Bro-tein Bulk Up

By Mutabear -
published May 5, 2021
6092 words

The new gym you heard about sounds too good to be true. When you arrive early for your free one-on-one training session, you realize the coach has a very different idea in mind for your growth

You heard of a new gym that had just opened up from one of your buds at work. He boasted that they had amazing personal trainers, top of the line equipment, and didn’t draw a large crowd. You dismissed his praise as excitement over the newness of the place, thinking it was all hype. When he showed you his progress photos, you changed your tune. There were only three pictures, one each week from the time he started, but you couldn’t believe the results.

Your bro gained visible meat on his biceps and his pecs, and the pictures didn’t look touched up or manipulated. His waist seemed trimmer, and his ass stuck out more from his workout shorts. His face looked leaner, and that wasn’t just because he had shaved this morning. He credited the intense conditioning and weight training programs and the post-workout shakes, a proprietary product that the gym only sold in-house. Your bro said he drank one after every time he hit the weights, and reached his goals faster than he thought possible.

This was all hard to process, considering his rather lax previous efforts in the gym, but something caught your eye as he showed off his progress pics. It was a picture of your bud with his trainer, a muscular gym rat of a man with youthful features and legs that could crush melons. He wore gym shorts that displayed quite a lot of leg, with visible muscle groups bulging in a natural way that bespoke years of physical training. Plus, unless it was a trick of the light, the man wore a jockstrap to keep his rather prodigious junk snug.

You asked about the man in the picture, trying to keep your voice neutral. Your bro proclaimed that all the personal trainers looked like that, and you tried to keep yourself from salivating. A gym where the trainers were buff hunks of meat, and whose programs cultivating amazing gains to boot? You snagged the address of the place from your friend and tried to not let your erection show. He also texted you a code, mentioning that if you used it he would get a benefit to his gym membership. The promotion advertised a free session with one of those hunky trainers, so you were happy to try it out.

You dutifully arrived early on Saturday morning, per your buddy’s suggestion. You had a screenshot of his promo code, and were ready to get up close and sweaty with one of the buff, studly trainers. The parking lot stood empty save for two other cars, and you were ready for your special trial workout. The promotional offer promised an initial workout calibration session with a licensed trainer, and also mentioned a free protein shake as well. After the way your friend had raved about them, you were keen to try one for yourself.

The trainer sitting by the front desk was indeed young, fit, and sexy. He had light blond hair, and his pecs were popping out of his rather snug tank top. His head had been buzzed short, but his beard and his hair were the same length. He had grown out to a thick blond mustache on his upper lip, and you could tell based on the hair that poked up around the top of his tank top that this man was hairy all over. He had beefy arms, and a tattoo of Norse runes encircling his right bicep. His upper body was phenomenal, and you couldn’t help but scope out the rest of him as you approached the desk.

His gym shorts looked painted on, revealing a massive package and the impression of a nice bubble butt. You can even see the band of a jockstrap sticking out from the back when he moved around, since his tank top showed an inch of firm, muscled torso when he stood up to greet you. His legs were even hairier than his chest, and his huge quads and well-defined calves indicated that he hit leg day even harder than his biceps. He had a name tag on his tank read Dan.

You let him scan the code on your promotion, mentioning your friend’s name, and he pulled something up on the computer. He looked over something on the screed, nodding to himself, as he clicked on a few other things that you couldn’t see. It surprised you that the gym computer monitors had privacy coverings, but you supposed they had a lot of personal data stored in their systems.

“All right, I cross referenced this code. Seems your friend has qualified for the special refer-a-friend promotion. He’s been a loyal customer, and it looks like he’s been coming in here five times a week already, working with Trent. Wow, he’s made some great progress!” Dan said, reading something the scanned code pulled up.

“It looks like he didn’t indicate which program he referred you to though. Hmmmm……” Dan said, training off as he looked at you, and you could swear you saw his crotch throbbing as he looked at the computer.

“Based on what we need, since it looks like we’re low on our signature protein shakes, I think you should do the bro-tein shake bulk up today,” he said in a bored tone as he itched his package.

You blinked in confusion. Wasn’t this supposed to be some sort of personal evaluation? What was he talking about?

“That coupon. One of your friends gave it to you right? So he could get the extra post-workout shakes….” the trainer trailed off again, seeing your confusion.

Dan let out an exasperated sigh. He walked around the desk over to you and mumbled something about, ‘members never understanding how the promos and referrals work.’ A sharp smell rolled off of Dan, one that made your nose crinkle. It smelled like a locker room, and it came off him in waves. He got right up to you and raised his right arm up.

The smell hit you like a tempest. A mighty cascade of musk assailed your nose and your brain. It almost burned you, at first, with its intensity. Then, as quickly as it smelled terrible, it shifted. Dan moved in closer, his sweaty, hairy pits just inches from your face.

The shift was sudden, like a whiplash. After you overcame the rankness of the smell, it now was something completely different. Something desirable. How could you have thought Dan smelled bad? He smelled fantastic.

His pheromone-infused musk smelled amazing, and your cock swelled at his odor. You felt more turned on than you ever had before, enough that you seriously contemplated shoving your face in the rest of the way and licking his hairy pits. He raised his arm higher, as if offering his unique stink up to you, ensuring every breath you took was saturated with his smell. Your brain hurt, like a headache, but soon that too fizzed away. There was just a pleasant numbness, accompanied by the wonderful, addictive smell from the personal trainer’s underarms.

Dan pulled away after he noticed the growing precum stain on your shorts, leaving you hard and denied. You wanted to let out a whine, and to beg for more of that delicious aroma. He smiled knowingly at you, and pulled out a clipboard from a slot under the desk. You could feel your brain slowing down more and more, like it moved through molasses. It was hard to concentrate on anything other than Dan and his sexy body, especially his musky pits.

“There’s more of that if you sign this bro,” he said, grabbing a pen and sliding it over to you.

You couldn’t help but nod your head eagerly and Dan gestured at the paper for you to fill out. You started to read over it, but as you looked up to him, he was busy maneuvering. He had somehow peeled off the jockstrap he was wearing. He moved next to you again and began pressing it against your face.

Your gasp of surprise turned into a lustful moan. His pits were good, but the musk from his cock and balls was a hundred times better. There was even a blob of still-wet precum there, and you couldn’t help but lick it up. He mashed it against your face, and you snorted as you began rubbing your cock through your gym shorts.

“You don’t need to read that too carefully man. You’ll be fine. And trust me, you’ll love the bro-tein bulk plan. Here’s a sample. You’re going to get to mainline this for the next several hours, so the faster you finish signing, the faster you can get more of my musk.”

The smell of his musk was incredible, and you zipped through the rest of the document without bothering to read it thoroughly, signing and initialing while taking deep breaths of sweaty jock crotch. A trail of drool dripped from the side of your mouth, and your brain skipped over whole paragraphs. You just signed and initialed where Dan indicated, desperate for more of him. Dan pulled the jockstrap away as quickly as he had gotten it out, and you felt what little part of your brain that managed critical thinking grind to a halt in a cloud of jock scent. You finished breathlessly, and Dan was quick to scan the document and log off his laptop, a grin spreading across his face.

He began walking away from the service counter, towards the back of the gym. Dan swiped a key card at a plain looking door, past the men’s locker room, and pulled you in after him once it opened. He walked down a dimly-lit hallway, checking doors and shaking his head. Each narrow door had a small window built into it, but it was tinted so you were only able to make out vague shadows and shapes in the rooms beyond. There were quite a few, and you occasionally heard mechanical noises or moaning coming from beyond a door. At the ninth door, he found what he was looking for, and opened it while ushering you in.

The room was rather barren, with just a large, well-worn armchair sitting in the middle. The right wall was covered in a floor to ceiling mirror, and Dan turned the chair so it angled towards the wall. The opposite side of the room was some sort of machine, covered by a metal screen. It looked new, shiny and complex. It had numerous hoses, pipes, gears, and indicators all over it, but your musk-addled brain couldn’t puzzle out what it was or why it was there.

“All right, here’s where we do it. Here’s where we turn horny gym goers into big cum condoms, prime ingredients for our signature shakes. It’s actually super easy. I just strip down, you pop my dick in your mouth, and you suck until you’re full,” Dan said, stroking himself over his shorts.

The chair that was stuck back here looked quite comfortable, and Dan pulled off his shirt and kicked off his shoes as he spoke. The padded chair was quite broad, but Dan’s big body filled it easily. His thick, hairy legs spread wide and he continued to undress. You could already smell whiffs of his man musk, the small room preventing his pheromone-charged scent from diffusing. You still felt sluggish from the overload by the desk, and just stood numbly by the door while Dan got comfortable.

“I’m just glad I was working the counter today. You were really easy to get drunk on my musk. My favorite type of condom boys are the scent pigs.”

After Dan got situated, he started to peel off his gym shorts. He did it slowly and seductively, making sure your eyes were glued to his huge, semi-hard package. You had an inkling how hung he was from the size of the jockstrap he wore, and now he had your absolute attention. Dan wiggled the shorts, moving it down one leg and then back up, grinding his pelvis in small circles, getting off on how you were drawn to his groin like a moth to a flame. With a grunt, he slid the rest of the shorts down in an unceremonious heap and watched your reaction as he spread his legs to give his cock and balls room to breathe.

An enormous foot-long soft cock flopped out, still soft, and his nuts followed suit. They were the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. Shaved totally smooth, each one looked the size of a mango. The massive orbs occasionally tugged up in Dan’s sack as he adjusted himself, spreading his hairy legs wide so all attention was invariably drawn to his junk. He put his arms behind his head and stretched, his dick surging and bouncing as he moved. You stared, dumbstruck, at what exactly had made all of that glorious crotch-musk Dan had fed you earlier.

“Yeah, that reaction is pretty normal,” Dan said, smirking. “You can go ahead and take your clothes off too. We don’t want to ruin them. And yes, that’s my real dick. I’m one of the rare guys who’s a shower, not a grower.”

Already his cock was getting harder and harder, bobbing up more and more as the fat pole tried to raise itself up. Meanwhile, once he settled in place, Dan’s nutsack began growing along with his dick. Soon those mangoes look like basketballs, and then it looked like he had a pillowcase stuffed to his crotch. They just barely touched the floor, and soon the small room was filled with ripe, heady nutsack musk.

“There we go. God, I hate those jockstraps we have to wear here. They’re tight and uncomfortable, but rules are rules. Otherwise we wouldn’t be selling personal training lessons so much as we would basically be tops for pay.”

Dan flexed his biceps, showing off more to himself than to you. You took a few staggered steps towards him, pulled to his groin like it was magnetic. He spread his legs extra wide and gave his cock a few shakes, a few droplets of pre-cum appearing at the tip. Those small droplets of viscous precum looked fascinating, and you stood in front of his cock, clothes left in a trail from the chair to the door. You didn’t remember taking them off, but there you were, naked and harder than you ever had felt in your life.

“You can start whenever you want. Your brain isn’t going to work super well while you’re sucking me after you drink down the first couple of loads. That’s part of the reason why we can’t really give our ball batter to people directly. It’s got to get processed or some shit.”

You weren’t really listening to Dan now that you were close to him. You were on your knees, face pressing into his nut sack. He reached down and started petting your head, pressing you into his overgrown ball bag. The warm stickiness of his huge nuts felt great, and soon you were licking away. You couldn’t help it. His sack felt like a furnace, and it was already starting to sweat. Those droplets of masculinity oozing off of his nuts called to you, compelled you to make sure they didn’t go to waste. You licked and serviced the jock’s enormous nutsack, unable to think of anything other than how best to make the stud feel good.

“That feels great,” Dan gasped, enjoying the sensations of your tongue all over his nuts. “But unfortunately, your buddy won’t get his shake bar discount from you just licking my nuts. We have to stuff you full of my cream, to fill you up to capacity on my spunk. We gotta make you a condom.”

You had forgotten about the referral bonus your friend mentioned. Indeed, you forgotten that you were supposed to be here to work out at all. All you could focus on were the ripe pair of huge, sweaty nuts before you. Dan reached down and grabbed your head, still doing your best to service every inch of his now even larger set of nuts. The jock began guiding your face upwards to his cock, letting you run your tongue up from the root of the veined beast up to the hooded tip. He let you swirl your tongue around the head, sighing in pleasure as you slurped up every drop of precum he dripped out from your excellent tongue bath.

Now hard, his dick was gigantic. You estimated it was a foot and a half long, looking almost small compared to how titanic Dan’s nuts had grown. It was wider around than your forearm, and covered with dozens of huge veins. It sagged forward, curved downwards rather than upwards. You could feel it throbbing faintly through your tongue, begging for a warm hole to sink into. He held you in place, then thrust his hips forward, popping the smaller head of his gargantuan meat in your mouth.

“You might need to suck a little bit, and drink down lots pre-cum. Otherwise it might be a little bit of a challenge. I’m usually too big for guys to take.”

He wasn’t lying, and he pushed only a few inches of cock inside your mouth before you felt him knocking on the back of your throat. That didn’t matter to you though. Your hands had his fat nuts to play with, and his pre-cum tasted indescribably good. Plus, the room rapidly filled with pheromones from the horny jock. It leaked out of his pits, his nuts, and his cock. Dan was a sweater, and the service you lavished upon him got him worked up. The musk rolling off of him relaxed you as you sucked, making it easy to milk his cockhead with your mouth and letting your body start to drink down his pre.

“A few more minutes and you should be good to go. It won’t really be giving me a blowjob after all. It’ll be more like adapting your body so that my cock just kind of goes in your throat,” Dan moaned. He clearly enjoyed the service, although the wet slurping sounds you made while servicing him made it hard to make out what he said.

The truth became apparent in a few minutes when he reached down and grabbed the back of your head and began pulling your head forward. You let out wet noises of protest, not wanting him to wreck your throat. But instead of feeling the tightness you had before, your throat opened up and accepted him. It was a good thing his dick curved downwards, because inch after inch of meat slid down your throat with no resistance.

Your head was foggy, so you didn’t think too hard about how big his dick had been before and how narrow your throat should have been. Dan had to pause several times, squeezing his pelvic floor to further coat your throat in his pre, before resuming his progress. You found yourself easily able to breathe through your nose, as your mouth was so stuffed with his cock you could barely move it. Soon you were nuzzled up against his shaved pubes, practically hugging his fat sack. You realized you weren’t going anywhere, but since you could smell more of his heady nuts, it hardly mattered.

“There we go. You might as well get comfortable. The first one’s going to be big since I haven’t gotten off like this in a couple of days, and that should be more than enough to start the process. But once you’ve had that, you won’t really be interesting anymore.”

You weren’t sure what he was talking about. It wasn’t exactly possible for you to bob your head up and down on his dick, so instead you focused on using your throat to milk him. Dan moaned and his nuts throbbed, pogoing up and down. It felt like he was pissing precum into you, and you could feel his urethra moving as he dripped more of his cock slime down your greedy gullet. It felt warm and safe between his legs, and the fact that you were mainlining jock stink was not lost upon you.

“Damn man. It’s going to be even shorter than I thought. I hope you enjoy it bud.”

You could feel his balls pulling up as he spoke, and his cock shook and throbbed harder than before in your mouth. You could tell he was shooting, but it didn’t stop after a few pulses. His dick kept pulsing and pumping jizz into you, volley after volley, over and over. He must have been shooting for a good two or three minutes before he finally stopped. You felt his cock stop shooting, and felt your spine light up, similar to how you felt when getting fucked. It was a strange sort of internal orgasm, one triggered purely by sucking dick, your own untouched.

You couldn’t look down to see but you could tell that your stomach was stuffed. This guy must have just fired what felt like a gallon of thick, meaty jock splooge right into your stomach. You weren’t really fat to begin with, nor were you particularly lean, but it must have looked like you gained the freshman fifteen and then some. Curiously you didn’t view that as a bad thing. In fact, you actually wanted more. You tried moving your mouth to milk him harder and he chuckled.

“I guess that’s it for you. My nut’s super addicting if you take it raw, and it’s already changing you. Just enjoy it man.”

Another minute later, and Dan’s dick pulled again and fired inside of you. Your lower body felt another surge of pleasure, like an aftershock of sexual energy. His refractory period was not-existent, and he wasn’t lying when he said his balls were full. He was rather quiet, occasionally grunting or moaning when you were able to move a little, stimulating a different spot on his dick as he shot. But largely, you were content to sit there, acting as nothing more than a repository for Dan’s massive, endless loads.

Thirty minutes later you had a spare tire around your waist, your stomach sticking out rather visibly. His first load had indeed been huge, but his other orgasms were still much larger than a normal man’s. Dan shot faster and faster, his cock getting a solid workout just dumping his endless cum into your needy body. An hour passed, and you intuitively knew you wouldn’t fit in your old shirts, and might even strain an XL one. Dan just kept shooting, cumming hard and letting you drink down his musk and jizz. Eventually Dan just pulled out his phone and was browsing on it while he just kept feeding you, treating you like an object to use for his pleasure, a depository for his cum.

After two hours you were straight up fat, bordering on obese. His cock never stopped feeling great inside of you though, and if anything you were drunk on his scent, addicted to it. You desired nothing more than to slurp down his jizz and breathe in his unique musk. Your gut jiggled now in time with his orgasms, sending pleasurable vibrations throughout your body. Your stomach should have ruptured by now under normal circumstances, but instead it kept stretching, larger and large, built to contain every drop of Dan’s juices.

More time passed, but it was hard for you to pay attention. Your brain slowly powered down, limiting your awareness, your reasoning, and even your sense of self. Your sex drive was still intact, but largely you were a reactionary consciousness now. His cum supply was endless. You could tell he was enjoying it because he would occasionally gasp as he shot, enjoying orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. You were like a vibrating flesh jack that never stopped and he never needed to dispose of his leftovers.

Once your gut was incredibly swollen you noticed your body start to change. Your nuts feel like they were growing thicker somehow, hanging low but not in a stretchy way. Your dick was hard, but you no longer took any pleasure from it. It felt like the whole part of your lower body was a prostate, and it got massaged every time the jock kept pumping you full of his spunk.

You sucked more and more, never tiring of his taste. The way his cock felt on your tongue, the way his spunk felt does it trickle down the back of your throat, the way he would occasionally adjust and fill your mouth with pre-cum. Somewhere along the line you managed to figure out how to move your mouth and throat, to vibrate and stimulate much more of Dan’s dick. He very quickly stopped treating you like a person and began treating you like an orgasm machine.

“It’s been about three hours and you should be almost full,” Dan said, breaking up the sloshing sounds of your cum-bloated gut. “Once it starts actually getting painful for me to expand you, let me know. I hate it when my dick gets backed up”

Dan’s orgasms slowed, and he paused occasionally to make sure you were able to take all of his spunk. You had to adjust your body, since your giant midsection started pressing against his sack. You wanted to make sure he felt nothing but pleasure, and you moved back, Dan’s dick never exiting your throat. He looked up and down at the guy sucking him, the cum-stuffed condom of a man, taking measure of the work his spunk had done to you.

“You’ve easily got to have two hundred gallons of my cum in you. My nut is pretty thick, but we’ll get you installed here straight away. We’ll have to let you brew for about a week, so that it won’t do the same thing to everyone else. Unfortunately from now on you’re going to be addicted to my nut butter. Not a huge loss, seeing as how much you’re enjoying yourself,” Dan said, smirking at your mindless sucking.

He reached down to stroke your face, treating you like livestock or a pet more so than a person. Despite how large your gut had grown, none of that weight had moved around to your face or lower body. You looked normal, apart from a gut that was packed full of hundreds of pounds, dozens of gallons worth of jock jizz.

“The last guy I worked with eventually stopped being able to take my raw nut, so I had to get a new sucker. His gut just stopped expanding, and he came to his senses. Now he’s a regular here. A massive powerlifter, one of the biggest guys here. Of course, he still gets on his knees at every chance he gets. He’s a grade-A cockhound. Who knows? Maybe that’ll be you, eventually,” Dan said as he began slowly removing his dick from your mouth, watching you try to move forward and resume sucking on it.

“And damn if you don’t look cute as a big condom. It’s really all you are now. A giant casing meant to be blown up big with my load. I expanded you until you’re full, and now we hook you up against the wall. Your body modifies my spunk until it’s an ultra-rich protein supplement. We attach a tube over your cock, milk some out of you, and add it in the shakes for the regulars. There’s a reason the guys in this gym grow so huge.”

Dan looked down at your wordless reaction, seeing your mouth move like it was still trying to service his pole. He let out a little laugh, and moved the chair to sit in front of the other wall. He left you on your cum-bloated belly as he used a key in his shorts to open the lock, sliding up the screening to get at the mechanism beyond. Dan powered it on, calibrating it and setting the parameters to get you attached, all the while you reverted to breathing in deep, contenting yourself with his musk since you couldn’t get at his cock.

“There’s a couple other reasons, not just our state of your equipment, but mostly it’s the fact that once they get a taste it’s hard to finish a workout here without wanting to drink a protein shake that’s fifty percent fresh jock nut. The shake itself isn’t addictive, once it brews in you, but the massive gains the guy makes are. In addition to pumping someone full of muscle, it turns every guy here into a total scent pig. That’s what I could tell when you walked in. You could practically smell how full my nuts were. You can tell that they were all sweaty from an early morning workout and needed some loving. That I needed to find a new guy to turn into my personal condom.”

He moved over to you, helping you to your feet. Your stomach seemed to jiggle and slosh, but kept a sort of rigidity to it once you were mobile. It bounced and resculpted itself until it was a giant sphere of cum sticking out from your belly, almost as big around as you were. If not for Dan’s strength, you weren’t sure you could have stood up.

“We must be getting almost done. I don’t know if you can’t really understand me, but I like to talk to my condoms. Some little part of you might remember it, if you can ever break the cycle. But once we get you set up here, you’re like a big cow, all full of my milk. Every day I’ll make sure to put a fresh musky jockstrap over your face to keep you happy, and periodically we will drain processed jizz out of you to make shakes for our jocks. You might be thinking, what happens when everything’s drained out of you?”

Dan guided you forward, to the chair. It sat facing the machine now, wide enough for the back end of your enormous gut. Dan toggled a few things, and soon a series of supports and struts had your gut supported, taking the weight off of your taxed body. It did keep you set into the chair, but you didn’t have interest in moving anywhere.

“Once we get you completely empty, you’ll basically be back to how you were before. You’ll be totally addicted to my splooge however, since you took it raw, and you will be able to pick me out of a crowd based on my musk and pheromones. Occasionally we have some guys who have enough willpower to go back to their normal lives, with no side effects at all. They get free memberships for life, and all the processed shakes they can drink to grow huge. However, I think you’re not one of those guys.”

Dan flicked a switch, and soon a series of unseen pistons and rotators began to massage and jiggle your gut. The pleasure was intense, shooting down to your balls and prostate. You could feel the machine not simply massaging your gut. It was slowly churning, stirring, and sloshing all that spunk around in your gut.

“I think once you’re empty you’re going to pop yourself right back between my legs and beg for more. You were going to want to be filled so badly though that it’s all you’ll be able to think about once we start draining you. The happiest moment in your life from now on will be the point where you get stuffed to capacity, just like this. Every time you get emptied you’re going to bloat yourself back up on my load. Keeping your body full of my jizz’s going to be the best thing for you.”

Dan started to move a large tube with a flared, bell shaped plastic attachment over to you. He leaned down and fastened in place around your cock, fastening it with several nylon bands. He checked the seal and nodded approvingly.

“It’s amazing that you don’t really need anything else to survive. All that spunk within you has the nutrients needed to keep you healthy. And with all the pure pheromonal overload that my musk gives you, you’re not even going to realize I’m gone until I come back and give you a new one. It should only take a few days of letting your body process it before we can make use of it. It works best fresh, so we can’t just keep it in storage tanks. There’s another half dozen rooms with guys just like you, each one addicted to a different guy here, all bloated up with different amounts of spunk to keep the gym supplied.”

Dan itched his fat nuts, his crotch soaked with regular cum and pre. His dick had fired a staggering amount of times already, but he was getting hard again after getting you all hooked up to the strange device that was sending pleasure shooting through your body. He took his used, damp jockstrap from the pile of his clothes and pressed it over your face, wrapping the elastic over your ears to keep it in place. You moaned louder, an empty, feral sound, as a closer concentration of masculinity provoked a reaction from you.

“Unfortunately, that only barely took the edge off. I’m going to need to find someone else like me, who can take a hard fucking rather than just a cute boy who I think would make a good condom. See you later.”

It only felt like he was gone for a minute before he came back and replaced the strap, giving your whole body a shake and jiggle. There was no way for you to experience an orgasm like you had before, a sexual feeling of finality as your entire body was jiggled like an overstretched condom, but you were able to babble and murmur pleasure. He came back twice more like that, each time checking the machine and swapping the dry jock with a new, used one.

“You’re really coming along nicely. Looks like it’s going to be a busy weekend, and we might get you back between my legs as early as next Wednesday. Don’t worry though, I’ll find plenty of other asses and throats to fuck in the meantime to take the edge off. But once I get you empty, I’m going to keep you so full. I hope you enjoy your life as a condom,” Dan said, exchanging the dry jock on your face with a new one.

It was damp, soaked through with his pre and sweat. It blanked your brain again, sending you into paroxysms of quiet moaning and small, imperceptible thrusts of your hips. You didn’t even realize he left, and could hardly think or focus as the machine whirred to life, starting to vibrate your engorged sack. The tubing over your cock had to suck just three times before you began releasing powerful, processed jizz. Pumps siphoned it away, through the bowels of the gym and over to the shake bar. There, a beefy jock was happily mixing up a series of shakes for the queue forming at the shake bar, all men with a hunger for growth, many of whom would find friend referral offers in their email boxes that night. After all, the gym was looking at expanding to a second location, and had an ever growing need for new men to engage in the bro-tein bulk up.

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