Legoshi's Restless Night

By Baple
published June 2, 2021
3146 words

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tik tik *tik. The sounds of rain pattering on rooftops and concrete sidewalks filled the empty back alleys of town. The moon cast its light over the dimly lit nooks and crannies of town as most of its inhabitants were either asleep or dared not to walk the streets during this late hour. Stories of ravenous carnivores and psychopaths floated among the many citizens as few even attempted to travel in groups when the sun was not shedding it’s light amongst them. Even fewer attempted to fight and push back against these rampant criminals, fewer still lived to tell the tale.

As the rain continued to dance along the tiles a figure suddenly leaped from rooftop to rooftop, their tall and lithe frame bounding over the gaps with ease as if they were on the hunt. Just below, footsteps splashed the puddles collecting on the floor as a rather deranged looking hyena scrambled through the alleys, pushing anything in his way to the ground as he was in a frenzy, eyes bloodshot as he searched for anything he could sink his teeth into, living or not. Rampaging through the desolate streets, the hyena let out a blood curdling cry as he grabbed his head, thrashing about and pushing himself against a wall, fangs baring as he was lost in his hunger.

His rage left him unaware of his surroundings as suddenly a shadow lept from a nearby terrace, landing just inches away from him and pushing his head against the wall, instantly knocking the male unconscious. The figure moved as if they were an expert at this, little effort expended and straight for the knockout. As water trickled down his shadowed form they knelt down, pulling ties from their pocket and twisting them around the unconscious male’s arms to bind him. With a sigh of exhaustion the figure stood, light finally catching their face as a rather handsome grey wolf wiped the water from his brow. His blue-ish fur contrasting the cream white along his face, scars lining his right eyebrow giving him an unmistakable appeal of authority and power.

“Good job down there, Legoshi!” a gruff voice called from the rooftops, a masculine and broad panda crouching and observing the whole scene as if it was a show. “Leave him there and I’ll take him to the cells, alright? You should head home, it’s already nearly 2 a.m.!” the panda said with a laugh.

“2 a.m.?!” Legoshi yelled back, the wolf losing track of time as he spent all night hunting for this hyena, the wolf tossing the hood of his jacket back over his face and nearly starting off in a sprint. He ran through the alleys as if he had spent his whole life there, bobbing and weaving through the empty passages as he traveled back to his dorm at Cherryton Academy. “So much for getting to sleep before class..” The wolf thought to him a bit disappointed, not looking forward to the day ahead.

Slowing to a brisk walk as the academy finally came into sight, Legoshi snuck through the campus, making sure to not be caught by any lingering security guards or school staff. Shadowing his way through he eventually made it back to the canine dorm, the wolf sliding into the door. The sounds of snores filled his ears as he noticed all of his bunkmates beds had their curtains pulled.

“Lucky me.” Legoshi whispered as he quickly undressed himself, his fur a bit wet and damp, as he dressed himself into his pajama pants as quietly as he could. Sliding into his own bed with a cartoonish wolf carved into the wood above, Legoshi managed to finally settle down, his eyes slowly blinking as he began to drift off to sleep, the room growing dark as he let the sweet embrace of sleep overtake him.

“RISE AND SHINE LEGOSHI!” a voice rang through the wolf’s head causing him to jump awake and bang his head against the bunk above him. Rubbing his forehead with a free hand he slung his curtain open, revealing a white sheepdog who’s eyes were hidden beneath a coat of fur.

“Could you be a bit quieter Collot..” Legoshi murmured, his eyes thick with black bags as the wolf was very obviously worn out and rather grumpy.

“Sorry bud but it’s nearly time for class. I tried to let you sleep in but Jack insisted I wake you up..” Collot explained, his head tilting back to lead Legoshi’s eyes to a short golden labrador, already dressed in his school uniform. Legoshi just sighed as he threw his head back onto his pillow, grumbling as he slowly slid his body out of the bed, trying his best to wipe the sleepiness from his eyes.

“Alright…alright I’m up.” Legoshi said through a yawn, scratching at his chest as he lumbered over to his dresser, picking up his uniform, and tossing his pajama pants to the side. He didn’t even think of where he was until he noticed Jack staring at him, his face a bit red as he looked like he had seen a ghost.

“U-uhm Leggy. Did you forget underwear?” Jack stammered, Legoshi looking down to see his 8 inch uncircumcised dick hanging between his legs in the open. With a flash of embarrassment he threw a hand down to cover his crotch, his face hot as grabbed a pair of underwear from his drawer and slid them on.

“Thanks Jack! Don’t know what I’d do without you.”, he laughed nervously, the golden lab simply giving a chuckle to himself as he nodded and walked towards the door.

“I’m heading to class now, hurry up so we can walk together!” Jack exclaimed as he awaited for his friend to get dressed. The wolf quickly put on his uniform, the white shirt and blue vest fitting snug on his fit body as he ran to catch up to Jack.

“You know, you’ve been seeming really stressed out lately, Leggy. You okay?” Jack worried, the two being best friends since children and he couldn’t stand to see him so worn down. However, Legoshi couldn’t worry his friend by telling him that he had spent the past night hunting down dangerous carnivores, let alone run the risk of anyone else hearing him.

“I’m fine Jack. Just trouble sleeping is all..” Legoshi reassured his pal, rubbing a hand on the top of his head as they continued to class, the lab smiling up at the wolf as he seemed to accept that answer.

“Well maybe you should see the nurse. There might be something wrong with you? Maybe it’s a second puberty..” Jack mused, his mind filling with the image of Legoshi naked in front of him just moments earlier, his face growing red again as he felt his own member begin to stir.

“I guess it couldn’t hurt.” Legoshi shrugged, the pair arriving at class as they took their respective seats. Their teacher, a rather tall bear, followed suit as he greeted the class, hand immediately going to the chalkboard and writing away.

Legoshi tried his best to pay attention but between the previous night’s activities and the methodical thumping of the chalk against the board, his eyes began to flutter, struggling to stay awake until he couldn’t any longer, his head resting against his desk as he fell asleep. The rest was short lived however for just a few minutes after drifting off Legoshi felt a large finger tapping at his desk. The wolf raised his head, a bit of drool hanging from his mouth as he looked up to find his giant ursine teacher right in front of him.

The wolf stammered as he shot up to attention, wiping the drool from his face and pretending as if nothing had happened.

“Tell me Legoshi, is my lecture really that boring?” the bear asked, his finger still tapping at the wolf’s desk as he flashed him a false smile.

“O-oh no sir! Sorry, I just had a very rough night..” Legoshi explained himself, hand rubbing the back of his head as a small yawn escaped his lips. This seemed enough to quell the bear as he walked back towards his desk and rearranged his paperwork.

“Well this is the 5th day in a row you’ve had a “rough night”. Perhaps you should visit the nurse after class, hm?” the bear insisted, sounding more like an order than a suggestion. The wolf nodded, embarrassed, as he tried his best to stay focused for the remainder of class, the time ticking bye as the bell finally rang, Legoshi grabbing his bag and walking straight out of the door.

“I guess I should see the nurse. Maybe they have something that’ll help me rest better.” Legoshi thought as he walked towards their office, hand raised to his mouth as another yawn escaped his lips. He felt sluggish and beyond tired, trudging through the halls as he found the sign leading to the nurse’s room, sliding past the door and inside.

The wolf was met with a rather comfy looking office. A chair and couch adorned one corner while a desk and cabinet with various medicines inside filled another. It looked like a fully fledged psychiatrist room, the wolf feeling rather cozy as he stepped inside. Sitting at the desk was a large lion, his bronze mane glistening in the sun as well as his golden fur. The lion was also very hairy, a large patch of fur sticking out from his collar as well. He looked like he was in his forties although a very fit man for his age, his muscles outlined by the tight rolled sleeves of his white collared shirt. He had an aura of authority around him, one that made Legoshi feel even more comforted as he waved a hand at the lion.

“Hello there sir. My name’s Legoshi. I’ve been having trouble sleeping for quite a while now and I was hoping that maybe you’d have something to help me?” the wolf asked, taking a seat at the couch that was placed in the corner, placing his bag on the floor.

“Well nice to meet you Legoshi. I’m sorry to hear about your sleeping problem but as a matter of fact I may have something that could interest you!” The lion said, a bright smile on his face as he eyed the wolf down, almost as if he was analyzing him. He stood from his desk and walked towards the wolf, Legoshi noting that the lion’s lower half was just as amazing as his top. His legs oozed strength as his thighs threatened to burst just about any pants that tried to hold them. Even more so, Legoshi couldn’t help but notice a rather lewd bulge going down the lion’s left leg, the male’s cock not even hard but still somehow making an indent against his leg. Legoshi blushed and looked back up, embarrassed that he would even look at a male like that.

“Unfortunately modern medicine can only go so far. I could give you something to help you sleep but it would only be effective if you went to bed at a decent hour in the first place.” the lion explained, his words hinting that maybe he knew a bit more about the wolf than what he was told. “However, this is a method that I have been dying to try out if you’re willing! It’s one hundred percent safe and requires no pills, shots, or medicine of any kind!” the lion offered, his grin showing that he meant what he said.

Legoshi was honestly a bit curious as he saw no real downside to the offer. If it worked he would get the well deserved rest he needed and if not, no harm no foul. “So what’s the method?” Legoshi asked, leaning forward and placing his forearms on his legs.

“It may sound a bit rudimentary at first but trust me Legoshi! I believe that using some standard hypnosis we could bring you down to a state that could help you get all the sleep you need in just mere moments!” the lion said excitedly, sounding as if he was selling a product to the wolf.

The whole statement caused him to cock and eyebrow, not really believing that hypnosis could work at all let alone cure his sleep deprivation. “Hypnosis? Isn’t that stuff just for cartoons?” the skeptic wolf asked, another yawn escaping his mouth.

“Oh that’s what they want you to think! I believe I’ve found a method that is guaranteed to work.” the lion said, pridefully reaching into his pocket and pulling out a golden pocket watch, the watch dangling on the end of an intricate chain. It looked rather expensive, making Legoshi wonder how exactly the lion afforded it on a nurse’s salary. “Just follow along and listen to my words and lets see if we can get your little problem fixed, shall we?” he said, already tilting the watch back and forth in front of the wolf.

Legoshi shrugged as he sat back up, head resting against the couch as his eyes followed the watch ticking back and forth. “Sure, I’m tired but hypnosis? Is this guy really a nurse..” Legoshi thought as the watch continued to swing, doing his best to humor the lion as he followed it back and forth.

“I want you to relax now, Legoshi. You’re nice and safe in this room and you can get as comfortable as you’d like.” the lion said, his deep masculine voice like butter to the wolf’s ears as he took his offer. Legoshi felt some of the tension ooze away from his body, his shoulders loosening and head clearing. “Just relaxing and taking it easy. All you should be thinking about is how good it feels to relax.” the lion continued.

Legoshi had to admit, it did feel nice to relax. As the watch swayed back and forth in front of him and those words filled his ears, he could feel his body and eyes growing heavy, the familiar feeling of sleep washing over him as he gave another soft yawn. “I am tired…” he muttered, the clear sound of drowsiness in his voice.

“So very tired. On the count of three I want you to just fall into a deep state of relaxation. Just let go of all that stress and fall into a nice deep sleep, okay?” the lion suggested, the watch seemingly ticking faster and closer to the wolf’s face. Legoshi nodded in agreement slowly as his arms and legs felt as if they were already asleep. “1…..2……3…..sleep” the lion cooed, watching as the wolf’s eyes flickered closed, a bit of drool lining his lip as his head bobbed until it leaned down, the wolf fast asleep before he could even speak.

The lion took no time in testing the wolf as he waved a hand in front of his face, snapping his fingers a few times to try and get his attention. Legoshi didn’t budge an inch, his breathing slow and relaxed as he was fast asleep. The lion smirked as he admired his work, proud that he was able to take the wolf down so easily.

“Now Legoshi. I want you to still listen to my words. They feel so good to you don’t they?” he asked the sleeping wolf, Legoshi’s body nodding his head subconsciously as he was still somehow able to hear the lion speak. “From now on you’ll love being in this deep sleep-like state. It makes you feel so nice that you’ll come back every day asking for more, won’ you?” he said, Legoshi once again nodding along.

“Good boy.” The lion cooed as if he was speaking to a dog. “But there’s one thing you love even more than this feeling. You love to obey my words, don’t you Legoshi? Repeat it for me.” he said with a sinister sneer on his face, a strong hand reaching down to rub at his own bulge as he began to grow excited.

“I love to obey…” the wolf mumbled, drool dripping from his maw now as his own pants began to tent, cock throbbing as his body felt so much pleasure in doing what the lion asked of him.

“Good boy. For now I’ll have to cut our little session short but I want you in here right after class tomorrow. I want the feeling of obeying to fill you with so much pleasure. Doing what anyone tells you makes you feel so good that you can’t help but listen.” he added.

Legoshi simply nodded again, his visible tent jumping at the chance to follow orders. Pleased with his work the lion gave one last command. “On the count of three I want you to wake up. Unable to recall what happened while you were asleep but feeling so rested. You’ll want to come back every day for another session of this. Now, 1…2…and 3!” the lion said, snapping his thick fingers as Legoshi snapped awake, eyes darting back and forth as if he had just been shaken back to his senses.

“W-what..” Legoshi stammered, wiping the spit from his lip as he tried to recall what he was doing.

“Good morning there sleepyhead.” the lion teased, Legoshi chuckling, a bit embarrassed. “It seems the hypnosis was a success! However, you’ll have to return here every day to get the REAL effects, alright?” the lion suggested, Legoshi quickly agreed as he was about to ask if he could come back himself.

“Oh yes sir, I’d love to come back! I’ll be back here right after class tomorrow!” he said happily, now even noticing the bulge in his pants as he grabbed his bag. “Thanks so much for seeing me today, I feel amazing! I can’t wait to come back tomorrow!” Legoshi smiled, grabbing his bag and running out the door in a hurry back to his dorm, feeling full of energy and a bit..aroused? The wolf thought to himself, figuring that maybe he was just a bit pent up from the days of work.

Behind him in the office the lion smiled, strong hand rubbing at his cock beneath his pants, a moan escaping his lips as he watched the wolf run out. “Me either Legoshi…me either..” he said, biting his lip as he thought about the fun he was about to have.

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