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Becoming Drone

By Elgæ75
published September 10, 2021
2596 words

Young student, Ben, meets a strange latex man during a party and ends up becoming one with the Hive…

*Hello Guys, this story is the English translation of my story, originally written in French and readable on -> “Devenir Drone”. Enjoy ! *

If you had asked to describe Ben, no doubt everyone would have said the same thing: Ben was cool. He was the typical blonde, athletic, confident type of hunk; knowing how to make his dress style and haircut stand out so everyone would admit he was handsome. An average college student, an avid athlete on the badminton courts he frequented several times a week without being a professional, he knew how to party on Saturday nights without the debauchery sapping his health or energy. Simply put, Ben was one of those boys that all the girls and gays look up to and admire.

He was single. Without reluctance to seek his sweetheart, he liked to link one night plans or those a little more regular, so as to please the flesh. If he had been a girl, people would have called her a whore; but fortunately for him he had been born with something between his legs to fertilize females. So, far from being a whore, he was a “conqueror”. And conquering he did.

Ben’s last night was a night of celebration. It was in June at one of those big halls on his college campus. There were people, girls and alcohol; Ben was in his element. He had come with his best friend Sören a few hours before sunset; now it was dark and Sö was somewhere in a group smoking. Ben was dancing with some of his friends and one of his conquests. She was cute and they were giving each other smiling looks from time to time. It was a safe bet that they would end up in bed together. He was already quite drunk though. With a cup in his hand already emptied, he began to feel like getting another drink. Heading for the bar, he found Sören, no doubt driven by the vicious circle of alcohol and tobacco. They chatted, trying as best they could to drown out the sound of the ambient music, then Ben had a sudden urge to empty his bladder. He told Sören and then headed for the bathroom. Unfortunately for him, they were busy and another was already waiting his turn. He turned around and went back through the bar to inform Sören that he would finally be peeing outside against the wall of the nearby gym. No doubt he had thought that this information was capital.

As he left the room, the contrast of the cool air outside with the humid heat inside sent a slight shiver down his spine. He wasn’t dressed warmly, simple black skinny jeans hemmed at the ankles over white tennis shoes, a patterned short-sleeved tee shirt molding his muscular torso, and a necklace that the pendant stretched past the collar.

He walked into the gloom with a shaky step, trying to move forward on a floor that his inner ear thought was incredibly unstable. The music of the party, covered by the walls of the room, diminished as he moved away from it and approached the gym, whose brick walls gave off a sexy, piss-pot aura. It was with pleasure that he pointed his penis at their rough surface and doused them with his yellowish liquid, giving him that oh-so-good feeling of freedom. He was almost finished when he saw a movement to his right. Turning his head, he saw what appeared to be a man, but he would have been unable to specify anything about his appearance. He was walking a few meters away.

The man stopped, turned to Ben whose cock had finished dripping, and stood still. Ben didn’t immediately understand what he was seeing. The man was more of a male figure, completely black and shiny. There was no face, no hair, nothing human really. The man’s entire body was covered in soft latex.

The black figure approached Ben slowly. He, too drunk to think but quite taken aback by what he saw, did not move. He stood there with his mouth half open watching the creature approach him. When it arrived at the range of his arm, it raised its hand and put it gently on the cheek of the young athlete who remained silent. The contact with the shiny latex caused him a strange sensation, like a slight pleasure mixed with a beginning of curiosity. Alcohol in his veins, he did not oppose any movement of recoil when the smooth and shiny thumb of the black drone felt, then forced the entrance of his mouth. It began to sink in and quickly landed on the tongue, where the sensory sensors were. A brief desire took hold of Ben. The party faded from his thoughts, the music in the distance no longer important. Suddenly he had tasted the latex of the blind creature before him, and it felt good. Suddenly he didn’t feel like doing anything but standing there.

If Ben had been in full possession of his senses, perhaps his mind would have screamed at him to be wary, no doubt he would not have let the drone do so much, especially as it was undeniably a man; but that was the important detail: he was not clean. It was going to be his undoing. Ben, thrilled by this contact with the smooth rubber in his mouth, wanted to go further. He wanted to know what would happen if he let this drone, which in the end had done nothing to him but this slight pleasure in the contact, do its job. The latter, analyzing his victim’s passivity, leaned his head forward, bringing what could be guessed to be his mouth close behind his black hood, then pressed it against the young man’s, kissing him hungrily through the latex. Ben closed his eyes as intense pleasure washed over him, hardening his penis in the open air. He tried to work his tongue into his mysterious friend’s mouth, but it clashed with the black latex that covered everything and erased the flesh. He felt, however, the tongue of the other, behind the material, denting the surface. The pleasure Ben had felt, far from diminishing, spread throughout his body and took control of his mind. Now there would be no turning back. He had been kissed, he was lost. Or maybe he was going to be delivered, from his human condition, from his very person. Either way he would soon become more than himself, he would join the hive.

Unable to mix his tongue with the drone’s, Ben began to lick the latex covering his face. He suddenly craved it terribly. The other placed his black hand on his outstretched cock and began to stroke back and forth. Ben moaned, it was good. He brought his own hand up to his cock and overlaid it on the latex one to give it the same motion. The drone slowly withdrew its hand as Ben, obnoxious, continued on his own, and took a step back. He watched his dazed victim jerk off faster and faster, his eyes fixed on her gorgeous body.

From who knows where, he pulled out a wide strip of solid latex with rings on the ends. It was a collar. He walked over to Ben and wrapped this piece of rubber around his neck, closing the rings behind his head. Ben suddenly had an intense feeling of well-being as the latex came into contact with his skin. He felt a slight prick in his neck and everything became easier. He forgot about the outside world, the party, the cold, his clothes, which he even began to remove. He felt good, happy, warm, excited with pleasure. His own thoughts became simpler as he felt the burning desire to become like this magnificent latex creature before him who had just enslaved him and towards whom a feeling of complicity was growing in his belly. He wanted to become a drone. Between the creature’s legs, the lump there began to grow. Suddenly, the drone’s penis stood out from the rest, still covered by the smooth material that determined it. Ben looked at the member with envy and then, for the first time in his life (and a long time) knelt in front of it and slowly took it into his mouth.

Suck. Suck. Suck.

Oh yes he wanted to suck, he wanted to taste the pleasure that was being offered. He applied himself with amazing skill for a novice, while continuing to jerk his own cock. For a few minutes he continued his pleasurable task and then he felt the cock move in his mouth and then, slowly, a warm, pleasurable liquid came out of its tip. He swallowed eagerly as he continued to lick the contours of the cock with the tip of his tongue between each ejaculation. The liquid penetrating his body gave him a wave of wild pleasure that repeated itself each time he swallowed more.

Unlike a normal human being, the spurts did not stop in a few strokes. They continued again and again, always as powerful and always as full. And he swallowed again and again, with pleasure. He sucked his colleague’s cock, he fed on his sperm which he did not know was not white but black. He was jerking off vigorously but he wasn’t supposed to cum, he knew that. So he didn’t cum.

For a few more moments, Ben fed on the nectar that turned his every move into a discharge of sexual pleasure. Then the jets dried up and the drone pulled out his cock, which returned to stick to his body and melt into the latex surface. The internal transformation was finished.

Ben stood up, the drone placed one of his hands on his cheek, his thumb in his mouth, and the other on his cock ready to crack from being masturbated. The young jock looked at his equal then knew he was allowed.

Cum. cum. cum.

Abruptly, he ejaculated long, powerful spurts of cum as he let out loud moans of intense pleasure. The first spurts were normal white, then the next ones got darker and darker until the last ones were completely black. The black liquid that covered his urethra began to spread all over his member, then the rest of his body. Ben, gasping for breath after his intense orgasm, watched in delight as his flesh turned to shiny black latex as it was covered by the liquid, which progressed further and further, like thousands of little black tentacles. Every inch of flesh lost gave Ben intense pleasure. His latex cock stuck to his stomach and melted into the surface, similar to the other drone. The latex reached his bare feet and covered them, forming a thicker shoe. It progressed up his torso, armpits and then arms to the tips of his fingernails, which disappeared under a sleek, shiny black glove.

The latex stopped dead in the middle of his neck, where the collar was. Ben froze, staring at his sidekick. Out of nowhere he pulled a piece of latex, again, it was a hood. It had no holes for eyes, nose or mouth. It completely concealed everything that made a human a human. The drone raised the hood and held the entrance in front of Ben’s face. He could only think of one thing.

Do it. Do it. Do it.

Then he lowered his head and let the other man push the hood over his head. His chin, his face, his hair, all were gradually covered with latex as the hood was pushed down. When it was perfectly in place, the other removed his collar from Ben. At that moment he collapsed to the floor, weakened by the shock his mind had just received. Everything faded away, his identity, his personality, his will, his free will. He was connected to the hive, sensing his neighbor and receiving directions from his hierarchy. He had become a drone. His entire body was now nothing but a shiny black latex, showing off his musculature. His face was no more; only latex. His beautiful blonde hair had disappeared under the material. His transformation was complete. He had become a drone.

Drone. Drone. Drone. Drone One of us. One of us. One of us. Obey. Obey. Obey

Benjamin, Ben, the handsome athlete, the stud of all girls, was no more. Drone SW-1906-14 had just been activated.

Sören was a bit of an idiot when he realized that he had fallen into a vicious alcohol-smoking circle. He had drunk, he had smoked, he had drunk again, etc. etc. He suddenly had a crazy urge to pee. Ben had left a few minutes before to pee outside and he hadn’t come back, apparently there were people in the bathroom. He decided to go out and join him, hoping he wasn’t finished. Peeing with friends is more fun.

He left the room and walked in the darkness towards the gym. When he reached it, he saw something off to the side that took him a while to figure out. Ben was standing there facing a completely black figure covered in what appeared to be latex. But more surprisingly, he himself was covered from neck to toe in a black latex suit that molded his body while his own clothes lay on the ground. Sören saw Ben tilt his head as the man in front of him put on a latex hood similar to his own. When he finished he pulled a thick collar from Ben’s neck. With a bang, Ben fell to the ground without a single scream. Sören, though frankly drunk, could not help but react. He shouted his friend’s name, not really knowing what he was going to ask him. Ben got up slowly, mechanically, and turned at the same time as the other man towards Sören. He was unrecognizable. Completely covered in shiny black latex, from head to toe, his face hidden behind the material. He was almost exactly the same as the man next to him, except for his build. Sören was impressed by this strange vision, that of his friend disappearing behind latex, indistinguishable from a stranger.

The two drones looked at each other, or at least turned their smooth faces towards each other, then with one step moved towards the young man.

Helga’s feet hurt from dancing. She sat down on a chair and looked around for Ben in the crowd of dancing young people. Earlier they had been dancing together. They had exchanged smiles, checked each other out; it seemed clear that they were going to spend the night together. It was just that Ben had disappeared for a while and she hadn’t seen him. In fact, Helga was going home alone tonight. She would never see Ben again. His clothes and Sören’s would be found the next day at the foot of the gym wall, and no one would know where they had gone.

If someone had looked in the direction of the gym that night, they would not have seen Ben or Sören, but they would have seen the drones NO-1712-44, SW-1906-14 and SW-1906-15 fleeing together in the darkness, indistinguishable from each other.


*Hope you enjoyed, tell me whatever you want *

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