The Shower

By Jack
published May 5, 2021
2151 words

Dylan finally gets his hands on Brandon

The scalding water coming from the showerhead above him was useless in releasing the tension in Dylan’s shoulders. His heart was pounding so hard in his chest he was sure it would give him away before his plan could finally be realized. He considered humming to himself, but he didn’t want to make Brandon suspicious. Dylan was pretty sure he never hummed in the shower. Of course, he couldn’t be sure. He was so nervous he could barely remember anything. And why wouldn’t he be nervous? This little stunt was either going to kill him or bag him the hottest piece of ass in the entire damn school.

Dylan almost jumped out of his skin as the sound of the door opening shattered the relative silence. Adrenaline flowed through Dylan’s veins as freely as the water in the pipes. He didn’t dare look at his prey, but he heard Brandon moving through the locker room, opening up his locker, stripping down, and approaching the shower area. There was a slight pause as Brandon caught sight of another person already in the room. Dylan prayed his presence wouldn’t throw off his soon-to-be thrall. Brandon got special permission to work out early in the morning, so Dylan being there might be enough to keep him from showering.

After a few tense seconds that went on for days, Dylan heard Brandon move to the far end of the shower and turn on his own shower. YES! Dylan screamed in his mind. This was it! This was the moment he had been planning for months! Brandon was almost certainly far enough away that he wouldn’t be able to see what Dylan was doing, but he still moved carefully to shield the view of him pulling out his waterproofed phone and hitting send. He knew that any second, the janitor would get the text and open the valves, presumably while still bouncing up and down on the massive dildo Dylan had shoved inside of him, his cock leaking out whatever was left of his brain onto the floor below.

The pipes didn’t shudder or groan, but Dylan could hear when Brandon started to. It was probably safe, but he gave it a few seconds just to be sure. When he turned around, his cock flexed in excitement. Brandon’s body wash was lying on the floor, his eyes blank and his body only moving with the intense arousal flooding him. In an instant, whatever fear was in Dylan was replaced with the cold confidence of a completed hunt. Brandon was his, and would be for a long, long time.

He stepped forward, body moving smoothly. On the way, he turned on the rest of the showers full blast. The steam filling the room was thick, much too thick to be normal steam. But it wouldn’t be, not with what Dylan had done. He moved through it, feeling it move heavily across his body, bringing out more definition in his muscles and plumping up his cock even more. He wasn’t worried, though. He had already made sure he would suffer the same effects as the muscle bound boy in his sights.

Dylan reached the other boy. He slowly pressed his body flush against Brandon’s back, wrapping his arms around the hard muscle and letting his hands run wild. Brandon gasped as his senses were bombarded with pleasure specifically designed to destroy his mind and will, shattering them to pieces Dylan could rebuild as he saw fit.

“Can you hear me, boy?”

The only response that came was a heavy moan. Dylan chuckled, taking Brandon’s cock in his hand. It was on the smaller side, only 5 inches, but that didn’t matter. Brandon wouldn’t be fucking anyone anymore. Speaking of…

Dylan slid his hands around Brandon’s torso, earning him a desperate groan of pleasure. Rubbing the tan, musclebound back in front of him, Dylan’s face twisted in a wolfish smile. Without warning, he shoved Brandon to the wall and pressed a hand into the deep canyon of Brandon’s perfect ass, the other hand wrapped authoritatively around the boy’s neck.

“Gah!” Brandon cried out, “W-what are you … ooohhh … what are you d-doing to meeeee…”

“Quiet, slave,” Dylan whispered into the boy’s ear while he pressed two fingers against the tight virgin hole. “I’m teaching you who your Master is.”

Not wasting any more time, Dylan pressed his fingers into the most perfect ass he had ever seen, the ass that had filled his dreams and nightmares for months, the ass that had forced him to act, to take, to own.

Brandon arched his back, the pleasure centers in his brain firing far too powerfully. The process was obviously working like a charm. Even with his fingers stretching Brandon open, he could still feel tiny rivers of the tainted water pressing in with him, seeking out the poor boy’s prostate, some of them focusing on his new education, some of them seeking higher and higher, soaking into Brandon’s brain.

Unable to restrain himself now that Brandon was finally wrapped around his fingers (quite literally), Dylan dove in, biting and sucking on his neck, whispering filthy nothings into his ear. Before long, four of Dylan’s fingers were viciously squelching in and out of his new slave’s tight ass, Brandon too beyond words to keep begging for more.

Brandon moaned loudly as the fingers were suddenly removed and he was flipped around. Dylan needed a taste of those lips, so he grabbed the boy’s head and dove in, plunging his tongue into the depths of his mouth. He gathered up his taste, savoring the flavor of his new toy. Once he had his fill, he crouched down and roughly pushed Brandon’s legs apart. With a growl, Dylan pulled apart the growing mounds of muscle. The water was certainly doing its work, Brandon’s ass filling out even more than it was before. If things kept going this way, Dylan wasn’t sure he wouldn’t be addicted to this ass the first time he shoved his cock deep inside it.

Unable to resist a second longer, Dylan pushed his face between Brandon’s cheeks, devouring his hole. He sucked, licked, and chewed on that hole, feeling it spasm as Brandon came again and again, his enhanced loads audible even over the sound of the cascade of water around them.

Dylan ate and slurped and attacked. He had his fill and then some. He rimmed his new jockboy until he was certain he would die if he held on for one second longer, and then he kept going. An ass like that needed to be ravaged, and just before the world went dark, Dylan pushed himself away. His brain was filled with lust, pushing him to line up his diamond hard cock before he had a chance to catch his breath. Before he could thrust in, Brandon twisted his torso to look back at his new master, the cords of muscle painted with the cascading water that was so perfectly enslaving him. His eyes were dark with need and desperation. Over the sounds of the water, his own breathing, and the pounding of their hearts, Dylan heard him whisper one word.


Dylan drove into him, thrusting with all his might into the tight depths of his conquered whore. Brandon was screaming and begging with abandon, his whole soul rewritten to serve his new king, his throbbing cock now throwing out massive ropes of cum that threatened to clog the drains and fill the shower room. He felt powerful, unstoppable, and more horny with every second. The thrill of finally trapping his greatest fantasy was too much for his body to bear. He pounded away, the boy beneath him on the verge of collapsing from the pleasure Dylan was delivering straight to his soul.

A rush of hot and cold pleasure ran through Dylan, wrapped tightly around his cock. He must have been cumming, but it was unlike any orgasm he had ever had. This one sunk into his mind and beckoned him further. He knew he was addicted in that moment, and he’d be chasing this high for the rest of his life. But something was wrong … he was supposed to be in control of this …

With supreme effort, Dylan pulled himself from Brandon and stepped back. The cock he pulled out of that perfect ass was not the one that he pushed in. It was massive, throbbing, and beautiful. As he watched, small tendrils of water ran along the shaft, sinking in. His dick twitched and grew imperceptibly larger. Fuck. Despite his careful preparation, he failed to anticipate just how much of the tainted water would be present. Instead of focusing on Brandon, as he had intended, it had begun to attack him. He tried to brush it away, but it wouldn’t be resisted. It filled him with a new lust and power. Blood pumped, muscle grew, and cum boiled.

Brandon, seeing the change in his new master, threw himself into a new wave of worship, forcing the now 11-inch cock down his throat, his hands unendingly rubbing and fondling. Dylan loved the attention, and was immediately painting the inside of Brandon’s throat white with his thick load. Dylan lost track of time, endlessly being enhanced with the tainted water and milked by his loving slave. He didn’t hear the swim team come in from their unscheduled practice. He didn’t notice them slowly begin to be affected by the steam as they changed and talked, or as they moved into the showers. He didn’t feel the silence that fell as the swimmers, one by one, were transformed into desperate slaves, hulking with muscles and cocks ripped straight from fantasy. What he did finally feel were the hands, cocks, and mouths of his 20 new slaves as they surrounded him, pulled to him by their need to give and to take pleasure. Dylan’s arms were stretched wide, hands barely able to close around the colossal pillars of meat, tongues bathing his smooth skin and stripping his pits of any sweat that had built from the steam. His ass was lovingly breached by thick fingers from at least four different boys. His thick lips were given no rest as they were passed from mouth to mouth. And always, the hot cum rained down on them, each new slave unable to stop in the midst of their master and each other.

By the time Dylan was given a moment’s rest, he saw that the cum had finally stopped the drain and that he was standing in at least a foot of the delicious sludge. The water was mixing with it, and the resulting change was beautiful. At least four of the swim team was being raped by massive cum tentacles that were pushing themselves deep into their willing mouths and even more willing assholes. Other boys were on their hands and knees, drinking deeply from the pool as it grew and grew. Brandon, his first and most loved slave, had turned around at some point and was once again fucking himself on Dylan’s god-like cock. As if sensing his master’s gaze, Brandon turned and smiled, Dylan’s cum pouring out of his mouth.

Dylan watched as more tentacles grew from the slime, pulling each of the huge slaves into different positions and making them beg for the violation they would crave every day of their lives, before giving it to them over and over and over. Behind him, a group of tentacles slid together into a squirming mass. At first, Dylan felt a pang of fear, but it was soon replaced with a smile as he saw the final product. A white, dripping throne, a massive dildo on the seat. He pressed himself down, surveying his new kingdom while the cum began to reach his knees. All around him were the moans of his new slaves and the splash of their jizz being added to the flood.

Brandon, who had been pulled like a rag doll to the throne, righted himself and pulled his hulking body onto Dylan’s lap. Smiling, he kissed his new master and Dylan felt his own cum spill into his mouth, causing his own smile. If his slave wanted his master to become more powerful, who was he to argue? Besides, he was going to need his strength for tomorrow when the football team came to shower.


I had this whole plan to publish something I had been working on for a while, but then this thing popped into my head today and now it’s my first story on GSS. Hope you like it!

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