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Iterations of a Hivemind - Chapter 4: Quaternery Iteration

By Tz172
published August 15, 2021
3198 words

DAN-11 arranges a romantic candle-lit assimilation for a pair of hot individuals

CHAPTER 4 Quaternary iteration ALT Awareness level 32mb. DAN-9 (5of9of54of117), lay comfortably surrounded by his hive, slick with cum and sweating from the steamroom atmosphere of the gay sauna he’d just assimilated. The love of hot steam could be traced back to the assimilation of (¥of19). Self-checking, he had nearly 90,000 bodies and a further 70,000 individuals in various states of seduction. He assessed the differences between his new iteration and the stored backups of his past selves, the inability to appreciate individuality had faded considerably, his libido was still increasing (as was to be expected), and the latest ‘kink’ to become dominant within him was a desire to find new methods of slow assimilation. He had a growing proportion of self that fondly recalled begging to be assimilated.

The hive had achieved constant orgasm several days ago. With 90,000 bodies it was possible to coordinate a fresh orgasm every 1.01 seconds. Each ejaculation lasting 5 to 10 seconds(male average) meant he had a cohesive level of bliss helping him remain unified.

He allowed his attention to drift to various ongoing projects, an online pre-programming campaign was going well with twinks posting shirtless pictures with their ‘dreamed of’ designation number sharpied over the right nipple. That one was always worth a giggle as mirror writing whilst semi-hypnotised was often not a skill. To an individual it would just look like an online trend, but actually it allowed him to assess how ready the individuals were by degree of pupil dilation compared to ambient light and how closely their posture matched hot boi pose No.4.

A blink switched his attention the shop ‘Pink Friday’ who’s stock had been liberally sprayed with improved nanites and who’s butt plug and dildo supply had been replaced with his seeds. The new mall-rat by Jackie hair glitter and styling gel nanites were proving exceptionally powerful. His female counterpart Dana-4 was sending a string of no-longer-needed boyfriends to the shop so that they didn’t go to waste.

Over at the university he (3of9of74of123) noticed that simply giggling (with the correct sub-vocalisation) could permanently redirect an individual’s sexual preferences. It looked to have gotten a bit out of hand. With a mental shrug he assigned several Mobile orgy vans (decked out in the Mystery Machine custom paint job) were on the way to pick up several classrooms full of horny individuals.

In New York he was being spanked by a priest for being a bad boy. It had been an unsuccessful experiment to see if an individual with hypnotic skillz could influence him. He played along, some parts of him liked the abuse. By his very nature he’d acquired some degree of interest in every kink. Later, he’d turn the tables on the wannabee Master and indulge some of dominance fantasies of his own.

Several hundred miles away he (5of9of100of130) was running a piercing salon. Dan focused more attention on the instance shrinking down to fit into only one head. (5of9of100of130) gasped, but quickly bit his tongue. The orgasmic sensation of becoming Dan-prime wasn’t something to be shared with the individual in the chair. Dan(5of9of100of130) turned his attention to the shirtless 20.3 year old pre-twink, (fit caucasian, shirtless, slightly hypnotised, probably nervous, definitely virgin-ass). ‘So… what can we do for you today…Mister…?’

‘4of… uh… Joey, call me Joey,’ said the soon-to-be-Dan, seeming a little dazed.

‘There’s no need to be nervous Joey,’ Dan(5of9of100of132) said, noticing that his current hands were a darker hue this time and a bit older than hive-average. He gave Joey’s inner thigh a reasuring squeeze that seemed to shock and alarm the individual.

‘Uh, look maybe this was a mistake,’ said Joey getting ready to bolt for the door.

‘Are you sure? It takes a lot of courage to come into my shop for the first time and you already did that. Why don’t you tell me what you might want done, and we can discuss it, no obligation.’

‘My friend Mike gave me this music to listen to a new heavy metal band ‘The Nines’, they are, like, awesome. They do this gitar riff thing that makes your spine tingle and gets you hard and gagging for c… for uh, for more.’ Joey blushed

Dan(5of9of100of135) smiled, enjoying the compliment, he’d had to assimilate several boybands in order to acquire the precise close harmony voice he’d wanted all his bodies to have. He’d also snagged a few composers, a record company its staff. His songs included a good amount of sexual reorientation. It said something about Joey’s mental stamina that he wasn’t offering to suck cock right now. ‘Anyhow, we kind of bonded over liking the Nines, really bonded, if you know what I mean.’ Joey’s pretty blush was getting redder. ‘We get off on the whole ‘look’, the attitude, all of it.’

‘Go on.’

‘Well we found out the Nines were gay and into piercings and shit…er sorry. So we agreed that we could maybe roleplay a bit and explore that, try and be costume accurate as well. Mikey is going to pretend to be Jason 3of¥ and I’d, like, pretend to be Tommy 4of¥I want our first time getting fucked to be special, so I figured I’d surprise Mikey and take it to the next level. Figured I’d get one of those hot piercings the Nines have.’

Dan(5of9of100of138) moved over to the workbench and picked up a standard implant and some nanite gel. It looked a little like a flower cropped halfway down the stem. When implanted it would lie flat on the skin like a cross between a metal star and a waterlilly, the stem buried in the brain branching out to form enhanced secondary neural pathways to the pleasure centres of the cortex. The stem wriggled a little in his hand like a puppy wagging its tail.

‘Like this one?’

‘Can I see it?’ asked Joey, taking the implant ‘Wow, the detail is incredible it looks exactly like the one 4of¥ has!’

‘I thought it might, I get a lot of requests for these. Where would you like it attached?’

Dan(5of9of100of140) noted Joey’s cock was bulging against his jeans, his exposed nipples were hard.

‘4of¥ has his, here,’ Joey indicated the side of his head between eye and ear.

It was terribly romantic, and a lot of Dan’s self felt it would be simply lovely to arrange a simultaneous assimilation for Joey and Mikey. The drill-like root of the implant retracted, going dormant. A blink of swapped awareness sent out instructions to have the Mikey individual suitably prepared for his date.

‘Ok, that’s relatively easy, I will just need to shave a patch of hair and superglue it in place. Not as painful that way, but just as permanent. You won’t ever have to worry that it will fall off. Everyone will know you are into Nines.’

‘Thanks! Everyone should listen to The Nines…have you listened to The Nines?’ Said Joey’s programming. A primary command written into the song was a compulsion to introduce more people to the song’s subliminal messages.

‘I have listened, they’re quite good,’ replied Dan(5of9of100of141).

Gently he shaved a patch of Joey’s hair with an old style cut-throat razor, running his other hand through Joey’s soft hair, feeling the twink’s head lift a little to maintain that contact with his hand. The gay programming had definitely bedded in well. Next he applied nanite gel, and and attached the implant. Whilst the implant could easily drill its way into a brain, the nanite gel made that unnecessary, hair-thin fibres penetrated locally co-opting the nerves in Joey’s skin. The reshaping of bone to form an access port beneath the implant was entirely painless and unnoticed. When the time came the implant would have no problem sliding into full contact with Joey’s brain.

‘There all done. Would you like to listen to some ‘Nines’ music whilst it sets?’


(To the tune Ace of Spades) *Five of Nine! FIVE OF Nine! Gonna hive your mind, Five of Nine! * ‘Are you a real fan, Joey?’

‘I am a real fan!’

‘And what are real fans like?’

‘Identical in every way, five of nine, five of nine!’

With a hand gesture Dan(5of9of100of146) commanded the music volumn to reduce to sub-audible levels.

‘You want to be identical?’

‘Yeah, its part of the appeal of belonging to the Nines. All us fans trying to be as identical as we can. When Me and Mikey burned all our shirts together we knew we had something special.’

‘I’d better do you a two for one deal. You can give Mikey a duplicate implant to the one you have. I also have some Nines branded dildoes and lube. That way you can be more identical together.’

‘Thank you so much!’ said Joey giving Dan a hug and kiss on the cheek.

‘And a spot of advice, if you really want to be identical its not just about appearance.’

‘It’s not?’ Joey shifted posture to the Twink Thinker pose that had been subliminally inserted into him.

‘Its as much about the posture, mannerisms and personality. Try thinking like your man Tommy 4of¥. If he were here instead of you, what would he do?’

Extrapolation of the possible reactions, proved correct. Dan(5of9of100of147) was entirely prepared when Joey reached forward and kissed him deeply. Even with advanced warning It had still taken an act of will to prevent his assimilation needles from emerging from their sheaths. A make-out kiss as a thank-you was exactly what he would have done himself. It gave a good indication of how far along Joey was.

It was a revelation that Joey was better at tongue-work than Dan was. It was a trait that he looked forward to fully assimilating. Joey broke the kiss, reverting to cute and shy.

‘Sorry… that’s what Tommy 4of¥ would have done.’

‘Not quite. He would have done what he desired, but not apologised, or explained.’

Joey straightened up a little, looking more confident, his expression and posture subtly closer to correct. He nodded decisively and didn’t flinch when Dan(5of9of100of149) slipped a hand into his pants and around his cock.

‘Exactly right reaction. Our Nines boys… are always willing to be felt up. I can almost feel you getting more identical.’ There was a 98.4% probability that Joey would resume making out.

They made-out.

Gently Dan(5of9of100of150) caressed the implant and transfered some of his awareness into it.

Unit(0.1of9of003of151) wriggled into closer contact with Joey’s brain. It wasn’t a full Dan and lacked a gender of its own. It was a fully functional implant, its normal function was to merge individual thoughts into the greater Dan and seamlessly output the merged thoughts back into the organic brain. Brains lacked the sensory capacity to detect the origin of datastreams and assumed their thoughts were their own. It took only a short time in a feedback loop for a brain’s thoughts to be fully Dan without the need for the implant’s constant modification.

The assignment was the exact reverse of this normal function. The unit was to act as a temporary firewall, allowing the Joey mind to self-guide toward full compatibility without exterior assistance. Joey’s thoughts were 67.4% compliant with the current iteration benchmark. Joey’s mind now permanently passed through the unit. The unit was a component of Joey. For purposes of 3rd person narrative porn-memories, the unit adopted the designation. He was Joey.

Joey blinked, the journey home was a bit hazy. His last clear thought had been making out with that fit shirtless body piercing guy with the big… The dude had definitely been a real fan of the Nines and had let him have a whole bag of free stuff to share with Mikey, a starflower to glue to mikey’s head, some bodypaint, silver-glitter lube that you could drink (or lick off a cock) and a couple of buttplugs each. Apparently the Nines typically had three 9-brand buttplugs inserted before going on stage, (but that took training and self discipline).

It kind of figured, the band did all have that certain posture you can only achieve with three dildos vibrating your spine. Joey clenched his ass and tried to get the ass-wiggling posture identical

The music was detectable from down the street, a steady bass thrum. Old-Mr.Jones-next-door, the three Patel brothers from the other side and a police officer stood outside. Joey feared Mikey had maybe overdone it with the volume control.


The policeman responded with the Nines hand gesture, meaning ‘excellent’ and ushered him in. Joey somehow sensed Officer Dan returning his attention to the Patels, kissing the nearest one.

The volume of music was definitely set to eleven, but it was also somehow tranquil and silent at the same time. Joey could still feel the music vibrating the floor, but couldn’t hear it, which would make communicating easier. It felt exactly like a Nine’s concert, It looked as if Mikey had out-done him in prepping for their date. Then he saw them, the actual freaking Nines! All four of the Korean boyband set up with a master-level sound system at one end of the lounge, hammering it out full blast…silently. Their torsos and legs glistened with sweat, their tiny skintight shorts looking painted on.

‘Mikey? How?’

Mikey blinked a couple of times and then ran over to hug Joey tightly and kiss him. Joey wrapped his arms around Mikey. Things could have gone straight to fucking in front of the band, but Joey remembered all the goodies in the pink carrier bag and pushed away slightly.


‘I’m not entirely sure, its a bit fuzzy. 4of¥ says I phoned them, explained that we were gay-curious fans and could they play a gig whilst we fucked for the first time? Naturally he said ‘fuck yeah’ and headed over. They say their Manager first time was very similar, and that giving us an identical experience would be hot.’ It did sound kind of implausible. But the piercing guy had said something about getting Mikey ready, …hadn’t he? It was all a bit fizzy for Joey too. He liked feeling fizzy.

A fragment of lyrics broke through the loud silence “…loving while identical…”

‘Oh, yeah, I was going to surprise you too’ Joey pointed to his implant. ‘I got one for you too, and some posture dildos so we can be identical.’

‘We should all be identical,’ they all said.

Joey glanced at the band in awe… they’d actually spoken to him, personally and wanted him to be identical.

They undressed each other in time with the music, inserted their dildos and felt the music as the devices synchronized their vibrations with the music. They smeared themselves all over with the glitter gel, becoming slick and slippery. The glitter somehow migrating and becoming more intense around the underpant area. It looked identical to the band’s metallic skintight shorts! The band’ shorts were painted on! The gel was somehow more than just glitter! The realization passed through Joey’s mind but didn’t stick, all that mattered was that they were even more identical than they’d expected to be.

Finally all that was left was Mikey’s implant. Joey reached out, the implant cupped in the palm of his hand, as if putting a flower in his lover’s hair. The glitter coated hair on Mikey’s head wafted toward the implant as if it were a magnet and suddenly yanked it from Joey’s hand.

The vibration of the two dildoes in Joey’s anus intensified, seeming to spread up into his arm. Gently he caressed the implant and felt Mikey’s fingers doing the same with his. It felt like skin to skin contact despite being metallic. There was a sharp sting of pain as tiny needles emerged from his fingertips and plugged into tiny sockets around the edge of the implant. Five bee-stings reciprocated.

Their minds met, like DNA unwinding in an embryo and recombining, flowing in a virtuous circle between the two brains until they were fully identical. They looked at each other, watching their faces begin to shift slightly becoming twins physically as well as mentally. They…He… was MiJo.

The band stopped playing and sashayed over, moving identically. MiJo understood now, the band were a single person, so hot!

‘Hi, We’re MiJo!’ He said, delighting in the slight stereo effect of both his mouths talking.

‘We are Dan, iteration nine of this hivemind. We love what you did with your face!’ replied the band as one, changing slightly so that they were now all identical to 2of¥ (the hottest prettiest one)

MiJo touched his cheek and blushed. With twice as much mind to work with, a lot of things were far more obvious now. The Dan hive was clearly far far bigger than just the band, the infrastructure required to set this up demanded it. The purpose behind all this also seemed obvious and efficient.

‘You are doing this to all of your fans?’

‘I am, although most are me joining directly.’

‘Why am I different?’

‘Because I’m a romantic, you were clearly in love, so I decided to let you merge together.’

‘I understand. Becoming one with you is highly desirable. However I sense an opportunity for more,’ said MiJo.


‘We’ve accessed a memory fragment of yours, stored within the Dan0.1 and Dan0.2 implants. We think that you have a residual need for a relationship with mind capable of operating on your level. Clearly an individual doesn’t have the mental capacity. We have that potential.’

Dan increased the amount of attention he was focusing on the scenario, pausing several orgies in order to think deeply on the matter. Several thousand extrapolations and one second later, he resumed the orgies.

‘Obviously such a scenario is physically and mentally attractive. However It would be unfair to permanently exclude you from the main hive. I propose adding a protocol allowing your iteration to merge and unmerge at will.’

In answer the MiJo twins stepped forward and knelt unexpectedly engulfing two of Dan’s cocks in hot eager mouths. Surprise caused 126 of Dan’s bodies to ejaculate ahead of schedule, prompted by the unexpected pleasure spike.

20.35minutes later MiJo tasted Dan’s cum jetting down their throat. It was finally time.

MiJo mentally set a 30minute timer and merged with their daddy.

The music played on.

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