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The First Steps

By Virtuoso
published June 10, 2021
6118 words

Marco, a very quiet psychologist who works at a local clinic, ends up treating his neighbors in ways he never thought he would do.

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Reinhardt and Balderich are the best neighbors one could wish for, because although you do not always live with them they always receive you with a big smile from ear to ear, when you meet them on the street or in the supermarket, you can feel their kindness without any kind of intention behind and although sometimes they can be very noisy, they are really good people who have unintentionally awakened in me different emotions in these last 3 years that I’ve been living with them since I moved in next door.

My name is Marco a Psychologist who works in the local clinic in the city, where in fact that was where I had the first contact with my neighbors who came due to a small cold (since Balderich took their health very seriously) and I have to emphasize that from the first moment I saw them I felt attracted to them, it could be noted that both worked their body very hard while both had features that made them look attractive, such as their beards, Balderich’s in black and Reinhardt’s of a more blond color with a few parts of white (Disregarding the scar on his left eye that made him look very tough). Although I don’t go to their apartment as often, almost every night I can hear their loud laughter at least once while they talk, sometimes their talks are so loud that I have come to learn some information about them, such as that they went to the army together, or that they both like women with good character, strong and dominant which I was a little discouraged due to the feelings I was developing towards them, but I did not let it affect me so much since I do not have the intention of telling them what I really feel towards them, though of course, that doesn’t stop me from being able to fantasize about them in my mind and who would blame me after all their bodies are those of a whole soldier, with strong biceps and triceps, huge pectorals with a considerable amount of hair (which made them look sexier), dreamy thighs, dream abs that like their pectorals had a lot of hair and without a doubt both must have a great cock, I deduced this after seeing them almost daily in the afternoons with their sports pants that despite although they almost hid the package that was hidden behind, it was possible to get an idea of the length of both.

In recent months I have been able to notice that they have been up very late although, I really don’t know what they are doing but I can hear their footsteps (Although in normal situations the steps would not be heard so much but both are giants I calculate that both have to measure at least 7 feet so they must weigh a lot) but since I have to work I almost always fall asleep listening to their footsteps without paying as much attention to whatever they are doing.

However, the next morning I met Reinhardt at the entrance of my apartment who apparently was about to start his morning exercises which greeted me with his hand saying “Good morning neighbor, it is an incredible morning perfect to start a workout” Accompanied with a big smile and her characteristic accent, I really didn’t expect to meet him outside but I went with the flow and replied “Good morning, although it’s a pity that I can’t enjoy the morning like you” I took a little pause to finish saying "In the end I still have to get to work” I said with a tone that showed my fatigue, to which Reinhardt, a little dismayed by my answer, raised his right eyebrow and replied “Don’t say that, there are always ways to be able to enjoy a morning like this, anyway if it happens to have some misfortune, at night it can always be fixed with a very cold beer! " Reinhardt finished speaking while listening to his loud laugh that allowed me to observe how his strong muscles expanded as he laughed reminding me without a doubt of Reinhardt’s wonderful body, but I could not be distracted more, so after a little talk I said goodbye to Reinhardt and i immediately went to my work, after all i couldn’t be late, I didn’t want to have part of my pay taken away from me this month… again.

After finishing my work day I was finally free to go to rest in my apartment while watching a series or playing video games, but while I was going upstairs to go to my apartment I met Reinhardt again, who already had more informal clothes, gray sports pants and a red tank top that I have to say, oh my god it really fit him very well, revealing the magnificent biceps and pecs that he has with that touch of hair that made him look sexier “Oh good morning Marco, you finally finished your “hellish” work hours? " Reinhardt said as he laughed and crossed his arms clutching a plastic bag that if I had to guess the bag would have beer inside for sure "Yes, I was finally able to finish my day, I had to stay a little longer due to some problems I had during the session with a patient” I replied while scratching the back of my head, I tried not to smile but I couldn’t help it, it was really very comfortable to talk to him, I could see that he was thinking a bit and then he approached me and gave me some little pats on the back saying “That’s right, no matter what the job is, one should always do it correctly, it is a responsibility that one carries when a job must finish” the way he spoke to me, although it seemed like it was like advice it really sounded like an order like in the army, although I doubt that he did it with that intention, I suppose it was some custom for the times he was in the military service together with Balderich.

The two of us kept talking as we went up the stairs until we got to our respective floor, to which I said goodbye and he did the same so I opened the door so I could go to rest when I heard Reinhardt say “Hey wait a minute” almost immediately I turned around and Reinhardt said to me “Later, do you want to come and drink beer?, I had bought all of them for me but drinking alone is not so much fun.“I t was not really strange that he invited me. I mean, both Reinhardt and Balderich had invited me to his house before.” Of course," "No problem, At the same time as the previous ones? " It was at that moment that something became strange to me, he mentioned “drinking alone is not fun” so where is Balderich? Is he not at home? Although I could not ask him immediately, he told me “yes at the same time as always” and he went to his apartment so i didn’t have time to ask, at the moment there was still time for me to go with him so I decided to take a small nap before going with Reinhardt.

After a well-deserved nap and a quick shower I hurried to put on my clothes to be ready with some jeans, a red shirt with a bear logo and some white shoes. I hurried out of my apartment to be on time with Reinhardt (since although we live next door I have a tendency to be late for meetings) I knocked on the door and immediately he opened me with a warm smile “Welcome, come in, don’t stay outside!” Apparently Reinhardt hadn’t changed his clothes, he just put on a black shirt (a shame to be honest, the tank top fit him better) so moving to the side of the door he let me pass accompanied by a little pat on the back he closed the door, so I immediately went to the living room where we would probably see a game or a movie, so i just take a seat in the armchair and wait for Reinhardt to come to sit down who was preparing the food and drinks for the small meeting we had “Sorry for the delay, here you go” handing me a cold beer in my hand “Thank you” was the only thing I answered.

We spent the time talking about our day and the football game we were watching when suddenly I remembered Balderich since he was not showing up I decided to ask Reinhardt where he was “Reinhardt, can I ask you something?” To which he immediately replied “Of course what happens?” apparently the beers were already beginning to affect him since his tone of voice was more relaxed, but I decided to continue with the question “Where is Balderich?, He is not supposed to be here?” Reinhardt took a while to answer as if the question was still being processed “He had to go on a trip in the morning to fix some paperwork about his retirement in the army” the answer surprised me a bit, because I thought that by the time that they had been out of the army they would have everything in order, although it seems that they still lacked something, but at that moment Reinhardt continued speaking “Although I am really glad that … that he is not here” “The old man has been in a bad mood these weeks” At that moment I was intrigued by what Reinhardt said since Balderich never got in a bad mood which was very strange “Why has he been in a bad mood, did you two get mad at each other?” I interrupted with my question although I very much doubted that this was the case but, I really wanted to know “That old man and I have had problems … to … sleep” it is true that Reinhardt sounded a bit exhausted so maybe the footsteps I heard during the night were probably due to that, although of course it did not mean that it was always like that but seeing how Reinhardt was reacting I decided to intervene “So you and Balderich have had these problems lately, haven’t you?” To which Reinhardt replied “Yes, at first it was not so annoying but in recent months we have not had much time … to be able to rest” “We have tried taking pills and even some meditation exercises but, they have not really worked” he said while sighing “Luckily that old man left and will be back in a few days so I can finally relax a little more” Reinhardt added as he finished his sixth beer.

It was already around 11 PM so I had already decided that at least for tonight it was better that I go back to my apartment, since it seemed that Reinhardt needed a little rest I felt it was better to give him his space after all, i did not want to be a nuisance so he could sleep in peace

“Reinhardt, thanks for inviting me but I think it’s time for me to go to my apartment” Reinhardt looked at me a little dismayed when suddenly he said "Okay, it was fun I told you, beer is always a good companion for the nights ”to which he followed with a great laugh, it really seems that he loves the company, without taking too long I began to prepare to go out when I noticed an expression on Reinhardt’s face as if he had remembered something, to which He approached me and in a very sure way he asked me “Hey, and you can’t help me?” I kept quiet without understanding what he was referring to. “You know, you’re a psychologist, you won’t know, you know…some…. trick so that I can rest” even though Reinhardt had taken too much, he really resisted more than I thought (It seems What they say about the Germans and alcohol is not a joke or at least in this case) to which a little confused I replied “What do you mean?” Reinhardt’s face suddenly lit up with a smile as if the idea had finally come to him after so long “Yes, I have seen on television that many psychologists put their patients to sleep to help them” this time he said everything more clear to which I replied “Well, I could not tell you” “The only thing that occurs to me from what you just told me is clinical hypnosis, but it is not an area that I have really mastered” I could notice a slight disappointment in Reinhardt’s face And although his idea was very good, the best thing for him would be to try that but with someone more qualified.

“I’m sorry, Reinhardt, but I don’t think I can help you in the way you want.” He stared at me thinking about what I had said and with a small sad expression he told me “I understand anyway, thank you” the way he said those words were enough to make me give in and although I did not want to accept, the idea of possibly having him under a trance it seemed somewhat curious “But if you are really willing I can try, But I don’t guarantee it will work” “I only saw the theory in a few classes and the teacher’s demonstration” It seemed that Reinhardt didn’t need me to tell him twice as he immediately nodded moving even closer to me. " What should I do?! " I have to say that the way he approached, it was very fast it seemed like a very big child. I started to explain what it consisted of and what I would do so that he would not worry about what would happen although, It seems like it was unnecessary as it seemed like he wasn’t paying as much attention to me but I just wanted to make sure he didn’t worry, so I got down to business and went for everything I needed (which wasn’t much).

I had to go out for my metronome and a few books to my department as I would occupy them so as not to lose any important points when performing hypnosis, the metronome would use it as a focus point for Reinhardt’s ears and eyes, After all I told him that I needed him to follow what I said and from the way he is, I doubt this was a problem.

When I got back I asked Reinhardt to try to be as comfortable as possible, so he suggested that we could try the induction in his room, which I agreed to. Once in the room, Reinhardt leaned back on the bed, taking off his shoes (although I didn’t ask him for this but I suppose that was his way of getting comfortable) at the same time I have to emphasize that to my surprise and my taste he had put back the red tank top from earlier “Ok Reinhardt, are you comfortable?” To which Reinhardt answered without hesitation “Yes” immediately after he answered I started the metronome and asked Reinhardt to start breathing slowly and deeply “It’s okay Reinhardt … Inhale … Exhale …” in an attentive way and concentrated he followed the orders “Keep breathing … keep the rhythm follow it carefully” although at first I thought it would not work apparently Reinhardt seemed to begin to follow the instructions in a more relaxed way, so I decided to continue “Inhale” " Exhale " Reinhardt’s body began to lose the tension it had" That relax, this feeling, it is calm, it is good, is what you are looking for, it is what you crave" It wasn’t long after that through a few repetitions and a bit of dynamism between each instruction that Reinhardt began to close his eyes.

“That’s right Reinhardt, focus on my voice, my voice is relaxing you… my voice will make you rest” at that moment Reinhardt said very softly "R-Relax “Accompanied with a small smile, This is how you are about to fall asleep … my voice will help you, you just have to follow what it tells you” "In a few moments I will count to ten and when I have reached number 10 you will be fast asleep , but you will still be able to listen and follow my voice since she is the one that gives you calm, it has allowed you to reach that level of relaxation so you can trust me, right? " The only sound Reinhardt made was an almost imperceptible Yes “1..2 more tired … more relaxed … 5 … 6 … deeper and deeper … 8 … 9 … follow my voice … my voice is right … and 10! " At that moment Reinhardt fell fast asleep in his bed breathing calmly, i was really impressed, I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but I had agreed to help him after all, so I set to work to find out what was really preventing Reinhardt from sleeping.

“Reinhardt, can you hear me?” I started investigating to be able to solve the problem by establishing contact with Reinhardt again “Yesssss” Reinhardt answered me, although from the way he spoke you could tell that the instruction to relax was working by the way he was slurring "Reinhardt, in these moments you are in a very deep sleep but in spite of that you will see that it will be possible for you to speak fluently, do you understand? although it took a while to respond after a few seconds Reinhardt replied “Yes, sir” Yes, sir? I did not expect that response, Apparently Reinhardt’s subconscious interpreted my orders as one of his superiors in the army or something like that (although I have to admit I kind of liked that)

“Very good from now on with each breath you take you will go deeper into the trance, immersing yourself even more in this dream, each time you are so relaxed you will feel good, your body will feel in the best possible way” This time there was no answer, I could only see a small smile on Reinhardt’s face, so I continued “Now tell me Reinhardt, what has been bothering you lately?” “What is really keeping you from sleeping and relaxing at night?” Although there was a little silence, Reinhardt took a very deep breath and said “I don’t know” from the way his expression moved it seemed that he was resisting to answer so I decided to go a little further in his relaxation “Reinhardt, do you trust me? The voice that is speaking to you?” Reinhardt nodded, after all it was one of the indications he had given him “Yes, after all it is thanks to her that you can relax and feel good, right?” Reinhardt responded immediately accompanied by a sigh"Of course" so i continue" That’s why you can’t lie to him you have to tell him the truth otherwise he won’t be able to help you "Although Reinhardt still seemed to resist I kept repeating the same indications to the point that he would know he couldn’t lie to me so I asked the same question again and this time he replied

“I can’t help but think I could have done more” this time Reinhardt’s face looked a little sadder. "What do you mean Reinhardt?… " Immediately he replied “that i could have served longer in the army that i could have been more useful” this time i didn’t know what he was talking about as i knew that both Balderich and Reinhardt had retired from the army but I never knew the reasons (and obviously never wanted to ask , it was clear that it was a very private matter for them) “Okay Reinhardt relax, calm down, inhale and exhale … inhale and exhale … carry on … relax.” I gave him the same orders again, because I remember that sometimes very strong or unpleasant emotions can interrupt the relaxation of the subject, reaching the point of waking him up, so I did a few deepening to avoid any inconvenience.

"Reinhardt right now you can imagine yourself on a beach lying on the sand, a beach where the only thing you can hear are the waves crashing against the rocks and the occasional noises of the birds without anyone else, the only person there is you "" Can you see what I tell you? “After a few breaths, he replied” Yes “so I continued” Okay, although you are really imagining it, you can feel the sun on your skin, the sand around your body, the wind moving the hairs of your beard. the more time you spend there the more relaxed you feel, that’s why you decide to go into the water letting your body float … It is so relaxing that you can feel your anguish and negative thoughts accumulating in your back “Reinhardt began to move a little accommodating” Those anguish and Thoughts do not let you relax but we can make them lighter … little by little you can feel that they move through your body, run down your back and then towards your right arm "" Now they have reached your right hand, raise your hand if you can feel them “Reinhardt slowly raised his right arm as he clenched it tightly” Alright, keep your fist clenched""You’ve caught them, your anguish is trapped in your right hand""I know a way to make these light. Is that what you want? Do you want to lighten them so you can rest? "Despite how deep the trance was at this point Reinhardt answered firmly

" Yes, it is what I wish" his reply full of humility " Ok, so keep your fist clenched and plunge it into the water."Reinhardt did "Now the waters have changed are full of the best vibrations you have felt happiness, excitement, love and acceptance " Now that you know this open your fist and let the water wash away your anguish, do it now "Reinhardt immediately opened his fist and tension that he had in his embrace was lost, I let him hold his hand that way so that he could “feel” the positive thoughts and emotions that surrounded him "Very good Reinhardt, now you can feel the emotions that water has, so now try to catch as many as you can with your hand. “Open your hand, close it and once you know what emotions you caught, you will raise your hand again.” Reinhardt followed the prompts by opening his hand as wide as he could and closing it slowly after that. raising the right arm “Now your right hand is full of positive feelings on the count of 3, your right hand will touch your head and those feelings will be there taking the place of thoughts. negative feelings "" 1 … 2 … 3!” Reinhardt raised his arm and touched his forehead, some time later he let out a small sigh accompanied by a smile “That’s right … the negative thoughts have been reduced there is nothing to bother you … since tonight every time you feel that you do not you can sleep you will repeat in your head the phrase sleeping crusaders that will allow you to relax and fall asleep” “Also when you hear me and only me say the same phrase you will return to this hypnotic trance ten times deeper than before”

I left this last indication for if something did not go as we wanted so at least then I could return it to this state and work on it again, but finally my work was finished so I decided to read the books that I had brought from home just to check that I did not forget anything, but at that moment I could see Reinhardt’s crotch out of the corner of my eye and could notice what was the beginning of an erection in his pants that immediately made me blush, it was something I really did not expect right now, I turned to see Reinhardt who was still sound asleep (I guess Reinhardt interpreted feeling good and positive emotions in a more sexual way) even though I was about to wake him up for a moment it came to mind The idea of playing with him that invaded my thoughts, after all the idea of having a stud like him under my power was enough to make me horny (not to mention my clear feelings of love towards him)

I got a little closer to see the size of his erection, but from what it looked like it wasn’t half as hard yet, so with a big smile on my face I turned to Reinhardt "Reinhardt, now you’re in your room just resting From a tiring day, you can suddenly feel that the temperature is rising and your clothes start to feel very uncomfortable “Reinhardt started to move trying to find a comfortable position but he was starting to sweat so I kept bombarding him with more instructions” Your clothes are all sweaty it will be better to take it off but, with each garment you take off you will feel more sexually aroused so you will take off your clothes one by one starting with your tank top "

Reinhardt did not seem to mind the idea as there was no resistance (although at this point it was impossible that he could resist) sitting on the end of the bed Reinhardt raised his arms and took off his shirt, leaving it on the floor. Immediately after he removed his shirt, Reinhardt let out a small groan, it was clear that the previous instruction had affected him. I could see with great joy the hair on his chest, without being able to contain myself I ran my hands over his pectorals to feel his firmness at the same time that the hair that Reinhardt had on his chest gave them a more sexy touch not counting the path of hair in his abs that he wore straight to the treasure in his pants. “Now take off your sweatpants” Reinhardt put his hands around his waist and began to lower the pants exposing his powerful thighs until they reached his ankles, then he raised his legs to release them from the pants, I was looking directly at him , so when he released the legs of his pants, Reinhardt’s face distorted into a face of pleasure at the same time that for my taste Reinhardt already had a pretty tight bulge in his boxers.

Now he was only left with the black socks and white boxers, so I decided to be a part of the show, so I ordered Reinhardt to lie back on the bed again, emphasizing the instructions to stay aroused with each piece of clothing that was removed.“Reinhardt, I’ll take your socks off in a few moments and make you feel 20 times more sexually aroused, the feeling will be so much that it could make you cum without even touching you, but this time, no matter how excited you feel. You won’t be able to cum until I tell you, is that clear? ”” This time I did not wait for him to respond, I immediately stood near Reinhardt’s feet (which must be emphasized, they gave off a strong smell that was not unpleasant) and began to slowly remove the sock from his left foot. Reinhardt began to move a little more arching his back due to the pleasure he was receiving “Hmmm … Yes … Almost” were the words that Reinhardt was saying although it did not matter so much what he thought, he could not cum until I told him, I finished removing his sock revealing his foot which I must admit looked great, I ended up tossing the sock in Reinhardt’s pile of clothes, staring at the bulge in his crotch seeing as his white underwear was already almost transparent thanks to the precum that Reinhardt had been leaking. With no more time to lose I approached his right foot and began to remove his sock, as I slid it down I could see how Reinhardt’s cock was rock hard.

While at the same time he throbbed, Reinhardt’s face showed the distinct arousal he was having. While moans and gasps came out of his mouth, I decided to stop playing for a while so I removed the sock from his foot making Reinhardt squirm with pleasure, I decided to rush to finish this since it seemed that if he continued to keep Reinhardt on the edge of the orgasm his cock would explode “Reinhardt, keep on being horny but remember you can’t cum until I tell you” Reinhardt’s cock kept throbbing as he squirted pre-cum "From now on everything I tell you will be an absolute truth for you whether you want it or not since it is thanks to me that you can feel this pleasure, right? “I didn’t get any response, Reinhardt was still panting as he moved his hips to cause friction between his cock and his underwear” Y-yes … pleasure thanks to you “Reinhardt’s hands stimulated his cock even more"Very good, from now on you will feel a greater sexual attraction towards men, specifically towards your neighbor Marco and your partner Balderich” “You will continue to be attracted to women but to a lesser extent” Reinhardt seemed to be accepting the indications without any protest, something that made me think that maybe Reinhardt deep down (or maybe not so much) was attracted to the male gender.

“Every time you remember them or see them you will feel very good, comfortable, happy and a little horny realizing that both are extremely your type. ”I repeated the instructions over and over again, ordering Reinhardt if he understood them to repeat them and although it took me a while with a little help, he ended up reciting them loud and clear as if his life depended on it.” " I’ll take off your boxers and you’ll feel a hundred times hornier than before, but you still won’t be able to cum "So I started to take off her underwear and immediately Reinhardt’s body reacted with small movements. his hips (almost as if he wanted to fuck the air) when he felt his completely hard cock colliding with his tight boxers, it was then that his cock was released bouncing in the air while with the tip of a red color, the blood that circulated through there it boiled to release its seed. After a few seconds his underwear was at the level of his ankles, so lifting his feet I completely freed him from his clothes leaving his wonderful naked body. It didn’t take long for Reinhardt to realize what triggered the signal he’d given him by grunting and moaning as he masturbated in visible frustration at not being able to free the seed from him. It is at that moment that I decided to put the finishing touches

“Reinhardt, in a few moments I will count to 10 and with each number that I count you will be able to feel how your seed is passing through your cock” "By the time it reaches number 10 you will cum and You will have the best orgasm of your life, it will be so incredible that at the same time your will will come out along with your cum, leaving only obedience to me since only I can make you feel this way ”although there was no answer I knew that the instructions had taken effect since I could see how Reinhardt’s balls were prepared “Very good … 1 … 2 … more horny … 3 … 4 … you can feel it as the pleasure accumulates on your cock” Reinhardt he began to breathe even faster "5 … Your seed and your will are accumulating in your cock … 6 … 7 … 8 … Not much left … no will only obedience .. . 9 … and … 10! "In those moments I could see how Reinhardt’s cock began to throb, thus starting to shoot his load, it was undoubtedly something impressive, it was evident that Reinhardt was having the best orgasm of his life it was a spectacle every time his cock throbbed shots of semen came out with great intensity, his entire body stained with white liquid trembling with pure pleasure to the point where his abs were completely wet and shining with sperm, all this accompanied by the howls of pure pleasure that Reinhardt was experiencing caused me to also I accidentally came in my pants, it was so incredible that for a moment I had to cling to the bed dizzy from the strong emotions that it was transmitting to me as the spasms of my cock ended.

When I finished I got up again to find Reinhardt who was still shooting his seed (although not with the same intensity anymore) I kept looking a little more seeing the mess that I had caused, all the abdomen and part of Reinhardt’s pectorals were stained, at the same time, some shots had hit him in the face at chin level, not to mention the condition of the bedspreads that would certainly need to be washed more than once. The smell of cum was so strong it was making my cock hard again, but I had to finish this, it was too late and I couldn’t leave Reinhardt like this all the time. I went over to take some of Reinhardt’s semen from his chest and then I put my finger near his nose and smeared it near his nostrils “Reinhardt, take a deep breath” to which he immediately did "This is your semen, your seed , the result of your pleasure, from now on this will be your favorite smell since it is the smell of your pleasure, right? “Reinhardt kept breathing” Y-Yes … my seed … my favorite … pleasure "Reinhardt’s cock seemed to be starting to wake up again when I could see it starting to move again.

After confirming that all the instructions I had given him had been understood, I began to give him the instructions to wake him up "Reinhardt in a few moments when you hear me leave the room you will start counting in your mind until number 20, when you wake up You will not have any memory of being hypnotized, the last thing you will remember is that I went to my house and you felt horny, so you decided to go to your room to masturbate thinking about Balderich and your neighbor Marco, however, although you will not remember being hypnotized , all the indications I gave you will remain in your subconscious and no matter how long, they will continue to have the same effect. "" Finally, when you go to sleep you will have a wet dream in which you will have sex with Balderich and your neighbor Marco, it will be so vivid that you will cum as hard as before and as soon as the dream is over you will sleep peacefully, when you wake up the next day you will go into a trance and write down every detail that you remember and then give it to me at my house, the moment I receive it you will return home and wake up from the trance without remembering anything ”I asked Reinhardt to repeat the instructions to check that he had understood them correctly.

Once everything was in order I left the room making noise so that Reinhardt realized that I was leaving, once I left the room I walked towards the front door and left without believing what I had done to my neighbor while it recapitulated everything that happened. I opened the door of my house and decided to go to sleep since I was exhausted after everything I had done after all, if everything went well tomorrow I could have much more fun with my neighbor.

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