Moving Back Home

By Willie Cici
published September 5, 2021
2417 words

Dane lost his job and is forced to move back to his father’s house …

I opened my eyes and found myself in a place that I had escaped. When I lived with my father, he had converted the finished basement into a suite. It served me well. In college, I stayed home, while my father, his new wife and her incredibly gay teenage son, lived upstairs. Separate and together. When I graduated, I moved out and found a great apartment in the city.

March 2020 ended my life. My company felt the economic downslide of the pandemic and laid off 200 people. No income; no apartment. My father offered the basement suite. When I moved out, I would have thought that his step-son would have jumped at the opportunity, but curiously, he didn’t. With its separate entrance, I would have thought Esteban would have taken advantage of the opportunity for privacy to do whom he pleased.

So, at the end of July 2020, I moved back into the basement as I searched for another job. This was one of the lowest times in my life. Even Mom and Dad’s divorce did not depress me as this.

I rose from my bed, hobbled into the bathroom and quickly showered. I dressed, opting for shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops. I had nowhere to go, so who cares what I look like.

I climbed the basement stairs and walked into the kitchen. My father owned a company that designs logistical systems. He could not do that work virtually. Every day, he left for his office or he travelled out of town, usually for an overnight stay.

That left Esteban home from school, The Westwood Fashion Institute. It’s not that he was gay. It’s that he was so effete, so effeminate and so overt. Esteban was the poster child for twink, but not in stature. He was tall, had a nice lithe frame, cobbled, but not muscled. He worked out almost every day. It was the packaging that twinked him.

I opened the cupboard to pour a pot of coffee. As I poured a cup, Esteban walked into the kitchen. I could not believe my eyes: pink and blonde spiked hair, a diamond stud earring, a cut bellybutton-exposed t-shirt and a pink and black ‘Cellblock’ jockstrap.

“Hi!”, Esteban said, in a high lilt. I poured Esteban a cup of coffee. He said, “Thanks.” I didn’t say anything. Finally, Esteban said, “What’s your problem?”

I put my mug on the kitchen counter and I took a deep breath. “Do you parade around here like that when your mother is around?”

“Well … if you haven’t noticed, Mom is not here. Apparently, your father is being a dick and she left to take a breather.”, Esteban replied.

I did not know that. I knew Dina was out of town, but Dad did not share that with me before I moved back home. It’s only been two days, and Dad left for a five-day business trip when I started moving my stuff back into the basement suite

“Esteban, I get it: you’re gay. Good for you. You know who you are and have no qualms expressing it. But … damn! Do you have to be such a little fag?”

Esteban smiled. “Finally. The truth. You hate gay people.”

“No. I don’t. I hate fags who parade like little bitches.”, I countered.

“Well, brother dear …”, Esteban started to say.

“Don’t call me that. We are not brothers. We are accidental house mates.”, I insisted.

“Oh! Okay.”, Esteban said. “Then … accidental house mate, I don’t give a fuck about your opinion. I will wear or not wear anything I want.” Esteban paraded out of the kitchen and towards the pool patio. From the window, I watched Esteban discard his jockstrap and dive into the deep end of the pool. I shook my head in disbelief. I could avoid him all together by staying in my suite, but it’s August in Los Angeles, and Dad has a pool. I’m not letting this fag worsen an already horrible time in my life. For now, I decided to head to the gym. At least, I could avoid Esteban and his boyfriend who, I was certain, would be making an appearance.

The next day, I woke up around 10am with nowhere to go. I showered, dressed in a pair of swim trunks and a t-shirt and headed upstairs. I found Esteban in the kitchen staring out the window that looked onto the pool patio and the deck. He was wearing a pair of cargo shorts, a collared polo shirt and a pair of tan suede work boots. He looked normal. I would wear those clothes.

“Hey.”, I said.

“Hey.”, Esteban replied, ignoring me, still facing the window. I poured myself a cup of coffee, nuked the lukewarm java and stood next to Esteban. I then realized his fascination. Josh, the pool boy that the company sent, was cleaning the pool. Josh was cute: boy next door looks, fit, nice body which he put on display with his shirtless attire and short swim trunks.

“You ask him out?”, I asked, facetiously.

“He’s not gay, Dane, but I can dream.”, Esteban replied.

“What about Pablo?”, I teased.

“Like I said, I can dream.”

As I stood next to Esteban, I smelled something. “Are you wearing cologne?”

“I’m working on a project for my summer class. It’s on fragrances and pheromones. We have to mix and test different scents.”, Esteban replied.

“That sounds dangerous.”, I said, disbelieving the gay chemist.

“No. Not really. It’s like … okay, you like vodka, but today you want vodka and o.j. Tomorrow, vodka and cranberry. It’s the same. I take the base alcohol and mix different scents.”

“And that’s a class you’re taking?”, I asked.

“Yeah, Dane. Fragrances are part of fashion. That’s what I’m studying.”, Esteban said, with a tone of arrogance.

“Well, have fun.”, I replied.

“Would you …I mean …do you want to try one of my fragrances?”, Esteban asked.

“Um … I’m not sure … I …”, I said, trying to avoid guinea pig status.

“Did you like this one?”, Esteban said, as he leaned closer to me.

“Not really. It’s … too flowery for me.”, I answered.

“Okay. I’ll work on something more … earthy.”, Esteban said, as he ended his surveillance and walked towards the pool to chat up poor Josh. I watched the twink in wolf’s clothing talk to the wholly disinterested Josh. It was funny to watch.

The next day started off the same as the last three. With no job prospects, I have returned to my college habits: drinking and smoking weed. Because of the pandemic, my friends get together in our back yards, drink and smoke weed with no concern about six feet social distancing as we pass around the bong. The drink and the smoke got the best of me. Well passed 10am, I lumbered out of bed, washed, dressed and headed upstairs of some coffee.

I walked into an empty kitchen and found no coffee. I opted for cereal. As I poured the Corn Flakes into the bowl, Esteban entered the kitchen, wearing the same manly garb he wore the day before. He handed me a small bottle and said, ‘Try it.”

I opened the bottle and sniffed the home-made cologne. “Smells nice.”, I said. I poured some on my hands and splashed it on my face. “Ooh! Smells really nice.”, I replied.

Esteban smiled and nodded ‘yes’. “Let me know what you think after a couple of days.”, he said.

“Sure thing.”, I said, in a high-pitch tone. “Was that my voice?”, I thought to myself. It sounded a bit girly. I coughed thinking something was lodged in my throat. I finished my breakfast and headed out to the pool. It was late morning and the August sun was fierce. I stripped my clothes and jumped into the pool, although I don’t know why since I was wearing swim trunks. I loved the feel of the water on my cock, which despite the cool water, was as hard as diamonds. For a moment, I learned on the pool’s edge and noticed Esteban standing at the kitchen window. He waved at me and smiled. My dick kept touching the wall of the pool. I took my hand and started to stroke my cock. It felt incredible, but I couldn’t figure out why I was so horny or why I was naked and jerking off in the pool. Esteban stood and kept watch sipping some bottled health drink. I didn’t realize how far in the orgasm cycle I was. I leaned my head back, let the sun warm my face and let the cum shoot out of my cock. When I felt my body ready to shudder, I dove into water and swam away hoping that Esteban did not catch me jerking off in the pool.

The next day followed the same agenda, except I ‘zoomed’ with a headhunter in the morning. I dressed for the first time in months. I doused myself with Esteban’s cologne. I could not wait to get out of my shirt and tie and put on a tank top and pair of jammers. My dick was hard. I didn’t understand why since I jerked off in the pool and jerked off last night, in bed. Given the hour, almost 12noon, I decided to head upstairs and grab some lunch.

When I entered the kitchen, Esteban was grabbing a bottle of his health drink from the frig. “You smell great.”, Esteban said.

“Yeah! I’m liking it.”, I said, as I stared at Esteban in his jockstrap uniform. “He looks hot.”, I thought to myself, as I fondled my junk. I stopped in my tracks. “Where did that thought come from?”

“What’s wrong?”, Esteban asked, with a wry smile.

“I … I’m … “, I stammered.

“Isn’t a little late for morning wood?”, Esteban asked, as he pointed to my rock-hard dick pressing against my jammers.

I looked at my crotch. “Nah. I’m good.”

“Pablo’s here. We’re gonna jerk off in the den. Come join me.”, Esteban said. He walked out of the kitchen and left me standing alone with my dick hard and throbbing.

“Do I?”, I said to myself. “It’s only jerking off.”, I muttered. I didn’t know what to do. I found myself walking into the den. Esteban and his boyfriend, Pablo, were on the couch, naked. I stared at the duo. Esteban had changed his hair color to a dark brown and permed his hair to a curly, ethnic look. He and Pablo looked like bookends: two twinks with hot bodies.

“I put on the straight porn for you.”, Esteban said, as he held out of bottle of lube.

“When in Rome.”, I said to myself. I stripped out of my clothes and sat in the middle of Esteban and Pablo. I held out my hand. Esteban squirted some lube on my hand. I greased my pole and started to stroke. I couldn’t believe what I was doing: jerking off in the middle of two hot guys, who were also jerking off. From time to time, I turned to stare at Esteban and Pablo. They’re hot, like really hot.

Halfway through this session, I felt a wandering hand caressing my inner thigh. I looked at Esteban and did the same. He winked at me. Pablo did the same on my other thigh. Caresses became cock stroking. In a minute I found myself jerking off Esteban and Pablo with my two hands. The boys took turns stroking my cock. It felt so good. Esteban has such a nice cock with a thick head that felt natural in my hand.

“Let me suck your dick.”, I begged in a quiet voice.

Esteban looked into my eyes. “You sure?” I nodded ‘yes’. The young man opened his legs to allow me room to wedge between his legs. I could not wait to get his dick in my mouth. I smelled an earthy scent. I could not wait to swallow his dick. “Play with my ass.”, he said to me. As I sucked his dick, I fingered his ass. So hot! Pablo slid over and started kissing Esteban. When Pablo wiggled his dick, I took the hint and sucked his dick. So hot! I could smell the same earthy scent. It was intoxicating. It made me want to suck him even more. “Get on the couch.”, Esteban said.

Esteban, Pablo and I resumed our masturbating. I knew I was I close, but I felt so good stroking my dick that I did not want the feeling to end. (To see Esteban, Pablo and Dane on the couch, Finally, in one moaning chorus, the three of us shot our loads, cum soaking our thighs and chests. In a moment of post-coital bliss, I leaned over and kissed Esteban and then I kissed Pablo. The scent that wafted in the den was heaven. I stood up looking for my jammers but I found Esteban’s ‘Cellblock’ jockstrap. I smelled the basket of his jock. It smelled like my cologne. I put on his jockstrap. It was a size too small for me, but it looked great. My junk looked huge and my ass looked incredible.

I caught my image in the decorative mirror in the den. I looked so hot. “Who cuts your hair?”

“My boy, Kobe. He comes to the house. The salon is closed because of the pandemic.”, Esteban said. “Why do you ask? Your hair looks fine. You’re blonde. Blondes are hot.”

“Yeah. Hot.”, I said.

“You look really hot in that jockstrap.”, Pablo said, as he stared at me, stroking his dick.

“I do?”, I asked.

“Oh yeah, Dane. You look really really hot.”, Pablo said.

“Let’s do that again.”, I said.

Esteban smiled. He knew.

Six days ago, I would never have had sex with Esteban and his boyfriend. For no reason, none that I understood, I found myself enamored with my twink step-brother and his hottie boyfriend. For now, I didn’t care. I just hoped we had enough lube in the house. I could see this going on and on and on and on.

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