Wing City Police Chapter 2: Brinch and MB Pulsic

By symbiotesrpb
published April 29, 2021
8508 words

Brinch Fian stalks the new members of the Wing City Police and discovers why they have been very successful in turning the city into a safe haven.

Part 1: Dreams do Come True

As the speed of crime resolutions in the city improved almost overnight, the residents felt magically at ease with the newfound confidence in the police force. The usual street gangs have vanished in a week, apparently some of them deciding to join the force in cleaning up the city.

People took notice of this new efficiency, and got genuinely curious. One guy whose already quite interested with law enforcement have grown more fond of the men in uniform.

Brinch stopped and watched everytime he happens to pass by their community police office or on pairs of policemen patrolling. He’s quite intrigued to look at them rushing to respond to crimes instantaneously, without even talking to each other. On top of that, the new breed of officers, the protector squad, seem to have been well selected. Imposing, beautifully built bodies and flawless, symmetrical faces. It’s as if models suddenly decided to change careers and become highly efficient peacekeepers. And everyone seemed to have become particularly good in communication skills, like deploying very friendly customer support people on the streets.

One day, Brinch was low key stalking a nearby police team, when they suddenly sprang to action. A man was running away from them, heading to where Brinch was. He was so startled, but he knew that if he wanted to help the men he admired, he’d have to do something. As the runner got near to him, he jumped and tackled him, both of them fell to the ground. The impact was strong. His ears ringing, his head bruised to the impact, but he held on to the runner as tightly as he can. In a few seconds, the officers caught up with him.

One of them handled the runner and pinned him down, cuffed him and touched his neck. He was lifted off the floor by the other officer. As he slowly got up, a few things happened simultaneously. The runner calmed down and stopped struggling, the arresting officer paused and hung his head low, eyes closed and breathing hard. The other officer who pulled and helped him get up slid his arms under Brinch’s pits, grabbed on to his chest and stomach, and started hugging him tight from the back, with his face resting on his neck. His hug tightened more, and he could feel the officer’s breath, and what he heard both confused and aroused him. His breath sounded like he was ejaculating. He can feel his lips pushed against his neck for a good minute, before he heard him say in a sultry, afterglow voice, “thank you for helping us, we appreciate someone taking an interest at what we do.”

Brinch asked back, “I’m happy to help, but what do you mean by taking interest?” He thought, how could these guys know that he was watching them? Was he in trouble? The other officer answered back, in the same sultry voice: “oh we’ve watched you for months now, Brinch Fian. We were not sure at first, but recently, we’ve noticed. And don’t worry, we love having guys like you who appreciate what we do.”

This just opened up so many questions. Unnervingly, the hugging officer let go, turned him around and straightened out his clothes and hair. He stared directly to his eyes, and he was about to melt. “I know you have a million questions, but we’ve got to take Ald here to the station. The poor guy desperately needs help with his life, so we need to sort him out. You’re injured, we’ve requested someone to sort you out and all your… needs”

The last word hung in the air, and it didn’t help that the officer looked at his lips, tapped his badge, winked and gave him the biggest, most beautiful smile.

The officers started to walk away to a corner, where two gorgeous sports bikes were waiting. Ald, the runner, was still calm. He got up and followed them obediently. He half expected him to sprint away, given the streets were clear and there were tons of hiding spots. He was wondering if the day could get any weirder. In fact, he realized that all arrests he’d seen so far had been exactly the same. As if the criminal just went and followed the officers nicely.

As the officers mounted their bikes, a patrol car drove up in front of him and lowered the window. As expected, a nice, buff, beautiful officer was sitting in the driver seat.

“Hey Brinch, that was some kickass action! I love how you took down that perp!”

How on earth did he know so fast? That was just a few minutes. He didn’t see the officers radio in, how could he have known?

“And I heard you got a nasty gash out of it. Hop in and let me have a look at it.”

He didn’t even notice that a small drop of blood was rolling from his forehead down to his nose. He opened the car and rode shotgun.

“I know we’ve met earlier, but let me properly introduce myself. M.B. Pulsic Police SRPB10, glad to meet you Brinch.”

“Oh Mr Pulsic I’ve heard so much about you, it’s an honor. However, I don’t understand, we’ve never met. How did you…”

“Ah yep, I get that quite a lot. I’ll explain later. Right now, let me see that gash. Hmm, seems minor, let’s see…”

Pulsic then put his palm on his wound, and Brinch felt a warm, tingling sensation that he can’t explain, pricking his skin. In a few seconds the pain he felt subsided.

“Yep, all minor, should be no issue. Let’s clean it up.”

He then proceeded to lick his thumb, and dabbed it on his wound, down to his nose to clean up the blood. He can smell his hands and his saliva. It was loaded with the scent of grease oil, sweat, and… is that cum? And something that smells like perfume, but not quite. He doesn’t know what it is, but with every sniff, he felt calm, reassured, and a bit aroused.

“There, all good. Say, with a quick thinking like that, I bet you’d make a great policeman.”

Brinch gushed, but responded “sadly, I haven’t been gifted the physical agility”

“You know what, it’s not all physical as many would think. It takes a big heart first and foremost, a passion to serve. And I can see that you have a handful of that within you”

“Yeah, you say that. It’s different when I’m out in the world.”

Pulsic exclaimed, “Well then, only one way to find out!” and handed him a patrol cap, with the word “Police” written at the back and the Police seal on the front.

Brinch was puzzled, “what’s this?”

“If you’ve nothing better to do today, why don’t you come with me? Let’s see that heart of yours in action.”

Brinch had to pinch himself, this was everything he’d ever dreamed of. Observing police officers up close, tagging along, and getting close to that sweet manly police uniform.

Yep, Brinch has a police-kink. A well-worn uniform fetish, if you will. He’d been so shy and conflicted about it at first, but he’s resigned to and accepted the fact that one of the best things he loved about the force was how manly and commanding their uniforms are.

He took the patrol cap, and put it snugly on his head. It felt magical, like his hair was all standing, excited to greet and grasp the patrol cap on his head. He felt the massive surge of excitement and energy as the officer smiled and started driving around.

They talked of random things about policing, how criminals are brought to justice, the recent changes, the weird way of criminals submitting to officers after an arrest (apparently it’s a calming mechanism lined in the cuffs and administered by massaging the suspect’s neck. This short circuits the spine, allowing a calming agent to travel freely to the brain, calms the suspect, and controls their body motions until they reach their jail cell in the police precinct).

An hour passed by filled with questions and answers, and even a bit of deep conversations about life which Brinch enjoyed so much. Pulsic suddenly sprung to action without notice, driving to a spot in a dark corner behind a shopping district. Brinch heard a radio call of a crime in progress and was himself excited to see the response in action. He also gained a lot of courage as they talked, not sure if it was the officer’s assuring voice or that his patrol hat was tingling all the time (an effect which he has grown to love). As they found the nearest access path, they both got down and ran. Inexplicably, he can hear Pulsic speak, as if they were regularly conversing, exactly where the suspect is.

“It’s my time to show you my tackling skills. Run up and chase him, I’ll go and meet him up.”

“Roger” replied Brinch. He ran as fast as he can, not wanting to be a drag for Pulsic, pushing his limit lest he miss out on all the action. Something in his head clicked, and like an instinct, he knew that Pulsic was in position for the surprise attack. He sped up, consciously guiding the runner to Pulsic’s direction. In a few seconds, a loud thud is heard, and the perp was in Pulsic’s grasp. He knelt down, reached out to Pulsic’s patrol belt and reached out for his handcuffs. He put one cuff on each of his wrist and got ready to rise up when something happened. Pulsic’s breathing went wild, his voice tensed and he moaned like he was ejaculating. Brinch also felt his patrol cap tighten with Pulsic’s moans. His own breath sped up, he felt his heart beat faster and his muscles started to tense as well. He figured, it was actually really hot seeing Pulsic in a state of blissful eruption that he started to echo his actions as well.

As they rested after a minute and their hearts slowed down, Pulsic looked up to him, slowly in a clear look of afterglow, and said “well done, partner. I knew you had it in you.”

Brinch saw his sultry face and was tempted to kiss him. Instead, he tried to break the tension and chuckled, “you know it was funny when you told me to run after him. I did my best and my feet were failing, I didn’t know where that energy came from. In fact…”

Pulsic just smiled and waited for Brinch to realize.

“In fact, did we just run a kilometer? Now that I thought about it, I… I don’t feel tired at all.”

Pulsic replied, “you’ve got hidden strength Brinch. I’m so happy we’ve unlocked it.”

“Yeah, it was amazing!”

Brinch stood up from his kneeling position, extended his hand to help Pulsic get up. Pulsic in turn wrapped his arm on Brinch’s shoulders. Pulsic’s uniform grazing on his skin shot his arousal back up. Brinch fought hard to suppress it, but it seems Pulsic knows exactly what he’s feeling. Pulsic wrapped his arms tighter, so his uniform pressed Brinch’s neck fully, then he pulled Brinch to his chest in a one-arm hug, his face fully planted on Pulsic’s intoxicating uniform. Brinch drank in all of Pulsic’s scent. As he rolled his face, he felt the same pricks as he felt on his cap, and could swear that the colors of Pulsic’s uniform were latching on to his skin, like sticky insects. Brinch realized he was trembling with desire and quickly stood back up, trying to break the tension and calm his erection, “oh man, what a chase!” Pulsic wasn’t going to let it slide and said “how did you find my au naturale scent? I hope it didn’t turn you off.”

Brinch chuckled nervously. Turn him off? This was probably the hardest boner he’d ever had. Pulsic burst out laughing, and Brinch realized how flushed and how awkward he must have been, and laughed along.

The perp (who Pulsic identified as Dmitri, a snatcher who just stole a diamond necklace) got up and walked with them, just like the previous arrests he’d seen. As they arrived at where they parked the patrol car, a pair of police officers were waiting to escort the suspect. Dmitri walked slowly to them and rode calmly on the bike like nothing happened.

Brinch and Pulsic rode back and resumed their patrol. Pulsic exclaimed “Oh yeah, before we go back out, let’s give you your own cuffs so you won’t have to borrow mine.” He opened one of his leg pouches and grabbed a long patrol belt full of magazines, flashlights, a cuff and a nutrition pouch. He pulled it out like a rabbit in a magic hat. Brinch just stared, unable to question one more weird thing after another.

As Pulsic handed him the belt, he looked at it in awe. He then tied it around his pants and locked it, ensuring it’s fit and snug so it won’t fall off. How he instinctively tied everything together like it was his routine was another surprise. Pulsic handed him a holster with a pistol and he tied it up nicely around his thigh, really fast. Like his hat, he felt tiny pricks around the belt and holster. He had a feeling the belt and the holster were moving and adjusting itself, as it randomly loosened and tightened, as if it were holding on to his body. Another curious thing is that the pricking feeling has started to invade his groin and his cock. He wasn’t sure if it was because of something in the belt and holster, or he really was just overwhelmed with the turn of events.

Lastly, Pulsic pulled out an assault rifle from his side (where that came from is a mystery) and handed it over to Brinch. “I trust that you know what to do”

The words Pulsic uttered seemed to electrify him, with his hair tingling again under his cap. He reached for the hilt, felt the heavy metal rifle, checked that safety was on, and replied “Yes partner, crystal” Every touch sent electric pulses to his hand, to his shoulders, which the cap and the belt echoed back. Precum was starting to blot his pants.

A few hours went by as they moved from point to point to patrol. They talked more, had deep conversations about policing, a bit about politics, then more about their personal lives. Brinch couldn’t help but flash stares on Pulsic’s majestic body. Pulsic stifled a laugh and said “oh don’t be shy partner, stare at me all you want. Feel it if you like.” Brinch froze, not sure how to act on such an overwhelming statement. Pulsic continued, gesturing to him, “Alright Come on, come closer. Let’s test your memory on all the equipment I’m carrying.” Pulsic tried to quiz Brinch, and each time, Brinch was quick to identify what each parts of his uniform was and their purpose. Brinch noticed something strange: he was inspecting Pulsic’s unform, but there was no zippers or seams. He was curious as to how Pulsic gets dressed everyday with this, and he was about to ask when a major alarm was raised and the radio signals got really busy. A bank robbery has just occurred a block away from them, and they sprang to action. What confused him now was that for the past few hours, he was looking around in the car, on his belt, on Pulsic’s body, and there was no radio in sight.

“Amazing isn’t it?” He heard Pulsic speak. Only, he didn’t open his mouth. Was he speaking to his mind? He thought to himself ‘how is this even possible?’

He jumped a little as he heard Pulsic reply, “one of the perks. Don’t you remember we used this neat trick earlier?”

Brinch thought, and apparently he did experience this. Pulsic instructed him to corner the perp Dmitri, but there was no way they were able to talk at that running speed, at that pace. It was clear as a regular conversation, or better – it’s as if it was an inner voice, like the time he talks to himself. This was the coolest thing he’s ever experienced the whole day. ‘Oh fuck me, that is just groundbreaking!’ Brinch thought, to which Pulsic briefly replied ‘with pleasure partner, can’t wait to be in that ass of yours, but right now we have crime to stop!’

Brinch could see his reflection as they got out the car and he was bright red.

As they arrived on the crime scene, the robbers were bursting from the bank with bags in tow. A stream of thoughts invaded Brinch’s head.

Surveillance feed: 4 of 5 suspects identified.
Projected plan of escape based on suspect records and exposure:
A. Dump and switch identity
B. Auto escape

6 control teams deployed.

Pulsic and Brinch simultaneously thought Suspect 1 target locked

Without as much as a conversation, both sprang to action, Brinch carrying his rifle. The decked-out gear should have been heavy, but he didn’t even notice it. His mind was set on the target.

He visualized the alleyways ahead. It was as if he knew the entire neighborhood like the back of his hand. He knew exactly where the suspect is, and where he’s likely headed, all by instinct. Above them, a drone is hovering, following them. As it drew closer, he seemed to recall more and more details of the complex alleyways.

Suspect 1 was good at evading, they both executed 2 tackle plans which failed. They thought to execute a trap, and when Pulsic was able to corner the perp, he headed on the left alley. Thankfully Brinch was heading his way.

Suspect 1 noticed this and tried running further. Brinch heard Pulsic say in his head, as if it was him whispering to himself to “take the shot”. Slightly hesitating but feeling the urgency and trusting Pulsic’s instincts, Brinch got his rifle up, but paused.

Then something occurred at that moment. Seemingly, the world froze. He could hear his mind run, hear chatter of deep-voiced men around him, then Pulsic started talking in his head.

“What’s the matter Brinch?”

“I can’t just kill a man with this assault rifle, we don’t know his story. The guy hasn’t even had a trial yet!”

“Oh don’t worry, Brinch, the guy won’t be hurt, he won’t even feel a thing.”

Brinch was horrified at the response and thought of other ways to solve the problem.

“How about we reposition and tackle him as he goes to 7th street? We should have enough time to divert and cut off his route, call in other officers, distract him then ambush him at the dumpster side. Let’s do that now or we’ll lose him!”

Pulsic chuckled and replied, “Brinch, partner, calm down! Take a look around you.”

Brinch stared again and observed. The suspect hasn’t moved. He hasn’t moved either.

“We have all the time to think. We call this the Think Zone. And your plan of diversion and attack is almost sound but remember his patterns before. He’s most likely to switch to 9th street, which branches to 10th, 12th and 13th street.”

“Then let’s call in all our officers and block those as we lead him to 9th which will make him think of taking 7th,” Brinch rebutted.

Out of nowhere, a voice that wasn’t Pulsic’s spoke. “We’re 653 meters away from your location Brinch. We have silent agents on foot but they’re at least 250 meters away. It will take 45 seconds for them to reach your spot, and 32 seconds for us. By your trajectory on both of your proposed scenarios, it will take 10seconds for the evasion to occur, and 15 seconds to escape to 9th street. By then you will have lost him. We won’t make it there in time.”

Another voice chimed in. “This gang is also well-versed with this side of town. Their record seem to indicate that they have exit routes still unknown to us. When they go beyond 9th, they’re sure to slip under your noses.”

One other voice spoke, “You have 54 possible paths to take for a successful tackle. Of those paths, only 2 have a 60-90% success rate.”

Brinch asked, “what’s path 1?”

The voice replied “you take the chase to the roof where we have 100% drone coverage. This is 60-72% possible, if he follows the 7th street. The nearest fire exit stairs are there.”

Brinch asked, “what about the 2nd path?”

“You fire that bullet.”

Pulsic spoke, “so you see Brinch, the best course of action is to fire a neutralizing bullet now and stop him on his tracks.”

Brinch replied “but killing isn’t the solution here! There has to be another way!”

The voices murmured in agreement, but to his surprise, it was in agreement to Pulsic. “There’s the heart I’ve admired Brinch. That is what we love about you. Let me clarify: the bullet will not kill the suspect. It’s an organic arresting bullet. What it does is latch on to the suspect, slow him down from his tracks by attempting to control his nervous system, bring him at a full stop, stabilize him as best as possible so we can arrest him peacefully and with the least injuries possible. We will never hurt anyone.”

Brinch still wasn’t convinced and wanted to make sure, “what’s the success and the fatality rates?”

The previous voice replied, “success is at 95%, 5% with the bullet failing to latch on to the target due to various armor issues. Fatality rate is at zero. Tested on 2,576 subjects so far.”

Brinch paused, realizing how brilliant this new technology was, said “alright. I’ll go into position. But first let me ask, how the hell are we stopping time? What superpower is this?”

Pulsic laughed, “No, no, we’re not actually stopping time Brinch. It’s the Think Zone. It’s all in our minds.”*

Before Brinch can even comprehend what that meant, time unfroze, and he quickly aimed his rifle. Cheek to stock, hunched to position, locked his sight on the suspect. He breathed, relaxed and squeezed the trigger.

It was bullseye, straight to the spine. Brinch was horrified at seeing himself capable of shooting a person with deadly accuracy. The perp stumbled a bit, continued running, but after a few seconds he slowed down to a stop. He stood straight and calm, turned to face them, breathing and perfectly fine. It was as if it were all just a drill and he was a mock suspect. This confirmed the suspect was safe and has been neutralized.

Letting out a sigh of relief, they both approached the suspect. Brinch thought as they walked closer, “what was that? In the mind?”

Pulsic replied “wasn’t that awesome? It was our thoughts working together to solve a problem. That’s how fast we can think. Ah. Here we go…” Pulsic motioned as he tapped the suspect, “He’s your catch, partner. Use your cuff.” Pulsic let the last line hang, smiling widely, as if implying a surprise would happen.

Brinch expertly grabbed his cuffs from his waist and put it on the suspect’s wrists. He heard his thoughts roll:

suspect 2 caught. 3. 5. 4. Hostages healed and cleared. Situation stabilized.

As Brinch locked the cuffs, Pulsic positioned himself in front his partner. Brinch eyed the handcuffs, making sure they were secure. He then looked up to Pulsic, and as the rush start to hit him, his eyes opened wide, then twitched, and his mouth hung open. For the first time, Brinch felt exactly what it feels like when Pulsic caught his suspects. A rush of electricity flowed from the cuffs, and when he touched the suspect’s neck, electric pulses flowed down to his hand. He felt the rush of his heart beat, his breath picking up speed, and now felt his belt and holster squeeze hard, electric pulses invaded his groin, powering up all his pleasure nerves, even stimulating his prostate. He instantly erupted, all the pleasure released to him as a reward for a job well done. He moaned and grunted loudly as he looked with full on lust to Pulsic. Pulsic, in turn, pulled Brinch to a hug, squeezing his face on to his chest. Pulsic and Brinch then kissed passionately, as both grunted and moaned together.

As they continued making out, Brinch could feel electrical pulses coming in from the suspect’s neck to his hand, then to his patrol hat. A void in his mind suddenly was filled with tidbits of information:

Name: Hadwin “Rywin” Riley
Birthdate. Address. Contact Information.
Currently Unemployed.
High school graduate.
Connected with: Costa “streetboi” gang.
History of connection. Background. Subject life timeline.

Hadwin had a troubled family. He learned crime from his father. He grew up and became an expert in petty crimes and was now venturing into bank heists. He longs for a more stable, calm life. Sexual orientation: Gay with no current relationships, gang riddled with homophobic members.

Possible help points identified, help and recovery paths now accessible in hivemind.

Brinch was exhilarated, as he realized there was a path to help and turn criminals around. He finally understood how the new Police system worked and why the released criminals never return in their old ways.

As the afterglow subsided, they looked at each other intently, “Pulsic, I’d like to do this forever. I want to make this my life.”

Pulsic’s happiness shone through his face. “Let’s go to the precinct Brinch, and after we turn this guy over, let’s make it official. Let’s make you official.”

Brinch felt his libido reset at the thought. He was eagerly anticipating what would happen next.

Part 2: There’s no more Brinch Fian

At the station, what he thought was a good hour of signing paperwork to turn the suspect over was surprisingly short. They brought Hadwin in and sent him to the jail cell without fuzz. Brinch looked him as the calm started to subside. Hadwin’s face turned to anger, staring back, but Brinch just looked at him longingly, saying “Rywin, listen. I understand you now. I may have the best way to get you out of streetboi. Normal life, peace and quiet, spent with the man you want, just like you’ve dreamed. That boy Nathan, from your block, he seems really interested in you too. Get away from trouble, away from judgement. Stay there, I’ll get you out of this, trust me.” With these words, Hadwin’s face turned to shock, then to a frown, then to a pensive, faraway stare.

Pulsic patted Brinch at the back, and they walked by to shake hands with the other officers (who were weirdly also named Pulsic. Were they all relatives?). They all looked at Brinch, and thought together, “There’s our man of the hour! Well done Brinch, that was quick thinking earlier!”

He recognized the voice immediately. They were the officers who spoke to him and helped him solve the problem during the Think Zone.

After a few seconds of jokes and other officers congratulating him, Pulsic took Brinch to a dark room and thought, “This is it partner. No turning back. Dig deep, and make sure this is what your heart wants.”

Brinch replied, “you made me realize, this is indeed what I have been wanting all my life. You’ve been there to pick me up and guide me. Thank you partner”

Pulsic replied, “And I always will be. You shall be one with us when you exit that room. You shall understand more. Now go, your uniform is waiting for you”

And with that, Brinch pulled Pulsic for a kiss. As they parted, Pulsic winked at him and grinned wide, with the nastiest smile that made him more attractive. He could even swear seeing more teeth than normal, all sharp like fangs. Brinch was now tentpoling, imagining his partner like that, and imagining himself getting closer to the uniform he desired. He was completely aroused, excited, and shivering.

Still clad with his patrol belt, assault rifle and patrol cap, he entered the room.

As the door closed and locked itself behind him, a table can be seen at the middle, and at the dead center, a pair of clothes were neatly folded with the unmistakable camouflage pattern of black, green, gray, and different hues of each, seemingly moving and mixing with each other.

A note on the table was written: Take off everything except your patrol cap.

Brinch slowly placed his patrol belt, pistol, rifle on the table, and undressed his black shirt, jeans, and shoes. He was so excited, he didn’t care If he stood in the middle of the room with his cock fully erect.

He first grabbed the trousers. Maybe it’s the darkness of the room, but it seemed like the leg holes were smaller, as if it would be too small or too skinny for him. He tried though, and it was a feeling that far surpassed what he was expecting. The camo pattern, he wasn’t mistaken, was actually moving as it accommodated his legs. He felt the patterns hold his skin, learn his body and adjust itself. As he pulled it up to cover his crotch, he expected himself to explode thinking of the colored tendrils caressing his throbbing cock. This didn’t happen however, as his cock just felt like it slowly rested on soft silk briefs. He however felt the silk slowly move and wrap around his cock.

He grabbed the next item, what looks like a dry fit tshirt with the big mark POLICE on the front and back. It was a good size, just enough to wear on his body but not too tight on his skin. As he wore the shirt and let the heam flow down his waist, it moved and tucked itself to his pants, and he felt the silky cover on his cock adjust on its own to accommodate the shirt.

Now to the last piece. He raised the jacket and looked at it with utmost reverence. He brought it close to his face to smell it, and where he expected the scent of newly sewn textile, he smelled the now familiar combination of motor oil and sweat. No trace of cum though, but the binding scent was there. He took in a huge breath and the scent multiplied the arousal he felt.

He took a good look at it, and stitched on the pockets were his name was supposed to be, was B.F. Pulsic Police, SRPB 10. Was there a mistake? This is somebody else’s jacket, for sure, not his. His high dipped a little thinking he would need to return the jacket, but the urge to continue overcame him. In fact, he’d always thought it was the next best fetish he had: wearing clothes that belonged to someone else, and inheriting their body scent.

He cherished how the jacket felt on his skin. When he wore it, he felt the same feeling as he did with his pants, like the patterns were moving and touching his skin like alien tendrils – latching on – to his pores. He finished up by closing the zipper, which slid smoothly like Ziploc instead of actual hard metal zippers. He looked at himself in the mirror in the room, wanting to see what he called a “reverse striptease” as he closed his jacket. Slowly the jacket covered the shirt, which seemed to move, latch on to his skin, and stick to the jacket pulling it closer, tighter to his skin. As soon as the zipper hit his neck, a couple of things happened at once.

Simultaneously, the camo patterns moved wildly around his body, meeting together in the seams of the zipper and the edges where his jacket meet his pants. They blended together, encasing him in what looked like a wonderfully fitting flight suit slash wetsuit. The collar tendrils stood up and wrapped his neck with a tight standing collar, his jacket cuffs stuck to his skin and tightened.

His heart raced, and suddenly all of his muscles ached so bad like he just worked out with an all-muscle bodybuilder routine, on circuit training, with a body that hasn’t worked out once in his life. The pain even hit him harder than any muscle soreness he’s experienced. His muscles trembled from neck to toe. His clothes started to compress and tighten around his body very fast.

He grabbed around his body, patting places where zippers or buttons should be. None in the waist, neck, wrists, legs, back, shoulders or torso. There was no way to remove it at all. He panicked slightly at what’s happening, at the feeling of being trapped, and tried to find the seams on his jacket. When he confirmed that there also were none, he tried to tear it apart. The jacket started to unravel, each color tendril holding on to the other, until it is ripped away, slowly revealing his now skintight Police undershirt, and what was unmistakably, unbelievably huge chest and a jaw dropping 8 pack. He was so startled by this that he let go and just stared at himself as the tendrils slowly wrapped themselves back into place. As he stared at himself more, he realized that his legs were also now huge and muscular. He wondered why the table looked further away than a few seconds before, and now he knew from his reflection that he’s actually much taller now, at least 6’3”, up from his measly 5’5”. He realized that the uniform wasn’t actually constricting him, it was his body that grew and forced his uniform to adjust for him. He feels much better now, the uniform sitting comfortably on his skin, showing off his now unbelievably perfect body.

Black tendrils started to move down to his legs and he felt himself lifted a bit, as rugged black boots started wrapping his feet. As the boots finished forming, he again felt the tendrils of his pants mix with the tendrils on his boots, and where the shoelace should be, a row of black tendrils held on to his legs and his pants. He tried removing it, and they were each closely bonded to his skin that it felt more like trying to pull his foot away. There was zero wiggle room that it felt more like a second skin.

Black tendrils also moved to his hands, and slowly a pair of nice black gloves have formed, covering his hand with moving black tendrils. He imagined exposing his thumb and index finger as he finds it more practical, and in a few seconds the tendrils followed his thought.

This is more than he had imagined a uniform would be, he felt immense power coursing through his body. The uniform seem to agree as the tendrils danced around, each color tendril is slithering with the other colors.

Finally, all the tendrils started to move up to his face, and the lower tendrils moved to his crotch. His heart raced again, he was starting to panic again not knowing what to expect. He breathed heavily, looking horrified at his reflection as the tendrils make their way.

First, the tendrils on his neck started to crawl up to his mouth. It was a very weird feeling, like dozens random tweezers were pinching and pulling his tongue as far as it can. The rest of it were tugging lightly on his teeth, invading his gums and his nerves. Saliva was dripping everywhere, uncontrollably. It crawled down his throat, and in a rush, he started to both gulp on the tendrils and gag on them. The next wave invaded his nose. It felt like water was coming in to his sinuses, so it kind of felt like drowning. The feeling didn’t last long, and he was able to breathe again. Next the tendrils invaded his ears, and he felt a pop, then complete silence. Lastly, the tendrils covered his eyes, and everything turned dark. The last thing he felt was the tendrils connecting to his patrol cap and tightening it hard on his head, the tingling pulses magnifying, pricking all parts of his head as he felt his hair compressed to the limit, then suddenly it was gone, melted perhaps.

In the quiet darkness, a single face appeared. Floating in the midst, was the vision of a perfect human police symbiote. He was more handsome and more commanding than his partner. He felt awed in his presence.

As his image slowly fades in, a deluge of information started to fill Brinch’s mind. It was as if a dozen magnetic connections suddenly clicked, forming a map, and the following names flooded his mind.

SRPB Symbiote - The first symbiote, master of the hive mind
Omni SRPB – The first host bonded with the SRPB Symbiote, currently police Chief of Wing City.
Pulspar Police SRPB – Senior Police – symbiote children of Omni, members of the first protector squad
Pulsic Police SRPB – Field Police – children of the Pulspar

He tried wrapping his head around the new information.

All officers working in the field and in offices share a single consciousness, a grouped symbiote entity named Pulsic. Pulsics act as one when solving crimes, their thoughts flowing freely across everyone bonded to the Pulsic symbiotes. They may be identified by their past names added as their new initials, but as far as anyone’s concerned, his name was now Pulsic Police.

The jacket wasn’t wrong. It was his name after all, B.F. Pulsic Police, SRPB 10.

Pulspars are the designated seniors, their symbiotes conceived by the Omni SRPB symbiote. He is now bonding with Pulspar 10’s symbiote offspring, and he will be inheriting his genetic information.

The hive mind, as he realized now, is shared across every member of the Police family. He contributes his thoughts as much as the hive’s thoughts is now his. Every decision made by the hive uses every single mind in the hive. When a Pulsic captures a criminal, identifies their weaknesses and possible ways to help them have better lives, the hive makes the decisions together. This makes their decisions and commands insanely fast, consistently fair, well thought of and well-polished by the hundreds of minds connected to the hive.

Brinch’s mind ran crazy at the thought of the possibilities he can achieve while connected to the hive mind. Now he knows why his partner, Miedd Bock (or MB Pulsic) knew what he did before they even met. He was thinking with the hive.

Pulspar 10’s voice boomed, cutting his thoughts short. ‘Brinch Fian, I have heard your call to join my family of policemen, serving a new city. I have been watching you and I know you will be a great addition to our force, to our strength, to our power. I have given birth to your symbiote uniform. Once your bond is complete, you will serve our city as a member of the Police family forever. Is this what you desire?’

Brinch, with all the force of his voice, exclaimed, “Yes! I accept, my Pulspar.”

Brinch slowly felt himself separating with his old persona. He felt the symbiote absorb his whole life, his experiences, his principles, his whole essence, and fed it to the hive. In turn, the symbiote hive released a new one to him. New perspectives, new dreams, new persona, new name. There was no more me, or him, there was only we. We, the hive mind. He felt his throat stretched and pricked, possibly the symbiote augmenting his vocal chords. He spoke, and this produced a deep commanding voice, “Brinch Fian is no more.” He breathed in, and as the pricking subsided in his throat, he felt an additional layer in his larynx. He spoke, producing two voices; his own deep voice and a liquid, raspy alien one: “Thank you my Pulspar. Your son, Pulsic, is here to serve.”

“Welcome, my child. We grant you our power over the city. We command you to protect and improve the city at all costs.” He then raised a hand, and on his palm rests a pin, a symbol of the new Police Force, a symbiote version of the original Wing City Police seal, with the wings now forming sinister symbiote eyes. He then punched it hard on to BF Pulsic’s chest, and he felt his Pulspar’s symbiote reach out to his every being and give him euphoria unlike any other.

BF Pulsic, in a split second, received all new knowledge every member of the Police family has received. All life experiences, trainings, specialties. He recalled all his years in the jungle, at sea, in the skies. He remembered all the hundreds of lives he’s lived, as different soldiers and policemen, including his past life as a human named Brinch, and the past life of his now partner, the human previously known as Miedd. He felt the two lives intertwine, felt the love for his partner grow more, and in a flash, recalled his whole life as his partner have lived it, including how he fell in love with a civilian named Brinch, and his full effort to recruit him to the police family.

He also felt his cock now wrapped in constantly moving tendrils, as if he’s penetrating a perfect asshole that was ramming his crotch absolutely hard. On top of that, his own asshole was penetrated by the moving tendrils, and guided by the memory of his patrol cap, it has found his prostate gspot and was massaging it, driving him absolutely insane.

As he was driven to the heights of pleasure, the tendrils slowly retreated his face, and what he saw in the mirror drove him to a much higher state. It was his face, yes, with more intense eyes, sharper jaw, and perfect teeth. He could see a hint of Pulspar 10 on the way he blinks and moves his eyes. He could see the perfect complexion he saw with MB Pulsic, and when he talked, his voice was deep and authoritative, relaxing and strong, but not intimidating. A voice that can quiet even the most agitated man.

He noticed his patrol cap was gone, in place was the most perfect hair he’d ever had. Clean and trendy crew cut. However he found that when he combed through his hair, they weren’t hair at all: they were tendrils. He found that they start growing and stitching together on demand. A black tendril snaked around his forehead pulling all the stitched hair fibers as it formed an intense and intimidating beret cap that further accented his intense stare.

Lastly, he reached for his patrol belt, but as he touched it, it scrambled into a thousand tendrils and wrapped his torso to form a tactical vest, able to fit multiple magazines for his rifle, a front holster for his pistol, and a hydration bag full of nutrition formula. He then reached out to his rifle, and as he touched it, the sling melted into tendrils that flew and attached to his uniform. This lifted the assault rifle to his body. He raised his arms forward to welcome it as it leaned on his vest.

He positioned himself in full view in front of the mirror, and he stood in attention to his reflection. The symbiote pumped harder and BF Pulsic thrusted his crotch forward while holding his rifle in place. He looked at himself, appreciating every detail of his new self, relishing the intense feeling of a fetish coming true: finally wearing a full Police Officer uniform, and in a few minutes, finally be able to walk the city in full patrol gear as an official member of the Police family.

He constantly felt like reaching the edge and erupting, but for some reason, something seems to block his new body’s every attempt. He deduced that the missing cum scent from his uniform might be his symbiote waiting for him to fill it with his juice. The symbiote was controlling him so that more and more cum will be stored in his balls until it decides the dam is ready for release. This resulted in his body constantly attempting orgasms but not ejaculating, which kept increasing his arousal, driving him crazy by the minute. He imagined all the possible ways he could raise his pleasure more, so he asked his symbiote to assist. It dug into both Brinch and Miedd’s pleasure triggers. The effect was instant, and his mind was playing back Brinch and Miedd’s experience as they were courting each other, how hot Miedd looked like and how intoxicating his smell was, how hot he sounded when he erupted. He also recalled, as Miedd did, how cute Brinch was when he entered his patrol car, how excited and aroused he was as his symbiote uniform started working on Brinch. First as the patrol cap working on his brain, the belt and holster working on his crotch, and the rifle working on his heart and body. He recalled how tempted he was to make love to Brinch after he stared at him as he erupted but settled for a one arm hug instead; how he teased Brinch with his uniform fetish on every possible opportunity, and how intense Brinch’s eruption was on his first crime catch.

Finally, he looked at himself on his uniform, and reminded himself how it was only in his wildest fetishes to not only see himself stand in full patrol gear, but also be a policeman and live it, all his life. As he felt himself almost full and wanting to explode, he asked his uniform to take full control, reach to his deepest desires and show him the final look that will fully pump his cum and release all of it to the symbiote. The symbiote, eager to please him to the fullest, seized control of his body and moved him to a slight angle from the mirror, moved the rifle to his back, balled his fist, stood with feet apart and flexed his Lower and upper body muscles. This showed him how big his legs and arms were now, and how commanding he looked. His head then slowly tilted towards the mirror which flexed his neck and shoulder muscles, his eyes following every movement, his face stern, eyelids slightly squinted, to form a more intense, intimidating stare, as if he was on a new mission.

This finally threw him to the edge. His breathing increased, but the symbiote locked down his face and body and isn’t allowing him to move an inch or look away at all. He erupted a hundred times for a good 5 minutes straight, looking at himself releasing the most intense pleasure he’s ever felt, all while standing, posing, high inside this perfect police officer. In a completely quiet room, his moans, grunts, labored breathing and slight motions in his mouth and eyes were the only signs that this police officer was on the highest peak of ecstasy.

As he cummed, several things happened in his mind.

  • He saw a vision of Wing City from above, like a 3d map. He felt himself flying over the city, zooming slowly, everywhere he goes is clear as day
  • He saw seemingly different points of view in a random flashing sequence. One minute, he was dressed in patrol gear walking along Main Avenue, next he was riding a patrol bike carrying a suspect, then he was hanging out in a game with other Pulsics, wearing their athletic uniform (which is really just skimpy shorts and running shoes), next he was in a canteen getting his nourishment fluids, next he was fucking another Pulsic (he stayed and felt every cum in that vision too). As he gradually realized, they weren’t dreams or imaginations. He just experienced what random Pulsics are seeing right now. He just connected to the hive mind and jacked straight into the minds of different policemen.

As he stood recovering from the intense orgasm, still panting from the sheer pleasure and reeling from the visions he saw, he tested out his newfound hive mind powers. He tried thinking of some names, then thought of the men who helped him during the Think Zone. He thought, “RZ Pulsic Police SRPB 8.” It was a flash, and as he blinked, he was sitting in Police Station 8. He raised his hands, he would have thought he was still in his body as he was wearing the same awesome uniform. He stood up and walked to the nearest mirror. Looking back at him was the face of RZ Pulsic. He smiled, and the reflection smiled back.

He closed his eyes, and as he opened them, he was back in the dark room. That was exhilerating.

He tried thinking again of a different name, one not linked to the hive. “Costa Mayor.” One instant recall after, he had the full profile of the mayor. Connected with Costa Cartel through former chief of police. Covert gambler. Suspicious disparity of money in bank vs declared in assets. Suspicious funds just popping up everywhere. His network of associates and their risk profiles. Best way to replace. Candidates to replacement: civilian, or symbiote.

Looks like Wing City Police needs to do tons of work on Costa City.

As he was listening to his thoughts, he felt the presence of an officer behind him. “Welcome to the force, partner. Now, will you finally let me into that sweet ass of yours?

It was the unmistakable voice of MB Pulsic and his now tentpoling cock.

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