Friends in dark places

By Nocturismo -
published April 20, 2021
7129 words

Liam got a reconcilliation gift from his roommate, but it turned out to be much more than just a gift

“It has certain perks when it comes to living in the same room as the university varsity member. Kegger parties, hot cheerleaders breaking into the room and of course, free ticket to their basketball games and the locker room access. Although, I wouldn’t call the second one a perk, since, you know, I’m not that straight of a guy. But let’s keep it between you and me. No one knows that part yet and I definitely don’t want everyone to freak out on me, especially my cute roommate, Brent Cho. I still want to enjoy that sneak peek of him changing once in a while.

But all jokes aside, that Brenton Cho, he has to be one of the hottest and coolest guy you’ll ever meet on campus. He’s probably one of the most confident Asian kid I’ve ever met. His strut, his posture and the way he talks, he basically oozes pride, in a good way, I mean. As a nerd myself, I’m not that much of an extrovert, but Brent, oh boy, that fun jock of a devil once dragged my introverted ass across the campus to crash one of the kegger party and I have to say, all those shirtless jocks really made my heart go all fluttering.

Needless to say, I enjoyed that night wholeheartedly and the jocks, surprisingly, were very friendly to a scrawny guy like me, who I presumed would give me wedgie and hang me on top of the flag pole in the uni quad. But no, the kids respected Brent and the same goes vice versa. And somehow that respect went for me too, so I got the privilege that probably no nerds ever had before.

As an alpha male, he is indeed very kind to me, well, for the first few months, that is. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still that kind guy to me, but it’s like in addition to the kindness, It’s like all of a sudden, from some point on, a part of him became this…I dunno how to describe him properly… jerk?

With that said, I kinda like that jerk part of a Brent. His jokes are suddenly filled with…how do I call it, homoeroticism, which I kinda like. And he started to enjoy getting a bit handsy with me, like smacking my ass when I turn my back on him or getting his big bulgy crotch out for display. Often, as I stared at it, Brent would go on and put on a show with it: sliding his hand from his chest down to his bulging crotch, or just simply give his bulge a nice, sensual grope, all while smiling in a most inexplicable way, which I could tell, is filled with pure lust (Sometimes I could swear I saw him licked his lips, slowly, slowly from one end to another, leaving his lips glossy with his saliva), and a small hint of…teasing.

And then all of this would end with me realising that I still have to pretend to be straight, a cough to regain posture and a shout of “Are you mad? Put on some pants” Oh and he started getting into latex? I mean, I think I saw him in a golden one with strange emblem, but then again, I’m wasted from all those beers and all I saw was a vague silhouette that might not even be him. So… I dunno, but I do like what I see. And honestly, I hope he’s getting that golden suit, it suits him. Anyway, this sort of nonsense went on for a few month…which I quite enjoyed. He was still that kind warm Brent, although with a tad bit more of gay sexual vibe, but hey, that’s enjoyable…”

“DUDE, you still writing that diary thing?” Liam could hear the crisp voice of Brent chiming right behind him. Flustering, he almost smashed down the screen of his gaming laptop before swivelling his chair and turned to the hunk of a guy behind him.

“For how many times, it’s a journal, not a diary…” Liam could feel his face burning. He knows, deep down, that this indeed is a diary.

“Yeah, yeah, you say that to him again, and I’ll believe you!” Brent smirked as he bucked his hips forward, showing a huge bulge clad in a tight, golden boxer, hugging tightly to his thigh and accentuating his bulge in the most exposing way.

“Go on! Tell my lil’ buddy it’s not a diary and if he believes you and then I’ll bugger off” Brent grinned, rocking his hips back and forth, almost sticking it right to Liam’s gaping mouth.

As in in a reverie, Liam stared at the golden bulge, the mesmerizing golden bulge that Liam so wanted to suck in his mouth. He watched it leaving from his face, and then returning, as his mouth opened wide, trying to utter a coherent word.

“I…uh…It’s…errrm, It’s…”

Brent’s grin grew even larger as he saw this witty roommate suddenly went loss for words, entranced by his beautiful golden bulge.

“You what? You wanna suck it?”

“Yeah…I do…actually…” As soon has he heard his word coming out of his mouth, Liam snapped out of his trance, as if a bolt of current shot right up his spine, he shook his head with disbelief, while his face started to blush, as red as a freshly boiled crab.

“NO, gosh darn it, Brent, that’s it, jesus!”

Surprised of the reaction, Brent was a bit taken aback. He really overstepped the boundary this time. And breaking the friendship with Liam is the last thing he would want. Proud, handsome and perverted as he is, he still knows what common courtesy means.

“Woah, woah, woah, sorry, dude, I just thought…I mean I didn’t mean to irritate you or stuff…I just…”

“Just what? Tease me all the time?” Liam blasted. He knows that Brent is right, but right now, his straight-as-an-arrow rep is more important than conceding to his desire.

Brent went silent, this isn’t what he wanted, and this definitely isn’t what that part of him told him would happen. All he knows is that if he still wants to retain this friendship and pass his Stats final, so he had to do something.

And it struck him.

It would certainly be the icing on his proverbial cake of a plan.

“Dude, you know the game tonight against MoU Vulture, right? I’ll get you a courtside seat…Is that enough for the mistake I’ve made today?”

Liam knew even for the players, the courtside seat is hard to get, and not to mention the game against MoU Vulture, KlynTech’s mortal enemy. Even for a nerd, it’s a rare chance to see their mortal enemy get their face squashed against the ground. And for a gay nerd, it’s an even rarer chance of ogling the cute jocks without raising any suspicion. But as alluring as it sounds, Liam decided it’s his chance to up the ante.

“Pffffft, just that? Dude, you could get that ticket with a wink and a smile, you are the STAR of the team, pleaaaase, you think I’d fall for that? No deal”

“Large bucket of popcorn and Extra-large KlynTech-dog with relish and a large soda, hmm Cherry pop, right, that’s your favourite.”

As much as Liam is yearning to rip off Brent even more, but the truth is, him trying this hard to try to make up for his, to be honest, little mistake, has already softened his heart. He’s always been a good friend, so what’s the big deal about that little friendly teasing.

Still pouting, and trying to remain angry, Liam unknowingly cracked a smile and agreed, while trying his very best to maintain a reluctant tone.

Of course, he failed, miserably.

In just 45 minutes, Liam found himself settling cosily at the courtside cushioned seat, hugging a bucket of popcorn larger than his head and holding a hotdog so long that could almost slap the guy next to his neighbour on his face if he decided to turn his face. He took a sip from the squiggly straw that went all the way to the cup that could put the Thermos Joe’s large thermos to shame.

Well played indeed, Liam thought to himself.

The stadium was filled with roaring fans, clad in different attires but assorted in two main colours, in which black was the majority, the unofficial colour of the KlynTech Panthers.

Liam scouted around, enjoying the sight of jocks from all over the campus gathering in one place, eager as him to see their mortal enemy getting absolutely owned. Liam took another sip from the cup, smiling as the eye candies getting seated across the court.

And that, is the sole reason why Liam loves basketball games. But for now, the audience seat eye candies are just the appetizer, getting his eyes prepared for the varsity hotties.

“Excuse me?”
A cheerful voice came from Liam’s side, grabbing his attention. He turned around, still holding mouthful of soda, and lifted his head.

The owner of the voice is a rather young man, perhaps a freshman, clad in the black varsity jacket, blond, smiling, while grasping Liam’s attention.

“Y…yes?” With a gulp, Liam swallowed the mouth full of cherry pop before he managed to utter a word to the freshman.

The blond hold up his ticket to the staring nerd, still smiling warmly:

“I believe the seat next to you belongs to me?”

“Oh yeah, yeah, 7A?”


Liam sprang up, fumbling and trying his best not to tip over the bucket full of popcorn, trying his best to make way for his cute game neighbor.

“Thanks!” The freshman winked and clicked his tongue before settling him with himself into seat 7A.

Still a bit flustered, Liam tried to settle in without showing himself blushing, even though he could feel his heart still pumping like mad. He sneaked a peek at his neighbor, who seems to be staring blankly at the court, doing some thinking of his own. Liam took in every single detail of that beautiful face, the gorgeous spiky hair, the blue, clear eyes, the clean shaven chin…Everything…


The speaker with the upbeat rock music dragged Liam back to the reality and lit the atmosphere in the stadium up.

The blond took a glimpse at his neighbor, who is staring eagerly in the direction of the KlynTech locker room. He smiled.

As D-Rone’s new hit “Destined to Comply” Hit the climax, the audience roared at the top of their lungs. Each one in the Fitzpatrick Memorial Stadium chanted in perfect synchronisation, even though the audience never rehearsed at all and they are all eager to see their heroes beating their “rivals” as their annual tradition dictates.

As if to reciprocate the passion from the loving fans, the colourfully dressed KlynTech basketballers came jogging out from the locker room.

For most teams, the jersey would have a very much unified colour, as tradition dictated, but KlynTech seems so care little for the rule as the five star of the campus each adorned themselves with a different coloured but matching jersey and short. Adorned in golden sports wear, the team leader gave the cheery crowd a smile as he waved to them.

Then came the team heartthrob Evan Simmons, clad in all purple, he ran his hand in his spikey French top before beaming a warm smile to the crowd. But, since the arena was filled with dude, the high-pitched squeak didn’t come as he expected, which was quite a disappointment for the team eye candy.

Then came his partner in crime Christian Pearson who was in neon-green outfit. He came hopping about before locking his buddy’s head with his elbow, ruffling his gelled up haircut, As the pair went busy roughhousing, the other two came on court.

The Onyx sportswear clad Alexander Cranston came on court, with serenity oozing out of him. Every single movement displayed elegance while every look serene. Even those that always has problem with preppies had no issue with Alexander. He just didn’t have the Holier-than-thou attitude that most preppies has.

The last to come on court is the timid Devon Edwards. Unlike his lava-red jersey and short, he’s more or less timid compared to his teammates. Even though he’s been on the team for years and being the star of the varsity, he still was a bit shy when it comes to the big show.

The team stood in the order of Devon, Brent, Chris, Evan and Alexander, which not even the audience noticed that their favourite team almost became the a living pride flag, standing proudly in the middle of the court.

Then the MoU team came from the other end of the court, clad in their white uniform, comparatively making them look a lot lamer than the audience favourite.

Liam didn’t quite care for the game or stuff, all he needed is to see the cute players in action, to see them running on the court, glistening in sweat or letting out a roar after a three-pointer landed. So everything between the first whistle to the last was a bit of a blur as he only knew that the MoU team, just like last year was toyed on the court, chasing the ball constantly but never got to get a hold of it.

It’s a big win for KlynTech and a big win for the team leader Brent Cho.

Liam decided that he want to take a visit to the locker room, to congratulate him in person.

And hopefully getting a glimpse at the hot bods of the stars.

Liam could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He probably should’ve given Brent a call first but sneaking there to visit him and give him a surprise would probably be even better.

But lo and behold, it was Liam that’s in for a surprise. The moment he turned around that corner, the scene in front of him became a mixture of pure eroticism and sheer horror.

From the ceiling to the floor, from the columns to the wall, in every nook and cranny, the locker room of KlynTech varsity is covered with viscous, dripping and somehow seemingly living black goop. They slithered or crawling anti-gravitationally upwards, as if the walls of the room itself are alive.

Around the locker door that tightly sealed each locker, the black goop seeped out, enveloping the entire case with the dark gooey substance. Liam couldn’t help but to gasp but the air in the locker room was humid and thick, as if the steam from each shower was never liquified. Even the sound of showering and chatting from the shower room seems to confirm Liam’s thought. The air itself also reeked of a mixture of faint lilac, vapour and the strong musk of …cum.

Through the vaguely steamy air, Liam could see five roughly human-shaped…cocoon, dangling from the ceiling, frozen in the posture of standing up straight. He could see the contour of their heads, arms, torso and legs. But the one thing that got hold of Liam’s attention most, is their equally upright standing cock of the podded human. From the tip, he could see white gooey liquid drooping down, slowly onto the ground, thicker than molasses.

And that reminded Liam of that strangely familiar smell.

But that’s not all that’s happening to the cocooned men. From the vague contour of their heads, he could see some sort of gooey tube extended all the way into their mouths. Judging from the look of his neck, the tube has been force feeding the men some sort of liquid, as gush after gush was eagerly swallowed into their still flat, but muscle packed belly.

As the sound of showering grinded to a halt, Liam took a few step back, trying his best not to be seen. He turned on his phone, opened the camera app and watched on the screen as only his camera were out there, peeking.

From the shower room, the sport-gear-clad players almost staggered out as the players locked their lips in pairs, hugging each other, feeling each other and savouring each other. Clad in his signature purple jersey, the lithe yet muscular Evan Simmons pinned his partner Christian Pearson right against the gooey locker.

Without any regard of the thick goop that oozed out from every door, the two leaned against the gooey cabinet, locking their lips tightly, even though quiet moans (but still loud enough for Liam to hear) and the sound of huffing breath escaped. They closed their eyes, enjoying the sensation of tongues twirling, interlocking and the taste of the sweet, cool liquid. Simmons, being the more active in the pair, clenched his hand in the messy, tame, black mohawk of Christian’s, holding their head together, even though his partner has no intention of breaking the long sensual kiss whatsoever.

Sliding from his partner’s round, tight ass, Evan slowly traced his hand all the way up from the back to the front, tweaking his partner’s nipples through his neon green jersey. Without a hitch, an alluring moan slipped out amidst the heated kissing, igniting the pure lust between the purple-green match.

With another violent clank, Liam’s attention was drawn to another equally passionate couple. Clad in the Onyx jersey, Alexander Cranston almost stumbled all the way down the rows of slimy lockers, before eventually landed on his lava red-clad partner, Devon Edwards, locking their lips and feeling each other from the hip all the way up into the hair. The two tightly clenched each other’s’ head tightly, not letting loose in any sense, while their lips still locked as tightly as they held each other’s head, without any regard of their body clashing against the lockers. The twos’ lips locked, their tongues teasing one another’s, their eyes tightly shut. The watery sound of kisses breaking came every few seconds, as the two smiled at each other, with a look full of pure lust and desire before their lips return to meet each other.

Before long, Alexander broke the kiss with his partner one last time, before descended and smooched his way back, slowly, inch by inch, before stopping at his partner’s neck. With a smirk, he ever so gently nibbled on his partner’s earlobe, inciting an uncontrollable moan from Devon’s gasping mouth. Moaning, the lava-red-clad boy hugged his partner tightly as he almost clung onto him. His could feel his legs grow weaker and weaker as his partner slowly huffed into his ears, whispering hot nothing.

He could feel himself losing to the passion, as if taking a desperate measure, he let go of his grip on his partner before he almost vengefully caressed and even massaged the round smooth ass of his partner’s, fuelling heat between the two like a drizzle of gasoline to a spark. It flashed.

As the red-onyx couple continued to be intoxicated locking lips, the green-purple couple went on the move. Breaking away from the locking lips, the purple-green couple stumbled as they turned around, landing on the bench, smeared full of goop, as they stare into each other’s eyes. With a tip of the brow, and an insidious smile, the two nodded to each other understandably, as if the two were agreeing on some sinister contract.

And the scene proved that Liam wasn’t wrong.

As Evan plopped himself on his sitting partner’s legs, their jerseys, along with their silky shorts and the hi-top sneakers seems to be melting away, rippling and swirling, like some sort of goop that vaguely reminded Liam of the slime that covered the entire locker room. As the purple jerseys melted, tendrils with the exact same colour shot out from the rough slimy shape of what used to be the jersey, latching onto the extending arm of Evan’s. He smiled, smugly to his partner, and his partner, equally going through such a process, smiled back.

As the tendrils latched onto his arm, it liquefied, coating the area where the tendril used to cover, as if attach a new layer of purple rubbery skin with thick oily sheen on to his human skin, glossy under the pale LED light. From the covered bit, more tendrils shot out, repeating the process as the latex-looking material covered his arms, encroaching his upper limb with a bright purple, rubbery gauntlet.

Evan smiled as he flexed what could only be described as his claws. He took a closer look at his glossy, lithe claw and the shiny, sharp nail of his, enjoying it and taking in the view of his beautiful rubberised claw. He shot a look at his Christian, who is equally enjoying the view of his Evan putting on a show, while giving no attention to the same thing happening to his now neon-green claws.

As the slimy substance eagerly, almost desperately covered the two’s upper limb, similar things also happened on their legs. From what used to be their silky shorts, different coloured goop hugged tight around their beautiful quad, accentuating their powerful yet still lithe muscle curvature before they marched down onto their lower legs.

The “ritual”, as bizarre as it might seem, doesn’t really bother the pair, in fact, if anything, the pair seems to be quite enjoying it. Even afar, Liam could hear the gradually heavying breath and the frustrated moan, as their cocks are still encased in their new latex skin. With his claw, Evan caressed his bulge that became larger and larger, but still no sign of letting him release. He gave a squeeze of his bulge, right in front of his Christian, who let his abnormally long, slithery tongue out and gave that enticing bulge a sensual lick. Evan couldn’t hold back.

Before long, the sneaker-shaped goop that covered his feet became entwined with the latex goo that encased his lower leg, fusing together before binding with his skin tightly, showing off the elegant, muscular contour of his shank. On his feet, almost the same process as his hand happened, purple rubber closing in around his toes while sharp, black claws elongated in place of his neatly-cut nails.

“Fuck yeah…” Evan let out a sigh of relief when the entirety of his body is encased in the thick layer of latex sheen. His hand was still caressing the gigantic bulge at his crotch. Moans escaped his grinning lips, and his partner’s naughty tongue that’s been adding to the sensation from his crotch definitely did not help.

Speaking of his partner, Christian, clad in a neon green suit, emblazoned with jet black patterns, equally enveloped and encasing his much more muscular physique, licked his lover’s obscenely large bulge, teasing and pleasuring him with his abnormally long and pointy tongue. He looked at his partner, whose claw rubbed and kneaded his own bulge all while Christian’s tongue brushed over it, here and there.

“Fuck…Your tongue, Chris…” As if twirling up a bundle of tendril, he toyed with the sinisterly long tongue of his boyfriend’s before his own lolled out, licking the smooth, well-shaven chin of his Christian’s.

With a slithery and sickening sound of goop, the bulges that contained the two’s cocks finally gave up. From a perfectly obscenely large sphere, it elongated, mimicking the shape of the long thick shaft that’s been confined under a thick layer of rubber, before the outline of the shafts slowly broke out from the confinement. Strands of purple or green goop connected the separating shaft to the latex skin of the two, before they slowly landed back onto their skin, making up the thick second layer of skin that covered their youthful, virile body.

With his monstrous cock separated from the confinement of rubbery skin, Evan playfully thrusted his goop dripping manhood towards his partner’s face. The 17 centimetre of a monster smeared the purple goop along Christian’s cheek, leaving a glossy purple mark from the corner of his lips all the way across the tendril-laden cheek.

Even sheathed inside the silky latex, Evan could still feel the smoothness of his lover’s skin, the stickiness of the gooey pre that he purposefully smeared on his face and the pleasurable sensation of his lover’s flexible tongue teasing his cock, after licking clean his purple pre. In fact, not only wasn’t his senses dulled by the living goop, but it was actually heightened. The slight feeling of Christian’s tensile tongue brushed over his cock made his back arch a bit. With every single pleasurable sensation multiplied and intensified, Evan could feel his body heat up as his Christian kept licking and sucking his shaft like a melting popsicle.

“Christ, Chris, you are gonna milk me dry one day…” Evan whispered loudly as he let out a sigh, both as a relief and an exclamation of the pleasure he’s getting. Christopher, still taking the smooth and slick cock in his mouth, took a glimpse at his smiling boyfriend and sent him a smile in return as he worked harder on the shaft in his mouth.

He WAS going to milk him dry, and Evan was more than happy to oblige.

As the green latex-clad Chris went down on Evan, Alexander was more than done with kissing his partner.

With a yelp, Liam’s attention was once again directed to the other couple.

From a short distance, Liam could see the lava-red stud was bending over as his claw grasped on the edge of the locker in front of him, while his ass was penetrated by his partner who cared awfully little for finesse.

“DICK! Ever thought of letting me…uuuuggghhh…oh my god…Know???”
“Like hell! I know you like it rough.”

Alexi, as his team calls him, grabbed his partner by the waist as he continued to thrust his dick into the bubbly butt of his partner. He cared little for the feeling of his partner, because he knew he didn’t need too. With each thrust, he could hear the protest getting weaker and weaker as it turned into demand that asked him to go faster. He just knew his shiny onyx cock would hit his partner’s hypersensitive prostate.

As for Devon, his protest soon diminished and turned into horny demands. He just loves when his partner hit his prostate like a piston in a car engine, emotionless, careless, but runs with perfect efficiency. With each thrust, he could feel the pleasure shooting up into his brain, clouding his mind, disabling his higher thinking and turn him into the horny little bitch he is. The tight latex suit clung onto him, pleasuring him at the same time his ass getting ploughed. He could both feel his nipple grazing against the slick rubber to the rhythm of each humping and he could also feel the mild gust of cold air pumped out by the AC unit, making his already hard nipple even more erect.

He loves being Alexi’s bitch and Alexi loves his bitch too.

But alas, Liam could not see that. All he could see is the point guard of the team mercilessly thrusting into the ass of their shooting guard. He could see Alexi gritting his teeth as his hip kept humping while Devon’s body bobbed to the wild rhythm as he clutched the locker tightly for support. All he could hear, was the rhythmic guttural sound uttered by the shooting guard as droplets of drool dripped from the corner of his gaping mouth. On the other side, he could see Devon’s equally abnormally long tongue draping down.

For Devon, right now, he doesn’t even have a care in the world, other than the pleasurable sensation that transmitted from his ass to his brain.

And for Alexi, there’s nothing hotter than that. He just loves seeing his bitch getting his brain humped out. That, and the euphoric feeling of fucking his bitch in the arse.

“Haaaa……Harrder… Jutht Harderrrrrr.”
“I fucking…Knew…It…You Slut!”

As if he finally remembered that he has a cock, Devon freed one of his hand from clamping on the already dented locker and grabbed onto his already erect and dripping shaft. He enclosed his claw around the impressive, albeit shorter than Alexi’s, cock, tightly gripping it as he felt the enjoyable sensation from both ends. He didn’t even cared to start slow, that’s for the weak. His started stroking to the rhythm of the humping, back and forth, back and forth. The pleasure from both ends accumulated, and the more he get, the more he wanted.

He rocked his hips to the tempo of thrusting as did his stroking. And Alexi felt it. He could feel that he’s not the only one doing the work and he’s grateful to it. He leaned forward and approached the swaying head of Devon’s. He lifted a hand and clutched onto his partner’s chin and stabilised it. With little effort, he turned his head a bit as he huffed the metabolised hot air into his boyfriend’s ear.

As much as he hate to admit it, Alexi couldn’t even muster a thought either. From the moment the two broke their kisses, his mind was guided by the sheer predatory instinct. His rationality was thrown out of the window and so did his control. And the best part? He loved every single minute of acting freely out of pure instinct.

And right now, his instinct told him, it’s about time to cum.

“FUCK BABE, I’m gonna cum!” The voice of Alexi was almost hoarse, as he yelled at the top of his lung.

Almost like the words of Alexi was the starting gun, the four team members each reached their orgasm, with perfect synchronisation. Alexi could feel his ball tightening as his pulsating dick pumped out gushes after gushes of jet black cum. From the tip of his latex-sheathed cock, the cum gushed out into the well-lubed backside of his boyfriend, filling the cavity with the viscous black goop. Devon, despite his mind being vastly clouded by the pleasurable sensation, could feel the hot heavy cream that gushed into his ass while some came dripping down along his lava-red thigh. He could feel the thrust came to a stop right after the few final forceful thrust.

And that’s all the signal and final stretch to send him over the clouds. His red claw furiously pumped on his cock as he felt it started to pulse. With all the might in him, he lifted himself up before he lifted his other claw from the already mangled locker, he rocked his hip on the still rock hard cock inside him while aiming his free claw to his red hot rod, trying his best to gather the red gooey essence that’s about to erupt. With a high-pitched throaty roar, he rocked his head backward while leaning back to the his standing partner. He could feel the hot viscous semen land inside his palm and there’s still more to come. With a single pop, Devon could feel the cock that’s inserted in him dislodged from his gaping hole. Even though his living suit is fast enough to seal most of the black hot liquid inside his ass, some still dripped out from his hole and trickled down his thigh.

Devon gathered his posture and lifted himself up from the embrace of his boyfriend, lifting his cupping hand. Inside his palm, the gooey, viscous, lava-red liquid was still warm to the touch. Without a second thought, he smeared his gooey essence all over the onyx chest of his partner, accidentally painting a sinister, yet lewd emblem on the perky pecs of the love of his life.

“You dirty little whore…” Alexi smiled as he locked his lip with his lover again. He could feel the thick layer of sticky liquid was once more smeared all over the pair’s chest and abs as he pulled Devon close, rubbing their body against each other.

Meanwhile, the other two are enjoying themselves too as Evan blasted his purple load right into Chris’ hungry mouth.

“MHHMMPPHHH” Chris held his mouth shut as tightly as he can. With the hot load in his mouth, he could merely utter a few intelligible whimpers. But even without explicit expression, Evan understood what his partner meant. The honey-ish scent in the air told him everything Chris want him to know.

Wasting no time, Evan almost threw himself onto his boyfriend. He pushed him down and swatted his stroking claw away as he went down on the equally impressive green latex-sheathed cock. The moment he enveloped the hot shaft with his mouth, it started spraying, coating the inside of Evan’s mouth with the salty, if musky semen. It was warm, even a bit hot to the tongue and the viscosity was pleasant to the lucky recipient of the load.

In a few seconds, the spraying died down, but the shaft remained hard. Evan lapped up the remainder on the latex-y rod as he lifted his head, only to see his boyfriend staring at him with a playful look. He sniffed the humid air in the locker and he could smell a faint hint of lavender.

And he knew.

The pair, as funny as they looked, locked their lips too. From the moment their lips touched each other, they made sure they would stay sealed as the two’s tongue twirled with each other, like a pair of mating snakes. Only their dances are much more twisted and sinister than a pair of asps.

As for their mouthful of cum, they mixed with each other the moment their lips locked. With the heightened sense, the two could even tell the taste of themselves from the gooey mixture. They tasted themselves and they tasted each other. But eventually, they decided they tasted the best when they are mixed up. Just like the couple, they are the most powerful when they are together.

But a loud clap disrupted the two kissing couples. Almost instantly, they sprang up as they shot vigilant eyes to the shower room.

And it grabbed Liam’s attention too.

From the inside came a person, clad in golden latex bodysuit, just like the rest of the team. Tendrils extended from the suit flayed about in the air, just like the rest of the team. And his massive cock swayed left to right as he strutted into the locker room, just like the rest of the team.

The couples lowered their head, as if to pay tribute and displaying subservience to the golden figure.

Liam lifted his. He scanned the latex-clad person from the feet to the head, and it filled him with horror.

It was Brenton. His friendly if not handsy roommate, Brenton Cho.

He could see the cold, sinister smile on that familiar face as he strode towards the team. “Guys…Our plan commences tonight…And Let’s see how helpful our friends here can be…shall we?”

The tone of Brenton was anything but warm. It’s like he finally lifted his disguise and exposed the real him to his…lieutenants.

Liam took a step back, and another. All he wished for is to leave the premise as soon as possible. He don’t know what’s happening, but he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the monsters, as sexy and hot as they are.

But obviously the universe want him to.


He knocked over the metal bin as he retreated. Shocked by the sudden noise, he didn’t forget to turn around. And he found to his horror that the five of them are staring at him, frowning, grinning and on Brenton’s face, surprised.

He turned around, ran like mad and threw caution to the wind.

He could hear the vague voice of Brenton calling out to him to wait up and the cold firm voice calling out to a group of people to stay.

Liam didn’t care, he just ran like a mad man.

Liam came running back to his seat, almost as if his life depended on it. He couldn’t shake the image from his mind. Part of him find the orgy to be extremely sexual. The latex and the goop and the image of university’s stars cumming inside each other? Hot as hell.

But he couldn’t forget the sacs dangling from the ceiling either, the vaguely humanoid sacs that whimpered and cried in distress… and lust somehow.

It’s like a freakshow. And not to mention his roommate, that cute Brenton Cho was behind all this. The very thought sent a chill down his spine. He couldn’t even entertain himself with the thought that he’s been under the same roof with a monster for three years.

He gathered his stuff and decided to take the French leave. It’s better not to alert the monster…

“SOOOOOOO!!!! Are you ready for the team meet and greet???”

The host of the afterparty came trotting onto the stage, with strange enthusiasm. He looked around the all-seated arena, as if to look for something.

“I see we have a early-quitter here! Did your team lose today?”

Suddenly, the spotlight basked Liam in a beam of blinding white light and the line of sight of everyone in the stadium… and the cameras too. On the jumbotron hanging from the dome ceiling, the squinting Liam went on display on every screen in the four direction.

He cursed the host in his heart, but he put on a polite smile as he waved his hand. The last thing he want is attention and that’s all he’s getting now.

“Don’t worry dude! Even your team lost, you still get the chance to meet your heroes! Now let’s welcome both teams back on the court for some fan-interaction, shall we?”

The host turned around to the locker room entrances as he yelled at the top of his lung:
“Let’s welcome our home team and away team with a round of big hands!!!!!”

But even with the cue from the host, nothing seemed to be happening from either entrance. Not the Winning team or the losing team.

The audience in the stadium watched the court in curiosity and anticipation. For them, they have absolutely no idea what happened in the locker room and they are betting one another that the suspense is just another publicity stunt.

And the sudden power outage seems to be proving their point.

The darkness lasted for almost thirty seconds.

No one turned on their flashlight, no one screamed out of panic, and no one seemed to be shocked.

Just applause, deafening applause.

With a loud “THUNK”, the power came back to the stadium, and once again, Liam was showered in the blinding white light. He decided it’s better to take a seat before his retina melted and the moment he did, he got a good look at the court.

And it shocked him to the core.

Along with his teammates, the monstrous Brent stood in the middle of the court, just aside of the shivering host. In front of the team lay the sacs that Liam saw in the locker room. With the snap of a finger, the rubbery material in front of their chest melted away, exposing the white jersey stained black.

It was the MoU team members inside the humanoid sacs.

The crowd started to murmur before they got a grip of what happened right in front of them. But no one moved, not even one.

The Audience from MoU looked around nervously as they started to stand up, getting ready to leave, while some stared nervously at the court.

Eventually, one brave soul shouted to the court, “What did you do to them???”

With a grin, Brent grabbed the mic from the announcer, who in turn, was promptly grabbed by the throat by a golden claw, He yelled almost at the top of his lung into the meshed receiver.

“Those of you who bleed black! RISE UP!!”

As if a trigger was pulled, the grinning audiences, clad in various clothing, Jerseys, plaid shirt, suit coat and of course compression suits, simply torn down anything they wore on the outside with one violent rip, exposing their glossy black latex catsuit that tightly confined every inch of their skin below neck, while their cocks oozed black, thick, viscous goop. Tendrils protruded from the latex surface as they thrashed in the air, eager for some action just like their hosts do.

Those that did not “bleed black”, namely those who came from MoU stared at the ruckus, aghast at the horror that is happening right around them and of course, terrified by the look on the grinning faces that surrounded them, filled with lust and sin. As for the stunned Liam, he could feel someone, or to be precise, something sharp is tapping him on the shoulder.

He turned around, only to see the smiling, grinning blond, leaned against his courtside chair, as he reached out to him for a handshake, with a dark blue, goo-dripping claw.

“Nice meeting you, Liam. Brent wants me to say Hi.”

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And sorry if there’s punctuation or spelling mistakes or more likely tense issues, as English is not my first language, if you found any, please let me know, I’m more than happy to edit them!


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