Settling In

By Scotty the Body -
published May 23, 2021
3232 words

Chris gets more comfortable in Carsonville with Ricky, who is busy making plans for their future.

Washing his hair in Ricky’s elaborate rain shower, Chris was trying to piece together the decisions he’d been making lately. He remembers setting out from L.A., excited at the prospect of meeting up with this Ricky guy – an old friend from high school, apparently – but from there his memory is fuzzy. He picked up Ricky at the rest stop after a hike? Could that be right? Anyways, he was here now, and Ricky was being an ideal host. Not everybody cedes their master suite to their guests, but Ricky insisted. Said he wanted Chris to feel right at home. “Mi casa es tu casa,” he’d said with a luminous grin.

But still – Carsonville? He’d really driven all the way from California to Carsonville, to go to a class reunion? Something seemed off, but hell if Chris could figure out what it was. Besides, his current set-up was much nicer than the dysfunctional home he’d fled two decades earlier. Better not to rock the boat, or else he might end up – God forbid – on his sister’s couch.

Chris rinsed himself off, and grabbed a towel off the nearby heated rack. The towels felt new, and Chris noticed they were monogrammed: “C.S. Could I have ordered these to be delivered for me?” Too tired and light-headed to follow through with that thought, Chris shrugged, wrapped the towel around his waist, and decided that it was time to go downstairs for a snack.

Ricky looked up from his papers, taking in the sight of his new houseguest. “Hey gorgeous, I hardly recognized you so clean. How was the shower?”

Chris was slow to respond. Gorgeous? That’s weird. “Uh, yeah. Good. Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, what’s on your mind?”

Chris looked down at his towel, and the monogram bearing his initials. “Um…, did I bring these towels? They’ve got my…” Chris stumbled, looking for the right word. “They’ve got my… letters, you know?”

Ricky got up and stood in front of Chris. Again, Chris’s cock was putting on an obscene show, its purple head sticking out from the folds of the towel. Ricky put a comforting hand on Chris’s shoulder. “I told you, remember? I got you those as a gift, for coming all this way to see me. They’re great! I’ve got a matching set, hanging on the rack next to yours.”

This made enough sense, Chris figured. A bit over the top, but Ricky obviously had a taste for the finer things and it was innocent enough. “Oh, right. Thanks again.”

“No hay problema, buddy. I really appreciate you making the effort.” Ricky went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of sports drink, handing it to Chris. “Drink up, you were steaming in the shower for a long time. I’ll make us some dinner.”

“Yeah, okay. You sure?” Chris took a big swig of Ricky’s elixir.

“Yeah, you know, like the saying goes, ‘Service is the best choice a man can make!’” With this last sentence, Chris’s head dropped, just as Ricky had hoped. He’d modified the trigger a bit, making it cleaner to say, and it seems like it remained just as effective. “Hey, Chris, buddy, you still with me?”

Chris was dazed, but he managed to utter “Yes sir, I’m still here.”

“Oh, good, you had me worried for a minute. I know today’s been real confusing for you, but you’re tired. A forty-hour drive plus all that fun we had in the woods would tire anybody out, even a big, strong guy like you. Why don’t we put that towel away, and take you to your bed?”

Chris was comforted by Ricky’s loving words. Nothing bad could happen to him with Ricky around. He smiled and stared into Ricky’s eyes. “Yes, that sounds good. Take me to bed, Ricky.” Chris removed his towel, handing it to Ricky for safe keeping.

Ricky had to stop himself from jumping Chris then and there. Chris’s cock looked even bigger than it had seemed at the rest stop, but this is the first time Ricky got a direct look at it. But he knew that there would be plenty of time later for kitchen fucking – it was a bit too early in the process to start improvising. Sticking to his plan, Ricky took Chris’s hand and led him to the master bedroom.

Ricky was driving himself crazy, lying next to a dozing Chris, whose erection was visibly pulsating with his heartbeat. Ricky stroked himself gently, but left Chris alone, not wanting to undo the valuable progress he’d made so far. Chris was still forgetful and unable to focus. Ricky knew this was temporary – part of the plan – but was it ever frustrating. It had only been six hours since their tryst in the woods, but Ricky wanted more now. But he also knew it was important to let his formula do its work.

“So… tired…” Chris seemed stuck in his liminal state, neither awake nor asleep.

Ricky grabbed Chris’s hand. “Shhhhh, boy. Just let it go. You’ll feel better soon, I promise. I’ve got you.” This seemed to calm his nerves a bit. Ricky worked hard to perfect his formula, but the first 24 hours proved difficult time and time again. But Chris, of course, was not just another test subject. He was the prize – the pot of California gold at the end of the rainbow. Ricky could be patient.

Slowly, Chris drifted off to sleep, his erection never subsiding through the night. Ricky felt tempted, to say the least. Thankfully, he’d planned ahead for this as well. Ricky figured it was time to take a cold shower and lock himself up in his purpose-bought chastity cage/butt plug combo. He put the key in his time-lock safe, effectively neutering himself until morning. He knew how important it was for Chris to get his rest tonight, and Ricky wanted to be wide-awake himself to see the benefits in the morning. Eventually, he fell asleep, dreaming of how glorious his life would soon be.

Ricky woke up, his cock fighting against his self-imposed restraints. He looked over at his safe – three hours until it opened. Ricky sighed. It was for the best, but man… three hours. He decided to get up and get started on his day. He went for a jog around the neighbourhood, taking a moment to admire Chris’s E-Class Coupe. For no particular reason, cars were the one thing Ricky always cheaped out on – his old Yaris was looking pretty pathetic next to the Mercedes in the driveway – but he could really see himself getting used to this luxury.

Ricky got out of his running clothes and put on a robe. He booted up his laptop, and took care of a few important messages. He’d told his assistant not to expect him in the office much this week, as he had to prepare for the reunion. Sure, these weren’t the preparations his assistant probably had in mind, but it was technically the truth.

Still feeling antsy, Ricky looked in on Chris. Still fast asleep. Cock still rigidly at attention. He looked at the timer on the safe. Still half an hour. Fuck.

Ricky needed to distract himself, so he turned to forward planning. He set two suits by the door – his favorite for himself, and Chris’s soiled three-piece from the rest stop. Chris would need to drop those off at the cleaner sometime this afternoon. He polished both their dress shoes to a shine, and was picking out ties when he heard three beeps. His safe was open. Time to get unlocked and wake his Prince Charming.

Unshackled and freshened up, Ricky re-entered the bedroom. He crawled into bed next to Chris and snuggled up to him. “Good morning, sunshine. You were out like a light. How are you feeling?”

Chris sat up, paying no mind to his eager cock or the fact that he woke up with a Latino stud sharing his sheets. He rubbed his eyes and looked around. “God, this headache. Ricky, you got anything for this?”

Ricky laughed. Just as he had expected. “Yes, dear. I’ve got some more sports drink for you here.”

Chris grabbed the bottle and chugged the whole thing without stopping for breath. “Much better. Man, what’s in that shit?”

“That’s for me to know, and for you to not worry about. You know that, right babe?” Now was the moment of truth. Would Chris accept his pet name without hesitation, or would he get confused again, calling for another day of intense treatment?

“Right. Yeah. Thanks, Ricky. I can always count on you.”

Jackpot. Chris was going along with whatever Ricky was telling him. Looks like Ricky would have a date this Friday after all. “You don’t know how much joy it gives me to hear you say that, hon. Really.” Ricky rolled out of bed and stood over Chris. “Do you have any idea how fucking horny you’ve made me? You were so fast asleep all night, and it took everything I had to not wake you up to ride your cock. Do you think we should do something about that, now that you’re up?”

Chris blinked a couple times, processing, and then smiled. He lied back down on the bed, his precum glistening in the morning sunlight. After licking his lips, Chris replied: “Service is the best choice a man can make!”

Ricky had the lube ready to go before Chris could finish his sentence. He teased Chris’s glistening cock for a few moments, and gave his beau a big wet kiss before getting into position. Ricky sat on the seven-inch member like he’d been born to take it in. He almost passed out as Chris hit his prostate, sending shock after shock through Ricky’s body. Ricky started bouncing up and down on Chris’s cock, working out twenty years worth of pent-up desires.

Ricky grabbed fistfuls of Chris’s thick, blond chest hair to stabilize himself while repeatedly impaling himself. Chris was lapping his tongue at the air, completely lost in the task of satisfying his host. Ricky stuck three fingers in Chris’s mouth, giving his boy something to focus on while Ricky rode him so intensely that he was dripping sweat. This encouraged Chris to meet Ricky’s bounces with thrusts of his own, making Ricky scream with pleasure. After a few minutes, Ricky reached his limits and rope after rope of cum erupted hands-free from his cock. Barely an inch of Chris’s skin from the waist-up was spared. With Chris still inside him, Ricky lapped up a mouthful of his own cum and transferred it to Chris in an excessively sloppy kiss. Both of their beards were gooey messes, but neither man batted an eye. This was bliss.

After resting for a few moments, Ricky got up and nestled in beside Chris. He reached for Chris’s still-hard cock and gave it a couple playful tugs. “You’ve done your work babe, I’m done. Do you want your reward?” Chris was still catching his breath but managed to nod his assent, so Ricky got to work. It didn’t take long – Chris’s libido had been in overdrive for four full days at that point, ever since he was initially triggered on the phone. After a few tender strokes from his lover, Chris exploded over his own body and face, now nearly coated in a mixture of both men’s fluids. Still panting, he licked the fresh cum from his hands and lips, the spitting image of satisfaction.

Ricky grabbed Chris’s towel, which had been lying on the floor since last night. He started to wipe Chris’s torso clean when he started laughing. “What’s so funny?” Chris asked, wanting in on the joke.

“C.S.” Ricky was looking at the towel’s monogram. “Could stand for Chris Stapleton. Or maybe that’s too complicated for you. Maybe C.S. stands for ‘Cum Slut’.” He laughed as he pressed the still-soaked towel into his lover’s face, the two of them giggling and wrestling for control. Chris was beaming as he considered this new nickname, this new bed, this new companion. After years of being lost, he finally found his way home.

Chris woke up the next morning feeling calm but groggy. He remembered having a good time last night, but was still mildly shocked by the residue that marked his torso. “Yeah, definitely need a shower this morning,” he whispered to himself. But before he could follow through on that thought, he heard someone pouring coffee downstairs. A cup would definitely help him get started with his day. Chris grabbed the skimpy, sheer robe hanging next to the bed and put it on. Not that it covered much up, but he figured it was polite to make an effort.

By the time Chris made it to the kitchen, Ricky was already set up working on his laptop. Chris was relaxed by the sight of Ricky in a clean, tailored suit, looking like a million bucks. Ricky looked up: “Good morning, dear. How’d you sleep?”

Chris loved how Ricky was always looking out for him. “Uh, good, I think. I swear I used to be more of a morning person.”

Ricky laughed at this. “Don’t worry, babe. You’re still transitioning. Life moves at a slower pace in Carsonville than it does in Hollywood. You’ve got all the time in the world.”

“Yeah, I guess. My clients will be…” Chris started.

“Relax, we’ll figure it all out. Actually, that reminds me, there’s a few things I’m hoping we can go through together. Why don’t you grab a cup of coffee and join me at the table?”

“Sure thing, boss.” Chris poured himself a mug, and grabbed a sports drink from the fridge to get hydrated. He joined Ricky at the table, still messy from last night. Ricky tousled Chris’s crusty hair and smiled. “What can I help you with?”

Ricky opened up his web browser, and navigated to the website of Chris’s bank. “I was just going over some things, and I thought that, now that we’re settling in together, it’s about time we start sharing accounts. It’ll be more convenient that way, don’t you agree?”

Chris took a moment to think this through. Ricky had gone out of his way to care for him, after all, and that can’t be cheap. Embroidered towels and robes weren’t free, after all, and Ricky was on a public servant salary. He was right: it was time for Chris to chip in. “Yeah, that makes sense. What’ll we need to do?”

Ricky had to keep his cool. He paused a moment over his coffee before responding. “Well, we’ll call your bank later and they’ll guide us through. I’ll also have to call my real estate lawyer to see about getting you on the mortgage. A bunch of boring stuff. But if you’re okay with it all, I’ll set it up for tomorrow.”

“Okay, that sounds good.” Chris was feeling a bit too nauseous for coffee, so he switched to the sports drink. “Thanks for handling all this stuff. You know I’m no good at it. So hard to focus in, you know?”

Ricky nodded reassuringly. “Yeah, I know. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Stick with me, and I promise I’ll handle all the details.” Chris smiled as he quenched his thirst. “Oh, another thing. Your suit got a little torn during our walk in the woods. I’ve got one lying around that would probably fit you, but I think we should go to the tailor today so it can be properly fitted for Friday. Sound good?”

“Yeah, makes sense to me. Can I eat first?” Chris asked. He felt a little lost this morning, and was hoping for a bit of direction.

“Of course, dear. Let me serve you breakfast. After all, ‘Service is the best choice a man can make’.” With this, Chris’s stare went vacant, and drool started to form around his lips. “I was thinking eggs and bacon. It’ll take a couple minutes. Why don’t you go shower? I’ve left some underwear for you in the bathroom. Feel free to dress casual, you’ll be changing later anyways.”

Chris lumbered slowly toward the master suite and hopped into the shower. After lathering himself up, he impulsively started tugging his cock. Ricky seemed to like it when he paraded around fully erect, and it felt great to Chris, too. A hard-on was no longer just a means to an orgasmic end – being ready for Ricky whenever he needed service was a pleasure in and of itself. Chris got out of the shower, towelled himself of, and donned the electric blue jock strap Ricky had picked out. It was undeniable that Chris looked amazing, even though he immediately soiled his outfit with pre-cum. He found a pair of mesh shorts and a brightly patterned tank laid out on the bed – more suggestions from Ricky, he guessed. After getting dressed, he went back into the kitchen, all cleaned up and ready for more fun.

Ricky plated Chris’s meal. “Food’s ready, dear. After the last couple of days, you need some protein. Take a seat, why don’t you?” Chris slowly made his way to his chair and Ricky took a moment to admire Chris’s cock, straining against the sheer fabric of his shorts. Ricky was tempted and barely resisted having his stud breed him on the breakfast bar right then and there. But he looked at his watch – already past noon – and decided that the two of them needed to get on with their day, regrettably.

After Chris finished up his food, Ricky suggested that Chris clean himself up so they didn’t keep Art waiting. The tailor had always been a great friend, and had moved Earth to meet Ricky’s short timelines this week.

While sharing their meal together, Ricky reflected proudly on his accomplishments these past few days. It wouldn’t be long until Chris was waking up completely settled into his new life. Ricky smiled at the thought. It was for the best, really. If he hadn’t reached out to Chris, he would still be living the hard life of an executive with nobody at home to support him. It simply wasn’t sustainable. But together in Carsonville, Chris and Ricky could have everything they need, including the time to enjoy each other.

Chris gobbled up his last strip of bacon. “Ready to go, stud?” Ricky asked with a smile. Chris nodded, excited to go into town and be shown off by his lover. Ricky gave Chris’s ass an affirming squeeze. “Good to hear. I’m sure Art is going to love you, almost as much as I do.”

To be continued…

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