot too…staring at m-“ At this point, Brett stop at his track as he catch a whiff of something familiar as the other two people walk past him.

Hey James,” Brett turns around and calls out. “Come here and so I can smell you.” The duo stop at Brett’s request as James looks at him with an eyebrow raised. He didn’t question it though as he do as he was told. Everyone just do what the Alpha tells them to do. As James approaches, Brett leans in to have a smell. He detects some musk on James, close but not strong enough. Where the hell is it fucking coming from then? Brett thinks. He then looks at the Asian kid still standing where he was.

“You, what’s your name?” Brett asks as he continue studying the Asian kid. He calls him a kid in his head but he’s more like a dude. Decent muscles, handsome face, not like he’ll ever be as big as him or James anyway. We’re always going to be more superior than them, Brett idly thinks.

“Zane. Is something wrong?” Zane asks innocently,

“No. I mean yes, why the heck is an Asian like you in the frat? I made it clear to this fucking president that I don’t want no faggot in this frat.” Brett says as he gets closer to the kid, trying to intimidate him. As he gets closer though, the more he loses his bravado as he senses more and more of that musk he’s been craving.

“Well, I just really want to see what the frat look like and-“ Brett couldn’t even hear what the kid in front of him is saying. All he can focus is that he found it, the source. He really want to get the musk right there and then, but he don’t think he could control himself.

Shut up and come with me.” Brett commanded and went straight to his room. He didn’t even look back to ensure the kid is following him. That’s just how it is, everyone always follow his words. And he’ll make the kid give him what he wants.

Brett leads Zane into his room, his initial desire for a cold shower forgotten as he can feel a fire burning inside him. “You. It was yours.” He managed to squeeze out those words before he slam Zane against the back of his door, his face right against the neck, smelling that aphrodisiac musk.

Even though it must’ve hurt a bit being slammed, Zane asks knowingly, “What’s mine?”

Brett growls, “Don’t play coy. You left that underwear here. What the fuck did you do to me!? I’m so horny all the time, it’s unbearable. But I can’t fucking get off. It’s like…it’s like…

“It’s like I’m forbidding you to cum.” Zane smirks at the red face jock in front of him, taking amusement by his reaction.

“What?” That throws Brett off guard.

“I can enslave men with my body smell. You asked me what I did, didn’t you? I heard that you have the ability to persuade people to do as you like. So I decided to enslave you first and bring you to my side first.” Zane explains as he casually lift his shirt off, letting more of his musk out.

“Wha- no, you can’t- I’m- I’m the Alpha, I’m not, I can’t-“ For once, Brett is at a loss of words. He tried deny the claim that he’s just heard or say something to stop whatever is going on. But the truth is, he can feel it, it’s already done. The moment that he smell that brief that night, he was already gone. He just don’t want to admit it.

“Yes, you’re the Alpha. But you’re still a pup. A pup that needs a Master. Now, why don’t you see what this Master can offer you? I know you’ve been craving it all this time.” Zane says as he undo his jeans, letting his modest size dick out.

A wave of musk hits Brett as his legs turns to jelly, making him whimper and kneel down in front of the kid. His towel falls away as he does so. The cock in front of him is not even as big as his, but for some reason, it’s the most beautiful cock he has seen, not that he has seen many. He licks his lips. And the first that he wants to suck and smell.

He felt a hand at the back of his head pushing him closer, not that he needed much encouragement. He slowly parted his lips as the tip enters his mouth. The dick is just the right size that he didn’t have much trouble putting it all in. Not before long, he starts to get into it, bobbing in and out, pleasuring this kid that claims to be his Master.

Yeah, suck it. That’s a good pup.” Zane coos. Brett isn’t sure whether it was because he’s getting into the mood, or that Zane’s voice seems to be getting slightly deeper…and melodious. It almost reminds him a bit of his own voice. “Yeah, you like that, don’t you? It feels good to just submit. You’re so hard I bet you’ll cum once you swallow my cum.

And Brett found that to be true. He’s always been the Alpha that he didn’t realize how good it feels to just submit. He can even feel himself getting closer and closer to cumming each time the cock he’s sucking hit the back of his throat. He could almost swear the cock got a little bigger too as he suck on it.

“Here it comes! Swallow it all, pup!” Zane warns.

Brett tries to hum in reply as he felt shots of warm liquid hit the back of his throat, forcing him to swallow. And that in turns triggers him to let out a spurt of his own onto the ground. The cycle continues for longer than he can remember with all the pleasure he’s feeling. He knows there is no going back now, not that he had the choice.

As he finishes sucking the last drop of nectar, he look up upon the man in front of him, whose body is more muscular and defined than he remembered. “Was that to your liking, Master?”

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