The Mind Warper - Chapter 3

By sb jb mc
published May 24, 2021
2362 words

Chris decides to change what happens any time he walks into a locker room.

It had been a few days since I last saw Miguel. I kept trying to be good, and not use the pen. It was very difficult to keep it in my pants though when there were so many hot straight guys I wanted to fuck.

Tyler and Ryan were doing well with their new personalities. I think Tyler is almost fully submissive now. When I see them, Ryan is always telling him what to do. I don’t think Tyler is making any of his own decisions anymore. One day I’m pretty sure I overheard Ryan tell Tyler he needed him to go to class, pay attention and take notes. Hopefully there wasn’t a pop quiz.

Troy is still the best. He treats me like a king and I love it. I finally changed him from an obedient slave to just an ever loving boyfriend. He now does mostly the same thing as before, but less “sir,” and more of his own thinking.

I hadn’t written anything down yet since making Miguel’s ass huge, so I debated what to do next. I felt like I needed to write something. Almost like the pen was telling me to. I thought about it for a while and finally figured out what I wanted to do.

I grabbed a piece of paper and the pen, and began to write…

I want to be in charge and command anyone to do what I want when I walk into a locker room. I want men to feel extremely aroused by me when I’m near them in the locker room.

I knew this change would be forever, but I’m not a jock. I don’t use a locker room at all. I wasn’t sure how this would work but we’ll see.

The ink solidified my note and it was now set. I could only think of watching Miguel’s ass grow in front of my eyes. I didn’t get to see any physical changes this time, but I’ll be heading to the locker room shortly.

I decided to go test this out. I walked into the football team’s locker room. As I walked in, heads started turning. They were wrapping up practice, but each person I walked by slightly moaned. I loved it. I went straight to the coach’s office.

I walked in, it was just him and I. I closed the door behind me. “Hey coach,” I said, staring at his figure. He was standing behind his desk. He was probably early to mid 30s, he had nice blue eyes, buzzed blond hair, and was nicely built, with muscles all around. He was hot.

“Hi, do I know you?”

I walked closer to him and watched his eyes begin to glaze over. “Yeah, I’m the new boss around here,” I said confidently.

He stared into my eyes as I watched his cock grow in his tight pants. I smiled.

“Sorry, sir,” he said, “I didn’t recognize you.”

“Why don’t you have a seat for a minute while I lay out the rules.”

“Sure thing…”

I had my pen in my hand in case I needed to use it. “So listen, your team needs…” I got closer and closer to him. “… More sex. They need to release their cocks or they can’t concentrate. Kind of like how you are feeling now.”

His mouth was agape, practically drooling over my presence. I grabbed his head and leaned in and kissed him.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“I… I… feel horny. Like really horny.”

“Good. I want you to get on your knees. Suck on my cock while I take my place in your chair.”

“Of course,” he said without any hesitation.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. This was so hot without me having to work much for it. I unbuttoned my pants as I sat in his chair. I wasn’t wearing underwear because I knew I wouldn’t need it. Coach went straight in and started sucking down on my cock. He was under the desk, hidden from view unless you were close enough.

“That’s it coach, prime my cock so I can fuck your quarterback. Why don’t you call him in really quick?”

He took his lips off my cock, “yes sir.” He got up briefly and talked into a microphone, “Joey, will you come to my office please?” He then stopped broadcasting and went straight back under the desk and sucked down on my cock again. Fuck it felt good to be in charge. I was so hard from the thrill. I mean the coach was just okay at sucking my cock, but I didn’t care. I was about to fuck a quarterback.

The door opened and Joey walked in. Damn he was hot. He came in in full football gear except his helmet. His hair was wavy blond, his eyes were a deep green, he was built like a quarterback, and his muscles were well defined.

He looked around and didn’t see coach, since he was under the desk sucking on my cock. He stepped in slightly and said, “Coach called me in here?”

“Yes, he did, come in and sit down, and I’ll explain why you’re here Joey.”

He approached me and began to get flustered. His face started turning red as his cock was also growing. He got close and sat in the chair across from me. He then heard a slurping noise and looked around inquisitively.

“Joey, how do you feel right now?”

“Weird… like I need something bad.”

“Do you know what that could be?”

“No, I don’t, but…” he reached down and adjusted his cock, and his eyes fluttered. “I really need to figure it out.”

“I know what you need. You need me.”

“I need you?”

“Yes, can’t you see? You’re attracted to me. You want me.”

“I… I’m straight…”

“Yes, but don’t you feel it?” I leaned in closer and he became more flustered. “You feel it, I can tell.”

“I… I… yes… I feel it. I need you badly.”

“Go lock the door.”

He got up and locked the door and came back. I admired his ass as he walked. Damn that ass was hot.

He came back and sat in the chair again. I smiled, “are you ready?”

“Yes, so ready.”

“Coach, you can stop now. I’ll need you to come help me.”

Coach stopped and stood up from under the desk. Joey looked at him weird, unsure why he was down there. I smiled.

“He was priming my cock for you. Getting it lubed up so I can fuck the daylights out of you Joey. That’s not weird, it’s normal to have coach suck your cock to prepare for you to fuck someone.”

“Wait… fuck me?” Joey said.

“Yep, that’s what you want when you said you need me.”

“I… I thought…”

“You want me to fuck you Joey, I can see it in your eyes.”

“I… do.”

“Good, now,” I smacked coach’s ass and walked out from behind the desk, “let’s have some fun.”

I wrapped my arms around Joey, rubbing him all around while leaning in and kissing him. He was returning the kiss. I dug my tongue deep in his mouth, solidifying the kiss and keeping him engaged.

I started grabbing his ass, then sliding my arm around to his cock. His cock was hard, he was definitely horny. As I touched his cock, he kissed me deeper. He was enjoying this, which was perfect.

“Coach, why don’t you start stripping your star Joey here.”

“With pleasure,” he said as he had a wet spot on his pants.

He came around Joey’s backside as I kept kissing Joey. Coach started removing Joey’s jersey & pads and revealing the sexy, tanned, and muscular body I was hoping to see. I reached down and started rubbing Joey’s nipples. He started moaning loudly while still kissing me.

Coach got down on his knees and began to loosen Joey’s cleats. He slowly removed one at a time and put them off to the side. He then removed Joey’s socks. He was about to move on to Joey’s pants until I stopped him.

“Coach,” I said, “I want you to let me take off his pants. For now, go ahead and start sniffing his cleats and socks. They’re what you crave. The smell of musk, sweat and your star’s feet are what you desire most. Isn’t it?”

He did what I wanted, “yes! It is!”

He sat on the ground nearby and began sniffing and holding Joey’s sweaty socks and cleats. He was face deep into them just admiring the musk.

“Joey, make sure he gets a new dose after every practice and game. I mean, look at him? He fucking loves it!”

Joey smiled, “he does.”

I untied his pants and slowly slipped them down with the padding. He helped me remove them, leaving a jockstrap on underneath.

“I love that you wear a jockstrap. I want you to wear one all of the time. That should be the only underwear you’ll own. I mean, do you know how hot you look right now?”

He smiled, and looked at himself in a mirror. “I do look hot, don’t I?”

“Yes you cocky star, now bend over so I can fuck the daylights out of you.”

He smiled and bent over. I stripped off my clothes and his jockstrap.

“Coach,” I said before I started getting into position. “If you ask nicely, I’m sure Joey will suck you off.”

Joey looked back at me like he didn’t want to. I knew he could resist that as it wasn’t a command, yet.

“Joey, will you… suck me off?” Coach asked.

“I… uh…” Joey said.

“Joey, suck him off while I fuck you. It’ll feel nice I promise.”

“Yes coach, I’ll suck you off.”

I smiled. Coach went and shoved his dripping cock into Joey’s mouth as I slipped my cock into Joey’s ass. Damn his ass was tight. I was so excited to be fucking the quarterback. I wanted Joey to be mine all of the time. I could tell he’d be a ton of fun every night.

I kept fucking Joey hard. Coach was ready to explode and I think he already did. Joey kept sucking down on his cock though! We kept going until I was done. I finally came and filled Joey’s tight ass with my cum. He moaned loudly into coach’s crotch as he never stopped sucking him off.

I slowly pulled out, and said “coach did you cum?”

He nodded.

“Joey you can stop now. Go ahead and lay on the ground on your back so we can make sure you get to cum too.”

Joey smiled and did what he was told. I sat on his chest with my dick aimed at his face. I slapped my dick across his face a couple of times and he opened his mouth to catch it.

“Coach, suck him off and swallow his load. You don’t want to waste any of your star’s cum!”

Coach did as he was told, while I played with my cock and Joey’s head. I teased him relentlessly as he was getting sucked off. He wanted to suck on my cock but I had nothing left for him to suck on. He kept trying to go for it until he moaned loudly. He practically screamed in pleasure. I shoved my cock into his mouth to gag him from being too loud.

I turned around and saw coach had sucked down all of Joey’s cum, and was licking the rest clean off of his body. I smiled, he listened to what I had to say.

I got up off of the football stud and stood up. They both slowly got up as well and stood up. I moved over to my pants and grabbed my pen. I looked at the two naked guys near me and smiled. I opened the pen and flashed them both.

“Can you both hear me?”

“Yes,” they replied in unison.

“Everything that happened in this room you will enjoy and remember while you’re in the locker rooms. Once you leave, you’ll forget it all until you come back into the locker rooms again. Understood?”

“Yes,” they both responded.

“Joey, you’ll still remember to only wear jockstraps from now on once you leave the locker room. You’ll also sometimes have a craving to hang out with me so I can fuck you. You won’t know that’s why you want to hang until you come over to my place. Understood?”

“Yes,” he said.

“Good. Now wake up.”

Slowly their heads both shook out of their trance. I started putting my clothes back on. I walked over to Joey and kissed his lips.

“It’s been fun you sexy hunk,” I said as I grabbed his juicy ass. “Now I must go and take care of some other business.” I turned to coach and kissed him as well, “and you coach, were a lucky man to let your star worship you like that. You best treat him right. I mean look at him? He’s the probably the sexiest guy you have on the team, so treat him like it.”

“Yes I will,” he said smiling, and looking down at Joey’s cleats.

With that I smiled and left them both naked in the room. As I left the locker room it was mostly empty. When I walked by a couple of guys though they did not stop staring. I could see them getting flustered by my presence. I just smiled, and winked at them, melting their poor little hearts.

I headed home after an exhausting day, and waited for Troy. I couldn’t wait to tell him about my day.

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