Dakota Human Resources Chapter 3: Shrinky Dinked

By CFlex
published May 26, 2021
4617 words

With one Deputy plugged and racked, it was now time to get him packed for shipping. His body would be sealed in solid acrylic. The other Deputy forced to watch the procedure. He was trapped. This was going to be his fate eventually.

Grant saw the rolls of plastic laying near the bottom of his rack. His mind, still reeling over all of the new sensations he was feeling, managed to string another thought together, “I don’t know what’s about to happen with the plastic, but it can’t be good for me.” The mounting points on the front uprights, the ones his ankle cuffs were attached to, got loosened and his ankles began to move from the bottom of the upright. But instead of putting his body in the gyno position again, they stopped when his knees began to bend. The restraining straps he had on earlier were put back in place around each of his knees and tied off at the front uprights of his rack. Then he felt his left foot get freed from its moveable mount.

“These bastards know what they’re doing,” Grant mused, “they aren’t about to give me any opportunities to kick at them.” But he thought if he was patient enough, the opportunity for escape would present itself. Grant also knew that former Deputy Luke Owens, still forced on his knees in front of Grant’s rack, was thinking the same thing. He didn’t know who the unfortunate civilian was kneeling next to Owens, but the guy looked able enough and Grant hoped he’d follow their lead when the time came.

Then he saw one of his new tormentors coming back from the ATV’s carrying a bar that looked to be about three feet long. Grant’s harnessed head was held pretty much straight ahead, so he couldn’t look down and see any of his body except for the bobbing tip of his purple cock. He felt something get fastened to his left ankle cuff, it must have been that bar because he felt the cuff tugging down. Then he saw one of the men grab some of the plastic and used what looked like powered tin snips to start cutting a piece out of the material. The plastic itself was thick, almost 5 millimeters, but was very pliable. It was white colored, but somewhat translucent.

Grant could only wonder what was going on around his left foot, but it seemed to involve all three of the prep team. He could hear some of the prep team’s conversation. The fucker that told him what had been forced into his guts through the plug and its treacherous side effects was giving most of the commands. “Hold this, trim that excess, OK, start here with the activators.” Grant could feel the soft plastic on the bottom of his foot and could tell one of the men was holding it in place. Then he felt the plastic get pulled upwards on either side of his foot and up the back of his heel all the way to his ankle cuff. It felt like the plastic was being wrapped around his foot. He could feel each of the prep team member’s strong grip through the plastic as they held everything in place. Grant heard a humming sound and could see a bluish white light emanating from the bottom of his left foot. He sensed the hand at the bottom of his foot move away only to be replaced by a warmth. What was happening? He could feel the plastic getting firmer as the warmth moved under, in between, and over his toes. Now it was on either side of his foot.

The plastic WAS getting firmer. He could barely wiggle his toes anymore! The warm sensation was simultaneously on the top of his foot and coming up to and over his ankle cuff from his heel. More warmth. Now on either side and the front of his left ankle cuff. Just as quickly as it had started it was over. To Grant, it felt like someone had slipped a thick neoprene sock on his left foot. All of the plastic was still slightly warm but cooling quickly. As the plastic cooled, it felt like his new sock was getting smaller. Not painfully tight, but noticeably more snug. And then it hit Grant like a lightning bolt! His foot was FROZEN in place, he couldn’t budge his ankle or his toes. Grant felt the team move to his right foot, release it from the upright, attach the bar to his cuff, and repeat the same plasticking process as they did on his left. His feet and ankles were now a solid part of the bar that went between them.

Jason and Owens both wondered “What was that bar they were putting onto Grant’s ankle cuff?” They heard one of the men refer to it as a spreader bar. The prep team cut some of the plastic on one of the rolls and then the whole team huddled around Grant’s left foot. They could catch glimpses of the team holding the plastic in place and then they saw the handheld blue lights moving all around the foot. When they moved out of the way the kneeling men stared in disbelief. Grant’s foot and ankle looked like they had been dipped in a vat of acrylic! Every feature was as clear as day. They could even make out each toe. And those toes were NOT moving.

“What kind of diabolical shit was this,” wondered Luke. Then he heard the civilian’s cock muted crying again. “Fuck it, he’s worthless, let them get this guy trussed up next. I might enjoy watching this pussy get tortured,” the angered Luke thought. The prep team guy that seemed to be doing all of the talking turned back to the frightened men and said “The feet are about the most time consuming part of the packaging process. Once we’re done here with this right one, things will move pretty quickly. We won’t have to keep you fellas waiting much longer.” The man said with a wink. The team got done with the right foot and the soon to be humiliated men could now see Grant’s immobilized feet bonded with the spreader bar. His spreader bar got fastened to the base of the rack and the knee restraints were removed.

The chain keeping the spreader bar attached to the rack had no slack, but it wasn’t pulled down tightly either. It didn’t really stretch his legs out, it kept them with a slight, natural bend. Grant’s body now looked more like a Y than an X. And the team was right. With the feet done, they were moving much faster. As the plastic on the legs cured the team hit the seam where it met the previously cooled plastic at the ankle cuffs with a purplish light. The seam disappeared! Grant’s legs were now immobilized from his upper thighs to the tips of his toes in the eerily clear material. The hip holder on the rear upright of the rack got removed, which meant only one thing. Very shortly, Grant’s twitching cock would twitch no more.

“OK big guy,” said Waters in a cheery voice, “It’s time to get your package packaged up. I’m excited. Well, obviously not as excited as you, but I really like this part.” Styvers and Holstrom removed the hip holder from Grant’s pubic bone. Since his legs were now cast in a solid piece with the spreader bar, and it was chained to the bottom of the rack, there was little chance of any movement. “Standard procedure gentlemen,” directed Waters. “You know we don’t normally work this part of the plastic, Waters. Sure, we’ve done it, but,” Waters cut Holstrom off. “Right, no problem. Styvers, get a quick connect extender onto that plug, those are the blue ones. And make sure you punch a hole through the plastic for it. We wrap his ass and lower back first with the level two plastic and weld that with the back of the hips. We’ll wait until the last minute to get the cock tubed.”

Looking at Grant with a twisted smile, Waters said, “Don’t you worry mister, we’re not about to deny you the pleasure of pumping your plug. No Sir! This level two stuff has a very slight give when cured properly. You’ll be able to piston away! We use it on your diaphragm area, too, so you can inhale with very little resistance from your new gelcoat onesie. Now about that bouncing pecker of yours. I know it feels amazing, hell, it looks amazing. Unfortunately, it gets wrapped up just like the rest of you. While level two does have some give, this up and down oil derrick movement of yours will be going down to a throb. Sorry pal.” Grant’s brain was about to hemorrhage. “This FUCK! This patronizing FUCK! I’m going to kill him when I break loose. And I WILL break loose.” These were the only thoughts that let Grant cling to reality. He needed to keep those thoughts. They were keeping him sane. The ugly thoughts, the ones lurking in the background, the ones where he KNEW he was absolutely DEFEATED and POWERLESS, would paralyze him with fear. They rendered him as terrified as a three year old girl over what would happen to his body next. He couldn’t let those thoughts win.

The preoccupation with how he could win a mental game against himself actually had a positive side effect. Grant didn’t even notice when the plastic hardened over his muscular ass, defining each globe and even molding into his crack and around the plug. A construction grade punch had left a tiny hole in the level two plastic that they threaded the plug’s quick connect extender through. Styvers and Holstrom may have not had as much experience with level two welding and curing, but they were skilled enough to do this part without even interrupting Grant’s in and out plug rhythm! The plastic had cured forming a perfect sized opening around the extender. But then the busy hands were now working the plastic into the inner thigh area near his nutsack. No way ANY man wasn’t going to notice that feeling!

Grant heard the team talking about him like he wasn’t human. “Cut that piece so it’ll wrap around the balls like a satchel. Gather it together around them as you get at least a fistful of skin pulled away from the cock. Can you hold it in place for a few seconds while the red light recharges? If not, hold the satchel in place with a rubber band or zip tie. If we have to use the blue light and make the material solid, it’ll give us something sturdy to grip.” Then he felt his nuts getting pulled down and away from his body. The pain was intense. And it wasn’t going away. One of those goons had grabbed his nutsack at the base of his cock, gripped and squeezed, forcing Grant’s nuts to the bottom of the man’s fist where the skin was now as tight as a snare drum. “I can get the plastic up and around his babymakers, but I’m gonna’ need someone else to tie it in place.” Said a prep team voice. Grant could feel the plastic getting molded around his distended balls. There was the light and the warmth again, and there was the now all too familiar tightness as the plastic cooled. “OK, now use the coated balls as a handle and keep the sack pulled tight and away. See how convenient that is when you mold it all the way around and close off the top? You’ve got something solid to hold onto without fear of the balls popping out. Go ahead and lube up the tube.” Grant trembled, “Lube up the what!”

Grant didn’t realize just how quickly he had become accustomed to his hyper sensitive cock being free to seesaw with every thrust of his plug. That is until it got gripped and held in place. The manly grip was enough to make his eyes cross, and then, “OWW! FUCK! They just pushed something into the end of my dick.” Grant had no idea how lucky he was that the tube only went into his throbbing cock head by just an inch. And that they used J Lube. “Nice job Styvers, just hold that in place until we can fix the plastic around it. Holstrom, use that same punch to make another hole in some plastic and we’ll work that around the, oh shit, almost forgot, snap a red extender onto the end of the cock tube quick connector! We’ll work it over the extender, then down and around the cock, all the way to the base, then start molding and welding. You should cut the piece big enough that we can weld into the front of the thighs and into the hip plastic.

Just when Luke thought he had seen the limits of a man’s cruelty to his fellow man, he saw Grant’s balls get pulled down and gripped like a vice in a burly fist. “They’re wrapping them in acrylic, too? I guess these pricks won’t be happy until Grant’s a clear coated statue.” “Did his friend’s eyes just cross? Well, the poor fuck doesn’t have much else to move,” Luke admitted. They even got hold of that flapping humiliation of a cock. Grant’s bobbing dick had really done a number on Luke. He was glad to see it stop. He had bunked with this man for 12 weeks. He had rolled around on mats with him during defensive tactics training. Now it was wrapped up, too. The hardened plastic provided plenty of clarity, too much clarity. Though the motion was gone, Luke could still make out the pulsing and throbbing of Grant’s cock. What was with the red hose sticking out of the end and coming through the acrylic, just like the blue hose on that tortuous plug? Grant was now a shimmering statue from his belly button to the tips of his toes.

The prep team seemed to be getting rushed. Their movements weren’t as coordinated as before. One of them disconnected the chain from the spreader bar to the rack. Grant was now free to move the lower part of his body. Well, as much movement as a solid lower body offered. So the man gave a little shove. That simple act made Grant realize the totality of his situation. While his mild back and forth swaying wasn’t even close to many of the horrors he’s experienced tonight, it was another reminder that he was powerless to stop ANYTHING that was going to happen to him. The swaying didn’t last long. They put two jack stands under the spreader bar, close to his ankles. Grant could feel the pressure of being suspended by his head and arms lessen and it was a welcome relief.

Holstrom reached for Grant’s cuffed left wrist. He had taken a shortcut, in direct violation of all safety policies, and stood on top of one of the remaining rolls of plastic instead of using a proper step or ladder to reach the mounting point. He knew he was to wait and release the cuff from the mount when another set of hands had positive control over the racked man, so he waited until the other two got back from the ATV’s. He had left one of his hands resting on the release. The roll of plastic shifted, Holstrom lost his balance and almost fell! He broke his fall by holding onto Grant’s forearm. When Holstrom went to pull himself upright, the near fall had made him forget his other hand was on the release; the left wrist came free!

Grant saw the opportunity and went for it! At the same time Grant was putting Holstrom in a headlock, Luke delivered a head butt directly into the knee of the man standing over him. It was enough to make the security man howl with pain and let go of Luke’s chain. Luke gathered the chain and BOLTED! Jason picked up on the move and decided to head butt his nearest captor in the crotch. The man just laughed and backhanded Jason to the ground. “Surprise shithead! We wear cups.” Grant could see that Jason wasn’t going anywhere, but at least Luke had made it into the darkness! He held the headlock as hard as he could. Styvers and Waters were back at the rack in seconds. “Oh, you just fucked up. And it’s going to cost you. Dose him.”

“Nooo!” Grant screamed against his unmoving gag. Styvers was there in a flash and held the Rapture against Grant’s flaring nostrils. Grant tried not to breathe in and squeezed the man’s neck even harder, hoping to snap it. The Rapture got to him. “Oh God, no, please let me hang on a bit longer.” Fought Grant. It only took a moment for his grip on Holstrom’s neck to fade. Holstrom was injured, but functional, a nosebleed the only visible sign he’d been through any trauma. “You fucking idiot!” Screamed Waters at Holstrom, “Switch places with Styvers and hold the Rapture in place. Styvers, let’s get his arms and torso packaged. They froze Grant’s arms in the same relaxed manner as his legs. To Jason, Grant looked like he was suspended in water. Arms and legs at a relaxed bend, palms inward thumbs pointing up. Even his fingers had a relaxed curve to them. Waters barked at Holstrom, “Move away from his nose, loser. I want him fully alert for his punishment.” It took a lot longer than usual, but Grant finally came out of his euphoric state.

Grant surfaced back into his unfortunate reality. It was done. They had sealed him up. From the neck down, he was in a clear, glossy plastic that, aside from his chest, plug, and cock, allowed for NO movement. And the itching he was told about was starting. “Beautiful. Just. Fucking. Beautiful.” A defeated Grant thought. “You’re back with us, I see,” Waters’ eager tone was ominous. “Good. I told you that you fucked up and there would be a price to pay. Payment is due.” Waters was dangling a three inch wide by 6 inch long piece of metal in front of Grant. It was flexible, moving like a watch band. One side was polished metal. The other was covered in two millimeter sharpened metal spikes. “Guess what this is getting wrapped around?” Taunted the man. “Open up a three inch wide space in the plastic right here.” Waters was pointing at the super sensitive area directly behind Grant’s trapped, but pulsing, cockhead. If Grant could beg, he would. They had succeeded in destroying his resistance.

His eyes darted back and forth from his cock to Waters’ eyes with an unmistakable look of fear, like that of an executed inmate watching his IV lines fill with liquid, slowly moving towards his restrained arms. Grant knew he couldn’t possibly endure the pain on his tortured manhood and began to focus his mind on pleasant thoughts. It happened anyway. They used an orange light to soften the area immediately behind his cockhead. His crimson cockhead was so engorged, and the plastic so perfectly formed around it, they didn’t even have to hold the plastic in place. When the plastic behind the cockhead was cleanly scalpelled away, the band of spikes was forcefully wrapped around his rod. Once more, Grant’s eyes welled up with tears. “Oh please, please use some of the chemicals on me! Show some mercy.” Pleaded Grant’s eyes. Once the spikes were in place another piece of plastic was wrapped around them and seamlessly fused to the plastic on the rest of his tormented member.

Waters sighed. “Fucking sloppy, Holstrom. And there were witnesses. I’m not going to be able to hide this from Tersend.” Jason was still sprawled on the ground recovering from the backhand. His security goon grabbed his head harness and forced Jason back to a kneeling position. Jason saw the completed work tower before him. What was once a virile Divide County Deputy was now a gleaming, plastic coated mannequin. It had taken less than a half an hour for the transformation from alpha stud to humiliated object. And Jason knew that’s exactly what was going to happen to him. There’s accepting the inevitable and being able to face it head on, like when a Nurse is about to draw blood and you hate needles, but there was NOTHING that could prepare a man for this fate. Jason felt like he was about to face a firing squad, that’s how afraid he was. His handler grinned down at him with an evil smile. “They’re almost done. Guess who gets to go for a ride next?”

The prep team was putting the finishing touches on their latest package. The front uprights were pulled out of the rack’s base. Large stainless “S” hooks were threaded under each of the object’s armpits and then hooked into slots cut into the top horizontal bar. Then the jack stands were kicked away. Leaving the new addition to gently sway. The cable on the head harness was removed last. “Oh, there is a God!” Grant found great relief that he could now move his head. He couldn’t move anything else, which certainly felt odd as he swung there, like he wasn’t connected to his body anymore. Jason watched the team connect the blue and red hoses sprouting from the mannequin’s cock and ass to longer hoses. Those hoses, in turn, were threaded into slots on the back uprights of the rack and fished all the way down to the bottom of the rack. The lead prep, the mouthy one, produced a black hose with quick connect fittings. He wondered where that was going? Waters yelled at Styvers to get him a portable tank of fortified water. After he secured the cylinder shaped tank to the left upright, above Grant’s shoulders, he connected one end of the black hose to it.

The other end - which Grant, in spite of his ass pumping on the plug and his purple colored cock still throbbing in time with it, was able to follow intently because he could now turn his head - got snapped into a port on his new muzzle. “OK loser, this is how you’re going to get fed for the next few days. I KNOW you’re thirsty right now, and the only way you’re going to get a drink is to start sucking on that cock jammed in your mouth.” Of course, Grant would have none of it. No way was he sucking on anything! “We’ve done this before, genius. I’ll get you started.” He gave a few presses to what looked like a primer on a lawn mower engine on the neck of the cylinder. That priming pressurized the liquid enough that it was forced into Grant’s mouth.

Grant had no idea how parched he was until the water filled his mouth. Well, it filled every void that wasn’t filled by life-like rubber cock. This was the second moment of relief he was feeling since the ordeal began. He needed more water, but he wouldn’t let himself submit to that humiliation. Fuck! Another betrayal stacked upon betrayal. His lips, tongue, and throat actually began to massage and suck on the invader. Waters was too fed up to play games and blurted, “There, you’re sucking cock, get over it. We were able to get your ass to want to fuck itself, didn’t you think we’d be able to make your mouth behave like a meth-starved street whore’s?” Grant WAS already over it. His mouth kept working the cock and he kept drinking. Jason couldn’t believe what he was seeing. That guy was performing on the cock in his mouth like a pro.

The prep team set up a prep rack for Jason directly in front of Grant. He was going to have a front row seat for Jason’s packaging show. The clatter of a turbo diesel motor spooling up was getting closer. Had Owens gotten some help? A pickup with a crane and flatbed, in place of a normal pickup bed, rolled up. Tersend got out. “I not only took care of Zahl,” the grinning man said, “I cleaned up the security detail’s fuck up.” Tersend didn’t miss things. That’s why he was in charge of the op. His grin faded when he noticed the band of spikes behind the tip of the former Deputy’s cock. Holstrom had just gotten the ATV behind Jason’s rack and was letting cable off of the winch to go over the top horizontal bar. Tersend saw the blood spots on Holstrom’s shirt and gave a disapproving glance towards Waters.

Then he looked at the two security men that had been in charge of Owens. “You two are still going to spend a week in your discipline cups that I took the liberty of retrieving from your rooms, but I think I know what happened here.” The two security men looked at each other and swallowed hard. The two that were holding the now struggling Jason in position looked at each other, too, wondering “Did we just dodge a bullet?” Tersend continued, “But before you put them on, in front of your teammates, get over here and pick up where you left off.” Tersend opened up the rear driver side door of the quad cab and pulled out a now naked Luke Owens by his head harness. Only Luke wasn’t completely naked. He was wearing what looked, to Jason and Grant at least, like a cup with a wide band supporter.

“Change of plans men,” Tersend commanded, “this one goes next.” When his security detail recovered Luke and marched him towards his new rack, they couldn’t help but notice he was sporting a discipline cup himself. They knew that along with their custom fit daily wear cups, every security man was issued a discipline cup. The discipline cups didn’t taper to a tip that rested on their taint. They had a six inch cock molded right into the plastic thong. The men had to keep the discipline cups with their personal effects as a constant reminder to not fuck up. Jason and Grant now saw that Luke’s wide band supporter didn’t have traditional leg straps. It had a thick plastic thong running up Luke’s crack. And the thong was a little wider right where Luke’s hole would be.

Jason’s crew led him away from the rack and the crew manhandling the wildly kicking, naked Luke, held him still long enough to get the cable attached to the mounting hook on the top of his head harness. Grant watched as his friend and former Deputy got hoisted off the ground, scissor kicking as if it would make a difference. “Don’t fight it Luke,” Grant thought, they’ve got us.”

The hoisting stopped when they were both at the same height. The men had no choice but to stare into the other’s eyes.

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