Chapter 5: Work Breaks

By Noam de Pluma and S. Q. Neemie -
published April 26, 2021
6421 words

Aaron makes a stop-off at the employee bathroom. George, the company janitor, coaxes him into taking a steamy afternoon break. Aaron leaves a mess for George to clean up.

Forty-five minutes earlier, Aaron zoned out as he built the app to tell him whenever someone manipulated the spreadsheet. This notification protocol should have been easy - the spreadsheet software came with this kind of functionality baked right in through the cloud sharing feature.

But for some reason, it didn’t work, so he had to go for something a little more… bespoke. Maybe tied right to his phone? Yeah, that would work. He clicked away, always keeping half an eye on the sheet for any modifications to the numbers. Sure enough, even before he was halfway through he saw Xav’s cs score inch up to 9. Of course. But he wasn’t concerned. A few more lines of code and he’d know about everything anyone did to the spreadsheet.

He smiled thinly as his cock twitched at the idea of seeing what changes Xav made and imagining how they’d impact his coworkers’ behaviour. Maybe he was more of a voyeur than he thought? A simple addition to the spreadsheet would tell him his score, but… no. He had a job to do first, and no meddling with anyone’s stats until he had his alerts in place. He entered his last line of code, glanced around furtively, and entered a new column name, tapping keys at random, then glanced at his phone. Nothing? Really? He looked up and saw that the sheet had autocorrected his gibberish into something called Pers. Temp and populated data for it. Shit! His chest tightened. Not only did his code suck, but he’d made a change after all! He went to hit CTRL+Z and scowled at his notification-free phone, breathing a bit easier. No harm, no foul. Xav was busy talking to Wes about something. Maybe it was safe to take a lunch break and come back to it?

He failed to notice as Xav’s ks score inched up to 2, and then 3, before pausing. Still grimacing, he made to leave. Little did he know that Xav was watching his conc. score slowly rise from a low of -3 to his customary 2.5, as some internal timer ran out and the sheet began to behave as a barometer rather than a setting.

He regretted wearing dark slacks and styling his hair. The last thing he wanted today was to be noticed. No sooner had he stepped out of the office and into the cold, however, than he realized he had a problem: his dick, which was standing at attention. Dammit. Maybe he really was a bit of a voyeur. He couldn’t go out for a sandwich while pitching a tent, could he? Not with a newly 6-inch prick packing his pants.

Sighing, he made his way back into the lobby and entered the common area bathroom, glancing furtively to make sure he was alone. Then, heart beating quickly, he locked himself into a stall, pulled his pants down, and sat. His 6 inches throbbed proudly, a string of precum dangling between the tip and his underwear. His mind raced, taking him back to his adventures in autofellatio the night before; to Xav’s python; to what Xav might do with it. Maybe with something with Ahmed. Fuck. Now he was drooling from his mouth as well as his cock. He stifled a frustrated groan as his cock twitched and spat a fat, fragrant glob of precum that landed on the floor by his shoes. He felt barely a trace of the pain and discomfort left over from yesterday’s massive wad.

He had to know what was going on. Once he knew Xav had shut the spreadsheet down and nothing was happening, he’d be fine. Just a spot-check, then lunch. Hand shaking, he pulled out his phone, fired up the sheet, and goggled. Pers temp was back. Fucking Xav. Of course he was messing around. He watched in confusion as Wes’s temperature dropped down to 68. OK, that was weird… nothing sexy there, right? Maybe his nipples perked up? Unconsciously, Aaron reached to tease his dick, slowly circling a finger around the slick glans, careful not to make any noise even from the rustling of his clothes. Then Wes’s temperature began to rise. Aaron held his breath and imagined what it must be like for the muscle-bound dudebro. Body tensing as he heats up, spreading out his arms and legs in an attempt to cool down, muscles on display through a shirt that was probably transparent by now. Aaron gripped himself properly and stroked himself in slow, light movements, minimizing the wet squelching that accompanied his ministrations. His breath shook. What would Wes do? What would Xav do? He bit his lip, fighting back an orgasm. Suddenly the cursor moved to a new cell and Ahmed’s temperature shot up to 95, matching Wes.

Images of Ahmed’s toned, lithe body flashed through Aaron’s head. Sweet, innocent Ahmed with the cocksucking lips… fuck it, he had to know what was going on. He slowed down his strokes and massaged his entire package, smearing precum all over his newly enlarged balls, and closed down the spreadsheet. With a few swipes he opened the VPN back door to the company network, accessing Ahmed’s computer and activating the webcam. If there was any camera with a good view of the office, and… bingo!

Holy fuck. Wes’s shirt was practically see-through. Usually plates of muscle didn’t’ do much for Aaron, but seeing them peek through a shirt like that, so close to naked and yet so far? He audibly gasped as Wes began to perform a fucking striptease right in the office and ripped off the sodden garment. The man practically shone, he was so sweaty. Aaron began to jack off harder. He wondered what on earth Xav had done to effect this turn of events. He was so wrapped up in what he was watching he didn’t notice the bathroom door opening.

On his phone, Ahmed’s body language suddenly changed as he, too, performed a slow and sensual reveal of his torso. He was facing Wes, away from the camera, but Aaron raked his eyes over the sexy intern’s slim, toned frame, his subtly twinky curves, and drooled. He let out a quavering moan, determined not to shoot just yet. What numbers had led to this? What modifications? He imagined Xav, tapping away at his keyboard, programming new changes. Clean, efficient code somehow controlling the world in front of him. The idea was intoxicating. He swiped to toggle back to the spreadsheet, still jerking himself off with abandon, and had just registered the existence of another new column when his stall door flew open. George. It was George. The blood drained from Aaron’s face. His hand, on autopilot, didn’t stop jacking himself off even as his hardon began to fade.

“Oh, sorry,” drawled the janitor, looking down at Aaron’s pale face and feebly jacking hand. “I–didn’t realize there was someone in.” With a wicked twinkle in his eye, he mimed locking the stall door, then winked at Aaron as he shut the stall door and went to the urinal. With a sheepish grin and a shake of his head, he pulled his sizable cock out of his pants and went about his business.

The silence in the bathroom was uncomfortable, especially as it was slightly punctuated by the soft sound of flesh on flesh which George imagined meant that Aaron was still coaxing life into the–surprisingly meaty–manhood the programmer had between his legs. If he was honest with himself, he hadn’t expected the nervous tech geek to be so well endowed.

“Hard to go through the day without rubbing one out, eh?” he said with another grin on his stubbled face. “No shame in it, I’d say. Not everyone is as lucky as I am to have a walk-in closet for an office.”

There was silence on the other side of the stall wall. Had he gone too far? He’d never really spoken to the programmer before, but the moment needed some kind of comment, didn’t it? Even though he had long ago finished peeing, George stood at the urinal, his cock dangling out of his fly, as he thought of the next thing he wanted to say. Anything to get the young programmer to relax a little–pulling on the pud probably helped with that stick up his ass, yeah?

“Must be hard for y’all in that office,” he ventured, wincing slightly when he realized that the word hard had escaped his lips. “No women, I mean. Only your imagination for your–break time.” Fuck, would that freak out Aaron more or less? He cleared his throat and listened intently for any sign that he was putting the young man at his ease.

Unbeknownst to George, Aaron’s silence had nothing to do with trying to get himself back to hardness. The programmer was in a blind panic. He could barely breathe. How could he possibly get out of this? He didn’t even register George’s surprisingly congenial reaction. All he knew was he had been caught. For all he knew, George was off to tell Xav right now. He’d lose his job. He’d never work again. He’d be ruined. All because of that stupid spreadsheet. The spreadsheet…

While George chattered on in the background, no doubt chewing his ear off for being so disgusting in public, Aaron’s hand - the one still holding his phone - flew into action. With trembling fingers he tapped on George’s ks score and ramped it up to 6. Maybe if George was into it, he wouldn’t tattle?

Having taken some action to protect himself, he finally began to listen. George’s tone didn’t sound threatening. It was almost… understanding? He needed to be sure.

“Uh, yeah, that must be it,” Aaron mustered, shifting his attention to George’s L score. Hmm. Wes seemed to live his life at 90 and managed to keep a lid on things. What if he pushed George up to 110? “Sorry to, uh, interrupt your break time…”

He stood up and made to pull up his pants, but was shaking so hard he fumbled his phone and pitched forward in an effort to catch it, stumbling out of the stall and into the sink. He caught his balance and realized, with another rush of adrenaline, that he had spun around and was facing George with his pants down. For a moment the two men stared at each other with matching soft, 6-inch cocks, Aaron’s dangling beneath his shirt and George’s poking out his fly, held aloft in his right hand.

George himself was staring, cock rigid, his mouth working soundlessly as wild new feelings crashed through him. He was suddenly and ferociously hot, hot in body but also hot for the lean programmer in front of him, appreciating the manly line of the young man’s body, his slight stomach over the rigid beauty of his good-looking cock. George had always appreciated the artistic look of a nude man–but only artistically, in a deeply unconcerned way. Staring at Aaron’s half-exposed body was different, a pure, animal reaction that sent a plunging sensation through his stomach and set his mouth watering.

Aaron was watching him with a red face and George felt a bolt of shyness jolt through him. This unassuming man had the power to give George what he suddenly desperately needed–or take it away. And all George wanted to do was take that soft programmer body and make it happy, make Aaron shudder with pleasure, to see if he could coax a masculine groan out of those soft lips as well as he regularly pulled out feminine moans from the women he slept with. Confusion, desire, and shyness battled within him for split seconds, racing through his mind even as his heart beat faster, gazing into the sudden, surprising depths of Aaron’s green eyes. Soon, Aaron was going to pull up his pants and race out of the bathroom. He had to do whatever it took to keep the young man near him.

Fuck, how do you seduce a guy? he thought desperately. Licking his lips, he took the plunge. “Hey,” he said, speaking low and gentle, “look at that.” He smiled a soft, encouraging smile. “You must be pretty charged up there, huh, Aaron?” He allowed himself to reach across and gently grab the young man’s thin shoulder. Keep everything light and natural, just ignore the two exposed cocks until it was time for them to be very, very noticed. That was for later. For right now, the goal was to get the handsome–handsome? Yes, fucking handsome–programmer to melt, even just a fraction of a degree.

Aaron froze. George’s hand on his shoulder felt… nice. Warm and reassuring. He gazed into George’s baby-blue eyes - how had he not noticed them before? - and felt his heart beat faster, but not out of anxiety.

What he failed to realize was that when he stumbled forward, his hand triggered the touch-screen on his phone, accessing his own L cell and slowly boosting it higher as he held the up arrow. All he knew was that the rough-around-the-edges redneck custodian with the lanky build was looking better and better by the second. Thin lips parted with a delicious-looking tongue just peeking out between his teeth. Aaron began to get hard again, even as his precum cooled and dried. With each heartbeat his cock became firmer and ticked gradually outwards from his walnut-sized balls. Shit, he had to get out of here. He eyed the door, wondering if he could escape before his day could get any weirder.

“Yeah, it’s…” He adopted what he hoped was a polite, disarming tone. “It’s tricky sometimes. But you do what you gotta do, right?” Aaron forced a weak grin and made to bend down and pick up his pants, stopped by gentle pressure from George’s hand on his shoulder. And still his libido score ticked higher. 71, 72, 73, 74, 75…

“I hear you,” said George softly. “My guy gets going a lot too. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t have a lot of experience here, but maybe I could do a little something to help out.” He let the hand not on Aaron’s shoulder swing forward so that he could brush the programmer’s exposed thigh gently with the back of a work-hardened knuckle. When Aaron’s delicate leg hairs raised at the touch, he smiled. Not that different from his usual, more heterosexual partners. He let the hand linger just shy of Aaron’s flesh, letting the tiny hairs brush past the back of his fingers, just intimate enough to be arousing, just safe enough to be almost innocent. “I mean,” he said, staring into the green depths of Aaron’s eyes, “if you want.”

Aaron sort of moaned and sort of whimpered, which George took as an encouraging sign. He took his hand and ran a line with his bent knuckle down the programmer’s adorably soft middle, enjoying the slight ripple of fat over muscle, drawing the finger down till it stopped just short of the root of Aaron’s straining cock. His hand was poised perfectly to open and slide down Aaron’s thick, juicy member. George didn’t break eye contact, but raised his eyebrows. “Well?” he said softly. “Gonna let me try?”

89, 90, 91, 92… Aaron made one more attempt to bend down, but only succeeded in twitching his hips so George’s finger drove lightly into the base of his shaft. He groaned and squeezed his Kegels, launching another glob of pre that flew and splattered onto George’s shaft, which was rapidly lengthening to its full 7-inch glory. “Uh, uh, just, uh, can you lock the door?” Aaron stuttered. He gave a sigh of relief and slumped onto the counter as George grinned slyly, squeezed his shoulder and moved towards the entrance.

Aaron finally took his palm off his phone as he propped himself up on the sink, his libido set to a more-than-respectable 103, and gazed down at his raging 6-incher. He couldn’t think clearly. He couldn’t believe it. Was someone actually about to pleasure him? Or was it a trick? His mind swam back to that party in college. Drunk. Him and Shaya, the outgoing drama nerd. Shaya who was out and proud, in whom he’d confided his own sexuality. Shaya who offered to trade blowjobs. Shaya who made him go first, who made him choke on his rod and swallow his load. Shaya who left him gagging and spitting, favour unreciprocated. He swore to himself then and there: never again. The memories were almost enough to make him leave. He completely missed the metallic slam as the door’s bolt turned into place and didn’t break from his reverie until he felt a hand gently brush his cock and a finger lift his chin and suddenly all he could see was a pair of baby-blue eyes.

“So, you’re gonna have to guide me to all what you like, handsome,” said George, enjoying the shy, almost scared look in Aaron’s eyes. “You think you can do that for me?” When Aaron nodded, all wide-eyed, he let the motion carry his hand down and he slid both his hands down the programmer’s side, letting his scruffy face register every moment of delight as his hands confidently traveled over Aaron’s business shirt, then the warmth of his skin, until he was holding the young man by the hips. Pulling up slightly, he lifted Aaron higher onto the sink counter, stepping forward at the same time so that Aaron, his pants now dropped to his ankles, had to spread his knees to make room for the lanky janitor’s body, his fat cock slapping lazily against his stomach. George lowered himself slowly toward Aaron’s girthy cock, his mouth watering in anticipation. Just this morning he wouldn’t have given two thoughts for the programmer’s–or anyone’s–dick, and now he was slobbering like a prom queen getting ready to give her first blowjob. His first blowjob. A tiny portion of his brain not absorbed with Aaron’s dick–its size, its smell, how innocent and sexy it was at the same time–chuckled in bemusement. It was just a fucker what life brought you, wasn’t it? Never thought he’d even touch another dude’s dick, and yet here he was– His lips slowly slid over the hot head of Aaron’s cock, savoring the curve of it and the smooth, thick flesh. Fuck, but the taste was intense–so intimate and manly. George liked a little bit of head-play on his own blowjobs, but maybe Aaron didn’t? How could he know that Aaron was enjoying this? He let the tip of his tongue explore the sensitive underside of Aaron’s cockhead as he looked up at Aaron’s face, hoping for some encouraging clue to the programmer’s state of mind.

Aaron stared down in awe as his glans disappeared into another man’s mouth. Part of him felt guilty for cheating on Ahmed - cute, sweet, Ahmed, object of his crush - with George, of all people. But his amped-up libido didn’t leave much room for guilt and soon he was throwing his head back and biting his knuckles to stifle a shivering moan. George’s tongue swirled around his cockhead like a tornado, enveloping it in a warm, wet cavern that endlessly tickled his slit, helmet and the sensitive wrinkle of skin just on the underside. It was like the blowjob he’d given himself last night, only better, because he never knew what the devilish tongue was going to do next. He looked down to witness his cock disappearing into another human being for the first time and was met with George’s baby-blue eyes staring up at him, looking for approval. He stifled another moan and tried to thrust his hips forward to drive deeper, but had no leverage sitting at the edge of the sink.

George’s lips curled into a smile around his twitching rod, clearly enjoying the exquisite agony he was causing. Aaron began to giggle. “Please, please,” he gasped in a desperate stage-whisper, “it’s too ticklish! Lay off the head, lay off the head, hoo, hah, ohmygod, oh geez…” He trailed off into an incoherent panting as George finally stopped assaulting the tip of his dick and began to jack it lightly while he licked it from top to bottom, bathing every inch of it with his tongue, years of experience eating pussy translating surprisingly well to pleasuring Aaron’s rod. Aaron gazed down in awe as he watched the sexy country bumpkin slather all over his shaft and even take an experimental lick at his balls, eliciting another quiet moan of approval.

He desperately wanted George to just take him into his mouth again and give him a proper blowjob, but couldn’t bring himself to say so. What if George got mad at him and told Xav? He resisted the urge to grab the custodian by the ears and plant his mouth where it belonged and contented himself with a fat, wet tongue licking its way along his inner thighs and the unexpectedly pleasant sensation of George’s warm breath on his crotch.

George hummed happily. He was never more turned on than when someone was writhing on the other end of his talented tongue. Turned out, it didn’t matter if it was a woman or a man–in fact, the taboo nature of having a man twisting in agonized pleasure under the clever ministrations of his tongue made George feel generous and powerful all at the same time. But he wanted more–more whimpers and moans from the handsome programmer’s lips. Growling onto Aaron’s thighs, he lapped the muscled thighs more eagerly, wiggling his head back and forth to encourage the young man to steady his head and fully enter into the pleasure they were both experiencing.

Aaron writhed in pleasure and began jacking himself off, slouching down to give George even better access to his nether regions. The pants around his ankles made things difficult, but even as the sink faucet dug into his back he managed to expose his taint to the hard-working custodian. He fully groaned out loud and stuffed a knuckle back into his mouth when George’s tongue flicked behind his balls and worked its way further down. It wasn’t until George finally reached his ass that Aaron broke out of his reverie and scrambled back to a sitting position, the faucet scraping painfully into his back. “No,” he cried, “not the… back there. I don’t do that.” He looked down at George, fearful of his reaction.

George blinked at him, nice and slow. “Whatever you want, babe,” he said, licking his lips. Of course he wanted to plumb Aaron’s depths–in fact, if he was in a mood to reflect, it was about the only thing he wanted in his life at this point. But the larger aim was to give Aaron the maximum pleasure he could, and that meant steering clear of any space Aaron was leery of. He nipped the insides of Aaron’s thighs with his strong, stubbled lips and worked his way slowly back to Aaron’s shaft, spreading light kisses on the programmer’s blushing skin the whole way. The young man was like a bird, ready to fly away at the slightest wrong movement, but George was confident that his mouth and tongue would keep the handsome man rooted to the spot till he had him whining and mewling. George was committed to making the cute tech geek have his best cum in weeks, and that meant paying attention to Aaron’s every little move, shiver, and gasp. He drew his tongue in a warm, wet line along the bottom of Aaron’s thigh, away from the young man’s enticing asshole, and was gratified to feel Aaron shudder under his questing mouth.

Aaron relaxed at George’s ministrations. Clearly, he wasn’t going anywhere, and was almost… eager to please? Was that the kind of thing that could even happen to a guy like him? Part of Aaron’s mind exploded at the concept of actually being on the receiving end of sexual bliss with another human being. The other part was ready to exercise a little bit of assertiveness. “Blow me,” he whispered, green eyes meeting baby-blue.

“Oh, fuck, babe, yeah,” moaned George, his unattended cock jumping in the air as he contemplated Aaron’s fat fuckstick waving in front of his face. He grabbed the programmer by the hips and slid his mouth back over the cockhead, thrumming his throat in ecstasy while he felt Aaron’s thighs shudder involuntarily at the sudden warmth enveloping his cock. A thought flitted through George’s mind–had Aaron ever had a proper blowjob from a man? Did someone who knew dicks first- and second-hand ever delivered the pleasure the young programmer deserved? The thought hardened George’s commitment (and his already solid cock) as he began undulating his tongue along the underside of Aaron’s shaft, trying to increase the geek’s pleasure even as he coaxed drop after drop of delicious, rich precum from the girthy cock his tongue was massaging.

Aaron placed an experimental hand on the back of George’s head and, feeling no resistance, dug his fingers into the man’s ponytail braid and gently pushed him deeper. He watched, fascinated, as his cock slowly disappeared into the man’s lips. Something about knowing he was fucking someone drove him wild. He felt powerful in a way he never had before. His cock - HIS cock - was running the show for him and for someone else, and it was a high he knew he’d be chasing for the rest of his life. He reached up with his other hand, clamped it onto George’s head and began to forcefully guide it up and down his shaft. Holding it at the tip, shoving it down, yanking it back up, setting the pace. He nearly came just looking at George’s eyes, which shone with lust the more Aaron showed him what he liked. “Ohhh, oohhh, man,” Aaron crooned, “I’m getting close, George. You’re getting me so close!” He continued to treat George’s face like a Fleshlight, nearly making the older man gag when he yanked him down too far on more than one occasion.

George let his entire head go limp, anxious to give Aaron exactly the kind of pleasure he was looking for. He felt his own cock bob lustfully as the young man took control, spearing his eager mouth with his precum-streaming shaft, guiding George to just the right stimulation to give the young man an earth-shattering cum. Fuck, thought George, this is amazing. He’d never realized how appreciative young men were, how much their anxious, needy cocks could satisfy George’s desire to see others shivering and sexually satisfied. He added his own little twist to Aaron’s every insistent pull to his hair, sealing Aaron’s dick in a slobbery, hot, and tight orifice even as the young man pawed and panted for George to suck him there and that hard. Fuck, he was going to come just from the sensation of delivering desperately needed pleasure to Aaron’s hot programmer body. He felt his own balls draw up even as Aaron’s sack bunched around his chin, ready to spew his hot man-cream as a final testament to how well George had played the shy geek’s skin flute.

At the last second Aaron pulled George off his shaft and let it bob in the air, shiny and twitching, on the verge of shooting but just barely hanging on. “Don’t want to… yet…” he gasped. “Lick my balls.” He stifled another groan as George obeyed, taking first one nut, then the other, and then both into his mouth, giving his nutsack a warm, wet bath. “I can’t believe this is happening,” he whispered. “You’re so fucking amazing. Feel so nice, fuck…”

That was all it took for for George to redouble his efforts, bathing the programmer’s sack in his greedy, warm mouth, enjoying the immediate way that attention to the young man’s balls led to a vibration up and down the solid cock whose slobbery underside now tapped his nose as he glanced up the shaft, balls lodged in his cheeks, to make eye contact again with the young man. He growled his appreciation for–well, everything: Aaron’s sexiness, the warm, meaty taste of the balls in his mouth, of taking this manly break time during regularly scheduled hours, for finding a sexy aspect of his own character that centered around the whimpering, pleasure-loving lad he was tongue-lashing, and chuckled deep in his throat when the growl sent Aaron into another paroxysm of pleasure.

Aaron looked down at George, marvelling that a southern, rough-hewn redneck would be slobbering all over his nuts while jerking himself off as if he was getting the treat of a lifetime. He sighed in pleasure at the ball bath he was receiving and felt his orgasm build again, even without direct stimulation on his cock. The mix of fear, arousal and transgression he felt at getting his first blowjob in a public bathroom made him harder than ever, and he felt like he might cum just from the stimulation of his prick bouncing on George’s nose. “George, I’m gonna cum,” he panted, squirming to get off the counter. “Let me get to the toilet, or…”

George pulled off the nuts, begrudging each smooth orb as it popped out of his mouth. “Or else what, babe?” he asked, knocking the pillar of Aaron’s cock with his nose, his hands on Aaron’s thighs just strong enough to keep the young man from fleeing. George wanted to see the burgeoning explosion brewing in Aaron’s balls, felt that he deserved to see it. He nuzzled Aaron’s cock, trying to keep his blue eyes innocent, but at the same time hoping to kick off the chain reaction that would lead to the young man suddenly bursting his load. Aaron bit his lip as he looked down at George, still looking uncertain and scared. As much as he loved the look on the young man’s face, what George wanted most of all was to see that same cute expression transformed by a earth-shattering, manly explosion of cum. “Are you sure?” he murmured into the flesh of Aaron’s cock. “Would love to see you–just explode, babe.”

Aaron quivered, barely holding off. “You sure, George?” he asked. “Like, explode explode?” His mind turned to the spreadsheet, still open on his phone next to the sink.

“Fuck,” said George, all blue eyes and scruff. “I wanna see you fucking fountain, babe. Show me what you’ve got. You’re so”–he interspersed his words with artfully placed kisses on Aaron’s shaft–“fucking”–“hot.”

Aaron, at last, needed no more encouragement. “Then get back on my cock and earn it,” he growled, interlacing his left hand into George’s hair and directing him back onto his leaking dick. He breathed deep and evenly, trying to stem the tide, and reached for his phone. He thumbed over to his own cp score. With his cum production at 7 he already felt recovered from yesterday’s ordeal. What number would make for the fountain George wanted so badly? As he pondered, George gave a particularly enthusiastic gulp and, to their mutual surprise, Aaron’s cockhead popped into his throat and he moaned, giving the nebbish programmer his first-ever hummer.

Aaron’s phone hand spasmed, hitting numbers at random, arriving at 24. Almost instantly a wave of heat engulfed his nether regions, focusing on his reproductive plumbing. He hunched over George’s head and hugged it to his groin, keeping him in a full deep-throat, and keened as his balls throbbed. He could feel them pulsing, growing, stretching his sac. Something deep inside him was doing the same, and he found himself clenching his ass as thrills of pleasure rocketed from a point his Kegel muscles could just barely stimulate. It was as if a part of his body he never knew existed was itching and his brain couldn’t comprehend how to scratch it. And the need to cum redoubled, then redoubled again, and again. He was passing the point of no return.

“Oh, George, George, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” he shouted, completely forgetting his surroundings. He pushed George away to land flat on his ass, looking up at Aaron who jerked himself to completion. George wanted a fountain? He was going to get a fucking fountain. He came like a firehose. Long, thick ropes of jizz surged up his shaft and flew from his slit, painting George, the walls, the floor, even the ceiling like they were a canvas for modernist art. He moaned and shook and thrust his hips before collapsing as his orgasm, easily 30 spurts strong, finally petered out.

For a second George just stared at Aaron where he sat bare-assed on the tiled floor. Then, slowly, he pulled a tattooed forearm across his eyes, smearing away the cum that dripped from his eyebrows and down his beard. “Now that,” he said, “was a fucking treat, make no mistake.”

Aaron was still panting, his insides trying to adjust to the enormity of the orgasm that had just wracked through his body. Grinning, George offered him a hand–the one part of his body that wasn’t drenched in programmer cock-snot. Hesitantly, Aaron took it, and the janitor hauled him to his feet. They stood for a second grinning awkwardly at each other.

“Do you–always pop off so much?” said George. “I wouldn’t have thought that–all this–was possible unless there were three other men involved, and a horse besides.”

“Um,” said Aaron, thinking quickly, “I’m on some new medication. One of the side effects, I think.”

“Well, hell,” drawled George. “Any time you want to slip me the name of your doctor, I’d be interested.”

Aaron laughed. George bent over to wipe his cummy knees. Looking around the dripping bathroom, he sighed. “Well,” he said, “I guess I’d better go find myself a mop for all this.”

“Oh, Jesus–sorry,” said Aaron, flushing red.

“Don’t sweat it, kid,” grinned George. “Most fun I’ve had at work in a hell of a long time. You ever get stopped up like that again, you come find me right away, you hear?”

“Y-yeah, sure… will do, George,” Aaron said shyly, his head spinning. Already his prodigious balls and prostate were spooling up another epic orgasm (producing enough to comfortably shoot 24 times per day before petering out), and he knew he had to modify the sheet again before he went insane. All the same, a sudden pang of guilt hit him as he realized George’s cock was still unsatisfied and standing at attention. “And, uh, next time maybe I’ll return the favour, too,” he added, gesturing downwards.

George grinned broadly as he tucked himself back into his pants. “Well, shoot, that’d be just swell. I look forward to it. Oh, hey, wait!”

Aaron, who had begun to walk towards the door, turned around. “Yeah, George?”

“You, uh, might wanna make yerself decent before you head back out into the world,” he said, dramatically lowering his eyes to Aaron’s crotch. Aaron blushed furiously and hastily stuffed his still-chubbed cock and balls into his slacks so hurriedly that they still poked out of his briefs, brushing against the zipper. “Well, bye then,” he said, before sliding the bolt aside and exiting the bathroom.

Back in the light of day in his building lobby, he breathed a sigh of relief. Well. There’s no way George would tell on him now, and… fuck, his first-ever blowjob! He leaned against a wall to savour the memory before starting to panic as his cock threatened to stand at full attention again. The sheet! That fucking sheet. He whipped his phone out and quickly hit undo as many times as the document allowed before greying out. He checked the stats over. His cp score had been 7 before, not 8… hadn’t it? And his Libido was surely lower than 53, but he couldn’t remember. And George’s Kinsey score was 1, not 2, his Libido way below 69. He was certain.

At least the pressure in his balls had decreased substantially, and that peculiar itch in his bowels had faded to nothingness. And, well, the sheet seemed to have a lowest possible number that could populate those cells, and he had hit it. A new wave of panic made him look at the new cells Xav added. Unfortunately he had no idea what the original number for everyone’s Exhibitionist score was, and the personal temperature seemed benign enough. He sighed, resigning himself to the fact that he’d have to accept whatever damage Xav had done. What he needed to do was get some lunch, finish his alert system, and get more control of the situation.

With a renewed sense of purpose, he left to grab a sandwich at the nearest deli and hightail it back to his desk, where hopefully Xav wouldn’t have anything urgent to distract him from keeping tabs on the sheet. In his haste, however, he forgot to close the VPN into Ahmed’s webcam, which was still active and recording, red light shining for all to see.

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