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After Party Pleasantries

By Slave to Cock
published August 15, 2021
2420 words

Thomas begins to experience the other side of the spell

Thomas couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He had been rock hard for hours now, and it just wouldn’t go down any. He lay naked on his hotel room bed, staring as his cock stuck out. It pointed not at his fuzzy belly like he would expect, but at the far wall. It had been doing that all night, pointing off in random directions, rock hard. To add to the weirdness, he occasionally felt a tug from his taint. The best way to describe it was as if a giant hand had stuck its middle finger up his ass, and its thumb on his dick, and pulled him. Not just a sensation, but an actual force that seemed to lift him off the ground. As he thought back on the night, It had gotten so bad that during the dancing section of the wedding, it had tugged so hard his hips had been flung into a poor old lady, causing her to stumble onto her husband. He had accused the alcohol, but the truth was he had no idea what was happening. He excused himself pretty soon after that and headed straight for the hotel. The entire time he had walked he had felt that tugging pulling him back, but he just pushed against it. It seemed to get weaker and weaker the closer he got to the hotel.

Inside his room, he had immediately taken everything off, and looked over himself. In the bathroom mirror, everything seemed normal in the front, rock hard dick aside, but he still felt the tug. When he turned around, he noticed something, his ass was open and gaping. It seemed to be moving slightly, in time with the tugging sensation. It was almost like there actually was something tugging on his ass.

But that would make no sense… would it? He thought to himself.

He went over to the bed, laying down, his head running with thoughts, watching as his cock moved around. He propped his legs up on the frame of the bed. For some reason, this seemed to make him feel less tugging, having his ass exposed like this. The few times it did happen it felt… good…

It was in this position that he heard the door knock. Without thinking, Thomas jumped up and rushed to the door. He opened, completely unfazed about the fact he was completely naked, with a hard on.

The front desk operator sure was fazed though. He looked very wide eyed at the man who was naked in front of him. His face turned red, and he began to sweat a bit. He didn’t turn away though, and sputtered out: “Im… sorry to b-b-b-bother you s-s-sir, but there was…. a p-p-p-package left for…. you at the f-f-f-front desk”

Sure enough, in his hands he held a small manila envelope, which Thomas noticed was conspicuously in front of the young mans pants. When he went to grab it, the operator quickly put it into his hands and rushed off, attempting to hide the obvious boner he had growing. Thomas couldn’t help but feel flattered that such a cute young guy would get hard from him. It was an odd thought, given he never even considered the thought of men being attracted to him, but it made him feel good, especially from such a handsome young man. He gently closed the door and opened the envelope. Inside was a note:

“Did you like the little gift? I’m sure he will be fun to play with after I have had my way with you. Meet me in room 1203”

As he read this, he felt the force in his ass turn into a consistent tug. He knew that whoever wrote this was the one causing the sensation, and was now summoning him. Immediately, Thomas grabbed the key to his room and walked out. Like before, he had nothing on, and didn’t even register it as being unusual. All he knew was that he needed to get to room 1203, and quickly to. He walked over to the elevator, where the Operator was still patiently waiting for the elevator to come. Hands held in front of his boner. Thomas stood next to him, pressing the button to go up. The operator saw him and immediately blushed again.

“Dont be shy, I know you like the view” Thomas said, stroking some of his chest hair. Thomas had always been confident, but something about being naked in front of this young man was driving his self esteem through the roof. Not so much for the Operator, who was too stunned and shy to talk.

As the elevator arrived, despite it going up, Thomas grabbed the operator and pulled him inside. He kissed him deeply, pushing his tongue inside his mouth. The boy was completely taken aback, but did not put up a fight, rather enjoying the feeling of the taller naked man exploring his mouth. Thomas felt the force on his ass again, causing him to slam himself onto the boy, pining him to the wall, one leg wrapped around, pressing his taint against his crotch. If only the opperator was naked… his cock pressing into Thomas…

Only too soon the elevator door opened on floor 12. Thomas pulled away.

“Ill be looking for you later stud.”

The operator just vaguely nodded as the door closed. Thomas strolled down the hallway, his cock pointing rigidly at the door even before he knew which one. It was ready for what lay in store. As he approached, the pulling in his ass got stronger and stronger, and he felt like he was being stretched open as he walked.

Finally at the door, he hesitated. The door was partially open, but the small part of him that was still unaffected questioned if this was a good idea. However, the force in his ass thrust him forward, pulling him stumbling into the room.

Part of him knew what he was looking at, but it was still hard to fathom. Darek was there, or at least someone who at one point was Darek. The face was still his, but that was about it. The most obvious change was that from the waist down, he had furry goat legs, silky smooth, but filled with muscle. The only part not hairy was the 12 inch dick soft dick that was framed perfectly, with so much precum streaming out that it was making his leg wet. The rest of him had changed some to, namely every ounce of fat he had had been converted into pure muscle. He still had a pudge to him, but it looked like it was a solid wall of muscle. He also seemed to have grown out his beard some, or it had taken on a completely new consistency, Thomas wasn’t sure.

The room seemed to have had a bit of a transformation as well. The frame still seemed to be the same as before, but all of the insides had been changed. The walls were lined with curtains, thick and multi-colored. The carpet, while before generic hotel carpet, had become a plush and soft bed of fine cotton. The bed had changed entirely, almost having a throne-like appearance to it, covered in what was once the comforter, but was now a thick plush fur of some sort. It was upon this that Derek sat, legs spread so his cock could hang down his leg. The entire room looked like a royal bed chamber of some sort.

“Derek, you have… changed…”

“Hope you like the new look” Derek’s cock jumped as he said this. At the same time, Thomas felt his cock swing towards it, and the pressure in his ass lurch him forward.

“So you are the one doing all of this.” Thomas said, trying to regain some composure

“Not entirely, Lets just say that I have met a patron who has taught me a bit of magic. He is the one actually doing it, I just direct it.”

“And this patron is the one changing everything? Did he do the same thing to the front desk boy?”

“No, he is just gay. And from the looks of it horny himself” Derek laughed, his cock bouncing in time with his laugh. With each bounce, Thomas felt his ass stretch more.

“You seem to be embracing it well” Derek said, pointing out Thomas’ nude body, “you always were confident, but I wasn’t expecting quite this. Not that I mind.”

“I didnt even think about it…” Thomas said, the first time finding his nudity odd.

“No I expected not.” Derek nodded to himself “though I didn’t expect you to be a bottom” he said, again pulsing his dick, causing Thomas to lurch forward. He was practically touching Derek now, their cocks inches from each other.

“A bottom? Like having guys fuck me? I’ve never done that before” Thomas said, slightly nervous.

In response Derek grabbed his head and pulled him in for a kiss. As a natural reaction, Thomas straddled Derek, squatting immediately over his cock, which was hardening quickly. It didn’t take long before it was pressed up against his ass, the leaking head rubbing lube all over his stretched hole. Derek reached down and rubbed his cock head over the hole, causing Thomas to moan with pleasure.

“You like that?” Derek said, breaking the kiss.

“Yes I do, it feels good” Thomas said, starting to lose himself.

“Good” Derek said, a mischievous grin appearing on his face.

Without warning, and with one fluid motion, Derek grabbed Thomas by the shoulders, and pulled him down as he thrust his pelvis up, burying himself up to his balls. Thomas was aware that he probably should have been in pain, but whether it was the magic having opened him, or some spell suppressing the pain, all he felt in that moment was a sudden rush of pleasure, of being filled, of having every nerve in his ass stimulated at once.

Derek gave him only a few seconds to get used to it before he began to thrust into him. Thomas began to bounce in response, trying his best to match the rhythm.

Derek felt his balls expand, much like last time. Because of his position, this did cause him to have to spread his legs even more. Thomas could feel it too, as his ass would come down, feeling like a cushion underneath him. However, as he bounced his ass seemed to be expanding as well, becoming thicker and more muscled, allowing him control in new ways. He squeezed down on Dereks cock, soliciting a moan from him. Not even entirely intentional, Thomas’ ass muscles began to milk and squeeze, Goading Derek to blast his load inside him.

Derek could feel himself building up, the cum making its way up his large dick, every inch of it opening up to allow to torrent of cum to enter Thomas’s virgin ass. As he finally felt the cum gush out of his balls, he let out a loud scream of ecstasy, giving one last Thrust as he filled Thomas with gallons of seed. Somewhere in Thomas his mind, he knew he shouldn’t be able to take all that was being dumped into him, but this was world by the feeling of having his insides plastered like a fire hose, filling every part of him with his lovers sperm. He did feel the cum move within him in an unnatural way, making its way out through his nipples, causing his pecks to leak, as well as make its way to his balls, ready to shoot out in an orgasmic cascade.

All of these sensations combined to cause Thomas’ own cock to explode, painting Derrick’s chest and beard with stream after stream of cum. Thomas could feel Derek‘s cum joining his on its journey out his penis onto the waiting chest. Every nerve in his body filled with pleasure of reaching orgasm that had taken over his body.

It took nearly half a minute for the experience to subside enough for Thomas to come back to where he was. He was aware of what he had just done, but despite his previous attitude, this still was the most wonderful experience she could have asked for. Derek seemed to agree, having leaned back on his throne, arms spread. Thomas raised himself up, Derrick’s cock flopping out of him as he did so. He took a step back, before feeling the urge to get on his knees

“How did you do all this? How did you learn this?“ “I can teach you as well “Derek said “I have merely dedicated myself to a new cars, a new purpose, with a new God to lead me and all others I convert to his teachings” “Others? Am I not the only one?“ “No, I have already converted others, and there will be more to come after you, should you wish to join that is“ “Of course! That felt absolutely wonderful! I’ll give anything to experience that again!“ “Good, send I have someone to introduce you to”

The front desk operator was still in shock over what had happened. He had occasionally had Drunk guests walk around naked, but never had he had one so overtly flaunt himself. And then that kiss in the elevator… What was he going to tell his husband when he got home… Shaking his head, trying to move past it and focus on the rest of his shift, he went back to The computer on the front desk. First he checked for any last minute bookings, any alerts, and finally the security feed. And one of the cameras, he saw what looked like a dog inside one of the cleaning people’s closets. Wild dogs were allowed at the hotel, they were not allowed to walk around on their own, he quickly grabbed a length of rope, hoping to use it as a makeshift leash if needed. He quickly made his way to the closet.

When he open the door to the closet, however, inside he saw what she missed took for a dog: A man on all fours, his bottom half replaced with the legs of a goat, A fuzzy top half, and, hanging out, panting like a dog, a tongue that easily reached down to his chest…

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