Stockholm Syndrome - Ch. 2: Memory

By LedBySpiralEyes
published June 8, 2021
3706 words

Robin reunites with a friend, but he’s still hypnotized.

(Author’s note: I highly recommend you read Chapter 1 first if you haven’t, as it’ll make this chapter hotter! Hopefully!)

The next morning I woke up in Master’s bed. He was still sleeping next to me, so I decided to get up, get dressed, and start to cook breakfast. Bacon, eggs, potatoes. I hated eggs, but I knew how much Master liked them. It wasn’t long before I heard Master get up and walk to the kitchen, stopping in the doorway.

I looked up and saw a giant goofy smile on his face. “What?”

“You’re so cute,” he answered. I flushed and tried to hide my face by looking away, but he wasn’t letting me get away that easily. He came up behind me and hugged me, resting his cheek on top of my head and running his hands along my hips. It all felt so familiar, and so right.

Master had something to attend to that day. He left me to my chores with a kiss and a giddy feeling that just wouldn’t go away. I dusted around the house, cleaned the bathroom with a spring in my step. I felt like- like I was in love!

Knock knock.


It couldn’t be those men again, not here, not now. Please. I carefully peered out the window nearby the door, and… I couldn’t believe my eyes. Jay?

Last time I had seen him he was… being led away. Hypnotized. Gone. But this Jay was clearly different. He looked dishevelled, shifty. His clothes were a mess, his wavy black hair was completely tangled, and his eyes darted around as he periodically turned away from the door, checking for something. Someone.

I was suspicious, but I couldn’t just leave him there. I opened the door.


“Robin!” He reached out as if to embrace me but then stepped back. His eyes went wide. “What are you wearing?!”


“…my clothes?” What kind of question was that?! He shook his head. “It doesn’t matter,” he said hurriedly. “Please, do you have any food? We gotta get out of here.”

“How did you escape?” I marveled at him. “Last time I saw you, you were…”

Jay shut his eyes. “I know, I know. It’s a long story. But please, we need to leave.”

“It’s okay! Come inside so nobody sees you.” I invited him in and started stepping further into the house, but he remained at the doorway and looked around warily. Oh, he must be worried about being found by the owner of the house. I tried to assuage his fears. “Don’t worry, Master won’t be here for a few hours at least.”

He stared at me. “…Master?”

Oh. Right. That’s probably an awkward name, considering the situation. “Uhh, yeah. That’s just his name, I swear. He rescued me when I was about to be found by a gang of hypnotists. He’s been hiding me out here until I can go home when the boat comes again at the end of the month. ”

Jay stared at me doubtfully, seeming to be calculating something. “Seriously, he’s a good guy,” I tried again.

He sighed and followed me into the house. How could he have escaped? I was so happy he had, though. This meant that the residents of this island weren’t indomitable. Jay had been so nice to me the first few days, we could probably escape together! I motioned to a couch, brought him some food, and we each took a seat.

The first thing I wanted to know, of course, was how he had broken free. Between bites, Jay grimly explained that the woman I saw had held him in a harem of slaves. She wasn’t able to keep them all under all the time, so she instead used post-hypnotic suggestions to keep them all from escaping or acting out. Desperate, Jay came up with a plan. He spent all his time out of trance learning the art of hypnotism - the same chain that held him would be the key that set him free. He had stolen a hypnotic jewel necklace, and hypnotized himself to uninstall the suggestions and triggers. Four nights ago, he made his escape.

After hiding out for some time, Jay was running out of food and needed help, desperately. That was when he saw me, walking home with Master. He followed me home and here we were.

Huh. I had to admit, that was definitely impressive. I had no idea Jay was ballsy enough to pull that off. But there was one thing that stuck out to me.

“Are you sure you saw me walking outside? I’ve been staying indoors all the time so that the hypnotists don’t find me.” Jay glanced at me, then stared down at his empty plate. “Yeah, it was you.”

That was… odd. Jay had no reason to lie. I studied his face carefully, but he continued to avoid my eyes, doggedly looking down.

Wait a second. If Jay escaped four nights ago… “Jay?”


“Yesterday, a group of men came here to look for a missing victim. I managed to hide from them, but… Why didn’t they mention you?”

Jay whipped his head up to stare at me again. “They… they did. They’re looking for me.”

That’s not right. They were looking for me, not him. Shit. Was this some sort of trap? Is Jay still hypnotized? They must have sent him in, to get me to lower my guard! I had to get away, carefully. I cautiously stood up, and he did too. He was blocking the way between me and the door.

“Jay.” I chose my words carefully. “I need you to realize. You’re still hypnotized. You’re being used.”

A look of incredulous shock overtook his face. “A-are you being serious right now?!”

I kept eye contact, trying to slowly circle around him so that I could break for the door as if he was a wild animal. “Yes, Jay. Your story doesn’t line up. You were sent here to capture me.” Shit. I realized that it was likely the hypnotists were waiting outside the door, but I really didn’t have any other avenue of escape. “Last time I saw you, you were being led around on a leash. You can’t tell me you escaped that so easily.”

His face turned red and his voice turned indignant. “You are saying that to me? I- I- I can’t believe this. It took me so long to learn hypnosis, to plan my escape, and you’re saying I’m the one who’s hypnotized?”

My hands were starting to tremble, my heart getting faster in my chest. This wasn’t him. This reaction must be him realizing I was right. I tried to appeal to logic one more time. “Think, Jay! There’s no way you learned to hypnotize people in one week.”

The anger gave way to shock. He looked at me in horror. “Robin, it’s been four months.”

That’s it, he was beyond help. I had to run. Sensing this was the opening I needed, I bolted past him towards the door, that’s it, I just had to run and hide, find Master, and-

I felt Jay’s body collide with mine as he tackled me to the ground.

“No!! Let me GO!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, kicking and squirming, but my small frame was my downfall as Jay pinned me down, sitting on my chest as he held my helpless wrists to the floor. I looked up into his eyes, dark and dead, as the anger and shock seemed to melt from his face.

“I’m sorry I have to do this.” His voice was frighteningly solemn. I cried out desperately as he held my wrists down with one strong hand above my head and reached into his shirt. He was going to hypnotize me, I was going to become a slave, I- NO!

Good boys submit.

My worst fears were realized as he drew out from under his shirt a necklace with a white crystal on it. The pendant he stole. I shut my eyes tight. I couldn’t look at it, no, no, no, NO! My heart beat out of my chest as I continued to struggle. But to no avail.

Good boys obey.

Jay’s voice became a gentle coo as he tried to coax me to open my eyes. “Listen to me, Robin. Stop fighting me. I’m only trying to help you. Please, just look at the pendant.” No way in hell.

Good boys follow their Master.

He sighed. “Listen. Focus on my voice, Robin. It’s so soothing, so relaxing. It makes you want to just… let all that fear and tension out, doesn’t it?” It… no. I weakly tried to free my hands. Pointless.

Good boys fall into trance.

“Robin, I’m your friend. You can trust me. If you don’t want to look at the pretty pendant, you don’t have to. I can’t make you do anything. All I ask is that you just listen to me talk, okay?” No, no, I tried to block out his voice, but it wormed its way into my mind, so gently, so softly. “You don’t even have to think about what I’m saying, if you don’t want to. The rhythm of my words is enough. In one ear, out the other. So soft, so soothing, that it takes all that stress out of your body. Just feel it float away, away, until it’s gone.” Ugh…

“Breathe in… and out for me. So relaxed. In… and out. That’s it. Just like that. In… Each breath collects all your fear, your thoughts, your tension, and out, releasing them. My words filling your mind, so full, that there isn’t any room for all your worries anymore. No room for any thoughts. Head so, so, filled with my words, it’s overflowing.”

“No need to struggle. Just relax. It’s so hard to think. Mind going so slowly, floating so calmly. Open your eyes.” W-

The pendant. It’s so… beautiful. On its slow arc back and forth. My eyes glued as it slowly swayed left… and right…



“You can’t look away.”

Why would I want to?

“Feeling those thoughts grind to a halt.”

“Sinking deeper and deeper for me.”

“So good, so relaxed, so mindless.”

“My words becoming your thoughts.” His words becoming…

The pendant irresistibly holding your mind. Nothing but the pendant and my voice. Now. I’m going to count down, from ten, to one. When I reach one, you will sink deep into obedient trance. And it will feel so good, you won’t even want to resist.

Ten. Falling deeper.

Nine. You can’t take your eyes off the pendant.

Eight. So good, so relaxed.

Seven. No thoughts at all.

Six. Unable to think. You don’t want to, even if you could.

Five. So obedient.

Four. My words are your thoughts.

Three. So close to being completely entranced.

Two. So close to being completely hypnotized.


Snap. Slee-

Good boys are completely, helplessly, hypnotized.

I… I remembered.

I crouched behind the bush as the voices got closer and closer, until they were right on top of me. I tried to make a break for it, but they caught me and held me down. It was then that I first saw Master’s smile, as he looked down at me and said I was adorable. He guided my chin upwards, until his eyes met mine. His beautiful eyes. Like deep pools. I felt myself falling into them, as his melodious voice slipped into my ears. I never had a chance.

I remembered how good it felt to relax and obey him. My pursuers gathered around me as I knelt before them, so gone, so mindless, so helpless to their orders. One by one, the five men unzipped their pants, letting their stiff, erect cocks dangle as they formed a circle around me. I happily obeyed as they commanded me to pleasure them. Rubbing, stroking a different length with each hand as they took turns fucking my mouth, using me. Master told me that the more pleasure they felt, the more pleasure I would feel, and it was true. That bliss grew and grew as each man dominated me, thrusting in and out of me. I was an obedient hole. Made to be fucked.

One by one they ejaculated all over me, covering me in sticky cum. Master said that when the last one came, I myself would orgasm, without touching. And he was right. As I knelt before my Master, the last one to climax, he smiled at me, and I sank into his eyes as he stroked his cock over me. Empty. Mindless. Somewhere in my head I processed that he was cumming, that his seed was splattering across my face and into my mouth. A great, mind-blowing pleasure built in my head and my chest. Still completely lost in his eyes, I heard myself moaning, felt my penis pulse and throb, so far away. Like a volcano, I overflowed. That burning pleasure seared through my mind, destroying any idea of free will that had ever existed in my head. All that exists are those entrancing, mesmerizing, hypnotic eyes. The eyes of my Master.

A firm SNAP sounded next to my ear as I slept and obeyed.

I kept remembering.

Master brought me to his home to be his faithful, hypnotized maid. He told me I felt pleasure from cleaning, from cooking, from serving him. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. That first night, as he explained the inner workings of the island, I nursed his cock under the table. Master had hypnotized me to not realize I was submissively serving him while I listened to his words. Even when I told him that he was too big, I apologized for my inexperience, and he assured me I would get better, I still didn’t notice. Because I was Master’s slave, and he held the keys to my reality.

I spent weeks training to become the perfect servant for my Master. I spent hours being brainwashed by videos of spirals that flashed words and orders I couldn’t comprehend. I spent days practicing fucking myself with dildos. And I wasn’t aware of any of it. Whenever Master came home I would greet him normally, and he would smile and greet me back. And then he would plunge me back into his control with a solid snap of his fingers and a command: “Sleep.” Then he would fuck me. Hard. Sometimes, he would let me be the eager slut he was brainwashing me to become. I would thirstily suck his cock, hypnotic pleasure filling my mind as I obeyed his every command. Other times, he would lay me down as I remained completely unconscious, and ravage my ass, thrusting in and out as I lay unable to move or think. Still other times, he would have me remain completely conscious yet unaware that as I relaxed on my bed, my body was being used as a toy.

Sometimes, though, Master would spend time with me normally. We would spend time together, playing games, talking. Those times, I already remembered. I didn’t remember how he tried to hide his cute smile or smirk every time I made eye contact with him and lost myself for a few seconds, or when I beat him at a game, and he dropped me in revenge.

Master would even go with me out of the house sometimes, I don’t know why. He would wash away my fear of being caught, would hypnotize me into thinking I was his boyfriend, before taking me out to a restaurant. We would always have a great time. And I would feel things I hadn’t ever felt before. Then he would take me home, let out a deep sigh, and bury the memories before returning me to normal. Maybe he felt those feelings, too.

Finally, I remembered yesterday. Those four men, they had helped Master catch me and used my mouth like a fleshlight. As they came up the driveway, looking for Jay, Master made up the story about hiding my face with his dick. To see if I would suck him off as myself. The plan he told me was ridiculous, but with one glance into his eyes, it made perfect sense.

What he didn’t expect, though, is how much I liked it. How passionately I suckled on his cock, pleasured him. How submissively I served him. I don’t know if it was genuine passion, or if my slutty, obedient, hypnotized self was bleeding over. Maybe it didn’t matter.

He told his friends to come back later as he finished making love to me, consciously for the first time. After which he smiled at me, and put me deeply back into trance, as his friends came back. Once again, they stripped and surrounded me. This time, however, I laid down on the bed and they spitroasted me, fucking my ass and my mouth as I lay there, the perfect toy. They took turns obliterating my senses and dominating my mind until they had their fill, their cum leaking out of my mouth and my ass, and my seed splattering my chest. Even though I only ejaculated once more, I felt several mental orgasms ripple through my body that night, hypnotically induced as they poured entrancing words into my ear. Master praised me so much that night. I was his good slave. I was his obedient toy. I was his hypnotized servant. I belonged to him.

A glow, deep within me, started to burn. As I cleaned up, showered, I found Master getting ready for bed. Wordlessly, I slid in next to him. I could see how happy he was, and in my deep trance, his joy made me happy. As he curled his body around mine, and I nestled into him, a purer kind of happiness started to fill me.

“…aaaAAAA!” I jolted upright. I was in… the bathroom? Jay was sitting across from me, looking at me closely.

I looked back. “I… I remember.” A look of relief spread across Jay’s face.

“Thank goodness.” He breathed out slowly.

“I… how did I forget?” The memories still seemed far away, as if I had watched them in a movie about me.

He shrugged. “This hypnosis stuff is crazy. I don’t want to talk about my time with Mi- that woman, but… I’ve seen some crazy things. While you were under, I wiped all of that man’s suggestions that he implanted into you. It took a while - you’ve been under for, like, an hour. Let’s get you a change of clothes and then we’ll get out of here.”

What? “Change of clothes?” Jay motioned to the mirror, and…

Oh. Well, then.

I was so… cute. I was decked out with a full maid dress, frills and all. I even had a little white bow on my head. I looked further down, and… thigh highs. Pink and white striped, rising to just below the bottom of my dress. I… memories continued to rush back. Master liked me to wear this outfit around the house often when I was cleaning, even fucking me many times while wearing these stockings. He said it complimented my feminine frame. Despite myself, I had to agree. I turned a little, admiring myself in the mirror. Damn, when did my ass get so-

No- what- I shouldn’t be thinking that. Jay must have missed some suggestions, those thoughts must have been put there by Master. I- I didn’t remember him telling me to think that, but… my memory was still splotchy at best.

I also… I also didn’t remember Master telling me to dress up this morning. I think I- I must have subconsciously done it by myself? To please him?

“Hey! Snap out of it!” Jay waved his hand in front of my face and started to make a snapping motion, before thinking better of it and clapping instead. I probably would have dropped like a rock. I shivered.

I walked back to my room, neatly folding away my dress and stockings (Old habits die hard, I guess) before changing into the same clothes I originally wore when I arrived.

I motioned to Jay. “Come on, let’s leave before Master arrives.”

He tilted his head. “Uhhh… okay. Are… are you going to keep calling him that?”

I blinked. Red came rushing to my face and I turned away. “Oh. Uhm. I don’t know what else to call him.”

“You could try, ‘that man’, or ‘that evil guy’.”

Huh. “No… that doesn’t feel right.”

I could hear the skeptical look on Jay’s face behind me as he spoke. “Riiight. Well, I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to do. Unlike he did.”

“O-okay.” He walked over to me, inspecting my face. “Hm. I don’t know if I got all the suggestions out of you earlier. Want me to try again?” His hand reached into his shirt once more.

“No! No. That’s fine, I think I’m fine,” I said hurriedly. “I think I’m just so used to calling… ‘that guy’ by that name. I’m good.” Jay retreated, still clearly unconvinced, but content enough.

“Alright, then. There’s a ferry boat leaving tonight. Let’s get to the pier before then,” He walked out in front of me, leading the way. I looked back at the house, unsure why. To say goodbye? To get just one last look at the last four months? I felt… something. Relief, of course, but also… reluctance. What was wrong with me?

(To be concluded in Chapter 3)

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