One Day

By Kods
published August 29, 2021
12010 words

Father & Son don’t see eye to eye on anything until a certain incident happens, leading to them experiencing each other in a new way and coming out better for it… if one of them comes out at all.

“Ryder get your ass down here!” Mr. Hudson stood at the base of stairs waiting for his college-aged son to appear. He was a broad-shouldered man well into his late thirties, with a jawline that could slice metal. Muscles that were pushed to their limits tirelessly at the gym, were hardly ever hidden under his clothes. His warm green eyes only enhanced the hard stares he could give to any of his employees that worked under him. No doubt, he was a man built for authority.

However, somewhere in the creation of the universe. That memo was not passed on to Mr. Hudson’s son. The young man was a walking disaster, at least in Mr. Hudson’s eyes. Where had he gone wrong? His son and he had gotten along so well when Ryder was little. Of course, that was before Mr. Hudson’s wife left them. The father always wondered if that was the issue but dwelling in the past never helped. How many times had he told his son that?

30 seconds too slow, the twenty-year-old trudged his way down each step. Once he got to the final step, he spread his arms out wide and with great flair announced. “Here I am.”

Ryder was pissed, in his mind he had every right to be. In a moment his dad was going to try and bring up an argument about his younger half-brother, but that wasn’t what the argument was truly about. Ryder knew Mr. Hudson was more concerned with why Ryder couldn’t be like his younger brother, that is to say: A jock.

The plain truth however was that Ryder didn’t see the point in pretending to partake in false machoism. Something his father was always on his ass about. Ryder always wondered if it was because his dad was gay. Was Mr. Hudson afraid that people would think he turned his son gay? Though that shouldn’t have been a problem because Ryder wasn’t gay. Not even one drop. Sure, he was thin, but his dress code and body type were just average boring dude.

“I thought you were going to stay at the game with your brother.”

“Dad, Franklin’s old enough to take care of himself and he was with friends. I brought the tickets and dropped them off, never said I was going to stay.” Ryder defended.

“You should have stayed and watched the game.” Mr. Hudson said in the stern voice, arms crossed.

Ryder nodded, “Yeah because that’s how I love to pass time, and it as nothing to do with you wanting me to be more like you.”

“I don’t want you to be like me.”

“BS dad, all you ever want me to do is be like you and Franklin. Loving sports, making it my life, but I don’t. Franklin gets that, so why can’t you?” Ryder tried to push pass his dad, but the large boulder of a man blocked his passage.

“Because I know you can be better! How many times will I have to put up with you bringing a different girl home every night?”

“Dad, if you wanted to bring home a different guy. I wouldn’t mind, because unlike you I can mind my own business.”

“You’re not listening son, no more girls in my house until I say so. Don’t even try sneaking them in.” Mr. Hudson smiled pleased with himself.

Ryder shook his head, licking the inside of his mouth in disbelief, “ You’re such a dick dad. Why can’t you see things from my point of view? I work so hard to please you and you’re never happy.” With that Ryder bent down and slip passed his dad’s side, getting through without his father’s thigh muscles pinning him to the wall.

Mr. Hudson spun on his toes, “ No! You won’t have your dick if you continue to act like this. one day it might just fall off and leave you.”

Ryder groaned. “ Go get laid dad!” He slammed the door stepping into the dark suburban streets. It was getting about time for the clubs to open, perhaps he could gather some friends and go party. Walking down the sidewalk Ryder heard his father yelling from the house Ryder simply waved, not once looking back. There’d be hell to pay later, but for now Ryder couldn’t deal with it. Maybe… one day his dad would see it his way

Mr. Hudson on the other hand stood at his front doorway watching his son disappear into the night. He slammed his huge hands on the frame. Why couldn’t Ryder see his dad was only trying to help? Mr. Hudson new he’d have to take drastic measures. The first step of the plan was to prevent any more sex and debauchery taking place under his roof. He could start there. One day his son would see it his way, “…not likely.” He whispered to himself

Later that night, Rather 3 am in the morning. Ryder stumbled back into his room, or rather he opened the window to his bedroom window after climbing the back of the house. He was beyond drunk but had mastered this craft long ago. The only thing missing was a girl by his side. That was okay though, he had asked his ex-Mandy to meet in his bedroom since she already knew the way. The girl was always down for a fuck and a drunk Ryder was always in a need to give it.

Crawling inside, Ryder stepped on the floor. His dad’s room was across the hall, but the old man was a heavy sleeper. Sneaking in girls or having them sneak in was a favorite pastime of his. Some nights he’d really pound a girl just to make her moan and Mr. Hudson would sleep right through it. Ryder chuckled his dad was such a fucking putz. Tonight, though he was drunk and tired, Mandy would have to wait until the morning for the good fuck.

Ryder’s room was pitch black, but he knew it like the back of his hands. He got down to his underwear, throwing his clothes across the floor. They landed against his guitar. Climbing on the bed, he leaned forward, letting his silver necklace shift around his neck. Once his knee pressed into the mattress, he could feel Mandy’s weight on the other side. Drunk as he was, he expertly poked his cock out of the middle of his boxers, then slid his hand over pulling down the back of Mandy’s shorts.

Sometimes Mandy would try put on some of Ryder’s clothes even post break-up. She knew it turned him on seeing, or just knowing a hot girl was in boy clothes. He finally had access to Mandy’s ass, but hey she always said, “if her ass was up, it was open for business.” Even in the dark there was no hesitation, Ryder parted the ass cheeks, which felt firmer and tighter than normal. He pressed his cock at her awaiting hole, then dove it in one motion.

“Shit!” The cock slid in like butter, no resistance whatsoever. No matter how much lube they used Ryder’s cock had never gone in so easily. A moan was released into the night. Ryder knew it wasn’t his, so he smirked, “Oh, you liked that?” He slowly drove his cock in and out of her.

Ryder began to push himself even closer to Mandy. However, in his drunken stupor, things were feeling off. Mandy’s back felt wider than it should have been, her breast were still huge but misshapen almost, and her ass. Did her ass feel hairy for some reason? With that last thought Ryder passed out cock plugged inside of Mandy.

At that moment a text came in on Ryder’s phone.

“Why is it so dark?” A voice cried out. “I don’t think I can move. I can’t feel my arms or legs. Ryder! Ryder help me!”

Ryder’s eyes snapped open, spotting a massive boner outlined in his sheets. He could recognize his dad’s voice anywhere. He heard it angry, sad, happy but never panicked. Ryder threw off the covers, having crawled under them during the night, and ran to his father’s room. Slamming open the door, Ryder rushed inside.

“Dad, you okay?” But Mr. Hudson was nowhere to be seen. Ryder scratched the back of his head. It must have been in his dream he heard that. He walked back into his room, his hard cock leading the way.

“Ryder, are you there? It’s so dark. Help me, please.” Mr. Hudson called.

Ryder turned his head around. He definitely had heard his dad’s voice. The old man sounded close. When the young man spun his cock slapped against his thighs. Ryder was getting upset with how annoying his cock was being this morning. Perhaps he could deal with his cock the old fashion way then figure out what was wrong with his dad.

Sliding down his boxers, ready to take his cock to town, Ryder’s mouth fell open. Instead of his beloved 6 incher, sat a fat log of a cock. This new cock attached to Ryder looked meaner, meatier, and overall, more masculine, The cock of a man. underneath it sat two bull balls that dwarfed whatever peas the young man had before. Ryder had been so caught up with his dad. He had failed to realize his cock wasn’t even fully hard.

Words couldn’t escape his lips. This was definitely not Ryder’s cock. Maybe a fitness trainer or a power lifter, heck even his dad’s cock. But there was no way Ryder had even been this endowed.

“Ryder, Ryder it’s you thank god! You got to help me.” Mr. Hudson said again. Ryder was listening, but he was more enthralled by how bigger his cock continued to grow upon being freed. “ Wait Ryder, how did you get so big?”

Ryder’s mouth went dry. “Dad, where are you?”. “Ha-ha very funny. I’m looking right at you Son.” However, the only thing in Ryder’s view was his new fat cock. Ryder suddenly stood up and looked down at his dad , trying to prove his point.

“Son, there’s no way,” Ryder’s cock twitched. “Just no way I’m” Ryder’s cock jerked around. “I can’t be your cock!” Ryder’s cock was outwardly thrashing as if, Ryder himself had excellent muscle control over his cock muscles. Taking a finger Ryder poked the tip of his cock and watched as precum formed at the tip and spilled down.

“Is that really you dad?” Ryder asked. “I can hear you…in my head.”

“Holy fuck that was precum.” Mr. Hudson stated, “I just tasted your precum, that I just made. What that fuck.” Ryder’s cock deflated and fell against the young man’s chest. “I’m really my son’s cock.”

“Dad, how did you become my cock anyway? This doesn’t make sense.” Ryder stated.

“I don’t know. Last thing I remember was waiting you to come home last night. I must have fallen asleep in your bed.”

“What the hell were you doing in my bed?”

“I was just going to prevent you from sneaking any girls over here. Maybe embarrass you a little I told you that much.”

“Well, the joke’s on you I fucked Mandy last night.”

“What, When?!”

Ryder heard a text come in on his phone. He walked over naked letting his thick long cock and balls sway in the wind. A message from Mandy. Actually 2.

One was just sent ‘Want to meet up and make up for what we missed.’ and the message from last night read ‘Sorry can’t make it tonight the rents got me on babysitting duty.’

“Wait, Mandy just said she didn’t come last night.” The wheels in Ryder’s head were turning. He moved to his bed, throwing back the sheets. On top of his bed were pajama shorts he’d seen his dad wear countless times.

“You fucked me Ryder?!” Mr. Hudson said in disbelief having put the answer the together faster than his son.

“Hey, don’t blame me, you shouldn’t have been in my bed. Also, I seem to remember you enjoying it.” Ryder shot back at his dick.

Mr. Hudson couldn’t argue at that. He had been asleep in a deep one as usual. In his dream when he felt something nudge against his hole, he didn’t fight it. Ryder had been right in one aspect; Mr. Hudson hadn’t gotten laid in a while so when his dream offered him dick, he didn’t refuse. Though it was more than that, in his dreams Mr. Hudson recalled his ass dragging the cock in. Then he got slowly pounded and pushed into a deeper sleep.

Mr. Hudson realized something, “What if you turned me into you cock while you fucked me last night?”

“Dad, I fell asleep pretty quickly… though girls have said I like to sleep fuck.” Ryder bit the edge of his lips. This just couldn’t be possible. There was no way his dad was his cock, no way he was talking to his dad-cock.

“Take me to a mirror son show me what you did to me.” Mr. Hudson requested. Ryder trotted over to his full-length body mirror, which displayed his cock in all its glory. A fucking monster that’s what it was. Any guy would develop penis envy around him. He reached down and cupped his balls. They were so heavy now. He traced a finger along the shaft until he was teasing his head.

“Ryder, Ryder stop that.” Mr. Hudson asked. He began to harden and grow once again. “Godd… goddamnit son!” The cock head produced more of the young man’s precum. The flesh head got slick as a finger ran over it. Wasn’t long before Ryder was tasting his own nectar causing his cock to jump at the good taste.

“Mmm fuck that’s good,” Ryder rolled his head back. Then his eyes snapped open, “Holy shit dad, I’m sorry.” He didn’t know why the hell he had just licked at his own precum. Before the mere thought would have been repulsive but now, he was just sorry he made his dad watch him do it. The taste would never be regrettable.

“It’s fine. Just don’t do that again.” Mr. Hudson stated though it was more like a plea. Though he had no mouth or lungs it sounded like he was panting from excitement.

“Okay… dad why did you give me such huge balls?” Ryder lifted up his cock and poked at the oblong spheres. They shifted inside the hairy nut sack when pushed.

“Don’t make it sound like I actively did this. I didn’t ask to be turned into my own cock and stuck on your body!”

Something about that statement, hearing he was sporting his own father’s cock made Ryder stay hard and in turn made his cock bounce. “Son, what the hell!” Mr. Hudson said once he felt the jerk, thinking his son did it on purpose instead of an involuntary sign of arousal.

“Sorry Dad,” Ryder said then stopped. A smile grew on his face. “Wait a minute. I don’t have to listen to you anymore. I can do whatever I want. You’re just my cock now.”

“Ryder you can’t keep me as your cock.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t be forever just until you learn your lesson. Maybe see things from my perspective.”

“Your perspective? If you don’t let me out, I’ll assure you. You’ll start to see things from my side of things.” Mr. Hudson yelled in his son’s mind, But Ryder wasn’t listening.

The young man hopped in the shower cleaning himself off, taking extra care of his cock and balls. His dad argued in his mind, but Ryder didn’t care. This was his story to write. He had to go and meet up with Mandy anyway. Ryder slipped his boxers back on then his pants trapping his dad in a new darkness. Though the outline Ryder’s cock made on his pants was obscene. Nothing he had made him look presentable. Therefore, the young man settled for a pair of sweats. Not the best but even a vague cock print was better that showing it all off.

Mr. Hudson always believe he held the power in the household. Even if Ryder could rowdy at times. Mr. Hudson always believed his son was a good boy deep down. But now Mr. Hudson was nothing, but a bulge in Ryder’s pants. The father felt himself shift between his son’s thighs balls swaying with each step. He had no idea where they were headed but knew when they arrived upon hearing Mandy’s voice. Mr. Hudson had never liked the girl. She was always trying to scam money from people. Although Ryder had broken the relationship off, Mr. Hudson knew they still met up to have sex. Stepping into the room though Mr. Hudson realized there was more than one voice.

“Hey, what’s up my man?” A calm laid back voice said as another crotch pressed into Ryder’s. The warm contact caused Mr. Hudson to chub a bit. The father gave a mental sigh. He really had been deprived of another male for too long even a slight rub got him going.

Ryder however didn’t notice; He was too busy greeting his best friend, Lester. Lester was every bit the cool kid image he projected, leather jacket, six pack under his shirt, not to mention his motorcycle. Could almost be an athlete if he wasn’t so damn thin. Lester had been waiting at their meetup spot, his basement, with Mandy for the past few minutes. Lester wasn’t her biggest fan either but was willing to overlook her flaws if it made Ryder happy.

“You can go now.” Many smirked, pushing Lester out the way. The young man rolled his eyes before “You do realize this is my house?” He shot her a glare before, turning to go upstairs. “Okay you two go at it.”

Once the door slammed, Mandy wasted no time, “Oh what’s going on here? Did you stuff your pants?” Ryder hadn’t even though of a lie to explain what happened to his cock. While he was thinking Mandy fished it out. Her mouth was agape, enthralled. Her hand was wrapped around the semi-hard shaft. As she started bringing it to her mouth, the cock quickly shrunk hanging flaccid.

“What the?” The cock lost hardness so fast she was taken aback and so was Ryder. The scene was quite comical form the young man’s point of view. Mandy huffed dropping the cock.

“Mandy what the f—

“You know I don’t suck on no soft cocks; you have to want this mouth to get it.” She made a circle over her lips.

Grunting Ryder turned around and began jacking off his cock. Amazingly Mr. Hudson felt his cock-body respond. His son’s hands felt like the best thing in the world warm and inviting, even if a bit too small to fully handle Mr. Hudson’s size. “Fuck son what are you doing to me?!” The cock kept expanding in Ryder’s hands as he gave long strokes. It exceeded 8, 9, landing at a proud 10 inches fully hard.

“Just be a fucking good cock.” Ryder whispered. “ I need to get off.” He turned around presenting his cock to Mandy happily she grabbed it again, only to watch the cock deflate. Ryder cursed under his breath stroking off his cock again. Mandy and he would repeat the process a few times until she had enough.

“I’m done. I came here to suck cock. Not play with you!” Mandy waved goodbye before swaying out. Ryder pulled up his pants mumbling, “Thanks a lot.” To his dad and the cock said nothing as it was tucked back under the sweats. Upstairs he could hear Mandy speaking to Lester, no doubt sharing his impotence.

After the front door slammed, Lester came down the basement. His face had a look of shock, “Dude what was that all about?”

“I don’t know.”

“Yeah, right. She said you used a trick cock to mess with her. Ryder, I know you two broke up, but that’s not cool. Stop stuffing your pants too.” Lester jokingly reached out to cup Ryder’s crotch, but was surprised at the weight that filled his hand.

“That actually feels real,” Lester juggled the cock and balls. Ryder didn’t even make a move to stop him. His cock snaked down his leg, growing to full mast in seconds.

“Is that…is that real?” Lester said low voice. He dropped to his knees face in front of Ryder’s crotch. Wrapping his arms around Ryder’s waist he pulled his best friend closer. Next, he pressed his face deep into Ryder crotch taking a whiff. Lester’s nose traced the outline of Mr. Hudson. Lester let his mouth run along the cock teasing it. A wet spot began to form.

“That’s so cute Ryder, but I gotta see the real thing,” Lester pulled down Ryder’s sweats and underwear. A large cock came bobbing out and slapped Lester in the face, By the time it was at rest, Lester had it on the left side of his face. Lester sniffed the cock. Then he dove his nose into Ryder’s nut sack tickling his best friend’s balls. Driving his nose deeper, Lester lifted the sack .

Lester pressed his head further making Ryder widen his legs. The young man was well into his taint and closer to his ass. On shaky legs Ryder had to ask. “Lester what, are you doing?”

Pulling back, Lester threw off his leather jacket. “Fuck, I don’t even know man it’s just you… your cock it smells so damn good. Like your fucking musk is intoxicating.” Lester stuck his tongue out and ran it from better Ryders legs to the underside of his balls. From there he started to inhale the plump nuts, sucking on them.

Ryder always believe he held the power in the household. His dad could be stern and mean and his imposing figure didn’t help. However, the ruler of the house didn’t go to who had the better muscles or larger cock. But now Ryder was reduced to a virgin getting his donkey dick sucked . He was incoherent, that’s why he hadn’t said anything. Not to mention his father was practically screaming in his ear.

“Holy fuck, who taught this boy to suck cock!” Mr. Hudson’s mind shuddered as a warm mouth enveloped his head. Lester, being the straight boy that he was, couldn’t get more in his mouth. Didn’t matter, Mr. Hudson was drooling precum into Lester mouth. The clear nectar was fell onto the tongue and clung to the cheeks, only to be quickly absorbed, loosening Lester’s jaw.

“Dad, what are you doing to me?” Ryder whispered.

“Yeah, you got a nice plump daddy cock, don’t you?” Lester said obviously not having understood a word of what Ryder said. Then again how could he the young man, he was slobbering all over the cock. He had managed to stuff half of the monster into his mouth. Ryder was astounded he had never imagined Lester could—would even do something like this. And the way Lester was talking, that didn’t even sound like his best friend.

“It’s time to feed this boy.” Mr. Hudson shouted. Feeling his balls clench up Ryder grabbed the back of Lester’s head and shoved it all the way down. The young man gagged and tried to pull off, but Ryder held firm. Cum started to flow forth from Ryder’s cock head into Lester’s stomach. Ryder’s legs shook at the sheer force of pressure that escaped him with each shot. After more than 40 seconds, Ryder realized he wasn’t stopping. His orgasm was still going. He tried to pull Lester off, whose face was red with a few tears from being unable to breathe.

Ryder succeeded detaching his friend, but cum still came out, ending on Lester’s face. After taking a breath Lester hopped back on, still only able to get half the cock down on his own. Falling back on the couch, due to Lester’s sudden lurch, Ryder watched as his best friend nursed on his cock like a baby’s bottle. Lester was actually carefully sucking the cock like a teat, getting rewarded with more cum.

Eventually, Lester pulled off as the cock fell from his lips deflated and drained. Releasing a belch, Lester crawled beside Ryder on the couch before quickly passing out.

Ryder panted heavily. He even hear his father’s thoughts panting.

“Dad why are you breathing heavily you don’t even have lungs!” Ryder whispered.

“I don’t know son, but I still feel drained. Lester just sucked the life out of me. Not that you had to, but you never mentioned Lester was gay.” Mr. Hudson stated.

“He’s not,” Ryder said turning his head towards Lester’s sleeping face. The young man was wearing a smile and had cozied pretty close to Ryder.

“No offense son, but the way he was all over me says otherwise. I’m sure if you’d have spread your legs wider, He’d have gone to town on your ass as well.”

“Dad, what did you mean when you said, ‘Time to feed this boy’? Like I know it’s a thing people might say during sex, but it felt different.”

“Hmm, not to sure myself. I was thinking how hard the young man was working to get my milk, and that growing boys should be drinking it…”

“What the fuck are you talking about dad?” Ryder’s eyes travelled down Lester’s face to his chest, then stomach. “Holy shit!” Ryder lifted his upper body off the back of the couch, sweats still wrapped around his ankles. Lester’s four pack abs had disappeared into a pouch pressing against the boy’s stomach. Ryder pressed a hand to it leaning over but he already knew that was all his cum in there. “Dad what the fuck did you do?”

“Son whatever happened. We need to get Lester to the hospital. There’s no way any orgasm should do THAT to his stomach.”

“Yeah, hospital good plan.” Ryder never expected to be taking directions from his dad, let alone his cock. But Ryder pulled up his underwear and sweats, sealing his father away again. Ryder was fully prepared to throw Lester on his back and carry him, but first he wanted to wipe the cum away. Knowing this was all his fault Ryder didn’t mind taking his shirt to wipe his cum off Lester’s face. He’d done it enough times at home for himself when he was a teen. However, as he wiped, Ryder only ended up smearing it more against Lester’s smooth skin.

“Shit, Shit!” By the time Ryder pulled away his shirt his cum and most dried and disappeared. In its place however small hairs were poking on Lester’s cheeks. The young man was rocking full on stubble that should have been impossible. Lester was as smoothed face as they came. A large gurgle erupted from Lester’s gut. The massive belly began to recede, as Lester fucking grew. First his legs stretched, but then Ryder noticed his spine was shooting up to.

“What’s going on? Why aren’t we headed to the hospital?”

“Dad you gotta see this.” Ryder pulled his sweats and underwear down with his thumb, holding his shirt up with his chin. The duo watched as Lester’s body grew thicker packing on muscle. By the time his belly pouch was gone, transformed into a six pack, a full beard had taken residence on Lester’s face. Lester’s breathing got heavy as he shifted into an older sexy version of himself.

“What the fuck!” Ryder bolted from Lester’s house. His best friend had just transformed in front of him. Lester now looked like a guy in his late 20’s or 30’s. Somehow Ryder knew it was all his fault, or maybe his dad’s. Regardless, he was the one who didn’t try to turn his dad back, so it was still his fault.

“Ryder calm down. I can feel your heart beating,”

The young man looked down at his crotch, He was sporting a large boner. He had run the whole way home without even noticing. His big cock must have made people’s head turn swinging between his legs.

The rest of the day the two tried to separate themselves. Ryder tried, pulling, tugging, pleading, and praying but his dad’s body didn’t come back.

“Perhaps it’s like a day thing. We’ll wake up tomorrow and be back to normal.”

In the end, that was the only thing the two could hope for. Ryder crawled under his covers in the nude so his dad wouldn’t destroy any boxers when he reformed Twenty minutes was all it took for Ryder to drift off to sleep. Mr. Hudson however laid there awake.

The father turned cock didn’t find the sweet lull of sleep coming for him. He wasn’t exactly alive so it made sense that he couldn’t sleep. But he was hoping his consciousness could at least black out. Eventually he felt a tingling, his cock body jerked, slapping against Ryder’s thighs. He was getting harder. Mr. Hudson pulsed, getting larger and inching up his son’s torso.

It dawned on Mr. Hudson: Ryder was having a wet dream.

There was a sort of rumbling in his lower half, that is to say Ryder’s balls. It wasn’t a sign of the young man about to cum, just his testicles producing sperm. Mr. Hudson could feel it and he wasn’t happy. Not because he hated being a dick, but because the production was too slow and inefficient. Ryder’s balls were acting like they were their former size, but that wouldn’t do. Mr. Hudson gave Ryder’s balls a jump start, it was time to kick these puppies into gear. The testicles began to swell. Ryder moaned throughout the night.

When Ryder woke up. The first thing he noticed was the pain from his balls. Reaching down to cup them, he marveled at their hefty size, “What the–

“Oh, good you’re awake son.”

“Dad, what happen to my balls, they feel so full.”

“No need to thank me, I just improved your sperm production to match your size and I’ve been producing sperm and testosterone for you all night.”

“Dad, how can you make cum for me? Sperm production isn’t controlled by the penis.”

“Wow, I guess you do pay attention in your college classes.”

Ryder threw his sheet off ready to fire back at his dad, but he was interrupted by what he wasn’t staring it. Not his cock, that was still large and eye catching, however now the rest of his body had seemed to get the memo. His body had muscle, Not like he was a ripped god, but definitely I the realm of athletes, on his college campus. Toned biceps, tantalizing abs, thighs that housed his still overly large cock.

“Dad—Dad what did you do to me?!” Ryder hopped of the bed running to the mirror. His body was not what it had been the day before. No way anyone could just grow muscle overnight. It had to be a result of whatever curse, spell, or anomaly was keeping the father and son stuck together. A patch of chest hair was growing from the center of Ryder’s chest. The young man slowly ran his finger through studying it.

“Okay, I’ll admit. Once I started churning your loads, I did notice your body changing, But I couldn’t stop, felt too good. Besides don’t you feel better like this?”

“Why, because now I’m the son you’ve always wanted?” Ryder shot back.

“Son, I just meant that you look. Good with muscles… do you really think I don’t like the way you look?

Ryder decided not to speak, and his father didn’t say much even. After throwing on underwear that barely fit, the young man wondered downstairs. His stomach let out a growl as he reached the bottom stairs.

“Dad, I’m hungry,” He shouted before thinking.

“Not much I can do about that now, son.”

“Oh, right.” Ryder bit his lip. That was something he hadn’t thought of. His dad always had a meal waiting for him even on days when they had bad fights. But with his dad out of commission for the time being, Ryder said “ I’m going to starve!”

“Don’t be so dramatic . I bought food the other day. Cook some of that.”

“ I don’t know how to cook dad,” Ryder rubbed the back of his head.

“What do you mean you can’t cook? I taught you how to cook. Since you were little we use to cook together.”

“Yeah, but it’s college dad, I just go to the café. And with skills like cooking, it’s use it or lose it and I didn’t see a need for it.”

“Fine, I’ll help you learn to cook a meal.” Mr. Hudson sighed. “Okay, then pull your pants down.”


“I can’t exactly see from inside your underwear.”

“Oh, that makes sense, actually how are you seeing any way. A dick doesn’t have eyes so,”

“Ryder focus! I don’t want you to burn me.”

“Well, you are my dick, so I don’t want to burn you either,” Ryder standing naked in his kitchen with only his socks on, retrieved the eggs, bacon, and biscuits form the fridge as his dad-cock led him through the process. A few mishaps, but thankfully it ended as a successful breakfast. After eating Ryder release a huge blech.


“The food is good, but cooking takes too long” Ryder patted his gut. “I can’t believe you do that three times a day.” Ryder sat back in his chair. Watching as his newly formed abs distended from his meal. He poked at it thinking back to how he had demolished Lester’s stomach the other day.

“Hey cooking is fun! You used to think so too.”

Ryder sucked his teeth, “Tsk, yeah when I was twelve, but now I can just marry a girl that can cook.”

Mr. Hudson sighed, “Ryder women are not tools to be—

An alarm on Ryder’s phone started blaring, “Shit, I got to go pick up Franklin.” The young man started throwing on clothes only to find, they didn’t fit. His legs tore through his pants and the shirt refused to fall over his chest. Thankfully the sweats still worked even if they now only came to his ankles. Huffing Ryder rushed into his dad’s room grabbing at clothes. The shirts were baggy on his body, but it would do for now, with that he was off.

Racing down the blocks Ryder’s stronger legs carried him with ease. After 4 blocks he wasn’t even tired charging forward. He made it to the stop just as the bus arrived. Hopping on board he smiled.

“Feels good being in shape, huh?”

The smile on Ryder’s face dropped, “ Dad don’t start. It’s your fault I have to use the bus.”

“Not my fault you lost driving privileges for my car, son.”

Ryder cursed under his breath; His dad was just a cock; he could have just taken the car anyway. He facepalmed. So, used to not taking the car his mind never even considered making life easier on himself. Moving to the back of the bus, Ryder sat down resting his head. He had a long way to go before reaching his mom’s house.

A girl got on the bus and Ryder found himself looking. He wasn’t trying to be a pervert, but it was hard not to stare. Long brown hair, nice tits and an ass that wouldn’t quit. Ryder stared down at his dick at a time like this he’d usually be hard right now, after all his libido was off the charts, though it seemed his dad had it under control. By the time the girl got off the bus Ryder wasn’t even thinking about her. After she was off, a young man in gym shorts and a tank top got on.

Ryder tried peeling his eyes away, but he couldn’t. There was something about the man that grabbed his attention. He was attractive. Ryder knew that just by looking, but for the first time in his life he was feeling a pull to him. Immediately Ryder could feel his cock hardening.

“Dad what the hell?!”

“I didn’t do anything. This is all you. What are you looking at? Who are you looking at?”

Biting his lip Ryder looked around trying to distract himself. He hadn’t lost his libido. It had been changed for the same sex! While Ryder was straight, his cock was now very much gay. No matter where he looked though there was men everywhere. Fuck the whole bus was filled with guys.

“Come on, let me see?” Mr. Hudson was inching down his son’s leg getting harder and more curious.

“Here,” Ryder whispered angrily pulling his sweats down and letting his cock swing free. His dad continue to rise growing to full height. There was nothing to see for the cock though because Ryder was positioned behind a chair.

Ryder watched as the men on the bus started sniffing. However, none of them were disgusted but they wanted to find the source. And Ryder knew. He just knew they were smelling his balls and cock. The bus was getting flooded with his musk. The men on the bus pulled on the collar of their shirts, trying to reduce how hot they were getting. A few guys tried to fan themselves. The manspreading on the bus got ridiculous as every guy made room for their hardening cock knees knocking into one another as the men showed off.

A construction worker was the first to lose it. He pulled on the tie of a businessman, dragging the man down. Locking lips, the construction worker shoved his tongue into the other man mouth who eagerly accepted. Next, the construction workers large palms began exploring under the navy suit the other man had on feeling his torso, until eventually groping his ass.

No man was safe after that going for those closest to them all. The bus driver swerved to the side stopping the bus and hopping out the driver’s seat to make out. Except, there was one man who wasn’t getting bogged down by the sudden make out fest. The young man hopped over bodies, danced between men grinding against each other, and headed straight for the back.

He was the same young man who Ryder spotted in the beginning. The moment the young man got to the back he paused. Ryder looked like a deer in headlights being caught with his cock hanging out.

“Oh, wow he’s a handsome one. You got good taste son,” Mr. Hudson started leaking precum, catching sight of the man.

“Hi, I’m Kai,” Looking closer Ryder guessed that Kai had to be a few years older than him. Fresh outta of college, headed to the gym, before his actual job started.

“Dude this is going to sound really weird but, I NEED to suck your cock.” Kai said then dropped to his knees taking the cock in his mouth. The poor man couldn’t even fit the fat cock head in his mouth, but he didn’t stop.

“Fuck yeah…

…suck daddy’s cock.” Ryder finished. Kai slurped up the precum loosening his jaw, Ryder pressed his cock in further down Kai’s throat. Kai was growing better at sucking dick in a short time. Ryder stopped moving his hips. He had just caught on to what he did. He had finished his dad’s thought.

“Dad, what the fuck was that!” Ryder shouted, but Kai nor any other man seemed to care about his outburst. They were all too taken by their activities. The men were pulling off each other’s shirts and dragging down pants.

“I- I don’t know son, but we shouldn’t.” Then Mr. Hudson’s thoughts trembled, “But damn if this man isn’t a good cock sucker.”

Ryder knew he had to get his cock out of Kai’s mouth, but his dad was right. The boy could suck cock. Ryder rammed his dad-cock all the way into Kai’s mouth. “Drink daddy’s milk!” He shouted before dumping his seed into Kai’s stomach. Once again, his cock kept pumping fresh cum into Kai, determine to bloat out his fit trim stomach.

When Kai got off the cock it was because he was pushed off. His cheeks had started to bloat with jizz until his head launched back and he fell over. Ryder had cum pouring out his cock head, While Mr. Hudson felt the cum run out of his mouth, then run down his long shaft-body onto his son’s balls. Ryder’s legs shook, from, how much his father could push out. Catching his breath Ryder sat up. Kai was looking at his huge gut playing with it. The other men on the bus however had stopped. Some were in the throes about to be penetrated but their eyes were fixed on the back of the bus. Apparently, they had watched everything Kai had just done.

Their eyes were greedy and lustful, they wanted it for themselves. Ryder quickly tucked his dad away. His eyed darted around. The bus had cameras on it and Ryder wasn’t looking to go further than what he had. He jumped over Kai, apologizing, and heading for the exit. The men on the bus began to rush after him.

“Stay!” Ryder barked, his voice an octave lower. The men listened pausing, then continuing back to their fucking, shocked by what he had just said, Ryder ran away from the scene. Unlike with Lester, Ryder’s balls didn’t feel empty at all. They felt packed even more so than this morning. Mr. Hudson was really producing fresh cum for his son 24/7.

“Dad, you gotta stop or my balls are going to morph into tennis balls.”

“Son, I hear where you’re coming from, I do. But after Kai sucked you, I feel like there’s more room in these heavy balls of yours that I have to fill up.” Mr. Hudson said proudly.

By the time he arrived at his mom’s house, she was standing by his car tapping her foot in a full grimace.

“Mom I—

“You were supposed to be here 10 minutes ago! Now Franklin is going to be late to practice.”

“Listen mom I was late because of the bus. I know I should have called or texted, but things got pretty hectic.”

“Aht aht ah!” Ryder’s mom held up her had fiercely shaking it, “ I don’t want to hear it. Just wait till I tell your father about this.”

Ryder sighed, knowing full well his father was aware of the situation, “Are you at least going to tell him I told you the bus was late?”

Ryder’s mom scoffed in disbelief, “Why should that matter? You’re the one who made a promise with your brother, if you can’t keep it that’s on you.”

“Well, mom why didn’t you just take him?!” Ryder said back.

His mom just shook her head,” I can’t wait to tell your father about this one, she got in her car driving off.

“Was that really the woman I married? I never knew your mom left out details when she talked to me.”

“Mom has always loved making me look bad in front of you. Not even a divorce could stop that.” After Ryder said that, Mr. Hudson went quiet. Ryder took the time to go find his brother. They eventually headed out on the bus and though Franklin was thirty minutes late to football practice, there were no other unfortunate delays. However, Ryder decided to zone out and look into the clouds as his little brother’s game went on. As he relaxed Mr. Hudson continued to churn out fresh creamy sperm for his son, pumping out testosterone through the body. The veins on Ryder’s muscles pulsed delivering the precious hormone to the young male. Ryder’s chest pushed out with prominence, begging to be put on display. Bulk pushed its way into the young man’s arms and legs, giving him power to massive damage with his limbs. His dad’s shirt became tight, riding up revealing the last row of six pack abs. Ryder’s sweats ended stuck at his shins unable to rise up past his beefy calves.

When Franklin was done with practice Ryder took him out to get ice cream.

The two-brother sat on the side of a curb licking their cones. Franklin looked up at his older half-brother. “Does your dad not like you because of me?”

“What? No, my dad issues have to deal with me. You Franklin, you’re awesome everyone knows that much.”

“I know you don’t like sports, but you got bigger. Did your dad make you work out?”

The two brothers talked a bit more before Ryder took him home.

“I didn’t know your brother thought I hate you.”

Ryder wasn’t in a position to respond so he let the comment hang in his mind unanswered. Franklin may have been younger, but he wasn’t stupid. Ryder decided it was time to take Franklin home.

Walking up the drive through, the two brothers ran into Franklin’s dad, Wyatt, coming out the open garage. He didn’t like to be called ‘Mr.’ always said it made him feel old. He was a top insurance broker though, always stayed clean shaven, many tended to think he was a lawyer. His body wasn’t as bulky as Mr. Hudson’s, but Wyatt didn’t skip a day at the gym. However, to see the fruit of his labor one could always check his Instagram posts. Franklin ran up giving his dad a hug before disappearing inside the house.

“Hey, Ryder how’s it going?” Wyatt patted the young man on the back, “Woah, are you getting some muscle there.” Wyatt gave a squeezed to a bicep that was hard as iron. “ Guess your dad must be proud of how good you’re looking. When did you start hitting the gym?”

Rolling his eyes, Ryder nodded along. Interestingly enough Ryder was surprised that his father had never had any ill resentment towards Wyatt. He’d never seen either of the dads argue or fight about anything.

“Is-Is that Wyatt?” Mr. Hudson said.

Ryder’s cock started inching down the side of his leg. “You got to be fucking kidding me.” Ryder whispered under his breath. He spread his legs because his cock would need the room to grow.

“What did you say—” Wyatt turned, catching the sight of the cock burrowing down Ryder’s leg “Ahem” He tried to cough to catch Ryder’s attention, but Ryder wasn’t paying attention. The small sweatpants were doing nothing to hide his trouser snake. “Um…Uh,” Wyatt’s train of thought dropped off as his eyes wide, standing in his driveway.

Finally, Ryder understood. Why his dad never hated Wyatt. Why his dad never tried to get upset with Wyatt. How his dad could so easily accept Wyatt and his son. Mr. Hudson had a crush on the younger father. Ryder knew about all this because his hard cock was making him feel the same thing for Wyatt.

“Sorry, you had to find out about my attraction to Wyatt like this.”

A finger reached out, hooked Ryder’s underwear and sweatpants and pulled down. Ryder’s cock flung out slapping against his stomach. Precum fell onto the hand that had set Mr. Hudson free, Wyatt’s hand. Wyatt had reach over and straight up exposed Ryder to the neighborhood although no one but them was out. The young father’s eyes were locked on the cock, watching it move.

“He’s looking at me! He’s looking at me!” Mr. Hudson shouted, like and over excited fan.

Ryder’s mouth dropped; his twitching cock kept growing beyond its ten inches. Taken by the arousal, Ryder slightly shifted his hips letting his ad cock brush against, Wyatt’s arms. A tingling sensation sparked from the skin-on-skin contact. Precum gushed forth onto Wyatt’s arm

“Heh,” Wyatt gave a soft chuckle, “I think your cock likes me.”

“You have no idea.” Ryder answered but it didn’t matter Wyatt was off in his own little world just like any other man that took interest in his cock.

Wyatt bent forward not removing his hand, “Your cock smells so fucking musky and wonderful.” He licked the precum off his arm “mmm,” then he took a quick swipe at the cock head with his tongue.

“He kissed me!” Mr. Hudson was ecstatic; it was as much as he could hope for.

Wyatt stood back up looking around. All clear. He led Ryder into garage, pulling on the sweats, while Ryder followed waddling. From there it was a blur as Wyatt shut them both in the garage. The father pushed Ryder into his car’s back seat before jumping in himself. The father locked the doors to his SUV ensuring no one would bother them, especially not with his tinted windows. After crawling in, Wyatt shifted himself so that he and Ryder were in a 69 position. Wyatt buried his nose into Ryder’s brown pubes, “Hot damn Ryder, your cock, it just smells like a man.” Wyatt grabbed the cock by its base, “There’s just so much power in this cock, I feel it.” Wyatt slapped himself with Mr. Hudson. Letting the sounds of skin slapping fill the car. With a swirl of the tongue Wyatt licked the shaft.

“Treat me like your fucking lollipop!” Mr. Hudson begged only heard by Ryder. Wyatt did just that letting his tongue roam free as Mr. Hudson reveled in it. Whenever precum will spill Wyatt would lick it all the way back up to the top. Next Wyatt started planting small nibbles and kisses on the plump sack beneath.

Wyatt opened his mouth wide and plopped the cockhead in sucking on it, draining it of precum. The young father seemed surprised at the taste as he worked harder to take more cock in. Wyatt happily let Ryder cram more of the plump dad-cock into his throat. The man was taking it like and expert not evening gagging.

“Look at him go Rye; he’s swallowing me up. His mouth is so warm, It’s like heaven in here.”

Ryder felt the same arousal his father did, moaning into the back seat. There was a poking at Ryder’s face. Wyatt’s cock was twitching madly, begging to be set free. Without hesitation Ryder reached in and set Wyatt’s cock free, then started ducking it. Wyatt had a beautiful 8.5 incher that Ryder tried to please, though he wasn’t progressing as fast as Wyatt was.

“Oh shit, the way he just moaned. You swallowed his cock, didn’t you? How does he taste? How does it smell? Man, I wish I could see a man’s mouth on this stud’s cock”

Ryder reached down dislodging Wyatt’s head, then showed his soaked cock the scene Mr. Hudson desperately wanted to see. Wyatt dropped back onto the head.

“Thank you thank you so much for that Ryder.” Mr. Hudson exclaimed. “I can’t believe I’m in this courageous man’s throat I want be buried in this forever”

There was a moment Ryder was afraid his dick would dislodge and fire straight into Wyatt’s stomach. But that was just the combined effort of Wyatt’s blowjob and Mr. Hudson burying himself in the throat. However, Ryder noticed just how turned on he truly was. His dad was bulging out of Wyatt’s throat, as if he was trying to borrow a nest. His dad truly was getting bigger. Wyatt busted his nut into Ryder’s mouth, who was curious enough to try it. Thick, salty man milk courtesy of his brother’s dad.

“He, he came in your throat, didn’t he? His cum is literally in us. I mean I know it’s in your stomach but these balls fuck.”

Ryder reached down and watched his balls expand in size after ingesting Wyatt’s cum.

“I can’t hold in anymore. You hot piece of man ass.”

Wyatt tried to pull off the cock tapping on Ryders’ leg, but soon both men realized they couldn’t. Mr., Hudson was lodged firm inside Wyatt unable to come out having expanded ridiculously. A major problem since Wyatt wouldn’t be able to breathe soon.

“Drink my milk!” Mr. Hudson delivered a fresh batch of cum into Wyatt’s gullet and let it flow into his stomach to churn away. With each pulse the cock shrunk until it was emptied and deflated. Mr. Hudson fell against his son’s thigh on cloud nine. Wyatt had essentially given Mr. Hudson’s whole body a tongue bath. In return Mr. Hudson filled his gut with cum.

Ryder laid catching his breath. Once again, he had destroyed another fit guy’s abdominal wall with excessive cum. Instead of fleeing though Ryder sat in the back of the car with a passed-out Wyatt. He listened to the father’s gurgling gut processing and trying to digest all that nutrient rich cum. Over the hour that Wyatt slept his navy suit began to tear. Ryder had to maneuver himself into a sitting position, resting Wyatt’s head on his lap. Wyatt’s muscles fought against his clothing, trying to expand.

His ass was the first thing to pop out, jiggling before solidifying into muscle. The seat of the expensive clothing ripped straight down the middle as the cheeks hung out expose. Ryder could only guess the underwear shared a similar fate. Too curious for his own good Ryder, found his hand playing with the improved ass. The similar change flew up to Wyatt’s torso broadening his back and inflating his pecs. Wyatt’s shoulders morphed into boulders as they developed a new form to support his arms. As for the lower half, the thighs ripped tears along the seams of the pants before the rest of the legs caught up. Wyatt’s shoes exploded as his feet tore through the soles. The exposed skin began to reveal, growing blonde hairs that turned darker and denser. Even on Wyatt’s face peach fuzz emerged growing.

None of that to say Ryder had it easy. Mr. Hudson had kept sperm production going keeping his son’s sack full. Ryder leaned back into the chair as his nuts packed on more. His nuts were going to hang lower and swing heavier. This all fed back into Ryder’s body growing him more.

“Wow, look at Wyatt grow son, and damn you’re growing to.”

Now Ryder had a problem. There were currently two growing men in the back of a family SUV. In matter of minutes their bodies would get entangled. Ryder’s cock was now a proud 10.5 inches long when hard. Ryder tried to move but only succeed in Getting Wyatt to nuzzle his nut sack again. Wyatt happen to wake up then sucking on the nuts again. Ryder grabbed Wyatt by the chin an lifted his head.

“Did you enjoy Daddy’s milk?” Ryder said at the exact same time his father thought it. Ryder reached over and opened the door climbing out with Wyatt. The young father hadn’t so much grown taller rather wider. He was a solidly built stacked man now. Ryder had already assumed his dad-cock was turning people into daddies. But now he had put his cum into and actual father. It’s not that Wyatt had turned old, but all his features became more refined. He was a rugged man now.

Wyatt had on a silly grin stepping out the car. He nodded when Ryder asked the question but said no more. He stuffed his cock back into his pants, though it was futile. Once put away he grabbed at it shaking it for Ryder. There was a a cocky smile on his face that Ryder was so unused to seeing on the formerly mild-mannered father. Leaning against the car, Wyatt asked “Are going to fuck me now?”

“Yes, YES! Put me in him son!”

Ryder couldn’t help himself he wanted to plow the life out of Wyatt. He shoved the man against the car. He brought his cock to the split in Wyatt’s suit, touching his bare ass. Even with his precum spilling at maximum levels it was hard for Ryder to shove his dad into Wyatt’s straight man ass. The dude was too tight for his own good. Ryder would slide the tip of his cock over Wyatt’s hole coaxing it open. When he found the perfect opportunity, he shoved his fat cock head in spreading the father’s cheeks. And then Ryder fucked Wyatt against the car, He pile drove into him, shaking the car.

Wyatt climaxed all over the car. He let lose an ungodly amount of cum, painting the tinted windows a pearly white. Ryder legs trembled as he shot load after load deep into Wyatt’s guts. Ryder eventually pulled out and collapsed on Wyatt kissing the back of his neck. This time Wyatt didn’t fall asleep, they just laid there. Sweaty bodies against each other.

Go get changed, your wife will be home soon.” Ryder’s voice had sunk even lowered. Wyatt nodded and on shaky legs left. Once he was gone Ryder began the trek home. On the way he couldn’t stop thinking about how he had just fucked and sucked another man. Not to mention how Wyatt had sucked him and begged to get fucked. The issue wasn’t that Ryder had done gay stuff; it was that he didn’t care. Ryder had been tempted to shove Wyatt back in the car and plow his ass.

I should have fucked him again,” A cocky smirk grew on Ryder’s face. When he returned home, Ryder stripped off his clothes hopping in the bed naked. Hopefully tomorrow his dad would separate from his dick.

The sunlight that hit Ryder’s face the next morning caused the young man to spring up. “Holy crap, dad!”

“Where’s the fire son?”

Ryder looked down at his huge boner under the sheets, “Dad you’re here. Last night When I was fucking Wyatt you stopped talking”

“Uh Ryder you’re getting confused there, I was definitely talking, hell felt like I was fucking him myself. You’re the one that went quiet on me.”

Instead of paying attention to what his dad was saying Ryder got distracted by his body. He had pack on more muscle overnight. “Jesus, dad what are you pumping in my balls growth hormones? My feet are hanging over the bed!” He climbed off the bed, boner freely swinging through his meaty thighs.

Standing in front of the mirror, looking at his reflection Ryder in shock said, “Dad?”

“No son, that’s… you.” Mr. Hudson’s voice was just as taken aback.

Ryder had morphed into an almost exact copy of his father, except for that fact it was still his face on top the body. The young man no longer looked like a young man. He was as studly as all the men he graciously fed his loads. There was no way a body that produced and house such potent loads would go unaffected by it.

After Ryder got used his new self, he threw on some boxers, and scratched his ass walking downstairs. It was frustrating how his underwear barely fit any more. His thighs took of most of the space in them. Once again, Ryder let his dad lead him through making breakfast, this time pulling his cock out the front of his boxers. When done eating, Ryder collapsed back on the chair stuffed.

“Oh son, that reminds me you got to pay the water and electric bill today.”

“Uh, I get you’re rocking between my legs, but don’t you usually do that stuff on time?”

“Yes, but I was planning on doing it later this week. Though It looks like, at least temporarily, there’s a new man of the house.”

Ryder groaned, definitely didn’t want to waste even a morning paying off bills. Unfortunately, that was exactly what happened. When Ryder thought he had some relax time, he tried to turn on the kitchen sink to run some water to wash dishes. There a few bubbling noises and the sound of water running, but it wasn’t coming out the faucet. Ryder curiously dropped to one knee opening a cabinet to find that a pipe was leaking.

“Are you fucking kidding me!” Ryder shouted.

“Oh, that’s a bad leak, but nothing I can’t fix.” Ryder watched as his cock hardened moving towards the problem. Then watched as hid dad flexed powerfully twice “ Damn it no arms.”

“Really, dad you forgot you were a cock that fast?”

“Geez son, it’s not easy being unable to move like I used to. You try being a dick I’d bet you’d forget to. Anyway, since I can’t handle this it’s up to you.”

Ryder wondered why he couldn’t just call a plumber, but he didn’t voice it. Staying in his underwear, he strapped on his dad’s work belt and put on his father’s work boots. Climbing into the cabinet he dried the area off before turning on his flashlight.

“First son you need to turn the water off, Twist that knob there.” Mr. Hudson waited as Ryder did as told. “Okay now son you want to grab that wrench there…son that’s a screwdriver.”

It was an absurd sight Ryder lying on his back fixing the sink, almost fully nude with his hard cock hanging in the air. The scene was as if he was getting turned on from fixing the sink. Suddenly Ryder stopped.

“Dad, why do my balls feel heavier?”

“Uh…Look son I’m sorry. When I saw your bicep flex from moving that wrench, I sort of thought it was hot and well… you felt the rest.”

“Are you serious? Dad ,are you saying you got turned on by me? That’s way too fucking weird. Not to mention that I kinda look like you now so that is like super vain.”

“Hey, you saying you don’t get turned on seeing a big cock between your legs that’s your dad. I should have been soft for a good while. All that time it you took to get my things, I only got turned on when I saw you working, but you’ve been hard this whole time.”

With that Ryder shut up, embarrassed. Going back to the sink he couldn’t believe his dad always worked on stuff like this. Normally he’d be out with friends by now. He always imagined that being the man of the house was more glamorous than this. Being the man and only man in the house meant he had to deal with all its problems. However, the real problem Ryder had was with his growing sack and that it always fed back into him. Sure, enough it did. He started to grow body expanding under the sink.

“Too fucking tight!” Ryder reached down and ripped his boxers in half. They were starting to strangle his cock and pinch his sack. His nuts feel out freely against his leg. Big ol’ bull balls to match their owner. Ryder stroked his hard cock just to make sure it was alright. He wasn’t thinking of it as his dad anymore just his cock. Though what had transpired wasn’t lost to him. Mr. Hudson’s thought and Ryder’s words matched up at the same time as if they were on the same wavelength. One person.

“You think I leak more than the faucet?” Mr. Hudson joked, severing the connection , and breaking the spell.

A knock came at the door just as Ryder was finishing up. Walking to the door Ryder stared out the peephole. Sighing he opened up. On his front steps stood Lester and Wyatt shifting around awkwardly. The two men’s changes had settled on varied but no less muscular builds for their bodies. Their eyes dropped immediately to the only tool under Ryder’s belt that mattered to them. Ryder suddenly remembered that he was naked, and realized his feet were aching. His dad’s shoes were tight on him.

Ryder gave a fake cough, his cock jerked up and the men, realized they had been staring.

Lester started, “Sorry to bother you Mr. Hudson with…what you were doing. But we had just been talking on your porch a—

“Is Ryder home?” Wyatt finished, eyes back on the cock in front of him. “We need to see him.”

A smirked crossed Ryder’s face. He could play with them for a bit. With their bodies blocking the view he didn’t have to worry about anyone in the neighborhood seeing him in the nude. He crossed his arms displaying his large biceps and shifted his hips making sure his cock bounced, “No, he’s not in. Want to leave a message?” The men didn’t answer rather watched as the cock swayed when Ryder crossed his legs to lean on the door frame.

“We-we need him.” Lester’s eyes couldn’t focus from cock to face.

Ryder arched an eyebrow, “ Really because it seems like you both need a man. And fortunately, there is one in this house.” He turned and walked into the house leaving the door open for them to follow.

1 week Later

“Ryder come on wake up,” Mr. Hudson hung proudly in the air. Ryder had permanently forgone wearing clothes to bed, regardless if his dad and he ever separated or not.

“Ugh, where’s the fire dad, it’s Saturday.” Ryder groaned, rubbing the sleep out his eye and pulling back the cover.

“Doesn’t mean you should just sleep it away.” Mr. Hudson sad proudly, “Besides I made breakfast.”

Before Ryder could ask for an elaboration or even an explanation of that, his balls boiled, his legs shook and he released a roar as cum, erupted from his cock. The first shot landed between his eyes and noses, and then it kept coming getting into his mouth before, other shots landed on his chest and abs. Ryder tried to wipe at the thick concoction.

“Dad, that’s gross what the fuck?!”

“Aww come on, I was preparing for that all night. I can’t get up and makes you food but for the sausage, eggs, and milk can always be on me.” Mr. Hudson chuckled.

Ryder rolled his eyes, now his father was telling dad-cock jokes jussssttttt great. He got out of bed making sure to keep his sheets clean. Strolling over to his mirror he grabbed his cock marveling at how huge he had become. A sexy beast, though his growth had finally stopped. At 6’7 he wasn’t complaining about much. He did wish his old clothes would fit, even his dad’s clothes were getting tight on him, but his dad’s bed was definitely the better option.

Jacking off to his own reflection Ryder started kissing his biceps. “You’re such a beautiful cock dad!”

“And you’re a handsome stud.”

The two passed compliments back and forth until Ryder unloaded on his dad’s mirror. Breathing heavily Ryder gather himself, his orgasm had been wonderful, but his balls weren’t empty. They never were these days; his dad wouldn’t allow it. That just meant he was always raring to go for another round. A message came through on his phone, Lester had sent Ryder a gym pic. Walking to the bathroom Ryder texted back, then turned on the shower.

“Who was that?”

“Take a guess?”

“Lester? That boy can’t help sticking his cock into places these days and I bet he clamoring to get more of your daddy-cock too.” Mr. Hudson chuckled. “Now come on hop in the shower.”

Ryder did as he was told, feeling the water fall on him. He made sure to clean every inch of his body especially his cock and balls. While he didn’t mind a little musk, he did mind being able to go places without men clamoring for his dad all the time. Stepping out of the shower rock hard, Ryder heard, “Don’t forget to brush your teeth son.” Ryder was annoyed but he didn’t argue back. Nowadays he just led with his dick leading the way, easy since it always stuck out in front of him. Dad would say something, and Ryder would just do it. No fights, no screaming. Simple and done. He had always thought he was in control, the man of the house. Only to find out none of it was worth admiring.

For Mr. Hudson it was a bit different. He wasn’t judgmental of his son anymore. Not that he could do much as a cock. These days Ryder would pack him away behind boxer briefs and pants when heading out and going about his day. The father had wanted more insight to his son’s life, and he had certainly gotten it. But to the world he was just a huge lump between his son’s legs.

There was one thing that made both men feel alive. When they were having sex. It was as if their minds melded, and they became a sex machine. Ryder’s insatiable libido and Mr. Hudson’s sexuality had transformed them into a lustful man eater. Not to mention all the extra hormones, Ryder had floating in his balls courtesy of his father. Any guy get knocked up with that and they’d become a drop-dead gorgeous daddy themselves. Thankfully, Ryder had just the cock to keep them all in line, so they didn’t fuck the entire town.

Ryder picked up his phone texting back Lester, “On my way. I want you going commando on the gym floor when I get there.”

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