The Cock Bois - Part 3

By Cock TF Boi -
published April 24, 2021
3541 words

Nick awakens to find himself alone and changed in a stranger’s apartment. His attempts to find Brad are quickly cut short as a couple thugs show up and he must find a way to escape before they catch him.

I squint in the morning light. Long bands of light stream through the gaps between the vertical blinds that line the wide sliding door. I lift my left arm up and weakly flop it over my face to try to block out the light at bit, but I immediately recoil from the touch. My arm is covered in a dried and crusty substance. The events of last night start to come back to me and I realize it is my dried cum. I pull myself upright, and I can hear the crackling noise as the dried cum breaks and separates on my body and clothes. Looking down at myself, my clothes are thoroughly covered in dried cum. My forest green shirt looks like it had been used as a cum rag for an entire frat for a year. There is barely a spot that isn’t caked in dried cum. My jeans are likewise caked in cum and the dried ring of cum around me shows where the huge puddle of cum once sat.

I pull myself up to my feet, cringing as the cum flakes off of my body and clothes. Looking around, I see no sign of Brad. Well that’s an exaggeration, there is a rough outline of his form in the dried cum that covers the couch. I move through the small apartment looking for him. Dust highlights the bands of light coming through the windows. The place is a bit of a mess, but there is dust all over the place. I’m not sure that its actually been lived in recently, or if they’re just very messy. There’s only one bedroom and one bathroom, so it doesn’t take long to verify that the place is empty. I hear noises coming from the front door. A scuffling noise and the sound of hushed voices.

“Come on, do you think he’d really be dumb enough to come back here?” one gruff voice says.

“Probably not, but he was near here, and we know he was exposed. He wouldn’t have had long before it overtook him,” another higher but masculine voice replies.

I back away from the door. These guys must be working for Woods, which means they are looking for Brad and me. Well at the very least, they’re looking for Brad, and if they’ll probably figure it out pretty quick that I was there too. My clothes are filthy, and there’s no way they’ll be dumb enough to not be suspicious of me. My best chance is either to run or hide. I move over to the sliding door and unlock it. I slide it open just enough to slip out onto the balcony and close it again. I move out of line of sight of the window, hugging the wall as I look around. There is a partition on one side of me, separating this balcony from the neighboring one and a solid wall on the far end that makes up the corner of the building. The railing is solid pieces of glass with 2 breaks for support posts along its length. I’m only on the second floor, and the balcony is looking over a small park behind the building. I quickly glance over the edge and see below the balcony is a narrow strip of grass before the sidewalk along the edge of the park.

I begin to contemplate jumping over the railing when I hear the door inside burst open. I press myself back against the wall. My heartbeat is throbbing in my ears. I can hear them stomping through the apartment. A muffled noise of disgust comes from one of them. Probably they noticed the giant cum stains in the living room, but I dare not poke my head around the corner to look. I hear one of them moving through the apartment, the sound of doors slamming open. I see some of the blinds out of the corner of my eye moving. I press myself further against the wall, desperately trying to make myself invisible. The blinds shifted again, and my breath catches. My heart is pounding, he must have seen me. There’s no way he didn’t. Several long seconds pass that seems to stretch on and on. Finally, I hear the footsteps moving away from the sliding door. I let out my breath, feel some relief wash over me.

“He’s been here for sure. Must have ducked out. Call up Mark and let him know,” I hear the deep voice say from within the apartment. I can hear the muffled sounds of the other guy making the call, but can’t make out enough of the words to follow the conversation. After several minutes the call seems to end. The other voice says something, but he’s too far from the window and I can’t make it out. “Fuck, we have to wait here in case the bastard comes back? Do you really think he’s going to be dumb enough to do that?” There’s another indistinct response and the sounds of more footsteps moving away from the window.

Fuck, what am I going to do now? They’re going to be fucking hanging out in there in case Brad comes back, so I’m going to be fucking trapped. I hear the sound of something, probably a chair, being dragged across the floor, the feet digging into the cheap fake wood flooring. I think if I can get over the railing I can drop down to the ground below and get out of here before they can grab me. Once I’m away, I’ll probably be safe. It sounded like they’re only after Brad, so maybe they don’t realize I was there too. Getting over the railing without them noticing is going to be tough though, it doesn’t have any good footholds, so I’ll have to step over it all at once. That will be pretty obvious if they so much as glance out of the corner of their eye.

What I need is a distraction. Something to pull their attention away for just a minute. I check my pockets but nothing other than my keys, wallet, and phone. I can’t afford to leave any of those behind, and I don’t know who I could call to try to distract them without giving myself away. I try to calm myself down. I might be stuck here for a while.

I stand there, my back pressed against the wall for ages. It feels like hours standing there as my legs cramp and ache. Then I hear the sounds from inside change. What had been some muffled talking punctuated with the occasional crass laugh turned into much more primal sounds. Grunts and groans emanate from within the apartment. I shift slightly, to try to hear a little bit better. There isn’t much difference, so I risk a peek around the corner of the door. I duck back around the corner to process what I saw. The two men, one a big burly bear with pale skin and the other a thin but muscular jock with a heavy tan, we sitting on the couch, in the crusty remains of Brad’s orgasm, making out with each other. They’re shirtless, their arms wrapped around each other.

I know this is the perfect opportunity to escape, while they’re getting busy, but the thought of them going at it is turning me on. I keep myself against the wall, but I let my right hand run across my chest, tweaking my left nipple through my shirt. I let out a gasp, the pleasure from my nipple seems so intense. It must be the adrenaline or something, but the pleasure seems heightened. A loud moan comes from inside, and I dare to poke my head back around the corner. On the couch the muscular jock is sitting in the bear’s lap, grinding his ass against the bear. They’ve stripped off their clothes and the jock’s ass is thick and muscular and the flexing of his ass muscles as he grinds against the bear is almost hypnotic.

My mouth is watering at the sight of that ass. I spit into my right hand and slide it down along my chest and slip it into the waistband of my jeans. I can feel the rough, cum-crusted texture of my underwear as I slide my fingers under the waistband. My fingers move through my trimmed bush, but then I pause. My fingers are touching my balls, the small hairs faintly tickling my fingertips, but what I’m not feeling is my raging hardon. All I feel is my balls, aching for release. I move back placing my back against the wall and undo my pants, sliding them and my red briefs down my thighs to just below my balls. I can feel the cool breeze against my balls as I look down with trepidation.

There on my crotch, amongst the matted pubes and remains of my load from last night, are my balls, looking a little more swollen than normal. What isn’t there is what is more concerning. There is no sign of my dick at all, no scar, not even a little hole. It is like I never had one at all. I gasp and it takes all my willpower not to cry out in horror. I remember Brad’s cock and balls shrinking last night, the same thing must have happened to my dick. Just have to keep calm. I’m still so fucking horned up from seeing them going at it, but there’s nothing I can do without a dick between my legs.

I quickly pull my pants back up, my balls throbbing with need. This might be the best chance I’m going to get to get out of here. I peek around the corner, and my brain takes a second to process what is going on. The jock is still in the bear’s lap, but I don’t see his legs. Between the bear’s legs are a huge pair of tan balls. The wrinkled sac hangs down off the couch filled with two-basketball sized nuts pushing his legs out wide. The skin of the bear’s ball sac goes up and is attached to the Jock’s ass, the skin of his ass seems to be merged into one. The two men are making out, the Jock’s hands running through the heavy pelt of hair on the bear’s chest, while the bear’s hands are running up and down the Jock’s sides like he’s jacking a huge cock.

Both of the guys are moaning loudly, the jock’s mouth hanging slack with drool trailing down. The bear reaches up and takes some of the drool, smearing it onto the jock’s chin and down his neck. They look so engrossed in whatever the fuck is going on, I move over to the railing and climb over. Looking back at the apartment I hear the two men give out a huge moan, but the blinds obscure the sight of what is going on. I climb down until I can grab the ledge at the base of the balcony and let my legs hang down. I then drop the remaining few feet to the grass below. I give a quick glance around, hoping that there isn’t anyone around to notice. It looks like nobody noticed me dropping down at least.

I take off down the street, resisting the urge to run, but try to look like an average guy. The illusion is ruined a bit by the massive cum stains all over my clothes, but I try to pretend I don’t notice. I pull my phone out to check it, but it doesn’t turn on. Well there’s dried cum on it, so there’s a chance its dead, but hopefully the battery is just dead. Means that I won’t be able to grab a ride or anything. Might be for the best though, it means that they’ll have a tougher time tracking me if they ever realize it wasn’t just Brad that went there.

It takes me several hours to walk across the city and get home, but finally I make it back to my apartment. I unlock the door and walk through, half-expecting there to be someone waiting for me, but the apartment is quiet. On the floor is a piece of paper. I bend down and pick it up as I close the door behind me. On one side is a take away menu for some burger restaurant and on the other, is a hastily scrawled note.

The note says, “Hey, lay low for a few days. I know things are different, but stay home and stay calm. I’ll come by soon.”

I assume the note is from Brad and seems like a decent idea. I made it back here, and those thugs have no idea who I am. Slipped past those guys at the apartment. Give some time for Brad to give them the slip, then we can figure out where to go from there. In the meantime I am ready to get clean. I walk into my bedroom and strip down, tossing my crusty clothes into the hamper, and padding into the bathroom. My feet are sore from walking for so long, and I think a good soak in the tub will help. I start filling the tub with warm water and move over to the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door.

My gaze is drawn to my crotch. My balls look so strange without a cock laying atop them. I use my fingers to search through my pubes, trying to calmly find if anything is left of my cock. After a couple minutes of searching, it is clear there’s nothing. This is certainly going to make for some frustrations, without some way to jack off, I’m going to have to find some other way to release some pressure. The tub is full enough at this point for me to get in, sitting down in the warm water as it slowly fills. This is one time that I’m happy we had opted for this apartment with a large, deep tub. I can easily sit down and stretch out my legs without issue and keeping everything below the water line.

I lay back and close my eyes, just trying to let myself relax and let my mind drift away and try to forget about the changes. The warm water feels amazing on my body and I can feel myself drifting and the stress just melting off my frame. I feel myself drift off to sleep in the large tub. My dreams are intensely sexual, images of hot men sucking cock, fucking, and kissing in every position my dreaming mind can come up with. I feel an intense burning desire coursing through my body as the images flow through my mind. In my dream I can feel arms wrapped around me, running along my body. There is a tightness to them, encircling me and holding me.

I awake suddenly as water goes up my nose. I had slid down in the tub until my face was in the water. I get up sputtering a bit, clearing the water out of my face. I’m still intensely turned on. Looking down at my body I’m a little taken aback. My abs are more visible and defined, my pecs seem larger, and my biceps bigger. My body is flush with heat and I can feel an aching desire coming from my swollen nuts, a desperate need to cum. I’m not really sure how to pull that off, but my horniness is overriding. I need to cum, and I don’t care how.

I begin massaging my balls, enjoying the slight relief from the ache in them. With my other hand I play with my nipples, tweaking first my right nipple, then the left. I gasp at the pleasure, giving off a soft uncontrollable moan. I can feel a throb within my body, somewhere deep in my belly. The throb sends a warm pulse of pleasure radiating slowly throughout my body. My mouth is watering as I play with my chest and balls. I bring my right hand up from my balls and start rubbing my abs above where the warmth started. This was a good idea as a surge of pleasure radiates outwards from where my hand is rubbing.

I swallow down a mouthful of saliva as I continue to rub my hands up and down my chest and abs. I can feel my nuts churning away, the cum roiling within them, desperate to get out. My hands speed up, soon matching each other, running side by side up and down, gliding across my wet skin from just above my balls all the way up to the top of my chest. Up and down and then up again my hands are like a blur. I feel myself getting closer and closer, the pleasure building within me until suddenly a dam bursts.

My back arches and I involuntarily lift my hips out of the water. My eyes are closed in pleasure as I moan. My moan is abruptly cut off as a thick substance seems to launch from my mouth to splatter against the shower wall behind me. My eyes fly open in time to watch the second volley of cum fire from my mouth. I want to moan or scream or something, but I can only ride the waves of pleasure that engulf my entire being as pulse after pulse of cum shoots from my mouth. After the eighth rope a few more weak pulses trickle out of my mouth and run down my chin before stopping completely.

I sit there in a mix of shock and the afterglow of one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever experienced for a few minutes. I shift and let the water start to drain from the tub as I climb out, still a little unsteady from the intensity of the orgasm. The wall is covered with what looks like a gallon of cum, which seems to defy reality. There’s no way I could have shot that big of a load. Then again, I’ve never heard of anyone shooting cum from their mouth, so this is well outside of what I know. I turn on the shower and point the shower head at the cum, trying to wash as much of it as I can down the drain. Once I’m satisfied that I got as much as I could cleaned up, I turned the shower back off and pad over to the mirror.

My muscles seem back to normal, no longer as swollen and defined as before. My balls are still sitting there, nestled in my pubes, though they still look strange to me without a cock above them. So at least there doesn’t seem to be any other changes from that little adventure. I wash my face off and dry myself off with a towel. The rough fabric of the towel seems harsher than usual against my body and a few times I cringe a bit at how rough it feels. My whole body seems much more sensitive than usual. What the fuck is happening to me?

After I finish drying off, I feel a familiar need to piss. I’m not really sure how this is going to work, but I have a sneaking suspicion. I move back over to the tub and climb in, standing with my hands on the wall to steady myself. I mentally relax and let it flow. As I had suspected I feel a sudden shift in my mouth and my mouth opens involuntarily. A thick stream of piss starts flowing from my mouth splattering on the bottom of the tub and spraying my legs. I can’t stop myself now and just let it all flow out. I can’t really taste it as it flows, but as the stream comes to an end, my mouth comes back under my control and the acrid taste of a few stray drops of piss coat my tongue.

I quickly turn the shower back on and scrub my legs clean again. Once I’m satisfied that I’m clean I turn off the shower and dry off again. I’ll have to figure out a better way to do that tomorrow; right now, I’m just exhausted. I pad out into my bedroom and grab my phone. I plug it into the charger without even checking to see if it comes on and crawl into bed. I pull the covers over me and fall into a deep sleep.

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