A Real Man Part 3

By DoubleCream
published July 7, 2021
5470 words

Lucas has been changed forever, and finds out what it means to really be a Max’s Beta.

Where did babies come from? What was I four? But the more Max’s question hung in the air, the more I realized I hadn’t thought about it at all. In a world of only alphas and betas, how else would they, would I reproduce? Back in the day I worried about knocking some chick up who lied about being on the pill. My friends and I would joke about who’s swimmers were stronger. But now, do I even have swimmers? Are my balls just for show? Max wouldn’t lie about how boys get pregnant.

I sit up on my elbows to look at Max above me, his cock still gently pulsing in my pussy, slowly deflating but still stretching me full. And there’s a deeper fullness, about a cup of his baby batter as he called it. I can almost feel his sperm moving around in me, searching for their prize. “Oh fuck.” I say and fall back down.

“What’s the matter?” Max says to me, his deep voice filled with concern. “You were practically begging me to knock you up just now.”

“But I didn’t think it was actually possible! I’m a guy, I’m supposed to be the one who impregnates someone!”

“Oh Lucas, not this again. You’re a beta boy, boys get fucked, they get pregnant. You’re not a real man, remember?” Max slowly slides his cock out of me, I could feel my pussy involuntarily squeezing at his manhood. Pulling at his alpha cock, like my body was thanking him and asking him to come back again. As much as I wanted to be revolted, it felt like my body was finally at peace.

His cock is there, still half hard, beautiful and wet with the fuck he just gave me. He strokes it a few times. “This is a man’s cock, this is a cock meant to impregnate, to breed.” He explains, and I know it’s true. I know it in my very core, no one could stop that cock from fulfilling it’s design. “Your cock Lucas, well it’s cute, but it’s not meant for fucking. Look at it.” I looked down at my cock, so delicate and small. Soft barely a few inches, and hard it wasn’t much better. I looked at my abs, slick with the cum I made when Max fucked three orgasm’s out of me. My cum is clear, watery, not like the thick load Max makes. I watch as he runs his finger into my belly button and scoops some up, then swirls it around in his mouth. At least Max likes my cum.

Then it occurs to me. My mind, it feels clear, the most clear it’s been since I woke up in this place. I can think about something other than sex, about something other than Max. How long have I been here? A week? Oh no, it had only been two days. Two days and I was already asking this man to fuck me, craving his cum. What’s happened to me? I could think straight now, like post nut clarity I used to get after a big load, but magnified, when I’m horny here I can’t think straight at all. But right now I’m still the Lucas I was before all of this, but how long would it last? I know that my body wants, even needs, Max. And right now my body is winning the fight with my mind. If I see Max, and even worse if I smell him, he’ll be in total control.

Lost in thought, in the back of my mind I heard Max say “Open.” in his low tone. The next thing I know, a huge glob of his spit lands in my mouth. I hadn’t even thought about opening my mouth but my body had done it. Reality snaps back into focus and Max is still looming above me, a trail of his saliva between us and another glob falls onto my tongue. It tastes so good, I’m holding it on my tongue and see his face turn into a smile. I swallow and feel his taste, followed by his warmth spread from my mouth down into my throat. He gently slaps my face twice and says “Good boy.”

The pleasure I got from hearing him say that was like winning the state championship. My whole being lit up, and I couldn’t help but smile. Max lays down next to me and pulls my body onto him. He’s slick with sweat, and very warm. His whole body is radiating his alpha scent and I feel it spreading into my mind. I feel that lucidity I just had slip away. I realize that the post nut clarity, when I’m the old Lucas, is shorter this time. It’s been getting shorter. More and more of the old me is fading away every time this happens. Soon all that will be left is beta boy Lucas. The Lucas with a pussy, the Lucas who just begged this alpha male to breed him.

He picks me up and brings us into the shower, rinsing the sweat and the cum off of us. My hole is tight though, after receiving his load it’s sealed shut, keeping his cum deep within me. I explore Max’s body with a bar of soap, lathering up his furry muscles. Watching rivulets of water run down his bowling ball shoulders. I can’t help but stand on my toes to lick his pit when he lifts his arms to wash his hair. His abs tense as he laughs. He soaps me up carefully too, lathering me gently. He pulls my smooth body close to his for a hug as the running water rinses me off. Then we dry off together, his towel smells like him, sending shivers down my spine. It feels huge wrapped around me. It is huge, just like Max is. I forget sometimes he’s basically twice my size.

He picks me up easily and then he takes us naked back to bed, and laying next to Max, I feel warm. I feel the safest and most content I have ever been, like I would never have to worry again. Absent-mindedly, I started to run my fingernails across his pecs. Scratching his fur there and then down to his perfect eight pack. If I was pregnant, if it was even possible, and if that’s the only way I could have kids, would I want that? And if there had to be a father, well no one would be a better choice than Max. He’s tall, strong, confident, smart, handsome. He’s what every man would want to be, my kids would be lucky to share his DNA. I can’t think of anyone more perfect.

For a long time I scratch his taut muscles, exploring every part. His nipples are pert, and he likes when my fingertips glide over them. His hand starts to rub my back as well, giving me goosebumps. My thoughts drift back to what just happened; what I just let this man do to me. Did I want this? Did I want to lose the old me? I would never be a real man again. I’m stuck here, stuck in this body, stuck being a beta boy. There’s no way I can get back, I don’t even know how I got here. But pregnant? Why did I ask him to breed me? Sex gives pleasure, but in nature it’s for making babies. I reach down into my thoughts, why did I want him so bad? I realize I wanted him to fuck me, to put a baby in me. My body knows this, needs it. And the beta Lucas part of my mind wants this too. Can I reconcile that with what the other half of mind wants now, what the old Lucas used to want? But my thoughts were interrupted again by Max. “Better get some dinner.” He says, his voice reverberating through me.

I glance down to see his cock at full attention again. And all those thoughts fade away at the sight of his manhood. I can’t believe he is ready to go already. As I fixate on the length of his perfect cock, I watch a pearl of precum form at the pink head and I have a reaction that would make Pavlov proud. My lips find their way to Max’s cock instantly and I begin to worship his manhood with my mouth. His hand rests on my head and the warm spicy musk of his groin fills my brain. With my mouth sucking at this pinnacle of Max’s superiority, right then it hit me, it really didn’t fucking matter what my mind wanted. My body needs him, craves him. I would never be a real man again, if Max wants to put a baby in me, who am I to say no?

But it seems like Max wasn’t so sure. He starts to think out loud to me as I’m sucking him. I’m mostly focused on trying to get another load of his delicious seed, but his deep voice commands some of my attention as well. “You know Lucas, I’ve noticed you seem to have a lot of anxiety after you cum. You seem to get all worried and not understand the world. But when you’re like this.” He scratches my head for emphasis, “You’re my perfect boy.”

Max stops talking for a minute or two, I figured he was done, just concentrating on the pleasure I was giving him. I’m going deeper, focusing on my breathing, trying to have my mouth and throat work in tandem. His steady stream of precum is letting me know I’m doing a good job. But then he starts again. “You know you belong to me now right?” He asks me in a serious voice. I moan an affirmation around his cock but that isn’t enough for him, I feel his hands pull me off of his thick pole and I turn to face him. His beard has gotten longer, so full and dark. His other hand is behind his head, revealing the furry depth of his pit, His eyes are intensely looking at me. “Say it.” He commands.

I think about it for a second. Belong, like he owns me. Old me would never accept that, old Lucas was a lone wolf, looking out for only himself. This is the total opposite of that. But looking at him, it starts to make sense. Max is a big alpha, a real man. He’ll protect me, feed me, provide for me. I need him, I need to be owned by him. “I belong to you.” I respond.

“You’re mine now. You understand what that means? I have total control and final say about everything. I’m your alpha now.”

“I… I understand.” I say sheepishly. Max nods to me. A silent moment passes between us as we stare into each other’s eyes. And I get a wide variety of emotions, his desire for me, his love, his kindness. But also his superiority, his knowledge that he was born to dominate me, and that I don’t really have a choice. There was already no going back after the breeding he gave me, but now, I’m finally getting the big picture.

“Alright bud, get back to work, and don’t stop until you’re full.” He says gruffly. And I turn to see his cock, he flexes it as another stream of his alpha lube is dripping from the head. I lick up the stream and take him deep into me again, pushing against the depths of my throat. I can feel my cock hard between my legs, but more so I feel the twitches of my pussy. I could suck him forever. I love his taste, the feel of his cock. I love watching his bull nuts churn his alpha cum in their hairy sack. Then Max starts to talk to me again between grunts of pleasure and affirmation.

“All betas, even you, tend to be more submissive when they’re horny. You’ve probably noticed. And after they’ve cum, well, some betas become more… independent.” The words are registering but as I’m going deeper onto his cock, the pheromones from his pubes are getting stronger and stronger. How can he smell so good, so perfect? I belong here, this is home.

“And like I was saying, the last times you’ve cum you bring up that dream of you being an alpha, questioning who you really are.” Why would I question Max? He’s the alpha, he’s never been wrong so far. That doesn’t make any sense, I can smell his superiority, taste his dominance right now. It seems like he’s noticed the same thing I have, how I think of who I was before I woke up here.

“I’m almost certain I just put a baby in you. I need to make sure we’re in this together, all the way. So I’ve decided I’m not going to let you cum anymore.” Not let me? I try to get off of his cock to ask what he means but his hand keeps impaled, deep throating him. He won’t let me off, and as I struggle he’s flexing his dick into my throat.

“I didn’t say stop boy.” Max says matter of factly, then continues. “I don’t want to have to do it, but I have a small cage for you. It’ll stop you from getting hard, I think that’ll stop these delusions of yours.” He wants to lock my cock in a cage!? Please no, god no. My mouth and throat full of his dick, I moan a negative response. I may be a beta boy, I may have a pussy now, but I still love my cock. It’s the last remaining vestige of my manhood. I can still get hard, I can still cum, I’m not completely gone… right?

“You don’t want that?” Max asks me, as his hips are getting into the throat fuck now, he’s pushing me as deep as I can go. Using me like a flesh light. His other hand fools around with a drawer by the bed, and I hear him grab something metallic. “Many Alphas use cages to help their boys feel better. And a lot of the beta boys like it, they like how happy they are when they’re horny. It keeps them focused on what’s important.”

“I think you need it boy.” He continues throat fucking me. I’m trying to moan a no, but his massive cock is blocking my airway. “Alphas use it to show when a beta has been claimed,” he continues, thrusting into me with a force. “It symbolizes that you found your alpha. That you’re my property now.” Then his other hand comes down, and my eyes spot the device he’s holding in his hand. A small metal cage, just slightly smaller than my dick when it’s soft, is in his hand. It doesn’t cover the cock completely, just metal bars around it, and there was a place to piss through it, and a ring that looks like it would lock my balls in place as well. It scares me more than anything I’ve seen since I’ve been in this new world. Why would any boy want that?

“You’ll stay my good boy Lucas. Locked up and horny. You won’t have to think about anything.” He thrusts hard into me, as if he can read my mind, knows what I’m thinking. “Except about my cock of course.” He chuckles. He wags the device in front of my eyes, teasing me with it.

“I ow ahn ahh.” I moan around his cock, it’s almost all the way in my throat. I can feel all the veins of his shaft, making his superior cock harder than steel. My words of protest are vibrating it, only making him feel better as he uses me.

“What did you say?” He pulls me up so his cock is resting in my mouth, his copious precum still leaking onto my tongue. He’s keeping his cock in my mouth at all times.

“I don wan ihh.” I try to say, my mouth stretched across the flared head of his godly phallus. He pushes me back down, all the way, his cock fully lodged in my esophagus. He holds me there, just flexing his cock in my throat, letting his lube leak directly into me. I’m trying to breathe through my nose, but I’m getting more pheromones than air. Like a rush to the head an emotion comes over me. I need this, more than anything I need Max, his musk, his cum. But now he’s holding me down too long, I can’t breathe. I start to struggle and try to use my hands to push me off but his other hand joins in, holding my head down. He’s too strong, I can’t move my head an inch.

I feel like I’m going to pass out, but his alpha scent is still filling my brain. His pheromones are telling me I’m safe, and they’re winning out against my survival instinct to breathe. I’m still struggling when he finally lifts my head up, I’m gasping for air but he still won’t let me off his cock. I am breathing around the head of his dick, my alpha’s dick, the one who owns me. “You really want to keep your little dicklet free Lucas? It matters to you that much?” He asks, almost in a joking tone. Dicklet? I mean it’s nothing compared to his cock, but dicklet? That’s so embarassing. But fuck, he’s right, I’m pathetic. I guess it is really more of a dicklet now. A boy’s dicklet, it can’t compete with Max’s huge dick. Do I deserve to cum? Do I deserve to get hard compared to him? Yes, I still love it, it’s mine, I’m still a man, well, a boy anyway.

“Fwease.” I say, still gasping. I notice now that my mouth and throat are on fire. All the nerves tingling at once with the pure essence of alpha he’s been putting into me. He lets me catch my breath for a bit, thinking about what he’s going to do. Before I’m breathing normal again though he forces me all the way back down again, two hands resting on my head. His pubes tickling my nose and my lips as he holds his cock in my throat like the sword in the stone.

“You’ll try it on for a few days, it doesn’t really matter if you get hard anyway, your pussy will still get all wet for me. You just won’t cum, you’ll stay horny and happy.” He’s explaining this to me as I can feel his hard cock slowly pump his precum into my gut. I’m getting more lightheaded, my brain is losing oxygen. But I can feel how much better his cock is, what it was meant to do. What is my dicklet meant to do other than get played with as I’m getting bred? Even if there was a girl around would she want to fuck me now? Couldn’t I even fuck her at all? But despite all of that, I still want it free. I start to struggle against him again, he’s going to suffocate me. This is the last part of the old Lucas I’ll hold onto, just this. Please let me have this, don’t lock me up.

I bang my hands against his thighs, strongly at first. And then I’m losing energy. My vision is fading, I land one last soft hit and then he finally moves me up onto the head of his cock again, letting me breathe. He’s harder than he’s ever been it seems. Max must really love this. When I have enough air to talk, I utter a pleading moan around his shaft. I think he can tell I’m begging him, I love him, I’ll do anything, just don’t make me do that. But Max is just a silent presence behind me, radiating dominance, still thinking. After a minute of me getting more air he resumes one handedly pushing my throat onto and off of his cock. A little slower now, like my throat is just helping him lazily jack off.

Maybe I’ve gotten to him. I try to make his cock feel as good as ever. I’m trying to control my throat, to please him like he deserves. I’m sucking him like I want to drain all the cum from his body, which is easy because it’s true. I’ll be good for Max, I love him. He’s still quiet behind me, milling this over in his head. But I’m just diligently sucking him off during his silence, working his cock. Tonguing every vein, relishing the clean manly taste. Coaxing as much precum into me as possible. How can he make so much? It’s as though his alpha cock has an infinite supply.

After about five quiet minutes of him using me, he finally speaks. “Fine, I guess I don’t have to lock it up right now. But you have to promise me you’ll be a good boy. No more bringing up this other life you think you had. My son is in you now, things are different. You’ll listen to your alpha, no questions. You’ll mostly be worshipping me like this. I’ll only fuck your little pussy and make you cum when you’ve been my perfect boy. Got it?”

Sounds like a good deal to me, if his cock was leaking into me forever I’d be happy. By now the haze of his pheromones has completely enveloped my mind. “Mmhmm.” I respond to the upstroke of his thrusts. My whole body is like I’m floating on a cloud, I’m a good boy, I get to worship him. Then THWACK, his other hand slaps my ass hard, leaving a sting and making my Pussy throb, I feel my juice drip down. This is how he seals our deal. He must like the mark he left because his cock leaks a large spurt of precum into me. I should make deals with Max more often.

“Good boy.” He says. “You’ve been sucking me like a champ, you ready for my load?” He asks. But he already knows the answer. I want nothing more. My eyes focus on his balls, so huge and full in their pouch. They’re working overtime for me, making so much cum, full of his alpha essence. I’m going to get to worship Max everyday and drink his alpha cum, I’m so lucky. But if I want to get fucked, if I want to cum, I’ll need to be perfect. I want to make Max happy, to make him proud. This is my place now, I need this.

I’m sucking on his cock now like my life depends on it, I’m giving it my all. I’m forcing myself down as hard as he wants me to. I’m focusing on what he likes, experimenting. Grabbing his balls, tugging them one at a time in their massive sack. Feeling their fullness makes me proud this is the source of the child he put in me. He likes when I hold onto his thick muscular thighs as he flexes them to push into me. I hold onto each as he fucks my throat rough, slamming into me, showing me who’s boss. I remember he likes my scent so I wiggle my ass towards his, my pussy still winking and leaking my natural lube.

I know he’s caught my scent because he lets out a deep guttural moan as his balls climb closer to his shaft. Ready to blast into me, fulfill his purpose as an alpha, as a real man. To breed, to conquer, to dominate, to feed, to impregnate. My pussy is twitching like mad when I see his balls move like that. I’m dripping wet, max spits onto my hole, but doesn’t get closer. He said he wouldn’t play with my pussy yet. I gasp as I feel his spit mingle with my beta lube, spreading warmth there.

Then he smacks my ass again hard, the other cheek now. At last his balls start to contract. He’s unloading into me now, the pleasure centers in my brain are all going off. This is my reward for worshipping him. Spurt after spurt of his cum, the seed that turned me into a beta. The seed that knocked me up. His superior cum, the cum of the man who owns me. How can he still shoot so many shots, it’s so thick, coating my throat. I can’t think, only feel as he blasts his final shot, satiating my hunger. I’m not a real man, I’m carrying a real man’s son in me right now. And nothing makes me happier.

Drunk on his cum, Max flips me down onto the bed and hovers over me again. His hand grasps my hard dicklet and gives it a few tugs; then explores down to my pussy. Instinctively I pull my legs up to give him access. He’s on his knees now, the fingers of one of his hands stroking the outside of my wet hole. His other hand is balled into a fist to support himself as he leans down to kiss me. Just his tongue enters my mouth, two of his fingers push into my pussy making me squirm and moan into him. I must have done a good job sucking him off if he’s going to make me cum already, I feel proud for doing good work.

He starts fingering me right away, while simultaneously coating my mouth in his spit. His beard is longer now, I love the feel of it on my smooth face. Prickling me, roughing up my soft skin. He’s going fast, sliding his fingers in and out of me, curling them in me making my eyes roll back. I’ve been so horny from sucking him, and so spent already from the fuck I can feel a weak orgasm approaching fast. He’s still making out with me intensely as my orgasm hits, my pussy squeezing his three fingers as they fuck me. I feel the soft dribble of a tiny load onto my abs as my orgasm subsides.

Breaking the kiss, Max pulls his fingers out of my hole and moves them into my mouth so I can suck on my own juices. He moves his balled fist down, and before I know it the hand that was in my mouth is wrapped around my throat.

“Don’t move.” He commands sternly. Then I see his other hand open and move down to my cock. And I realize, inside his balled fist, was the cage he showed me earlier. Before I can say a word he shushes me and squeezes my throat. He’s so strong, he could move my entire body with just this one arm. I know better than to try and speak again. My cock is soft now, that’s why he made me cum. He spits a glob of cum onto my cock and balls and spreads it around to lube them up. Then deftly, with one hand, he slides my cock into the cage. He squeezes my little testicles through the ring, and locks the device into place, a small padlock on top closing me in.

He looks down at me. Sees the shocked look on my face. But he only smiles knowingly. “I didn’t mean to lie to you but you’re mine now. Locking you up, proving that you’re my beta, that means a lot to me.”

“But-” I start to say but he cuts me off.

“That’s my final say on it Lucas.” He says in a low tone, like a father chastising me.

“No!” I exclaim raising my voice, and then his face twists to an authoritative look. He picks me up, holding my arms into my torso. His hands are huge, I’m struggling against him but his alpha muscles are much too strong. He sits down on the edge of the bed, laying me face down ass up. One arm is holding me onto his thighs, the other lifts up.

“DON’T” SMACK! The first spanking hits me like a train. Stinging my pale ass red I’m sure.

“TALK” SMACK! I feel tears coming. The pain is bad, but worse, I disappointed Max.

“BACK” SMACK! My body starts to shake.

“EVER” SMACK! The last one hits the hardest, pain shoots through me. Then I feel two sensations. The first is familiar, I feel my pussy getting moist. The thought turns my world upside down. Part of me just got turned on by Max’s dominance, by his violence. The second sensation though, was miserable. I felt my cock start, it tried to get hard, but it couldn’t. The cage was squeezing me tight. I’m horrified. Not only did Max hitting me like a bitch get me horny, but my cock really was locked up. I won’t be able to get hard at all. The tears come strong now, falling down my face, as I start to sniffle.

Then Max picks me up again and lays me against his chest. His hands rubbing my back, comforting me. “Shhhhh, shhhhh. I’m sorry baby, but you needed discipline. I don’t want to have to do this.” He says softly. I’m still sniffling onto his hairy pec but I know he’s right. I agreed that he owns me. I wanted this, and everything that comes with it. “This is what the cage will help with, I won’t need to spank you, you’ll be my obedient boy. Don’t you want that Lucas?” He asks me. My sniffling has stopped, the pain is much more dull now. I look up at Max and give him a small nod. I’m happier when I’m horny, when the haze of Max’s lust has taken over my mind. Right now, I have clarity in my thoughts. And I’ve decided I don’t want clarity anymore. I want to be his submissive good boy, I want to be happy, I don’t want to question him.

Laying on top of Max we both start drifting off to sleep. I think of all that’s happened to me, how much of it I wanted. I could have run away, I could have stopped him before. I could have asked more questions, but I wanted Max more than anything. His son is growing in me, and now he owns me, I’m his property. He’s going to be feeding me cum every day. My dicklet is locked in a cage. If I’m lucky he’ll play with my pussy. And If I’m a perfect boy, he might even let my cock out to cum. But for now, this is how it will be. I hear Max start to snore, and I realize this is my last chance to change something. If I get horny again then that’s it. I’m pretty sure the clarity, the old Lucas, will be gone forever the next time he turns me on. So I push myself up, and take a huge whiff of his pit. Max’s pheromones flood over my mind, enveloping me in a warm haze, and I fall asleep happy.

Sorry it took so long between part two and three, just needed the horniness and to be struck by the right inspiration. I loved reading all the comments for the last two parts so please let me know if you like the direction and if you want more. Thanks for reading!

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