The Rainbow Zone: Almost Famous

8487 words

You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of lust. A journey into the wondrous land whose boundaries are that of sexuality. There’s a signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Rainbow Zone.

A man in a conservative suit stepped out of the fall weather and into a large grocery store. He was handsome, in a hopelessly retro way. Like a cross between James Dean and Clint Eastwood. The glare of the fluorescents overhead made him look flat and colourless as he scanned the room, searching for a particular someone.

It wasn’t long until he saw his prey, a mousy young man with shaggy brown hair and hunched shoulders.

“Meet Ethan Bates,” the suited man said. “A nondescript twenty-something stockboy who craves nothing more than being noticed. Like every mediocre man, he dreams of another life, a carefree life where sex and fame are his for the taking. But Ethan will find out that there’s more than one road to success. For most men, this is the road not taken, but for Ethan, it’s his path home, headed through… The Rainbow Zone.”

The man gave a slight smile and turned, heading into the store to do some shopping.

Ethan was scanning groceries, trying not to yawn directly in a customers face. The store always got busy in the late afternoon, and that meant Ethan got pulled off his regular work and put on a register.

As he swiped can after can of cat food over the scanner, Ethan’s eyes wandered, landing on the magazine rack behind his customer. On one cover was a grinning young man on the red carpet, no more than a year or two older than Ethan.

Ethan’s hands moved automatically while he brooded. It must be nice, he thought, to just be famous. Nobody telling you to go work the register or to clean up when some kid pukes in aisle three. Just look good, answer vapid questions, and get paid mad money for your lack of effort.

“Will that be everything?” Ethan said automatically, not waiting for the answer before he punched the ‘total’ button on the register. “Forty-seven eleven,” he said, reading the price off the terminal.

His customer, a handsome man in a retro suit, tapped his phone on the card reader to pay.

“Thanks Ethan,” the man said, gathering up his bags.

“Huh?” Ethan said. “Oh yeah,” he murmured, realizing that the stranger had read his name tag.

Then it was onto the next customer, a middle aged woman who bought a cart full of vegetables. Ethan hated that – every vegetable had to be keyed in individually, and he had never managed to memorize the codes.

“Excuse me, I think somebody forget their cell phone?” the lady said, holding up a phone in a faux wood case.

“Oh, shit,” Ethan said, getting a surprised look from his line. “Sorry, I think it was my last customer.”

He glanced around the store. The man was nowhere in sight. It had been a few minutes – he was probably long gone by now.

“Thanks,” he said, trying to smooth things over with the lady. “I’ll stick it under the till, see if he comes back for it. We put everything in the store lost and found at the end of the day.”

Ethan placed the phone beside his register and resumed the monotonous scanning. The phone watched him quietly for the rest of his shift.

He couldn’t explain why, but Ethan didn’t put the phone in lost and found. Instead he slipped it into the pocket of his work pants, feeling the stolen weight hang there.

There was no reason to take it, other a strange compulsion. Ethan had a phone, a pretty nice one that his parents bought for his last birthday. He didn’t need another. He didn’t even like iPhones, but here he was taking one. As he pulled on his jacket and left the store he promised himself that he’d slip it into the lost and found. First thing tomorrow.

When he got home, Ethan threw the phone on his bed and changed out of his work clothes. The company made him dress up in a shirt and black pants were a bit much for a shift stocking the soda aisle. At home they were downright ridiculous. Ethan preferred a pair of track pants and a plain white tee.

He was sitting on the couch when his roommate Sam walked in. The two men had lived together since both their rejection letters arrived from the State school. Ethan had known Sam since they were both juniors in high school, horsing around in English class.

“Hey Eth,” Sam said, crashing down heavily beside him. He leaned down, trying to untie his steel toed boots without getting mud all over the floor. Sam was a bit brawnier than Ethan which meant he’d been able to get a job working construction. He made almost twenty bucks an hour, an amount Ethan’s bank account would kill for.

“Hey,” Ethan said, flicking through the stolen phone.

“New toy?” Sam asked, pushing his boots under their coffee table.

“Yeah, kinda. A customer forgot it.”

“Dude, you gotta turn that shit in!” Sam laughed. “Seriously, you wanna get fired?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna do it tomorrow,” Ethan said. “I’m just taking a look through and it’s freakin’ weird man. No pictures, no browser history, no texts… the guy didn’t even use it. It’s only got one app downloaded, and even that one’s super lame.”

“What is it?” Sam asked.

“It’s like one of those apps where you take your picture and then it does deepfake shit to change it around. It looks super complicated. I think he bought all the add-ons and everything.”

“Cool,” said Sam, leaning in to look. “Let’s give it a try. Take my picture!”

Ethan sighed and took Sam’s picture. It wasn’t half bad. Sam’s cheesy smile made him look laid back and goofy. His friend’s mousy black hair was half covered in construction dust, and his flannel shirt needed to go in the laundry, but he had a boyish charm.

“Dude, that’s not bad,” Sam grinned. “You might have to share that for my Tindr.”

“Like you need any help,” Ethan rolled his eyes with jealousy. Sam was never short on women. He made enough money that he could go out and pick up practically every Friday night.

“Whatever. Change my hair. Make me a blond,” Sam said eagerly.

“What? You’re too smart?” Ethan laughed.

“Fuck off man.”

Ethan scrolled through the list of hair and was surprised by how comprehensive it was. He could adjust colour, length, style… anything he could think of. Finally he figured out the right combination and hit ‘Save’.

His mouth dropped open.

“Dude, what is it?” Sam asked. “Does it look that bad?”

In front of Ethan’s eyes, Sam’s short black hair had completely transformed. It grew out from a thin buzzcut into golden blond curls, spilling down over his forehead and ears. Sam looked cherubic.

“Dude, your hair…” Ethan gasped.

“Let me see!” Sam said, grabbing for the phone. “Dude, that looks so weird,” he said, laughing at the picture. Ethan blinked, trying to understand what was happening.

“But it’s…. it really happened,” Ethan said. “Your hair actually changed. It’s not just the picture!”

Sam moved his hand up to touch his head. He looked shocked as his fingers sunk into his unexpected locks.

“No way…” Sam gasped, standing and running for the bathroom.

A moment later Ethan heard Sam call out again.

“NO WAY!” he laughed. “Dude,” Sam said, coming out of the bathroom and staring at Ethan. “That phone is magic or something. It actually changed my hair.”

“We gotta get rid of it…” Ethan said, panicking.


“Dude, I’ve seen this episode of the Twilight Zone,” Ethan said with a nervous laugh. “It doesn’t end well for anyone.”

“Fuck you, I’ll take it,” Sam said, staring at the phone greedily. “You get it man? This could be our ticket! This thing could make us rich and famous.”

Ethan’s mind flashed back to the guy on the magazine cover. His gut churned and he bit his lip. He could feel his heart beat speeding up. Sam was right – this could be his ticket to fame.

“Okay, let’s do it,” Ethan said. “But we’ve got to be super careful. We got lucky that we just changed your hair. We gotta be really careful how we use this. This could seriously fuck you up.”

“Yeah, totally man,” Sam agreed. “Let’s start by fixing my hair. This is totally gay.”

“I dunno if we should do too many things…” Ethan cautioned.

“We know it works on hair. And there’s like… a ton of options, right? So why don’t we get used to it there. Worst case scenario, I get a buzzcut and dye it black.”

“Yeah… okay,” Ethan agreed with a reluctant tone.

Sam leaned in next to Ethan, watching as his friend scrolled down the list of possibilities.

“Oh! Make me a redhead!” Sam laughed, pointing at the item on screen.

Ethan sighed and tapped the setting, then adjusted the length and style down to a short crewcut. A moment later, Sam’s blond hair was a memory, replaced by a fiery cut.

“I gotta see…” Sam said, rushing into the bathroom. “Dude, this is awesome!”

Sam stayed by the bathroom mirror, ducking his head out occasionally so Ethan could see the changes. It wasn’t required – Sam’s look never varied from the on-screen preview. For over an hour, Ethan played around with the app, changing Sam’s hair from a neon mohawk to a Kurt Cobain look to an afro. Finally, Sam called out.

“This is it!” Sam shouted.

He strutted out of the bathroom with a cocky grin. Ethan had configured his hair into a chocolate brown colour with natural highlights, cut into a messy pile that spilled down over his forehead. It made Sam look youthful and mature all at the same time.

“Dude, this is it,” Sam said with a cheeky grin. “You wanna try it now? Maybe let me drive?”

“Yeah, yeah okay,” Ethan laughed, watching Sam push around his new hair. No matter what he did, it seemed to flop back into a perfectly tousled look.

“Okay… let me take your pic,” Sam said, holding up the phone. Ethan posed, giving the camera a deadpan glare.

“Dude, at least try to look fun,” Sam teased.

“Whatever. I’m letting you play with the magic phone, do you really need to nag me about smiling,” Ethan said rolling his eyes.

“Okay man, whatever,” Sam said. “Okay, you’re in the app. What do you want me to change first?”

“Let’s stick with hair,” Ethan said. “I think that’s pretty safe.”

Ethan looked at his shaggy mane in the photo.

“Make it long,” he said. “Like… really long, all the way down my back. Jesus long. That’ll be funny.”

“Okay,” Sam said, tapping in the changes.

Ethan walked to the bathroom, his brown hair already pushing down the length of his back. Back on the couch, Sam scrolled through the menus, trying to figure out his way around the app.

“Okay, this is pretty cool,” Ethan said with a laugh.

While Ethan played with his new hair, Sam was scrolling through the various sections. He couldn’t believe how much detail there was in the app. They could be anyone…

“Okay, let’s try something else!” Ethan called. “Your pick.”

“Sure thing,” Sam said, scanning through a new section of the app. He’d found an area labelled “Presets”, and was reading the list. There was everything from ‘Activist’ to ‘Zookeeper’.

Somewhere in the middle of the list, Sam’s eyes picked out ‘TikToker’. He grinned, tapped on the control, and hit ‘Save’.

“Little surprise for you Eth…” Sam called out.

He heard a grunt from the bathroom.


“Whoa,” Ethan said from the bathroom. “Sam…what did you do!” he shouted.

“You okay?” Sam called out, suddenly concerned about his friends safety.

“Uh… I meant you could change my hair…” he heard Ethan say, clearly distracted.

Sam hurried towards the bathroom. His eye’s bulged as he took in the scene. His nondescript friend was gone, replaced by an athletic fuckboy.

“Eth…” Sam said, his mouth hanging open. Ethan had lost a little height, but he’d more than made up for it with the rounded muscle that showed through his t-shirt. He was tan all over, a sharp contrast to his sun streaked blond hair. His track pants and plain t-shirt were gone, replaced with a pair of designer jeans and a musclefit red tee that hugged his delts.

Ethan stared at himself in the mirror. He’d gone from average to exceptional. Everything about him caught the eye. He felt a surge of anxiety. He’d never been noticeable before, and there was no way he’d avoid notice with this body…

… and it made him fucking horny. People were gonna notice him when he walked down the street. Women were gonna dream about him fucking them. His cock ached… he needed someone to notice him.

“Bro, check this out,” Ethan said, flexing in the mirror and grinning at the way his muscles popped.

“Wow,” Sam said, his eyes wide.

“Yeah, whoa is right,” Ethan said, turning to Sam and lifting his tee. A solid six pack showed. Ethan dropped his shirt and flashed Sam a charismatic grin.

“You look… uh…” Sam stammered. Between Ethan’s hooded blue eyes and his puffy lips, Sam could barely resist telling Ethan he was hot. “You look really…”

“I look hot as fuck bro,” Ethan said with the same captivating grin. “Looks like somebody couldn’t resist fucking around with my settings,” he laughed.

“You’re not mad?” Sam asked cautiously.

“Sam, bro, why would I be mad?” Ethan said, raising his carefully shaped eyebrows. “Look at me bro. This is gonna change my life! And bro, you got super good with the app!”

Sam gave a sheepish look and showed Ethan the list of preset options. Ethan took the phone back and scrolled down the list.

“I’m glad you didn’t make me a gay porn star,” Ethan laughed, pointing out the option to Sam. Sam sat beside his transformed friend, trying not to feel inferior.

“Uh, I think I’m gonna go get us a pizza or something,” Sam said, standing up and grabbing his wallet off the counter. “It’s getting super late Eth, we should eat something.”

“Yeah, thanks man,” Ethan said, barely registering Sam’s existence.

Sam walked out of the building and a couple blocks over. There was food in the house. More than anything, he wanted a few minutes alone to process Ethan’s change.

He caught sight of himself in a store window. His perfectly styled mop top was hanging low over his forehead.

A few minutes to process both their changes, he thought, heading into the pizza place.

“Right with you! Right with you!” called out Jonny, the middle aged Korean man who ran shop. He’d immigrated a few years ago and had quickly become a fixture in the community.

“Sam! Large pepperoni, no veggies!” Jonny said cheerfully, spying Sam over the hot case.

“Sounds good Jonny,” Sam said with a smile. Jonny ran an efficient little pizza place and always remembered his best customers.

“Ten minutes!” Jonny shouted from the back, already slathering sauce on the crust and loading it with cheese.

Sam took a seat, staring at himself in the reflection of the window. He looked almost normal – his lanky body still covered in his flannel shirt and dirty jeans. Normally he would change and shower after getting home, but Ethan’s find had put off those plans.

Sam couldn’t believe his luck. He could be anything. Be anyone.

Just like Ethan. If that even was Ethan anymore. His friend hadn’t just changed physically, but mentally as well. Sam would have to be careful that he didn’t lose himself in the app.

He tried to remember what else was on the list of options, carefully considering what he’d pick for himself.

Would he be a football star? A supermodel? Or maybe just a trust fund bro, bringing home a different girl every night.

The thought made his stomach turn unexpectedly.

“Guh…” Sam grunted, feeling the wind knocked out of him. It was like his high school bully had punched him right in the stomach. He doubled over in pain.

Sam felt his body shift and transform, muscle bulging under too-tight skin, aches and pains vanishing as he suddenly become something new.

Someone new.

He let out a gasp.

His reflection in the window was wrong.

His mouth hung open in shock.

Sam had always been cute enough. Strong enough. But the man in the reflection was hot. A carved jaw and a brooding forehead. It was impossible. This wasn’t him… this was…

… the best choice he could have made. The perfect man. Sam gave a cocky glance and flashed his eyebrows, flirting with himself in the window.

His face broke out in a wide grin, carefree and enticing.

“Dude…” he said to his own reflection. He wished someone else was there to see him. To admire his body.

The functional muscle he’d earned doing construction was gone. Instead he was covered in gym-perfected gains, from his boulder-shoulders and shelf-like chest, all the way down to his diamond calves. The muscle was hairless and tanned and totally on display, packed into a pair of rugby shorts and a matching stringer tank.

A man like him didn’t need modesty.

“All ready!” Jonny called out from behind him, interrupting his shock. “Four orders chicken wings and one salad!”

“Thanks dude,” Sam said, reaching for his wallet. Instead of the large wallet he usually carried, the shorts only had room for a tiny leather wallet that held a few credit cards and his ID. Sam pulled out a card at random and handed it to Jonny.

“Forty-seven dollars,” Jonny said, running the card through the reader. “Salad is very fresh. No croutons. No carbs for you!” he laughed.

“Abs are made in the kitchen,” Sam laughed, pulling up his tank and flashing his tank tread abs at Jonny before signing the receipt. “Thanks!”

“Thank you Sam! We see you soon!” Jonny laughed, waving him out the door and starting on his next order.

When he got back to the house, Ethan was waiting eagerly.

“Damn bro, lookin’ good,” Ethan said admiringly, taking in Sam’s hot new body. “I picked the ‘Instagrammer’ option for you… I got bored,” he laughed.

“This is pretty rad dude,” Sam laughed, giving a casual flex of his bicep.

“Save it for the ‘gram bro,” Ethan grinned, grabbing a container of chicken wings. “Thank fuck you got real food… pizza’s got way too many carbs.”

“Yeah dude, way too many carbs,” Sam agreed. “Jonny just kinda… knew what I’d want.”

“Sweet,” Ethan said, stuffing his mouth with the food. “So like he… he wasn’t weirded out at all that you changed?”

“No dude, like… he saw me – the old me – when I came in and knew I wanted a pizza. Then you musta hit the button and he came out from the back with chicken and salad. And he wasn’t weirded out at all, didn’t even realize that I’ve got a rockin’ bod now…”

“Sick bro,” Ethan said. “It’s like everything just adapted. Guess we don’t have to explain why we’re suddenly studs!”

“Yeah dude, I wonder what else has changed?”

The door swung open, and a petite blonde woman walked in. Ethan and Sam looked at each other. How could they have forgotten about Ethan’s girlfriend Brandi? She managed both their accounts, helping the two attention seeking studs use their bodies to get the views.

“Hey guys,” she said, putting groceries into the fridge. “I see you just couldn’t wait for supper,” she laughed, looking at the two men and the boxes of chicken wings they were demolishing.

“Uh… I got you a salad,” Sam said, starting in on his third container of wings.

“Thanks Sam, you’re sweet,” she said, leaning in and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“What’s wrong baby, don’t I get some sugar,” Ethan said, chicken grease dripping off his lips.

“You’re disgusting,” Brandi laughed, giving Ethan a peck on the cheek too. “Maybe after we’re done the shoot.”

“What shoot?” Ethan asked obliviously. His memories were all jumbled… he remembered being a loser grocery boy… but he was a total hottie… nobody noticed him… but he had like… a couple thousand TikTok followers… he was gonna be famous… yeah, that’s right… he was gonna be famous…

“You’re such an asshole,” Brandi laughed, punching him lightly on the arm. “You promised me we’d shoot some new videos tonight. I need to get the next weeks posts lined up, and there’s nothing in the backlog.”

“Let’s do it tomorrow,” Ethan shrugged. “I wanna get freaky with you tonight.”

“Hang on stud,” Brandi laughed. “That’s what you said the last two times. We’re doing a shoot tonight. Besides, I’ve got Sam tomorrow, we’re going to do some pool shots, it’s supposed to be warm enough.”

Sam gave a vapid grin and stuck out his tongue at Ethan.

“Hey, you’re working tonight too,” Brandi said pointedly. “You’re going to be in at least one of Ethan’s videos. You promised you’d do some cross promotion.”

Sam sighed heavily, rolled his eyes dramatically, and slumped his muscled form on the couch.

“God, my life is sooooo hard,” he whined with a cheeky wink.

Brandi ignored Sam’s theatrics and pulled out her phone.

“So we’ve got six different ideas, and we’re going to shoot three of them tonight,” she said, getting right down to business. “First up is a lip-sync…”

Ethan dragged himself out of bed, surprised to see his girlfriend was already up. By the time he’d finished shooting dozens of takes, Brandi had been too tired to fool around at all. He shook his head, amazed at how exhausting it had been to perform over and over, practicing a lip-sync, the latest viral dance, and a faked prank on Sam.

“Morning babe,” he said, pasting on a charismatic grin as he stumbled into the kitchen.

“Your breath is so gross,” Brandi laughed. “Go brush. You’ve got work in a couple hours.”

“Work?” Ethan moaned. “Baby, we did all that last night…”

“I mean at the store. You’re gonna be a star Eth, but until then, you’ve still got to pay rent.”

Ethan winced. He remembered his job now… folding clothes in the mall. It sucked, and he hated it, but his pretty face and pouty lips brought in all the girls and his manager loved him. Plus the discounts were sick…

“Is this alright?” Sam asked, coming out of the bathroom. He was wearing a baby blue pair of swim trunks that showed off his modest bulge.

“Bro, you look like a queer,” Ethan laughed.

“Turn,” Brandi said, ignoring Ethan. It bothered him more than it should have.

Sam twisted around, letting her get a good look at how his ripped body looked in the trunks from all angles.

“Yeah, that’s good,” she said.

“Thanks dude,” Sam said with a grin. “Should I go change?” he asked.

“No way, sun’s out, let’s got get these shots,” Brandi said, grabbing her keys from the counter. “Once it warms up, there are going to be other people wanting to use the pool and I don’t want it to look like it’s a shared pool.”

Sam sighed and grabbed a hoodie off the coatrack, slipping it over his broad shoulders. He followed Brandi out, leaving Ethan alone.

An hour later, Ethan was riding the bus, headed for his retail job. He slouched down in the seat, hands jammed into his hoodie and AirPods blasting tunes. He couldn’t stop thinking about how much he hated working retail. He just wanted to be rich and famous… was that too much to ask?

He pursed his lips and pouted, oblivious to the half-dozen women checking him out.

He was on his way home before he remembered that he had a magic phone. With a magic reality warping program installed. How did he forget? He’d gotten so hung up in being some TikTok wannabe…

But he could be anything…

“Hey dude,” Sam greeted him when he got home. The big man was on the couch, scrolling through photos Brandi had sent over. She had already picked the one to post, but he liked to look through them. It made him feel less like a piece of meat and more like a creative partner.

“Hey bro, where’s that phone from yesterday?” Ethan asked, glancing around. He’d used it to turn Sam… and then… what?

“I dunno dude, maybe check the junk drawer?”

Ethan pulled open a kitchen drawer and started digging. Brandi must have tossed the phone inside, since it was right on top.

“What’s up dude?” Sam asked.

“Bro, you gotta remember… this thing is magic. Remember yesterday? You were like… a construction guy, and I was… fuck, what was I?” Ethan stammered.

“Oh shit… you’re right dude!” Sam said, sitting up suddenly. “You were like… you…” he said, shrugging. “Fuck, it’s hard to remember. Cuz we met in school… and then we started hitting the gym together… You met Brandi…” he said, trying to trace the idea.

“No brah… we met in school, and then we got jobs and stuff. You… fuck…!” Ethan moaned. “It doesn’t matter. This phone, I found it, and it’s magic. I can change stuff about us. I’m gonna make us rich bro.”

Ethan pulled up the app and poked at the screen. There was his profile, and Sam’s right beside it. He pulled up Sam first.

“Fuck bro, there’s no slider for money,” Ethan grimaced, scanning down the list of options.

“Dude, this app sucks,” Sam complained, idly flexing one of his biceps.

“Fuck… fuck… “ Ethan murmured, trying to find a ‘bank account’ setting in the list of options. He scrolled through screen after screen, not finding anything.

“You wanna go get wings?” Sam asked.

“Wait, bro, I think I found something,” Ethan said excitedly. “I’m upping my stats for my body, really pumping it up… and I’m gonna max out my charisma… whoa dude, this thing gives suggestions… what’s narcissism?”

“Uh… like you really like the way you look,” Sam said, attempting a definition.

“Okay, yeah, I’m gonna up that too."

“Huh?” Sam said, not really paying attention. He was scrolling through his notifications, enjoying all the comments on his latest pic. Brandi had posted it already, even though Sam hadn’t sent her back his pick. There were lots of comments, people loving the look and the lifestyle, dreaming that they were Sam, lifting his beefy young body out of a private pool.

“This is all the stuff that makes an influencer,” Ethan explained. “That way I’ll get way more followers, and then I’ll be famous, and then I’ll be rich. It’s just math bro.”

He hit save, bracing himself for the changes to his body and mind.

Across the room, Sam’s chest swelled, pushing at his tank until his nipples stood out clearly against the glossy fabric. His waist tightened, becoming narrow enough that the fabric hung loosely over his abs. His delts exploded, becoming truly imposing, supporting a thick pair of arms. Down below, his thick legs grew into tree trunks. In his inadequate rugby shorts, his package grew from visible to unignorable.

“Dude!” Sam shouted at the unexpected change. “You changed the wrong guy!”

He felt impossibly huge in his new body. Where he had been impressively fit before, he was now bordering on bodybuilder status. Sam stressed, thinking there was no way his fans were gonna believe he was natty now…

… until they got a good look at his balls. No roid head could match a set of heavy nuts like he carried. Sam groped at them through the thin fabric, squeezing his junk and feeling it harden at the slightest touch. Yeah, everyone was gonna stare. He was fuckin’ awesome.

“Dude, check me out,” Sam said, climbing up on the couch and posing. He grabbed the bottom hem of his tank and pulled it off with practiced ease, leaving him in only the tiny pair of shorts. They would have covered a normal man easily, but he was far from normal.

“Hang on, I’ll fix it,” Ethan stuttered.

“Don’t you fuckin’ dare,” Sam said, pulling off an archer pose. “Dude, check it, everyone’s gonna wanna follow my account now…”

“Okay… okay, I just selected you by accident,” Ethan said, feeling small and weak next to his hulking friend. “Gimme a sec.”

Ethan quickly punched in a similar combination under his own profile. Muscle and charisma and narcissism and a big cock. The app suggested he up his sexual magnetism. He agreed easily, knowing it would bring in the views.

With an excited smile, Ethan hit save.

He could his muscles push past their athletic proportions, setting into their new weight. Ethan’s could clearly see the cleft between his pecs, the mass of his square pecs pressed against the soft fabric of his t-shirt. He felt his legs squeeze painfully in his too-tight jeans, his bulge pinched in the fabric.

“Fuck,” Ethan gasped, fumbling with his zipper. This app was gonna cut his fuckin’ nuts off. He finally got the zipper unfastened, yanking the pants down around his ankles. His over muscled ass settled into place, ensuring he’d never fit those jeans again.

“Dude, we shoulda filmed that,” Sam said, laughing as he continued his flex.

Ethan laughed in glee at his heavy body. He wasn’t quite as big as Sam, but that was no surprise. Sam was a beast. With this new body, he was gonna be able to rake in so many views. Brandi would have sponsors lining up out the door…

…all those fuckers were gonna see what a hot piece of ass he was. One view and they’d be obsessed for life. One glance and they’d dream about riding his cock. Ethan stepped out of his old jeans and jumped up on the couch until he was face to face with Sam.

“What, you wanna see this, huh boy?” Ethan said laughing, throwing up a double bicep pose.

“You wish you were this big,” Sam joked back, mirroring the pose back at his blond friend.

“Yeah, while, can you do this?” Ethan asked, grabbing the collar of his shirt and tearing it down the middle. His square pecs flopped out, finally comfortable. “No, you can’t, cause you don’t got a shirt,” he laughed.

“Yeah, while neither do you,” Sam pointed out, stepping closer. Their large bulges were almost rubbing together, stopped only by Ethan’s bright orange briefs and Sam’s dark rugby shorts.

Ethan laid his hand on Sam’s broad chest.

“Fuck man… you do got a lotta muscle…” he said admiringly.

“Aaaand… cut,” Brandi said, tapping a button on her phone. She had come in during the posturing, dropped several bags of groceries on the floor, and started filming immediately. She knew great content when she saw it.

“Ethan, this is going on your TikTok like… now. Your followers are gonna go wild…” she said.

“Lemme see it first,” Ethan said, hopping down off the couch and reaching for her phone. He watched the clip – she had excellent timing, starting it right when he’d jumped on the couch to fuck around with Sam. As he watched his muscled bod face off with Sam’s bulk, he couldn’t stop thinking about how hot the whole scene looked.

“Yeah, let’s post it,” he agreed. “But… people aren’t gonna think we’re gay or nothin’, right?”

“Dude, who cares,” Sam rumbled. “Gay dudes are like… they fuckin’ love this shit. Let’s give ‘em a little, nobody cares what’s real. Besides, chicks dig this stuff too. And regular bros are just gonna see two dudes facing off.”

“Baby, look, it’s blowing up,” Brandi said, handing her phone to Ethan. He grinned as he watched the numbers.

“Yeah, okay…” he agreed. “Yeah, okay, we’re gonna do more of that shit.”

Sam rolled out of bed at five the next morning on autopilot. A litre of water, then a shower and dressing for the gym. He was out the door before he allowed himself to check his latest post – 1807 likes on the pic of him and Ethan arm wrestling, staring into the others eyes. Not bad. They’d positioned the lights right and gotten some really great shots of their bulging arms.

Ethan woke up a couple hours later. He’d been up late with Brandi, going over plans for his next OnlyFans shoot. If queer baiting got him the views then it was time for a strategy shift. He was going all the way and really bring them in.

“Mmm… hey baby,” Ethan murmured, smelling Brandi’s scent. He moved his hips, coming close enough that she could feel his pole hard against her skin.

“Save that for later,” Brandi yawned, reluctantly pushing him away. “You’re gonna do your OnlyFans like we talked about before I fuckin’ touch that thing. Gotta keep you nice and hard for the boys…” she said devilishly.

“Yeah… yeah, you’re right,” Ethan agreed. The new strategy was gonna bring in the gays, and he’d heard they liked to spend money.

“Okay, I’m gonna get us some coffee and setup the camera. Shower and prep for you.”

“Yes m’am,” Ethan said, giving a mock salute.

An hour later, Ethan was pretending to wake up in bed. His hair was perfectly gelled and he’d given his skin a good scrub in the shower. Instead of the loose boxers he actually slept in, he was wearing a pair of form-fitting red sweatpants that showed off his bulge.

“Hey,” he said, giving a lustful grin to the camera. “I didn’t see you there.”

Ethan reached down to his sweats and gripped the outline of his cock.

“I bet you want some of this,” he said, grinning widely.

Brandi moved backwards, broadening the shot as Ethan rolled out of bed and stood.

“Check this shit out,” Ethan said, giving an obviously fake yawn as he ‘stretched’ into a double bicep pose.

“I know you want me…” he said confidently, tweaking his nipple and rocking his hips.

Ethan hooked one thumb on the waistband of his sweats. He pulled it down slowly, past his tan line, teasing the v cut of his abs and the first few pubes.

“And cut,” Brandi said, tapping a button on her phone.

“Did we get it in one?” Ethan asked, releasing the band of his sweats with a snap.

“Yeah, looks like it. Drink your coffee, I’m going to edit a little and then we’ll post.”

“Don’t edit too much baby, this shit is all me,” Ethan laughed, slapping his abs.

Once Brandi posted the video, Ethan did a TikTok, promoting his new OnlyFans. In that one, he wore the same red sweats, but with a black racerback tank too. Ethan lifted the hem, running his hand over cobblestone abs and inviting his followers to join him for a… private experience.

It was everything he’d ever wanted. Signups were rolling in, each one a minor bump to his income, but more importantly they were validation that he was the hottest stud in town.

Ethan lived for the validation.

Sam did too, starting up his own OnlyFans almost immediately. The muscular man didn’t have to do much more than update his instagram bio before the subscribers started pouring in. He’d posted a couple videos already – one of him running through bodybuilding poses in his favourite pair of rugby shorts, and the other of him in the shower, carefully angled to give just a hint of his dick.

They were on fire.

“Bro, do you get like… crazy amounts of DMs from gay dudes…” Sam asked. He was slumped on the couch next to Ethan, both of them absorbed in scrolling through their comments and messages.

“Heh, yeah,” Ethan said happily. “These guys all wanna ride my dick.”

“Yeah, your both getting pretty big gay fanbases,” Brandi said from across the room. She was at their kitchen table, tapping out an email to a new sponsor. “The only way you could be bigger is if you guy would kiss or whatever.”

“Dude… what?” Sam said, shaking his head.

“Uh, yeah… some of the sponsors want to know if you’re a couple or whatever. I think they’d spend some major money if you confirmed it. Everyone wants to look inclusive.”

Sam glanced at Ethan with a raised eyebrow.

“Bro… fuck, no!” Ethan laughed. “It’s fine to bait ‘em, but I’m no queer.”

“Dude, it’d be like… a kiss. Just close your eyes and pretend I’m Brandi.”

“Brandi doesn’t have chapped lips and hairy armpits,” Ethan shot back.

“Fuck you!”

“Sorry bro,” Ethan said. “I can’t just flip a switch.”

“Yeah…” Sam shrugged. “Fuck, I wish we had magic or something. Why’s it so hard, I just wanna be rich and famous.”

“Bro…” Ethan said, his brow furrowed as he tried to remember something. “Bro… fuck… there’s something that…”

“Dude! We’ve got magic!” Sam said, remembering something about a magic… something?

“What are you two talking about?” Brandi asked.

“It’s a phone!” Ethan remembered. “I found a magic phone that can change us into whatever we want,” he gushed, searching the room. Finally he found the phone in the junk drawer, it’s battery still unnervingly full.

“Uh… you guys are going nuts,” Brandi pointed out.

“Yeah, just watch this…” Ethan said, pulling up Sam’s profile. He scrolled until he found a section for sexuality. It had a slider from one to seven. Sam was at a three. Ethan pushed him up to a seven and hit the ‘save’ button.

Ethan watched eagerly, looking for some clue that Sam’s sexuality might have changed. It was subtle – a rainbow band appeared on his wrist.

Sam was nervous. He’d never told Ethan about the weekends he’d gone out dancing at a gay club. Never mentioned the occasional hookup, railing some guys ass until dawn. He told himself he wasn’t gay or anything, just that he…

… fucking loved men. He loved fucking men with his big ol’ dick, and he didn’t care who knew. Hell, he wanted his fans to know. Wanted them to see how horny he was for cock, how much he craved it.

“So uh… do you think you’d wanna kiss me?” Ethan asked, unsure if his changes had saved.

“Fuck dude, of course I do!” Sam said enthusiastically.

“See!” Ethan told Brandi. “Sam’s up for making out now.”

“Yeah, but Sam’s gay,” Brandi said, rolling her eyes. “You’re the super straight macho bullshit one.”

Right, Ethan thought. Brandi couldn’t see the changes. She thought Sam had always been gay.

Whatever. They needed to take a couple shots of them kissing, and then he’d change them both back.

“Just a sec…” Ethan said, moving his own sexuality slider all the way to seven. He hesitated for a moment before hitting save – did he really want to make out with Sam? Did he want that shit all over the internet?

One thing was for sure… he needed the attention.

Ethan hit save and braced himself, just in case glitter exploded from the ceiling.

He watched as the apartment shifted around him, easily doubling in size. The windows no longer looked at a fast food parking lot, but onto the LA skyline. He swore he felt his ears pop.

Ethan looked at Sam, still over on the couch. Somehow his change had impacted Sam too – instead of the black racerback and gym shorts he’d been wearing, Sam was down to a pair of colourful briefs, straining to keep his semi-hard cock contained.

He glanced down at his own body. His athletic form was intact, but most of his clothes had gone AWOL. He wore a pair of lime green boxers.

Ethan grimaced. This shit was totally gay. Sam looked like some kind of gay whore, and he looked like one of those slutty guys who couldn’t stop sending nudes. Ethan’s inbox was full of those guys, ever since him and Sam had posted that first queer-bait video and…

… it was totally hot. He loved getting messages from dudes who wanted to bang him. Ethan’s inbox was an endless bucket of hung tops who wanted to pound him into the ground. Nobody had to guess if he was a bottom – him and Sam posted videos of their fuck sessions constantly. And their fans fuckin’ loved it.

“Hey Brandi, take a video?” Ethan said, tossing the magical phone on the counter and advancing towards Sam’s cock. He couldn’t take his eyes off that bulge. Soon it would be pushing into his ass, hitting him just the right way, making him scream with joy.

So what if the neighbours complained again. They always begged to join in.

And of course Ethan loved it. The only thing better than getting fucked was getting gang banged.

He rubbed his cock, thinking about how loud he’d holler. Make all the queens come running to fuck his ass. They were lucky to have such a stud nearby.

“Yeah, let’s fuck,” Sam said eagerly, pulling Ethan onto the couch with him. Ethan landed on his lap, feeling Sam’s excited cock press through their underwear. He leaned in and kissed Sam deeply, relaxing as his lover kissed back.

Ethan lost himself on Sam’s firm lips.

“You two really need to film some non-sex stuff,” Brandi complained. As their manager, she was responsible for making sure they were using their careers to their best advantage. Some days she worried that the two men were closer to porn stars than influencers.

But it brought in the money. And it brought in the views.

Brandi switched on the spotlights and made sure she wasn’t in the shot. Ever since the guys had made it as mid-tier influencers, they’d been cool with pouring money into anything that helped them show off more. Whether it was the sophisticated camera system that filmed their fuck sessions, the small staff that managed their profiles and branding, or that website that let their fans stream their bedroom and couch 24 hours a day, the guys were investing in their future.

“Mmm, yeah baby,” Ethan moaned, grinding on Sam’s lap. He desperately wanted to tear off Sam’s underwear and slip that thick cock into his ready hole, but he also knew that the fans liked to see a show.

“You’re such a fuckin’ whore,” Sam moaned as Ethan sucked on his neck.

“Mmmm…” Ethan replied.

“Say it,” Sam said with a grin, grabbing Ethan by the hair and pulling him away.

“Gimme your cock,” Ethan begged.

“Go get it boy,” Sam laughed, pushing Ethan down onto the floor. Ethan stayed on his knees, tugging at the fabric of Sam’s briefs with his teeth. It took only seconds for his practiced lips to wrap around Sam’s juicy cock.

It was delicious. Ethan craved this taste every day, sometimes two or three times.

Ethan licked up and down the shaft, teasing Sam until his fuckbuddy was as horny as him. Sam leaned back, lost in the pleasure of a great blow job. He could barely focus, but he knew he had to keep up the performance.

“FUCK ETH, YOU’RE A FUCKIN’ WHORE!” Sam shouted, loud enough for the neighbours to hear.

Eventually Ethan came up for air, his lips dripping with precum and saliva. He pulled his lime green boxers down sculpted legs, stepped out of them, and sat directly on Sam’s cock.

“Uhhh…!!” he called out loudly as he felt his fuckbuddy’s cock slip inside him. “Fuck me Sam! FUCK ME SO HARD!!”

Neither Sam or Ethan heard the knock on the door, that was part of what Brandi was paid to deal with. She let in their neighbours and made sure they signed release forms. It wouldn’t do to get sued over the footage.

For the next three hours, the three men traded off on Ethan’s ass, fucking him until their loads were completely exhausted and even Ethan had stopped begging for more.

While Sam gave their neighbours a few kisses goodbye, Ethan slipped into the bathroom and started the shower running. He was a sweaty mess, covered in sticky cum. He grinned in the bathroom mirror before pulling out his phone and checking the total amount they’d brought in. Not bad for a Saturday afternoon.

Ethan stepped into the shower and relaxed in the steam. He’d only been there a few minutes when he felt the air go out of his lungs. He grabbed the shower rod, gasping as his body reformed itself again.

His athletic body lost all sense of balance and proportion. His pecs were ridiculous, a shelf so thick he’d have trouble seeing over it. He felt his ass balance out the equation, becoming a bubble that would have trouble being contained by the loosest of gym shorts. He grabbed for the taps and shut off the water, stumbling toward the mirror.

His face had changed too. His prominent jaw had become sculpted, almost freakishly so. He grinned, knowing how amazing it would look on camera. His eyes were wide, just big enough that he gave off a sort of impossible naivety. Ethan dropped his towel and hurried out to the living room.

Of course, Sam was there with the phone.

“Hang on one sec,” Sam said, tapping in a final set of changes.

Ethan felt his balls drop lower. He moved a hand down instinctively – they felt big, and they were incredibly sensitive. His cock hadn’t changed size at all, but he felt the same sensitivity running through it. It was almost too much, he could barely keep from cumming just as his hand brushed against it.

“What the fuck bro!?” Ethan shouted. “Change me back! Now!”

“Relax dude, this is gonna be good for you,” Sam said. “You’re going to be some much more desirable now. Dudes are gonna love watching you. You’re a sex machine, and that’s all the viewers want.”

“Gimme the phone,” Ethan said, lunging for the device.

Ethan grabbed it easily and pulled up the app. He tapped on his photo and started scrolling through the lists of data. But nothing made sense… he didn’t know any of these words…

“Fuck…” Ethan said, blinking frantically, trying to understand what he saw on screen.

“Eth, just chill,” Sam said, putting a meaty hand on his friends shoulder. “I made it so you can’t read. You don’t need to, right? I’ll take care of all the brainy stuff for you. You trust me implicitly, don’t you?”

Ethan’s mind raced. Should he just start pressing buttons? Maybe he could press the right button by accident? But it was far more likely that he’d press the wrong one and land in an even worse spot. But this was wrong, he didn’t want to be a stupid sex machine, he didn’t want to be a freak, he…

… should listen to Sam. Sam was smart, and Sam took care of him. Yeah, if Sam said this was better, then he was right. Besides, who wanted to think about shit? He was way too horny to think about anything but…

“Hey bro, you wanna fuck around for a while?” Ethan asked.

Six months later, Ethan stepped out of a limo and onto the red carpet. Flood lights lit up the night, sweeping back and forth among the palm trees. He was part of a parade of figures, walking the carpet and gazed upon by adoring eyes.

Well… gazed past. But at least he was on the red carpet.

Sam stepped out of the limo to the adoring screams of his fans. Dozens of men and women were shouting at the top of their lungs, hoping that his eyes would fall on them, that they’d make a connection for one perfect moment. He gave his trademark grin and casually brushed back his dark hair, showing the world how a tux should fit. Of course, he’d neglected to wear a shirt under the jacket.

Sam took Ethan’s arm, stepping forward on the carpet and walking up to the forest of cameras that were all trying to take the perfect cover photo. Ethan tried to focus on posing like Brandi had taught him, making sure the cameras would all see what a perfect ass Sam Kent’s boyfriend had.

Ethan’s eyes glazed over, hanging off Sam’s arm while his boyfriend was bombarded with questions. What was his skincare routine? What designer was he wearing? Was he excited about his new movie coming out? The press pushed each other aside, desperate for a moment of Sam’s attention. Ethan smiled vacantly, playing the role of the perfect trophy boy, waiting for it all to be over. He felt like Sam used all the oxygen in the room.

But Sam said it was okay.

It was okay.

Behind Sam, a man in a conservative suit stepped onto the red carpet unnoticed and smiled at Ethan’s fortune. He straightened his tie and spoke.

“Ethan Bates. Rich, beautiful, and completely ignored. A cautionary tale,” the handsome man said with a smirk. “He chased fame and found himself within arms reach. Most who seek fame won’t come close, but a few will follow their ambitions all the way here, away from their old life, and into… The Rainbow Zone.”

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