Daddy's scent

By Daddysscent
published July 15, 2021
1549 words

A 20-year-old becomes enraptured by a man more than twice his age after breathing in his scent. His life will never be the same.

Dedicated to Touchstone, who inspired me to write.

Five years ago I was a straight, 20-year-old hound and if anything, my response to homosexuality was repulsion. But that was before I met my daddy. Now I’m happily married to a man more than twice my age and having the best sex imaginable.

It all started at the local gym near the village I grew up in. I used to go there five days a week, trying to put on muscle mass to get the girls when I returned to university in September. I was slim and athletic looking, which at the time I hated. Now, with a hairy, muscly god to cuddle up with every night, I don’t mind so much.

I paid little attention to the other people in the gym, including the man that I would proudly call my lover one day. But I do remember the looks he used to give me. I concluded that he must be gay and have a thing for me. I had mixed feelings about that. Yes it repulsed me a bit, but I also liked the attention, and maybe I even teased him with my returning looks. Maybe that is why he chose me.

Frank was 48 years old back then. His deep, penetrating eyes, silver beard and balding head showed his age. But he kept his body in great shape. He had large musclebound arms and a strong chest, all covered in thick black hair. He had a well-toned ass and a slight belly, which I would later use as a cushion to sleep on after our long sessions of lovemaking. Of course, describing my husband now makes me tingle all over. It makes me want to stop writing this story and wake him up right now, begging him to fuck me. But back then, I was perfectly straight.

First scent Anyway, one particularly evening I finished my workout and went to the dressing rooms to find Frank, emerging from the showers, with a white towel wrapped around his waist. Feeling intimidated by his powerful masculinity, I tried to look away. But even then, something drew my gaze to Frank’s delicious body. Frank got changed and quickly walked out, and it was only when I heard the door close that I noticed he had left something. A sweaty pair of black boxer shorts. I approached them, I’m not sure why, and it was then that the smell reached my nostrils. Frank’s musk intoxicated me. It smelt of pure masculine power, and I soon released I was getting hard.

Without realising what I was doing, I grabbed the shorts and pressed my nose to them, getting a much stronger whiff. Little did I know that my mind was irrevocably altered after inhaling the musk.

I took the shorts home with me. After a curt exchange with my parents, I ran to my room and stayed there until morning. All night I had Frank’s shorts in my hand, pressed against my face. I dreamt vivid, sexual dreams. It was quite often I dreamed of fucking busty blonde girls. But that night, I was the busty blonde. I was being held by Frank’s strong masculine hands, and before I realised it, Frank had mounted me, and began pumping his huge cock into me. Any sensations of pain soon gave away to ecstasy. I realised I wanted this feeling more than anything else.

A new beginning I woke up feeling incredibly refreshed, and also somehow different. I looked at myself in the mirror. Suddenly the slim figure I had always detested looked admirable to me. I pouted, realising how sexy my strong cheek bones were. But not a masculine kind of sexy….a feminine kind. I noticed how cute my round, bubble butt looked.

I dressed in my usual clothes, but felt oddly uncomfortable in them. Then after another brief exchange with my parents, I left the house. My destination was the gym. It wasn’t normal for me to go on a Saturday, but I felt compelled. Compelled because somehow I knew who would be waiting there for me.

In the changing room, I hurriedly put on my gym shorts and T shirt, in anticipation of seeing Frank working the weights. But the door opened and there Frank was, glistening with sweat after what must have been an intense routine. Our eyes met and I spoke in a way I had never addressed a man before.

“Hey daddy. You look like you could use a shower,” I said, before biting my lips.

“I guess I do,” Frank replied in a deep baritone voice, giving me a confident, sly grin. “You look like you’d like to have a shower with me. Do you like what you see, sweety?”

“Maybe I do. You look like you could take care of me, daddy,” I answered.

I went up to Frank and stroked his broad bicep. Part of me still couldn’t believe what I was doing. Frank responded by pushing one of his large hands slowly into his underwear. Then he took it out and moved the hand up so that it was level with my mouth. Instinctively I started sucking his fingers, never breaking contact with Frank’s eyes. I wanted to tell him, in my eyes, how much I desired him.

“Yes I can take care of you, sweety. It feels good to be taken care of by a real man doesn’t it.”

“Why don’t you find out. Take me home daddy,” I replied.

Frank drove me back to his house, and given its size I realised he was wealthy. We were embracing and kissing before we had entered the front door. Frank’s tongue entered my mouth and I welcomed it by massaging it with my own. Soon we were in the bedroom and hurriedly undressing each other. Once Frank’s shirt was off, I began caressing his strong back, trying to resist the urge to scratch him out of passion. His own hands were firmly placed on my ass, pressing my body against his crotch.

Once we were both naked, I knelt on the bed with my hands against the wall, almost dizzy with excitement at what would come next. When Frank entered me, I pressed my ass against him, to let him know how much I wanted this. Soon he began pounding away, and my prostrate began giving me indescribable pleasures.

We made love several more times before evening came. Then we showered together, and I couldn’t resist the urge to show my appreciation for all the pleasure he had given me. I knelt down and began kissing his giant cock. I looked up at him one last time as if for approval before putting all eight inches into my mouth.

I stayed the night at Frank’s, sleeping with my ass nestled against his crotch, with his strong arms wrapped around me. Whatever remained of my former self evaporated that night, and all that remained was love. Love and lust. For Frank.

A relationship blossoms Frank and I spent many more days and nights like that. The gym was a convenient excuse I could use with my parents to go see him, and I certainly was getting enough exercise in the bedroom.

I became more comfortable with my slim physique. I started dieting and running every day to become slimmer, and Frank said he loved how feminine I was becoming. As my experience grew, I got better and better at satisfying Frank. Typically we would make love three or four times a night, and I loved waking him up by going down on him. Soon I was spending most nights with Frank. My parents started wondering where I was going, but I didn’t care.

For my birthday, Frank got me a black bra and matching panties, along with some red lipstick and stockings. I only needed to try them on once to realise I never wanted to wear men’s clothes. Little did I know at the time that daddy’s musk continued to change me, not only mentally but physically as well. I started to developing slight curves and a cute pair of breasts. My cock became smaller and my hair grew longer.

It wasn’t long before my parents demanded answers, but I didn’t want to tell them anyway. That suited me fine, as Frank was more than happy to let me stay every night. I broke off all contact with my parents, and my past friends, and when the summer reached its end, I decided against going back to university. By this point, most people mistook me for a girl anyway, so even trying to go back to my old life was impossible.

I was Frank’s sexy slut, and that’s all that mattered. I had my daddy, and I didn’t need anything else. He would support me, and in return, I would give him all the pleasure he wanted from me. We got married later in the year in a private ceremony, and then spent the winter travelling across the world, though I was happy to spend most of the time in hotel bedrooms with my daddy.

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