Dildon't Trust Your Roommate

By PupAmp
published May 4, 2021
5864 words

When Greg moves to a new city he looks to his roommate for some pointers on how to keep it up. He might find that keeping it up turns from a small problem, into a permanent one if he can’t keep it in his pants.

*Prompt: Cock ring works better than expected. This was a story in the @Mutabear story swap. I’ve never done one of these things but was encouraged to get creative and lucky to have a prompt for @borednhorny. Again I’ve never written a story before, so apologies for terrible story structure that might exist and I hope you enjoy! *

“Hey, fuck you! My dick works fine, Jack… I just. I just get too in my head,” Greg yelled in defense. It wasn’t his fault he got nervous and Jack, his asshole of a roommate who was far too friendly, wasn’t helping. Especially when Greg was trying to honestly ask for a recommendation on how to ‘keep it up’. Why was he such a prick?

“Well what is it you’re lookin for Griz, my man?” Jack playfully asked. “I’m just trying to help, no need to get your jockstrap in a bunch~! Boner pills are a waste, and toys really are the best things to work into the bedroom if you wanna keep it interesting”

“I’m not buying a dildo!” Greg fumed. “I just wanted a recommendation on those things you wrap around your dick…”

“They’re called cockrings Griz~”

Greg hated when Jack made cutesy names for him. His name was ‘Greg,’ and no self respecting man had such a childish name, especially when you started talking about sex, Jack always insisted on these cutesy names. Which just felt like he was belittling him in a condescending manner. Just cause Greg was more bearish than his skinny, surfer roommate didn’t mean he had to be rude…

Greg wasn’t in college anymore and he had gained a few pounds since graduating, but he would still consider himself more “athletic” than “bearish”. He was still handsome and what the local trade would call a “stud”. 6’2”, tanned skin and an ex soccer star in college where he graduated with his business degree, top of his class and while the college soccer scholarships helped pay for school it never went anywhere professional. Though it definitely helped in all other departments below the belt. With a stocky build of a young Jason Momoa, and thighs that could kill, he rocked a messy brown cut and an equally furry body. He was fresh meat to the local boys and he knew it, but recently he’d done nothing but bottom in the gayborhood. And being hot headed and a drinker he had already drunkenly whipped it out at the local bars a few times. Still, he was getting a reputation as a total bottom and he wasn’t having it. He was a top god damnit and he wanted to get some ass.

As perfect as he was outwardly, Greg had a huge problem keeping it up and he didn’t want to be known for his inability since he was new to town. So when he had confided in Jack, his craigslist roommate, he didn’t expect him to be so open about a solution or to tease him so much. But there was something also making him feel like he could tell Jack about his problem and trust him. Something that made him feel… fuzzy.

Warm. Horny. Deeply focused on his…

“Earth to Griz ya big space cadet~” Jack teased.


“Maybe you can’t get it up cause you’re not able to pay attention,” he laughed. “You looked a little lost for a second Griz”

“Stop calling me that. It’s Greg!” He scolded. “I don’t like the nicknames! And I just want some dick!” Greg had explained his comeuppance and blushed as he did so. He loved to get some ass, he wanted to get some ass, he was absolutely a top! And the most confusing bit was why was he even opening up to his asshole roommate?

“You said you’d help me get some ass, so help me!”

“Relax! I heard you. You just need a change of perspective, you’re focusing too much on the ass and not enough on your dick,” Jack smiled. “I think I know the place and the guy to help ya.”

The smile Jack was giving off was friendly, but also made Greg uneasy.

“Check out the sex shop on the corner downtown, ‘Mr D’, my friend Buster works there. It’s right down the street from The Eagle, you can’t miss it and everyone goes there,” he continued. “Tell em old Jack sent ya. I got the hook up,” he winked.

Why did this feel like a bad idea?

‘It just had to smell like poppers’ Greg groaned as he ‘dinged’ into the suddenly dark, musty store. The front door almost hit him as he walked over the padded WELCUM doormat of “Mr. D.” the local sex shop every gay and their mom had been to. At least that’s what Jack had said.

He wasn’t a prude, but Greg definitely didn’t check out shops like this often, but Jack had gone on about the toys, the wares and god knows what else Greg zoned out on as he described the store. Ultimately, he’d said they would have the perfect fit for whatever he needed and that his friend “Buster” would take care of him. It was worth a shot.

Greg looked down the dark hallways of what looked like a sex bookstore. Some isles had walls of hoods. Some had hangers full of leather wares, jackets, gags, hoods with buckles and there was even a wall of dildos all with special shapes and ridiculous names and they all looked so… likelike. Still, he also felt that weird floating, fuzzy feeling again. What was up with him today? Probably just the excitement, or the poppers in the air, either way he was getting a little horny.

“Hey there handsome! AROUF!” The salesman… well sale-dog… practically barked.

“Uh hi!”

Greg finally focused on the desk in front of him, these guys were called pups if he wasn’t mistaken. Guys that dressed up in leather hoods to pretend to be dogs or something. Nothing against role playing, but this kinky stuff was all too much for Greg. That’s when Greg noticed the collar around the guy’s neck with “BUSTER” on full display making small jingling sounds as the pup bounced to attention. Bright eyed and literally bushy tailed, the younger kid in full leathers, hood, harness, tight shorts and an actual furry tail on his belt above his shaking butt.

The kid was hot, if he wasn’t wearing all… that, but how was this twink going to help with his sex life? “So what can I do you for?” barked the pup.

“Oh uh hey…” Greg blushed, unsure how to approach the dog-boy. “I was… looking for some help, I was told to ask for Buster to find something to help in the, well, boner department.” Greg looked at the collar again looking at how the light bounced off of every letter of “BUSTER” on the bone shaped tag. He seemed nice enough even in the odd gear.

“And what would Buster do for you” the pup barked almost melodically with his playful reply. It was actually kinda hot how his ears and hood bounced with the boy’s words. It gave the sassy retort even more character. It was oddly inviting. And the shop suddenly felt warmer too as Greg tried to focus, a soft hypnotic music playin in the store. Greg could feel his body and dick tingle. He was getting horny…

“Sorry, space for a second there,” Greg laughed. “I don’t get this leather and kink stuff. I’m-”

“New to town and looking for something to help spice up your sex life? Not getting enough dick? Want to give yourself a more prominent enticing package? Jack already called in. Hahaha”

“YES!” he paused. God why couldn’t Jack mind his own business sometimes? “But I don’t want all the bells and uh…” Greg looked Buster up and down. “Whistles. And whatever Jack told you -”

“Oooohhh I know Jack. He loves to blow things out of proportion. You poooooor thing having to deal with him” Buster teased, as Greg explained his situation. The pup moved his hands around as he spoke as if casting a spell. Greg was getting flustered but also enticed by the inviting nature of his movements. So warm. So hot. So horny…

“Hey big guy, I got just what you need and it’s one of a kind too. Get that drumroll ready…” he said as he spun around and popped behind the desk, rummaging through a few different boxes until Buster pulled out what looked like a jewelry case.

“This will get your dick all the attention and I promise it’ll only make you a bigger dick - I mean hit at the bar. You’ll be the biggest dick around~!” Buster laughed a little too much as he opened the padded box and showed off what looked like a normal metal cockring.

“A bigger hit?” Greg asked. It’s just a cockring though… right? Greg felt like this kid was giving off the same odd vibes as Jack and it was starting to bug him. “It doesn’t look all that fancy.”

“Well you gotta try it on to see the real magic big guy! And from what I’ve heard, it’s big,” he winked.

Picking up the ring and turning it in his hands Greg definitely felt warmth coming from it, even for what looked to be plain sterling silver. It had a weird hum almost like when you strike metal and it vibrated. A hum that grew the more Greg held it in his hand, gripping it harder and harder. A hum that almost matched the melodic music of the odd shop and the smile coming from Buster.

SNAP went the cockring box in Buster’s hand, bringing Greg back to the conversation again. Why was he so spacy today, he thought? “And if you let me put it on ya and make sure it fits, it’s on the house for you handsome, but only because you’re a friend of Jack” he winked. “That guy always finds the best customers!”

“But, I’ve never…”

“Don’t worry about it…” was the last thing Greg heard as he was whisked into the nearest dressing room and the pup was on his knees and fondling Greg’s package in seconds.

Buster went to town with the ring as he wasted no time pushing one large ball through. Then two into the snug ring. Followed by all 7 soft inches of Greg’s “bone.”

“And once we have both balls accounted for, the nice veiny dick completes the fit! Look at you already getting excited too!” Buster complimented as Greg inadvertently stood at full mast, a solid 9 inches of uncut cock.

As Greg started to reach down to adjust the ring, the last of his dick filling with blood, he felt something warm start at the base of his dick. A feeling of an orgasm approaching out of nowhere, accompanied by a ringing that, again, brought him to that spaced out floating feeling.

Warm. Deep. Horny. Dick.

It happened so quickly but as his heart started to race the ring was getting warmer and Greg couldn’t hold it in any longer as he felt the orgasm approaching from just a little fondling of his balls.

“Holy shit, I’m gonna… gonna… I’m gonna cum! And with nothing but a little fondling of the ring Greg could have sworn he had ejaculated. But nothing had shot.

“What was that?” Greg huffed.

“Sorry? All I did was get the ring on and you, well look at you! Instant boner! Wow 10 inches too? WOOF!” Buster was salivating. “And then you got this weird look in your eyes and, well you’re lucky I gotta get back to my desk is all or I’d have you to myself as my little play thing” he teased with a wink.

“It’s only 9 inches hard!” Greg corrected. But it did look a little bigger. Actually everything looked just a little bigger. But he also just had a mind blowing full body orgasm and nothing had actually happened. So that was weird, but he also loved the feeling. What was with this weird shop?

He was feeling bigger down there for sure. And harder than he’d ever been in his life. Fuck, he’d fuck this pup right now if only he’d bend over a little more…

“There we go!” Buster said, pulling Greg’s tight shorts back up. “You’re all setup stud, just don’t get too excited there or you’ll poke someone’s eye out,” he laughed, packing up the small cockring box and pushing Greg on his way out the door. “Now here are your things. And tell Jack I said hello. Oh and, if he doesn’t want to keep any of his new toys I have tons of customers lookin for some lively merchandise” he said with a wink as Greg exited as quickly as he’d got there.

What a weird shop.

Walking down the block he felt like a different person and was so horny he couldn’t wait to get to the bar. He decided a trip to The Eagle would be fun, but he also felt like his dick wasn’t going down either. He needed to find a hole, and fast! He also had a weird nagging feeling that something was off. The way his body felt was different. Like all his nerves were tingling, almost like the world was off somehow. Honestly it was probably all the blood in his fuck stick that was making it hard to focus again. So he just walked toward the bar in the warm sunlight staring straight ahead.

Warm. Horny. Hole. Just a dick.

“I.D. please,” said the bouncer as he walked into the bar a few minutes later, adjusting his bulge and trying, badly, to push his erect dick to the side of his shorts. At 9 inches fully hard though, he wasn’t hiding anything and certainly getting some looks as he walked into the gay bar just down the street.

“Hey stud,” said one patron.

“Lookin good, big guy,” said another stud he didn’t know, winking down to Greg’s dick.

They were cute, but he needed a big fuckable ass, stat.

Every compliment made him more self conscious of just how erect he was too, but even harder considering the attention he was getting. ‘FINALLY’ he thought, now we can get some action and with this boner I could last for hours! Though, as Greg continued to eye the bar of boys, he was having a hard time sitting on the stool he currently occupied.

His dick NEEDED a hole. And this bar needed smaller chairs. Why did it feel like this thing was so big?

Finally he felt like the horniness was at it’s peak as he made eye contact with a cute twink across the room in the tightest booty shorts he’d seen. The kid was well built, nice arms popping out his skimpy tank and, as the boy winked at Greg and motioned for him to follow him into the bathroom with the sling he knew this was the moment of truth.

Fantasizing about what he would do to the kid in the bathroom stall that sported a sling, he could barely contain his still growing erection.

Wait. Growing? He’d been hard for the last hour since getting this cockring thing on. How could it be getting bigger? No. It was his imagination. In fact it must have also been his imagination as he hopped off the stool, but he could have sworn the stool seemed a bit taller? Fuck he was such a horny dick.

It was just this boner, it was getting ridiculous, he assured himself.

Standing up he worked his way through the crowded bar, his shorts sending shivers down his spine with every amount of friction to his growing dick. So much friction he could actually see droplets of precum running down his leg. He just kept thinking about his dick and with it every step felt like an orgasm as his shorts held it in tighter.

Bigger. Pulsating. Harder. Hole. Just a dick…

‘God this cockring was amazing’, he thought, ‘but, fuck I need to get off before my dick explodes’

Entering the bathroom he was finally able to get into the stall the twink had left open. Pulling at his belt Greg pulled his shorts down and started to undress the boy in front of him pushing him into the sling. “No talking, I’m… fuck. I just need to, dick. I mean fuck with my dick,” Greg could barely form words at this point and what had started as passionate kissing quickly turned to pulling the twinks booty shorts down.

“Yes daddy! Oh man, you are excited!” The twink squealed

With the amount of precum pooling in his shorts Greg was in a haze again. His dick looked so fucking big and he loved to watch it enter the boys aching hole.

“Wow Daddy, that must be at least 11 inches? I heard you were a stud, but this thing is huge!”

“11…? You must be blind kid, just bend over and let me fuck,” Greg couldn’t even finish the sentence as he pushed it into the twink. His muscles pulsing as the warm hum started again in the cockring. No matter how hard his dick felt the ring just kept getting warmer. Nicer. Fuzzy. He was jackhammering as he felt the orgasm approaching again.

But it never came. The cockring was working! He was actually getting some good fucking in and he felt amazingly strong and confident in his topping. The confidence building along with the orgasm, but something was off. Something wasn’t right. But god Greg didn’t care. He was in bliss as his dick for once didn’t let up. He would get off or so help him.

Bigger. Pulsating. Harder. Hole. Just -

“Holy shit!” The twink screamed. “You weren’t even hard before you started fucking me were you. I - I can’t take much more of that big dick Daddy.” The twink was writhing and squeezing Greg’s dick in his hole even harder as he continued to pound away. So close. He was so close he could feel the orgasm coming. The humming was building beyond comprehension.

“It’s almost too much Daddy!”

“Come on boy, take Daddy’s dick! You horny little… AHHHH” Greg’s mind went blank from pleasure as he felt the orgasm again approaching, but he didn’t feel the shooting. His horniness was just building again, if he had been at a horniness level of 10 when he walked in the bar, he was at a 15 now and the twink was writhing and squeezing his dick even even more. What the fuck?! Why couldn’t he shoot? What was going…

And then Greg looked down. Or to be more correct, forward at the twink he’d been fucking.

“Fuck man, you felt great at the beginning, but you’re gonna need to pull out” the twink said.


“I said get the fuck out!” The twink was in pain now. “OUT OUT OUT! Holy shit you coulda told me you were a grower even at that size” he screamed pulling Greg out with a loud ‘plop’. “Just cause you have a big dick doesn’t mean you can be a big dick, that things a weapon of ass destruction!” he complained

“I… no I just, I was so close please help me finish” Greg stammered. So out of it he couldn’t barely form a sentence, but more confusing was that the world felt off again. His dick was huge, but the twink was also now a bit taller than him. Was that always the case and he was just too horny to tell? That wasn’t possible was it? The twink had been far shorter before their fucking. “Can’t we finish?” He pleaded

“Fucking prick! No, way that thing is way too much, warn a guy next time” The twink stormed out of the stall leaving Greg with his shorts around his ankles and dick bouncing stronger than ever in the stall. “

“What the hell is going on?” Greg was drooling out of his mouth from the experience. Startled. Shaken. Confused and so beyond horny that his head was hurting. But what worried him the most was that his dick was so unbelievably hard and he still hadn’t gotten off.

As he started to pull his loose shorts up he couldn’t help but be a little startled by the whole experience. His dick was huge but he just needed to get home and get this cockring off. It was really messing with his game. He loved the pleasure. And the warmth. And the weird humming. And the constant horniness that made his dick pulse… and…


And… as Greg was thinking about his dick he didn’t even notice both of his hands jerking his now 14 inches of meat that was slowly growing harder and harder. Greg lost in the pleasure, stroking himself in the stall building to an unachievable orgasm once more. Until he was almost crying in pleasure.

He just needed to…

“Huff… huff… so… horny! Please just. I need to cum so bad,” he said to no one in particular


He was brought back to reality once more by a call on his phone. “FUCK!”

Rummaging through his shorts looking at the call only to see the smug profile picture of Jack smiling back. God this guy really knew how to poke his buttons. I was so close too.

“What could he even want, and at a time like this.”

With a huge headache. Boner beyond belief and his entire body just feeling odd he finally decided to head home. And to top it off, his dick wouldn’t stop leaking. Greg needed to get home stat and relieve this thing before he couldn’t walk anymore.

The cockring was doing it’s job, but something was wrong with his dick. He could still feel it growing and it… felt so good. Maybe if he just kept jerking off at home he could finally get this cockring off before his dick was so mutilated it wouldn’t work anymore. He could have sworn it was still growing, but that wasn’t possible.

No! He needed to get home and get this ring off.

As he ran, every step, every movement of his shorts drove him crazy on the way home. The waist seemed a little loose, but the crotch was obscenely packed in the front and his dick was the only thing keeping them on. Even his shirt was feeling baggy, but the one thing that was for sure as he continued to sweat through his clothes was that his dick wasn’t going down. It continued to push the front of his shorts even to the point that it was hanging out of the left leg a bit.

If he didn’t hurry he was going to get arrested for public indecency and that, oddly, wasn’t the least of his worries right now.

Step by step he was getting closer to another orgasm as he started climbing the steps into his apartment. Everything looked so off, or he would have noticed that fact, if not for how horny he was again.

Was the door always this tall? Didn’t matter.

Were his clothes always this baggy? Gotta get inside and jerk off.

Why wasn’t he inside a hole right now, wasn’t he a dick? NO! What the fuck was he even thinking.

He threw his apartment door open and started to rip his clothes off as Greg felt another torturous dry-orgasm approaching. The apartment door slamming behind him as he fell out of his sweat clothes, his dick was pointing straight up at his face. Unable to hide it or even push it away from his face as he felt the orgasm again but to no cum. His eyes went white again as he fell onto his back safely into his apartment front hallway.

“Fuck huff huff. I can’t. Fucking think of anything but getting my dick off huff huff” He was out of breath as he threw his shorts fully off looking up at the ceiling. “What the fuck is up with this cockring…” he finallly looked down only to be met with the most shocking realization.

His dick was literally poking him in the face. Snaking up his entire chest, his balls the size of grapefruit if not bigger. His dick must have been as long as his arm, but three times thicker and it kept getting worse after each “orgasm”. Somehow worse, was the cockring still there stuck in place and warm as ever. “It’s this fucking ring!” He yelled in realization. “I have to get it off… I have to… huff I have to get off to get this dick to go down!” He looked down again in horror. Would that actually help though?

“Awww there you are Griz! I was just trying to call you again, you ignoring my calls big boy?”

SHIT! In his haze Griz forgot he was butt ass naked in the living room of his shared apartment and his asshole roommate, the whole reason he even got this ring, was standing above him. Way, way, way above him!

“Jack, I can explain!” Greg yelled. “I mean, I actually don’t know what’s going on, I went to the shop, I got this ring, I just wanted to get some ass and my clothes don’t fit and you’re fucking gigantic and, and… and I’m so horny!” Greg was practically crying in horniness and frustration; he didn’t even care that he was exposed to his now giant roommate.

“And now you’re about three feet tall with a useless log of a dick?” Jack teased. “Fuck Griz, I knew you were hung and horny, but if you wanted help you should have just asked,” Jack said removing his shirt and revealing his furry otter body and muscled chest.

“Jack, what are you doing? I’m freaking out here and it’s this cockring it won’t go -” Greg was drooling out of his mouth as he started to get heated again at the sight of his roommate. What was especially concerning was the smile on Jack’s smug face and that it was making him unbelievably horny again.

Wait. It was him!

“What the fuck did you do?” Greg yelled coming back to his senses.

“Me? Griz, my little, well, big guy. You asked to help you keep it up and I just wanted to help. Plus I’ve seen your dick at it’s normal size and you just seemed so horny and desperate.”

Jack started to unbuckle his own pants as he crouched down and got closer to Griz. Greg! “Greg” he reminded himself of his name.

“Plus these here magic cockrings,” Jack reached down and grabbed for the base of Greg’s dick making Greg moan with white hot pleasure. “Well they don’t come off so easily,” Jack laughed even harder.

“What the fuck do you mean?” Greg was horrified, getting hornier and feeling fatigued all at the same time. “GET. IT. OFF!”

“It’s no use Greg. You might have had a chance if you didn’t get so excited. I’d say you got about one more orgasm until your dick takes over and we get a new play thing in this household. Then you’ll be my little toy Griz for forever.”

What the fuck was he even talking about. Toy? Dick take over? That’s not even possible. But then, Greg… Griz couldn’t think straight. He was two feet tall, with a dick as big as he was horny out of his mind with drool and precum mixing together in a puddle beneath him. He needed to run.

“Though, if you’re too big I might just sell you back to Buster. He knows a few kinky fuckers that would give you a lovely home on their shelves.”

What was he saying and why was Jack getting undressed? Why was his dick humming again and getting bigger? Or was he getting smaller? Both?!

“Hey little guy, don’t worry. The cockring’s affects wear off in a day’s time if you don’t get turned on, but I figured you’d try to find some ass right away so I tried to call and check in. Little did I know you already had some fun. Didn’t you?” Jack pulled his underwear off and loomed over Griz’ helpless “body”. He felt so weak. So horny. So… warm as the humming started again. He had to get away. Had to get into that furry hole! As Jack squatted above him exposing his furry hole, Griz was unable to think again as the horniness took over.

“I knew we’d get along the second I saw how desperate you were for some ass, and look at you” Jack gestured over his growing dick of a roommate, your dicks absorbed your body and already three times its normal size. “You’re gorgeous! So how about you let me give you some release and live with me the rest of your days as my dildo?”

“A WHAT?! F-fu-fuck you! You psycho I don’t know what is up with this ring, or what you laced it with but huff I… can’t huff get off without your help…” Greg droned off feeling the humming take over and his mind go fuzzy again.

“That’s right,” Jack cooed. “You’re gonna be such a gorgeous toy to add to my collection, and you will never have to worry about a soft dick ever again.”

Greg was only partly aware of what was going on.

He was being carried to Jack’s bed. He could feel himself getting sucked into his ever growing dick. And he was so horny.

Warm. Horny. Just a dick. Need a hole…


“Don’t you worry Griz. That’s all you need to do is get jacked off. Imagine living on my wall of toys with all my exes, ex-roommates, terrible bosses. Just wiggling as a dick for the rest of your life, sentient, warm, and I’ll even get that cockring off as soon as you’ve turned completely into a dick. Promise little guy, I’ve never broken a promise to you”

“Nooo. Please just… let me. Get. Offffffffff…” Greg was back for a second until he saw the hole standing about his erect body and Griz was drooling again. Greg was screaming, but not in control as Griz starting dripping precum. Jack stood above him. Naked. Slowly squatting down. Hole exposed and about to sit on what was left of his roommate. His dick now bigger than him, his balls pulling what was left of Greg into the fully formed Griz Dildo.

“Don’t you worry man, Jack is gonna get you off. Finally. An actual orgasm to lock that cocking in and get that pesky ring off of you. Now. Let’s get you off” Jack lowered himself slowly, taking in Griz’s dick head. Moaning and pushing on what was left of Greg’s humanity.

“Pleeeasseee…” Greg couldn’t concentrate any longer. He just needed to get off. The humming was driving him crazy. This couldn’t be real. But it didn’t matter as he felt himself being pulled into his dick as his orgasm grew and Jack continued to push into the veins of the living dildo. That’s all he was afterall, wasn’t he? A useless dick. He wanted to get more ass. He wanted to stay hard. He wanted ass. He wanted release! He, Griz, wanted this!

“Yeah, I see the fight slowly leaving, are you about to actually shoot Griz? Are you ready to be my toy forever? Pleasing my sloppy hole, being used on my friends? Maybe I’ll even invite Buster over so he can see what he helped make you into? Huh big boy?” Jack teased even more. And Griz loved every idea. More ass to get plowed into? More holes to fill? More orgasms to make his body scream with pleasure.

Greg was gone. Drooling jizz out of all holes and he felt the orgasm approaching for real this time. He wanted to fight it, but he was trapped. Tricked. Dicked. Just a toy to be played with he was actually pushing into Jack’s hole now, no longer Greg, just Griz the living dildo.

With that realization, he felt the orgasm building as Jack was hammering away with his new dildo. Griz was so lost in the bliss, the warm sensation and humming, his entire body now hot with pleasure. His last thought as he felt the orgasm actually approaching was just how much he loved getting off. “Fill me Griz, accept the dicking, soon the torture of that ring will be done and you’ll be mine forever…Fuck! I can feel you twitching.” Jack was squeezing around his old roommate as he also felt an orgasm coming. “And you’re getting excited too I can feel it, what a good toy, give it to me Griz. Ah… Ahhhh. AHHHHHHH!”

Squeezing. Writhing. Screaming. Griz and Jack both came in unison, the blinding white orgasm of Griz’s final human load shooting into his new owner. Jack’s sloppy hole squeezed as he came all over the big balls of his new toy, dripping all over Griz who could taste, feel and do nothing but twitch as his body was sucked into his new “balls”.

CLING went the cockring as it fell to the ground.

True to his word.

Jack didn’t help him get it off and get off at the same time. Forever stuck as a pulsing warm dildo. Greg was still inside somewhere, screaming with frustration, but if Jack ever started to stroke him Griz would always take over and start to leak precum and Greg would feel his brain start to drift away again, feeding holes with his liquids.

Jack placed Griz on his toy shelf and looked at his ex-roommate, his new favorite toy.

“There you go little guy. And I even put a little name tag under you so you never forget that you belong to me GRIZ.” Jack said with finality. “I’m off to the bar to let Buster know how things went. Don’t stay up for me~!”

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