By DadisTopped
published September 20, 2021
4839 words

Terry is a grade A stud and top dog in his neighborhood…but will he be able to hold onto that title once Alex moves in?

Fog rolls off the black pavement as an august sun creeps into a small Chicago suburb. A sturdy, wall of a man walks to the front of his driveway in gray sweats and a white wife-beater. Prickly black hair creeps out over his full, muscley-fat chest. He walks with a kick in his step to collect the morning paper after just finishing a grueling workout and boy did it show. Terry is all man, all factory man to be precise. He has been and always will be. He’s a 40 year old, whiskey drinking, poker playing, cigar smoking son of a bitch-with a hard won bod and thick python cock to boot.

The street he lives on is quiet. A lush, idyllic new development. He stares out through the rolling fog, the sun’s rays just starting to creep across the sky. As he reaches the base of his driveway he realizes just how heavy the fog is. He can hardly see five feet in front of him before a swirling wall of white obscures his vision. There’s a sudden snap of a branch and Terry jumps as the hairs on his arms stand on end. A nice sized buck gallops by, breaking the fog and silence.

I wonder what’s gotten him so wound up? Terry thinks to himself. The land he now calls home was once a sprawling pristine forest. Maybe a wolf or coyote spooked it. Collecting himself, he pushes his beefy chest to the sky. The muscular hunk remembered why this was his favorite part of the morning. His daily stroll down to the edge of his driveway put his hot man-bod on full display for all the Milfs in the neighborhood to see.

One by one their curtains would peek open to catch a glimpse of his gruff, massive body. Though it would be obscured by the thick fog today. The neighborhood was young, filled with post pandemic yuppies who left the city and all bought into the posh development…and the babes? My god the fucking babes. His mind flashes to his countless conquests in the new neighborhood. Married or single they lined up for a taste of the studly man.

Terry was on cloud 9 after buying into the new development. He knew Douche-coin would be his ticket to a better life and when the time came he sold his shares, retired from factory life and moved to the gorgeous new development! Terry made a fortune and he loved to show it off. The guy was a grade A stud and a proud homewrecker and babe slayer. There was something hot about being the young, bachelor buck with money. All the “stay at home moms-to-be” had to get it in somehow and their loser, accountant husbands did not hold a candle to Terry’s thick, muscled body and low swinging dick. It had almost got Terry into a bit of trouble at the last neighborhood watch meeting.

Terry was doing his thing, scoping out the newest neighborhood babes; When Suzy, his third lay of the week, started sending him nudes during the meeting. It did not take long for people to notice the sexting or the overt flirting between the two as the neighbors all mingled. After one drink too many and a handsy grab from Terry all hell broke loose as Suzy’s husband attempted to throw him a surprise punch. The guy’s name was Carl…he looked like a Carl. A scrawny pencil pusher, with an invisible bulge. Terry easily caught the punch and sent the smaller man flying. Terry laughed to himself as he remembered the fear on the man’s face. Images of his wife Suzy’s bouncy tits as she rode Terry’s 9inch beast flooded his mind-and her voice. That sweet voice moaning his name-

“Howdy cowboy-”

Terry nearly did a backflip as a young 30 something broke through the thick fog.

“Jesus, dude-you scared the shit out of me!”

“Sorry bout that. Totally not my plan, man. I’m surprised. Big guy like you, scared of me.” The young jock smirked. Terry noticed and puffed his chest, sizing up the slightly smaller man before him. With jet black hair and a body that could have been sculpted from stone, Terry was impressed. Looks like he had some competition for the neighborhood hoes. Huge guns, thick pecs, tight mid-section and strong blocky legs. Certainly another Alpha. The fog continued to break behind the man, revealing a mid sized U-Haul across the street. That’s what must have scared the buck, Terry thought. The young hunk continued. “Its my first day in the new neighborhood and I could hardly see through this damn fog. Just trying to find my place. Tell me, whats your number?”

“93071” Terry responded without skipping a beat. Odd.

“Well, hey it looks like we’re neighbors. I live right across the street. The name’s Alex. Tell me yours?” The smug jock said with a dimpled smirk.

“Terry.” The big man responded again without so much as a breath. Alex looked at him square with dark, stormy brown eyes.

“Well Ter. It is Very nice to meet you.” Alex said looking Terry up and down and holding out his hand for a shake. Terry winced at being called Ter, he hated when people gave him nicknames, but still he didn’t want to look like a complete ass. He’d already made a fool of himself today. He brought out his own thick hand to meet Alex’. As the two met Terry felt a twinge of static between them. The young jock stood four inches shorter than Terry’s own 6’3", and had considerably less heft, but he exuded strength. It was unnerving, Terry shifted uncomfortably, realizing they were still shaking hands.

“Anyways, I better get to it. These boxes aren’t going to move themselves and I’m sure a pretty thing like you has a lot to do on this fine Saturday.” With that Alex scratched the palm of Terry’s hand with his index finger, another bit of static sparking between the two.

Terry was taken aback and forcefully broke the long shake. It dawned on him that he just got hit on by a dude no less than 10 years his junior. His mouth dropped wide. The young, sturdy jock before him just F-ing hit on him. He really couldn’t believe it. Shaken from the shock, Terry let loose-

“Woah bro, let’s get something straight. I do NOT lean…that…way.”

As he spoke Alex pulled his shirt up and over his thick muscular frame-almost getting stuck at the top of his big, hard pecs. The first rays of the day hit his muscles just right, Alex looked like he would dominate in the bedroom-WOAH Terry shook himself again. Where had that thought even come from?

“Did you say something?” Alex asked popping his chest as he did.

“Nn-No I just-good luck with the move.” Terry was mortified. He dropped Alex’ powerful gaze to look at his feet. He must really need to lay out one of the neighborhood bimbos if he was getting side tracked by a dude-ya thats it. He was just too horned up, he reasoned.

That is until he looked up and caught sight of Alex beginning to haul heavy boxes from the U-haul. Terry couldn’t take his eyes off the striated form before him. He felt flushed as all he could do was stare, his mouth still hanging open. Physically tearing himself away from the the sight before him Terry scurried back up his driveway and into his house, slammed the door behind him and sank to the ground.

“What the fuck was that?!” He hissed to himself.


The day continued to feel off for Terry, he felt so uncertain about the morning’s events. The fear he felt at his inability to pull away from Alex was palpable, but another feeling hit him as well that he’d never felt before. His stomach fluttered as he remembered the drawn out handshake between the two and for some reason he could not get the image of Alex’ bulky pecs out of his mind. What’s worse is he felt himself chub up. He must REALLY need to get laid if he was throwing wood at some young punk. A handsome young punk, a voice in his head reasoned. Well maybe it was time to sate the beast, he thought. Pulling out his phone to text Suzy. Her huge jugs always did it for Terry. He had not seen her since the neighborhood watch chaos the previous week.

hey sexy, hows about you and I have some fun today?

A few moments later his phone chimed. Perfect, someone else was clearly just as horny as he was.

Hey Ter. I would love to. Maybe a shopping trip? I know you must be looking for something cute for the new neighbor in town. ;)

That was an odd response. Had he missed Alex having a girl with him? At the thought of the hot jock’s muscles, Terry felt a flush of heat. He quickly made his way to the window to investigate. He peeked through his curtains as Alex was moving back and forth with gruff precision. Embarrassingly, he realized this is just what the babes did when looking at Terry collecting the paper each morning. The man certainly could move a box, the strength he must have, the way his muscles glistened in the heat of the summer day, pumped and powerful… wait, why was Terry at the window again? OH right the girl who must be with Alex. Hard as he looked, he saw no one else. Maybe a new babe was also moving in today that Suzy knows? Even so he would never in a million years go shopping for an outfit just to show off like some cheap whore, let alone shopping with Suzy. Last time he want straight over to her place and railed her on her marital king sized bed. Right? He tried to conjure the memory, but he was having trouble. Why was he suddenly so unsure?

Just then Terry heard a loud clang and returned his focus to the u-haul. It looked as though Alex was struggling to lower a heavy cabinet from the truck. Terry could see his bulky muscles straining. Despite himself, Terry rushed outside to help and arrived just as Alex lost his grip.

“Wow my savior.” Alex winked, as Terry helped him lower the wooden cabinet. “I heard from Suzy you were on the neighborhood watch, but you seem particularly vigilant.” Terry went red as he and Alex secured the cabinet.

“I was just passing the window and happened to see you needed a hand.”

“Hey I don’t judge. Different strokes for different folks-whatever gets your rocks off Ter. Actually, if you wouldn’t mind I’ve got a few more things I could use a spotter for” Alex stated, standing in the flat, arms crossed against his protruding chest. Terry looked up at the imposing figure. He was still a good 4 inches taller than Alex and had a good 50lbs of bulky muscle on him, but in that moment he felt small.

“Oh well actually I have some plans..I really should get ba-”

“Come on Terry, don’t bitch out on me.” Terry further blushed at this, and could only sputter in response before agreeing to help. He looked down at his size 13 feet.

“Well if its not too much I suppose-”

“That’s the spirit!”

Alex clapped Terry on the back as he held out his hand for the large man to join him on the u-haul flat. Terry felt his phone buzz. It was another text from Suzy, he peered at her window just in time to see her curtain fall closed.

Well it looks like we wont be shopping today you big slut ;) Have fun with your new friend.

Terry was mortified. Why would Suzy text him this?! But before he could give it another thought Alex clapped him on the shoulder again.

“You did great catching that cabinet, but before we get started I need to make sure you can properly lift.” Alex insisted on explaining to Terry how to use his legs and not his back to lift a box, which annoyed Terry to know end. “I just need to know you’re not gonna hurt yourself, there should only be one reason your muscles are sore tomorrow, Ter.” He winked and Terry caught himself smirking. “Just lift that box there in the corner.”

this is ridiculous Terry thought as he went to lift the box in question. As he did, he began to lift…from his back. Wtf? He knew how to lift a box, he was a factory man after all, but try as he might he could not budge the box. This truly was ridiculous, for the life of him Terry could not remember how to properly lift a box.

“See this is what I mean-this is why you need a guy nearby.” Alex said, chuckling at the large muscular man before him, unable to lift a medium sized box. Alex lined himself up right behind Terry and put his hands on other side of Terry’s strong broad waist. “All the horse power in these hips, you could probably lift a couch all on your own.” Terry thought that was an exaggeration. I mean sure, he lifted, but a couch? Just then Alex guided Terry into a deep squat. Terry could feel the warmth of the young stud behind him, already hot from his work thus far… Terry could feel something else too snaking along the crease between his cheeks “Thats it, Ter” Alex whispered close to his ear, the hair on Terry’s neck stood on end. Why was he letting another man get so close to him and why was he beginning to like it? “Now lift from those legs, thattaboy. Good I can feel those muscles working now. So thick. I love a bottom heavy guy”

As Alex spoke Terry’s heart fluttered and he could really feel the muscles in his legs working-they pressed tighter against the grey sweatpants he wore. For some reason they felt taught against his thighs and glutes. “Now go ahead and carry that to the basement and meet me back here.” As Terry began to move he felt a thwack against his cheeks and yelped. “Don’t keep me waiting too long.” With that Terry moved from the hunk behind him. What was going on?! Why was he acting like such a bitch in front of Alex? Feeling some power coming back to him Terry decided he would help Alex move a few boxes and then insist that he had to leave. It did not matter how hot Alex was, Ter was a man and he wasn’t about to get ordered around by some kid. Ter’s thoughts returned to the heat he could feel between his legs as Alex guided him into the squat and he let out a breathy moan. As he walked to the basement he noticed an ornate floor length mirror in the hall-Ter abruptly stopped and took in the image before him. He really was thick and to his shock “bottom heavy” was the most accurate way to describe his frame. His sweatpants clung to his bulging ass and thighs like a second skin! This was impossible. Ter quickly rushed the box downstairs and rushed outside to where a smiling Alex was lounging in a reclining chair.

“Well that was fast. I can’t wait to see how quickly you move the others.” Ter was beside himself. He inhaled a huge breath meant to fuel his words at Alex, but then he realized Alex was in nothing, but a bulging speedo as he lounged smiling up at Ter. His herculean body on full display. Instead of berating him, Ter released his lungs into a long breathy moan. “Hah, see something you like?”

“I-well-uhm…I really need to get back to my house-something feels off”

“Terry, I know what you need and if you want it then you are going to have to work for it big boy. Now let me tell you what to move next.” Alex got up and threw is arm around Terry. As he did a thick musk filled the air from the sweaty youth as he pulled Terry along. Terry found himself inhaling the intoxicating scent deeply.

“Jeez you really are a desperate housewife aren’t you?-Well for lifting that box I guess I can give you a bit of a reward.” As the men entered the u-haul flat Alex pushed Terry’s newly fattened backside against the wall of the truck. With one hand on his neck to hold him in place, he lifted his arm and thrust his hairy pit into Terry’s face. Terry spluttered and struggled against the shorter man, but he felt weak in his grip. Slowly the struggling stopped and was replaced, by a deep huffing from Terry. “That’s it Ter, take it in. Breathe in Daddy’s musk. This is what a real man smells like. Real men like me deserve to be worshiped. You like that, huh? Worshiping real men.” Terry found himself moaning and nodding as Alex chuckled releasing his grip on Terry’s neck and crawling his hand under the man’s shirt towards his muscley chest. “Damn what a rack. Bottom heavy AND top heavy. You must love to show this body off and these big nips, my god.”

Terry was confused, he continued to lick and smother himself in Alex’ juices, switching to the other side, but he could not understand why Alex was making such a big deal about his pecs. They were muscular, but he was talking about them in the same way he used to discuss Suzy’s chest-WAIT Suzy! Terry fucked Suzy just last week. Why was he head first in Alex’ pits?! And why did he suddenly feel like he had weights strapped to his chest?! Gathering all his strength Terry pushed himself free from Alex.

“Hmm someone is stronger than I thought. I love that in a man… I may just have to keep you Ter.” Alex said through a Cheshire grin.

“What are you doing to me?” Terry sputtered trying and failing to get Alex’ taste from his mouth.

“Nothing that you won’t want very soon, baby.”

“Don’t call me that-I’m straight. I fuck babes. I fucked Suzy just last week!”

“Oh did you? Why don’t you tell me about it sugar tits? If you’re so straight you shouldn’t have any problem with that, now should you?”

“Fine! I went to her place last week-it was after the meeting where her loser husband tried to fight me-”

“Oh yes I heard all about that…sounded like a fun time.”

“-I went to her house and we…we…” For the life of him Terry could not conjure the thought of Suzy’s big chest. Instead all he could see was the face of her husband Carl.

“Are you sure it was Suzy you fucked? I heard a very different story from her…I wouldn’t blame you fucking Carl, he is quite the hunk. That seems to be your type. Muscular, younger than you, big swinging cock. Sounds a lot like me actually, sugar tits” Something shifted in the air.

“There’s no way I would sleep with Suz-I mean Carl. He’s a scrawny dork! And why do you keep calling me sugar tits?!” Just then Alex lunged forward lifting up Ter’s wife beater.

“What else am I supposed to call these?” The young hunk said grabbing at Terry’s now fatter chest. Terry gazed down and inhaled sharply as Alex flicked his now huge Hairy nipples.

“This is impossible! How?” The huge hairy muscle tits eclipsed everything below them. They were perfectly round, and firm, capped by deep red nipples that would make Tom of Finland blush.

“I thought so too when I first saw them, they must be some of the largest man tits I’ve seen and so smooth. Carl told me your favorite thing to do with them too.” Terry looked down again only to see his proud mat of hair gone, his chest now as smooth as a twink’s bottom. Alex put his hand into a blade shape, his thick fingers held tight together and began to slowly penetrate the line between Ter’s sweaty mounds, his hand all but disappearing, between the firm, fatty flesh. Slowly he began moving his hand up and down.

“Uhhghhh fuccckkkk” Ter moaned as his knees began to buckle. Alex caught him with his other hand and pulled him in for a deep kiss, thrusting his tongue into the pleasure zonked man’s mouth, never once stopping his tit job. Terry could not believe the sensations he was feeling. All thoughts of escape left his mind as he began to return the passionate kiss. Alex pulled back, but continued to titty fuck the big, moaning man.

“Now why don’t you tell me everything you and that hunk Carl did?” As Terry thought of Carl his memory of the man shifted. His face was similar, but instead of the scrawny, short, dork of a man he became wider and more angular with a perfect constant five-oclock shadow, his body exploding with thick muscle.

“It was amazing” Terry moaned as the assault on his tits continued. “We fucked all night-I loved taking his huge cock between my tits and licking at the head as it poked out-it was amazing having him ride my dick and watching his fat chest bounce-” Just then Alex’ hand stopped moving and Ter let out a confused groan.

“Now Ter…I think you may be a little confused. How would Carl be able to ride you with the little shrimp of a dick you’re packing?” Suddenly Ter felt a slight pull at his crotch. What was Alex saying? Why would he, the bull of the neighborhood, be the one bouncing?

“The fuck are you talking about? This dick was made for fucking. I’m not some pussy bitch.” Ter glared. His knees suddenly buckling again as Alex continued his tit onslaught, grinning at the irony of this big bull of a man melting in his grip.

“Ter baby that is exactly what you are…the neighborhood pussy bitch. But don’t worry I’ve found the perfect place for that extra cock-length to go.” Ter watched in disbelief as his heavy bulge deflated in his tight gray sweats. His memories of Carl shifting further as the once puny man’s cock grew longer and fatter settling at an astonishing 12". the thick meat no long ‘poking’ out as he railed Ter’s man tits, as it was solidly pushing deep into his throat while hot-dogging his juicy pecs “That’s better. I think you were remembering your own tits bouncing away while you rode Carl…isn’t that right?” Alex continued furiously gliding his hand between Ter’s massive pecs as the stupified man could only babble in incoherent agreement.

“I-ohhh ya. I was riding it sooo hard.” Alex picked up the pace, moving his hand faster and faster; Ter moaning all the while. The u-haul begin to shake from the weight of the two muscular giants going at it.

“I bet you were…showing off for that young Daddy, weren’t you? Just like you were showing off for me when you wore these tight sweats. Carl told me all about how you took Suzy’s thongs too. Nasty boy. How you love to wear them and do work for the men in the neighborhood. Lucky I’m so generous with my slutty, himbo of a man.” Just then the outline of a thong stretched over Ter’s massive globes. Alex quickly spun him around so that Ter’s face was pushed into the wall of the u-haul, Alex moved his hand from between Ter’s chest, instead grasping at each tit and large nipple. Ter moaned at being manhandled. Alex tore down his sweats so that Ter stood in just a pink frilly thong, the sweats bunched around his thick calves and hightop sneackers. “Now this is truly a masterpiece”, Alex whispered into Ter’s ear while he played with his fat cheeks. “Now what’s this? Well, well Suzy was right. You really are a big slut aren’t you?” Ter made a confused moan as Alex reached down to his puckering hole. “Someone’s been in here already haven’t they babe? Lucky your man loves sloppy seconds.” Alex moved the thin slip of fabric from between Ter’s cheeks, pushing in a single digit to the pink hole before him. “I’m so glad you decided to wax your ass babe, smooth looks good on you.” Ter could do nothing but moan at the double assault of his tits and pussy as Alex added two more digits.

Ter felt the strap slap back against his hole as Alex removed his fingers and moaned in frustration. Just when he thought it was over he felt Alex pull him backwards towards a heavy leather recliner.

“Someone’s been having all the fun and I think it’s time for us to break in the new neighborhood don’t you babe?” Ter was confused. Hadn’t he been in the neighborhood for weeks now? Try as he might he could not for the life of him remember his house…only that Daddy Carl fucked him hard after closing the deal on his new house with Daddy Alex.

“Daddyyy…I feel so lost.” Ter sighed shaking his head.

“Awh babe, come here.” Alex took a seat on the plush leather and pulled Ter in close facing him, Ter’s legs straddling his thick body. He kissed Ter on his forhead and looked him in the eyes. Ter was lost in the sea of dark brown. “I know it’s hard moving to a new place, but I promise you, we are going to have so much fun. The men of this neighborhood are all babes, remember? It’s the first thing you said to me at the meeting last week.” With that Ter could feel Alex’ fingers finding the tight band of fabric at his crack. He moaned. “Now let’s do this right babe”, Alex said, pushing down the full speedo and revealing a masterpiece of cock. “I know just what my baby needs.” And with that Alex lifted Ter up and hovered the man over his cock. Ter felt like he was as light as a feather in Alex’ strong arms. Lining himself up with the 9", uncut ramrod below he slowly descended and as he did his mind filled with the countless times that Alex took his tight pink hole.

“Ohhhh fuckk, yes, ohh fuck yes Daddy-I needed this” He moaned, his voice pitching higher and higher, his own dicklet spewing pre through his pink lacey thong.

“I know baby-Daddy always knows what you need.” In one swift motion Alex began to buck upwards filling the hot, older man above him. Ter’s muscular tits bouncing with each thrust. Ter could only moan and babble as he rode his man’s cock in the rented u-haul, the whole truck frame moving and shaking as the hunks lost themselves in the ecstasy of the fuck. Alex knew Ter was close as he began to play with his tits “That’s it babe, show your Daddy hubby how much you love his cock deep up your pussy, play with those tits, fuck ya.”

“Ohhh fuck-Oh. Daddy. I’m. gonna.-I’m gonna-OHHHH” Ter’s face fell into a perfect “O” as he twisted his fat nipples. His needy hole tightened around Alex’ thick man cock as he came, forcing Alex’ own cock to fire off into the already used hole of his newest creation. His cock unleashed pulse after pulse of cum until finally the two men fell into each other, exhausted. Alex began to comb through his lovers hair as his dick continued to pulse in the tight hole. He smiled as two gold bands appeared around either man’s fingers, sealing them to each others fates. Ter smiled into the warm embrace of his Daddy and husband. Alex grabbed his face with both hands and looked him square in the eyes.

“Welcome to the neighborhood, babe.”

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