A Fattening Trip for a Father and Son

By BarelyThere
published June 11, 2021
1547 words

When father and son Bill and Sam go to DisneyLand, they soon realise how tasty the food is without thinking of how fat it’s making them.

Bill and his son Sam had always been close, they both acted alike, had similar interests in Hawaiian shirts, and had a fondness for food. Sam was his father’s son and idolized him, and everyone who met them always saw remarked on how close they were. Although recently their relationship had begun to become strained. Sam was going to be going to college in a few weeks, and Bill couldn’t bare the thought of his son leaving. His boy had never been out on his own. Despite this, Sam seemed to insist he be allowed to. Bill didn’t like it, but could never refuse his son. So he planned a little trip for them to celebrate. “Disney World?!” Sam’s face lit up as Bill nodded enthusiastically, “Yep, just you and me little buddy.” Sam pulled his father into a hug, “Thanks Dad! You’re the best father in the world.” He obviously couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. Neither of them could, and soon they had packed their bags and gone on a trip to the Magic Kingdom together. Bill felt a bit sad, that this might be the last time they’d spend together until Sam went off to college, but if his son was happy, then he was too.

After they arrived and checked into their resort together, they proceeded to go on as many rides as they could, just like old times. They checked out all the restaurants. They were both feeling great. Bill only wanted his son to feel happy. Sam, meanwhile, wanted to stay forever with his dad, though they could only stay for three days. After they went back to their room though, they had no idea what was about to happen to them. The next morning they both woke up starving, their guts gurgling. “Sounds like you’re hungry today.” Bill joked, before his own stomach rumbled, “Hehe, so do you.” Sam chuckled. “How about we check out the buffet today?” He said, as he and his son made their way to the resort’s cafeteria. There was all kinds of food, Bill and Sam couldn’t help but drool as they looked at it. Soon their plates were piled high, and the two were chowing down, their stomachs swelling up. “Unf, dad this food tastes so good!” Sam said with his mouth full, as his dad nodded in agreement. Both of their shirts had begun to get tight on their already chubby bodies. Once their meal was finished, they rubbed their stomachs, groaning in relief. They didn’t know they could be that hungry or eat so much. They looks slightly fatter too.

Afterwards they had decided to go to the Adventureland part of the park today, as they always used to. Though after the Enchanted Tiki Room, Bill noticed Sam seemed bored, “You ok son?” He asked, as Sam sighed, “Yeah, just wanted to do something else today.” Bill was concerned, but tried to be supportive, “Well, you know you’re an adult now, you don’t have to follow me around if you don’t want.” Sam seemed shocked that his dad would let him, and a bit reluctant, “You sure dad?”. His father nodded, “Go on son, have fun.” He chuckled, trying to cover up how sad he was as his son slowly, and hesitantly walked away and the two parted, with Bill sighing and going off on his own himself.

As Bill waddled down the streets of Adventureland, missing his son, he began to feel strange, heavier somehow. Well they had been eating a lot it seemed. But this was different. It was like he was swelling, ballooning up with gas. He grunted, a fart rippling between his cheeks as he took a sip of his tiki drink, belching soon after. Embarrassing as it should’ve been, he thought it felt oddly liberating, even natural. He took a few more sips, his stomach bulging a bit more as he belched. His shirt was straining under the new mass, and with one more slip, it suddenly popped. “Whoops! URRRP!!” He belched in surprise, chuckling a bit. Was he drunk? He wasn’t sure, but it felt strangely good. He belched again, scratching his big jiggly belly as he continued on.

Meanwhile, nearing the border between Adventureland and Main Street U.S.A., was Sam, who seemed to be feeling heavy with guilt, and food. He wasn’t sure how he’d gotten so fat, but his biggest focus was on his dad. He felt bad about wanting to leave him behind, not wanting him to be sad. He only wanted to make him smile. But he also felt obligated to leave, being an adult now. His wished he could be a child again and spend more time with his dad. As his gut seemed to grow, he began to feel hot, having to take off his rapidly shrinking Hawaiian shirt. He blasted a loud fart and fanned the air in disgust. Somehow he was feeling hungry. Fortunately he saw a nearby vendor and licked his lips, eager to fill his newly expanding gut.

He wasn’t aware his father had already shed his shirt, having gotten too fat and sweaty. He was belching and farting constantly as he waddled around, unsure of where he was going. He was completely drunk now it seemed, giggling with each burp and fart. He thought he recognized the area. It was near Pirates of the Caribbean wasn’t it? He belched again and chuckled, thinking he could maybe ride it himself. As he got on the ride, his loud gas drowned out most of the sounds and narration, but there was something peaceful about being in the water like this. But soon the boat suddenly stopped, and a big, burly hand helped him out. “Yarr, ye got the body and stench of a real pirate sir! Howsabout you join our crew here?” He heard him say. Bill chuckled, belching again, “Sounds good to me! BURRRP!! FRRRRRTT!!!”

Back in Main Street U.S.A., Sam was stuffing his face, getting himself fatter and fatter. It seemed they were lining up to feed him in fact. “This food is-umf- SO GOOD! BWORRRP!! What’s all this for?” The vendor in front of him chuckled, “Well there’s a parade about to start, so we had to be here in advance to feed people, but you’ve probably diminished most of our stock.” Sam was embarrassed a bit, especially as he heard a loud RIP, feeling the seat of his pants give out under his weight, making the other men chuckle at him. “URRRP! Uh, sorry fellas.” Sam apologized, “No worries. Although, there is a way you can make it up to us, especially since you’re so good at making us laugh.” Sam was curious, and the vendor led him to a make-up and costuming tent. Soon he found himself being stripped, revealing just how massive and blubbery he now was. “Jeez, you’re massive. The only thing that’ll fit you is the clown costumes.” One of the costumers laughed, pulling a humiliating jester outfit off the rack, and forcing it on Sam. Finally, Sam’s clown make-up was done. “You look great tubby, now get out there and entertain them!” Sam was embarrassed at first, but soon found himself enjoying the attention, making people laugh, bouncing around, his whole body jiggling in the form-fitting suit. After several hours, Sam and Bill reunited back at their room, shocked by how massive they both now were, as well as their mutual news of both having gotten jobs at the park. Now they’d never have to leave, and could stay as long as they wanted together. They were both overjoyed. Sam was now a big, fat clown, loving embarrassing himself and making other people laugh. He’d bounce, fart, burp, and roll down the streets during parades, blowing balloons with his farts, pieing himself in the face, all to the amusement of others. He was nearly 300 lbs heavier than when he first came to the park, and far to fat to leave even if he wanted. Besides, they fed both him and his father for free. Meanwhile for Bill, he’d become a drunken oaf, not really fit for being around kids, but at his size and lack of hygiene, they had him working at Pirates Of The Caribbean as a performer too. A big, fat, dirty pirate, prone to belching, flatulence, and drinking grog constantly. He’d stopped bathing, largely because he was too fat to fit into the show anymore. Gross as his new life was, he wouldn’t trade it for anything. Now he was being paid and fed for just lounging around being a fat slob. At the end if the day, both father and son would return to their room, where they continued stuffing their faces, getting fatter, ripping ass constantly, cuddling and sometimes grinding against each other. At the sizes they were, they couldn’t even see their dicks anymore, they were completely covered in fat, not that that bothered them. They were just happy to be together now, doing what they loved, and being fat, disgusting slobs.

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