Meeting Up

By Jack
published August 12, 2021
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Your first dating app experience

You were nervous as you sipped your drink in the coffee shop. It was still morning, but late enough that you missed the morning rush. The orange light of the sun was slipping in through the large windows, giving you a nice warm feeling that paired delightfully with the warmth of the coffee. It wasn’t hard to spot him when he stepped in. Sure, you recognized him from his profile picture, and the more-than-occasional glances you threw his way when you saw him around. But seeing him like this was … different. Maybe it was the way he walked, or that small smile that never quite left his face. But truthfully, it was his eyes. You knew they were blue. Disarmingly blue. But you weren’t prepared for the life in them; the dynamic power they held. They seemed to dance with no small amount of mischievousness as he approached. He sat down and the two of you got right to it. Both of you knew what this was about, and he was apparently just as anxious to get to the main event. The conversation was short and specific. Ground rules were set that both of you were comfortable with, and in no time at all you were in his car, heading towards what you hoped was a pleasurable afternoon. There wasn’t much talk once you were on your way. The silence didn’t exactly make you nervous, but it didn’t help what anxieties you had been trying to quell all morning. Could this guy be trusted? What if the sex was so bad he’d throw you out? What if you didn’t know what to do and when? Hell, what if you couldn’t even get it up? You had prepped well, making sure that you were clean in all the right places, but that didn’t seem to matter as a small sheen of sweat broke out on your skin. But, before you could really panic about it, you felt a cool breeze sweep it all away. You looked down to see his hand pulling away from the A/C controls, that smile still there.

“Don’t worry, you’re doing fine. Just take some deep breaths.”

His directness caught you off guard, and you almost replied with a sneer, but his eyes caught you again and the words died in your throat. He wasn’t doing anything wrong by pointing out your anxieties, you reasoned. It was just a little disconcerting. You looked away from his eyes and focused on the road, trying to take his advice and breathe. It didn’t take long to get to the house in the woods, if you could call it a house. It was more like a cabin than anything, isolated and alone. You didn’t mind the isolation. It meant there wouldn’t be any prying ears for any … noises the two of you might make. You hadn’t brought any luggage with you. You were told not to. You had bristled when he first started making statements like that, as you weren’t exactly eager to give up control to anyone, but he assured you he would have absolutely everything they needed up at the house. He hadn’t done anything to make you not trust him, but you hoped his control streak would be over soon. That’s not really what you came here for. Inside the cabin was beautiful and spacious. Soft couches, dark surfaces, and some kind of spice that was filling the air. It was wonderful, although you didn’t have much time to appreciate it as you were slammed against the wall and a pair of hungry lips began devouring yours. You were so caught off guard that you just let it happen, your own lips moving against his as the kiss deepened. The two of you hadn’t discussed kissing amongst the ground rules. You had assumed it was off-limits, as these kinds of encounters weren’t meant to be romantic. You should have pushed him away, but … the way your stomach was twisting … how your body felt like it could just float away … it was hard to resist. The tension in your body began to melt away, and your arms slowly dropped around his neck. He took the movement as an invitation to pull you in closer, just as you were silently wishing he would. The kiss continued as he gently guided you further into the house and down into a fantastically comfortable armchair. His tongue, which had already been tasting your lips with infuriatingly feather-light caresses, slipped into your mouth and your brain shorted out for a second or two, but it was long enough for him to push your wrists to the side and into a pair of cuffs. You pulled your head back, fear and anger sweeping through you. But, before you could start screaming and shouting, a ball gag was inserted, cutting your words short. He moved quickly, strapping down your legs and knees to the chair, effectively immobilizing you. This was NOT in the ground rules. In fact, you had specifically mentioned, several times, that you were a Dom, not a sub. This fucking prick had lied to you. Unable to form words with the gag in, you still yelled and grunted the best you could, hopefully making clear that his days on this earth were numbered. When that didn’t work, you tried thrashing around in the restraints, but he had prepared for that. The trap was secure, and you weren’t getting out anytime soon. It wasn’t long before you settled down, tired out from your fruitless efforts. You watched as he carefully straddled you in the large chair, the heat of his erection pushing up against your stomach as he leaned in close to whisper in your ear.

“I know this isn’t what we agreed on, but I promise you’ll like it much more than just a quick fuck.”

You didn’t have time to make your silent reply before his mouth was at the side of your neck, licking and sucking on your sensitive skin. While normally annoying to have your long hair brush up against that area, this kid seemed to have the perfect combination of pressure and speed to turn that irritation into a pleasure that had your eyes closing against your will. You felt the scratch of his teeth against your stubble again and again, moving from one spot to another every few minutes, the only sound in the room your uneven breathing, his occasional grunt of satisfaction, and the wet suction of his mouth on you. Just before it was becoming too much, he switched to the other side of your neck and went back to work. You realized in that moment that your neck obviously had different pleasure points on the two sides, as it was getting harder and harder to keep a deep moan of appreciation from coming out. You didn’t know how long he sat on you, his erection grinding into you and his tongue bathing your neck, but soon enough (sooner than you would have liked, if you were being honest) you felt the cool air against your wet skin. You opened your eyes to see the boy inches away, looking down at you and smiling. Something about his look caused a twinge in your stomach and a blush to slowly creep up your face. You may have hated being captured, but he wasn’t acting like you were prey. You suddenly had a wild thought that you never wanted him to look away. When he did, the boy leaned forward and gently kissed your cheek before scooting off of you and moving out of your line of sight. He was back soon, holding a pair of sharp looking scissors. Quick as a flash, he was on his knees, cutting away your pants and shirt. Within less than a minute, you were sitting there dressed only in your boxer briefs. This new development brought back the anger that had been suppressed by his talented tongue. You struggled against your bonds for a moment, but slowed when you saw his face. He was staring at you, but staring like no one had ever done before. He looked ravenous, desperate, and terribly, terribly horny.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful.”

That caught you off guard. You knew you weren’t terrible looking, but you hadn’t exactly been beating them off with a stick, either. Lately, you had been exercising to build up some muscle and get rid of the stubborn layer of fat that seemed to be permanently fused to your body, but there hadn’t been any dramatic changes. You couldn’t quite believe what he had said, but his obvious erection was somewhat difficult to deny. The boy dropped to his knees, rubbing his hands up and down your legs, taking time to squeeze your muscles there. He must have been a leg man, considering how intensely he was massaging them. He even bent down and took a minute or two to lavish his tongue on your calves, obviously drooling over you. The strangeness of the situation notwithstanding, the body worship was … nice. You found yourself flexing your legs ever so slightly to entice your captor. You could tell it worked when his mouth sped up. He began to move his tireless tongue higher, depositing wet trails of saliva over your thighs. He would stop every so often to suck and bite at your body. Despite your best efforts, that moan you were holding back finally did break free, and with it your cock began to rise. It was difficult to hold back, even if you were still going to kill this kid when he let you free. He honestly did have a talented mouth. You felt his face press against your groin and take a deep, shuddering breath. The hands running along your legs slowed as he was overwhelmed by the scent of your manhood. He started licking and sucking your dick and balls through the fabric, his moans so loud that there was no way he could hear yours. Hopefully. It wasn’t long before your cock was rock hard, testing the ever weakening fabric as the strength of your arousal threatened to burst the seams and thrust your cock straight down the boy’s throat. Before your erection could prove your imagination correct, the boy’s hands were back with the scissors and, with a few snips, you were naked on the chair before him. Whatever body- or self-confidence issues you had didn’t have time to surface before the boy threw himself into what had to be the most enthusiastic blowjob you had ever heard of. Apparently forgetting foreplay was a thing, the boy vigorously bounced his head up and down on your shaft, noisily sucking and dripping everywhere. His desperate moans were cut short when he slurped off your manhood and sat back on his haunches, breathing hard. His eyes were bloodshot from the effort of stuffing you so thoroughly down his throat. You didn’t have much time to try to escape or rationalize the pleasure still buzzing away in your hard cock before the boy attacked again. Eyes filling with desire, he latched onto one of your nipples. They had always been sensitive, but this boy seemed to have the fucking blueprints to your pleasure points. While his mouth was occupied with one side, his hand was playfully tugging and teasing the other. Your pecs were squeezed and played with enough that you realized you had made a mistake. He wasn’t a leg man. He was a chest man through and through. He pulled back, hands still working your muscle into a pleasurable haze, and met your gaze. Whatever control he had, it was slipping. He was almost gasping for breath, little moans escaping with the air. The boy looked like he was trying to say something, but he couldn’t get it out. His mouth opened and closed a half-dozen times before he gave up with a groan and threw himself onto you, one hand wrapped tightly around your shaft while the other pulled your foreheads together like he was trying to meld you into the same being.

“So … hot … fuck … I … please!”

The gag in your mouth was suddenly gone. Before you could make a sound, the kid fused his lips to yours in a deeply passionate, starving kiss. His lips were slightly swollen from the hour-long worship of your body, but he didn’t back down as he ravaged your mouth so thoroughly that you forgot to be furious with him. The hot hand was still gripping your hotter length, blood pulsing against his strong grip. You could feel his movements getting slicker and slicker with the ocean of precum that was leaking out of your cock. The lubricant helped him speed up his ministrations, and before long you were moaning into his mouth just as much as he was moaning into yours. He broke the kiss, barely. He spoke through deep breaths, his lips brushing against yours.

“Please … please let me …”

Some small part of your brain wondered why he would be asking for permission for anything while you were in this position, but you felt your head nod. He groaned, sliding down your body and undoing the various restraints. You hadn’t been free for more than a full second before he was pulling you into the bedroom and pressing you down, stomach first, onto the bed. You should have been yelling at him, smacking him around if necessary, but overall making sure he understood that you didn’t bottom. But you didn’t. God knows why, but you didn’t. Instead, you let yourself be pushed down onto the bed. The mattress shifted slightly as he climbed up with you. There was a moment of confusion and worry as you felt your ass being spread apart, your mind clearing enough to open your mouth to protest. Instead, your open mouth simply amplified the lust-filled shout that escaped when the kid buried his face into your ass so deep you wondered if he would be able to breath. That thought, and every other useful thought, vanished as his tongue pressed into your opening and began aggressively eating you out. You had never been rimmed before. You’d thought about it, sure, but it had never been something you had been comfortable asking your partners for. It was so intimate, so potentially disgusting, that it never seemed right to ask. God, you had made a mistake. There was no measure you had for how the boy was doing. He might have been terrible. He didn’t start slow and ramp up. He didn’t produce some perfect technique. All you knew, all you could think, was that he was hungry. Whatever ass-eating you’d seen in porn or imagined during those long nights alone, this put it to shame. His hot, wet tongue plundered you, his teeth grazed everything, and he was sucking and munching on your hole like it was the culmination of every dream he ever had. You weren’t even trying to hide your pleas at this point. It wouldn’t have mattered. The kid wasn’t looking for your seal of approval. He was looking to feast. And, fuck, he was getting his fill. Your hole twitched around his tongue as it buried itself as deep as it could, as your thick cheeks were being bruised by his hands squeezing with every bit of strength they had, and every single time he pulled back for a breath and dove back in, your toes curled. His delectable destruction of your hole had you arching your back and spotting the clock from time to time, even if you were too far gone to truly understand the numbers. 12:57 … 1:18 … 1:45 … 2:10 … 2:33 … 3:01. After two hours of a rimjob so amazing it would have to be classified as a religious experience, the boy slid off the bed. You heard him thud onto the ground, but it took some honest-to-god time for you to come down from that high. You hadn’t cum, but your balls must have been triple their normal size from how perilously close you had been since you were strapped to the chair. Once you had enough strength to move, you shakily pulled yourself up and looked over the side of the bed. The kid had exhausted himself. He looked like he could barely move, gasping for breath and cooing with each exhale, but you’d never seen anyone so … so … content. Despite his fatigue, you were sure you had never seen a single person more satisfied and at ease. You watched as he fell asleep on the floor, a breathy chuckle escaping him before he went totally limp. Now was your chance to run, or to tie him up and fuck with him for a change. You could have done anything now that you were free of him, but … you didn’t … want to. It was in that moment of clarity that you realized just how tired you were. Your adrenaline and pleasure receptors had been horribly abused in just a few short hours, and it felt like you had run a marathon. All the energy you had left went to laying back down as the world went dark. You woke up sometime during the late evening. You were warm and you felt the pressure of your arm being wrapped around something. As your mind woke up further, you realized the boy must have woken up before you and moved you under the covers of the bed to finish your rest, but not before carefully pressing himself against you, his bubble butt enticingly warming your still-hard dick. You gently rubbed yourself against him, waking him up just enough to get some answers. He responded slowly, but enthusiastically, to your movements. Once you were relatively sure he was conscious, you asked why he had broken the rules both of you had set.

“I’m sorry. I know I should have just stuck to what we agreed on, but once you were here, I couldn’t help myself.”

It really wasn’t a good excuse, but you still remembered his eagerness to devour your body. It matched up, but it didn’t really make sense. There was still information you were missing. Why did he do this, especially in this way? Why not simply ask?

“Sometimes Doms don’t understand what we need. Sometimes we just have to take it from them, even if we get punished for it later.”

He spoke in a small voice, and a smaller voice in your mind was impressed by his courage. Not every sub would be willing to do what he did. But that didn’t make it okay. Permission and consent were huge, not just for Dom/sub play, but for sex in general. Why risk it? The room was silent after you asked, but you were startled as the boy flipped around and pressed his face into your chest, clearly too embarrassed to look at you as he opened up.

“Because seeing you every day and not having a chance to be with you, to know you, to have you, was too much for me. I was going crazy! I’m so, so sorry, but I couldn’t stand it anymore!”

You felt the figure pressed into you begin to shake with guilt. You were intrigued by his answer. You had met today. Was he thinking of someone else?

“No,” he said with a sniffle and a laugh. “It’s you. We live in the same apartment complex. I’ll see you sometimes when you go out for your runs or when you come home from work. Sometimes, I’ll just wait outside and hope you’ll pass by. When I saw your profile come up, I couldn’t help myself. I just … gave in. I’m sorry.”

So, the kid had been admiring you from afar? Very interesting. It would make it easier when you eventually told him the same story, that you had been jerking off to the idea of having him in your bed for the past four months, and practically came in your pants when you saw his profile on your phone. A smile spread across your face and you pulled the boy in deeper, silently reassuring him that what he had done was not only okay, it wasn’t even finished. You could feel his confusion for a moment, but he got the picture when you started rubbing his head on your meaty pecs. Once you were sure he was hard, you made your move. Pushing him back on the bed, you dove down on his cock. It wasn’t massive, which was good because you would have run for the hills if it was. You made quick work of getting the delicious piece as wet as you could before straddling his lap and placing the tip at your entrance. You watched with deep satisfaction as he realized what was about to happen. In an instant, the animal you saw earlier reemerged. He was delirious with want, but you held the position for a moment or two longer. As he opened his mouth to protest, you pushed down, burying half of his length in one go. The boy let out a groan that rumbled in your chest. You pulled yourself back up and pressed down again. After a few repeat movements, you had him fully pressed inside of you, his cock root grinding into your ass in the most delicious way. Once his breathing had slowed, you started to bounce up and down. Even though he wasn’t huge, it had still been a long time since you had bottomed. Your last brain cell not swimming in an ocean of pleasure and need felt the pain, but you couldn’t care less. This kid was the perfect length to hit your prostate with every … single … thrust … You didn’t know how long you lasted. Might have only been a few seconds. Might have been several pleasure-filled weeks. It didn’t matter, really. With all that the kid had done that morning, you were unbelievably pent up and absolutely had to cum. The boy kept thrusting his hips up in time with your movements to slam down, coring your ass again and again. The waves of heat flowed over you while you balanced unevenly on cumming and trying to make this moment last as long as possible. It was perfect. Too perfect. Unfairly perfect. How could you ever have sex with anyone else again? When you finally did cum, your knees squeezed the boy’s hips so tight he must have bruised. Your hips thrust forward violently as rope after rope after rope of cum fired over your lover, his face, chest, and stomach now coated in thick white pools. As the last shudder of your balls emptied you, you felt him unload inside your ass. The warmth spread wonderfully, making you regret not bottoming more often. It was a mistake you were more than happy to correct. The kid pulled you down into a kiss, gentler and sweeter than any you had shared before. You pulled away just enough to see a small tear fall down the side of his face.

“Thank you. Just … thank you.”

The two of you fell asleep in each other’s arms, filling a hole in your heart you didn’t even realize you had. You forced yourself to stay awake for as long as possible after he fell asleep. Hearing his coos of happiness while wrapped around your body made your heart beat deeper and more strongly. You felt alive. You felt wanted. God, you felt things you couldn’t even name. Moving slowly so you didn’t wake him up, you reached over to where he had thoughtfully plugged in your phone and you deleted the app. You weren’t going to need it anymore. It took some time to get out of bed in the morning, the kissing and cuddling far too enticing to think about the other necessities of the day. But, eventually, the grumbling of your stomachs took hold. The kid cooked for the both of you, walking around the kitchen and making something called “One-Eyes Sanies” while completely naked, something you hoped you got to see a lot more of. The two of you talked as he worked, the boy endearing himself more and more to you with every word. He was interesting, smart, and just too fucking adorable. You barely noticed the plate slide in front of you, and started to eat as he watched. The food was delicious, and you saw the look of contentment when he saw your reaction. It was a sweet moment, but you were too distracted by the thought of eating your next meal off his bare chest. You both finished eating and you asked what the boy wanted to do for the rest of the day. All it took was the knowing smile and the lustful glint in those blue eyes for you to come around the counter and sweep him into your arms, carrying him to the bedroom.

“Are you going to finally shove that python into me?”

You laughed and shook your head. That was next weekend. Maybe the one after that. But this first adventure? This was about fulfilling dreams. You lifted him up into a scorching kiss, and kicked the door closed with your heel. It wouldn’t be opening anytime soon.

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