Revenge of the Pharaoh. Chapter 4- Mass Recruitment

By Slave Darius -
published May 3, 2021
2496 words

Secretly under the Pharaoh’s command, the Egyptian Army organizes a census of all male adults in Egypt, by conducting personal interviews with each able-bodied man in the country.

Samir was sitting on the couch in his living room, absently watching TV while his two sons, Hani, 18 and Hazim, 20, were in their shared bedroom. Their mother was out shopping.

Damn this new government idea, thought Samir. They had hurriedly called to a census of all the male population of age. The census was to be carried out by military personnel, and was presumably planned in order to measure the capacity to draft men in case of an unforeseen conflict or war. This was ridiculous, thought Samir, since they had a bigger army than necessary, and in any case, if a nation with more advanced warfare technology decided to invade them, no amount of men would be enough to battle.

“I’m bored,” said Hani to his older brother, while he lay on the bottom of the bunkbed, dressed only in his shorts, feeling droplets of sweat on the brown skin of his smooth chest and abdomen, muscles beginning to show in his young thin body. He was trying to read a comic, unable to concentrate in the heat of the afternoon.

“I know,” said Hazim, hearing him through the heavy metal music blaring in his headphones. He felt even hotter, now only down to his white briefs, his body thicker than his brother’s, slightly hairy. Unseen by his brother in the bottom of the bunkbed, his hand was inside his briefs as he thoughtlessly massaged his half-erection, thinking of his girlfriend Nadia, who must be out having fun with all the other women. When this census was over he was going to take her out in his Dad’s car to the middle of nowhere and finally fuck that tight asshole of hers even if she cried out loud like she had the one time he had tried to.

There was a knock on the main door. They heard their father open and voices, as the sound of boots entered they house and the door closed. The military man must have arrived for the census. None of the young men got up from the bed, assuming they would be called up after the man had spoken with their father. A few minutes later, they heard footsteps draw closer. Hazim got up lazily and put on jeans and flip-flops, taking deep breaths as his hard-on slowly receded. His brother kept only his shorts on and also put on flip-flops. They both remained bare-chested, which was seen as normal in the heat of the town, even during home visits.

A soldier in his uniform, apparently in his twenties, appeared at the bedroom door. He too was brown-skinned, recognizably from the town, with dark hair cropped short.

“Good morning, gentlemen,” he said. “I have already interviewed your father in the living room. Now,” he said, pointing to Hazim, “would you wait in the living room with your father there while I interview your brother?”

“Okay,” said Hazim, getting up lazily and exiting the room, closing the door behind him.

There was silence.

“Can we sit?” said the soldier to Hani.

“Yeah,” said Hani shyly, signaling for him to sit on a small chair facing the bottom bunk of the bed, where he sat.

“You’re Hani,” said the soldier writing on a form.

“Yeah,” said Hani.

“The youngest. Eighteen.”


“I’m 22,” said the soldier, a small smile crossing his lips.

As he spoke, Hani saw a small drop of sweat roll down the man’s forehead.

“How much of our history do you know from school, Hani?”

“Well, I don’t remember too much,” said Hani, shrugging. “I didn’t like that subject a lot.”

“It all right, because the history we were taught at school is incomplete.”

“It is?”

“Yes,” said the soldier. “It omits the story of the Great Pharaoh.”

“Okay…” said Hani, confused.

“I will tell you about it because it is a very important part of why we are here today, conducting this census. You, as all men in our great nation, need to learn the truth. There once was a man called Amon-Reseph. He descended from a line of rulers, all mortal. But he was destined to greater things. He had no son, but he had an adopted child, Karim, whom he had taken in from a very young age during one of his conquests of foreign countries. And he had a Commander who was in charge of his Army, named Lateef, whom he trusted with his life.”

Hani tried to fight his boredom, suspecting that this would be another boring story from a stranger trying to convince him of something, like the people from other religions who sometimes knocked on their door and tried to talk his family into joining their belief system.

“Then, one day,” the soldier continued, “an old man was captured for trespassing into the kingdom and taken to the Pharaoh. He was called Mered-Nahab, and possessed an unnatural knowledge of magic and the supernatural. Therefore, the Pharaoh pardoned him in order to learn his gifts.”

As Hani kept listening, he realized he could not take his eyes away from the young soldier’s, feeling as if the world around them was slowly dissolving and seeing in his mind the ancient world from the story.

“Are you following me, Hani?” asked the soldier.


“I am Anum,” said the soldier.

It sounded like a strange name, like something ancient, but Hani didn’t think too much about it.

“So, tell me who the characters are, by their names: Amon Reseph?” said the soldier.

“The Pharaoh.”


“The Pharaoh’s son.”


“The Commander of the Army.”


“The… sorcerer?”

“You will see. The Pharaoh was taught by the old man how to dominate men’s minds. And the most important thing he learned was that men are the weakest when they experience pleasure. Sexual pleasure. It is at this moment when their minds, as well as their bodies, are naked, and open to be changed. Molded. With the right amount of power, the changes become permanent. He managed to alter his own seed to carry his willpower and be passed on to other men to replace their own. With this power, he was destined to create infinite followers, all spreading his own seed around the world for centuries. For millennia. We were meant to be his blood children.”

Hani felt his heart pump fast, feeling a strange wave of excitement, just thinking about the amount of power the Pharaoh’s followers would have in unison. He felt his cock begin to erect inside his shorts, as it was more and more prone to do in the past years of his young life. He resisted his urge to stroke it.

“What happened then, Anum?

“The old man offered the Pharaoh to make Him immortal, if he agreed to serve his as his slave. But the Pharaoh would never willingly bend the knee before another man, so he refused. Then, the old man revealed himself to be an evil god, the lord of the snakes. He had poisoned Lateef and Karim’s minds, and ordered Karim to stab him. As the Pharaoh was bleeding on the floor, close to dying, he accepted the Snake God’s offer, and was made immortal.”

“But the Pharaoh would never willingly bend the knee before another man…” said Hani, slowly, like in a trance.

“No, the Pharaoh would never willingly bend the knee before another man,” answered the soldier Anum. “The Pharaoh had grown so powerful that he battled the Snake-God, and defeated him. But the Snake God had cursed him to a death-like sleep if he ever revolted against him. Therefore, both Gods lay for tens of thousands of years in the physical world. So, can you tell me who the characters are, by their names?”

“Yes, Anum.”

“Amon Reseph?”

“The Pharaoh.”


“A traitor.”


“A traitor.”


“The Enemy.”

“It is so, Hani,” said the soldier.

Hani felt strangely excited to have the solder’s approval, like he had gotten good grades from a teacher.

“But the Pharaoh is immortal. And He has returned. He is now building an Army…”

Anum stopped for a few seconds.

“We are building His Army.”

As he said this, the solder Anum stood up and removed his military uniform, revealing a white loincloth underneath, as well as a metal chestpiece and wristbands, and leather sandals.

As relaxed as he was, Hani felt his heart jump in his chest. He realized that this was not a legend or a fairy-tale. This was happening before his eyes. The story of the Pharaoh was true history, hidden from him for millennia.

“I have come to recruit you for the Pharaoh’s Army,” said Anum, matter-of-factly.

Hani was so confused. He believed the story in his mind. In his heart. But still, everything he had been taught all his life contradicted it.

“It contradicts nothing,” said Anum.

The soldier could read his mind. Hani stood up, trembling, walking toward the door, always facing Anum and his eyes, those deep, commanding… beautiful eyes.

“History, as well as our Pharaoh, have lain dormant for tens of thousands of years. But they are alive now. As is our Enemy.”

A chill of anger ran through Hani’s body at the mention of the word.

“The Snake-God is also building an army. He has enslaved thousands of men and is planning to pit them against the Pharaoh. You must join Us, as our Brother, and take up your new name, to serve Him against our Enemy.”

Hani needed to speak to his father and brother urgently. They would help him understand.

“They are our Brothers now. I have recruited your father. He is now our Brother Cheops. And your father has recruited your Brother. He is now called Naeem.”

An image appeared in Hani’s mind of this father and brother, now dressed as Pharaoh’s soldiers, standing patiently, straight as statues, in the living room a few meters away, waiting for him to be recruited and join them. He somehow knew this was not his imagination.

He had no one to turn to now.

He must join his father and brother. They would all become Brothers, under the Pharaoh’s command. As Fate had dictated so many years ago, so it would be.

He stood on his feet, and did not think of them anymore, only kept looking into Anum’s beautiful eyes. His beautiful and strong body. He let his right hand inside his shorts, and started massaging his hard cock.

“Tell me who they are, now… “Amon Reseph?”

“The Pharaoh.”

“The King…”

“The GOD…” said Hani, adoringly, stroking harder.


“A traitor.”


“A traitor.”


“The ENEMY," said Hani slowly through gritted teeth, in anger.


“My Brother…”


“My Brother…”


“My Brother…”

“Yes, let go…” said Anum soothingly. “Let my mind feed off yours. All your knowledge and memories are now leaving your brain, entering mine, and therefore our collective consciousness.”

Hani felt more and more relaxed as all his doubts and fears left his brain. Somehow, he knew his whites had disappeared and they were now deep black holes. He felt drool escape the corners of his mind in his entranced state.

“When I put His seed inside you, you will regain them, as well as the rest of our collective knowledge and memories…”

Hani’s body hungered for it. He took off his shorts, the only piece of clothing he had on, except his flip-flops which he left on. He walked, guided by Anum, to the bottom of the small bedbunk -his childhood bed- where he lay on his back, as Anum placed himself on top of him and grabbed his ankles, letting them rest on his muscular shoulders.

Looking deeply into his eyes, Hani removed Anum’s loincloth, his metal chestpiece and wristbands still on.

The small part of Hani’s conscious mind that remained in him feared that it would hurt when Anum entered his virgin asshole, but it felt surprisingly natural and painless, as putting on his old and worn flip-flops. As Anum gently fucked him, he felt his body eagerly take in his very first drops of precum and some of the collective consciousness flashed into his mind:

The Pharaoh being resurrected by the blood offering of a common mortal, as he cut the veins in his forearm, becoming Abdamelek, his New Commander. He would now heed Abdamelek’s command.

The Pharaoh’s son, his fair new Prince, Eslam.

His former father, now proud soldier Cheops, in their living room, recruiting his brother Hazim a few minutes earlier, breaking his resistance with his willpower, and the bond of their blood ties. Hazim giving in, taking the Pharaoh’s seed, and becoming Naeem.

He couldn’t wait to join his new Brothers.

Anum, his elder by four years, caressing his hair as an older brother, as he fucked him, both sweating in the perpetual Egyptian heat.

Hani -the last time he though of himself by that name- gasped coyly, trying not to be loud, as he came, feeling Anum let out a victorious war cry, as he exploded inside him, filling his insides with the Pharaoh’s sacred seed, his body absorbing all of it, his mind expanding with knowledge, connecting with the minds of thousands -millions- of Brothers all over the world, as he became one of Them.

A few minutes later, Cheops, Naeem and Onuris, the youngest new Soldier, stood firmly facing Anum, lined up to receive instructions, all dressed as Ancient Egyptian Soldiers.

“You are now Soldiers in the Pharaoh’s Army.

“Yes, Brother Anum,” they responded strongly, in unison.

“The Pharaoh is the rightful ruler of Egypt, as it was fated to be.”

“Yes, Brother Anum.”

“You will enforce the Pharaoh’s rule, and punish those who disobey His New Order.”

“Yes, Brother Anum.”

“You will spread the seed of our Pharaoh as widely as you can, recruiting all men who have yet to receive it.”

“Yes, Brother Anum.”

“And finally, you will also spread the Pharaoh’s seed in all women of fertile age in your surroundings. You need not acknowledge your responsibilities as the newborn’s fathers, since they will be taken in as Sons of the Pharaoh, raised and provided for by His new Kingdom.”

“Yes, Brother Anum.”

Anum opened a suitcase he had carried into the house. It was full of modern soldier uniforms, which he passed on to them.

“For the moment, we will disguise ourselves to continue our recruitment. When Egypt is finally conquered and the Pharaoh ascends to His ancient throne, we will be free to reveal ourselves and walk our nation proudly."

“Yes, Brother Anum.”

“Then, a new phase will begin. One in which we will spread his rule worldwide.”

“Yes, Brother Anum.”

“Hail Pharaoh!”

“Hail Pharaoh!”

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