men find themselves mysteriously changing into horny flatulent beasts

part 1

james was showering after finishing his workout at the gym. he did this every friday before he went to his girlfriends house for the weekend. he was a pretty average looking guy; short brown hair, cleanshaven, slim but toned figure, his face not unattractive but somewhat forgettable. he was lost in thought as the water cascaded over him, imagining what he was gonna do tonight. his girlfriend was a real catch. long blonde hair, huge tits; he was getting a semi just thinking about it, when he heard the heavy pat of footsteps on the tiles echoing through the large tiled space. he began soaping up and tried to ignore the guy. he preferred it when he had the showers to himself, not that he was ashamed of his body, he just found it awkward being naked with other guys. this is why he usually went early in the morning when it was least busy. he made the mistake once of going late at night and stumbling upon two guys jerking eachother off in the showers. they both stopped as they saw him, and james turned on his heel and walked straight out the door again. ‘why do that in a public place, man? jus make it awkward for everyone’ he thought everytime he remembered the event. he wasnt homophobic. a lot of his girlfriends friends were gay and he didnt have anything against them, if anything they were some of the funniest people he knew; but he learned his lesson and never went back there at night again. james was 100% straight. hed never had even the vaguest bisexual thought in his life. he was a simple man, he liked tits and he liked pussay. the pat pat pat of large feet on the wet tiles continued making their way across the room and stopped about 3 showers away from him. he could smell the guys intense body odour and felt slightly disgusted. there werent any dividers between the showerstalls so, curious, james hazarded a quick peek at the guy.

the dude was enormous. a huge hulk of a man. he seemed to be in his 40s or 50s, middle eastern, bulky but clad in muscle and entirely covered with thick, curly black hair. they made eye contact and the enormous man grinned; immediately james looked away. hed be lying if he said he wasnt intimidated, this dude was BEAST. hed seen plenty of big guys at the gym but this guy was so enormous it was almost inhuman. james was almost done and hurriedly began rinsing off the soap so he could get the hell out of there, when a sudden loud brassy sound startled him and made him visibly jump. it started off high pitched like the strained note of a trumpet, wavering in pitch slightly before shifting gears and dropping to a deep sloppy bass. james turned around and saw that the guy was staring right at him, still grinning. he stared back, dumbstruck, trying to fathom what the sound could be as it sputttered on for atleast 15 seconds. the beast of a man saw the realisation dawn on james’ face and grinned wider. ‘oh god, is he fucking farting??’ then the smell hit him. man it was pungent. it was musky, spicy and intensely oniony ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). james screwed his face up and blurted out ‘what the hell, man?’ the enormous man laughed heartily and then, with a look of renewed concentration, began ripping a series of short but incredibly deep braps. the sound was obscene. he could practically visualise the shape of this mans intestines.

now james was scared for real. the man was twice his size, and he was blocking the doorway. he just kept ripping and ripping as james stared up at him with wide, terrified eyes.

the more he stared the more terrified he became. the guys face was rugged and manly, with a thick bushy beard which grew almost all the way up to his eyes. the guy was a sasquatch. a pelt of thick black hair grew continuously from his neck and shoulders to his chest and belly, all the way down his legs to his feet. atop each huge foot was a thick patch of hair like a hobbit. even each of his toes had its own little beard. and, most significantly :- the guys cock was huge. when i say huge, i mean huge. i mean it was unnaturally large. it swung all the way down to his knees and was thicker than a beercan, resting atop two huge fat nuts the size of ostrich eggs. the guy was so oversexed it was almost absurd, dude was a fucking animal. squirts of precum kept dripping out of the tip of his penis as he squeezed out each fart. james couldnt stop staring. he was more scared than he had ever been in his life.

he was gonna get raped. oh god he was gonna get assraped by this mans enormous horsecock.

he contemplated making a run for it, but there was no way he could get past the man without being grabbed. he thought about yelling for security, but he didnt know if anyone would hear. he pictured himself yelling terrified and the enormous man laughing at him before growling ‘its no use boy, theres no escape’

the man stood there watching all these thoughts flash across james’ face and smiled bemusedly. he kept ripping fart after fart. the already thick and steamy air in the showers becoming thicker and stinkier by the second.

james began to cough. ‘p-please, please let me go’ he whimpered. the man said nothing, but continued grinning and took a step forward.

james stepped back. ‘please!’ he yelled with heightened desperation as the man continued walking up to him. his enormous dong swaying side to side as he walked and gradually stiffening (but still hanging down from the sheer weight of it) as he approached with growing lust in his eyes until james was cornered at the far end of the room with his back against the wall. he was literally trembling. he feebly held up his arms and managed a final ‘please..’ when the man turned around so his backside was facing him.

somehow, the sight of this was even more terrifying than his cock. if the front of him was hairy, his backside certainly was. each cheek, covered in thick black fur, was bigger than james’ head; and in the centre of his bushy crack something pink and glistening was poking out. he had been smelling almost nothing but this man for the past 15 minutes, but it was even worse up close. there was no use pleading now, he was doomed. the beast of a man reached his big hairy paws around and spread his cheeks, revealing an enormous pink anus. it was so big, james had never seen anything like it; the size of a donut, like a horses asshole. the thick lips ringed by a nest of curly black hair eagerly pulsating and dripping a clear slimy substance. james stared, horrified at the enormous sasquatch ass less than a foot away from him; like some kind of monstrous hairy pussy.

without warning, the loudest, longest, sloppiest fart erupted from the huge fat hole at point blank range. the wrinkled lips of his pucker vibrating and flapping around madly. the smell was too much, james fell backwards and passed out.

he awoke an indeterminate amount of time later to the same huge hairy ass grinding all over his body. he felt the course hairs brushing against him, and the slick slimy hole rubbing up and down, ripping fart after fart against his skin. realising james had regained consciousness, the man brought his ass up against his face until his nose easily slipped inside. another beastly fart ripped straight down his nostrils and he had no choice but to inhale. it felt like the most intense bong rip hed ever taken and began coughing again. the ass rose upwards, releasing him and he gasped desperately for air. he began to feel tingly all over and vaguely felt his higher cognitive functions slipping away from him. in this moment, all he knew was that he was at the mercy of the beasty ass towering above him and that he felt strange. strangely… high. like the best weed hed ever smoked times ten, and also strangely… horny?

the man squatted down again, wiping his ass on james’ face as he descended, and sat directly on james’ groin. his entire dick and balls slipped inside the enormous hole easily and a deep rumbling fart splattered against them coaxing his dick to full hardness. they slipped back out again as the man rose back up from his squat, wiping his crack against james’ face on the way up again. he looked up at the giant pucker poking out from the furry crack, dripping and bubbling that clear slimy liquid and furiously pulsating in and out, the mans huge balls bouncing up and down as he stroked his long serpentine dick.

the man crouched down again and pressed his ass up against james’ head pinning him against the wall and positioned his hole over his mouth. ‘open up’ he commanded in an intensely deep burly voice that startled him just as much as the mans farts. both sounds had that deep gravelly quality to them that you could feel in your bones. without much thought, james obeyed; wrapping his lips around the arses lips and started french kissing it. the man moaned and laughed in his deep growly voice. the taste was unlike anything hed ever tasted before. the lips were leathery and thick but somehow also soft and silky. the only way to describe the taste was manly. salty and gamey, and somehow also sweet. the overall flavour was meaty and pungent with an overpowering woody muskiness to it. james wasnt thinking, he was acting on instinct. something about this beastly asshole was overriding every impulse and hormone in his body as he began making out with the hole with gusto like he was eating out a pussy. the man growled approvingly and let a series of farts erupt down the boys throat. he rocked back and forth against james’ face before pressing down and letting out a long wet gurgling stream of buttjuice. it was like thick sweet gelatin, like he was spunking out of his asshole. james swallowed almost all of it, what he didnt dripped down his chest as the huge hairy arse backed off his face with an obscene squelching sound and plopped down on james’ stiff cock and began bouncing up and down. this was too much, james was having the most earthshattering orgasm he had ever had and he began howling and wailing as the huge farting arse slid up and down his pole. the mans ass was somehow simultaneously looser and tighter than any pussy hed ever fucked. loose because he could probably easily fit his hand inside with essentially no resistance but tight because it was incredibly strong. this dudes sphincter muscles must have been just as strong if not stronger than every other muscle on his body; and like the rest of them it was ridiculously hypertrophied. james spunked not once, not twice but three times in a row into that ravenous bear cunt that wouldnt stop milking him with its powerful lips until it was absolutely sure it had gotten every last drop. with that, the man stood up and turned around.

meanwhile, in an adjacent room, two security guards were jerking their long dicks together to the live cctv footage and ripping ass shamelessly. they laughed uproariously as the kid was engulfed over and over by that enormous beastly arse as the man kept eye contact with the security camera stroking his huge cock; grinning and winking and occasionally giving a thumbs up.

james was in a daze. barely aware of where he was or what had just happened. all he knew was that he had just had the most amazing orgasm he had ever had. he just sat there staring into space as the enormous man waved a large hairy hand infront of his face. his eyes focused for a brief moment as his tired brain responded to the stimulus

‘you enjoy?’ the huge man asked ‘mhm’ james responded vaguely, like he was half asleep ‘bet you never felt anything like that before, ey son?’ the man said, somewhat proudly. james smiled stupidly. ‘youll come round in a few hours, dont worry. i see you again Same Time Next Week, eh?’ ‘mhm’ james replied. Same Time Next Week, the deep voice etched the words into his mind. ‘ill see you then’ he said, and left the showers.

james sat there for what must have been hours, buck naked, staring into space and smiling stupidly as his half-erect cock periodically bobbed up and down. as the day drew on, guys started coming and going into the shower room to get washed. james barely noticed any of them. some of them stared at him but strange things had been happening in that gym lately and most members had formed an unspoken consensus to just ignore it. he sat there for hours unaware of anything, the water pouring over him but still covered in buttslime and loose black hairs, curly and thick stuck all over him.

it was 1 o clock when he suddenly snapped back to his senses, unsure exactly what had happened to him or how long he had been there. he quickly soaped up once more, rinsed off, and put his clothes on. when he looked at his phone he was shocked at the time, and had 3 missed calls from his girlfriend (who he was supposed to meet an hour ago) he noticed all the guys in the changing room and also the staff staring strangely at him which made him feel uncomfortable. when he got outside he called his girlfriend, who was understandably upset with him. she said she was still at the cafe where they were supposed to meet and hour ago, he asked her to wait for him and that hed be there as soon as he could.

he got into his car and started driving, thinking about the strange thing that had just happened to him. did he fall asleep in the shower? hed never done that before. he also found himself incredibly horny, tenting in his pants whenever he thought about his girlfriend as he drove; completely unaware that he had already cum three times today.

to be continued….

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