Teacher's Pet (Chapter 2)

By lavendermafia
published July 22, 2021
6132 words

After his night with Sean & Mr. Mattson, the narrator finds himself with more questions than every before.

I woke up the next morning with a trail of light on my face from the blinds that had been opened. I was lying in bed alone, the smell of Mr. Mattson still lingering, but less powerful than what I remembered from the night before, which wasn’t much. I remembered the toothbrush, how warm his hands made me, waking up next to Sean… Sean. My body bolted out of its haze. I looked around the floor but found no trace of the clothes he’d lent me.

“Fuck” I whispered to myself. My clothes were in his room. I looked around and cautiously made my way into Mr. Mattson’s closet. I saw shirts I recognized from through the years and a closet for his school clothes – button ups and ties. The closet mostly housed his wife’s clothing. I reached for a pair of shorts left on the floor and a t shirt from a drawer, hoping he wouldn’t mind.

The clothes were oversized on me and I had to pull the shorts up to make them stay. I didn’t bother with underwear. I crept out of the room and into the hall to find the smell of breakfast in the air. My stomach groaned as I smelt it and I could see from this part of the hall that Sean’s door was open and light too. I walked towards his room but found he wasn’t in there. The bed was remade as it was when I wasn’t here, and overall it seemed as though last night had never happened. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. Sean was sitting at the counter eating a plate of eggs and bacon that Mr. Mattson was serving from the stove. He smiled as I came in.

“Hey sleepyhead!” he said. Sean looked up at me nervously. “What time is it?” I asked. “Almost noon.” Mr. Mattson said, putting down two plates next to Sean at the counter. “We all slept in, but I think you have us beat.” He said. Did he remember what had happened last night? Me showing up at his room, the way he’d touched my cock… I felt myself getting excited despite my nerves and nervously swung my hands in front of my crotch.

“Are you hungry?” He said looking up at me with an eyebrow raised. My stomach groaned again and suddenly food was all I could think of. “Starving.” I said, going to sit down next to him, desperate to hide my boner. We all sat down and started eating. “So what are you two up to today?” Sean seemed uncharacteristically quiet. “Don’t you have to go home?” he asked me. “I don’t know.” I said, realizing I hadn’t checked my phone since the night before. “I should probably check with my parents.” I continued looking to see I’d left it in here. “Finish breakfast then you can text them.” Mr. Mattson said kindly, and I returned to my meal, my anxiety suddenly calmed. “Did you hear that rain last night?” he said. I looked up and suddenly remembered his hand on my cock, the sound of the pouring rain outside. “No we fell asleep pretty early.” Sean instantly answered. “I think I did.” I said. “I woke up last night.” I looked at Mr. Mattson seeing if we would answer my veiled question. He just stared at me with his sheepish grin.

“It was loud, I’m not surprised.” He finally said, going back to eating. “Why did I wake up in your bed sir?” I asked slowly. “Sir? That seems a bit formal for when we’re at home.” He laughed “Oh sorry, I guess just a habit.” I said mumbling. I had no idea where it had come from. “But you were sleepwalking around the upstairs hall so I let you in the big bed and went and slept with Sean on the mattress.” Had it all just been a dream? Maybe I’d undressed myself and he didn’t want to embarrass me so he wasn’t mentioning it. Sean stared down at his plate. “Oh, god I’m so sorry.” I said quickly realizing I must’ve looked like I was stuck on loading. “Hey it’s ok, I used to do the same thing when I was your age. I think it’s the growing, changing hormones. Recipe for disaster.” He laughed. I tried to remember the events exactly. Pizza, Star Wars, went for tooth brush and then we spoke. What did we speak about? “Here,” Mr. Mattson said grabbing my empty plate “I’ll clean up while you find your phone.” Sean finally looked up. “I’ll come help you.” he said, leaving the room before me. I followed him up the stairs slowly and towards his room. I got in and he closed the door behind me.

“Hey, I know this is weird but-” I started but he quickly interrupted me with panic in his eyes. “Thanks for not mentioning last night.” He said. “I just, I don’t know if I’m ready to tell him about that, and I don’t even know if I am gay…” “What?!” I blurted out. “I know it’s dumb and he’s cool with it, I just, I still do like girls I just also like, what we did…” “What did we do?” I asked. I suddenly remembered waking up with him naked, the curve of his ass… “What do you mean?” he said, his voice now lowered. “When you came in from brushing your teeth…” he said. I sat down on his bed. “I can’t, I can’t remember what happened last night Sean.” I said suddenly panicking. “Did you drink or something?” he said with an eyebrow raised. “No! I just, I can’t remember.” “Well, we-” he started before being interrupted by a knock on the door “Did you find it?” Mr. Mattson asked from outside. Sean opened the door. I started looking more thoroughly and found it where I’d left it the night before on Sean’s dresser. “Yep.” I said, the confusion and panic still trailing in my voice. I opened my phone. My mom had texted me last night and a couple notifications from Instagram were there but nothing serious. Have a good time! My mom wrote. Hey, do you need me home today? I texted back. “Just waiting for an answer.” I said to Sean and his dad, who waited eagerly. The three dots appeared. Nope!

“I’m free all day.” I said. I wanted to figure out what was happening. “Great! Do you want to get that first swim in?” Mr. Mattson said looking at us. “Uh, yeah dad, can we work on some homework first though, I need some help with the math stuff.” Sean replied instantly. “Wow, doing homework by your own volition, we should keep you around all the time” his dad replied, looking at me. “Let me know when you’re done!” he said leaving the room. Sean closed the door again. “What the fuck happened last night?” I whispered. “You walked into my room naked and told me you knew I’ve been into you, then we started…” he looked away from me. “We started fooling around.” He trailed off. “I did what?!” I asked. “Don’t make me say it again.” He pleaded. “Dude, I can’t remember any of that!” I said “Really?” he said, now looking at me with concern. “You don’t think you have a brain tumor or something do you?” “No! I mean the last thing I remember is talking to your dad in his room when he got me a toothbrush!” “What were you talking about?” I tried to remember. It was like digging through a cloud over the words I’d said. Then it clicked. Oh fuck. Oh fuck fuck fuck.

“Uhhh” I started. “I can’t remember what we were saying.” Should I mention what happened later that night? No. Sean absolutely did not need to know I’d dreamt his dad had me howling like a whore. “Do you think you like hit your head or something?” he said. “I don’t think concussions generally cause nude propositioning.” I snapped. “I’m sorry. I just, I don’t know why I can’t remember.” “It’s ok.. Just. Please, please don’t mention it to him… or anyone.” He said, his voice panicked again. “You know I never would.” I said. “Have you really been into me?” I finally realized what he’d said. He turned away. “I guess.” He said quietly. “I think that’s what I was talking to your dad about.” “Me being into you?” he said turning, panic in his eyes. “No, no! Me being into you.” I said. It felt easy to say now, no more worry in my head or shaking body. “I’ve had a crush on you for, like, years now.” I said. I couldn’t believe it was just coming out. “Really?” he said. I nodded. We sat in silence. “Is it weird if I ask exactly what we did last night?” I finally said. He looked at me. “Uh no. I mean you came in and sat down and started kissing me. And then we jerked off a bit and then you blew me and I jerked you off until you came. Then we went to bed.” He said, all very quickly. My cock started stiffen again. How the hell was I still so horny? I needed to talk to his dad. No. My mind snapped back. That was the last thing I needed to do.

“I’m sorry I can’t remember.” I said. “It’s ok. You’re not mad?” he said. “No!” I blurted out. “No… I know I wasn’t there exactly but… it’s something I’ve wanted for a while…” I said, noticing my bulge getting more noticeable in the shorts and covering my crotch again. “Oh, well, I guess I had fun too then.” He said. “And you really don’t have to worry. I won’t tell anyone. You don’t even have to like boys.” I said. “Thanks man.” He said. I nodded. “Did you still want to go swimming?” He asked. “Uh, ya.” I said. “I don’t have any swim shorts though.” “Just borrow some of mine.” He said. “Ok.” He got up and handed me a pair from his dresser. “I’ll go get dressed.” He said. I looked up at the scene almost identical to last night. “Ok” I said nervously. He closed the door when he went. I stripped off, my dick finally behaving, and got into the swim shorts. The bathroom! His dad walked in on me changing. It shot through my head suddenly.

I opened the door and walked down the hall. “Mr. Mattson?” I called out. His dad appeared by the stairs. “Hey! Oh you’re already.” He said his eyes trailing my exposed torso. I must’ve blushed. “Ya, we’re going to go swimming now.” I said quickly. “Cool. I’ll get changed.” He smiled, starting up the stairs. “Um, sir, can I- Sorry didn’t mean to call you sir again.” I said. He smiled. “Can I ask you about last night?” I managed to stutter out. “Ya, of course.” He said. “When did you find me?” I asked, wondering if the latter half of the evening had just been a dream. “I guess around 5 am?” he said, scratching his head. I nodded. “You were wandering around naked. I didn’t want to mention in front of Sean.” He said. “Oh, thanks. I’m really embarrassed…” I said looking at him with embarrassment. I wonder if I’d been hard… “No no! It’s ok. I remember being your age and having all sorts of weird stuff happening to me. It’s really ok.” I looked down sure I was blushing. “I’m really sorry.”

“Hey,” he said, putting a hand under my neck and lifting my head to his gaze. “It’s really ok.” He smiled. His hand felt warm on my face, warmer than the rest of the room, and slowly my embarrassment disappeared into his eyes. “I’ll go get changed.” He said, then retreated into his room. Had I just dreamt about his room? Had it all just been a weird sleepwalking sex dream? “You ready?” Sean said from behind me. He was wearing dark blue swim shorts with his chest bare too. I felt myself get excited imagining his dick in my mouth the night before. “Yeah” I said, shaking off my thoughts. We raced out to the pool and jumped in at the same time, laughing when we surfaced and saw the huge wave of water we’d splashed onto the ground nearby.

It was humid and sticky out and felt good to have the cooler water around my body. His dad followed us shortly. He was wearing swim shorts that seemed shorter than he usually wore. He jumped in after us nearly hitting us both but surfacing laughing too. We splashed each other for a while before the phone rang from inside. “Oh crap.” Mr. Mattson said, quickly getting out and grabbing a towel to head inside with. “Your hair is so long.” Sean said, and I noticed he’d been staring at me. “Ya I really need to cut it.” I said. His dad returned from inside. “Your sister’s move is taking forever, so your mom is staying up there with her for another night. Just us boys again!” he said. Sean looked at me. “Did you want to stay over again?” Mr. Mattson offered. I thought about it. There were still answers I needed. But even more so maybe now Sean would want to do more, and this time stuff I could remember… “Ya, I just need to check with my parents.” I said. Mr. Mattson smiled. I too got out of the pool, pulling myself up the side, and grabbed a towel before heading in.

The house smell hit me especially hard when I went through the sliding door, my mind having adjusted to the fresh air outside. It almost went right to my cock, the familiar cologne-like musk reminding me of my dream of Mr. Mattson. He stood by the fridge pouring himself a glass of water in the skin, his back still glistening with droplets of pool water. I caught myself almost entranced by his muscles and wondered if he worked out. He turned around and jumped a little. “Oh, hey, I didn’t even here you come in.” he laughed, “What’s up.” I couldn’t remember why I’d come in. “Uh…” I started. “I just wanted to say, you really don’t have to be embarrassed about last night.” He said, walking over to me. “I really don’t mind.” He smiled. That’s right, last night. “Are you thirsty?” he asked. Now that I thought of it the swimming had made me thirsty. “Ya.” I said. He put his glass down. “Here take mine, I’ll grab myself a new one.” And headed back to the sink. I brought the glass to my lips and felt my cock twitch at the thought of putting my lips where his had been. How was I horny again?

“Thanks for understanding about last night.” I said. I had accepted my weird sleepwalking dream and was ready to move on to more notably things. Like hopefully getting to actually suck Sean off. Maybe I’d been sleepwalking when we’d fooled around too… “Of course. Being a teenager sucks my man.” He said, now drinking from his new glass he’d poured himself. “Tell me about it.” I said, taking another long sip. “Random boners and constant horniness aside, having to go to high school every day sucks, no offense.” He laughed a loud laugh. “None taken!” he said. Why had I mentioned boners and horniness??

“I wasn’t such a great student when I was your age, actually.” He said. “Really?” I said “You’re so smart though.” The words were flying out with no hesitation. “Aww thanks. But no, I wasn’t good. History and science were the only real classes I cared about but even then I hated classroom stuff.” He said. I watched the way his arms crossed when he talked, the hair on his chest, the pink of exposed nipples. His hands were much bigger than mine. I thought of them on my cock, the way they’d stroked me last night… My dick twitched and I realized I was getting rock hard again.

“I’m sure you did well though, with girls too I bet” I said, shifting myself closer to the counter to hide my lower half. It was getting hot in here. He laughed loudly. “Well, I’ve always been able to get what I want.” He said still chuckling. “What do you mean?” I asked. He smiled. “Just a figure of speech. Shall we head back out?” he said. “Ya.” I smiled, completely forgetting to check my phone.

We spent the whole afternoon in the pool until the sun had started to make the backyard get dark and the May day got chilly. “Do we want to head inside and figure out dinner?” Mr. Mattson said “I’m freezing.” He confessed. We both nodded. We got out and I helped Sean pull the cover over the pool before heading in. The warmth of the house hit me suddenly and felt my exhaustion from our afternoon in the sun hit my face. My eyes felt droopy and my body heavy. I yawned. “Do we want to order in again, I can cook too.” Mr. Mattson said.

I looked at Sean. The last thing on my mind was food. My body had started to tremble again, the cold air from outside making me aware of how cold I was despite being back in the warmth. “You guys can decide anything. Is it ok if I shower? I’m freezing.” I laughed. “Ya, are you sure you don’t mind?” Sean asked. I nodded. Mr. Mattson handed Sean his phone. “Choose what you want and I’ll grab you a towel.” He said to me. I followed him upstairs, my legs heavy at every step. How had I gotten so tired? “Are you sure you’re ok buddy?” Mr. Mattson asked me walking towards his room. I absentmindedly followed. “Yep just tired from swimming all day I think.” I responded. “Ya, you didn’t get much sleep last night either.” He said. “No.” I agreed.

I entered the room and felt the comforting familiar smell wrap my head up. Everything felt hazy again. My body swayed as I stood, staring at the still unmade bed I’d spent the night in. I thought of Mr. Mattson’s big arms, his legs wrapped my smaller body. I imagined myself on my knees in front of him, servicing the older man, making him happy with my mouth.

Being his good boy. I snapped out of it trying to keep myself awake. I looked down, my cock was hard and pointing out before me. I put my hands in front of it, trying to pull it down. I shoved a hand into my shorts and pulled it up into the waistband. When I looked up I saw him standing completely naked by his bathroom door smiling at me. He looked just like my dream, his chest hair leading right down to his pubes and that massive dick. My mouth dropped open. “Coming?” he said, and gestured towards the bathroom where I could hear the water going. My feet answered for me and led me into the room behind him.

He shut the door behind me and I suddenly felt warm, surrounded by the smell of him and the steam coming from the shower. He smiled at me. I stared down at his dick, and saw he too was getting hard. “Let me help you out of those.” He said, kneeling down and untying the front of my swimming shorts. I was wordless as he undid them and let them drop to my feet. “Someone’s excited.” He chuckled as my dick sprang free. He smiled as he stood up again and walked past me, grabbing my hand and leading me into the shower. “Mr. Matts-“ I started. My thoughts were all hazy and muffling any questions I could come up with. “Shhh” he said. “Just listen.” My mind went blank with his command. He grabbed soap as the water cascaded around us and started lathering his hands. “I don’t want you to miss out on the rest of the fun, it was mostly a test ride getting rid of last night.” He said. I nodded, not entirely understanding. “So why don’t you remember our little conversation from last night.” He said clapping his soaped hands in front of me.

It all came flooding back slowly. Sitting on his bed, my confessions, him undressing me in his room and telling me how much Sean needed my mouth on his dick, how my only job now was to please his son. Him sending me to Sean. Sucking Sean’s dick and swallowing his cum. Returning to his room like he told me and falling asleep in his arms.

He smiled at me. “Are you ready to have more fun tonight?” he asked, lathering my chest with the soap in his hands. I nodded. “Good.” He smiled. “You and my son make such a cute pair, but I still want to have my fun. So we’re going to go and have dinner and act like this never happened, but you’ll still remember. Then you and Sean will say you’re tired and go to his room and you show Sean what a good student you’ve been and deep throat him until he cums. Ok?” I nodded. “Make sure you swallow every last drop.” He smiled. I nodded intently. “Then I want you to make up an excuse and come meet me in my room. Got it?” I nodded again, his hands playing with my nipples suddenly. It felt so good to feel his heat on my body, the smell of the soap still not as strong as him. “Then you and I are going to teach you how to get fucked. That way when Sean wants to, you’ll be all ready. Sound good?” I nodded. “Why don’t you speak again?” he said with his smile. “Yes sir. I mean-“ I didn’t know what I meant. “Good boy.” He said. “You’re going to continue to be just as horny as I told you to be last night, ok? You can’t get enough of our scent, my son and I. Your dick gets hard just at the whiff of it and you need to serve us no matter what you think. Whenever you smell us you feel so comfortable and good, right?” “Yes sir.” I said. “That’s my good boy.” He said, working on my arms. “You feel like you can say whatever pops into your mind when you’re with us, right?” he said. I nodded. “Good boy.” It felt good to obey. It made my body feel warm and light when I knew I was being good. He smiled at me. “Ready for the fun to start?” he asked. “Yes sir.” I smiled my mind loose and hazy in his hands.

It felt nice to give in to the haze, like being drunk. I went where Mr. Mattson did, did what he suggested, smiled when he smiled. We got out of the shower and he gave me some clothes that I put on, then we headed downstairs. Sean had been waiting and Mr. Mattson told him there’d been a leaking pipe but it was fixed now. I smiled stupidly while they ordered, not even sure what I was saying yes to. The food arrived and we watched Star Wars while we ate but eventually I felt something pulling on my mind. I yawned, looking at Mr. Mattson who looked back expectantly.

“I’m tired.” I declared. “I don’t know if I can finish the movie.” Sean looked at me confused. “It’s only 9.” He said. “Must have been the swimming.” I said. Mr. Mattson smiled at me. Good boy I could hear him saying from earlier. “I think I’ll go to bed early, if that’s cool.” I said “Are you sure dude?” Sean asked. “Ya, it’s cool.” I replied quickly, my mind desperate to follow the tug of his words. “Why don’t we just pause then?” Mr. Mattson suggested. “But Dad, we can finish the movie.” Sean said confused. “It’s alright son, I’m pretty wiped myself.” He finished, getting up and starting towards the stairs. “Goodnight you two.” He said as left the room quickly. Sean looked confused but walked in front of me. Once we were in his room I closed the door behind me. “Do you want me to make you cum again?” I asked already hard and stepping towards him. He looked shocked but didn’t disagree as I dropped to my knees.

“Sure” he said as I took his dick out from his shorts and started going to work on it. It made my body feel warm to be so close to him, smell his skin, feel his hand on the back of my head as his dick got hard in my mouth. Good boy I could hear his father saying as I bobbed up and down on his son’s cock. “Fuck” I heard Sean gasp, putting both hands onto my long hair. “Faster.” He whispered.

The words felt like another tug at my mind and I started bobbing up and down faster, feeling my body pulse with pleasure at following his command. “Fuck dude I’m going to cum.” He said. I moaned onto his dick as he shot into my mouth, swallowing his load as it pumped down my throat. It felt so good to obey. He kept my head in place with his hands and even thrust with his hips. I sat like a good boy and waited for him to be finished. Finally, he pulled away. “Fuck.” He said again. He sat down on the bed. “That was so good.” I got up and wiped away a spot of cum on my lips smiling. Mr. Mattson needed me I felt my mind remind me.

“I need to go to the bathroom.” I said “Wait!” he said as I reached for the door, my hand suddenly pulling away. I turned ready to listen. “Don’t you want me to do you?” he asked. Was I allowed? I had been told to leave right away to find Mr. Mattson. “I…” I started stammering. My mind suddenly regained its panic unsure of what to do. “It’s ok if you don’t want that… I just figured…” He said. “No, I do, I just…” I stuttered again. “Tell me I should stay.” I said. He looked confused. “Please.” I finished. “Come here.” He said, gesturing me over. I went and sat next to him, his lower half still unclothed. “Do you want this?” he said, putting a hand onto my thigh. I nodded. “Ok, lie back.” I followed his words, my mind once again warm following commands.

I felt his hands pull down his father’s shorts and my dick spring up, desperate from how horny I’d been all day. His mouth went down on my head and it felt like I was convulsing, jolts of pleasure rocking through me. “Fuck” I panted. His tongue swirled over my head and I felt myself thrust into him. My body felt heavy and every second brought me closer. I looked down at him, my best friend’s blonde hair brushing against my abdomen as he sucked my cock. I turned my face into his sheets and breathed in the smell of him, his father and felt myself get closer. “I’m going to cum!” I said. He came off my dick as my cum shot onto his face.

“Fuck” I panted. I lay back as the waves of pleasure rolled over me. He got up and grabbed the tissues on his bedside table to wipe his face. “That was incredible.” I said. I looked at him smiling. He seemed nervous. “Are you ok?” I asked, my body still heavy with pleasure. “Ya. Just promise again you won’t tell anyone.” He said. I felt that tug in my mind. “I promise.” I said. He turned and gave an anxious smile. “Should we get the mattress ready?” “Ya, sure.” I said and helped him pull it out, both of us still pantless. He lied down in his and I felt my mind itch. “I’m going to go to the bathroom.” I said. He was already lying down. “Do you want me to turn off the lights?” “Ya sure, but dude, you need shorts.” He said, throwing me the pair he’d been wearing. “Oh shit, ya thanks.” I said, stepping into them and out into the hall. I closed the door behind me and let my body carry me towards the master bedroom. I knocked on the door.

“Ya?” came Mr. Mattson’s voice from inside. I opened the door. He was lying in bed in boxers and nothing else on his phone. He smiled when he saw me. “Hey.” He said, putting aside his phone, “Come in and close the door.” I did as he said, the warmth growing as I followed his command. “Is Sean asleep?” He asked. “No.” I said. “I came as soon as we were done.” I continued making sure to not say what we’d been doing as I’d promised Sean. “Maybe we should wait.” He mumbled to himself. I swayed watching him think, my cock still half-hard from earlier “Give me a second.” He said. “Stay here.” I nodded as he opened the door and left the room. I took a deep breath in, my mind filling with that familiar comfort like being wrapped in a hug. It felt like no time at all before he returned. “I think we’re good.” He said smiling, and closed the door behind him but not locking it. I felt his arms wrap around me from behind and my body melted into the feeling. “Good boy” he whispered into my ear, my cock stiffening fully. His hands reached into my shorts, his son’s boxers, his body now wrapped around me and my mind going fuzzy.

“Ready for your lesson?” he whispered into my ear. “Yes sir.” I replied, closing my eyes at the head rush of his words. “Get on the bed.” He commanded, and I felt my feet bring me to my spot. “You want to learn how to please my boy?” he asked, now standing behind me and between my legs. I nodded my mind in ecstasy. “Good.” He purred. “Let’s get you out of these clothes.” He said, and I started to take off my shirt while he pulled down my shorts. “That’s better.” He said. I could feel his hard cock through his underwear on my back now. “Show me what a good boy you are.” He said. I started grinding myself into his cock. I could hear him let out a light moan. “Have you ever been fucked before?” he said. “No.” I almost whimpered. “Perfect. I’ll show you.” He said. I felt his skin leave mine and the pleasure stopped. I needed more. “Hold on.” He said, reading my thoughts. He came back and lined up his now bare dick to my ass. I turned and looked to see him putting lube into his hands. He looked at me smiling.

“Relax.” He said. I felt my body unwind, unaware I’d even been holding tension. “Good.” He said. “This is going to make you feel so good, you won’t be able to get enough.” He said, his finger starting to work around my hole. “Everything you feel will be turned up to an eleven, like your body needs my cock to survive.” He said. His finger finally pushed into me. I moaned at the feeling, his warmth filling me. “Good boy.” He whispered. I buried my face into the bedsheets, the smell of him intoxicating and making me feel light and heavy all at once. All I could feel was his finger in me, and then two and three. All I could hear was him whispering “Good boy.” Every inch of my body was buzzing with warmth and pleasure. It felt so good to be in his palm. “Ready?” he asked. I moaned in approval. Suddenly it felt like I had lost control of all senses, his cock the only thing that mattered to my mind. I could hear him moan as he fucked me, everything else lost to the scent of him around me. I must’ve already cum once but I couldn’t tell, my body lost to the all-consuming pleasure of his skin on mine.

I looked towards the door and was shocked to see it was open. Sean stood there, completely nude and stroking his hard dick. He watched me, a distant look in his eyes, but a smile on his face. I looked back at Mr. Mattson, whose face was tight with pleasure as he fucked me. “Sir…” I moaned out. “Sean.” I finally finished, feeling like I was pushing a heavy piece of furniture. He turned to the door and smiled. “Good boy.” He said, Sean entering the room. He removed his dick from me, and I felt my mind come back to earth a bit. I was panting and could suddenly feel I had cum, my stomach sticky. He walked towards his son and took his cock in his larger hands. “Nice and hard.” He said, stroking it for him. “Perfect.” He almost growled.

He guided Sean over, holding his cock to guide him. The sight of Sean like this made me even hornier, if that was possible. I needed him in me now my mind reminded me. He positioned Sean behind me. “You two are going to fuck until you’ve both cum at least two more times, ok?” he said. I tried to say yes but moaned instead. “Good boys.” He said.
I felt Sean’s dick on my the outside of my hole, the pleasure starting to take over my thoughts again. Then I was gone again, lost in a haze of Sean’s skin on mine, his moans as he fucked me, the waves of pleasure as he thrust into me. I felt him cum once, but knew I needed more. I watched Mr. Mattson lying on the bed next to us, stroking his own dick, his eyes darting between us.

“Why don’t you make use of that mouth?” he said to me smiling, and I lurched up. He stuck his tumb out and I sucked it instantly, before he positioned himself in front of my mouth. I started sucking him, desperate to feel more. Their moans only made my pleasure get more intense, Sean still fucking me as I sucked off Mr. Mattson. Time lost all meaning until Mr. Mattson said “Good boy.” And I could feel his load in my mouth as I swallowed every last pump. He collapsed onto the bed in front of me and I could feel Sean leave my hole, but not his warmth. My body was still buzzing and hazy. Mr. Mattson’s big arms pulled me up towards the pillows. I looked at them both, Sean panting and spent next to me, his dick coated in his own cum, Mr. Mattson smiling.

I lied in the middle, starting to regain some control of myself, realizing I was covered in cum. I wasn’t sure if it was mine or Sean, but I didn’t care. Every thought in the world still felt dull, surrounded by their scent. Their heat. I let Mr. Mattson but his arms around Sean and I as we positioned into a sort-of spooning position.

“Let’s all go to bed.” Mr. Mattson whispered. “You were both such good boys.” He cooed. I felt a smile on my face as I drifted off, their naked skin so warm on mine.

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