Sinners and Saints - Chapter 5.1

By Naedre
published July 6, 2021
3548 words

Ryan has learned the truth about his encounter with the occult, and takes the time to thank his ‘friend’ Alex properly.

Alex didn’t quite run back from class. He was too dignified for that, he told himself. Too smart, too sophisticated to be dominated by his base emotions. He was better than all these hormonal college idiots. He knew he was.

But he was excited. He could admit that to himself. Last night was the culmination of a year-long plan to get what he deserved. He deserved an intelligent, sophisticated boyfriend, like him. Someone who would challenge him, intellectually, and stimulated him in… well, multiple ways.

And he deserved someone hot…. Not that it really mattered. Basing romantic attachment purely on looks was shallow and stupid. Alex was certainly above that… but didn’t Alex deserve someone who was both smart and hot? Alex certainly thought so.

He deserved Ryan.

As shocking as it was to Alex, Ryan had proved to be everything he wanted in a romantic partner. The baseball-playing jock had shown surprising hidden depths. Sometimes drunk, sometimes sober, they would have philosophical late-night dorm room conversations that went on for hours. Ryan was far smarter (and more cynical) than you could guess from his “bro” exterior.

And he’s so fucking hot, whispered a part of Alex’s mind. Alex ignored that part of him. He knew he was above such thoughts.

And now, if Alex wasn’t wrong (and Alex was quite certain he was never wrong), the ritual was complete and Ryan would be gay and them being together would make perfect sense. And Ryan was smart enough to see that too. The next time he meet up with Ryan, they would fall into each others arms, and fuck and be boyfriends.

Alex could not wait to call Ryan and… no, wait, he would stage a casual run-in with Ryan outside his dorm and one thing would lead to another…. Or he would just march to Ryan’s dorm and Ryan would fall to his knees…. Alex was lost in his fantasies about how his first meeting with Ryan would go as he opened the door to his dorm..

And walked into one of his fantasies.

Ryan stood before him, naked except for a sheer bedsheet wrapped around him, a nearly translucent, frat-boy version of a toga. He was somehow hotter than he had been in Alex’s dreams. His piercing eyes. His sculpted muscles. That barely hidden bulge…. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Uh….” Alex’s quick wit and smart mouth deserted him.

“This is what you always wanted, right? What you deserve?” Ryan’s voice was sultry, teasing. There was something very predatory about the look in his eyes. He slowly strode across the room, his hard dick pressed tight against the fabric.

Was it fully hard? It was already so big. Would it get bigger? Would it swell in Alex’s mouth? Alex subconsciously licked his lips.

Ryan got so close that Alex could feel the heat radiating off him. He ran a finger along Alex’s cheek, down his neck, and rested it on Alex’s shoulder. He gave a simple command and gentle push. “Kneel.”

Alex fell to his knees. He could see the outline of Ryan’s dick through the white fabric. It stretched the sheet, with a small wet spot where the precum was already leaking. He reached for it with hands, but Ryan stopped him.

“No no, not yet. First you have to tell me how much you want it.”

“I want it,” Alex said desperately.

“I know you want it. You have to tell me how much.” Ryan grabbed the back of Alex’s head and shoved it into his crotch. He rubbed the fabric-covered cock across Alex’s mouth and nose. “Tell me you’ll do anything.”

“I’ll do anything.” Alex could smell it. His mouth was watering. His own dick rock hard in his pants.

“Tell me you’ll give me everything.”

“I give you everything.” It felt true. As soon as he said it, it felt like he had given something away. Control? Strength? Free will? And somehow he didn’t care.

“Good enough.” Ryan smiled. He dropped the sheet and his perfect cock was revealed. Thick, long, and tapered, sexy veins along the shaft, curving upward ever-so-slightly. The head leaking clear pre-cum as it rubbed against Alex’s lips. It was more beautiful than anything Alex had ever seen. Trading everything for a moment with it seemed a bargain.

“Suck.” Ryan commanded, and Alex obeyed.

Heat, lust, rapture, all radiated from Ryan and filled Alex’s body. His brain felt like it was on fire. This was different from any blowjob he had given before. Alex had sucked a few dicks before. He was an openly gay guy in college. He had had his chance to experiment with sucking and being sucked, fucking and being fucked.

But this wasn’t just sex. It was worship. He was on his knees worshiping this divine being. Pleasure and joy filled him as he serviced this perfect specimen. Perfection that he had had a hand in creating. And now his creation owned him completely. He had given away his heart, his body, his mind, his soul.

Alex’s body shuddered, and he came in his pants, his dick untouched. But Alex kept servicing the god in front of him. Ryan hadn’t filled his mouth with cum yet. He had to taste it.

“Enjoy yourself?” Ryan’s voice had changed. It was colder now. He had dropped his seductive, tempting tone. Now there was an edge of cruelty. “Now, to give you what you deserve.”

“You’ve been lying to yourself. I can see it in your head, even if you can’t. You act like this well-adjusted gay boy. All enlightened and self-assured. But that’s not right, is it?” Ryan continued. He pulled Alex off his dick so he could answer.

“Uh.. o-o-f course that’s right. I’m happy to be gay. It releases me from all those foolish biological, procreative urges.” He could almost see the irony of him saying this while on his knees, desperate to get back to sucking Ryan off, but Ryan’s cock was too distracting. “I am…”

“… Above all that. Sure you are.” Ryan’s voice was dripping with sarcasm. Alex used the interruption to dive back on Ryan’s dick. “Then why are you working so hard to convert a straight boy? Why not date someone who’s already gay? Chasing something you can never have doesn’t seem all that smart to me. And don’t tell me ‘we are soulmates’.”

“No, of course not, what an idiotic idea to believe in.” He scoffed, interrupting the pleasure he felt from servicing Ryan temporarily. ”No such thing as true love.”

“Then why me?”

“Because, you stimulate my intellect and…”

“Bullshit. Tell the truth.”

He hesitated, “Because you were hotter than all the gay boys and I deserve….”

“Bullshit. Quit lying. To me, to yourself.”

“Because I’m not into any gay guys.” He muttered. “They are all so weak and sissy. Fashion queens and club boys and dumb sluts. I hate them. They disgust me.”

“And straight boys are hot, right? All masc and butch and just waiting for you to come along and seduce them?”

Alex didn’t respond.

“And then what, you fuck and you fall in love? And the straight boy goes gay because of how magnificent you are?”

Alex hesitated again before finally saying, “Ok, fine. Yes. That’s the truth. All of it. About straight guys, about seducing him, about turning them gay, about falling in love. That’s the fantasy.”

A slow smile crept across Ryan’s face. “And the truth shall set you free. You are in luck, Alex. Despite everything you have done to me, I’m happier now. I have purpose… and power. You made me what I am now, so I’m going to give you your reward.”

“My reward…?”

“Well, actually, two “rewards”. First, I’m going to fuck you. Just like you always wanted. Then, I’m going to make your fantasies come true. All of them. You are going to be able to seduce any straight guy you want, just by telling the truth. And once you fuck them, you will fall in love and he will love gay sex. Now, the real question is, how much will you enjoy your dreams coming true…”

Alex sat up from his bed with a start. He couldn’t remember what happened. He looked around the room, but there was no sign of Ryan. What time was it? A quick glance at the clock showed 1pm. He couldn’t remember the last 2 or 3 hours?

He stood up, noticing he was nude. And noticing something dripping out of his ass and down his leg. Cum. Ryan’s cum was dripping down his leg. Ryan had fucked him and somehow he couldn’t remember it.

No. Not somehow. Ryan had done it on purpose. It was what Alex wanted, so Ryan had given it to him, and then made him forget.

Alex touched his hole to feel the source of the leak, and the light pressure sent shockwaves through his body. His dick shot up and he moaned involuntarily. God, he was horny.

He licked Ryan’s cum off his finger, trying to remember everything.

He remembered the blowjob clearly, and cumming in his pants. And admitting his shame to Ryan.

“…I’m not into any gay guys. They are all so weak and sissy. Fashion queens and club boys and dumb sluts. I hate them. They disgust me. And straight boys are hot. All masc and butch and just waiting for you to come along and seduce them. And then you fuck and you fall in love. And the straight boy goes gay because of how magnificent you are.”

It was all true. Alex was ashamed to admit it, but it was true. It wasn’t his fault gay guys were weak and femine. Alex wanted men, not pussy boys, and he was going to fuck someone he wanted, damnit. Even if that guy was straight.

Alex grabbed a towel to go take a shower. He had to clean up and then figure out what happened with the ritual. It had made Ryan gay, for sure, but it had done far more than that. Ryan had some sort of power Alex didn’t understand. He had to figure it out.

Alex was so distracted by his thoughts he walked into the hallway and right into Elias Booker.

“Oh Fuck. Sorry” Alex said quickly.

“You’re gunna be sorry.” Elias said, shoving Alex by the neck against a nearby wall.

Alex knew Elias, or ‘Eli’, as one of the assholes from down the hallway. Eli seemed to think he was popular and awesome, picking on ‘nerds’ and flirting with uninterested co-eds. Eli didn’t realize that high school was over. Being a “popular kid” wasn’t a personality, and no one was impressed.

He is hot though said that stupid primate-part of Alex’s brain. Eli was wearing a sweaty t-shirt and basketball shorts. He had obviously just come back from working out or a pick-up game or something. His broad shoulders and wide forehead gave him a dumb, neanderthal look, But a hot, dumb meathead with a big dick and a round firm fuckable ass.

Willing his dumb brain to be quiet, Alex responded. “Look man, you don’t want to hurt me.”

“Fuck yeah, I do. Been a while since I beat someone up.” Eli balled his hand into a fist and raised it to strike.

“If you hurt me, you might get expelled or arrested. You don’t want that.”

“Might get expelled or arrested. I don’t want that.” Eli’s eyes glossed over slightly as it said it. He put Alex down and shook his head, like he was clearing cobwebs. Then he seemed to regain his train of thought. “Fuck off, bitch. Just because I aint going to hit you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be scared of me.”

As Eli walked away, Alex suddenly remembered something Ryan had said. “I can seduce straight guys by telling the truth? What does that mean?”

“What did you say?” Eli said, turning around.

Alex decided to test it out. “You want to fuck me.”

“What? The fuck I do, faggot. You are lucky I don’t want to get expelled or I would beat the shit out of you.”

Hmmm, the threat of expulsion seemed to stick, but he didn’t respond to wanting to have sex with a gay guy…. Maybe because the threat of expulsion is real, and he is straight, so he doesnt want to have sex with a guy?

Alex decided to try again, but something smaller. “You need a shower. You are sweaty.”

“I am sweaty. I need a shower.” Eli repeated blankly. And then noticed Alex grinning “Oh, you would like that, wouldn’t you fag. You and me getting a shower at the same time? I can wait until you are done.”

“If you wait to take a shower, you are just going to stink up your room,” Alex said.

“Going to stink up my room…. But who cares?” Eli had repeated, but shook off Alex’s words, and turned to walk away.

“Girls aren’t going to want to fuck in a room that smells like sweaty man. You should take a shower now.” Alex called after him.

“Girls don’t want to fuck. Should take a shower now…” Eli repeated the first part blankly, but then seemed to snap out of it slightly. “Look, faggot, I’m going to shower now, but I better not catch you looking at me.”

Success! It seems as if when Alex told Eli something even partially true, Eli would believe every word of it. Eli began walking towards the common shower at the end of the hall without stopping by his room to get a change of clothes or a towel. Eli’s brain had interpreted the ‘shower now’ part of the suggestion very literally. Alex followed him down the hall.

“You showered with the guys all the time at the gym, right? You didn’t mind if they looked at you. So you shouldn’t mind if I look.” Alex decided to press his luck.

“Showered with the guys. I don’t mind if guys look.” Eli repeated in a dull tone.

“In fact, you work hard at the gym to show off. What good is showing off if others can’t see it? You enjoy showing your body to people.” Alex said, thrilled as each suggestion took hold.

“Work hard at the gym. I enjoy showing off my body.” Eli repeated again.

They reached the common showers and Eli showed no hesitation in stripping next to Alex and walking into the showers. In fact, if Alex wasn’t mistaken, Eli gave a little flex and a wink as he walked past.

“Dude, I don’t mind you looking, but I don’t want to see your dick get hard.” Eli said, as he turned the water on.

“Me getting hard looking at you means you are hot. It is a compliment. You should feel flattered.”

“It’s a compliment. I feel flattered.”

“And you see hard dicks all the time when guys get horny, in locker rooms, in porn. It’s no big deal.”

“Hard dicks are no big deal.”

“In fact, you must be horny, too.”

“Nah, not that horny.” Eli said, rejecting the suggestion.

Fuck. It had been going so well until then. Alex had to be careful with how he said things. He had to lead Eli along slowly. “At our age? 20-year-olds are always horny. You must be horny too.”

“Always horny. Horny too.” Eli’s dick was suddenly hard, and in that moment, Alex realized he had misjudged Eli. He thought his dick would grow from 3-inches soft to something impressive hard. But it didn’t. It didn’t grow at all. Alex idly wondered if that was why Eli was an insecure asshole.

Oh well, that ass is still very fuckable. Alex thought.

“If you are horny, we should just fuck. I promise the sex will be great.” Alex said.

“The sex would be great…” Eli repeated, seeming to accepting that sex with men felt great, but after a second of staring blankly, he rejected the rest. “But I’ve told you dude. I’m straight. No matter how good the sex is, I only fuck girls.”

Too far, too fast Alex thought. “How about this. We can jerk each-other off. Straight guys jerk each other off sometimes, when they are horny. And it feels better when someone else does it for you.”

That was true, right? Alex didn’t know many straight guys, but if porn was to be believed, they gave handjobs to ‘friends in need.’

“Straight guys can jerk each-other off. Feels better… but you aren’t straight….” Eli said. He seemed to hesitate, not clearly accepting the suggestion, or rejecting the handjob.

“Even better for you. Remember, gay guys are great at sex. You just have to give me half-hearted mediocre handjob. You get an amazing one from a gay master. You are ‘cumming’ out ahead in this,” Alex said, smirking.

“Get an amazing handjob. Cumming out ahead.” Eli repeated.

Alex joined Eli under his shower, grabbing the meathead’s stubby dick in a firm grip. Eli was more cautious in touching Alex’s dick. Alex just smiled encouragingly and used his other hand to pinch Eli’s nipples.

“Don’t…” Eli started to say.

“Your dick is your most intimate spot. If it’s ok for me to touch you there, surely it’s fine that I can touch you anywhere.” Alex said, squeezing Eli’s dick and nipple at the same time.

“Ah… “ Eli gasped. “If we can touch each other’s dicks, we can touch each other anywhere.”

Eli must have taken the suggestion more literally than Alex intended, because he leaned forward and started sucking on Alex’s nipple, much the same way he would have with a girl. And he was shockingly good with his tongue, darting it over Alex’s pecs, sucking on his nipple and following it up with a quick bite.

Alex gasped at the pleasure mixed with a hint of pain. He supposed that when you were worried about your dick size, like Eli, you overcompensated by practicing with your mouth.

Alex’s little gasps seemed to encourage Eli. His grip on Alex’s dick was less cautious. He built up a good rhythm and soon both boys were moaning together.

Alex traced his finger down the small of Eli’s back, and then between his muscled ass, circling and flicking the outside of Eli’s hole.

Eli took inspiration from that, reaching between Alex’s legs with his free hand and fingering Alex’s hole too. The finger, the hand on his dick, the mouth on his pecs, the fact it was a straight boy in the community shower, it was all too much for Alex. He shot hard, spraying cum all over the straight boy’s abs.

Eli wasn’t far behind, his cum spraying on the floor. Both stood their panting as the showers washed away the evidence of what they had done.

“That was good.”

“Was good.” Eli repeated.

“We should do it again sometime.”

“Do it again.” Eli’s blank voice was starting to be a turn-on for Alex.

“In fact, you and I are buddies now. That was more intimate than anything you have done with your friends.” Alex said, learning the boundaries of his abilities.

“More intimate than what I do with my friends. We are buddies.” Eli said, his mind being molded by the suggestions

“And as your buddy, you trust me completely.”

“Trust you completely… But look, bro, I don’t think my other friends will understand. That… you know… I’m friends with a gay guy.”

Alex laughed at that. How much of these straight boys’ identity was tied up in insecurity about being gay. “Why not? Don’t they know a gay guy is the perfect wingman for a straight guy? And gay bars are the best for straight guys to get laid? All the girls have their guard down. I’ll take you to a gay bar sometime and it will be easy for you to get laid.”

“Gay guys the best wingman. Girls have guard down. Get laid in gay bar.“

Oh… that suggestion was… unintentional Alex thought. But it might work out. I still need to figure out what is happening with me. With Ryan. With the ritual…. But after I figure it out, it would be good to have another bite at the apple. And by apple, I mean chance to fuck that delicious ass.

“I’ll take you to a gay bar tonight, Eli. I promise you will get laid. Just don’t tell your friends, they wouldn’t understand.”

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