Edits & Corrections to “Sexuality, 4th ed.” (Chapter 3)

By bluesuedewho
published July 23, 2021
7156 words

Sam accidentally gets caught in Gabe’s next change when Gabe hooks up with a straight guy. Sam decides to normalize some things he’s embarrassed by.

Author’s note: Whew! I’ve been feeling particularly inspired this week! No guarantees that the next chapter will come so quick. Many, many thanks to Nutiper and MonsterMash62 for contributions and editing help!

The dorm room felt quiet without my usual banter with Gabe. He’d been gone for hours. I tried texting him a few times, but no response. I tried to study, but I was distracted by the magic textbook taunting me from Gabe’s desk. Maybe I’d just look at it while I was waiting.

I flipped through the book. I was pretty sure I knew what my next change was, but a little inspiration couldn’t hurt. I wonder how many people had used the book before Gabe and I got it? Some of the pages were totally illegible from being marked up. Most of the changes were in the margins, and most of them fit two major themes: fetishy changes like “everybody wants to ride Tyler’s monster dick” (lucky Tyler, I guess!) or revenge edits like “homophobes are all impotent”. A bunch of changes had been marked out, like “straight dicks shrink every time the guy masturbates”. I’m assuming marking out a change got rid of it, since my dick had certainly never shrunk after jacking off.

Some of the crossed-out edits blurred the lines between fetish and revenge. “Throatgasms”? I winced, rubbing my neck. What would that feel like? Or “guys have big, mega-sensitive nipples like girls – especially horny straight guys.” Huh. Was that supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing? Honestly, I’d always been kind of self-conscious about how tiny my nipples were. Not that I needed them for anything – I just thought they looked too small for my chest. I wouldn’t mind them being a bit bigger.

Based on the nature of the changes, it seemed like most of them were either girls or gay guys (or other LGBT people). I felt a sudden wave of relief that I had decided to take the class with Gabe. He’d probably have already accidentally made me gay with his changes if I hadn’t been around to write in that I’m totally straight! I flipped back to that edit, just to reassure myself.

Sam is straight. Nothing can turn Sam gay, including Marc’s magic dick.

I tried to think of loopholes I was missing. I wasn’t as good at catching ripples as Gabe was. Speaking of Gabe, where the hell was Gabe? As anxious as I was to take my next turn with the book, I was even more anxious about the fact that Gabe wasn’t responding to any of my text messages. It was almost midnight! I checked my phone every time in pinged, but it was always just the GSA group chat talking about the first meeting of the year.


I scrambled for my phone. Gabe might need help!

Sam – this is Marc – sorry to reach out to you via the GSA group chat but I’m so so so sorry about earlier tonight! I kept texting and knocking, but you didn’t answer your phone or your door and I got worried about you, man. Sorry! Can I please make it up to you? Lunch or dinner (or coffee!) – my treat!

Ugh. Was there a way to block individual people in a group chat? Marc Magnussen was the last thing I wanted to be thinking about right now. If Marc was always this needy, Melanie was lucky to be free. Gabe’s safety and my next turn with the textbook were top priority. But still… it felt weird how soft and sweet my rival was being. Former, rival, I guess. Who could have guessed that Mr. Mighty Marc, Big Man on Campus, square-jawed juggernaut of masculinity, and all-around Viking god, was such a sensitive teddy bear under all that fuckin’ muscle?

I shook my head to clear out the unwanted images of snuggling up into Marc’s massively muscled arms and rubbing my face up against his pumped-up chest, and… Weird. Men didn’t cuddle! I shook my head. Gabe was right – we should stick to bottled water while San Amaro taps were flowing with magic horny juice. I hadn’t had anything to drink since dinner, but I still had a raging boner. Maybe I had time to squeeze in another quick jerk before Gabe got back? I idly dipped a hand down my shorts to give myself a tug.


Finally! Gabe!

Coming back with a friend. You might want to clear out – although Kevin said he doesn’t mind an audience

Oh. Oh. I didn’t know what the protocol was here. Gabe and I weren’t roommates last year, and we hadn’t discussed it yet this year. I guess if they didn’t mind if I stayed… Fuck! Where did that thought come from. Gabe had a nice enough body, I guess. For a guy, anyways. I didn’t mind seeing him shirtless, but I definitely didn’t want to see Gabe messing around with Kevin. I knew Gabe seemed convinced that Kevin would be willing to bottom, too, even though as far as I knew Kevin was straight, so wouldn’t a straight guy experimenting with a gay dude want to top? I smirked, thinking of Gabe’s insistence that he was always the top in bed. I was pretty sure Kevin would insist on topping, just based on what I’d seen of how guys looked in gay porn—the taller, beefier guy always tops, right? Then I remembered what Gabe had said about Kevin’s bubble butt and briefly pictured Gabe plumbing its depths with his new and improved monster cock. No thank you! I’d seen enough of Gabe’s huge package for today.

I packed a few things into my bag. I looked around. Should I take the book with me? Before I could decide, Gabe smashed back into the room, lips locked onto Kevin’s and hands groping the slightly taller man’s thick ass. Kevin noticed me standing there staring before Gabe did.

"Sam, right? – mmph – we were both in History of Sports last semester – oh! keep doing that!

“Oh shit, you’re still here!” Gabe said, pausing the kissing but still kneading Kevin’s ass like bread dough. “Sorry! I should have given you a heads-up earlier. Unless you decided you want to watch?” Gabe teased. I blushed. I was blushing a lot lately.

“No! No, I was just getting some, uh, stuff before I head to the lounge to get some more studying in.”

It looked like Gabe had another quip lined up, but Kevin started making out with him again and popping open the buttons on his shirt.

“And that’s my cue!” I said, ducking out into the hall and trying to forget what I had just seen. It had been bizarre seeing Kevin, who from all accounts was just another basic hetero bro, with his bubbly ass squirming in Gabe’s hands. I shook my head and kept walking. I had really been hoping Gabe would just come home, make a quick edit, and let me finally take my turn. If I was lucky, he’d make a change before I got back. Maybe he’d get post-hookup munchies and magic-up an instant pizza or something.

I wandered further down the hall, following the sound of people talking. There weren’t many students in the dimly lit lounge, although I spotted the hall RA. Becky something? She was talking with another girl in low tones. They were both wearing pajamas. A number of hot, but highly unlikely scenarios popped into my head.

“Sam, right?” the RA said, hearing me walk into the room. She scooted over and motioned to the open spot on the couch between them. “Come sit with us!” I willingly obliged. “We were just talking about how different campus is this year.”

“It, uh, does feel that way sometimes! Different, I mean. I heard they updated the dress code for lecture halls?”

“I mean, that just makes sense! You can’t have gender-specific rules for clothing!”

“Right. Right. So any other particular changes?”

“Well,” the RA said, leaning in conspiratorially, “I heard that one of the chemistry professors accidentally dumped something down the wrong drain, and it got into the university’s drinking water.”

“Yikes! I thought that was just a rumor. Hopefully it’s not dangerous.”

“Oh, it’s safe. Well, basically,” she said, resting her hand lightly on my thigh before trailing it up and down. Suddenly, I felt another hand on my other thigh. The other girl seemed to have similar plans for me.

“I’d think it’s a rumor too, if I hadn’t been so insatiable lately,” the RA said (really needed to get her name at some point), leaning in even closer and licking her lips. “Feels like you’ve been drinking the water too, big boy,” she whispered, giving my boner a gentle squeeze.

“I might have had a glass or two,” I said, grunting as her grip tightened and she started slowly tugging. “Uh, are we allowed to do this in the lounge?”

“We can take it back to my room if you’re scared we’ll get caught,” she said in a teasing voice. “Personally, I like the thrill of doing it in public.”

I groaned as the other girl joined in the fun, kissing my neck and running her hand up under my shirt. I had been low-key turned on most of the day, but two girls mauling me in the lounge was pushing me to previously unknown heights of horniness. God, this was hot! The RA twisted her grip around my dick, making my ass clench with pleasure and lift me up an inch in the air – but instead of coming down when my ass relaxed, I was sitting higher above the couch!

“Looks like somebody likes that!” the RA teased before swirling her thumb and sending another jolt of pleasure through me and clench pushing me up another inch in the air. At first, I thought the couch cushion was growing bigger and softer under my ass. Then I realized it was my ass that was getting pumped bigger and thicker with each jolt of pleasure! Like it was plumping up with pillowy layers of fat and muscle–

An unexpected jolt pumped up my bubble butt another inch… what the fuck? Why did it feel wet? Another twisting stroke from the RA and another clench squish from my asshole as my inflating cheeks pushed me up another inch into the air. Why did that feel so good? The RA grinned and teased a finger around the most sensitive part of my dickhead, sending another sizzling jolt of pleasure up my spine… Oh god, oh fuck! CLENCH SQUISH

“Oh, AH I think I just heard my phone UGH ringing!” I said, struggling to stand up. My pumped-up ass kept squeezing and squirting even without the RA’s hand tugging on my dick. “EEEE-e-emergency call! Oooo… Gotta take this! OHH! Be right back!”

“Don’t you just love the fat bubble butts on the straight guys on campus?” the RA told the other girl with a laugh as I ran off, feeling their eyes on my jiggling backside.

I tore down the hall towards the bathroom. Lucky for me, the single occupancy unisex bathroom was free. I practically ripped the shorts off my body, my glutes jiggling from the force. Oh. My. God. I had a fucking dump-truck back there! And something was dripping out of my hole! I tried to position myself in the mirror to see what was going on back there. I pulled aside my smooth, bubbly cheeks and watched a long strand of clear liquid drool out of my tiny pink hole. What the fuck was going on? I gingerly slid a finger near my hole. I intended to just see what the wet stuff was, but then my asshole basically sucked my finger in with a series of clenching movements. I looked a little stupid, staring at the bathroom mirror with a finger up my ass, but the sensations… Damn!

Who knew assholes could feel so good? I mean, I guess some guys are into pegging, but the idea never sounded even remotely pleasurable to me. Now, though… I kind of pumped my finger a few times and promptly fell over, narrowly missing the sink on my way down. I laid on the cool tiles for a second, panting while my asshole kept trying to pull my finger deeper. Fuck, that had been intense! This merited further exploration, and probably not in the bathroom. Hmm. I did still need to shower tonight. I’d have to go back into my room to get my stuff. I’d be quick and quiet. In and out. Although if they did see me, they had both said it was cool if I wanted to watch. I pulled my finger out of my sucking asshole with a shiver and wobbled up off the floor, grabbing the edge of the sink for support.

I tried to be quiet sneaking back past the lounge. Lucky for me, the two girls on the couch seemed to have moved on without me. They were way too busy making out to comment on my abrupt departure. I paused for a moment. With all the crazy things going on, it was reassuring that the sight of two girls getting hot and heavy could turn me on. I was still straight, even if I had a big bubble butt with a tight little self-lubing hole that felt amazing.

Wow. Gabe and Kevin were really going at it. I could hear them even through the door. Surprised no one had complained yet. I carefully pushed the door open just wide enough to slip inside. The only light in the room came from a lamp on Gabe’s nightstand. It was just bright enough that I could make out the hard, shadowy curves of Gabe’s body SLAMMING into Kevin’s rippling booty. Without his jeans on, Kevin’s muscly ass looked even bigger somehow. I tried to sneak a peek at Gabe’s monster cock (just to see how big it had gotten), but it was too dark. Gabe clearly knew how to use it, though. The headboard was pounding into the wall so hard it was making Gabe’s nightstand rock back and forth! It looked like the swaying lamp was about to fall, but instead a bottle of lube fell with a hollow plastic bonk before rolling away into the darkness. The two of them didn’t even notice. Kevin was screaming and moaning Gabe’s name between incoherent babbling. He definitely wasn’t in any shape to notice anything, much less my intrusion.

I quietly peeled off my clothes and then heard a loud BANG and jumped, alarmed. Gabe and Sam didn’t even slow down. It was just the magic textbook falling off Gabe’s nightstand to join the empty lube bottle on the ground. Wait, why was the textbook on his nightstand? Gabe needed to be more careful with that thing! He didn’t even notice it fall – right now he clearly had eyes only for the ass he was pounding.

I wrapped my towel around my waist, hoping I could make it out unnoticed too. Where did I leave my shower caddy? CRACK I heard Kevin shriek with joy and then another CRACK. Oh fuck! Was Gabe slapping his ass? It was still too dark to see everything. I always kind of rolled my eyes in porn when women acted like they enjoyed getting spanked, but now I wondered… Would I be as ecstatic as Kevin if someone slapped my bubble butt? I shivered. My hole suddenly twitching and drooling at the thought sure seemed to suggest that might be the case. CRACK TWITCH Okay, I really needed to get out of here. I grabbed my shower caddy and flip-flops before creeping back towards the door, my ears burning from the sounds of Gabe and Kevin’s enthusiastic fucking.

There was only one other person showering this late at night. I picked the shower stall furthest away, hanging my towel on the hook nearby before pulling the curtain shut, leaving me in almost darkness. The taps squeaked like they always do before rattling and finally blasting my face with hot water. Ahhh. Nothing like a late night shower to clear your head. I watched the water run down my body in the dim, warm light that filtered through the curtain. I might not be quite as cut as Gabe, but I had him beat on mass, which is frankly more important. Everyone can tell I have muscles even when they’re covered by clothes. You can’t tell how jacked Gabe is unless he’s basically naked.

My dick throbbed to life. Huh. Still must be worked-up from drinking that horny water. Well, that and watching two chicks make out in the lounge. I felt my ass throb too, and I groaned and let my hand dip down to massage my cheeks. It felt so good to rub them, and they were such a handful when I squeezed—a layer of soft fat over thick muscle, a genuine bubble of an ass. My asshole twitched again, and I felt a trickle of natural lube spill down my leg as my dick got even harder. This was definitely a new development, but I wasn’t complaining, not when it felt this good—

Was it new? I hadn’t always had a self-lubricating bubble butt, had I? I tried to think as I moaned and squeezed my cheeks with both hands, parting them and letting the hot water from the shower run between them and trickle across my sensitive hole. I… ugh… I d-definitely don’t remember having a butt like this before coming to San Amaro…

Oh yeah! There was, like, that totally random freak accident in the Life Sciences building that gave all the straight guys on campus cute bubble butts with hyper-sensitive, self-lubing, self-cleaning holes? Duh! I laughed at how dumb I’d been for forgetting that—and then gasped when I realized some of my fingers had found their way into my tight little asshole. It was currently dripping with a mixture of water and lube. I have to admit, I hadn’t been thrilled at the time, but my new bubble butt grew on me (both figuratively and literally). Squats at the gym basically inflated it to its current amazing size last semester, which honestly just made it even more sensitive… which gave me even more incentive to keep squatting, and keep growing it. I mean, look, I’m a hot-blooded straight dude and I get horny! If something feels this good, I’m not going to say no to it, right?

And yeah, a lot of guys started hitting on me because of my double-cantaloupes of an ass, which is obviously flattering, but they were always understanding when I explained I was straight. And honestly, the girls loved this ass too. I grinned, pistoning my fingers deeper into my hungry ass, then gasped as the sensations got too intense and I fell forward onto the shower wall, my chest pressed to the cold tile as I groaned into the wall.

Doctors were still working on a cure (not that many guys wanted a cure, not when the changes felt so insanely good). In the meantime, the university was offering both private and group counseling sessions to students working through issues related to their changes. A lot of straight guys didn’t seem to really mind the changes, though. Like 99% of them planned on experimenting with another guy at some point anyways, and this made that sort of experimenting way more fun. Of course, it also made it more likely that they’d turn gay, but no one really minded that—because of Gabe, I realized! I grinned at the thought of my clever roommate, who had so thoughtfully eradicated homophobia, and then bit my lip, pushing my fingers even deeper, rubbing along one of the extra-sensitive spots I liked to play with.

I still haven’t fooled around with a guy yet. I think Gabe wanted to ask me to, last semester? I guess he was more interested in making sure things didn’t get awkward between our friendship, though—which, mad respect, bro! I knew a juicy butt like mine was hard to resist for a gay guy, honestly. But I was just too worried about turning gay myself—especially after I got a tight little booty that was basically built to get fucked. Of course, that was all before we found the book, and I made myself totally, permanently straight.

I freed a hand and brought it around to tug on my cock, my mind drifting to Gabe and the magic textbook as my other hand pushed my fingers deep into my needy ass. Geez, stimulating my ass and my cock at the same time felt amazing, especially with the size increase to my cock. Okay, so it wasn’t massive like Gabe’s—I felt my cock throb even harder in my hands, just thinking about his titanic endowment—but it still looked more impressive than before. Felt better, too, with an extra inch full of fun new nerve endings to please. I screwed up my eyes and dug deeper into my ass, feeling my insides squeeze hungrily around my desperate fingers, releasing even more natural lube. I tugged even harder on my cock, wishing it was at least as impressive as my ass currently was. I wonder how it felt to have, like, six more inches worth of sensitivity to play with instead of just one? I bet Gabe’s new dick felt amazing with all that new sensitive skin. throb I wondered how big it actually is now? throb It was just an idle thought, but I could figure it out with a little guess work…

I turned around in the shower, panting as I adjusted the position of my fingers in my ass, and started running the math. Okay, so, based on averages, Gabe was probably at least 5 inches. Then he bumped the East Asian average up to 7. I could picture that. It was just a bit bigger than what I was rocking now. throb And then he added that gay guys were an average of two inches bigger, which puts him at 9. throb That was putting him into pornstar territory. THROB I’d definitely never seen a 9 inch cock in person. And then… oh yeah. My next edit somehow gave him another two inches, which pushed him up to 11+. THROB My face felt red. I felt kind of pathetic jerking my 6 incher when there was a monster cock just down the hall plowing a fat booty. THROB How big had the dick been in the porn clip I had watched? Gabe honestly might be even bigger… His massive cock filled my mind, and my eyes rolled back in my head—

UGH Not again! My ass spasmed violently around my fingers, and then my balls pulled up and I painted the wall of the shower with a half-dozen spurts, biting my lip to keep from screaming with how good it felt. Shit. We really weren’t supposed to cum in the shower drains. It could cause clogs. Once I caught my breath, I popped open my bodywash and started to lather up. Shower, then bed. No more thinking about giant cocks. No more exploring my sensitive, amazing ass. And honestly, even though I knew nothing could possibly turn me gay, it was still kind of embarrassing that I kept getting off thinking about big dicks! I might have to do something about that with my next edit. Maybe I could change reality so that—

I heard the snapping echo of flip-flops approaching. They stopped right in front of my shower stall.


I peeked out from behind the shower curtain to see my roommate with a towel wrapped around his waist (I automatically tried to make out his bulge, but the towel was too thick and the angle was wrong). He was glistening with sweat and he had a satisfied grin on his face.

“Thought that might be you, bro. I saw your shower stuff was gone,” Gabe said. I leaned forward, hoping he was going to drop his towel before he got in the shower stall next to me. No such luck. I sighed, watching his lower legs walk into view beside me (the divider went too high to see his head). Did his feet look bigger than before? Was that saying about big feet true? Did they grow to match his new dick size?

“So,” I said, looking up at the shower divide between us, “where’s mmm Kevin?” I should probably stop playing with my hole soon…

I heard the squeak-rattle-hiss of Gabe turning on the water.

“Passed out in my bed. I’m not a big cuddler, but I think I’m going to let him stay the night. He probably couldn’t walk home even if he wanted too. Did you catch any of the action when you were getting your towel?”

“NO! It, uh, was too dark. Not that I was looking. I don’t want to see stuff like that,” I lied, trying to picture what Gabe looked like in the shower just a couple of feet away from me. It sounded like he had just popped open his bodywash. If only there wasn’t this damn divider between us! Even soft, I bet he was like, seven or eight inches. I was tempted to ask.

“Your loss, dude. I bet it looked amazing – maybe I’ll record it next time for you. Man! You would not believe how amazing it feels to pound a cute bubble butt with a monster schlong. And get this, bro, Kevin’s straight! Or at least he was before I got to him.” I could picture the smug grin on Gabe’s face as he soaped up his hard body. “So, how’s your new dick, bro?” I looked down at my modestly sized boner and was suddenly embarrassed when I realized Gabe’s soft dick was almost certainly longer and thicker than my erection.

“It’s fine," I said, a little annoyed, and then snarked, "Is it weird trying to top someone so much bigger and taller than you?”

Gabe just laughed. He could tell I was trying to rile him up. “Sticks and stones, man. Who knows? Maybe I’ll fuck Kevin again tonight if he’s up for another round or two. It’s your turn with the book, by the way.”

“Oh!" So maybe Gabe did get the post-sex munchies? It would be kind of a waste to use the book on pizza, though. "What did you change? Must have been something subtle.”

“Yeah, just a little something to make it even more fun when I hookup with guys like Kevin.” I could practically hear the smirk in Gabe’s voice. Without even meaning to, my mind replayed what I had seen back in the dorm room—

“Mmmhmm," I murmured dreamily, “it sure sounded like it was fun.” Ugh, wait! I’d just orgasmed! Why was I still so wound-up?

I heard Gabe laugh over the sound of the hissing water. I wonder what change he had made? Grew his dick even bigger? I tugged my own cock while speculating. Unlimited stamina? Yeah, going for longer and ready to go again right away after orgasming seemed useful. Or maybe like, change his dick so it always hits his partner’s most sensitive spots… I whimpered as my fingers found their way to my hole’s most sensitive spots. But knowing Gabe, he’d probably changed something stupid, like hot pizza popping into existence after fucking, or beds that stayed magically clean.

“We went twice in a row. Probably didn’t hurt that Kevin was so horned up already from the spiked drinking water," Gabe bragged. “Which reminds me! Don’t forget to pick up a case of bottled water tomorrow. We probably want to keep our heads clear when we’re editing reality.”

“Oh right. We, uh, definitely don’t want to drink the horny water from the taps… Hey Gabe? Do you think that, uh, say showering in this stuff is going to, y’know…”

“Didn’t you write that people who drink it get horny? Anyways, I doubt anything will happen if you’re just taking a shower unless it’s getting inside you somehow,” Gabe said. I looked over my shoulder to watch my wet, soapy fingers slipping in and out of my ass.


“What was that, bro?”

“N-Nothing!” I stammered, still uncontrollably pumping my fingers as deep as I could (the best spots seemed to be deep). It was like scratching at a itch but just making it worse – I knew I needed to stop but it was getting harder to stop the more I rubbed.

I heard Gabe turn off his shower, and then he called, “You done yet, buddy? You’ve been in there for a while. Don’t you want to get back and take your turn with the book?”

“Y-yeah, just a sec!” I called, and reluctantly pulled my fingers free with a schloorrp. I rinsed off the last of the soap before grabbing my towel off the hook and stepping out of the stall. Gabe was already walking down the hall to our room, so I wrapped my towel around my waist and followed him.

Once we got inside, Gabe crossed the room to pick up the textbook from where he’d left it on the floor (looking half embarrassed, half pleased with himself). I looked over to his side of the room, where Kevin was passed out in Gabe’s bed, a satisfied, blissed-out expression on his unconscious face.

“Here’s the book,” said Gabe, handing it over before turning back to his closet to pull out a clean jockstrap – basically the only kind of underwear that could reliably support his unruly package in this reality.

“Shhh!” I whispered, glancing at Kevin. “What if he wakes up and hears you talking about it?”

Gabe just laughed. “Take a look at him, bro. Does he look like he’s going to overhear us?”

Okay, fair. Kevin looked totally zonked. Gabe had definitely fucked his brains out. It almost made me jealous, thinking how good that would feel in my ass. I saw the empty bottle of lube on the floor. Wait. Why did they need lube? Everyone knew the straight guys at San Amaro had self-lubricating butts.

And then the textbook fell open in my hands, and suddenly my other set of memories came rushing back. I just stood there for a while, my mouth hanging open, as I remembered having an amazing, fun, sensitive booty for over a year, and just how into it all the girls were—and I also remembered not having had it until literally an hour ago. Damn! This was like that moment where I’d both remembered having Marc in our class, and also remembered not having him in our class… but way more confusing!

Gabe didn’t seem to have noticed anything and was whistling to himself as he pulled on his jockstrap. I caught a quick peek of his huge package, my ass twitching with interest, before his massive dick vanished behind the colorful fabric, and then I glanced down at the textbook. It was so weird to think of my ass as a new thing, because I’d totally gotten used to being pretty damn proud of the looks it got me from the RAs, and how the ladies all wanted to play with it—nothing gets a girl turned on like a man with a fat ass, honestly. Wait, no! Wrong set of memories!

I looked down at what Gabe had written, trying to make out the sloppy scrawl:

Straight guys at San Amaro U all have amazing self-lubing assholes totally built for unlimited fucking and fun – some big fat bubble butts always ready to get stuffed and pounded and played with – self-cleaning too – and super-sensitive tight little pink pleasure holes with lots of easy to find g-spots all over the place esp. deep – feels super good on dick – go crazy for really huge cocks–

I groaned. Gabe had definitely not been thinking clearly when he’d written that incoherent rambling disaster of a sentence. Some of the ideas were basically nonsense. Like, guys don’t even have g-spots. Or “feels super good on dick,” did that mean it felt good for the guy with the dick or the guy with the bubble butt? And how could an ass “go crazy”? Okay, so nobody would be totally lucid mid-fuck. But I realized, he hadn’t even noticed that his change had affected me yet. I’d had a towel wrapped around my waist this whole time, and Gabe had barely looked at me since we got back to our room—

At which point I heard Gabe exclaim, “Woah, Sam! What the—”

I glanced up, and saw Gabe staring at me, mouth hanging open. Or, more like, staring at my huge booty, from where my towel was beginning to slip down my smooth bubbly cheeks. Gabe smacked his forehead with his hand. “Shit! This is my fault… I made that edit mid-fuck, I wasn’t even thinking. I’m so sorry, man…"

I scratched my head. “What exactly are you sorry about?”

“Uh, Sam. I kinda ran out of lube when fucking Kevin and… I maybe made a change to… make it easier to keep going, but… I guess I’m trying to say, I think I might have accidentally given you, uh, a self-lubing bubble butt?”

I flexed my glutes in Gabe’s face, making my towel slide further down my pillowy backside. “So what’s your point, bro?”

“Well…” Gabe looked at me, his brow furrowed. “Aren’t you… mad?”

“Listen dude,” I said, pointing a finger at Gabe, “the ladies love this ass. I had two RAs practically climbing all over it while you were hooking up with Kevin!” And also, maybe I didn’t want to admit to Gabe that it had felt really really good to play with it. I blushed a little, just remembering that moment in the shower.

“I mean… I’m just saying, Sam, you’re not worried that it’s… a little gay? To have a self-lubing bubble butt?”

“Hell no it isn’t!” I threw up my arms into a double-bicep pose, jutting out my chest proudly as my towel slid all the way down to my feet. “I’m telling you, man! There is nothing more hetero than wanting muscular cakes like these! Total chick magnet!”

Gabe’s eyes were glued to my ass. “And you’re not just saying that because it felt really good in the shower or anything—”

I turned bright red and hurried to my closet to pull out some boxers (and partly to hide my growing erection). “Whatever, man! Look, if something feels good, I’m gonna play with it, right? There’s nothing gay about it—and anyway, we know I’m as straight as you can be. It’s in the textbook!”

“That is true,” said Gabe’s voice behind me, musingly. “Whew, though, I mean…” He broke off, and I turned around to see him staring at my backside. I flexed it a couple times at him, just to mess with him, and he blinked and shook his head. “I guess you are the ultimate hetero dude on this campus.” Then his lips curled into a smile. “Though, based on what Marc told me tonight, I guess you’re not too straight to jack it to gay porn.”

WHAT? I felt my cheeks burning with embarrassment. Fucking MARC!!

“Yeah, he came up to me at that party and seemed really curious to know if you’re actually 100% straight, or whether he has a chance with you. You should have seen him, with those big, blue hopeful eyes. Don’t worry, though, I told him you’re the straightest dude on campus. Except for maybe Kevin,” Gabe added with a smirk in the direction of his latest conquest. This time I could feel my whole body flush.

“It’s—it’s totally normal for straight dudes to do stuff like that! It’s just natural curiosity!” I stumbled over to the book, hopping on one leg as I tried to pull my boxers up and over my thick glutes.


I flipped back to a section I remembered seeing. There it was…

In the survey, more than 13% of heterosexual men responded that they had watched gay porn at least once. 28% percent listed “curiosity” as the primary motivator…

I stared a those numbers, my mind buzzing. I flashed back to cumming violently when Marc had burst into the dorm—or how I’d painted the shower walls with my cum just from the thought of Gabe’s dick—damn it! If those numbers were higher, I wouldn’t be weird for wanting to watch more videos or trying to see Gabe’s huge new dick!

I grabbed the pen and bent over my desk.

In the survey, more than 89% of heterosexual men responded that they had watched gay porn at least once. 72% percent listed “curiosity” as the primary motivator.

There! I smiled proudly at the page. Then, my smile fell off my face and I tried to make an edit, to change it to “curiosity AND orgasms” so it was normal for straight guys to cum while watching gay porn — but the change had already activated! My pen wasn’t making any marks on the page!

“Aw, come on!” I groaned, scribbling furiously and uselessly. “Curiosity AND orgasms! AND orgasms!”

Gabe was laughing in the background. “You could always make that your next change, bro!”

“How come you just got to make, like, ten changes, and I can’t add one extra word?” I whined.

“Guess you just gotta write faster next time,” Gabe said with a smirk. Had he been staring at my ass this whole time?

“Whatever, dude,” I huffed. “At least I didn’t need to give my hookup a magic booty just to get him to bottom with me!”

“What the hell, Sam? I don’t know why you think that’s going to get under my skin, but it’s getting old, okay?”

“Hey, whatever, man! I’m just saying, I know you’ve got a huge dick now and everything, but when most guys see you, they’re still not going to assume you’re a top.” I stood up and got close, emphasizing our height difference. I knew I was being kind of an asshole just to deflect how embarrassed I felt, but it didn’t stop me from going further. "I mean, it’s not like you exude muscled-up masculine dom energy, y’know? Mr. I’m All Top – but where’s the energy, bro?”

“Alright, that is it!” Gabe said, grabbing the book and pen and jumping in his bed, scribbling furiously.

“Uh, Gabe?”

He kept writing, the scowl on his face gradually drifting into a smirk. How long was the edit going to be? I tried to read it, but he just angled the book away.

“Nuh-uh! No peeking, buddy! This one’s going to be a special surprise waiting for you in the morning.”

“Come on, Gabe! Look, I shouldn’t have said that, dude, it’s just that…”

“Just what, Sam?” Gabe said, still writing.

“Let me see it, bro!”

Gabe played keep-away for another couple of seconds before handing me the book with a triumphant grin.

Everything written above this line is invisible until tomorrow. This change will become active tomorrow morning, at which point it will kick in retroactively.

“But I’m going to be up all night trying to guess!” I pleaded, but Gabe was already snuggling under the covers next to Kevin.

“Have fun with that. Sleep tight, little buddy!”

Was that some kind of crack about my (perfectly adequate!) six-incher? I lay in bed, grumbling to myself, and soon heard the deep breathing of Gabe and Kevin sleeping. I quietly picked up the textbook and stared at the mysterious blank above the part of his change that I could see. What the hell did Gabe change? I tried to think of the changes I’d make to improve myself. Bigger dick immediately popped into my head. My hole twitched unexpectedly at the thought Gabe’s monster growing longer and thicker overnight.

Me mocking him about not really being much of a top was what prompted him to pick this change – maybe he was going to make hung Asian twinks stereotypical tops? For a second, I worried that he was going to turn me into a bottom, or shrink me to prove he was totally a top. But Gabe wouldn’t do that to me. (Even if the thought was making my poor bubble butt practically vibrate with excitement). Besides, the rules said nothing could make me gay and we couldn’t directly change each other. The ass thing had been an indirect accident. No, it had to be some kind of improvement for Gabe. Hmm…

I flipped to the page I’d edited moments ago. Now I just had to wait for my turn… Wait, was a turn different from a change actually happening? The rules just said we’d take turns making the edits, nothing about waiting for changes! I grinned proudly. I was going to be as good at Gabe at this game at this rate. Then I grabbed a pen and, grinning, I added in the word that it was missing, “Curiosity… AND orgasms!”


In the survey, more than 89% of heterosexual men responded that they had watched gay porn at least once. 72% percent listed “curiosity AND orgasms” as the primary motivator.

I curled up in bed, a smile on my face and a warmth in my butt, and let myself drift to sleep.

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