The Rose Quartz Hedge

By Footnotized
published June 10, 2021
5482 words

Colton is a mutant and new to the island nation of Krakoa. After a bit of exploration on the island he stumbles across a mysterious and area of the island where he meets another inhabitant of the island with powers very different from his own. The two seem to feel a connection towards each other and only time will tell what will become of it.

Colton Mayfield, a tall, athletic boy fresh out of College was new to the island Nation of Krakoa. Intent on finishing his education before joining his mutant community in Paradise wandered around the vast land. He had been doing so for hours and had barely grown tired, most likely to explore the entirety of the island if he really wished. His mutant powers, though normally very useful from day to day, was especially proving to be advantageous here. Though there were millions of mutants on the island it still seemed there was plenty of land left unexplored by the general masses and he was going to take that opportunity to scope out much of it for himself. Maybe even find a nice area where he could occasionally escape to. Only having been on the island for about a month, he was very keen on his new home, but arriving so late ensured that he was always surrounded by people and though the constant parties were great for blowing off some steam, sometimes he just needed to find another way. Along the western coast on his way south after exploring the Arena he found himself jogging along an extended stretch of beach.

The air was warm, but not too overly so. The breeze that filled his lungs felt fresher than anything he had ever previously felt or tasted. He thought it weird that he had noticed the taste of the air. It was so different compared to being in America. Maybe Storm had something to do with it. Or maybe even Monsoon. He hadn’t had a moment to meet the mutant called goddess just yet, but he was actually greeted by a man of Indian origin who went by Monsoon who he presumed was also meteorologically inclined. He had told him to explore the island when he got the chance.

“What else is here to see?” Colton asked.

“Everything,” was Monsoon’s reply. Admittedly, impressed to hear something like that come out of such a seemingly imposing figure inspired Colton to take his advice.

Indeed the island held things he had never dreamed of. There were groves of plants growing different kinds of foods from fruits to even bagels and muffins. He could not for the life of himself figure out how something so spectacular was possible. It had looked like several people were fraternizing around one in particular. Eating and celebrating what looked like a willow tree with… was that candy? Whatever it was, it looked like an assortment of different colored flower buds or maybe gumballs. Continuing on his journey he had seen some of the residents training against one another. One girl seemed to be able to create, what looked like orbs of energy around herself, and launch them towards her adversary who looked to be a smaller boy trying his best to dodge them. Once past the initial volley the boy’s skin seemed to change color from a flesh color to a deep blue. He extended his arms and they very quickly morphed into these bat like wings… dragon wings. The boy straight up turned into a dragon more than double his size. With a swat from his tail he sent the girl flying through the air in what looked like a successful knockout. Fortunately, for her she was able to create one large orb below her, detonate it, and give herself the momentum she needed to land on her feet and run forward. She created about a dozen more small sized orbs and launched them all at the dragon kid watching him fall down and reverting to his original form… at least he was pretty sure that was his original form.

“Great job, Comet! Killer KO!” One girl shouted.

“Oof… Sorry Wy. That looked brutal. You ok?” Shouted another.

He noticed a woman walking towards the two combatants and helped the boy up. She had flowing Lavender hair and a prehensile tail of the same color. She wore some kind of deep pink and black skintight outfit and thought she must be the one training them. Maybe one of these days he would join them and show off what he could do. He very rarely was able to let loose with his abilities. America… the world itself seemingly too delicate for a super strong guy like himself. But here… This whole realm of existence seemed so far removed from anything else he had ever experienced. Certainly delicate in it’s own way, but also so much stronger, healthier… heartier? Was that right? He really felt like this place really let everyone be their true selves. He could be his true self. He just… didn’t know who that was just yet.

After running for another 20 minutes or so along the beach he arrived at a particularly beautiful area. It was a cluster of coves all together with water the color of turquoise and tropical flowers growing ornately along the earthly formations that almost looked like they were placed there on purpose. It looked like something out of a novel or tv show. Deciding he wanted to slow down and smell the roses, so to speak, he pulled up his Nike sweatpants so that they were on his calves and took off his sneakers to hold them in his left hand so that he could walk barefoot for a bit. The sand felt amazing under his feet almost as though he were actually stepping on a cloud. Stepping into the water, he let out a sigh from how positively amazing the combination of cool water and plush sand felt. He concluded that he could probably stand like that forever if he could. He knew he had the stamina for it. Before he knew it the sky turned golden signifying sunset was nearing. He had moved from the water back up the shore a little sitting on the beach watching the horizon.

“I definitely made the right decision. I’m meant to be here,” were his thoughts. He let his mind wander in every which direction it wanted. From daydream to daydream of joining the X-Men to maybe even finding someone to love and start a family with. Not normally lucky in love when it came to girls finding out he was a mutant. Luckily, being a beta level mutant with no clearly noticeable physical mutations besides his flaming red hair, his enhanced abilities were easy enough to hide for a time. He imagined if he had gotten his powers through a science experiment gone wrong or bitten by a magical orangutan, that maybe he wouldn’t be met with such adverse reactions to his powers.

“So stupid…” he often thought. He hated being a mutant for the longest time and even still did sometimes. When his powers first manifested it was purely his hair that changed. Shifting from dark brown to burning red overnight was easy enough to explain to others at school, but when he would try dyeing his hair back to its original color, explaining why his roots were so red when it grew out more was less easy. His parents, though, insisted he keep up trying to hide it. Never embracing his status as a mutant even if his mutation was just a shift in hair color, ended up being a little more traumatic for him than he thought in the long run. His relationship with them slowly deteriorated and was only made worse when his healing factor kicked in… and then the superstrength and enhanced durability, eccetera, eccetera. It did not matter that his “powers” seemed to make him an almost perfect physically fit specimen. The word mutant was enough to change everything in his personal relationships. Luckily, he had the X-Men to look up to with Cyclops as his main role model. He really appreciated that this seemingly powerful man turned something given to him into a positive. He would often imagine being on the X-Men team and taking orders from him, saving the day and punching villains and bullies in the mouth. Being able to let go and let loose.

With the sunlight fading he decided that maybe he should keep up his journey until he could find a nice place to rest for the night so that he may resume his trek throughout the island in the morning. His eyesight was extremely keen, even at night for the most part, but he always preferred when things were bathed in the light of day. It just made everything so much more intensely vibrant for him. The beach seemed to shift to a higher and higher ground with Colton eventually walking along a cliff looking down at the water.

“The terrain here is sick,” he thought.

Eventually, moving slightly more inland he came to an area that seemed too otherworldly, if he was anywhere else he wouldn’t think it possible. He gazed at a tall neatly trimmed looking hedge that had… pink crystal roses growing out of it. Almost nothing is ever as it should be in this alien place and he loved it. His curiosity got the better of him so he picked one of the crystal flowers and examined it. It was exquisite and it smelled exactly as a flower should. He couldn’t fathom how shrubbery was able to create something so whimsical. Holding onto the flower he followed the wall of plant for a few minutes until he got to what had to be the opening… or A opening. It seemed to be inconspicuous enough. The wall just seemed to have a gap which was almost unnoticeable at first.

“Huh… Reminds me of The Labyrinth,” Colton thought out loud as he imitated Jennifer Connolly’s motions of putting her hands up and walking through the opening that was camouflaged to look like a continuation of the wall had you approached it from any other angle. He looked down the walkway of vegetation and noticed that this was pretty much where the similarities to that old movie ended. He walked a little ways and realized that the hedge was less labyrinth and more just an intricate set up of walls with no winding path to navigate through. Only a few more minutes of walking further and he realized he had arrived to what had to be the center.

Gazing out into the open space it was definitely not what he thought it would be. Then again what wasn’t on this island. It was a pretty sizable area that almost seemed to be set up like a living space or home… if that home was a literal jungle oasis of a waterfall, spring, and canopy of beautiful trees acting as a canopy from, what he assumed would be harsh weather or maybe sunlight. He decided to put his shoes down, take off his clothes, and take a swim to rinse himself off. By the time he was done, the sun had already set and though he was expecting darkness, he was not expecting the water below him to glow with a bright turquoise light as if it were still daylight. Making his way to the edge of the spring he climbed out and sat upon one of the rocks to gaze into the water to figure out how something so magical seeming was possible.

“It’s the crystals,” came a voice in his head. At least he thought it was in his head.

“Wha–” He asked out loud.

“The crystals. At the bottom of the water. They aren’t that noticeable at first.” The voice was definitely in his head. It sounds so soft and yet so distant at the same time.

A Telepath. He had come across one of them in his time at the University and then again when entering the island. Sophie was her name? She called herself Sophie Frost. She spoke to him telepathically and welcomed him to the island. Even taking it upon herself to download the crazy language developed here by his fellow mutants directly into his brain so that he would be able to communicate in their “mother tongue.”

“I still don–”

“They absorb the sunlight throughout the day and glow during the evening for a few hours.”

“Who are you?” Colton continued to speak out loud, unsure if he even really needed to.

“What are you doing here?”

“I asked you a question first,” he asked, trying to keep his tone a bit less defensive than he meant it. The last thing he needed was to pick a fight with a telepath. That’s one situation he wouldn’t be able to punch his way out of. Colton was met with silence for a few moments which was disconcerting.

“I live here,” came the voice. It seemed as though he was choosing his words very carefully.

“I’m sorry if I was trespassing. I thought most of the island was open to everyone,” the redhead said, embarrassed that he accidentally stumbled upon someone’s home. “I’ll just be going then.”


“No, this was my fault I should have… knocked… or something…” said Colton, fighting the urge to facepalm at how stupid the idea of knocking on a wall of plant would have been.

“Wait don’t go.”

The voice sounded a bit more alarmed now at the idea that he was leaving. In mid stride. Colton’s body seemed to freeze up. Being slightly off balance caused him to topple over onto his side as if he were a stiff board. If he didn’t have a degree of invulnerability he was certain he would feel that fall.

“Sorry sorry!” Came the voice… though Colton still couldn’t move. “Are you ok?”

“Yshh buh whu di yo– do to me?” He slurred out at first but suddenly regaining control of his mouth.

“You can talk to me mentally. I can read the thoughts you’re projecting.”

That wasn’t the issue, Colton thought to himself. The issue was that he couldn’t move because this crazy disembodied voice wanted to keep him there.

“Just… promise not to leave and I’ll free your body.”

No way was he sticking around here after this person took control of his body like that. He had to get out of here. The moment he is let go he is gonna book it. Nevermind about his sneakers and clothes. He would gladly run in his boxer briefs if it meant getting away from this psycho.

“I’m not a psycho I promise,” came the voice. If Colton could have facepalmed in that moment he would have. Of course, he could read his thoughts. “It’s been a while since I’m spoken to anyone that wasn’t the island.”

“Ok, well keeping me hostage here isn’t doing you any favors,” he said out loud by reflex.

Another moment of silence went by when suddenly his leg and arm that had been extended in mid stride collapsed to his side. He was finally able to move and with above human speed he was on his bare feet in a defensive position ready to fight.

“That’s not going to be necessary.”

“How do I know that?”

“Because I am not a fighter.”

“So what do you want?” Colton asked, relaxing his form and standing up straight.

Silence again. But this time his enhanced hearing allowed him to sense a rustling happening behind the biggest of the trees in the middle of the entire opening/living space that apparently belonged to the telepath. Eventually a figure peaked its way out and walked cautiously next to the tree. Though, it was night, the steady glow from the water showed the form of a young man with short hair that looked messy… but as though it was purposely styled that way. His eyes glowed a deep pink. He also wasn’t wearing anything more than a pair of briefs, most likely a bathing suit.

“Maybe talk?” Said the boy verbally. It was a strange feeling to hear the voice in his ears as opposed to in his head this time. The sudden shift sent another shiver down Colton’s spine.

“Alright, so talk,” he said, sounding more aggressive than he meant it to. The boy was much smaller in stature and frame than he was and even though he knew telepaths to be of the most powerful forms of abilities among mutants, for some reason the size difference between the two put him at ease.

Walking forward into the light gave Colton a much better view of the boy. Even in the turquoise light of the water he could tell that the boy was… pink? Indeed, his skin was a light shade of bubblegum pink… from head to toe. His hair, a darker shade of pink as well. He kind of looked like Prince Gumball from Adventure Time, but a more realistic, human looking version of the character. He noticed that the boy’s body was indeed slim and very toned and he wore a white and blue tight bathing suit that looked sportier than he was expecting. His eyes for some reason seemed to linger there for a little longer than he intended, noticing the shape and style of the briefs. When he realized how long he may have been staring turned his head away and felt the blood rush to his face. He thought he may have turned a deeper shade of red than his own hair. The boy had a very nice body, certainly, but he didn’t want to give the wrong impression of himself.

“What’s uh.. I’m Colton,” he said extending his hand out towards the boy for a friendly and polite handshake.

“Spinel. You can call me Spinel,” he said, taking the larger boy’s hand softer and shaking it. His hand was so big and very warm. His skin was smoother than he assumed it would be. Though, that could have been a product of the island’s clean water drying on his skin. Either way his hand felt… very nice to touch. Almost familiar in a sense. Spiritually, maybe.

Colton was taken by surprise by the gentle touch of Spinel’s hands. He was used to being stronger than most, but he felt a delicateness to the boy’s touch than he was used to. Maybe Spinel was just nervous around him since he seemed to be devoid of other’s contact for so long. Or maybe he was just like that. No matter what, the pink boy’s soft touch sent a charge throughout his skin that he couldn’t explain. It felt good and new to him. He held onto the smaller boy’s hand longer than he meant to and let go in a quick reflexive motion.

“Sooooo… you’re a telepath…”

“Something of the sort, yea. What are your gifts?”

He noted how evasive he was about the question. He also noticed that Spinel looked extremely uncomfortable with his own voice and seemed to blush every time he spoke out loud. At least that’s what it seemed like to him. He surmised that he must have taken to not talking much since being on the island or at least relegated himself to telepathic communication. “I’m all physical,” he said realizing how dumb that must have sounded. “I mean.. I’ve got the general enhanced and super physical powerset. Nothing too special really.” The moment those last four words left his mouth he realized how true that must have been and how depressed the thought made him.

“So like… super strength and invulnerability?”

“I do have Super strength… not as strong as other mutants or superpowered beings, but yea. I’m not completely invulnerable though… just really durable. I’ve also got the standard enhanced speed, agility, reflexes and healing factor that comes with it.” He was getting a little carried away with himself now at this point, but he didn’t care he needed a win. “Oh and actually I have enhanced senses too, sight, smell, touch…”

Spinel seemed to stare at him in awe. He hoped he wasn’t amused at how pompous he must have sounded… He didn’t want to look like a fool in front of this guy for some reason. He just wanted to impress him since he didn’t have as cool a power as telepathy… or “something of the sort” as Spinel had put it earlier. Which reminded him…

“So what exactly are your powers if they aren’t telepathy?” He asked curiously and with a bit more friendliness in his voice.

Spinel took a seat on the edge of the pond and looked out into the water. He went silent again for a moment and then began his explanation.

“Well, I am telepathic, but it is not my main power. I have a subset of telepathy that they call Telesthesia. It’s my specialty. It’s a control over another person’s bodily movements and senses. There’s… a bit more to it than that, but that’s the gist I guess.”

“Oh.” Colton realized what that electricity must have been when they touched. Unsure as to why, relief washed over him. But as suddenly as it did, so did a strange… disappointment? Uncertainty? He didn’t want to think about it too much… and especially not near a telepath. He decided not to press on about the Spinel’s powers any further either. He seemed particularly uncomfortable doing so anyway. Instead Colton decided to take a seat near the boy and allow his feet to dip into the cool water. He looked around at the area some more and was just overcome with it’s beauty once again.

“I call it the Rose Quartz Hedge,” Spinel said without looking up from the water.

“That’s cool… Did you… find it like this?”

“No, not really. Part of what makes my powers so useful here is that I’m able to communicate and empathize with the island in little ways. I’m no Cypher, but I make do.”

Colton just sat watching the boy speak, nodding along. He was filled with so much awe and curiosity and he wasn’t quite sure why. It must have been the fact that he was new to the island and he discovered a little piece of paradise within paradise and a strange person who seemed so different to him than anyone he had ever really met. Minus the terrifying power to freeze his body in place among other weird things he said he was able to do, the dude seemed nice… almost sweet. Suddenly, Spinel’s eyes widened and he turned his head looking away from Colton.

“Hey, you ok? Did I do something?” he asked the pink boy, very concerned by the quick shift in motion away from him.

“It’s just… I haven’t fully been able to rein in my powers just yet. I can sometimes sense surface thoughts or… emotions…” he said without turning his head back to the redhead.

“Oh.. OH! Well, I mean I am not sure what you heard or felt, I am just really not used to all this and this place is so nice and while a little scary you’re also nice and I didn’t mean to make you feel weird I’m just not used to talking to a telepath… or knowing a telepath I mean, and maybe.. Maybe I shou–” Talking very quickly, Colton immediately went silent when he felt the feeling of two delicate fingers on his lips and two softly glowing pink eyes looking at him.

“It’s ok. Just… calm down,” he whispered gently and almost authoritatively.

Colton blushed deeply and found it hard to pull his face away from the fingers. They were so soft they reminded him of flower petals. In fact Spinel’s whole self reminded him of a flower or maybe a precious stone. Something that should be coveted. Kept safe from the world. Suddenly he realized why this place was so important to Spinel. Why it seemed like it was going to be important to him. No sooner did the thought cross his mind that he sprung back and onto his feet again.

“Hey, listen I’m not… I mean I think I really should go actually. It’s late and it’s dark and I need to get back to…” he said trying to think of anywhere or anyone in particular that he needed to get back to. “I just gotta go.”

The pink boy just sat there at the edge of the water solemnly watching Colton pick up his clothes and sneakers and turn to leave when suddenly Colton stopped in his tracks halfway to the opening in the hedge. He watched as the taller boy’s shoulders slumped a little and his head drooped in a defeated way.

“Alright… I’ll stay a little longer.”

Spinel soon found himself elated to hear that, but kept his composure. There was something about this boy. He was feeling so drawn to him and for some reason Colton was feeling drawn to him too. He didn’t mean to read the boy’s thoughts or emotions just now… it kinda just happened as it often does sometimes. That’s why he chose to hide himself away in his little den. His safespace that he asked Krakoa to build for him. He hated how creepy he came off to other people. Of course on this island things were very different compared to living in America and mutants, especially other telepaths, seemed so at ease around him, but that didn’t just make his discomfort around people any less real. It had been too long that he had been hidden away, first by his mother who home schooled him once his roots and flesh started to turn pink and then he just picked up the habit himself. It was all he knew for a while. His mother passed away just two months before the island was established and the mental invites went out. He had been staying with his mothers brother who was nice enough, but who he barely knew and who still seemed a little weirded out by his mental abilities. The island seemed like the perfect solution to let his uncle have his space back and finally learn to be around people. But habits are hard to break, he soon discovered.

Colton turned around and resumed his position next to Spinel, but this time after putting his feet back in the water, he laid down instead with his hands under his head stretching him out a bit. He stared up into the sky and despite the steady comforting glow of the water, he was able to make out all the stars up above. He liked it here and he didn’t really want to leave. He knew that much. But the wave of regret and sorrow that washed over him for a moment stopped him in his tracks. It must have been the smaller boy’s feelings and being unable to completely control his powers must have been a two way street. He guessed that if he couldn’t control when he felt someone’s emotions that he must have also not been able to always hide his own. The last thing he wanted to do was to leave this kid feeling that way… especially, when he kinda felt the same way about the way he reacted just a moment ago. Spinel was just being nice and he was clearly lonely and if they were both going to be lonely then they may as well do it together, no?

Staring down at the redhead in astonishment at his sudden change in attitude from one moment to the next he couldn’t help but gaze into his face. He was absolutely beautiful. Chiseled features and just a very light amount of scruff on his face that seemed to almost match his hair leading him to believe that the color wasn’t just a fashion choice and that they may have one thing in common after all. His eyes found themselves traveling down his body to his sculpted chest and stomach. His abs were… unreal. Definitely, the product of superhuman gifts since no one naturally looked like that. He found himself fantasizing about touching his stomach with his finger tips. Feeling the softness and his skin and gently caressing the grooves of his muscles. His eyes traveled down more to his tight black boxer briefs still damp from the water. They perfectly outlined his bulge and he immediately felt his face turn several shades of red. He wondered if it were even possible and if so maybe he matched his new friend’s hair. At least he hoped he would be a new friend… or maybe something more? Did this large beautiful boy actually like men? Or was this “being drawn to one another” thing wishful thinking or maybe his powers not working right all of a sudden. He quickly turned his head straight ahead towards the water this time trying not to look at the boy’s legs just skirting on the edge of his peripheral.

As Colton stared up at the stars he could feel the smaller boy’s eyes on him. He lay there quietly too nervous to move or say anything. He felt his eyes traveling down his body and found he… liked being looked at by him. He was able to get a sense of… was it admiration? He definitely didn’t mind being admired by the guy. Maybe he was attracted to Colton. He kind of assumed the kid was gay from the softness of his voice and the delicateness of his touch. He felt a little bad about making such a generalization about someone, but it wouldn’t have bothered him if he was. Being admired like this by this boy… it made him feel kinda good in a way he couldn’t quite place his fingers on. The admiration he thought he was sensing was suddenly replaced by an entirely new, but seemingly not unrelated feeling. He felt arousal. No sooner did the feeling hit him that he sensed the younger boy look away quickly again and smiled to himself at how cute that made him seem. He wondered if Spinel knew he was giving away his own emotions to him or if he was completely unaware of the effect he was having on him. Colton began to feel his own body start to react to the idea of being lusted after him and he sat up quickly and gracefully putting his hands in his lap as nonchalantly as he could hoping he could hide his growing member. He sat there scared to say anything to break the silence and stared straight ahead willing his arousal away.

In a moment of weakness Colton turned his head slightly to see if Spinel was still too bashful to say anything himself. Instead, he was met with those glowing eyes and he surrendered to looking him directly in the face. They both said nothing as they stared at each other. Spinel had known he was gay from an early age, but being sheltered for most of it, he was never able to explore his sexuality with anyone else, including his mom. He craved physical contact. To run his hands all over Colton’s body. To make him laugh, squirm, moan, scream, anything he had seen in those pornhub videos when he bothered to actually own a phone. Colton, on the other hand, was frozen from total confusion. What the hell was happening right now? This kid clearly liked him and was attracted to him and he was leading him on… was he leading him on? Did he actually feel… the same on a certain level? He thought back to the moment he felt the boy’s hand for the first time when they introduced themselves to each other and then again when he felt those two delicate fingers on his lips. They felt electric every time. Was that just a product of the boy’s powers or did they have a connection that he had only heard about in romcoms and fairy tales? He suddenly imagined those fingers touching him again, caressing his face and back and he realized his erection was getting bigger and he wanted to feel those fingers, those hands on him more and more and it was clouding up his mind. He couldn’t think clearly and he realized his head was moving closer towards the fae-like boy’s until their lips finally touched and all he could feel was that same electricity and how much he wanted more of it.

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