A Summer Run

By Benny
published May 3, 2021
1872 words

While running I come across a simple gold ring. It seems to glow in the sun and after putting it on all my wishes seem to be coming true.

The summer heat felt good in the early morning, right before the pavement began to ooze with heat and sizzle in the sun. A nice breeze was moving through the trees and helped to fight back the sweat dripping down my arms and face as I was out for my morning run.

I had started running at the beginning of the summer vacation after coming home for the break from college. It seemed like the only time I could be by myself away from my parents during the day. Plus, working out wasn’t a bad idea with my lack of success last year bringing guys home. It didn’t help that my roommate had stayed busy while we lived in the co-ed dorm. There weren’t many mornings where I didn’t wake up to the sound of his bunk hitting against the wall and moaning.

I was enjoying the last section of my run until I tripped over my shoelace. My knees hit the cement and I barely pushed my hands out to stop me from banging my face against the curb. While sitting up to look over the damage of my knee and to tie my shoelace I noticed the sun reflecting off some metal in the street.

It was a simple gold ring. It was a gold band with a circular top. Etched on it was a simple “O” with a cross splitting the circle in quarters. I decided to slip it on and it seemed to fit perfectly over my right ring finger before I got back up to finish my run.

I was down the street from my house when I saw Devin. He was a few years older than me and was about to go into his last year of college in the fall. He was out in the lawn mowing before the heat got unbearable, and despite him being covered up in a tank top, baseball cap, and shorts I started sweating seeing the skin that was showing. His biceps and shoulders glowed in the morning heat with sweat. After years of consistently lifting at college they were built into defined pieces of art. It was the same with his calves and thighs. They were stretching and filling out his shorts, while his calves pulsed pushing that mower. I enjoyed the view while in my head I was wishing that he had his shirt off and would show me his nice boy-next-door smile as I ran by.

To my surprise I saw him stop mowing and lift his tank top over his head; stuffing it into his back pocket to hang down while he kept mowing. I had to keep from drooling when I saw his pecs. They were two big cushions that created this nice shelf that teased your eyes down to his abs. He wasn’t super defined because of the bulk from winter and spring but you could still see the work he had put in to make that core.

I found myself eying his chest as I ran past. I turned away blushing the moment he saw me, and gave me a glowing smile before turning the mower on again.

By the time I got home and opened the garage door to get in I was melting under the sun and the image of Devin sweating out on his lawn. I took off my shirt from my average frame before walking inside for a shower. My soft belly and thin arms caked in sweat. I wished to myself that I had more tone on my upper body like him.

I started feeling hot and achey before getting in the shower. It must have gotten hotter this week by the way I was sweating. My chest felt hot and seemed to vibrate under the cold water and my core was burning. No matter how cold the shower was I felt my body just heat up and ache. I started wiping myself down with soap, groaning as I cleaned until I had to sit down on the shower floor. I let my eyes stay closed as the water poured down onto my curly brown hair until slowly the aching began to stop. With a groan I stood back up, lathering the soap in my hands with my eyes closed before I began rubbing the suds against my abs.

My eyes snapped open as I felt my body. My hands were rubbing against toned abs. As I looked down my view was blocked by my chest. Both of my pecs had grown to be toned. I began letting my hand tease and spread soap suds over my nipples that were now resting on this shelf of muscle.

I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. My wish had come true! My upper body had become built like Devin’s. I was more lean and toned….probably from genetics but I was ripped. Looking down at myself my legs were still the same but my arms were bulging with muscle that wasn’t there before. As my eyes wandered down my arm I noticed the ring I had picked up on my run. It seemed silly but it had to be responsible for this.

I decided to test it out. I looked down at my average legs under my now toned upper half and wished that I had tone thighs and calves. I wished that my legs would look like I did leg day at the gym religiously, with good form for years.

The ring seemed to flash with gold before my legs exploded with static. I felt my muscles ache and heat up like before as I began to see my legs sculpt themselves before my eyes. My thighs grew thick and cut, I almost yelled as I felt my calves heat up as my muscle grew into a solid brick. The part that burned the most was my ass. I felt my thighs and legs burn as my butt began to grow out. It felt like I was doing a thousand squats in a single second. I got hard as my hands grabbed my cheeks and squeezed as the grew.

Finally the heat and shaking stopped. I stood there breathing heavy as cold water poured over me, one hand grabbing my ass and the other hand supporting me against the wall. I groaned feeling how thick my butt was. I stretched my legs in a little calf raise and felt my thighs and butt flex and then relax - my cheeks doing a little bounce right along with my chest.

I felt myself getting harder. The only thing that looked the same on my body was my dick. It was perhaps a little longer with the lack of fat around my stomach and hips. I felt my shaft fill with blood as I saw my v-line teasing from my waist towards my cock. My circumcised head twitched with my shaft fully extended at four-ish inches. It looked good but seemed small for this body. I decided to wish for more. I wished that I would have an seven and a half inch dick. I wished to have a nice thick cock that was a shower and a grower. As I wished I thought about all the guys on porn I’d seen with uncircumcised dicks and I wished for that too.

I had to put my fist in my mouth with the wave of heat that hit me. My groin ached and burned. It felt like I was cumming over and over again as I felt my dick throb and pulse. I could see my head sneak back into foreskin as it seem to grow and reform around my dick. I saw my shaft thicken and stretch as my dick began to stretch far beyond four inches. I was seeing stars and my whole body was vibrating as I fell on my knees - the cold water of the shower still hitting my face as I moaned into my fist, my other hand gripping the side of the shower wall.

My vision began coming back as the throbbing and heat stopped. I stood up, turned off the water and wrapped my body with a towel to dry off. I wanted to see myself. I ran out of the bathroom with water dripping on the bathroom floor and onto the carpet in the hallway. I ran to my room and slammed the door before flinging the towel onto my bed and letting myself take a good look at my body in the mirror sitting in the corner of my room.

My body was gorgeous. My shoulders framed my built chest, with my biceps and triceps bulging. It looked like I had been lifting weights for years! My upper body made a V with my now small waist. My chest leading down to toned abs and a waist with a V-line pointing directly down to my now 4 inch flaccid dick. My thighs ballooned out again and you could see the different muscle groups of my legs as my eyes followed down towards my calves. I turned back and forth and to the side, letting my hands tease my skin. I laughed seeing how my ass bounced and gave it a good slap. My dick started getting hard and seeing how my cock grew and my head starting to peek out of my uncircumcised sheath just made me moan more.

The only thing was my face. It was still the same. My baby face with my wet brown curls looked out of place against this masculine, built body.

I wished that my face would look more grown and fit this new body. I got hard seeing my jawline sharpen in the mirror. My cheekbones lifted and my nose seemed to fit on my face perfectly. My curls became loose ringlets that framed my face and my hair got longer until I could now put it up in a bun. My eyebrows became crisp and clean and my green eyes glowed with gold flecks. My lips grew larger and plump, looking moist and soft in the mirror. They were real DSLs that seemed to shine with gloss. I felt myself smile looking at these changes. My teeth shining and straight. My smile seemed to glow. These changes didn’t hurt like before, my face just felt flush like when I blushed. My dick was throbbing as I saw my face reform.

Finally everything seemed to be perfectly formed and in place. My dick was pulsing as I gave myself a once over. I was gorgeous! I looked like I belonged in a magazine or fitness ad. I was beautiful.

And it was with that final thought that I exploded onto the mirror. Cum shooting from my cock and streams of white cum dripping down to the floor. I curled my toes into the carpet, with my hands gripping both sides of the mirror as I kept shooting for what seemed like ten minutes.

I looked myself in the eyes as my jizz continued to dribbled down the mirror.

All I could think to myself was, “What else can this ring do?”

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