Chaos, the Board Game

By Mesi
published July 9, 2021
13235 words

Three friends and one of their brothers get tricked into playing a cursed board game.

So I had this idea before the story challenge but didn’t get around to actually putting words to processor till now. And as I started writing, I realized I made the game very complicated. So in an effort to keep myself straight, I made a document that tracks the game-actions step-by-step without all the intervening character stuff. I’m sharing it here for the handful of you who actually care about that and want to see everything a bit more streamlined. I suggest reading the story and using the document as a reference (it certainly doesn’t ready very sexily).

Grant huffed as he slumped into the faded leather sofa. He had spent the better part of the weekend helping his twerpy little brother and his two doofus friends move into their dumb house just off of Frat Row. If Grant had his way, Sam would have gone to some college on the other side of the country as far away from him as he could. Then, he wouldn’t be obligated to spend any time with him. But noooooo! Sam just had to go to the college as Grant. He had to get their parents to put the downpayment on this house, so he and his friends could live together, off campus, just down the road from Grant’s frathouse. And of course, he was expected to help move the dweebs in, cause heaven forbid they got off their lazy asses and picked up a weight once in a while. Grant prided himself on his looks, a well crafted body built by a religious routine in the campus gym. He had forgone a sports scholarship; he did actually want to earn his degree. He tight polo shirt was sticky with sweat and stuck to his sizeable pecs and lightly clung to his abs. His biceps didn’t need help keeping the fabric snug and even his legs showed nice size, though clearly he skipped more leg days than he should. Since it was the end of summer, his skin was a nice even bronze and his hair was styled in a shorty, spikey style so common with those in his social group. He styled himself the stereotypical fratboy and he liked it that way.

Of course, since Sam, Trent and Will were so weak, that left Grant to do most of the heavy lifting. It wasn’t like he couldn’t handle it, but moving three people’s worth of furniture into this big house was certainly exhausting. Which was the only reason he was sitting on their couch instead of heading to his room at the frathouse. He had to catch his breath first; couldn’t let his frat brothers seeing him so winded. They’d never let him leave it down.

Grant was ripped from his internal grumbling by the sudden, spine tingling chill pressed against the back of his neck. Grant yelped and sat up turning around to stare daggers at the perpetrator. Trent was holding back a giggle, the bottle of water in his hand dense with condensation. Trent was the tallest of the three and also the biggest; he wasn’t fat if Grant was being honest, but his thickset build didn’t do him any favors. He was sure that Trent would gain the Freshmen 50 and balloon up. It was a shame since he had the frame to look amazing and get a ton of girls if he only tried. Or guys, Grant corrected himself, since Trent was gay. He didn’t have anything wrong with that, exactly, but Trent started acting weird around Grant around the time he came out. Grant was sure Trent had a crush on him and it wigged him out. “Sorry, Sam said you’d probably want something to drink.”

Grant gingerly took the bottle of water, examining it. “Of course y’all wouldn’t have any beer would you?” Trent’s soft features twisted into a look of confusion. “No? Why would we? We’re only 18. Besides your only 20, you aren’t old enough to drink either!” Grant rolled his eyes, twisting off the cap and drinking. While he’d prefer a beer, he was thirsty. There was a clamor that drew the two young men’s attention as Sam and Will bounded into the living room, a faded, thin box in Sam’s hands.

Sam was Grant’s younger brother, and as much as Grant hated to admit it, they did look similar. Grant was only slightly taller. “Less than an inch!” Sam would proudly proclaim once he had hit his growth spurt. They had the same light brown hair (though Grant had died his tips blonde), green eyes and very similar facial features. While obviously not as built as Grant, Sam had the same stature. They were clearly brothers even if they were also clearly different people living different lives with different priorities. Then there was Will. Will was tiny, especially compared to his friends. While Trent was a towering 6’4" and Sam and Grant were both around 6’, Will was only 5’7". And like his friends, he didn’t do much exercise so he was rail thin, with dark hair that rained down over his face that he had to constantly pull out of his face (but yet refused to get it cut, styled or restrained).

“Alright, we’re all moved in! Now lets have some fun on our first night in!” Sam happily exclaimed as he set the faded box down on the wide coffee table in front of the couch. It looked like some kind of board game, though not one Grant had ever seen. It was somewhat nondescript, a swirl of faded colors cracked where the box had been stressed and partially folded with a simple name “Chaos” scrolled across. Otherwise, it showed nothing else of the games contents. It was also clearly old and Grant knew that he hadn’t seen it in Sam’s collection of board games either when forced to help him pack, or unpack. Trent walked around the couch, plopping down and briefly pushing Grant into the air as the cushion’s rebounded. “When did you get this Sam? I don’t remember playing it before.”

Sam sat down on a lounge chair that he pulled closer to the table, before dragging the box closer to him to shimmy off the box top gingerly. “I didn’t; we found it in the basement while we were looking for the power box.”

“Ya! It was just sitting on a shelf!” Will piped in, his slightly nasally voice grating Grant’s ears. Sam had already started retrieving the contents of the box, which despite the box’s obvious age, seemed to be in good condition if antique looking. It looked to be a fairly standard board game; the board was a simple but non-linear grid of spaces with several starting points with multiple paths leading to a large ‘Goal’ space in the center of the board. There was also three decks of cards, one black with the word “Boon” on the back and the other White with the word “Penalty” on the back and one blue with the word “action” on the back. Finally, there were a pair of dice, one black and one white, both with six sides and the standard pip design. Sam dug around again and pulled out the final contents of the box; a small booklet that was likely the rules book and a series of four cards, larger than the three decks and made of cardstock with what appeared to be blank squares where one would record points on and a larger space where one would suspect something like character art would be. However, each of the cards were faded white; whatever was there once was no longer recognizable.

“Oh cool, we have exactly four people!” Same exclaimed as he randomly handed out the cardstock cards to his friends and brother. Grant made no move to grab the card while Trent had grabbed the rule book and started flipping through it. “Sorry bro, I ain’t sticking around to play your dumb game. I did what Mom and Dad wanted and helped you move in. That’s that.” Grant pulled himself to his feet while Sam’s face became crestfallen. “But… you used to love playing games with us…” Sam mumbled. Grant rolled his eyes and he made his way to the door. Trent spoke up. “C’mon Grant, just once more for old times sake? Even the rule book says the games more fun with 4 players!” Trent waved the booklet for emphasis.

Grant rolled his eyes, not breaking his stride. “Naw, I’m good. You guys have fun. If you need anything, don’t call.” Grant grabbed the doorknob when Will spoke up. “Alright Grant; have fun. I’m sure you’ve got a keg to go guzzle right? Hey, Sam, does your parents know what happens over at his frathouse?” Will had the smug, confidence to his voice. Grant had paused. He knew it was a dirty, weak threat. And he knew that his brother would never rat him out, that Will certainly would, the fucking tattletale. He was sure he wouldn’t get in too much trouble, but he also didn’t want to deal with the headache either. Playing one dumb board game with them would be vastly preferable. With a defeated sigh, he let go of the doorknob and trudged back to the couch.

He picked up the discarded card and looked it over. The top had a name, or maybe a title? “Incarnate” Below that the blank faded spot where the character’s art would be and then on the right in column was several blank squares, their own text faded to illegibility. Finally at the bottom was two boxes with text he could still make out. The first read “Chaos Incarnate: When a card is played, change a random text, randomly.” The second read “Chaotic Draw: Whenever you draw a card, draw the same, twice or half as many cards (randomly).” Grant looked at the card, trying to puzzle it out.

“Ok, what is this game and what are we supposed to do to win?” Grant grumbled. Will had been busy shuffling the decks while Trent and Sam poured over the rules book.

“Ok, it seems simple enough.” Trent began. “Everyone starts with a character card.” Waving his own to demonstrate. “We use that to keep track of our points.” Sam had already grabbed a set of mechanical pencils for everyone. “And it also gives something called a ‘Chaos ability’; they can change the text of any card but only once per round. A round is one full rotation of play. So once whoever goes first turn starts, its the next round.”

Grant’s face twisted in confusion. “Ok, but mine makes no sense. It says I can change any text randomly. How do I determine how to change the text randomly?” Trent started shuffling through the booklet while Sam studied his own card. “Well, mine lets me change any number in red text up or down by 1, rolling over from 9 to 0.” Will chimed in. “Mine lets me change any yellow text. It doesn’t say how though?” Trent finally chimes in “The cards will have colored texts, which each of us can change. I think the “Incarnate” uses the dice to determine which colored text he changes and how, while the rest we pick from the options listed.”

Grant rubbed his head; this was already getting complicated and they haven’t even started. “Alright, fine. Whatever.” He resolved to not even bother using the ability then, since it would slow down the game and make it last even longer. Sam then spoke up, finishing Trent’s explanation of the rules. “Everyone starts with 5 ‘Action’ cards and at the start of his turn, he draws till he has 5 ‘Action’ cards. There is no hand size limit. Action cards describe when they can be played and what they do. Everyone starts with a Boon card, which is played immediately. Some Action cards become Boon cards after played. The goal is to get to the Goal space and have the most number of points from their Boon card. Finally, some times, you’ll be forced to draw a Penalty card. They are played immediately and all effects are resolved immediately, unless an Action card says otherwise.”

Will and Trent nodded. “Sounds simple enough.” Will added as he started dealing out the Action cards to each of the players and Trent placed down colored tokens on their respective starting squares. “The last thing is you can only play one ‘Move’ action card and one ‘Standard’ action card per turn, unless card text says otherwise.” “So we can only move if you have a ‘Move’ card?” Will asked, to which Sam nodded. “Can we just start already?” Grant grumbled as he snatched up his cards. He had three move cards with various +/- values, a reaction card that said “Discard a drawn card and draw 2 cards. instead”, and a Standard that said “Boon: You can use your Chaos ability more than once per round; draw a Boon card each additional time you do.” Grant’s eyes widened; that sounded super powerful actually. He could grab a lot of points quickly with that. While he didn’t want to play, his competitive side made him want to win regardless. “Who is going first?” Grant snapped.

“Not yet; we each have to get a first Boon.” Sam stated simply, as he held up the Boon deck. Trent, Sam and Will gladly took their cards while Grant reluctantly grabbed his. He looked at the card in confusion. ‘Whenever a six is rolled, gain 5 lbs of muscle.’ That was a weird way to phrase the card, but he noticed at the bottom that he would gain 5 point for every 5 lbs he earned, which he then guessed he had to record how much he ‘gained’ over the course of the game. Grant looked up from his Boon card, still somewhat confused. To his slight relief, the other three were each looking at their own in a mix of confusion and intrigue. Will was the first to speak. “These are a bit weird? Mine says ‘New Wardrobe: Stringer Tank. 5 points’” Will spoke as he set his Boon down on the table. As it made contact all four men grabbed their head as a searing hot lance of pain rushed through their heads. It was a minute before any of them recovered from the sudden headache. Grant blinked over at Will, struggling to comprehend what he was seeing. Will was wearing a thin, black stringer tank that hung off his slender shoulders almost like a dress. Grant thought that should be strange, but he couldn’t quite put down why. Doesn’t Sam’s friend normally wear some kind of novelty tees? Ya that was right but he couldn’t seem to put that generalization on Will.

“That was weird…” Sam mumbled. Trent kinda shrugged as he put down his own Boon. “Well regardless, mine says ‘Hairstyle: Cueball 5 pts’” As he placed the card on the table, they experienced a similar albeit weaker headache. They recovered much more quickly, all staring at the shiny dome Trent was sporting, which he quickly covered with a ballcap. “Hey now, don’t have to draw attention to it…” Trent mumbled. Grant knew something was different and looking between Trent and Will, it felt just on the tip of his tongue but it refused to manifest in his head. He couldn’t ponder it further before his brother laid down his Boon.

“Well… uhm. Mine is also kinda weird. It says ‘Whenever a 1 is rolled, Gain 2 in. of height.’ And I get 5 points for every inch, apparently? Are we customizing our characters or something?” Sam put down his card. By now the headache was barely noticed by the group. Grant cursed to himself; his brother’s card was way better than his. Every 1 rolled would give him 10 points, way faster than his. Without really thinking, he spoke up. “I’m going to use my ‘Incarnate’ ability on your card Sam! Lets change both of those.”

The three turned their heads towards the elder brother, surprised he’d make the first real move of the game. Will grabbed the booklet, starting to flip through it. After a moment, he looked up. “It says that playing the 1st Boon is considered a round, so we can use our abilities. So, I guess, Grant roll some dice and see what you change?” Grant reached for the dice but Sam put up his hand. “Uh… I don’t think that’ll be necessary.” He whispered as he gingerly set down the card. The text had changed, before Sam even managed to grab the mechanical pencil at his side. It now read ‘Whenever a 1 is rolled, Lose 1 in. of height.’ Both colored text had been altered, though they remained the same color as before. A quartet of heads all crowded around the altered card, each reading it silently to themselves. Slowly they all returned to their seats, pondering.

Grant was the first to speak. “This game is fucking weird. Will and Trent…” Grant gestured to the two, struggling to point out what he saw that was wrong about them. “I… don’t normally wear these?” Will offered, fingering the thin strap of his stringer. He didn’t sound very sure of himself though. Grant clapped his hands, pointing at Will enthusiastically. “Yes! That’s it! You don’t wear those! It was the card!” He pointed emphatically at the card in front of Will. Sam spoke up. “Is… is this game magic!?” His voice hitched an octave in surprise. Trent started nodding emphatically, causing his ballcap to slide off revealing his smooth head. “I think so ya. I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be bald.”

Grant stood up. “Ya, fuck this. I ain’t letting magic shit fuck with me. I’m out.” He started marching towards the door when Will squeaked. “Wait Grant stop! Look!” Grant whirled his head at Will. “What? Why?” Will wordlessly pointed towards the game board. Grant, cautiously approached the table again, the other three had their eyes glued to the center of the board. The center ‘Goal’ space had changed, now with a ghostly text that read. ‘Once a Game has started, none may leave, under Penalty.’ and then what appeared to be a countdown, which was rapidly approaching 30. “I think you’ll get a Penalty card if you don’t play…” Sam suggested.

Grant stood, staring at the game board, frozen. He sure as hell didn’t want to be part of this, but… if the game was magic, he was probably going to have to. It seems like it’ll hurt him if he doesn’t play along. The best he could hope for was that he could use his cards and ability to minimize his own changes. Quickly, he picked up his cards again and hurriedly threw down his Boon. The text in the ‘Goal’ space vanished as the card met the table and returned to normal quickly. “Uh, I’ll use my ability on that, I think.” Will said. Grant turned towards the stringbean. “What? Why?” Will shrugged. “Its the end of the round; I won’t get another chance to use it?” Grant looked at his brother, who just shrugged. No one else spoke up. So Grant huffed, shuffling around to sit back down in his seat. “So what are you changing?” Grant said flatly. “I change yellow text, so muscle, I guess? Why not… fat?” Will said quizzically. Grant was shocked but quickly looked down at his card. Sure enough it now read ‘Whenever a six is rolled, gain 5 lbs of fat.’

“You little shit! What the hell?!” Grant lurched out of his seat swiping across the table. Will was quicker, stumbling back away and out of his reach. “Grant, calm down!” Sam and Trent both got out of their seats, struggling to contain Grant as he struggled against their grip. While neither of them were terribly strong, their height and combined weight did keep Grant largely contained. After a few minutes of screamed profanities and vain attempts to strangle Will, Grant tired out and slumped into the couch. They quartet sat in silence for a few more minutes before Sam spoke. “So, uh. I think we need to finish the game. Otherwise we’ll be stuck here. So. Will. Its your turn?” Sam turned to Will, who still hadn’t moved back towards the table. Sam turned to his brother. “Don’t kill him before we can finish alright…? I don’t know how the game will handle that.” Sam said meekly. Grant only grunted in response.

Will, cautiously, scooted back towards the table. He picked up his hand of cards. Gingerly, he placed a card down, a ‘Move; +2’ Action card. “So, based on the rules, I roll a die and move the result, plus or minus whats on the card.” He picked up the black die and rolled. The table waited in anticipation when the die finally landed with the 6 side. Collectively, they all turned towards Grant, who pushed himself further into the couch. He fought to keep his face stoic as the mild euphoria ripped through his body. Outwardly, it didn’t not appear that he changed. The changes were subtle; his abs were not quite as pronounced, his jawline ever so slightly less angular. Only a thorough inspection and an intimate knowledge of how he looked prior would reveal the differences. Through gritted teeth, Grant spoke. “Move your piece asshole. Lets get this done quickly.” Will grabbed his piece, moving it forward 8. He quickly realized that at several points, he could choose which way he could move. He deliberated for a moment but a growl from Grant got him to choose a path. It ended on a space that read ‘Draw a Boon.’

Will perked up, his apprehension disappearing at the prospect of getting more points. He picked it up and placed it down as he read it aloud. “‘New Accessories; Gain 1 boring piercings. 2 points each’” Before he could even finish the card, Grant screamed. “I’m using my ability!” Will jumped, surprised at the sudden outburst. “Grant, man, don’t get all ass hurt over this. Don’t pick on him.” Sam pleaded. “Fuck off Sam, I’m in this mess cause of you, I’ll do what I fucking want.”

Will yelping interrupted the brothers quarrel. As they turned to look at Will, he had his thin arms crossed of his chest, holding himself tightly. “What? What happened?” Trent interjected. He leaned over and read the card aloud. “‘New Accessories; Gain 2 exotic piercings. 5 points each’ What does exotic mean here? Will, what happened?” Trent inquired. Will shook his head, his mouth working without making any sounds till suddenly he yelped again. He jumped to his feet, hands uncrossing and going to his groin as he suddenly rushed out of the room towards the bathroom. Grant snickered at Will’s reaction. “Serves the fucker right.” Sam glowered at his brother before getting up and going after Will. Trent, in the silence that hung while the other two were gone, peered over the table.

“What?” Grant grunted. Trent looked at Grant with a sideways glance. “I was just making sure the game wasn’t getting mad at the delay. I think it only cared that you were trying to leave, cause its not threatening any penalties.” Trent was silent as he sat back before speaking again. “Look, I know he kinda did you dirty, but I don’t think you should pick on him. You can only use your ability once per round right? What if you get something real bad? You won’t be able to use it on yourself.” Trent spoke calmly. Grant folded his arms and looked away, pissed more that Trent made sense than being dressed down.

Eventually, Sam and Will returned, the latter looking embarrassed. “Alright, so what new bling do you have?” Grant goaded. Sam shot him a glower but Will still spoke. “I, uh, my nipples have bars in them now…” Grant barked a short laugh. “Did it hurt?” Will shook his head. “No… it felt weird but it didn’t hurt. They are kinda sensitive though.” Grant continued to giggle. “So what about the other one? You got two right?” Will’s face flushed red. “I’ve got two nipples…” he mumbled. Grant shook his head. “Naw, no one does just one. Those are a set, I bet, cause this thing is probably cursed and does bullshit like that. What about the other one?”

Will shifted where he stood. “You don’t have to tell us Will if you don’t want to. Grant’s just being a sore loser, like always.” Sam said petulantly. Will gulped before he spoke in a wavering voice. “There’s, uh, one. On my…. uh…” He made a vague gesture with his hand towards his crotch. Grant’s giggling broke out into full on laughter while Trent looked on with sympathy. “You have a prince albert.” Trent clarified. “I heard those hurt a lot, so at the very least, you got to avoid that right? They are supposed to make sex feel a lot better. Win-win right? And you even got points for it!” Trent kept pointing out positive sides. Will sat back down and grabbed his hand, throwing out another card that read ’A player draws 1 Penalty card. “Ya, sure. Grant, draw a Penalty!” Will spat.

“What?!” Grant sat up, furious. Sam tried to hide a smirk. “You did kinda have it coming.” Trent sighed and mumbled. “An eye for an eye, leaves the world blind.” He was ignored as Grant aggressively snatched a card from the Penalty deck. He read it out loud in a whiny, high pitched voice, mocking Will. “‘Shirtless; lose any boons you that you remove.’ HA! Suck it, I don’t have anything like that! You do! HA!” Grant spat, as he pulled off his own polo and tossed it over the couch. “You’re still shirtless, asshole.” Will spat back. Grant quirked an eyebrow before looking down. It took a few seconds to recognize his bare chest as strange. He crossed his arms once more. “Ya, but at least I take care of myself.” Grant shot back defensively. “Not for long…” muttered Trent. “Hey, wait, did you draw two cards?” Sam questioned. Grant shook his head waving his hand. “No? Why would I? I only needed to draw one!” Sam silently pointed to the card in Grant’s hand. Grant made a surprised yelp. Trent butted in. “You have second ability that randomizes if you draw double or half as many cards. You drew double, it seems.” Grant grumbled as he played the next card. ‘The next 1 Boon you draw, give to another player.’

“Right, so my turn?” Trent sat forward, placing down a card that read ‘Move; +1 die’. “So I get to roll twice, right?” Trent grabbed both die and rolled, coming up a 1 and 3. Sam fidgeted as he shrunk an inch, which was thankfully barely noticeable. Trent moved to a space with no text and then played another card. ‘Draw 2 Boons. Give 1 to another and keep the rest.’ Sam touched his lips. “Hey, Trent, I can use my ability on that, so long as you give me the extra Boon.” Trent smiled. “Sure bud. Go for it.”

"Cool! So I’ll increase the 2 to a 3 then. The card’s text changed to ‘Draw 3 Boons. Give 2 to another and keep the rest.’ Sam tilted his head. “Wait, I only wanted to increase the two. Why did both change?” Trent flipped through the book before frowning. “It says its all or nothing; either all colored text changes or none. So I guess you can’t pick and choose. Either way, I guess you come out on top here Sam. Live and let learn.” Trent smiled as he picked up 3 Boons. He studied them for some time, before putting one aside and handing the other two to Sam. He placed down his singular card; ‘Bare, 10 points’. “I think these simple cards are better; more predictable, easier points.”

Will spoke up. “Hey, do you actually want Bare? Like, I think it means your body hair.” Trent shrugged. “I’d rather not be smooth, but its not that big of a deal.” Will nodded. “Well, I can change it, since its Yellow. But you gotta have my back if I get a bad Blue text ya?” Trent pondered. “Ya, sounds fair.” Grant grumbled to himself as the card changed to ‘Dense, 10 points’ and Trent’s arms became dense with black hair. Certainly, the rest of his skin was now covered in coarse hair but for the moment, it was thankfully hidden.

Sam, excitedly, placed down his first card. ‘Whenever a 2 is rolled, Lose 5 lbs of Muscle, 5 point for every 5 lbs.’ and made eye contact with Trent. “Hey, I’ll fix that for you. Go ahead and change that man.” Trent said benevolently, as the word changed to ‘Gain’. Grant huffed. “Y’all are just fucking with me now…” The next card he placed down read ‘Once per Round, whenever you gain a Penalty, you can discard it and draw a new one.’

“And now its my turn proper! How about… this!” Sam put down a ‘Move; +1 dice’ card, picked up the dice and rolled, getting a 6 and a 2. Both brothers squirmed as their weights climbed higher. Grant’s abs faded some more, losing the upper two while a subtle thickening occurred across the rest of his body. Conversely, Sam’s arms thickened slightly. The changes were slow, but they’d slowly accumulate. Sam happily moved his piece forward 8, ending on an empty space. “Alright, Grant its your turn.”

Grant rolled his eyes. “You didn’t use a Standard card bro.” Sam nodded. “I know. There isn’t any I’d like to use right now.”

Grant harumphed as he put down a ‘Move; +3’ card and rolled a 1. He snickered as Sam shrunk another inch, but he only moved forward 4 spaces. He didn’t get a chance to move, so he could not avoid the space the said ‘Draw 1 Boon and 1 Penalty’. Grant sighed as he leaned over and grabbed a Boon. His face split into a wide grin as he revealed the card. ‘Gain 2 in of penis length. 5 pts’ “Hahaha! Fuck ya!” He threw it down on the table, but the card did not land in front of Grant. It fluttered and landed in front of Sam instead. “Wait, what no!” Sam laughed. “You did get the penalty that made you forfeit your next Boon.” Sam mocked through a groan, as his crotch grew a little bit tighter. “Fucking hell…” Sam cursed. He went to draw his Penalty when he saw another Boon in his hand. “Oh, fuck ya! Something else. ‘Perky; 10 pts’. Fucking hell what does that mean?” Grant continued to read the card as his nipples slowly hardened to little points, while the areolas widened. Sam stifled a giggle as his brother pondered the card and Will could barely hold himself together. Neither drew attention to it. “Whatever. Lets get this Penalty over with it.” Grant dumped the previous penalty in the spot on the board for discarded Penalties and grabbed a new one. He frowned as he read it aloud. “Muffled; can’t speak till your next turn.” He read aloud. He set the card down, a look of confusion on his face momentarily before he suddenly lurched up. “Woah! What are you doing?!” Trent exclaimed as Grant pushed his way between the tall man’s knees, digging at his crotch. Grant looked up at the man, mouth working but not making any sounds. Frantically, Grant tugged at Trent’s shorts till he managed to pull them down. Trent aimlessly flailed around his arms, vainly trying to push Grant off of him. Grant finally found what he was, apparently, looking for, when Trent’s short, squat cock flopped out and Grant sucked it into his mouth. Horrified, Grant started bobbing up and down on the cock while the rest of the room erupted into frenzied panic.

Sam jumped up, screaming at his brother to stop while Will started rolling around the floor in laughter. Trent’s protests quickly died, as his cock rocketed to life in Grant’s mouth. Will was the first to recover. “I think he has to gag himself till his turn. Which means he can’t talk. So we might as well move on to my turn ya?” Will grabbed his cards when Grant started flailing his arms, grunting around Trent’s cock. “What the hell Will, this is freaking weird! My brother is sucking our friends dick!” Trent gasped. “Its not…. like… I don’t… want this…” Sam blushed and Will nodded. “Ya we know, you got a hard on for Grant. It isn’t a secret.” Grant grabbed his cards, barely reaching them while keeping himself impaled on the short cock. He quickly tossed out his Action card while Will decided on what card to play. ‘Boon: You can use your Chaos ability as often as you like per round; draw a Boon card each additional time you do.’ But no one except Trent seemed to have noticed.

Will had drawn two more Action cards, before putting down a ‘Move’ card. He rolled a four, landing on an empty space. “Alright and then I’ll play…. this!” The card read ’Roll a die, draw that many Boons. Will grabbed the die and rolled a 2. Sam pumped his fist as he felt the new weight adding to his frame while Will grabbed two more Boons. He placed the first down ‘Facial Hair; chinstrap. 5 pts’ and a thin line of neat, black hair crept across his chin and jaw. He stroked it lightly. “Not really my style, but I’ll take it over most. Now lets see…” He placed down his next Boon ‘Gain 20 lbs of Muscle. 10 pts’ “Oh nice!” Will’s stringer tank lifted somewhat as Will’s shoulders rounded and separated from his neck and his pecs pushed it out somewhat. His arms, unhindered, rounded into thick biceps. It was a considerable amount of weight to gain and on Will’s short stature, it was more pronounced.

Trent moaned, his hands fidgeting with the hem of his shirt as Grant continued to grunt around Trent’s squat cock. “Trent… please, just take your turn. I don’t wanna see my brother blow you man…” Sam groaned, trying and failing to not look in the direction of the pair. Trent nodded hastily as he grabbed his cards. He quickly played a basic move card, rolling a 6. Grant, unable to see the die result, didn’t notice the slight weight being added to his frame. Despite having already gaining 15 pounds, his well muscled form was still readily apparent. Only his definition of his abs were noticeably lacking compared to the start of the game. Trent moved his piece, landing on a square that read ‘Play 2 Standard cards this turn.’ Trent gave a lopsided grin as he played one that read ‘Boon: You can use your Chaos ability an additional time in a round. Afterwards, flip this card over. It is still worth 5 pts.’ And then he played his next card. ‘Select a card from each player. Unless a player objects, replay that card, then, draw a Boon for each card replayed.’ Trent pointed at Will. “Will… wanna replay that muscle card?” Will grinned “Hell ya!” The card fluttered into the air as if blown by a puff of air before it fluttered back to the table. Sam chimed in. “Why would we wanna replay cards?” Will smirked as the card made contact with the table again. His stature expanded as another 20 pounds of muscle piled onto his frame, creating deep fissures between muscle groups. “’Cause we get the cards effect again!” Will exclaimed as he flexed his bicep to demonstrate.

Trent breathed in sharply, trying to keep his composure. “And-AH- we can change a card’s effect with our abilitieES! We can o-ooh-nly use them whe-eh-n they are pl-AH-yed!” Trent picked up his ‘Cueball’ card and placed it back down. “Wanna me to change that for ya?” Trent shook his head furiously. “No! I can deal! I’m gonna be dra-AH-wing a lot! Who kno-OH-ws what I’m gonna get.” Trent half turned towards Sam, who had stopped trying to avoid looking at his brother and Trent, now excited for what card Trent would pick. “Sam, replay that dick card!” Sam pumped his fist as he picked up the card. “I’m gonna use my ability on it! Bump that up by 1!” As he placed it down, the number changed to a 3. Sam squirmed in his seat, his boxer-briefs growing ever tighter. He couldn’t help but tug at his crotch.

Finally, Trent looked down at Grant, sucking in his stomach so he could look at him in the eyes. Grant locked his eyes on Trent, glowering as he bounced up and down on Trent’s dick. Trent breathed in several times, steadying himself. “Grant, do you want to replay your last card?” Will stopped his own self inspection to look over towards Grant’s cards. “Hey, when did he play that!?” He pointed at the last Boon Grant had played, silently, after having been forced to suck Trent’s cock. “He dropped it after he started sucking my dick. He still had AH! A Standard left to play! So Grant, what do you say?” Trent leered down at his unrequited crush as he furiously suckled on his dick. “Well I don’t he-AH-ar a no!” On cue, the card fluttered into the air. “And I’ll use my ability to change that!” As the card settled, the word Boon had changed to Penalty. “Oh! I see! He was going to use his Chaos ability to screw us over constantly and gain a bunch of points from Boons that way! Now he has to risk a new Penalty to spam his ability!” Sam exclaimed.

Grant dug his fingers into Trent’s thighs as he furiously bobbed on the younger man’s dick. He was furious and had so much to say but he couldn’t untangle himself from this damn tasty dick. Wait, what? Before Grant could parse that errant thought further, Trent bent forward smothering Grant in the curve of his pudgy hairy stomach which derailed Grant’s thoughts in a panicked flailing. Trent grabbed four Boons and started reading them aloud. ‘Boon: Whenever a three is rolled, gain 2 years of age. 5 pts per year’ “Well, that shouldn’t be too bad…”

‘Boon: Gain 40 pounds of fat. 15 pts’ Trent frowned. “Well, uh, I’d rather not but I’ve already got some pudge on me. What’s a little more?” He placed the card down and instantly, Trent’s frame started to expand. Grant quickly got overwhelmed as Trent’s stomach peeked outwards into a spherical gut, burying Grant into a sweaty crevice between Trent’s thick thighs and now hanging gut. “Dude, I could have changed it to like muscle or something!” Will exclaimed. “You didn’t even give me the chance.” Trent just shrugged as he started reading the next card.

‘Boon: Leather Vest. 5 pts’ Trent dropped the card quickly. The threads of his novelty tee started to thickening and overlap as a seam ran down the center. In moments, Trent’s hairy gut hung loosely out of his new leather vest. “Dude, is there something you wanna tell us?” Will asked as Trent pointedly ignored him, reading the final card.

‘Boon: Null | 50 pts’ Trent’s eyes widened and he involuntarily squeezed his thighs to protect his crotch, causing Grant to flail as what little air he could get in his sweaty prison was shunted from his lungs. “Oh, no no no! Will please, change that!” Sam and Will looked at him in confusion. “What does Null mean Trent? Is it some kinda gay thing?” Sam asked Trent shook his head. “N-no. It, uh, it means you don’t have a dick. Or like, anything. Down there.” Will interjected. “Like a Ken doll?” Trent’s eyes darted between his friends before nodding quickly. "S’alright, I totally get it. I’ll change it. " Will said, holding up his hands in defeat. The card now read ‘Boon: Toys | 10 pts’ Trent turned his head a little trying to puzzle it out. “I don’t know what that -OH!” Trent jumped from his seated position, forcing Grant to fall backwards and pinned between Trent’s girth and the coffee table. “What?” Sam asked, apprehensively. Trent wrung his hands together. “I think… I think I have a dildo in my ass…” Sam and Will reared back. “Uh… bud. How do you know what that feels like?” Will asked, apprehensively. Trent shot him a dirty glare. “I’m gay; I may prefer to top but I did experiment a little before I came to that realization.”

The trio sat in silence, only the sound of Grant’s slurping filling the air. Eventually, Grant started slapping Trent’s thigh. “Uh, I think he wants you to take your turn Sam.” Trent looked at his friend. Sam bit his lip. "So, no offense Trent, but this game seems to have taken a right turn into gay territory really quickly. Sam held his arms in front of him defensively. Trent nodded slowly. “Ya… I noticed that. But, uh, no offense back. Does it matter? We gotta play anyways.”

Sam sighed, looking at his cards. “Ya I guess. I just, dunno, kinda want to have a girlfriend before some weird cursed board game makes me gay? Is that too much to ask?” Will snorted. “Dude, you ain’t gay yet and more importantly, it was your idea to play this thing!” Sam glared at his friend as he played his card. A ‘Move; +1 die’ allowed Sam to roll two dice. The dice came to rest at a pair of threes. Trent looked up from the board, mild concern on his face. Sam and Will looked at their friend, trying to see what difference four years made to Trent but besides a slight shifting of his facial features, he appeared essentially the same. “At least you’ll age gracefully?” Sam offered as he moved his piece. He came to a junction and decided to take a longer path, which landed him on a space that read ‘Draw a Boon. You can give it to any player’. “So, lets see what I can give out…” Sam drew the card and started reading it aloud. ‘Poser | 10 pts’ Sam stared at the card then up at his friends. “I don’t know what that means.” Trent and Will both shrugged. “I guess I’ll give it to whoever has the least points…” Will slapped his hand on the table. “Naw, don’t give your brother free points! He’s been fucking with us! Give it to me; I don’t have any die-roll cards like the rest of you.” Sam cringed, looking at this brother in his compromised position. “Ya…. you got a point. But now he’ll start fucking with me!”

Trent grunted. “Honestly, so? He’s going to fuck with all of us. We all pissed him off; you do realize he hated having to help us move right? I’m sure he’s still sore about that since he would have avoided this whole game if he didn’t have to.” Sam remained silent, crestfallen, as he handed off the card to Will without another word. Will placed the card down and waited. And waited. He shifted slightly in his seat. “Huh, I expected… I dunno. Something.” Sam shrugged. “Me too. Regardless, I don’t have a card to play so that’s my turn.”

With a dramatic gasp, Grant popped off of Trent’s cock. He huffed as he aggressively rubbed his face with his discarded shirt, trying desperately to get the smell of Trent off of him. He threw his shirt away harshly before glaring at the three other players. Sam winced and looked away while Will smirked at the glowering upper classmen and Trent was slack jawed, still recovering from his blowjob. He hadn’t even had the decency to tuck himself back in yet! “Fuck. All of you.” Grant growled. Sam muttered “Sorry…” but was quickly silenced when Grant whipped around, hand already pulled back ready to punch. “I wouldn’t do that Grant.” Will mocked. “And why the hell not!?” Grant spat, fist still armed. “Its in the rules. No violence.” Will flapped the rule booklet for emphasis. Slowly, Grant’s arm lowered, though his arms shook with barely contained rage. “Hey… Grant. Lets… lets just play. Try to finish this as quickly as possible?” Trent offered. “Fuck off faggot.”

“Real rich coming from the cock sucker!” Will guffawed. Grant, frustrated, fell down into his seat on the couch and snatched up his cards. He drew his new action cards and cursed; he only grabbed one. His ability made him lose out on a card. The card he drew said ‘Penalty: One of target Player’s Chaos abilities cannot be used.’ That was good, Grant thought, as it could make the stupid draw thing not work and he’d not lose or gain cards at random. He threw out a ‘Move; +1’ card and roll a die. He rolled a 2, moving forward three spaces and landing on a space just before a fork that read ‘every player draws a Penalty, starting with the next player’. Grant barked out a laugh. “HA! Now all of you have to do gay shit too!”

Will rolled his eyes. “Ya ya. Whatever. You’re just a sore loser.” Will drew his Penalty; ‘Give your last played Boon to another Player.’ Grant’s laughter died. “Wait, why did you get that? That’s fucking easy!” Sam chimed in, “Grant, you got other penalties that weren’t as bad.” Grant crossed his arms as Will handed Sam back the Poser card. “Here, just take it back. Trent has too many points anyways.” Will noticed a strange sensation in his groin and ass as he handed off the card but didn’t think anything of it.

Trent drew his own Penalty, reading aloud. “‘Multitask with one hand till your next turn.’ Huh, I wondER!” Trent stopped as his right hand dropped the penalty card and quickly grabbed his still exposed dick, stroking it quickly. Meanwhile his hips started twisting side to side and up and down, working the dildo in and out of his hole. “Oooooh, ok! I think I get it!” Trent smiled while Grant recoiled, pushing himself as far away as the couch’s armrest allowed. “Oh come on! I just got done with your faggot bullshit!” Sam yelled. “Alright fuck off Grant! I know your pissed but don’t go throwing around fucking slurs! We used to get along so well before and now you don’t want anything to do with me! Just suck it up and you’ll be done soon!” Grant boiled at his brother’s rant but said nothing. He knew he was being hostile but he also felt justified with how weird this whole situation was. Sam, appearing satisfied in Grant’s silence drew his penalty.

“Muffled; can’t speak till your next turn.’ Oh… I’d rather not. I’ll redraw that.” Grant rolled his eyes as his brother drew a new Penalty. “‘Bottomless; lose any boons you that you remove.’ Oh, ok. I guess I can deal with that.” Sam stood up and dropped his khaki cargo shorts, revealing a shiny, gold poser that cupped his hefty package. “Oh huh; I guess that’s what Poser meant?” He wriggled his hips, causing the skimpy underwear to come free and fall into the folds of his pants and allowing his cock room to breathe. While soft, it still hung heavily. Grant hadn’t seen his brother naked in many years, not since they took baths together as little kids. So he wasn’t sure where his brother sat before his new boons, but now he looked to be about 7 inches soft? It looked just a bit longer than Grant’s hard and he knew he was just shy of 7 inches. Grant’s cheeks burned as he realized how long he had been staring at his own brother’s dick.

Shaking his head, Grant grunted and drew his Penalty, silently hoping he would randomly draw nothing instead. Unfortunately, he did indeed draw a card. But only a single, to his small relief. “‘Roll 5 dice’ What? What kind of penalty is that?” Will chortled. “Dude, remember your first Boon? There’s a few in play. Whenever a one, two, three or six is rolled, someone changes and gains points. It isn’t, like, a strictly penalty, but it can give someone a big boost. The game is called Chaos after all!” Grant frowned. He didn’t want to gain anymore weight, so the more die, the worst off he’d be even if he gained points from it. But he was so far behind the others already, he really had no hope of winning the game. His thoughts had all turned towards getting out the other side as much like himself as he could. “Naw, fuck it. I’m going to change that.” Will’s eyes shot up. “Really? That’s, like, a fifty percent chance at getting worse man.”

“Ya and since I had a cock in my mouth all round, I couldn’t use my ability till my fucking turn anyways! So I’m going to take my damn chance!” Grant turned back to the card in his hand and gasped, all color draining from his face. “W-hat?” Trent asked in between moans. “It changed!” Grant shrieked. "Grant, that’s what Chaos abilities do! They change the cards. “No, fucker, look!” Grant turned the card over, the 5 had been replaced with a 20. Will and Sam leaned in, reading the card themselves. Will started laughing, rolling onto his side while Sam sat backwards. “Huh… I guess your ability really is random?”

Grant was trying his best to remain composed, but he was dangerously close to falling over an edge. “No, hell no, fuck this. I’m using my ability again! I’ll take sucking another dick over risking that shit!” The card changed before Will and Sam’s eyes, now reading 42. “Grant, stop! You only made it worse! Its forty-two now! And you have a penalty!” Sam exclaimed. Grant shakily turned the card back over, seeing for himself the damage he had wrought. He was tempted to risk it, go for broke. But, he knew. This game was obviously rigged, otherwise he wouldn’t be bottom of the barrel in points and nothing to show for it but a rapidly expanding waistline. With great resignation, Grant went to play the card. “Fine…” But before the card hit the table, the Penalty deck spat out a card into the air. “Looks like you gotta take your other penalty first!” Will mocked. Grant huffed as he grabbed the card before it hit the table. “‘Gain the ‘Power Bottom’ Boon and demonstrate your new role till your next turn.’ What the shit is that?!” Grant yelled as his legs forced him to stand up. In front of him, a card materialized ‘Power Bottom | 30 pts’ as he kicked out of his shorts and underwear, revealing his cock and balls. Trent started snickering as he bounced around on his dildo. “Well he won’t be busy with me!” Trent practically sang.

Will looked between his two friends confused till he saw where Grant was moving towards. Sam’s bare lap, where his sizeable cock was nestled, but was quickly rising. “Sam….” Will squeaked. “Grant, what are you doing!?” Grant had turned around, horrified as he pulled his ass cheeks apart. “I don’t know!” With surprising swiftness and accuracy, Grant sat down. His hole perfectly aligned with Sam’s now fully erect dick, sliding in with startlingly ease. Grant’s mouth hung open, a low moan accompanying the sounds of Trent’s masturbating hand and the soft sound of his brother’s girthy dick sliding deep into his most intimate spaces. The pitch rose as Grant slid down to the base, fully impaled before he started rising again. “Fuuuuuuck, what the hell!? Why is this feel so good? Ugh, Sam, stop!” Sam’s hands were firmly placed over his eyes, trying to block out the bizarre situation currently pummeling itself on his dick. “I’m not doing anything! You’re doing everything!”

Trent tittered as his hand worked his own meat. “Ya, that’s what a Power Bottom does! They take it up the ass and do all the work!” Will couldn’t help but snicker as well. “Right, this is great and all but I’m sure Sam would like this to end earlier rather than later. Start rolling Bottom Boy!” Will put the die in Grant’s hand as he reached the apex of his stroke. “Ugh, yes, please! This is just too fucked up!”

He threw the die at the table, not caring for how hard or far he threw it. While it flew through the air, it seemed to split and multiply in the air. The collection of dice made a cacophonous clatter as they collided with the table and scattered, some even onto the floor. Will jumped to his feet, trying to not disturb the dice that landed there. “Well, that was quicker than rolling forty-one more times…” Before he could even start tallying the die rolls, the pips on the dice started to glow. Eight dice showing 1 shimmered and dispersed into a form of energy, rushing towards Sam. The young man groaned as his limbs and spine started to shrink, compacting his frame to a mere 5’2". Just as quickly, nine dice showing 2 also transformed and infused into Sam. With his decreased stature, the muscle gain was far more pronounced. His abs became blocky cinderblocks and his pecs and traps made sure his novelty tee stayed tight on his reduced frame. His exposed thighs bulged, now easily supporting his bouncing brother’s ministrations. His arms exploded his sleeves and started fighting for space with his pecs, making it near impossible for him to continue hiding his eyes behind his hands.

Seven dice showing 3 flew into the air into the dildo-riding Trent, who grunted and groaned as his age started to show. His skin quickly lost its luster, sagging slightly around his face. His stomach and moobs, already sizeable, dropped further as they lost their youthful spring. Fine lines creased around his eyes and mouth and the color of his hair faded somewhat, with the first hints of grey appearing int he roots of his beard. Three dice showing 4 and four showing 5 evaporated into the air, going nowhere before finally, ten dice showing six evaporated, leaving one, real die with 6 pips remaining. The energy swirled before being absorbed by Grant. His body, in constant motion, seemed to warp and ripple as fifty-five pounds of fat materialized all at once. The first area noticeably affected was his stomach, which rounded out into a solid pot belly, which retained its roughly spherical shape even with the rough movement. His thighs and ass ballooned, thickening but retaining a hint of definition and making his bouncing much easier on Sam’s newly corded thighs. His back’s striations were now fully hidden, a smooth, wide canvas as slight muffin top formed near his waist. His arms thickened, without losing much definition, already his most worked part of his body, gaining significant size. Finally, his pecs plumped and rounded. They retained their larger shape, losing mainly firmness. His massive, thick nipples pointed downwards on his downstroke but floated in the air, pointing every direction on his upstroke.

Will watched in a mix of fascination and horror as his two friends (and one asshole) rapidly changed in front of him. Despite himself he couldn’t help but snicker at Grant’s predicament. “Well bottom boy? Got anything else to do or can I take my turn?” Grant grunted, trying to keep himself steady as his body moved without his permission. Without a word (he didn’t trust himself to contain the moans of pleasure that tickled his throat), he played his newly drawn card, canceling out his own ability to randomly draw double or half as many cards. Will smirked before he put down his own card. ‘Move: Roll 0 dice, +4’ Trent leaned forward, balancing himself as he studied the board. “Woa, really?” He purred as Will moved his token to the only space he could reach. It read ‘Draw a Boon for each player. Give each player one’.

“Hell ya! That way I get the pick of the litter!” Will quickly drew four cards from the Boon deck and started studying them intensely. He eyed Trent before handing over a card. Trent read aloud “Power Top | 30 pts’ Oh, wow, really?!?” Will nodded enthusiastically. Grant grunted and scowled. “Nooo! I’m changing that!” Will rolled his eyes as Trent deflated slightly. The card now said ‘Verse | 30 pts’. “Ah, well, I can live with that. Don’t worry about it Will, I still appreciate it.” Will smiled as he held out card for Sam, tapping him on the shoulder to get his attention. “Huh? Oh uh…. ‘Hairless | 10 pts.’” Sam squeaked. Will waited, half expecting Grant to chime in but he kept silent. Beneath Grant’s ass, Sam’s crotch was quickly denuded, as was his treasure trail and the fine hairs over the rest of his body, leaving him smooth from the neck down. Will then turned to Grant, snapping his fingers to draw his attention. Grant scowled, adamantly refusing to look. “Just read it out loud. I can’t read shit while doing this.” He grumbled.

Will obliged with a smirk. “‘Crop Top | 5 pts’” Grant rolled his eyes. “I’ve got that Shirtless thing; it doesn’t matter.” And indeed, nothing on Grant changed, though Will could see the shirt Grant had discarded earlier had significantly less fabric than before. Finally, Will revealed the card he reserved for himself. ‘Gain 2 inches of penis length | 5 pts’ Grant growled. “No, fuck you! You don’t get to have a big dick after all this! I’m changing it!” Will just rolled his eyes. “Fine, you’ll eat your penalty though!” The card morphed to ‘Gain 1 inch of penis length and girth | 10 pts’ Grant groaned, though he wasn’t sure if it was from frustration or his brother hitting a particularly good spot. Will oh so helpfully drew a Penalty for Grant, reading it aloud. “‘Draw a Boon with Red text. Give it to the player with the lowest points, then gain an inverted copy.’ Hey, that’s me! Thanks for the free card!” Will gleefully grabbed the next card. ‘Gain 2 years of age. | 5 pts’ In front of Grant, a card materialized ‘Lose 2 years of age | -5 pts’ Grant tried to roll his eyes, as Will and he exchanged some years. Grant’s rounded features hide most of the youthful softness he regained, while Will’s features sharpened ever so slightly. “Oh and I’m not done yet! I’ve got an action card! ’Draw a Boon and give a copy to another player. Lets see…. ‘Boon: 1 spicy tattoo. | 10 pts’ Oh that sounds interesting. You know what Grant? I’ll give this to you; I’m sure you’ll get something cool. Unless you want to risk another Penalty?” Grant glared as he bounced, saying nothing. “Alright then!” Will dropped the card onto the table, an equal card appearing infront of Grant. Both made a hissing sound as new ink drew itself onto their skins. Will jumped to his feet, pulling down his khakis, showing his pubic region and the base of his cock. There in block letters was a tattoo of the Sigma Alpha Beta fraternity and the words ‘Pledge Paddle’ and an arrow pointing towards his dick. “Haha, that’s our fraternity isn’t it Grant!?” Will exclaimed. Sam, surprisingly, was the one who responded. “Ya….I can tell.” Grant’s cheeks flushed. He had felt where the ink was drawing and he dreaded what was inscribed on his lower back, just above his ass. “What… what does it say?”

Sam was silent for a minute. “Uh… ‘Sigma Alpha Beta Pledge No Max’ and an arrow… pointing down.” A thrill ran down Grant’s spine, which caused him far more distress than the knowledge of his new tramp stamp. “Just… Trent take your fucking turn and stop jerking off to me riding my brother’s fat dick!” Trent’s hand slowed, but did not fully stop. He did stop his bouncing on the dildo however. “Uh, ya. Sure.” Almost reluctantly, Trent took his hand off his dick, picking up his cards. He played a ‘Move: 3 dice’ card, rolling two 3s and a 2 moving forward to a blank space. He studied his hand for a moment before playing his next card. ‘Draw 5 Boons. Place them into any number of piles (min 2). Another Player chooses who gets each pile.’ “And I’m going to use my ability to change that.” Trent breathed, his voice almost caught in his throat. The text changed to You. Trent paused, waiting to see if either of the brothers wanted to interfere, but they seemed too preoccupied. Giddily, he drew four new Boons, placing them down as he decided how he’ll allocate them.

With a small flourish, Trent handed a single card to Sam. ‘Vers Top | 30 pts’ Sam’s passive role in Grant’s bouncing suddenly reversed, his thick quads tensing as he started meeting his brother’s thrusts. Grant barely processed the explosion of pleasure with a responsive partner before a pair of cards were shoved into his hands.‘Pliable | 20 pts’ and ‘Lose 2 in of Penis Length | 10 pts’. He could barely think through the ripples of pleasure. He didn’t know what pliable meant but he knew he didn’t want to lose some of his dick. “I’m- UGH, going to change this!” He tossed both cards down, not bothering to see the new text of ‘Gain 4 in of Height | 20 pts’. A Penalty card flipped in front of Grant. Trent read it aloud. “‘Give a copy of your first and last Boon to another player.’ Huh… that means someone gets four inches taller and gets fatter on rolls of 6.” Grant grunted as his spine lengthened, towering over his brother even as his bouncing became even easier and smoother. With the increased height, the weight sat on his frame a bit better giving him a plump, rounded appearance. He didn’t bother to puzzle that. “Well, you fat fuck, have fun. They’re yours!” Trent just smirked. “Thank you! That gives me something else to play!” Trent put down a Reaction card that said ‘Double the numerical values of all cards played for the rest of the turn.’ “I think I’ll double the height card.” Trent grunted as he shot up a whooping eight inches, pushing him past seven feet in height. But to everyone’s surprise, his frame did not thin out from the massive increase in height like Grant’s just had. In fact, it seemed he bulged out even more, if only slightly. Will was the one who broke the silence. “Hey… our character cards have things on them now.” Trent picked his up and read aloud. “‘Fat gained: 100 lbs’ I guess I copied all the weight gained from the card. Interesting.” Trent seemed largely unperturbed by the development. “Well then, the last two cards go to me. ‘Gain 2 in of penis length and girth | 10 pts’ and ‘Gain 40 lbs of Muscle | 20 pts’” The changes were subtle; Trent was massive and had already gained a significant amount of weight. But his arms firmed and his chest and stomach pulled up, losing some of their sagginess. It was clear there was power behind all that fluff. And his still erect dick pulsed and grew fat and long. And then some, as Trent grinned. “Ya, that card doubled all numbers for cards played after it. So I doubled the height. But also the muscle and dick. Alright then, that’s my turn. Hey Grant, let your brother take his turn in peace. I’m sure you’ll find someone else to use.” Trent leaned back, his new fat girthy cock bobbed in the air. Grant effortlessly stood, his brothers dick sliding out of his ass with ease. He was only slightly relieved as he automatically walked over, turned around, and impaled himself on Trent’s dick. He expected resistance but his ass stretched around the intrusion quickly with almost no pain. It disturbed Grant how he could feel the difference in how the cock’s plumbed his depths. Different angles, different length’s and girths changing the experience in new but equally blissful ways. He told himself he didn’t want to risk more penalties but a hard to ignore part of him wanted to desperately feel the new and improved Trent personally.

Sam sat in his chair, panting, his towering cock sticking into the air even without his brother’s ass to keep it upright. Slowly, he sat up and shuffled forward. His legs no longer reached the floor when he sat back against the faded back. “So… uh.” Sam dithered before putting down a ‘Move: 2 dice’, rolling a 6 and 2. Grant and Trent shuddered as both gained a small more amount of flab on their already thick bodies and Sam’s definition hardened ever so slightly more. He moved forward landing on a space that read ‘Draw a Boon, then give each other player a copy of one of your Boon’s’. Sam smiled somewhat as he drew his card. ‘Gut | 10 pts’ “Huh.” Sam’s shredded abs bowed out and pushed out into a distended turtle shell, not losing any definition. “Okay… lets see. Will you are the one with the least points. So you can have a copy of my muscle card. And Trent, you just got some extra dick. Have some more. And Grant…. you can have my Hairless.” Grant groaned as the dick inside him plunged deeper instantly, closing his eyes and missing his untrimmed body hair disappearing into the air. Will shouted “Fuck ya!” as his stringer tank was stretched and strained as his body exploded in muscle. Due to the difference in height, Will was slightly less built than Sam, but not by much.

Sam grinned as he put down his final card. “Alright, then I’m going to use this Standard card ‘Till your next turn, all players roll 2 additional dice whenever they roll a die’ and I’ll use my ability to increase that to 3. If I’m reading the board right, someone should hit the end of the board before its even my turn again.” Grant grunted as his legs stopped pushing him around the massive dick stretching his ass. He sat, still impaled and echoes of pleasure still rippling through his thick body. Slowly and deliberately, he extracted himself. He bit his lip to stifle the moan that threatened to escape him as the head finally cleared his ring. His ass closed, as if the club of a cock hadn’t just stretched it to oblivion. He tried to ignore the three set of eyes that followed him as he drew his three new cards. He felt hollow but he couldn’t figure out if it was because of how out of whack his evening had gone or the fact his ass was literally empty. Instead, he ignored the feeling and just tried to play the game. His hand was interesting; he had only a single ‘Move: 2 dice’, which means he’d roll five total. And that would almost certainly put him in the final space. He also had a ‘Draw 3 Boons’ card, which he could hopefully use save something of the evening. He also had a copy of the card Trent played, that doubled all numbers. That was dangerous, but it could score him major points. The final card didn’t seem useful; it let him reroll a single die, but with how many he’d be rolling it wouldn’t matter. “Wait. What happens when the game is over? Like this game is magic, what’s the incentive to win?” Grant had what seemed like his first lucid thought since the game had started.

Will, who had been busy posing and flexing for himself stopped at the question. He picked up the rules booklet once more flipping through it. “Uhhh…. it says the winner gets to ‘decides the fate of the players’. That’s it. Super vague. And ominous.” Grant’s face split into a manic grin. “Oh! Okay then! Lets finish this then!” Grant threw down his one move card and quickly grabbed the die and let it roll. As before it split in mid air into four copies resulting in a 1, 2 and three 6s. “I’ve got a card that lets me re-roll a die. So I’m going to reroll that 2.” The die jumped into the air on its own, landing down on a 6. Grant didn’t even flinch as twenty more pounds softened his features even more. He moved his token forward, hitting the final space in the center of the board. The large space had been blank since its threatening message towards Grant at the start but now new text appeared. ‘Finish your turn.’

“Okay you spooky piece of shit, I’ll finish my damn turn. I’ve got another card to play!” He threw down his ‘Draw 3 Boons’ cards. He was tempted to start doubling the numbers there, but he felt like that would get out of control too quickly. Drawing the first card, he was giddy. ‘Copy another player’s Boon. Cannot copy dice-based Boons.’ He couldn’t copy his brother’s muscle boon, but he could copy something else just as good. “Trent, I’m going to copy your cock length and girth card! And I’m going to play this!” He dropped the doubling card. The boon card shifted to read ‘Gain 2 in of penis length and girth | 10 pts’. Grant’s excitement deflated slightly. "Sorry Bro, I don’t think the doubling stacks. I think the normal card is only half as much so thats what you copied. Grant’s exposed, still erect cock unfurled out, cresting just past the curvature of his stomach allowing him the first view of it since his previous turn. He drew his next boon. ‘Donut | 20 pts’ Grant screwed up his face. He wasn’t sure what that meant and he was sure he wouldn’t like it. But he didn’t want to draw a penalty as it would screw him up even more, he was sure. He felt a strange stretching sensation in his ass, dissimilar to the two cocks he had recently taken, but still pleasurable. He decided to ignore it for now.

The final Boon was drawn and Grant gasped. ‘Gimp | 30 pts’ “Oh fucking shit, hell no! No way am I doing that kinky shit. Change that shit!” The card morphed into ‘Bootylicious | 20 pts’ Grant gasped as his entire body morphed. Fat redistributed around his body, thinning him slightly everywhere but his thighs and ass, which ballooned out into a thick ass and thighs that eclipsed even his broad shoulders. It did however bring out his underlying strength in his chest and arms. “That means one last penalty before the game ends.” Will chimed in. Grant rolled his eyes. “Ya ya!” He snatched the penalty card and read it aloud. “‘All other players get a copy of a non-dice Boon in play they don’t own.’ Well… at least you can’t sneak out a ton of points from the fat card…”

Will waved him off. “Ya whatever. Don’t be a sore winner. I’m going to copy your Power Bottom card and use my ability on it.” The card materialized in front of will reading ‘Verse Bottom | 30 pts’. Trent sighed. "I don’t think anyone can catch up to me in points, so I’ll just take…. Sam’s Gut. I think it’ll complete the ‘look’ I’ve got going on. Trent’s stomach quivered as his body restructured itself so that his stomach was his most prominent feature, jutting outwards and hanging in the air despite its colossal size. Sam was idly stroking his towering cock. “Uh, normally I’d say go for more dick but with the doubling card I don’t think anyone would be able to take me afterwards. So I’ll copy Trent’s muscle card.” Sam’s musculature exploded, far surpassing Will’s swole physique. His arms hung as an angle, his pecs and back forcing them away from his body. His neck was swallowed by his exploding traps. His legs and lengthy dick fought for space, forcing his dick to jut out even further.

The board began to glow as the final card was selected. The space illuminated as new text wrote itself. ‘As the first to reach the goal you gain a final advantage. Draw a Boon; All other players shall receive a pointless copy. Chaos Abilities cannot be used.’ The tension in the air was palpable as Grant drew the final boon. "‘Reality Warp | 100 pts’ The group looked to each other confused as a copy of the card appeared in front of the other players. Will opened his mouth but cried out in pain before he could voice his question. Each of the boys recoiled, clutching their heads as a splitting headache blurred their vision, tears forming in their eyes as the pain dominated their entire of their focus.

As quickly as it started, the pain subsided. The four boys blinked, clearing their eyes of their tears, the echoes of the pain having already faded. Grant looked around the table, confused, before looking down at the card in his hand. “What’s this one supposed to mean?” He asked. Will shrugged his beefy shoulders. “Dunno pledge. None of these cards made any sense.” Trent scratched his scalp. “Ya, like. I’m already bald. So even the first card of the game didn’t like, do anything?” Sam leaned forward on his tiptoes to see the center of the board. “Well, Grant, your the winner. And according to this you get to decide what cards remain and what don’t. What… why? The games over?” Grant leaned over his younger, shorter brother, his stomach brushing against his exposed meaty bicep. ’Congratulations on Winning Chaos The Board Game. You may now decide the player’s fates. You can adjust or discard any card played." Grant stared at the board, brow knitted. “Ya…. weird. Why change anything? The games over.” The text on the center space disappeared before reforming one more time. ‘Enjoy. Until next time.’ and once more the space was empty. The cards in front of each the players seemed to fade, as did the now ignored text on their character cards.

“Sorry kids; I thought this would be a fun way to start Sam’s first year in college. Guess it was a bit of a dud.” Trent sighed, scratching at his protruding stomach. “I dunno…. I did enjoy some of it.” Grant said with a bit of a leer, eyeing Trent’s still partially hard cock. The older man smirked as his hand migrated down and grabbing himself at the base around his stomach. “Oh, don’t get me wrong, that was fun. Might as well continue that, since the game itself wasn’t much.” Grant hopped over to Trent, not bothering to hide his excitement nor his bobbing cock. He turned, grabbing his ass and pulling the cheeks apart and effortlessly slide down onto Trent’s enormous cock. Grant groaned as the dick plumbed the deepest depths of his ass. “Hey! I’ve not gotten a chance at his ass for a year!” Sam whined as he stomped forward. He grabbed Grant’s ankles and lifted them with ease, causing the older brother to slide down to Trent’s hilt. Using his leverage, Sam forced his brother to spread his legs. Sam lined up his lengthy fuckstick alongside Trent’s and pushed, meeting only minor resistance before Grant’s hole relented and allowed the two massive pillars to slide past one another. Grant murmured as the pleasant full sensation sent him into stratospheric bliss. Holding his brother up, Sam started pumping into his ass furiously, causing his brother to vibrate and ripple in motion. “Oh hell ya bros!” Will exclaimed as he quickly shed his pants. He scrambled over to Trent, who was sitting back to let the two brothers do most of the work. Without asking, Will climbed over Trent’s chest and pressed his ass against Trent’s face, who quickly started probing it with his tongue. “Oh ya, fuck get in there old man!” Will moaned. The upper class man steadying himself by draping his arms over Grant’s shoulders, fingers finding the pledge’s sensitive nipples and giving them a few forceful tugs. When Grant opened his mouth to moan, Will took the opportunity to shove his tongue into his mouth.

The four men fucked long into the night, the board game long forgotten. They didn’t see it float off the table, down the stairs and back onto the shelf. By the time they had fucked themselves asleep, the memory of the game was nothing more than a dream. And so it laid in wait, till a new game would be played, with a new group of men. Drawn to Chaos.

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